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Changing Interest Rates
Posted by TXCraig on 02/10/2006
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I saw 2 bad reviews about Juniper here and decided to add my story. I have been a customer a good while with them and have a MasterCard with a FIXED rate of 6.9%.

I noticed on my last statement my rate was 8.25%?!?!? I called them- they said they sent me a notice 60 days ago letting me know my fixed rate card had been changed to a prime + 1% card.

They assured me this had nothing to do with my credit- just that the prime rate has risen above my fixed rate! Good for me.. right? wrong! Why didn't they offer me a prime + 1% card when the prime rate was 4%????????

I know in in the terms of service we all agree to it says they can change it to what ever they want.. but I think its bad business!

I know there may be some that say prime plus 1 is a good rate on a credit card.. and I would have to agree but its more then what I was paying before.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-02-11:
Be happy it didn't jump to 29.99% like some other credit cards have. Thankfully, I don't have a credit card. I got in trouble once, by overspending and I don't intend to start again. But one for emergencies would be nice.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-11:
I'm quite sure they sent you notification of a change, but you just tossed it out rather than paying attention to it as most people do. 8.25%? I'd say that's a pretty good rate!
Posted by LoisM on 2006-02-11:
Frankly, I never understood people who pay off credit cards with their outrageous interest rates. I understand if someone has financial problems but people seem to accept going into debt and paying these high interest rates for things they could probably live without.
I have had credit cards for years and never paid any interest because I pay off the cards every month and live within my means.
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Complaint Juniper Mastercard Card
Posted by Got scammed on 10/29/2007
This company is so bad, I can't believe the Federal Reserve let's them rip people off. I opened an account with a promising $2,000 credit limit. NOT - i used the card only 3 times and they dropped my limit, assessed over limit fees and penalties. Statements don't read correctly... and when using on-line payment thru their site, they did not apply payment until 4 days later, but the idiots hit me with late fees AGAIN. They are terrible, they are mean, they are rude! If I was an employee that worked there I'd be embarrassed to tell anyone. They do what they do because "THEY CAN" who let's companies do this? Whomever is in charge should take their authority to do business away. I've written to both the Attorney General in my home state AND the Federal Reserve.

I am not done with them. They are wrong wrong wrong. I have never ever had a problem with a credit card company until they solicited me. They dropped my credit when the card balance was merely $500, it is now $750 - because of their fees. They are a terrorist organization - and they are not the place you want to do any kind of business with. I paid more than what was due and made 2 payments each month, on numerous occasions to chip down the amount owed, and they did not apply the amount on the date requested.

They do whatever they want. Don't let anyone you know do any kind of business with them. They are out for your pocket book, like a loan shark. Dear God, help those of us who have been trapped by this horrid company.
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Posted by Suusan B. on 2007-10-29:
"promising $2,000 credit limit"? Did you check the actual credit limit that was established and disclosed to you when you received the card or did you assume your limit was $2,000 because the soliciation said "credit limits up to $2,000"? "Terrorist organization"? A little over the top, don't you think?

I have a Juniper card and have received two credit INCREASES in the past 6 months so something tells me there's a lot more to your story than meets the eye.
Posted by got scammed on 2007-10-29:
..., I am not stupid. I have all the original paperwork. They don't care. I have credit with other cards and am treated like a human being. I made ONLY 3 transactions on the Juniper card, and they reduced the limit, putting me "below" what was available only to charge excessive penalties and fees. I have the statements, and so does the Federal Reserve Board of Trustees.
Good for you on the increases. I don't believe you, nor do I care. If you get increases, why would you need the card anyway? duh
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-29:
Meanwhile our government watchdog agencies continue to get paid off by these banks while the banks run over the consumer. Hope you pay off and drop the card. We use a local credit union card and they treat us great, give a local credit union a chance to treat you like a valued customer and not a Vegas slot machine.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-30:
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Juniper Is A Scam
Posted by Blackswd on 06/26/2008
Juniper is a SCAM.

I originally joined juniper because of a low APR of around 9 percent and just used to card for Emergencies.

the first month I got a statement it was 6 days from the due date of the bill, so I wrote a check and mailed it the next day. They held the check until the day after the due date and then charged me a $38 late fee and suddenly I had a 28% APR.

