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Unable to redeem points for promised rewards
Posted by on
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I receive an offer in the mail monthly from Carnival for their fun points card - I used to get the offers for the sea miles one. Since I book carnival cruises, I finally took them up on their offer, lured in by the promise of bonus points and a way to get onboard credit, gifts on board the ship, or even a free cruise. I now have an account with them, and nearly 11,000 points but am unable to redeem them for anything. After numerous calls to some of the worst customer service reps I have ever dealt with, I got a call back from a supervisor who said they have a glitch in their system that is affecting many customers, and I can't redeem my points because of this. Also, they are unable to override the system to do it for me. They have "escalated the problem" to their techs, are working on it, don't know when it will be fixed, but to keep checking back. This is nonsense. If they wanted to fix the problem (if it weren't to their advantage) they could, and according to the terms of the contract we entered into - they must. I can't tell them sorry, can't pay you because my checking account has a glitch - keep checking back and eventually you will get your money. You can bet there would be a consequence for me, but no consequence for them in not holding up their end of the deal. Skip this card, this company ought to be hit with a class action suit. This is fraud, or bait and switch. If you are experiencing the same thing, please file a complaint with your state's attorney general. You can file a complaint online, it is quick, free, and a way to fight back without going to the expense of hiring your own attorney.
Resolution Update 03/07/2010:
After filing the complaint with the AGs office, I was contacted by someone at Barclays who offered to help me redeem my points on the spot. I missed the call & by the time I called back it was after hours. However, as she assured, by the next day I was able to redeem the points online. As it was exactly the 15 days required to redeem for onboard credit, I went through customer service to make sure I had not missed the deadline. This time got a wonderfully helpful & positive phone rep, who even helped me find a way to redeem more for fewer points.
I still think this situation was unacceptable and never should have happened, and doubt it is fixed for all customers - it has been a situation where some are able to redeem & some inexplicably aren't. If you are having problems, I would say kick up a big fuss like I did if you aren't willing to wait it out for the unforeseeable future.
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Unfair, dishonest and conniving!
Posted by on
P. P. BOX 13337 -- There apparently are no rules, or laws to protect innocent consumers against unscruplous, dischonesm, and conniving credit card companies!
I have been a customer of Juniper Credit Card for approximately 2 years, and have had nothing but glowing thoughts about them. While I did not use the card much, nevertheless, the experience was pleasant enough!\

Starting in September, I learned that my September payment had been returned unpaid because of an "invalid account number." Bear in mind that I had authorized my payments to be made automatically from my checking account. I set the information up on my computer so that this could happen every month, and all I had to do each month was submit the withdrawal date and the amount to be paid. Everything else was automatically done, as it is with other banks that I have the same set-up. When I called Juniper to find out what happened, the young lady that originally took the call had a very difficut time telling me about the "invalid account" as if she herself did not understand what it was all about. In fact, she did not fully understand what was going on.
At any rate, I thought that we had this straight, but the more I thought about it, the more it did not make sense. I did not alter my checking account number, nothing different had happened by me to that number, and the more I though about it, the angrier I got. Now, I'm sparing some of the details (believe it or not) about this incident, in the interest of time, but can supply all of this to anyone that is interested.
This month, when I received my statement from Juniper, they informed me that my interest rate had been raised from 8% to 27% because of a late payment. (reference: "invalid account number")
I telephoned my bank to seeif they knew what had happened, and they advised me that once I set this up on the computer, all they do is pay what is presented. They don't alter accounts in any way, they have nothing to do with that other than to honor the payment, So, I called Juniper back, and questioned them how my bank account was "invalid" because I did nothing to change it, the bank did nothing to change it, so how did this happen? In fact, according no one but Juniper Credit Card did anything to change my checking account number other than Juniper itself. There would have absolutely no reason for me to change it. Furthermore, I authorized them at the time to go ahead and deduct the payment over the phone at the time I when I found out about the error. They did not ask for my checking account number, but accepted the information for the payment, and successfully deducted it from my checking account! This didn't click with me until I got this notice that my interest rate had been raised to this ungodly rate because of the "invalid account number. I know that this is all too confusing, it confused me to no end until I figured out what they are trying to do to me, and probably many others! They have had and still do have access to my checking account, and in fact successfully deducted the November paynent on November 3d.
One of the "snotty programmed counsellers" finally offered to reduce my interest rate from the 27% figure to 24% and when I was still arguing with her about this whole incident, she reniged on the 24% rate because, I suppose, of my obstinance!

