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Not Too Bad, Not Too Good Either
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GRIFFIN, GEORGIA -- I did not want something long term while awaiting the installation of an ISP through cable. About a week after the request, the cable company sent out a technician. I then called Juno on their toll free number. After some conversation and a possible later charge for the Juno service as a "backup" I declined and said I would not need a backup. Finally it was (I hope) cancelled, but I was charged for the week I used it. I also had some problems with the downloaded Juno software, but I found a shortcut to bypass the computer setup by (of all things) simply getting a dial tone by registering each time I needs their ISP service! Do not know WHY this was so.

SLOW? Of course, and that is what I paid for.

My grandson said, "Is Juno a turtle's name?"
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