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800hdt car audio/ nav system
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- Purchased $1000 800hdt auto audio/nav system. Another $300 to have it and accessories installed. Then $140 to update the Navteq Maps... that is when everything went to hell! Lost a huge chunk of searchable addresses. Response from support was "Did you stop and apply the parking brake?"... ignored that one and request escalation. Sporadic response. Sent me a dead chip to load. Then send me an older firmware to load when documentation says old won't load over new. Called JVC, they said it was a mapping issue and to call Navteq, so I called Navteq, they said it was a JVC issue and they do not provide any support. So now I was in a corporate pissing contest.

Finally after 3 months got the response that I would have to pull the radio out of the car (pay for it) send it from the east coast to CA to have someone apply a roll back procedure. No word on how fast I will get it back, if ever, what guarantee if it gets damaged or lost, if the roll back introduces other problems, if I get reimbursed the $140 for the new map. If I can ever update the map again, Then I get to pay to put it back in the car again. I didn't do anything but pay for an upgrade and I get to pay more!! At this point customer service SUCKS. Stay away from JVC if there are any options available or it's a simple product.

JVC Car Audio Warranty/ Terrible Customer Service
By -

I bought a car stereo in March 2010. It suddenly just stopped working in May. I contacted JVC customer service. After 8 phone calls trying to get to the correct department, I was told to drop the stereo off at a local service center. When I contacted the service center, they told me that they were actually located several hundred miles away. I called JVC back and they informed me that I was misinformed and that I should drive to the address that they had listed for the repair shop. I did. Nobody there.

I AGAIN called JVS. The representative indicated that he would notify a supervisor and that I would be contacted via phone. That was 3 days ago. Six email, at least 10 phone calls and a wasted trip to a non-existent repair shop. JVC clearly does not wish to honor their warranty. I have thrown the unit away and purchased a Sony. Stay away from JVC.

bad product and bad customer service
By -

My husband purchased a JVC VCR for me Christmas 1999. It was by no means a cheap VCR, it was in the $300 range. With that in mind I would except this VCR to last for several years. In January of 2001, 13 months later the VCR broke, it simply froze. I called JVC, Just to get a month worth of run around finally coming in contact with a manager of some sorts. He informed me that the year warranty was up open my VCR! How convenient that it should brake one month after the warranty! After a lot of grief he agreed to at least pay for the service and I would pay for the parts. I was not happy but took what I could.

I took the VCR into one of repair centers that he told me to go to, they fixed my VCR only to have it brake AGAIN in one month! It was the same problem! Nothing I could have done to make it do this. I called the repair center and unfortunately for them it was still covered under there warranty so I took it back in, again they fixed it! AGAIN it broke! back to the repair place, they fix it! It brakes! This went on for 12 month! I took the VCR 8 of those months to have it fixed for the same problem, It might have been more if I wasn't so burned out on the whole thing and didn't let it sit once it broke again.

The repair place told me that the VCR that I had was a lemon, they have never seen anything like it! They suggested I call JVC to let them know and have it replaced. So again I call JVC Dreading every second of having to do so. The last experience that I had was not a pleasant one, never being able to get a hold of the same person twice, having to explain the situation a dozen times if not more only to time after time get no response back as I was promised, and yet again having to take several hours out of a day to sit on hold just to explain the situation over and get no reply back! Several of the reps were just plain rude!

Out of probably 20-30 men reps that I talked to I just happened to run across a female rep FINALLY I get somewhere! She check in to the situation and actually got back to me the same day! Keep in mind that it had now been over two months since my first call, the second round! Most people may have given up, I not one of those people. I have a VCR that I bought a a garage sale 15 years ago! it still works! and I bought a $99.00 VCR for my kids, because they were never aloud to touch my VCR, before during or after my VCR broke, and there 99 dollar VCR is still working! So I find this completely unacceptable!

Anyways, the female rep whom I finally got somewhere with, gave me a direct line to someone even more important than a manager and she even followed up making sure he called me back! After telling this person for the 100th time the story he wanted me to send the VCR in to there repair place! I was not happy about this but I PAID to have my VCR sent to them. I herd nothing for 3 months! So again I call luckily having the bib wigs direct # witch turns out did me no good because I had to call the repair place my self, just to find out that they have not sent my VCR back because they have not received a money order for payment from me! WHAT! Unbelievable!

They actually wanted me to pay! So once again I call the big wig! He tells me that I need to sent in the money order and that he will pay me back! HA that took 2 months! to I finally get my VCR back to discover that I paid $60 for one hours worth of work! they had my VCR for 3 month and it only took them one hour! Well guess what? One month later it BROKE AGAIN! So back to the phone and I refuse to have it fixed again for god sakes face it its a lemon! I want a new VCR! and I was not taking any answer but we will send you one right away! Well I didn't come easy! but I got my new VCR, however I had to Pay to send back my lemon! This is now about a $600 VCR.

So I finally received my VCR in August of 2001. Well it is now July 2002 and guess what? The new VCR has BROKE. It broke in MAY! so it had not even been a year! Well needless to say I really did not and still do not want to call JVC. I did however, again getting nothing but the run around and was also told that because I did not purchase this VCR it was not covered under warranty! which I was not informed of ! So whose to even say I did not get a refurbished one!

I will never buy a JVC product EVER and I will make sure that anyone and everyone that I know will not as well. There products and customer service are absolutely horrible! And alls I want now! NOT another JVC VCR! I simply want my money back! that's it! Just give me my money back!

TV Update
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Here is an update to our TV nightmare. 3 months later and the TV is still in the shop. The parts that went were the high voltage capacitor and the tuner main board. JVC has had these parts on back order since long before my TV was taken to the shop. Their answer to the consumer... you'll just have to wait and we're not sure when or if these parts will ever be made.

I have done more research and discovered RCA also has this problem. The exact parts failing in the same amount of time. Sounds like a design/parts failure to me. Now, 32" TVs can be purchased new for the same amount as the estimated repair bill. Note: According to the service center, Panasonic owns JVC, so I would steer clear of both! Hope this saves someone else $600!

Poor Product Quality
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I am very disappointed in JVC's 32" Flat Screen TV. This $600 unit is currently in the shop being repaired for $275 for "internal equipment failure". This TV is not even 2 years old, but of course out of the 1 year warranty period. While that TV is being repaired, we are watching our 17 year old 19" Toshiba TV, which has NEVER had a problem. I just wanted to warn potential buyers of this product to the "disposability" factor!

JVC customer service is bad
By -

NEW JERSEY -- If you buy a JVC product and need some support forget it. The quality of their personal is poor and the solutions offered are unacceptable.

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