These people are dangerous, they are connivers, they are liars, and watch out! I am not done with this, because this is not right, and they know it. However, as long as they are able to get away with it, it is not going to stop! All I have to do is figure out how I'm going to handle it, such as suing them, and anyone else that wants to join me in any kind of action, I will be more than interested. WATCH OUT FOR JUNIPER CREDIT CARD! These are bad, bad people~
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JR in Orlando on 11/05/2009:
Did you pay the bill when you received it? The problem is too many people set up the automatic bill pay for the last, or almost last, day when it due. If you set it up 2 weeks before or so, you could respond.

A friend of mine set up his bill pay and made a one digit error in the routing number on one month. The payment was not made, a late fee was incurred.

tnchuck100 on 11/05/2009:
ifrecracker, I would strongly recommend closing this account and changing banks. The reason you need to change banks is that many times they will link any future debits that come in on the old account to the new one. The only way to guarantee this does not happen is to change banks. NEVER give any company direct access to your checking account. Pay via your banks website is fine. You always control when and how much.
melisa on 11/21/2009:
JR Does not comment if this was Juniper and if the interest went through the roof. Most of us can accept a simple late fee.

It's the interest rate skyrocketing over a mistake that is likely theirs. If they are scheduled to take a payment on a certain day and don't take it, its their fault and the consumer should not be over penalized for that.

Apparently, this is Juniper's specialty.
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Two cents
Posted by on
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Here is the complaint I am sending to the CEO Juniper Bank.

Dear xxxx:
I am a former customer of Juniper Bank. Let me explain how I became a former customer. It started with a finance charge putting me two cents over the limit. Two cents resulted in a $39 overlimit fee. I understand terms and conditions. Your representatives were kind enough to explain due to my terms and conditions that I could be charged $39 for even one penny. Their lack of empathy or consideration for what amounts to an exorbitant fee amount (considering the infraction of two cents) resulted in my becoming a former customer of yours at that point. I doubled my payment to do what I could to bring my account back below the limit and then I was assessed the penalty or default rate which caused my account to go two dollars over the limit when the finance charges were assessed. Two dollars resulted in a $39 overlimit fee. Once again, I understand terms and conditions. What I don't understand is how $2.02 should cost me $78 and that somehow my frustration over this wasn't even acknowledged or dignified. Please help me understand how a business, which should be in the business of customers would not make at least an effort to meet a customer half way, as a courtesy.
I am not a rich woman Mr. xxxx, but I do pay my bills. In spite of the hardship the fees have created, I am, once again, attempting to bring my account back under the limit and get back on track. So I scheduled a payment on 7/18/2009 to be drafted from my account on 7/31/2009. The irony of the date of 7/31/2009 is not only is it my payday, but it happens to be the date my Juniper Bank payment is due. Good customer right?
So help me understand this, Mr. xxxxx: Your company has called me now three times this week. Please take note that today is Wednesday, so that means I have received a courtesy call on Monday night, Tuesday night and now tonight, to remind me that my payment is due on Friday July 31, 2009. I am not stupid. I am insulted by the collection attempts when I am not past due and I have a payment scheduled in your system! So last night I was reassured I would be removed from the list to be called. As you can tell this did not happen because I received yet another courtesy call tonight. I even spoke to xxxx agent xxxx in collections tonight after having him tell me when my payment was due and asking if he saw the payment scheduled and even noted the account. He of course drew my attention to my account being over the limit. Once again, I am not stupid by any means and I am sorely aware of the status of my account. Considering the interactions I've had with your customer service agents, I would think there would be some notations on my account indicating prior conversations, which would include the hardship the outrageous fee amounts created for me and my family.
I am not asking for a handout and I am keenly aware of how my actions have put me in the position I am currently in. What I was asking for was some assistance. Some courtesy. And in the very least my dignity left intact.
I am a former customer because these things have not happened. Here's another thing to consider Mr. xxxx. In a time when credit card companies are under serious scrutiny for the practices that include charging outlandish fees for small offenses to the terms and conditions of an account ($2.02=$78??), this makes me one more consumer that will tell every single person that will hear me loud and clear about my experience with your company. I will be forwarding my letter and complaint on to the OCC and the FTC as well regarding the unfair excess charging of fees in relation to the offense. In addition I will be documenting the courtesy calls that I am receiving prior to the bill being due with an on time payment scheduled in a system that your representatives can see quite easily. And in spite of my best efforts, I can guarantee my phone will ring tomorrow, politely reminding me of my upcoming payment due, regardless of the notes that have been placed on my account to prevent this from happening.
I look forward to hearing from you quite soon. I will be issuing my complaints no later than the end of August.
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User Replies:
skelly39 on 07/30/2009:
You know, that was a very well thought-out and written letter. You didn't play the victim, which is what most people would do. I hope you get a favorable response. VH
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Juniper Bank / Barclay Credit Card Must Be Stopped!!
Posted by on
Where do I start? From the beginning I suppose. I signed up for Juniper Banks’ 0%APR introductory rate for 18 months on balance transfers and purchases. I had a good rate on my Chase card. 8.99%. But Juniper's many tempting junk mails finally got to me. Plus, the APR after the introductory APR would be the same as Chase's: 8.99%. Sounds like a win/win, right? Not so fast.

