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Juniper Bank is greedy and does not care about their good-paying customers
Posted by on
Until two days ago I had a Juniper Bank Mastercard for the last four years. I actually loved this card because it had a decent credit limit and no fees for paying my bill online. I always paid my bill on time and I always paid far more than my minimum payment (often making payments over $400, $500 and even $700 or $800 at times) and spent in excess of $15,000.00 on that card over the life of the account.

I started to get annoyed with them when they chopped my credit limit in half back in February (there was no warning, I made a large payment and suddenly BOOM my credit limit was suddenly only $150.00 away from my current balance). Things like that don't do my credit rating any favors, it made it look like I was riding close to my credit limit, which couldn't have been further from the truth, I never even came close to maxing that card out. I understood that a lot of banks were doing that as a preventive measure to keep people from overspending in this bad economy, but I still felt they should have notified me before it happened and given me the opportunity to appeal that.

What happened next is what set me off. I have always paid online, and in May I accidentally forgot and went ONE day over. Besides immediately assessing the $39.00 penalty (I did not recall that this card had NO grace period at ALL) I suddenly noticed that they had increased my APR from 8.9% to 24.24%!!!!

I was so upset, I immediately emailed them and pointed out my stellar history with them, my responsible spending habits, the high-dollar payments I often made (almost every single month) and most importantly pointed out the fact that I had just paid the card off free and clear! I asked for my low APR to be reinstated

What I received back was a snotty quotation from the cardholder agreement and a flat-out lie from them stating that 24.24% was "the only rate available to me at this time". They didn't bother to look at my history on the account nor any of the positives I pointed out to them, they just didn't care.

At that point I told them that there was no way I was going to keep a credit card at such an astronomical interest rate and told them to cancel my account.

I received ANOTHER email from them attempting for some perverse reason to "have the last word" reminding me of the cardholder agreement again and basically saying "We'll do whatever we like whether it's fair or not and you just have to put up with it." I repeated my request to them to cancel my account and advised them I wanted confirmation that it was done (and also asked to be removed from their mailing lists so I never have to be insulted by them soliciting me for another one of their horrible accounts, as I'm sure they eventually will). I did receive that (with the helpful notice that you can still reinstate an account up to 2 months after you cancel it without having to reapply... well @#$% that, there are plenty of other credit card companies who would like a customer like me. I will never do business with Juniper Bank again, and I will be sure to pass along this experience to as many people as possible.
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Anonymous on 2009-07-01:
You're right they don't care. None of the banks do. They have their shareholders to please not their customers.
goduke on 2009-07-01:
There are a lot of good service opportunities for using emails -- checking shipping status, aking product questions, etc. I'm really not entirely sold that email is a good mechanism for those transactions where you are essentially negotiating with the company. It may have been better to pick up the phone and call. Not sure if the result would have been the same or not, but it could have been a better chance to explain your position. That's kind of hindsight, I realize.
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Barclay's spectacular ineptness
Posted by on
In May of 2008 I made the mistake of signing up for a Frontier Mastercard offered by Barclays while passing through the Denver airport. The point was to collect the free roundtrip ticket for the annual fee of $49, then cancel the credit card. Three months went by with nary a word from them, and while my husband worried because we had given them our social security numbers, I figured that big things moved slowly. Then in August, my husband noticed that our normally perfect credit had a ding in it from Barclays. I called, and was told we hadn't paid our $49 fee. I explained we had never gotten the card or bill. Turns out they had sent it out to he wrong address, and when it was returned instead of contacting us by phone or email, both of which they had, they merely sent it to the same wrong address again, then gave up. I made them read the correct address from the application form and they promised to send it again. It never came. I called again, and again they had sent it to the wrong address. Now they couldn't send it out again, because a three strikes rule told them that possibly fraud was being attempted. I had to spend another 20 minutes on the phone to clear it up. I told them to forget it, and they promised to send the card to the right address.

It came.

I tried to activate it online, and it wouldn't work. When I called in person and read the card number off the card in my hand, they told me they had to such account connected to my name. They had sent me the "dead account" that they had cancelled due to potential fraud.

By now I had spent over two hours on the phone trying to fix this mess, and told them to just stop everything. I didn't want their card, and never wanted to talk to them again. They apologized profusely and told the current account would be cancelled and I would owe nothing. I thought it was over. That was in September. It wasn't.

May 2009 I get a statement showing that I owe nothing. I call to say the account is supposed to be closed, and they say it was and that for some reason unknowns I got a statement that I should ignore. They promised that it wouldn't happen again.,

Yesterday, June 2009, I get a statement showing that I owe $49 annual fee. I call once again, and find that the statement is for the "dead account", but that I owe that amount for the new credit card they tried to give me last year and I refused. They explain, politely, that despite the fact that I never got card or statement, I MUST PAY that annual fee.

Their argument is that by applying for a card I entered into a contract. My argument is that they did not fulfill their part of the contract--giving me the card--thereby voiding any said contract. I insisted they have to remove that charge, and while they say they can't remove me from their system because I am a former customer.

I'm going to contact the consumer investigator team of Denver's affiliated TV station because I can't spend another 5 hours on the phone trying to clear this up, but I refuse to pay the $49 bucks. Ineptness should not be rewarded.

I caution everyone about applying for this card. I'm sorry I didn't read other reviews about this bank.
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jbarfive on 2010-05-01:
Barclays Frontier Mastercard - Is the worst company I have ever dealt with In my life. Do not stop and apply for a Frontier Credit card in the Denver Airport.
Barclays Frontier Mastercard is a scam!!!! You will not be able to use the so called "free ticket ". There are never any seats available unless you know one year in advance where you are going. Not only will you NOT get the free airline ticket you will be charged outrageous fee.
I had to call three times to get the card cancelled. I owed no money to them but was charged $125 in fees. Customer service does not exist, customer harassment however does. I finally paid the fee to get rid of them. BEWARE!!!!!!
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I Have Had No Problem With These Folks
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CALIFORNIA -- Please understand, I am not a proponent of banks or credit card issuers in general. I agree that most, if not all, will run roughshod over you if you let them. The key phrase, 'if you let them.'

