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JP Morgan Chase
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Chase Bank Late Fees
By -

NORTHEAST, OHIO -- On May 21, 2008 I contacted JP Morgan Chase Bank concerning my VISA account. Late payment and finance charges were added in the amount of $42.84. I was told they would not be reversed because my credit card payment was received past the due date. I countered and said it was more likely a processing problem on Chase's part than a postal problem or mailing my payment late.

If it had been my fault, I would have paid the late charge. I closed the account and Chase Bank kept adding late charges and finance charges every month thereafter on the preceding late statement charges. It does not take 7 days to process a payment when ACH and Electronic Debit are available. Most transactions are closed in 3 days of mailing time.

I also brought up my good payment history, but this was ignored. I have proof that in recent and prior months Chase has posted my payments in as little as 4-5 days and not 8 as in May. I have contacted all credit reporting agencies because of the adverse reporting by this bank. In fact now I have had letters sent to me by other creditors regarding my future with them.

Because of past and current actions, I have filed a complaint with the Comptroller of Currency that investigates grievances against banks with “N. A.” after their name. I am now looking to file a lawsuit or join an Ohio class action lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase Bank, N. A.

JP Morgan Chase: Cold Heartless Company Deserves Bankruptcy
By -

NEW YORK -- I am a young struggling twenty-something who just flew off the handle with a larger complaint about JP Morgan Chase but since I had two bad experiences with the company this week, I'm going to share my other complaint. Their customer service ABSOLUTELY, politely put, leaves much to be desired. I called the company in early January and then again this week: each time to see if there was anyway they might be able to lower my APR by even a ridiculous 2 or 3% percent because even a small amount goes a long way in the end.

Each time I have spoken with the company, I have encountered rude employees and I have been told that I need to make vigorous large payments for @ least 6 mos before an APR can be lowered even by 1%. Meanwhile, every other bank card that I own has generously lowered the APR by an estimated 5% based on my good standing without making demands. Although I have good standing with JP Morgan Chase, that doesn't matter to them.

In fact, when I spoke to management on the phone this week, they didn't even believe me when I mentioned other bank cards have lowered APR percentage rates. In early January & this week, I explained to Chase that I have made early & on time payments for the previous 6 months, paying more than double the minimum on my cards. That didn't matter! After first being given this news (in January), I struggled to pay double what I was already paying (nearly 5x the min) in the last two bill cycles, still I'm told it's just not good enough.

I'll have to wait another 6 months for them to review the account. This company deserves bankruptcy. I say that with my freedom of speech, one freedom America can't take. Again, I will continue to urge people to complain. A 5 minute phone call to the Attorney General or the Better Business Bureau is all it would take. If you don't have a Chase credit card, don't get one. If you don't have a Chase account, don't get one. Spread the word. Chase is bad news... they don't know how to treat their customers. I'd be embarrassed to work for them.

Aggravated & Irate! - Disgusted by JP Morgan Chase Bank
By -

NEW YORK -- JP Morgan Chase Bank has so disgustingly decided that they are charging every single customer a $10.00 fee ON TOP OF the finance charges for anyone that has a balance! This is actually LEGAL UNDER THE LAW and they will charge the $10.00 fee on every individuals' card every month until each person has a balance of $0-.

This is the most absurd and unfair thing I have heard this week. I had heard the rumor early in the week & just read the article now. I am a struggling twenty-something graduate student with a full college work load and a full-time job (trying to find a second job) and a full plate of bills that I struggle to pay. How is this fair?!

I plan to call Chase & though I know my screaming and yelling won't do anything over the phone, I plan to scream anyway. I will complain to every level of justice that would listen- the Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, radio stations and TV channels. This is absolutely heart-wrenching and sickening.

Isn't it bad enough that all of us are struggling in today's world? I am a responsible young individual who does have cards maxed out or close to the limits. I pay all of my bills early & on time, paying triple the min balance every month but still there remains a balance. College students do use credit cards, it is inevitable.

I only use them in emergency situations. I have tried so hard and struggled so much to pay off my balances, like so many other Americans (I can only assume). How can we allow this to happen? JP Morgan Chase is a company that is robbing the American people and anyone that represents that company should be absolutely ashamed! America used to be a country I was so proud of & New York used to be a state I loved but this country and this state is very quickly turning into a melting pot of everything I am against.

JP Morgan Chase deserves to go bankrupt. If enough people complain, maybe we can achieve that! I plan to pay off all of my cards as quickly as I can, as does everyone I have spoken with. I will cut every Chase card I have. My voice will be heard. I am enraged with this news. They have some nerve.