I transferred over my balance and sucked up the balance transfer fee. Well, between the time of signing up and my first due bill, I went ahead and signed up for automatic payments to make sure I didn't have any late payments. What also happened was my wallet was stolen and I had to cancel my debit card and be issued another one. This is where I do admit fault: I forgot to change that payment information online.

None of the paperless statements (emails) said anything was the matter. I got an email saying that they received my payment. However, I checked my account around the end of that month to see the next statement, only to see that the payment, in fact, did not go through, and now there was a late fee and a return fee.

I immediately called CS and talked to someone about what happened. When I do anything like this, I always write down everything that is discussed. So, by the end of the call, I read back what we had resolved. We resolved that he would be able to remove the late fee but not the return fee. He said it would show on my next statement. We resolved that the introductory APR rate of 0% would be restored, for this one time. We agreed that the payment would not have been late had the account number been correct. I believed all was right in the world again. I had it all written down and even got reference #.

For the next statements, there was no late fee removed but the APR was still at 0%. The last two statements still did not reflect a minus $39 late fee. But there was something different. The APR was up to 28.26% and there was one whopper of a finance charge!!

I got my artillery all together before calling CS again. For 30 minutes, the CS agent, who sounded like a cross between an Eastern Indian and a Leprechaun, annoyed me to no end with the hard-to-understand canned responses, the lack of ability to help, and the mixing up what he was saying, thus confusing me further. He said the return fee was noted as waived, but not the late fee, I told him it did not show any fee being waived, I was put on hold, he came back and said some other weird nonsensical stuff, and put me on hold again. Finally, he came back and apologized and said it would reflect on my next statement. But, he couldn't help me on the APR. I asked for his supervisor, and was put on hold. Within seconds of being transferred, I was magically disconnected. Hmmmm.

So, I took a deep breath and called again. This time I got some lady who wanted to hear the whole story over. She then said that there was no record of a call or conversation on 2/27/09, the date that I first called. She said this even though the last CSR I spoke with acknowledged the call. She did say her screen showed, that minutes before, the late fee was removed. She also said that the return fee would be removed (even though guy on 2/27/09 said that it could not). She also said that she could not do anything about the APR. Actually, she ignored me and asked if I was asking for a lower APR. She was equally annoying as the first guy and a tinge more unhelpful. I asked to speak to her supervisor. Can you guess what happened next? Yep, disconnected after being transferred.

SO, one hour of wasted time and many to go. This is apparently a famous tactic of credit card companies. They hope you are too busy and too annoyed to keep calling and complaining. I found a site that might be helpful to me and to others in this predicament. If I can, I'll post an update if anything was resolved.

I have no idea how much this will help, but it's better than feeling helpless. Don't let them get the best of you. Keep fighting and try and keep your cool with the CSR. They are more apt to help you if your not insulting them or cussing. It's hard, trust me. I lost it on the first call with the leprechaun. Keep your cool and go to that site above.