Credit cards are not meant to be things used to live on. They are not meant to be a crutch for your personal or business financial mismanagement. They are not meant to be a means to live beyond your means. If you cannot pay off your balance every month, or at least 5% of your statement balance, you have no business using them.

Credit cards are expensive for merchants and consumers alike. Ultimately, they are a convenient and secure way to do business and make purchases. You receive benefits that cash or checks do not provide. Beyond those benefits, they are a dangerous thing if you do not manage your behavior.

Enough of my lecturing and back to my point, Juniper Bank. They provide a fair and reasonable service to those who use their product wisely and within the terms of use. If you are late, you are late. Their terms clearly spell out the consequences of your actions. If you have not read the terms then you are the fool. I have had nothing but excellent service from Juniper. I find them to be one of the best credit cards I have.

Let me back up to the first time I made a payment to Juniper. I paid my balance in full for the Apple computer I purchased. I used an introductory 0% offer to purchase an iMac. At the time my payment was due I used an electronic transfer from a bank account. There was a problem with the electronic transaction. I was not aware of the problem until I received a call from Juniper. They told me that the payment was not honored and that they had assessed a returned payment fee, and added the interest that had accrued during the 0% time period. I explained that I could not understand why the payment was not honored and asked the representative what I needed to do in order to remove the fee and interest. The service representative explained that they would need payment in-full, including a newer charge that had posted to the account. While on the phone with the representative I logged into my bank account, shifted some money to another checking account and paid the full balance on the Juniper web site as he suggested. End of story. They honored what they said they would do, they did not hike my interest rate, and they inflicted no other drama on me.

Since that very first payment cycle, I have had no issues. Mind you, I pay my bills on time ... not the day before they are due, not the day after, and I do not use the card in such a manner as to jeopardize my good standing ... by that I mean, I do not max it out, I do not go over my limit, and I certainly make certain I have money to pay my debt. If I do not have the money, I do not make a purchase.

Accordingly, Juniper has rewarded me with a handsome interest rate. They do not gouge me, and they do not play games and they have increased my limit substantially over the couple-three years I have been a customer. Why? Because I have demonstrated responsibility in my use of credit.

Juniper is an excellent card issuer and acts responsibly within their rights and their terms of use. Incidentally, I read the terms, I understood the terms, and agreed to the terms. It is black and white. There are no gray areas.

I carry a balance when I purchase new business equipment. If I do not pay my statement balance, I pay between 5-15% of my statement balance, dependent upon on how well my sales have been for the month, but never less that 5%.

Use credit wisely and quit blaming the credit card companies for your poor decisions.
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trp2hevn on 2008-11-01:
Anonymous on 2008-11-01:
..."If you cannot pay off your balance every month, or at least 5% of your statement balance, you have no business using them."...

Man, that's one end of the spectrum clear to the other!
Nohandle on 2008-11-01:
You have a well written review and make some excellent points most of which I agree with. I'm glad your initial problems with Juniper have been resolved. I do question your suggestion on what to pay each month if that's all you have. Does the 5% cover the minimum payment? I expect the FC would eat you alive on the unpaid balance if large. My idea of a credit card is to use it for convenience and pay the balance in full when you receive the statement. Unless something unforeseen happens on a rare occurrence most folks find themselves in a mess if they only pay the minimum.
my3cents1sttimereviewer on 2008-11-12:
for Contrary 2 Ordinary : You are correct when that blurb is taken alone. In full context however, the message is clear that you should simply pay it off or don't use it. If you have to make the purchase and cannot pay it off, a 5-15% payment is far better than the 1.7% minimum payment they want.

For Nohandle, I would state the initial problems I had with Juniper as the initial problem I had making a payment to Juniper. It was not their problem, it was mine. Juniper however, gave me the benefit of doubt and made it easy and painless for me to correct my error. As for the minimum payment of 5%, that is a bare minimum, 15% is ideal, and yes it is more than the required 1.7%ish minimum. As for interest, yes, any interest is a waste, but for business use, it carries out and is sometimes simply a neccessity.
MsEudora on 2009-01-31:
my3cents: Congratulations on having a good interaction with Juniper. But you seem to have missed the point that many people (me included) have made--I pay the bill on time. I pay the bill in full, never carry a balance. I use the card every month. I may charge only $350; I may charge $2800. Then they changed my $23,000 credit limit to $2200. They did NOT send notification. Two employees lied to me and said a letter had been sent. Then I received a letter dated several days after my first conversation with these two people. They said there would be no grace offered if I charged $2201 on the card--$39 fee would be added. So please note: I am a "responsible" user of credit. It is convenient, and I get a nice little rebate from my on-line bank for using this card. Juniper should be benfitting from merchant fees. But if I have to constantly track how close I am to my "average" spending, worry about whether a tank of gas is going to put me over the limit, it's no longer convenient. It becomes a worry because I am NOT the kind of person who accepts a fee lightly. Please understand that the issue here is not careless, irresponsible people. It is Juniper trying to set us up for failure so they can charge fees and raise interest rates.
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Juniper does not have control over it's data
Posted by on

Over the last several weeks, Juniper has initiated a suite of bizarre actions against the credit card I (used to) have with them. These have had significant annoying impacts on my life - for example, stranding me at O'Hare airport and forcing me to spend most of my vacation dealing with their missteps.