I started to pay my bills online at that point, and Set it up to be paid the day before my due date.

They then Held the E-Payments for two days and Charged me another $38 fee.
After a couple of these instances my low credit line had been maxed out (very low based on my Salary and Credit score), the whole while I am fighting with them over these BS charges

Finally I close my account and go with another bank and pay off the Balance. the next month I get another bill from them, with a Late payment fee and an Over The limit fee. It Seems they held the Transfer check for 11 Days to charge me these fees! When I would get in touch with Customer Service they would only say that the amount of time they held the check was Normal and that the fees were not an Error, And then hung up on me!

Run as fast as you can, These are the scum of the earth!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-06-26:
i had this issue once with my card. paying online was no dertimining factor in paying on time. i now pay all my cards in person where ever i can.
Posted by yoke on 2008-06-26:
What I did when we had this problem with our car note was send the payment with certified with return signature. The first month I did this they tried to charge a late fee until I told them I had the proof it was received on the 2nd (it was due the 5th). After that I never had a problem. At first the woman tried to tell me they did not receive it on the date, until I offered to FAX the proof.
Posted by leopardfan on 2008-07-02:
Does anyone know if anyone has initiated some kind of class action against them. The same thing was done to Discover a few years back.
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Deceptive billing
Posted by Plbinsc on 02/09/2008
I opened a credit account with Juniper to purchase an iMac computer. They had a promotion that would give you no interest for ninety days. I paid each month a third of the amount. The last statement on the "Account Summary" section said nothing about the final payment must be made prior to the ninety-first day. Two pages later in the fine print it said that payment must be received ninety days from the date of purchase, which that date had already passed. You would think that an account summary would actually give you a summary of the account.

ALL of the other cards I have opened clearly state every transaction in the account summary. I had to pay sixty-seven dollars in interest. I called and was treated rudely. Never ever do business with these crooks.
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Posted by Ponie on 2008-02-10:
I think 90 days means 90 days, not 91 days.
Posted by DieselBoi on 2008-02-17:
I agree with Pony, if it said on page two that you had 90 days from the date of purchase, then that's what it is.
Posted by TMZ on 2008-08-16:
I had the same problem. The company charged me the full finance charge despite the fact that I paid the balance by the statement due date.
I bought a computer from Apple on a 180 days same as cash. I received a total of 5 statements from the company. From the first statement I have received, the due date is on the 25th of the month. On the third page of the statement, they list the terms of the agreement. They list that the expiration date of the agreement is July 8th. My complaint is that this date is different from the due date. The result is that after I made what I thought the full payment of the credit card, within the last billing cycle, I was still charged the full deferred finance charge. The first page did not include information about the pending expiration date of the agreement. I would have made the full payment by the due date if it was there. It is not right to have different "due dates" in the same billing cycle. Their customer service representatives would not help resolve the issue.
Posted by cem76 on 2008-08-21:
If anyone is interested in buying a Macintosh computer do not go through Juniper Visa Card to do so. They work in conjunction with Apple to help you get your computer. The catch is that the computer needs to be paid off in 6 months or less for the same as cash promotion. Which is all good and dandy until you get your seventh month statement in the mail telling you that you have unpaid finance charges because you technically did not pay the card off in six months as you thought you did. I paid my card off on the DUE DATE listed on the statement. I ended up being 12 days over my 6 month.

I even received a letter in the mail telling me that my balance was 0.00 dollars. Then I get my electronic bill telling me I owe $175.63 in finance charges for the 12 days that I went over my 6 months. I called and talked to a customer service representative and was basically treated poorly. I then asked to speak to a manager or supervisor and was told that they could not do anything for me. I tried to reason with them, but they basically told me To Bad, So Sad. I even begged for them to reduce the finance charge and they would not. I ended up hanging up on them I was so upset.

I figured out that instead of sending you a statement from the date of purchase/opening of card, which would be the most logical thing, Juniper sends you a statement around the middle of the month, making your due date around the middle of the next month as well. So you make your payment on time thinking you will not have any finance charges. Then BAM, they get you because your no money same as cash promotion end 6 months from the date of purchase.