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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 05/07/2009:
Voted helpful. Even though you made a mistake and admitted it, the fault lies with Juniper for not keeping promises and disconnecting you.
Ponie on 05/07/2009:
Whenever something as valuable as a debit card (which I'd never use) is stolen, I'd be sure to cover all bases where it's involved. You tell us to keep our cool, yet previously you state 'I got my artillery all together...' I certainly wouldn't be happy with increases in interest rate, etc., but this could all have been avoided had you notified every entity involved of the change.
Leequa on 05/14/2009:
No kidding, Ponie. However, we all make mistakes and your well-though out response doesn't really change the past. When I say, artillery, that is what most people don't have when the enter these calls. That would be written notes, times and dates, explanations of what was resolved and what wasn't, confirmation numbers, person spoken to...etc. These are essential to help your uphill battle.

I do have an update:

I got a survey call from Juniper about a week after. It was recorded and I got to say everything and more than I said here about my experience. I told her the complaints I was planning on making ( )She patiently typed everything and told me that I would be contacted by someone who could actually do something. (Side note: They have people who can actually do something?! Then who are those people who call themselves CSRs and frustrate customers to no end?? Are they there only there only to hinder getting anything done?)

Anyway, I missed the call but they left me a message saying that my APR is back to 0% and they'll remove the finance charge. We'll see. I have it on my phone. I'll keep you posted to see if they keep their promise. If they do, perhaps they are changing the negative experiences of their customers. Albeit, they will still proceed to put you through the frustration and time wringer.
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How to Deal With Juniper's Unfair, Unethical, and Immoral Business Practices
Posted by on
ARKADELPHIA, ARKANSAS -- I too started out with an 8.99% interest rate and paid off my balance every month for two years. For no reason at all, it was first raised to 13.99%; I called, and they said it was for "everyone." I never received ANY notice about this. Not but a month later, I looked at my statement and they raised it to 27.99%! That was too much. I called and they would not change it for anything. Admittedly, I had been anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours late (yes, that late...unbelievable, right?) twice in the past year. Of course, they have a clause in their fine print that allows them to charge that without any notification on their part. I closed my account, because another rate hike was coming in April, and I wanted no part of it because I'd have over 30% APR. HERE IS WHAT I DID TO GET MY APR REDUCED, and I strongly encourage everyone to follow suit or actually file a class-action lawsuit. I'll be signing on.

I filed a complaint with the BBB of Delaware, and in a calm and collective manner wrote out my complaint about doubling interest rates because payments are literally hours or minutes late. I also listed what I viewed as a fair resolution to my complaint, which was a return to the previous interest rate of 13.99 and a remission of the over-limit fee which was due to the rate increase (which of course is much higher than 8.99%, but half of 27.99 or more). Not but a week or two later, they capitulated and reduced my interest rate to what it had been and credited my account for the late fee.

Now, I have another issue. For the past two months, my minimum payment has been $67 but that is what it was with 27.99%. I sent an email stating that my return to 13.99 should be reflected in my minimum monthly payment, and I received no response. I finally called today, because it's the second month they've done this. They're requiring a monthly payment that does not EVEN MEET THEIR OWN GUIDELINES of 1% the total balance PLUS the interest for the month. I think credit card companies do actually have to follow their own policy.

They kept repeating the same line, like usual, but I caught them in a lie or mistake. They told me that the "new" interest rate of 13.99 didn't start until 4/13, but I saw that they had REFUNDED the 27.99 interest rate for both March AND April. So, how can they charge a minimum payment based upon an interest rate that is no longer in effect? BS, says I. I did the math for them and with them over the phone, and they said a manager will have to call me back. I gave my number, and expect a call or I will once again be filing with the BBB of Delaware. Apparently, that is one button consumers have, and Juniper will actually change if enough people file complaints with them. Look people, I just saw the President of the United States come out and say that credit card companies have been abusing customers for far too long, and that IT WILL END. Let's also band together when they're unfair, and pay these things off AND NEVER USE THEM AGAIN! As a nation, we need to get out of debt one person at a time, and tell these people to get real jobs like everyone else.