However, despite their customer-oriented aggression, it was their loss of control over their database, and the inability of a singularly useless customer service organization to address the ensuing problems, is what has prompted me to end my relationship with this organization.

In particular, it was early Sept. when I signed on to their website, intent on making my monthly payment. When I attempted to make the payment I noticed that the payment account I had set up was no longer listed. I figured their system was having some intermittent difficulty and waited a few days.

When I signed on to the web site again, the information was still missing. I called the customer service desk and they informed me that they would file a bug report on my behalf, but that otherwise, if I did not get the payment money to them within 48 hours, they would assess late payment fees, attack my credit rating, and terminate my card.

Note: my account history does not warrant this level of aggression - my credit standing is quite good and I will have absolutely no problem getting a replacement MasterCard from a Juniper competitor.

I informed them that I could probably not get payment to them within 48 hours without incurring some significant fees. In addition, I could not re-establish my payment account as the information required to do so was at home and I was on vacation. Besides, thought I, I've made at least 24 prior consecutive payments from my payment account - which is a good indication that the payment account was, in fact, in their system.

It seemed to me that the easiest thing to do would be to delay collection of the $36.44 I owed them until Sept. 23rd, when I would be home, have access to my checkbook, and could quickly re-enter the information that Juniper bank had deleted.

They refused to do so claiming that if I did not get the money to them by the due date, they would assess late fees, attack my credit rating, and re-evaluate my credit worthiness.

In the end I asked a family member if I could borrow their account and sign them up as a payment source for me. They agreed and I received a confirmation email (dated 9/9/2008) indicating that my payment had been received in time.

On the 9/10/2008, I received a response to one of my several email inquiries indicating that (1) I already had an account on file and what was I talking about and (2) that since I had not made a payment I would be assessed late fees, etc. Now, this irked me because the account indicated in (1) was my family member's account, and (2) the payment had in fact been received.

So now I had two apparent problems: 1) Juniper bank seemed to be systematically deleting information from my account so as to force me to generate late fees for them - this is a *highly illegal* practice, and 2) they could not identify that a payment had been made or that the payment source was not the source they had deleted, but a new source added very recently.

Subsequent emails have gone unanswered and subsequent calls have indicated that they can see no problem with my account.

When I indicated that "I want to know who deleted my account information, when they did so, and why" I was told "that's just not going to happen" - I was also told that "we didn't do it, you didn't do it, and there is no explanation" - the latter was repeated to me over and over by one of their customer service representatives.

Can you believe that - here a customer service representative is stating that the disappearance of personal information from a financial database (the unauthorized deletion of which is a crime) simply "has no explanation."

It is Juniper's absolute inability to cope with their deletion of information, their denial that they deleted information (illegally), and their satisfaction that "there simply is no explanation" is, in fact, an acceptable explanation - that really drove me over the wall with these cats.

These people are entrusted with your personal information and can impact your credit rating. This episode clearly indicated that juniper

1) does not have control over it's database, since, according to them, 3rd parties can delete information at will and without their knowledge
2) they can not tell when information has been deleted, nor can they tell when payments have been made or when information has been updated
3) they have no power to cope with the lack of integrity and control over their database systems

If other people have had similar experiences, please contact me and let us pool our information and experiences. Deleting sensitive information from a customer account without knowledge or authorization is perhaps grounds for a class action lawsuit.
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Anonymous on 2008-09-12:
Why didn't you just pay it directly from your own bank's bill pay site?
Anonymous on 2008-09-12:
"...they would assess late payment fees, attack my credit rating, and terminate my card."

No bank would say something like this to a customer with a good payment record and a good credit rating.

PeopleBeforeBusiness on 2009-02-21:
Trixta: Here is how it works.
1) the bank makes an error in their data processing which blocks your ability to pay.
2) the bank then demands a late fee from you if you don't pay on time.
3) if I refuse to pay until the original error is fixed, and then refuse to pay the late fee, then the bank claims that they will report this as a late payment to credit reporting agencies and terminate my card.

I hadn't missed a payment in over 2 years, all of those were paid online using the account in question and payment method in question until Juniper made the error.

The banks physical statements were simple "call-center customer-avoidance statements" - for example: You must pay by the date and if you don't we will treat this as a late payment. My protests that this was their error fell on deaf ears. They simply repeated the statement over and over and over.

As a result, should I have failed to compensate for their e-banking incompetence, I would have a late payment reported to Experian, transunion, etc. This constitutes an attack on my credit rating.

Clearly, could I have gotten to someone beyond their pathetic call-center staff, I probably could have had this dealt with - but their call-center staff just blindly repeated company policy, without *thinking* or otherwise comprehending the situation. They acted no more intelligently than a granite slab.

As a result, the organization of Juniper bank (or Barclays if you like) was effectively
1) demanding that I pay extra for their error
2) vowing to terminate my card and attack my credit rating via false reports to credit reporting agencies.

Their actions were the result of an ineffective and unintelligent customer service engine - but the threat was very real.

I am happy to say that I have terminated my account with Juniper, and will never, ever, either personally or professionally,
PeopleBeforeBusiness on 2009-02-21:
KenPopcorn: I pay this and one other credit card electronically. These are the *only* bills I have and I see no need to sign up for a new payment system given that I had been using this payment method, and account, for years.

It was quicker to borrow and acct, set up a new payment source, and hand cash over to the payor instead of establish a bill payment account using my bank's system.

The point of the matter was that Juniper was refusing to work with me to solve the error, and instead were demanding that I either (a) find some new way to get money to them or (b) accept false reports to credit reporting agencies, pay them extra for late fees, and lose the account or (c) spend thousands of dollars on litigation over a matter of $60. Clearly, the easiest thing, would have been to work with Juniper - but they refused to do anything but demand that I accommodate their e-banking incompetence.

