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ZERO Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CASSELBERRY, FLORIDA -- Told me three times, "we will call you", but never did. They gave me a July 2nd, 2:30-6pm, delivery window. With no courtesy phone call, they showed up at 7:28pm and of course, we were no longer home. July 3rd, I called them at 10am the next day and was told it would be another week for delivery. I said no. I want a refund. I got a callback and the manager was working to get a quicker delivery date. So 10:30am July 3rd (Tuesday) - July 6th, (3 full business days) NO PHONE CALL, NO NOTHING. Kane's Furniture does not care about customers. I do not recommend doing business with this company.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LAKELAND, FL, FLORIDA -- I purchased couch, two seater, and coffee table. It looked muddy green in the house. Asked store mgr in Lakeland to return for a different color. He told me to put a lot of light on them like in the store. I told him they still look bad in here and I just painted. He said he really didn't care. I could hardly believe his response. I cancelled the entertainment center on back order and he didn't care. I told him I will write reviews about you. He said he didn't really care about that either. So here it is. More to come.

Thieves And Crooks
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Rating: 1/51

CASSELBERRY, FLORIDA -- I purchased a leather recliner last weekend and they just delivered it 30 minutes ago, I sat down and it after the delivery men were gone and the leg portion of the recliner is so difficult to close you have to kick it with all your might for it to lock in place so you can sit up. I immediately called the store in Casselberry Florida and spoke to the manager Ian and he told me that they don't have a return policy and that it was my fault because I didn't read the small print on the back of the form.

He said he would send a technician but I told him the one on the showroom floor was difficult to close as well and his salesperson said it was because it was on the floor and had been abused it and the one I would receive would not be that difficult to close. Not only did the manager blame me, he kept talking over me and would not let me get a word in edgewise, I told him that was highly unprofessional.

He was exceedingly condescending and I have never been treated this poorly in my life. I work the second largest employer in Orlando as an office manager and I will be telling every single person I work with to avoid Kane's like the plague. Well done Ian! The manager Ian also told me to call on Friday and speak to the GM Bud. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well.

Company Response 03/17/2018:

Update.... I can't remove my post above so here's an update.I have to say that bud, the general manager, has delivered the best customer service that I have had in years. He was attentive thoughtful and really wanted to find something that I would like. I highly recommend this store.

Unappreciated/Unhappy Customer
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Rating: 1/51

LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- My 3 seater and 2 seater couches were delivered along with coffee table. The color was a muddy throw up green. I just painted here and if the couches looked like in the store would have been beautiful. The Mgr stated I could not return for a lighter color and told me to put more light on them. That was a 3,000.00 nightmare. Cancelled shelf on backorder. Will never do business with Kane's again.

Electric Recliner
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- Dec. 2, 2012, my brother purchased an electric recliner for our mother, paid over $500. Mom was then 95 years old. There are no pets, kids just 4'11" tall 135 pounds old lady in her bedroom. The chair started peeling early this year 2016, it being in her room I'd forget to call it in until the last few months. Apparently this Lifetime Warranty, is a fake. The upholstery is for one year and the cushions as well. I have written, called and they've upped the $100. To $200. Towards store credit. Mom is now 98 next month 99, and has her senses and tells me no, she wants a new chair. "They are hoping I'll die and they won't have to deal with me".

Mom sits in her chair 12-14 hours a day. She's hard of hearing so we have headphones so the rest of the house has peace, she's got macular degeneration so she sits up to the TV with the footrest out. "You may not to keep your furniture for life but it's nice to know you can". She's started talking to herself about the chair and what she's going to tell them. I'm going to take her and the chair in the back of our truck and show everyone entering what they don't warranty. I just need help getting it in the truck! I've written the BBB, I've posted on their FB page. Now I can't bumps me off, we have all original paperwork from this purchase.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CASSELBERRY, FLORIDA -- Their advertised "Guarantee for Life" is a fraud. They do not cover SEAMS which when they rip your couch is no longer usable. I have had a couch for 8 months and have had over 5 service calls to repair issues on the couch. Kane's refuses to acknowledge that the couch is defective and now say the seams are not part of their warranty.