So a word to the wise, don’t use Juniper Visa when buying a Macintosh Computer. I have no complaint about Apple. I love their computers and would buy more than one if I could. But you can bet I’ll be paying in one lump some and not using a credit card so that they can get money they did not earn from me.

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Consumer Beware of Telemarketers Sales Rhetoric
Posted by Goldenlab on 01/28/2008
ILLINOIS -- Summer Bay Resorts ad attracted my curiosity. I thought that I was speaking to a Travel Agent. Later on I realized that I was speaking to a Telemarketer with rhetoric and pressure. In my excitement I gave my credit information and failed to realize that immediately $498.00US was immediately charged to my bank. During the cancellation period they refused to cancel. Meanwhile another charge of $30.00 was added. During this period of time Summer Bay decided to cancel my Las Vegas portion and failed to communicate with my correspondence. This included specific information of: the travel itinerary with dates, etc. FOR PERSONS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.
including US Veterans. Our designer/engineer created special modifications on the LandSailers boats for persons with loss of limbs including a TWIN to accomodate 2 persons with/without disabilities as seen on:www.windline.net.

Summer Bay Internet advertisement states: Complimentary 3 Day with 2 Night Free Accommodation. Despite my repeated correspondence to their office, and speaking with several people, my being put on HOLD FOR OVER 30 MINUTES there was Zero communication. There was no itinerary, accommodation for anyone in LAS Vegas.
During the 60 day period of time I have corresponded with Juniper/Barclays Bank @ 1-877-390-4200. I followed their instructions "try and work it out with the merchant" and changed the account with presented additional information. This, resulted in a credit of $528.00 to my account.

On 01/24/2008 I spoke to Mr. Ken Branch of Summer Bay Resorts @ 888-782-9847 who spoke of a credit of $117.00. This included a NOW MENTIONED $30.00+$85.00 for the Las Vegas plan which Summer Bay cancelled without notice. Also, a 7 day cancellation.

As follow up I have: On 01/26/2008 sent a letter of cancellation, stating that Summer Bay is NOT Authorized to charge my bank FOR ANYTHING, with a request for a FULL credit of $528.00 unauthorized charged to Juniper Bank via SPECIAL PRIORITY mail with signature request. Also, informed Juniper of the above by phone and email. I do not understand the reason that JUNIPER BANK RETURNED THE DEBIT of $528.00+interest to me. This is UNFAIR as of today I have received NO SERVICES,CORRESPONDENCE. AGREEMENT FROM SUMMER BAY..JUST HIDDEN NON
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-28:
I'm confused. You say that you did get a $528 credit, yet on 01/26/2008 you sent a letter demanding the same $528. Huh?
Posted by goldenlab on 2008-02-01:
The bank credited the amount in full...Then claimed they had not received requested information from me in time. Thus recharged my account. I have confirmation of signature within the time...So, something is wrong!
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Deceptive Practice
Posted by Artieal on 01/08/2008
DOVER, DELAWARE -- I got a balance transfer card from Juniper (parent company Barclays Bank). It was for over 20% interest. A balance transfer should be a low interest loan. I refused it, sent the money back and refused to pay the $60 something transfer fee because they never should have done the transaction if they were charging such a high rate. I know my credit score. The rate was not in line with my credit score. Because of the $60 something I refused to pay, while I was disputing the fee, they continued to charge me the high rate of interest and a $39 late fee each month. When it got over $400 they sold the account the LHR collections. Juniper & Barclays were extremely nasty in any phone calls to them.

If anyone wants to complain about them, the place to send it is State of Delaware, Office of the State Bank Commissioner, 555 E. Loockerman St, Suite 210, Dover, Delaware 19901, Attn. E. Quinn Miller, NDIC Asst. Administrator. 302-739-4235, FAX: 302-739-2356. Get your complaints out.