I can happily say that I no longer have any dealings with any aspect of Barclay's bank and that I am diligently working to shunt as much business away from Barclays as possible.
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Consumer Beware of Telemarketers Sales Rhetoric
Posted by on
ILLINOIS -- Summer Bay Resorts ad attracted my curiosity. I thought that I was speaking to a Travel Agent. Later on I realized that I was speaking to a Telemarketer with rhetoric and pressure. In my excitement I gave my credit information and failed to realize that immediately $498.00US was immediately charged to my bank. During the cancellation period they refused to cancel. Meanwhile another charge of $30.00 was added. During this period of time Summer Bay decided to cancel my Las Vegas portion and failed to communicate with my correspondence. This included specific information of: the travel itinerary with dates, etc. FOR PERSONS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.
including US Veterans. Our designer/engineer created special modifications on the LandSailers boats for persons with loss of limbs including a TWIN to accommodate 2 persons with/without disabilities as seen on:www.windline.net.

Summer Bay Internet advertisement states: Complimentary 3 Day with 2 Night Free Accommodation. Despite my repeated correspondence to their office, and speaking with several people, my being put on HOLD FOR OVER 30 MINUTES there was Zero communication. There was no itinerary, accommodation for anyone in LAS Vegas.
During the 60 day period of time I have corresponded with Juniper/Barclays Bank @ 1-877-390-4200. I followed their instructions "try and work it out with the merchant" and changed the account with presented additional information. This, resulted in a credit of $528.00 to my account.

On 01/24/2008 I spoke to Mr. Ken Branch of Summer Bay Resorts @ 888-782-9847 who spoke of a credit of $117.00. This included a NOW MENTIONED $30.00+$85.00 for the Las Vegas plan which Summer Bay cancelled without notice. Also, a 7 day cancellation.

As follow up I have: On 01/26/2008 sent a letter of cancellation, stating that Summer Bay is NOT Authorized to charge my bank FOR ANYTHING, with a request for a FULL credit of $528.00 unauthorized charged to Juniper Bank via SPECIAL PRIORITY mail with signature request. Also, informed Juniper of the above by phone and email. I do not understand the reason that JUNIPER BANK RETURNED THE DEBIT of $528.00+interest to me. This is UNFAIR as of today I have received NO SERVICES,CORRESPONDENCE. AGREEMENT FROM SUMMER BAY..JUST HIDDEN NON
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Anonymous on 2008-01-28:
I'm confused. You say that you did get a $528 credit, yet on 01/26/2008 you sent a letter demanding the same $528. Huh?
goldenlab on 2008-02-01:
The bank credited the amount in full...Then claimed they had not received requested information from me in time. Thus recharged my account. I have confirmation of signature within the time...So, something is wrong!
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Deception - Fraud
Posted by on
Frontier Airlines World Mastercard aggressively solicited my business @ the Denver International Airport on a trip this past year. The "offer?"
A free R-T (Round-trip) anywhere Frontier flies in signing up for the "no fee," "low interest" card.

REQUIREMENT: After the first use of the card I would receive the requisite mileage and R-T flight credit to use.
KEY FACTS: I requested a hard copy of my monthly statements be sent to my home address and declined the soft or electronic copy by email, though provided my email address.

Result: Following the initial use of the card I received statements from a "Juniper Bank," which went directly to my SPAM bucket given I did not authorize "unsolicited" email and had received several from this "Juniper Bank." No where in the agreement I signed with Frontier Airlines did it identify Juniper Bank nor Barclay's Bank as the administrator for the Frontier World Mastercard. Statements were NOT sent in hard copy, rather, via email from this "Juniper Bank," and I ignored the first statement having been spammed in prior months by this Juniper Bank. The names were in my SPAM bucket and filtered out.
Needless to say, nominal charges, <$50 accrued "late fees" of $29 for two successive months, along with finance charges.

I would never have known of any charges, save recognize I had made one charge, in order to receive the free R-T ticket on Frontier and had yet to receive a statement at home. I checked my SPAM bucket, found three Juniper Bank statements and quickly realized I had received Frontier World Mastercard statements for the initial charge, along with, now, two late fees and finance charges.

CUSTOMER SERVICE??: I think not! Calls to Customer Service resulted in rudeness that defy description and a "Supervisor" I had asked for, telling me to pay the late fees and finance charges or I would accrue more late fess and finance charges. He stated he "did not care," that I had requested ONLY hard copy by mail, not soft by email.

I note many other complaints about this type of deceptive business practice; the name Juniper Bank and on the statements-soft copy- the contact name of Barclay's Bank, who apparently bought Juniper Bank's credit card business this year.
Anyone else had similar results? Contact me. I am working on a Class Action lawsuit to be filed against all three organizations, pending discussions with Barclay's to seek resolution they promised me from the "CEO and Chairman's Office" with a return of the late fees and finance charges and yet did nothing. They are disingenuous to say the least and deserve to be singled out. This type of leadership can not and will not be tolerated.

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tnchuck100 on 2007-12-21:
Forget class action. They only make for rich attorneys. The only think you would get from that might be two free movie passes. IF you do anything do it for yourself in small claims court.

If you have a copy of you application showing you desire for hard copy statements you may have a chance. Read their terms. They may be sneaky enough to specify they only provide electronic statements.