Hope this helps, it worked for me.
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ELIMINATED my credit limit!!
Posted by on
Wow--now I don't feel alone at all. I am another 'victim' of Juniper Bank's unilateral and arbitrary decisions regarding my credit limit. I was bopping happily along using only that card for many expenses and monthly bills, and in the past six months frequently spending over $2000 a month on the card. No worries, though--I had a $23,000 credit limit on the card, AND I paid it off in full every month. Never missed a payment, never late with a payment in about 3 years of use. Suddenly, a medical supply company called me to tell me that our scheduled charge with them had been declined on my Mastercard. Weird, I thought. I pulled up my on-line statement, didn't notice any problems, and called customer service. Whoooaaaaaa.....My credit limit had been reduced by 92%, to $2200. Keep in mind that three times in the last six months I have spent MORE than that in a month. And while I do not need $23,000 of credit, there have been times when I wanted to plunk down a card on a purchase of several thousand dollars (I get a nice rebate!) After numerous conversations and e-mails, they kept assuring me that they 'had reviewed my spending' and decided that this was perfectly adequate--it was based on the average spending. Well, that means I can never spend more than my average? The BANK is making my spending decisions for me??
Well, now that I've read all these reviews and see others have had exactly the same experience, I am more convinced than ever that they just want to be rid of us "deadbeats" who aren't paying them interest every month. And they want an opportunity to charge that over limit fee. If they can trick me into going over that paltry new limit, they will rub their little hands in glee and lick their cold, bloodless lips as they slurp up a $39 over-the-limit fee. The last e-mail from them confirmed that they will allow me to charge more than my limit, and even if I make a payment to bring the balance down before the billing cycle ends, I will still pay that fee for having slipped over the line a dollar or two.
(Oh shucks--let's give them kudos for that smidge of honesty, shall we? NO.)
I use this card because I have a linked savings with EmigrantDirect which pays me a nice rebate right into my savings account. Tomorrow I intend to call Emigrant and tell them that there's no need in my keeping a big savings account with them if I have to be constantly tiptoeing around this card. I want to be able to use a card whenever I want, without wondering what my balance is at any given moment. (And for the self-righteous guy who preached about 'pay your bill on time and Juniper will be no problem for you' at everybody, I hope he reads this. Please understand, there is NO black mark on my credit report, despite the fact that the Juniper representative tried to suggest that to me. Based on their statements, I immediately ordered the reports to check. Also, the first two representative I spoke with said a letter "had been mailed." The third guy said my "requested" letter would go out 12/23. Uh...somebody was lying about that notification, trying to make it seem that I had been notified when in actuality, they were only sending out a letter after I raised a question.
I have been doing my research and within the next day or two I'll find another card that offers a decent rebate of some sort, and maybe I'll cut Juniper's card into pretty little confetti pieces and mail it to them.
I will be very interested to see if the EmigrantDirect people care if Juniper causes them to lose a fairly substantial deposit.
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Barclay misleading about fun points
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I accrued 336,047 so called 'fun points' and decided to see if I had enough to cover a cruise for my husband and myself. I contacted Barclay to check how much I would be entitled to as a statement credit, as you have to book the cruise then redeem points toward credit and I did not want to pay out of pocket for the cruise. I called the redemption center and was told that I would be entitled to $5000.00 in statement credit. Since I typically don't take anything at face value I called twice more and was told by the first representative that I would have over $4000.00 toward a cruise. By the time I contacted the third representative I had the cruise information and cost available. This time I was told that I was entitled to all but $400.00 of the cost. Based on the information I was given, not once but three times, I booked the cruise ($3,707.00). When the cruise posted on my credit card I called to request a statement credit only to be told I was entitled to ONLY $2000.00 for the now over 340,000 fun points I had on my account. Now I have to either pay $1700.00 dollars for a cruise or pay the cancellation fee out of pocket, neither of which is part of my budget. When I explained that I would not have booked the cruise had I not been told I had the available points I was told that Barclay's can't be responsible for information given by their employees and the operator apologized for the poor customer service. I certainly feel a business IS responsible for their employees! If a business offers points towards goods/services I feel that everyone there should be well versed in the value of said points. Don't know yet what course of action I will take regarding the cruise but I do know I will be canceling this card asap. I feel that Barclay's mislead me and it feels much for 'fun'.
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User Replies:
Alain on 07/25/2012:
If their customer service is so disorganized with something like reward points, just think of how badly they could fowl up the numbers with your credit card. Cancel your card as soon as possible and don't do any future business with these incompetent people. Thanks for warning your fellow consumers about Barclays/Juniper Bank!
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Unfair Credit Reduction For Good Customers
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DELAWARE -- I am writing with displeasure at the recent reduction on my account limit. I spoke with your representative today and got a complete run around. I have NEVER missed a payment, I have NEVER been late, I ALWAYS PAY MORE than the minimum payment. My account was reduced to a point where it is practically useless. I have been with your company for over 2 and ½ years and kept a spotless record with you. Now this is how I am repaid for being a good customer ! I have worked very hard to keep my account in good standing.