The more they are informed, the better it is for you.
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Posted by FoggyOne on 2008-01-08:
I'm confused. You put in for a loan that had an interest rate over 20% and a fee of $60. After getting it you didn't like the terms. Why didn't you read the terms before you did the transfer or get the loan? So instead of paying what you owed ($60) you disputed it to no avail and just let the late charges build up month after month until they are turned over to a collection company. I see no reason to complain about the bank.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-01-08:
FoggyOne, I thought the same thing but feared saying anything because I felt somewhere between the eyes and brain I had a glitch in comprehension. Whew! Glad it wasn't just me. Thanks for reading my mind.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-08:
I agree, you managed to make a really crappy outfit look legitimate.
Posted by artieal on 2008-01-09:
I read the fine print. They were evasive on the exact interest charged. They had 3 different rates. With my score I knew I should have gotten the lower rate. While this was going on I got another offer from them offering me 11.99%. I got a 0% from another company, so my score wasn't too bad, was it. By the way, by the tone of you reply, what's your position with the company?
Posted by DieselBoi on 2008-01-25:
to Artieal: I'm read your post and response, but am still not sure why you filled out the form for the balance transfer. It still sounds like you filled out the paperwork without knowing what they were going to charge you. It's unfortunate that you got a crappy rate, but you ultimately did authorize the charges and are responsible for them.
Posted by goldenlab on 2008-02-17:
Thank You Blessed One: I contacted Mr. Miller who informs me that Although I have four confirmations via US Mail to Juniper as documented...there is nothing on file at Juniper! Yes, I have contacted the Attorney General as well as the FTC with documentation!
Posted by tiredofidiots on 2008-02-29:
I love america and their attitude of entotledment. It seems as everyone has perfect credit and never pays late lol but when they do it is never their falt. Or you receive a check in the mail and don't read the terms associated with the card. Whose fault is it really you should suck it up and admit it when it is your fault. Honestly if it is a baks fault they take care of it you. So when it is your fault why rant and rave about how you were wronged when you were really not you are just to lazy to read.
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Juniper Credit Card Scam
Posted by Countrygirl26 on 08/22/2007
KANNAPOLIS, NORTH CAROLINA -- I applied for a Juniper credit card and they approved me a $2000 limit and then dropped it to $250 within 3 days stating I had too many cash advances. I had just got the card and made 1 $100 advance and 1 for $20. I thought that is what these cards were for? They're scamming people giving them these high limits and then tearing them down to a couple hundred bucks.

They are doing this to a lot of people so please be aware.

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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-08-22:
I read the credit card companies are cracking down bigtime with the rising rates and the number of defaulting debts from the housing markets... You are probably a victim of the new economy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-22:
Something is missing here.

CC companies make their bulk of their money from fees and interest rates.

Cash advances are the worst because they charge a percentage fee for this service and interest rate have no grace period like regular CC purchases.
Posted by countrygirl26 on 2007-08-23:
They charged me $10 for the 2 withdrawals. I know the rates are usually higher for cash advances so you would think they would like the cash withdrawals. I have read others done the same way by this company. By drawing out only $40. Also when the card was recieved it had blank checks you could use and others use them and then getting racked up in fees when Juniper out of the blue drops the limit. I have had a lot of different credit cards and never had 1 do like this. I could understand being penalized if there wasn't a payment made or late. When I got the card it said $2000.00 limit with $1000.00 available for cash withdrawal so basically this card company has neglected their agreement and are just scamming people with their rediculous fees. They had no reason to drop my limit that much. It is a scam. I just don't want to see nobody else get in crazy fee debt because of this terrible card.
Posted by trumania on 2007-08-26:
Actually, your agreement with them most likely says they are allowed to adjust the credit limit at any time.
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Contrived Fees
Posted by Mgold on 11/28/2006
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I wanted to close my MasterCard account with Juniper Bank because they take 10 (ten!) business days to credit an ELECTRONIC PAYMENT to one's account. I informed their representative via telephone that I wanted to close the account immediately. She said no problem, and they would mail me a confirmation letter which would include the payoff balance. Ten days later (approx.) I received a notice that the payoff balance was $314.00. So I went to my bank and purchased a cashier's check in that amount and mailed it out the next day. I thought the matter was over and done with until a few weeks later when lo and behold a bill from Juniper Bank arrived in the mail.