For everyone: Never apply for a credit card from mail solicitation, special events, airports, check out counters, or any "we'll give you a free tote bag just for applying" deals.
chow on 2007-12-21:
Those credit card agreement form is a really "slick" trick,it is fill with legal jargon and super tiny prints,you need to give away yuur right as consumer in order to have one, too many fall for it already.
Lisa on 2011-07-06:
I just paid off in full my Frontier Master Card (managed through Barclay's). I sent an email at the beginning of the month of May,for which I received a response back to my request that I wanted my acct. closed. I just received a call from the "collections" dept. that I own them $66.00 in interest fees for a balance not paid for 2 months! I said this acct. has been closed I varified ahead of scheduling the last pymt. what the balance was and I paid it in full. Since the time of my payment (in full) in May, I have not received a stmt or any online messages. They are claiming I owe them?!! FYI_ I closed this acct. and paid it in full ahead of being charged the annual $50.00 fee for the privilege of having the card! This is fraud.
Jim on 2011-11-23:
My wife and each had this card since 2008. Last August, we had fraudulent activity on her card. That card was cancelled and replaced without a hitch. Then they billed us on the new card for $2300 in fraudulent charges from the old card. When we called to straighten this out, we were connected to someone in the Philippines who didn't understand English and was clearly reading from a script. It took 8 requests to get her to transfer me to a supervisor in the USA (she kept trying to sell me fraud protection). This foreigner had already turned off both cards. The American said she was issuing two new cards. My wife got her's in two weeks and a month later I find out they never issued my card (I'm a business traveller, spend roughly $5k/month and never carry a balance).

OK... I get it. Barclay's is telling me that they don't want my business. The customer service is about the worst I have encountered in the last 40 years. All things happen for a reason... I found a much better rewards program with a bank that carries a high customer satisfaction rating. As soon as the new cards arrive, it's goodbye Barclay's.
Sue on 2012-03-13:
I've had this Barkley's Frontier card since 2007. I've never missed a payment, and pay more than the minimun amount each month. Their address is Card Services. For TWO YEARS, I've been getting automated robo-calls from "Card Services" offering to lower my credit card/s interest rates. Press "1" to speak to someone. When I do, I get an accented person (Filipino?) asking for money up-front. If I ASK a question, I'm immediately hung up on! I actually got some information from one of these unsolicited telemarketers, who said that Barclay's SELLS account information to them. I called the number on the back of my card 1-866-839-2345 to complain about this, and was given a Case#. When I called with my Case#, I was told that Barclay's Frontier "did not do this". Of course they did! I got hung up on TWICE today by Rob and Jay (just like the telemarketers), and when I try to call the Customer Service# (1-866-839-2345) from either my home or cell phone number, all I get is a FAX signal! I've been targeted for complaining! Got two voicemails yesterday and today from Carla and Rob referencing my Case#, and telling me to "call the number on the back of your card". I cannot do this, because all I get is a FAX signal! I've called from my home phone and cell phone...FAX signal. I've been targeted by Barclay's Frontier for complaining about non-stop telemarketing calls from a company (MECH??) that Barclay's Frontier sold my information to!! Every time I've called Barclay's Frontier Customer Service, I get a Philippines call center, can't understand the accent, get cut off if the call is transferred, get hung up on, and am treated rudely! This has been going on since 2007! Unbeieveable! I've never missed a payment, all payments are on time, and I pay more than the minimum each month. Barclays is not only a scam, but they're breaking US laws. They have an office in Wilmington, DE. 1-302-255-8800. I have all of my statements, and still cannot call 1-866-839-2345 without getting a FAX signal! I've been targeted for complaining. Interestingly, the automated robocalls from "Card Services" stopped when I complained to Barclay's! Hmmmm. As soon as I pay this caed off, I'm done with them!
cherubtoo on 2008-04-17:
I used to be one of those "aggressive" sales pitchers at the Denver Airport for the Frontier MasterCard. We were so pressured to get people to complete the applications and we were basically encouraged to say anything we had to in order to get the app. done. While most sales people start out trying to be honest, we quickly saw that the ones being most rewarded were the ones who out right lied to people. This job, if you brought in the numbers, could pay out anywhere from $200 to $1000 a day with possible "bonus" on top of that. We were (and they still are) paid by the completed application, not whether or not it was approved. It was nothing for me to bring home $2000 - $4000 a week for part-time work. Sounds like easy money right? Well, if you're a good liar and can pull the wool over peoples eyes, then maybe so. The complaints you read about the card are true, excessive late fees for being one minute late, being charged a higher interest rate than stated, rate hikes for no reason, other misc fees that are hidden. Barclays will do anything they can to get a penny out of their customers. The only way this card works is if you pay your balance off every month and do it ON TIME. And if you are at the Denver Airport, stay away from the sales people. In the end, I left because in spite of the good money made, I could not live with myself anymore doing that job, and believe me, I was good at it. For the most part, I tried to be honest, but when our head Manager put the pressure on us, I too was guilty of doing what I had to due to keep my numbers up. Just Beware - if sounds too good to be true, it probabaly is.
grinwithin on 2008-07-07:
I am currently in the process of filing suit against the bank for fraudulently soliciting an account alleging affiliation with a professional association. Due to misappropriation of funds the account was clsoed within 3 months of inception - and the balance paid in full. After the account was closed, the bank started adding unauthorized insurance premiums ranging from $23 to $123 randomly for the next six months. As the account was closed, they also added $29 Over Limit Fees and $29 Late Fees plus interest.

The bank refuse dto investigate, therefore I had the Department of Insurance Investigate and they found in my favor. The premiums were eventually credited, but not the accumulated interest, late fees, and over limit fees now in excess of $1,000.

Documentation and a copy of a judgment saying I am not responsible for these fees sent certified returned receipt, marked refused return to sender.

The bank is not even licensed to do business in my state. The list goes on.

In any event, I am in the process of taking them to court for continuing to damage my credit reports and other illegal activity.