Since I received no compassion or satisfaction, I told your representative that I will now use my card as little as possible. I will also post a bad review on the Internet in several areas and will also send a letter to my local newspaper for publication. I am copying you on just what I am going to report / post as a courtesy.

This is the post I will use:

“I just want to say that this bank has no concern for customer service. After 3 years of constant increases to my credit limit for rewarding me for "on time " payments, Excellent credit history, and paying more than what was due, never missing a payment, never having a late fee or any other blemish on my history with them, I suddenly got a letter telling me that my credit limit was decreased to only what was currently owed them. I called customer service, they could not help me in any way. They relied on a credit report from trans union that was old and out of date, instead of my credit payments, and history with them. This bank has no customer loyalty or rewards for good customers. So as of today, I will not use this card, and publicly tell my story as I am sure more people will get the same treatment in the future.

I hope Trans Union banks with them, because I won't.”

In closing, I hope you wish to amicably resolve this issue, have my limit reinstated and allow me the pleasure of printing and publishing a retraction of the above.
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User Replies:
Bill on 05/09/2012:
Apparently something in your credit history is causing the bank to re-evaluate their relationship with you. Could there be a problem with another account or your debt-to-earning ratio is too high.
They are trying to get it into sync and cut their risk by lowering your credit limit.
If they lowered you limit to your debt then they are phasing your account out.
Credit is becoming harder to get. Just try to apply for a mortgage now.
FoDaddy19 on 05/09/2012:
BOA tried a similar thing with a me two years ago. The tried to lower my credit limit on a Visa card I have through them from $15k to $6k. I've never missed a payment, and always paid the card off in full every month. My credit score was and still is well over 800, and I have no debt to speak of (house paid off, no loans, etc.) So I called up BOA to find out what the problem was. I was told that because I never come close to using the full line of credit available to me (which is true, I usually only charge a couple hundred a month on the card), that they felt it was prudent just to reduce the my credit limit. I can see the logic in that, but I don't like how they did it without even letting me know. So I request to have my credit limit reinstated. I get transferred to another department, and repeat the story. But fortunately the person was talking was able to restore my credit limit to it's previous state and ever since then it's remained the same.

Anyway, I try calling again to see what motivated them to reduce your credit limit. You may eventually get to talk to someone who actually knows what they are doing.
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Paid my card off and was rewarded one week later with an addition of a new ANNUAL FEE!
Posted by on
I have had my Juniper Mastercard and a Juniper Visa since 2007. I have a chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2005, so obviously I had it when I got the Juniper cards. When I got the MC, the interest rate was 8.99 The it was raised to 14.99, where it is now. The Visa was 11.99, and is now 17.99 I have never had a late payment on either of these cards, nor any other credit card, my mortgage or my car that I also purchased in 2007. I purchased my house in 2009.I was already sick of credit card debt after Chase bought Wamu and jacked my rate up from 8.99 to 23%, and Target lowered my limit from $4500 eventually ending at $500, each time lowering it to just above my balance. If I wasn't paying over the minimum, I would have gone over limit. Anywho, Chase closed my acct, and I closed the Target acct. On the 1st of June, I paid off the Juniper MC, and between the 1st and 8th, I paid 1k on the Juniper Visa. I paid 500 on the 4th, which Juniper did not apply until the 6th. I called them and they didn't have a reason, but did tell me that I was being offered a balance transfer option on the MC. Imagine my surprise when on the 12th I receive notice regarding the MC saying they are adding an annual fee to my account of $49!!! They said it was due to my high balance on my cards, and my Bankruptcy, you know, the one from 6 years ago that I had when I got the Juniper cards! I have never in my life heard of a company adding an annual fee after the fact. I'm actually scheduled to pay off the rest of the Juniper Visa next month, before the annual fee starts on the MC, and I will be paying them both off and closing the accounts. I realize that may lower my Fico score, but better that than to pay an annual fee on a card I've had for 4 yrs with no annual fee! I'm just thanking God that one card is paid off and I can pay the other off, or I'd be over a barrel, and under Juniper's control. It almost makes me feel like they could see that I was paying the cards off, and they wouldn't be earning anymore interest from me, so they came up with the annual fee ploy. When I think of calling them to cancel the cards, I laugh hysterically. God is good, and Juniper/Barclays is EVIL!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/12/2011:
Since you already went through Ch 7, I'm surprised you are carrying a balance on any credit card.