What happen to companies that cared about the American people? Oh, that's right- maybe I forgot what country I live in. That's the old America, the America my grandparents & parents grew up in. I urge everyone to complain along with me. If we allow this to happen, Chase will only lead other companies to do the same thing to us.

20+ Years Of History Means Nothing To This Company
By -

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Today I received a statement in the mail detailing what I owed, what was due, etc. I was very surprised and annoyed to learn that a $39.00 late fee and almost $17.00 in finance charges were included. I was surprised because I paid the last bill I received (as I do all of my bills - always on time and in full, without exception).

I immediately phoned the customer service department and was told they were not going to do anything about it. I escalated the call to a supervisor who echoed that position. I was told the following: "The statements we send are a courtesy; it is your responsibility to know how much you owe and when" and "We are not the post office; we can't control whether you receive your statement or not."

I asked if the position they were taking is really more important to them than over 20 years of having me as a customer. Her response? "We understand that occasionally a customer will feel the need to end a relationship upon hearing news of this sort" (or something like that). I was stunned.

I plan to visit my local branch tomorrow and see if sense prevails in person. If not, I plan to cancel my credit cards, close my three accounts, encourage my family to do the same, and at every opportunity, share my horrendous experience with anybody I can. JPMC may get $55.00 from me, but if I can help it, they will lose much, much more than that in future business.

I might even understand this stubborn position if they had actually lost something tangible, like a piece of merchandise or something, but to not budge on an arbitrarily determined 'late fee' and some finance charge seems ludicrous. I have fantastic bill-paying history with not only Chase, but everybody; you would think that such things would be considered before taking the stand they did. Too bad, Chase; it was a nice run while it lasted. Now I will find a new credit card provider and a new bank. And I will encourage everybody I know to do the same.

Chase Bait and Switch
By -

LIVINGSTON, NEW JERSEY -- I have been a customer of Chase for approximately 30 years. For the last 15 years I have been taking loans on the low balance transfer offers that have been offered by the various banks. This has helped with building our house without having the whole amount put on a home loan.

As long as the rate and balance transfer fee was good, I took advantage of that offer. As soon as I paid off one balance or had a low balance, Chase was marketing furiously with the next offer and if I did not take advantage of that offer, the rates and fees would get better. Chase continuously kept on increasing the credit line without me ever requesting the increase. At the moment the credit line is $23,000.

Thankfully I never took out a loan even close to that amount. My current rate is 3.99% which was to have been for the life of the loan as long as I paid on time, which I have always paid on time. Now Chase decides that these offers are not a good business decision on their part, and since they cannot raise the rates, they have found a way around this for all the customers who took advantage of these offers.

In the past year Chase has changed the due dates, which after looking at comments online from other people. It seems that this was Chase's way of trying to have the customers default on these loans by moving up the due dates since Chase knew these customers were not making purchases on these accounts and were paying monthly and mostly on the same date.

For the people that this scheme did not work, Chase is now going to charge a $10 monthly maintenance fee and increase the minimum payment from 2% to 5%. I am interested in paying off my loan and personally I do not have a problem with the 5% minimum payment. I cannot wait to pay off this loan, which will be in about a year. However, I have a huge problem with the $10 monthly maintenance fee which is used for accounts that are for people who have no credit or bad credit.

In addition, in regard to the increase to the 5% minimum payment, I have a huge problem with a bank that would do this to customers who took advantage of these offers when Chase kept sending checks and information regarding how other balances should be paid off, your car loan, your school loan, your other credit cards, take a vacation, buy things that you need, the check can be made payable in your name and you may use it any way that you like and constantly increasing the credit limit and making that credit limit available for the low interest balance transfer offer with the low rate offer being for the life of the loan as long as you pay your payment on time.

In addition, there is no credit card fee and the minimum was set at 2% of the balance. Now, Chase has decided to make a business decision increasing the 2% minimum payment to 5% at a time when the country is in a huge financial crisis - people are losing their jobs, the jobs that people have are not secure. This was a loan that was supposed to be set and as long as you paid on time, than you did not have anything to worry about, or so everyone thought.

Chase obviously is a very "ME" company and does not care about its customers or the country in which it does business. This decision will force people who otherwise would have been able to pay their minimum payments to default, further increasing the crisis. Of course, Chase is very kind to offer an alternative by allowing you to keep the 2% minimum payment if you allow Chase to increase the rate to 7.99% set for two years and Chase will also be kind and also waive the $10 monthly maintenance fee.