The customer service reps all claim there are no supervisors, no managers, and they all must work from home because no one had a physical mailing address where they reported to work or where the executives were to resolve the issues amicably. The bank also sent fedEx documents back REFUSED - RETURN TO SENDER.

Two collection agencies already contacted me and "ran away" when my documents received, unfortunately, I can't get this stuff off my credit reports and you know what that does.
Zip1080 on 2008-07-23:
I almost applied for this credit card. The mail offer had a website of www.juniper.com/3804 when it didn't come up I added Barclay to the name and all these reports that people had made about this company came up. I am glad it worked that way before I applied. I am recovering from a bankruptcy a few years ago and am rebuilding my credit last thing I need is to have a credit card that is going to cause more problems than help me fix it!!!

Thanks for all the info I have read. It definitely made my mind up not to apply.
jack6491 on 2008-08-19:
Me were solicited for a frontier frequent fliers card in the LA air port, we were not even told we were applying for a credit card, until the statement for $49 for the annual fee for a credit card with a 20+% interest rate, we wrote back to cancel the card only to get a bill the second month with late fees, I then talked to someone from Barkley bank and told them we did not want the cards me or my wife 2 cards same problems, after writing and calling again they canceled the cards, but not the late fees, I then filed a complaint with Ohio Attorney General in July, so far no response from Barkley. Today we just received another statement for my wifes card with $26 more dollars of late fees added on to the $26 of late fees on the canceled cards making a total from these deceptive thieves of $52 for totally services of nothing but the lies the Frontier rep in LA told, and the snide nasty remarks and hours on hold trying to kiss their A to get something settled.
Ken19505 on 2008-12-28:
I always pay my credit card bills in full to avoid interest. Yet, over the past two billing cycles, Barclays / Juniper hit me with interest charges -- and the first time, there was no activity on the prior month (actually no activity for the prior 6 months!)

I believe other customers are getting hit with this interest fraud...and most likely, customers who do revolve, are probably paying more interest than they should.

Because of this fraud, I am filing a complaint with the Attorneys General of my state and Delaware. I hope others will follow suit.
Jens on the warpath on 2009-03-25:
I had an issue with unauthorized charges on the account. It was for credit insurance. I too closed the account and when I complained, customer service was useless. The Department of Banking in Delaware felt the bank's word that I signed a document authorizing the service ($200 annual fee). The bank refused to produce it. Eventually the principal on the unused account was removed but the interest and bank fees associated with the dispute was not.

I wrote to their General Legal Counsel, Mr. Clint Walker who should be fired for incompetence. He refuses to supply any signatures or copies of alleged charges that were made on the unused account (which I closed when their customer service mouthed off at me).

They refuse physical locations for the purposes of legal depositions. So it is best to deal with their General Legal Counsel on disputes directly out of the 101 West State in Wilmington DE. That's the ONLY physical mailing address on public record - so deal with those folks until they decide to play fair.

Their own collection firms will leave you alone and not pursue collection activity if you provide evidence that you have been trying to resolve a dispute. So no worries there. Lots of great folks actually - surprising for collection firms in this case they are easier to communicate with than the bank.

Just be careful when you dispute with credit reporting agencies. They take the bank's word as "golden" and the bank will illegally re-age the account. Unless you intend to sue and you want to "add damages" steer clear until you have a document from Barclay's stating they deleted or updated the trade line.

They traditionally will not provide validating evidence and "supervisors" enjoy pushing the envelope. one supervisor told me no one will prosecute them and she could talk to me any way she likes.
funnyfeelin on 2009-06-02:
My juniper monthly interest rate DOUBLED and I am INCENSED because I have been a faithfully good customer for years, paying on time with extra payments, etc. I want to join a class action suit against these idiots!
Box3cents on 2010-07-16:
Credit Card company horrible
7/16/2010 Delaware DE

Wow, what a joke of a bank. Barclays Bank's customer service department is by far THE worst I have encountered. I am surprised Frontier Airlines has not moved on to a different bank to administer the frequent flier credit card offer. The customer service at the bank is the worst I have ever experienced. If I did not love Frontier Airlines and want the mileage credit I would have dumped Barclays Bank long ago.

Seriously, I do not understand how a company (Barcays) can stay in business with the poor customer service, lack of follow through, incompetent employees, not well-trained employees on their own products (e. g. stating they don't offer a "Pay Pass" credit card through Frontier Airlines, when they do!!!!), weak supervisors, not calling back within 24 hours as they state a manager will do and managers not even aware of what the problem is.

This goes back to mid-May when I was sent a new credit card because I was "upgraded" to a better card. Two months later and nearly 30 phone calls and I don't have resolution and continue to get incompetent customer service employees who give me incorrect information and do not seem to care to fix the situation. Stay clear of getting one of these cards if you can help it. (I read the negative post by a person who "was roped" into one there at the Denver Airport.) There are other better choices out there. Be aware - Mike
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Questionable Practices
Posted by on
Here is a copy of a letter I sent to the president of US Airways concerning the Juniper US Airways Card:

W. Douglas Parker
CEO and President
US Airways
2345 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22227

Dear Mr. Parker:

I know you probably have more important things to worry about, but I would like to make you aware of the sharp practices of one of your business partners and how it is reflecting poorly on your efforts to get this airline back on its feet.

I am referring to your endorsement of Juniper Bank’s MasterCard product. I previously was a holder of your USAir Visa Nations Bank/Bank of America card for many years and was very happy with it. The benefits promoted by the new Juniper card proved to be too much to resist and I signed up for it a little over 6 months ago.

The issue which proved to be the last straw involves a payment I made which Juniper deemed to be late although I paid it electronically through National City Bank five days before the due date. For this indiscretion, I was assessed a late fee of $39 plus a finance charge of $39.26 (on a $3,443 balance). Upon contact of the bank, they immediately waived the $39 fee but refused to do anything about the finance charge despite my appeals and the intercession of my bank.

