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Don't Go To Just Brakes
By -

When I took my Saturn in for a simple replacement of shoes and pads, I knew I should walk away after they had all the parts laying on the garage floor and told me I needed this and that for about $600. I have, personally, rebuilt both shoe (Bendix) and disk brake systems since I was 18 years old for less than $100 for the whole system. Granted, I took the disks and drums to a machine shop to be cleaned up for $5 apiece. I know I was stupid, but the last complete brake job I did was 12 years ago, and I'm now 63. Can't stoop so well anymore.

I did completely rebuild 4 engines in my life, beginning with a 52 Chevy which was clogged with old oil from slow driving around town when I took all the pistons home to clean the ring grooves out at my dining. Room table. When that old girl was cleaned out, she held a nice 80 mph all the way to the Quad Cities on her six without a whimper. Solid Car. Again, just don't go to Just Bakes unless they explain in detail every line and small line that they tell you, sign here and initial there; because you are signing a binding contract. Most don't. I would never do it again.

$99.99 Ad Is Full Of It - Don't Go To Just Brakes Scottsdale, AZ
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- An employee came out and gave me an estimate ($275) before he actually looked at the car - he said that he had no parts in stock for my Corolla. I accepted it since that was what I expected to pay (I never once believed in their general ad). Since it seemed easy for him, he called me at home saying that it would now be $475 instead of $275. I said "no" this time and said that I would pick up the car. But then he said he would repair for $275 but would give no warranty. I was an old woman and the guy was so intimidating. I said okay - I just wanted to pick up the car. In less than a year, the pads needed to be replaced again.

Just Brakes Crooks
By -

OCOEE, FLORIDA -- My brakes were squeaking, but only in the morning. I called to set up an appointment for 4:30 on April 6th, 2009. They went over my car pointing out crystallized pads, and worn wheel cylinders. It would cost me $509.99, instead of their advertised price of $99.88. I told them I am a single mother and could not afford that. They said just do the $99.88 and the brake fluid flush at $39.99. (They said that brake fluid flush needed to be done every 12,000 miles) I told him to do the brakes at $99.88, but not the flush. They said to bring it back when I could do all of it. I told them to just put it all together and I will think about it.

I went to another company Palm Tire Automotive and had them look at my brakes. Palm Tire said there was nothing wrong with my brakes at all, they did not need to be replaced, everything was fine, pads were fairly new. I was one of the lucky ones who asked someone else. I am so glad I have friends who know about brakes, because Just Brakes sounded very convincing with their lies and deceit.

Just Brakes Vandalized My BMW X5
By -

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I called Just Brakes on 12/09/08 to get estimate for replacing brakes on my 2003 BMW X5. The representative introduced himself as ** and said it would cost $99 plus. He said to drop the car for an estimate. So, I dropped my car there and after 45 minutes he called me saying to come by and check to see what needs to be done. He wouldn't discuss the price on the phone. When I got there my car was on the lift with all four wheels off. His mechanic proceeded to show me that the boots on the front axle were torn and leaking oil.

This seemed obscured since I just took the car to Honest-1 Auto a few week earlier for a brake inspection and they didn't mention anything about the boots being torn. Also the car was inspected at BMW dealership a few months ago! I just wanted to get the cheapest estimate available to replace the front brakes. My car has only 45K miles. It's highly unlikely that the axle boots would be torn like that. I think Just Brakes tore them! They wanted to charge me $550 to replace them. Also, they said I need fix the calipers because the piston is sticking. The cost = $220.

Also, ** said I need to replace both front and rear pads and rotors. The cost = $430. The grand total coming to $1200. What a Ripoff! I was furious. I told him to put the car back together and I am taking it somewhere else. He tried to convince me to fix it there because they would charge much less than the dealership. Upon leaving I told him that he'll hear from my attorney.

Just Brakes Good Service
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

FORT WORTH/LAKE WORTH, TEXAS -- I Googled some reviews before going into Justbrakes and was concerned and talked to the main guy about my concerns. He assured me that there are always going to be ** off people and I felt his professionalism was enough for me to let them so the work. My car was finished in a timely manner, and everything went as talked about. Paid my $99.99 and was on my way. Sorry the rest of you had terrible times but I had no such experience. In fact I'm going back today to get my oil changed. :)

This Place Will Tell You Anything to Get You to Spend as Much as They Can Take From You.
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Rating: 1/51

KATY, TEXAS -- I was told I needed more than I actually did. I said no thanks and they gave it to me good. I had to have my brakes re done at a credible and most professional shop. I paid for a brakes job and got the cheapest brakes they could put on my truck. Just Brakes is a scam and they shouldn't be allowed to have a license to even drive a car!!!

Just Brakes Is Just Fraud
By -

NEVADA -- Don't go to this place! Everything they say is a lie. I was ripped off for something I did not need when I am poor. I went for brake pads at their $99 & instead they did something I did not want, did not request, and did absolutely no brake pads. $60 for absolutely nothing. Go to a legitimate, honest place only. Never go here. They are not in business to put brakes on your car, they are in business strictly to rip people off.

My brake job

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I brought my car into your shop to have my brakes fixed. You charged me $450 to fix them, telling me my 'calipers were broken.' While I was in there, I heard you tell three other customers that their 'calipers were broken.' I find it hard to believe that there was a run on calipers that weekend. In addition to that, when I picked up my car, the back brakes, which had been fine previously, were making a popping noise.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I want my car fixed for free at ANOTHER shop. I don't trust these people. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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