All of the rates that you mentioned are insane. 8.99% is by no means whatsover reasonable. I think my lowest rate is 8% - also far too high to pay unless I need money to bail my firstborn out of jail. What would be reasonable? Maybe 5% max. Can you find that? Not that I know of.

I've never paid one penny of interest on a credit card, because I pay my balance off every month. It is very liberating, not having to worry about if my fair weather friend the bank is going to come and jack me upside of the head while I have my back turned.

I hope we all can continue to find and keep credit cards with no annual fee. The new routine is to institute them to make up for lost revenue, as I am sure you are aware. I would ditch my card if they started charging also.
kjv on 06/13/2011:
I just received the same notice from Juniper that an annual fee would be added next month due to delinquencies on my credit and the amount of delinquencies. I called them to question it as I have zero delinquencies showing on my credit and I was told by two reps "It is a generic notice that may or may not apply to you specifically."

I was shocked and read the statement I received where it specifically says it is due to my credit and only had the same thing repeated to me over and over. I asked to speak to a manager and was hung up on once and put on a long hold the second time.

I will be closing my account and am thankful that I am one of those who can. This is the worst experience I have had with any company.
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Don't do business with Juniper Bank (Barclays)
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I have perfect credit with a credit score of 745, no lates at all. I have 4 paid as agreed mortgages. I have had this Juniper card since 2007 with a credit line of $4500. I have several other credit cards with minimal balances outstanding except for 2. I recently (November 2010 and Dec 2010)paid my property taxes using my US Bank VISA accounts to take advantage of their 0% interest for 12 months instead of using my own cash (which I have). That brought my 2 US Bank VISA accounts close to the maximum credit line. I have 5 other Mastercard and Visa accounts with close toa zero balance. I use the Juniper Bank account to pay recurring monthly expenses such as Home Security, Netflix, Home Warranty, etc. I let the balance get up to close to $3000. Last month I applied $1200 to my Juniper Bank account to reduce the balance. I planned on paying more with my tax refund on all accounts. I received a call from Juniper a few days after the $1200 posted telling me that I'm too close to my credit limit on OTHER accounts so they reduced my line of credit to $2500. This was an insult! That left me with a few hundred dollars on my credit line which wouldn't have covered my recurring monthly bills linked to that account. I immediately moved all 8 of those recurring accounts to a different credit card. I have not, and will not use Juniper bank credit card again. I'm will pay that account off at the end of this month BUT I won't close it because closing it will hurt my credit score. Their representative treated me like a 3 year old child, repremanding me for using 2 of my cards too much! You can't rely on this company to be there when you need them. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/24/2011:
A bank is an institution that will extend you credit if you can prove that you don't need it.
Obsfucation on 01/24/2011:
745 is not perfect credit, just good. You have seven unsecured lines of credit. No offense, but I wouldn't extend you credit either. Think of it this way: if you maxxed out all seven cards, then lost your job, could you pay them back? That's the question they have when they look at your overall credit picture.
joeyvv on 01/24/2011:
File bankruptcy on the jerks. Then they get next to nothing and you can get a clean start.
Olivander on 01/24/2011:

Are you nuts? Bankruptcies stay on your credit history for 10 years. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

DebtorBasher on 01/24/2011:
I agree Olivander. If it's possible, the best thing to do if you want to cut ties with them...would be to transfer your balance to another card...of course you have to read the small print, the fees etc...but if it's transferred, they will not have your balance to make money on the fees because it will be paid and closed. Bankruptcy is a last resource...not for people able and willing to pay as this person is obviously able to do...I wouldn't recommend BKO for this kind of reason.
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