I deducted the $39 from my payment, sent in the payment early and this month I received another $39.26 finance charge (on a $147 balance) because I deducted the payment that they told me they had excused. Their automated phone system will no longer allow me to even talk to a service person because I have cancelled my card.

Another indication of their poor customer service is that they do not support downloading of transactions into recent versions Quicken. This means additional time to enter these by hand for those of us who are used to such features by every other major credit card company.

When asked about it, they are non-committal as to when or if they will ever fix this yet their website encourages you to purchase the latest version of Quicken which will not work with their website.

In short I get the feeling that Juniper Bank is a backwoods loan sharking outfit in it for the quick buck. They have no business being
affiliated with a major airline.
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User Replies:

good customer on 2006-06-27:
I have dealt with this bank before and I would be more than happy to help you with their practices.
1. ELECTRONIC PAYMENT: we may well ask our bank to do an elctronic but they do not always send the funds electronically. they will sometimes wirte a check and physically mail it. As per all banks...if they receive it late then Juniper will assess a late charge.
2. When Juniper waive a late fee they will post it on the next statement (they have explained this too me before) You need to pay the full statement balance in order to not get lates fees and the next statement will be creditted with the late fee. This is based on any dealing I have them.
I certainly do sympathise with you however. It can be confusing as not all banks operate the same way.
good customer on 2006-06-27:
as for Quicken...I believe they will be updating the quicken support in September.

keep posting...keep the consumers updated!!!!
CrazyRedHead on 2006-06-27:
When I pay electronically through my banks bill pay, they give me a deliver by date. Just because I pay 5 days early does't mean that they will get there payment at that time. You may want to look into that with your bank.
WazzuCoug on 2007-07-12:
It's perversely comforting to see that I'm not the only one that's had problems with this bank's late fee practices. My most recent experience--this month--involves discrepancies between their online system and paper statement. I paid them $100 on a $450 balance on 6/4. Thereafter the website consistently said my next due date was July 30. I received my paper statement, which said payment due June 29, but the website didn't vary from the July 30 date. Since just about every other business I deal with (e.g., my mortgage bank, auto lenders, other credit card issuers, etc.) directs me to their website for the most up to date information, I took the website to be more accurate and intended to make another large payment sometime this month--the goal is to pay off the account in the next few months. Out of curiosity I checked the recent transactions page and saw I'd been billed $39 for late fees on 6/29! I called them and as per the norm, talked to some person in Manila who has no authority to take say "boo" on behalf of the bank, let alone alter the fee. Instead, all she did was profusely and incessantly apologize (until I finally told her apologies mean nothing when there's no sincerity behind them).

This is the same bank that took three months to cancel a payment protection service that I never order. They refused to refund the $11.95 monthly fee notwithstanding the fact that I had the dates, times and names of the people I spoke with on the two prior occasions when asking to cancel the service--again because the person out in Manila had no authority to do so--so there's not a prayer in Hades that they'd consider waiving a late fee even though the lack of payment was due to inconsistencies in the information they disseminated.

This bank is, as one person put it, nothing more than a glorified loan sharking firm and these $39 charges are nothing more than the "vig" on our balances. I plan on forwarding this message to my Congressman and Senators and to give them a link to this page just to let them know how this bank operates. Maybe they can get through to someone on this continent who does have the authority to change their practices.
jalfonsoaz on 2007-11-16:
Argued with them about companion certificates last year. US Air makes believe they are not involved, but they are a partner!! Still have not received certificates this year!!
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Juniper bank should be given the corporate death sentence - CLASS ACTION TIME!
Posted by on
FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- This bank is by far the WORST bank with the MOST disreputable business practices. They unfairly charge late fees, their customer service is practically non-existent, and they should be destroyed.

It started with the first late fee on a payment that should have arrived on time. NONE of my payments EVER take more than five days to get ANYWHERE. To believe that the US postal system selects out their mail and delays it an extra two weeks is just not an idea I am willing to accept. It is NOT possible.

So we start with an absurd late fee of $39 charged inappropriately. Try calling. It is extremely difficult to find a way to navigate past their phone menu's to get to a live person. You also get a weird statement out of the blue stating that "Late fees are not reversible" or something like that on the recording... This makes you suspicious in the first place that they even HAVE a recording talking about their late fee policy and NOT letting you get to a person to discuss any errors.

I've always had to navigate through by other means (I think it was the "report a stolen card" path that gets through to a person.) Once you get through, you get a rude operator in the Philippines who keeps insisting she can't do anything and won't. So the first time I called was on April 22, 2006. After wasting a ton of time, and repeatedly insisting on talking to a supervisor or someone empowered to fix things, I kept getting the run-around and delayed on hold.

I told them to close the account. They kept saying I was responsible for the last set of late fee and interest which was about $58. I decided to just pay that and not risk it showing up on my credit card. Well... I was infuriated, and I KNOW that I mailed it that very day swearing to never have anything to do with Juniper or the Barclay group and advocate to everyone I knew not to use them.

It is impossible for the check to have arrived any later than April 27th, 2006. My mail is NEVER later than 5 days to anywhere in the US... usually it is only 2 or 3...

I get ANOTHER statement with ANOTHER late fee of $38 plus $1 interest on that late fee claiming that it was due on May 5th, and they received my FINAL (and I do stress FINAL - I will not give these a single thin dime more - I already gave them almost $60 they didn't deserve) check on May 8th.... April 27th to May 8th? an extra 11 days in the postal system or their receiving? No... that is not possible.

My wife called again, and went through the whole run-around again. This time she did get a supervisor to remove that last charge (we think).