After the two years, the rate will go to the purchase rate. This also hugely affects the minimum paid that will need to be paid and further delays repayment of the loan and allows Chase to hold on to the loan for a longer time thereby collecting more interest and allows Chase to change the accounts to a very high rate after the two years have expired (if Chase does not come up with another scheme in the meantime).

Of course, Chase told me that I can take my balance to another bank - so this is another alternative. If you pay off the balance, then you will still be charged the $10 monthly maintenance fee even if your balance is zero. Chase told me I can close the account. Obviously Chase does not want customers who have zero accounts also.

But, Chase is offering you $125 if you open up a checking account (which pays no interest) and you set up direct deposit into the account. Chase pays only. 10% interest on its savings account at the moment. Chase must be at the very bottom if it is resorting to this type of scheme.

THIS WAS A HUGE BAIT AND SWITCH ON THE PART OF CHASE. And, the government is bailing out these banks and financial institutions which will have to be paid by tax dollars. I thought the bailout was to help out the banks so that they could continue doing business - maybe the government should have demanded to find out first what kind of business the banks were planning to do before letting them have the money.

Chase Unfair Credit Reporting.
By -

TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA -- I have a Chase Visa card I have had for years. I have (had) great credit a 760 plus beacon. About a year and a half ago a law firm by the name of Mann-Bracken started calling me saying they were going to file a judgment on me if I did not pay my Chase account. I assured them they had the wrong person that I had excellent credit and was not delinquent on anything. The phone calls become more frenquent. They would ask if I ever lived at such an address and I told them no. They would hang up on me. Phone calls still coming and getting ugly and aggressive I told them again and again they had the wrong person, I even revealed the last 4 of my social then they would hang up. I called Chase over and over discussing this and they told me they knew nothing of it, my account with them was perfect. Phone calls still coming. Finally I talked to another person at Chase in security. She looked up my name and state and said uh-oh! (That usually means something bad!). She said it looks like we have accidentally dumped someones files with the same name as yours living in the same city as you in with your files. I was furious! She assured me they would correct the problem and contact Mann-Bracken who is one of their collection attorneys that they were at fault and to leave me alone. During this time I pulled my credit report, still good 760 plus beacon no negative from Chase or anyone. Then a couple of weeks passed. I got a anonymous fed-ex package. I opened it up and It was documents where Chase had filed Arbitration against me in Atlanta. I then went and pulled my credit again. Still good 750 Plus. I contacted an attorney and they wrote a letter to Mann-Bracken telling them they had the wrong person and to back off. About a month passed and then another attorney collection agency started calling me. Again I pullled my credit- mid 750 beacon. Nothing derogatory. This time the attorney wrote a very aggressive letter telling them again they had the wrong person and they were harassing me and any further contact would result in a lawsuit. The attorney also explaind to them she knew me personally and that the person they were looking for had the last name as me by marriage. I was single. Things got completely quiet, not a word from anyone. This was late 2006. As interest rates started to fall in late 2007 I went to refinance my home and some rental property. I was turned down due to the $16,000.00 plus judgment Chase had placed on my credit report. My beacon fell from the high 700's to the 600's. I have respoken to my attorney, we are trying to decide how to exactly approach this. I am very angry. I am a single mom supporting two small children. I have worked very hard for the things I have and Chase has givien the SHAFT. ANY COMMENTS, ADVICE?

Aren't-they-illegal ? Chase business practices
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Both my small business and personal accounts are with Chase. My personal acct. has been the same for years but was a community bank, bought by First Chicago, bought by Bank One, bought by Chase. Over the past several months I've had a terrible time with all aspects of service from Chase.
1) it took a month of attempts to get my accounts on-line, and customer service people could find no reason why my accounts wouldn't load.
2) I wrote a check from my personal savings to deposit into my business checking, put 2006 instead of 2007 on it (it was early January) and they rejected the check, which led to bounced checks and fees for my business - not Chase's fault that I miswrote the year, I understand their right to charge those fees, but despite all my accounts being with them, they didn't provide any customer service. They told me I could avoid this kind of problem if I got online banking (of course this was during that month of not being able to get online!)
3) I needed a roll of nickels, a roll of dimes, two rolls of quarters and twenty singles. I got 60 dollars from the ATM, went into the lobby to cash out for change. The tellers at this branch did not have easy access to cash - the girl didn't know how to use the machine that spit out singles for my 20, and the manager had to go behind the scenes to get the rolls of change. It took over twenty mins. to obtain the change I needed. I was asked four times if I had accts with Chase, the last was an interrogation and they had to look everything up on the computer before the manager would go back and get the two rolls of quarters she forgot to get the first time. And when they gave me the roll of nickels ($2) and the roll of dimes ($5) they only gave me back $12 in ones to match the twenty dollar bill I gave them. When I pointed out they were a dollar short, they reacted as if I was scamming them, and it took another three mins of explaining. All for 4 rolls of change and some singles. I found out later that tellers-with-no-money is a new method they are trying at some of their branches.
4) An $8 fee suddenly popped up on my business checking acct. They suudenly changed policy to having ridiculously high minimums for business accts. I had to go to two separate branches and speak with several people before they agreed to look at my combined assets and waive the charges. Before I spoke with anyone at the first branch, I looked online to see the policy. A week later I was at the second facility and we were looking online: the minimum amounts had shot up another 2 thousand dollars (4000 to 6000) - and no one at the bank had been informed.
5) Yesterday (08/02/07) I got my personal accts statement and there is a $10 service charge for not meeting a new ridiculously high minimum amt in my checking acct.