Juniper Bank had retroactively added a "over the credit limit" fee of $39.00 to my account, even though the account was only over the credit limit after they had tacked on their interest charges to the pre-existing balance. And furthermore this fee was added 3 days after the date of their letter stating the payoff balance, which I had already paid. So now they insist that I owe $39.00 more dollars on top of what I have already paid, and they state that if I do not pay this illegal fee, they will report the non-payment to the credit bureaus and take me to collections. Do not do business with these crooks.
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Posted by firstloser on 2007-01-31:
Comment posted by firstloser on 01/31/2007:
this is in comment to the last reply,i have the invoice for janury 2007 in my hand the ammount i owed was $703.00,i sent checks on the new accounts in the ammount of $20.00 an $30.00 stateing what had happened,i received a bill,i think in the ammount of $1655.00 for them drafting my accounts an they were closed,they said the full ammount was due an i had to send that in,i kept $10.000.00 to $14000.00 in my checking accounts,the only reason i had this little card was for car rental,they had a special deal on this,i was ahead in payments on this account an did ever thing i could to takr care of this.i was not going to send them $1655.00 an told them so.NEVER HEARD BACK FROM THEM,THEN I GOT A LETTER FROM THIS COLLECTION COMPANY 7 MONTHS LATER SAYING I COULD CLEAR IT UP FOR $2355.00 I THINK,I HAVE GOT CERTERFIED LETTERS.UPS EBVELOPES I HAVE REFUSED ALL OF THEM,THEY DID SEND A LETTER SAYING THEY WOULD SETTLE FOR $1750.00 MY PHONE NUMBER IS 601-373-2381 AN I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM SOME LAWYERS ON THIS,I THINK I COULD MAKE MILLIONS OFF OF THEM WITH THE RIGHT COURT CASE,THANKS FOR REPLYING BUT YOU WERE WAY OFF BASE,ROBERT
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My 63 cents
Posted by Myhandle on 04/17/2006
When I discovered that on March 7, 2006 Juniper Bank had charged a late fee to my account on a balance of $0.63, I called their customer service line (1-866-640-3836). I explained to the Customer Service Representative that I recognized my payment was two days late, but that I considered a $39 late fee on a balance of $0.63 rather unreasonable. She agreed and assured me that she would remove the late fee, and I assured her that I would make a payment of the $0.63 the same day. On that same day I used the bill pay service of my Credit Union (First Tech, a wonderful company) to pay the $0.63 to Juniper Bank.

A month later, I received a bill for $79.00. I called them, explained the situations as above, and asked that they check their records for the phone call on March 7th. There was a record, but the representative I spoke to that day had noted that she was *not* going to waive the fee. Shocked, I told them that she had assured me she would remove the fee. They offered to remove the second fee but not the first. I asked them to reconsider this decision based on how long I had been a customer and that I had always made payments on time. They refused to waive the first fee.

Is it necessary to record conversation when one calls a company? I am considering doing so in the future. It is sad that one cannot trust a person's word. And really, who considers a $39 late fee a reasonable charge on a balance of $0.63!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-17:
So I’m wondering since you have back to back late charges if you now have a 30 day late on your credit report. These stories never cease to amaze me.
Posted by good customer on 2006-06-27:
Juniper staff told me they do not report unitl 60 days late...justa as an FYI. sounds like you had some poor service. Always ask to speak to a manager...they are always helpful
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Posted by Vintage on 03/05/2006
FLORIDA -- I refinanced my mortgage & sent a check to Juniper Bank for $8545 that arrived 1 day late because the mortgage company sent the check to me instead of directly to Juniper as I instructed them...I sent another payment for $41.89 to cover the difference between the 8545 & the new balance of 8586 that appeared on the next statement...apparently that was not good enough for them because they charged me $150.88 finance charge & a $39 late fee...I tried to appeal these charges but it fell on deaf ears...they could not give me a satisfactory explanation as to why I had to pay the additional charges...they continued to add on late fees & finance charges each month until it reached it current level of $484 & they reported it to a credit union as an unpaid debt even though it was their fault for not explaining why I had to pay it in the first place...an example of poor customer service at its finest!
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Posted by KenPC on 2006-03-06:
The $150 sounds like one month's interest on a balance of $8500. ($8500 x 21% / 12 = $149) You paid it at the end of the period, so it would clearly be due and appear on your next bill.

The previous poster addresses the late fee. It's your mortgage company that should be on the hook for that.
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