We'll see if this is the last we've heard of it. I'm in the mind set to file formal complaints with Visa and Mastercard. It is clear that they have unscrupulous, dishonest, business practices. If I were Mastercard or Visa, I would dump them. Visa and Mastercard build their reputation on service. These guys do not uphold that reputation... in fact they discredit Mastercard (and I believe Visa issues through them also... but my card was a MasterCard.)

These guys should be shut down. This is not the way to build a business. It's dishonest.


[snip - personal contact information not allowed]
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Doc J on 2006-06-01:
To save my poor fingers, look below at the "Juniper" post by "catnip123". The "corporate death sentence" on Juniper and other CC issuers will be carried out when enough CC holders defer their childlike need for immediate gratification, save money, and pay cash. I'm not holding my breath. Now, Albo, go back to your wallet and cut up the remaining cobras that are lurking in there.
CrazyRedHead on 2006-06-01:
Since you typed this complaint out I'll assume you have a computer. Why not go to there web site and pay them. They have the option of paying by CC or by check. With the CC option you don't need to put in your routing number or checking acct number. Or you can use your bank's bill pay. In today's age of computers there is no reason or excuse why a CC payment should be late. I never did trust the postal system to get anything anywhere on time.
yoke on 2006-06-01:
Start sending your payments with delivery signature requested. I had to do it a couple of times with a car payment to Ford before they started posting my checks in a timely basis. I would send the check at least 10 days early (this was before computers) and it was always late by a day. Once I started going to the PO and spend the money to send it signature requested they posted on time. The first month they didn't realize I had done it and tried saying it was late, but I had the proof they receieved it well before the day. After that no problem!
Barclaycard US on 2006-06-06:
Dear Al,
Juniper Bank, Member of the Barclay's Group, apologizes for the inconvenience you have experienced with your MasterCard. We would like to assist you with any questions you have concerning your account. You can reach us by sending a secure email using our website at www.juniper.com. We will respond to your email within 24 hours.
Customer Care

boykman on 2006-08-16:
Thannk-you so much for the information on Clinton Walker. I too had a late fee of $39.00 I felt was unfair, but got nowhere with the customer service representatives in the Philippines. They were rude and arugmentative. So I called the number you left for Clinton Walker and wrote an e-mail with my dissatisfaction. I talked to a very nice lady named Stav who claims that my $39.00 late fee and finance charges are taken off. It just happened today so I will see if it shows up on my account tomorrow. I suggest people write an e-mail with their complaints to cwalker@juniper.com Maybe something can be done about these bank if enough people complain.
richdude on 2007-11-05:
Your right,THEY DO SUCH,I Think they are out right CROOOOOOOKS.They STOLE $39.00 fom me on the fist(and last)PAYMENT online.Somehow one ACCT # DISSAPERED.So I sent a check in plenty time as to not be late,BUT they would not forgive the CHARGE.I CANCELLED.They are now sending me NEW Credit card offers,PLUS TO MY WIFE.I snd them back with message-SORRY WE DON'T NEED YOUR ROTTEN JUNIPER-BARCLYS BANK CARD.
goldenlab on 2008-02-12:
Try opening a checking account with a neighborhood bank. Then, make sure you have the funds in the account. Call Juniper and make a phone payment from your bank. They will give you a confirmation #. Do not allow Juniper to debit your card automatically. Good luck!
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Customer services and availability of online services
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PO BOX 13337, PHIADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I applied for this card like many while, on a cruise to earn point toward the next cruise. I have many credit card and have good credit, I have been known to cut it close at times but online banking always saves the day. That is until I opened this one.

My first month I did not receive a statement at all. Then when I did I was unable to access the account on line, this as being an issue every since. I did call and they redirected me through Juniper Bank on one occasion, so when I could not access it I even tried that, to no avail. I have tried everything. The problem I run into is last month when I was doing my bills and gave up trying to find a site that would open and called the person answering my call was rude and disrepectful. He kept repeating himself as if I did not understand him. He was insisting it was the next day as he was in a different time zone.

This company either needs to get it together and have an accurate web site that folks can go to and pay their bills and see activity, or allow us to call in payments for free, or announce that there is NO ONLINE PAYMENT OPTIONS! YOU MUST DO SNAIL MAIL! WHICH IS OBSERD IN THIS DAY AND AGE.

This is supposed to be a fun card for folks from all over the world and this seems not only miserable to me but is possibly lowering my score for being late and costing me to much TIME and MONEY to be fun.
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Alain on 2011-10-04:
Your best bet, at this point, is to get rid of the card as fast as you can. It's not worth the time and the trouble to keep this card for "fun points".
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Complaint on closed account
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Avoid Juniper Bank I have been with this company since 2005 they gave me a good deal at first with no interest for 6 months, after they suckered me into it it went from zero%%%% to 21.9% well I decided to keep the card since I had already had 1500$ on my card. each month it was a different date sometime it was due on the 10th of the month and then on the 12th of the month etc. so I ask them in a nice way if the wouldn't mind to make it on the same day every month, which they did but only for about 3 months. when I sent my payment early they said it was late then changed my interest to 37.9%
so I decided to go ahead and pay my entire balance off after they charged me late fees and interest my balance kept going up even though I didn't buy anything. so when I paid the balance that was due, they closed my account. I e-mailed them to ask them why they gave me no explanation, so I called them and I got nothing but a runaround then they sent me to a credit manager they got information from another credit card company illegally and told me that because I owed on another credit card they couldn't give me anymore credit. the company he was talking about was paid off 6 months ago, I thought other companies is not supposed to get that INFORMATION BECAUSE OF THE PRIVACY ACT.
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Alain on 2011-02-05:
By now you have closed your account (hopefully). Thanks for warning your fellow consumers.
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