Unfortunately, it will be a mess to close out my business and personal accts and line of credit (which I've yet to draw on) but Chase has become maniacal with serving fees to it's customers. And it hurts because I just renewed my "right" to a business line of credit (for $150)

Shouldn't any bank have to provide written notice to it's customers when making policy changes? I've never received any email or leaflet or note with my statements informing me of any changes before they happen- that's what ticks me off the most. They don't even give me, the customer, the chance to accommodate to their new standards to avoid these fees.

The message I'm getting from Chase is: we don't want you to use real money anymore and if your personal and business is only "small potatoes" we don't want your business at all.

Don't use Chase !

Taking money without permission
By -

Chase took my mortgage out of my account because I paid my auto loan. They assumed I should pay my mortgage at the same time causing me to go negative in my account with over $300 of bills pending. After calling them and ** for many hours they finally agreed to send my money back BUT it will take 3-5 business days to overnight a check...

Meanwhile I have to "deal" with the inability to pay my bills. They claim they'll pay all overdraft and late fees. I can't get gas to get to work, can't get my child's medications, can't get my husband's medications, and can't buy food for my family. Do they care about this... No.

Only reply I got was "we'll we're very sorry but there is nothing I can do." Pretty much they don't care and keep making me fax more and more paperwork to them just to get the check request started. Beware of Chase! P.S. I never even opened my online account so there is no way it was set up for auto draft. They even agreed they don't know how this happened.

Escrow Account
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My escrow account was review on 1/25/11 and had a surplus of 1006.71 cents, after waiting a couple of days for my money to be returned to me I call customer service on 1/28/11 and was told that they had 21 business days to send me my money and ask why because I do not have 21 days to send Chase my mortgage. I was told that since they had so many people with surplus that it was taking longer for to process refunds.

Then on 2/5/11 I receive a letter of the Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement and at the bottom of the letter it state that my surplus of 1006.71 would be mailed on 2/19/11 and to allow 10 days for receipt. Today 2/10/11 I called to find out why my money had not been sent to me and was transferred 3 times, and the 3rd person told me that my money had been placed in reserve, and I said that my money should have been mailed to me on 1/26/11. I was then told that it was system generated and that there was nothing to do. I stated that the taxes and insurance was also system generated but that they got their monies on time.

I then ask where the money was and she stated in a reserve account. I stated that they were making money with my money and she stated that they were not getting any interest from my money. Now everybody know that a bank does not have place to put money that does not make any interest. This company is CROOKED and has no ones best interest at hand.

Accounts Closed With No Reason Provided
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I originally banked with WAMU, I opened a second checking account with Chase who later took over WAMU. My daughter banked there as well. I received a letter dated 1/5/2011 and received it 1/18/2011 stating that my checking accounts were being closed 1/16/2011 and the Bank reserves the right to close the Accounts earlier, at any time, for any reason without notice.

My daughter has had CD's with Chase for many years and my employment checks have been automatically deposited to Chase as well. Chase refused to honor a withdrawal on the 15th of January and returned two checks for which I am now facing additional fees and the $ was in the account to cover these expenses. I called them today to see if I can withdraw my cash and they told me no that the funds would be mailed out 2/2/2011. I have never had an experience like this in my life.

I would think that if I had done something wrong Chase would at least provide me the reason. If Chase sees my checking Accounts as a risk, why wouldn't this be explained to me? There are no NSF checks involved! I think this is a pretty lousy way to handle business. Now I am in a bind with additional expenses of which according to Chase, they are not obligated to explain.

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