One store tells me they are covered as part of the one year manufacturer warranty, while the Casselberry General Manager Dean tells me the seams are not covered and the couch does not come with a manufacturer warranty. When I asked Dean if that meant if a seam ripped the day after I received the couch if that would mean Kane's would do nothing about it he used his corporate nonsense and said, "The warranty does not cover seams."

With a previous issue it took Dean two weeks to get back to me after leaving multiple messages. He only called once I called Corporate and posted on social media. This time around I went to the store and Dean initially told another manager to relay a message to me instead of coming out to speak to me himself even though I could see him through the glass window of this office. He only came out to speak to me after I told the manager that the response was not acceptable and it was poor customer service for Dean to look at me through the glass but not be willing to speak to me himself.

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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- On February 1, 2014 we purchased bedroom furniture from Kane's. The furniture was delivered to our new home on February 14, 2014. It was NOT what we expected. FIRST - The foot board drawer was crushed and they delivered the wrong night stand. SECOND - On February 19th the new foot board was delivered and the delivery crew put it in WRONG. They drilled screws throughout the platform. (BAD TRAINING) They delivered the correct night stand. By the way, the first night stand they delivered was a lot more money.

THIRD - I noticed a scratch in the other nightstand and called. A representative came out to look at the nightstand and take pictures on March 19th. I was told someone would get back to me with repairs or replace the night stand. It was finally replaced on March 26th.

FOURTH - The worse event was at 5AM the week of February 24th. The bed frame collapsed in pieces with me and my husband in the bed. It made a huge crackling noise and then CRASH! BOOM! BANG! My husband was able to get out right away, but it took awhile for my husband to get me out of the bed. (Reference to the above --delivery crew was NOT trained properly on how to install this kind of bed.) We called the office and spoke to John and he seemed very concerned. A new bed was replaced on March 5th and this delivery crew was appalled by the way the bed split in pieces and stated the bed was put in totally wrong.

The delivery crew on February 19th was not trained on how to install this platform bed. This crew on March 5th noticed that the floor was scratched from the incident. Also, I was promised a complete new bed, however, even on March 5th delivery the new headboard was damaged so we kept the original. Point: The furniture coming from the warehouse is NOT checked and arriving damaged. NOTE: How many times someone had to be home with all the above incidents.

A report went to corporate on the above incident which we believe was addressing the scratched floor not the traumatic experience of the collapsed bed. It was handled by Sue **, in the corporate office, and we were given a settlement for the incident in the amount of $510.00. The $10.00 was for the papers to be notarized. At this time, Sue ** stated that is the maximum settlement from corporate. If we wanted more they would send someone out to give an estimate on how much it would cost to repair the floor or we could go to court.

It makes us wonder, if the owners of Kane's Furniture realizes how serious this incident was and it was the fault of the delivery crew. We are grateful; as I am sure Kane's Furniture owners are too, that we were not seriously injured. I was sore the next day. However; this does not minimize how traumatic this experience was for me and my husband. So, corporate gives us $500.00 and calls it a day. We hope this never happens to anyone else. We did not want the hassle of going to court; however, we do feel it was not taken seriously.

We just moved to Florida from New Jersey this year. We were not familiar with the furniture stores. We asked friends that have lived here for years and they told us that Kane's has quality furniture. Unfortunately, we spent a lot of money in your store and did not get the quality or delivery service we were expecting. I am very disappointed with my bedroom set. It scratches easy and I am still very uneasy to date when I get in the bed. I should have listened to my daughter. She told me to return the entire set and start over at another store. However, we were overwhelmed moving to a new state and getting settled.

We are not sure what Kane's can do for us at this time. We believe that is for the supervisors to address the above or ignore the situation. The furniture was not cheap. We are both retired with limited income. You don't mind paying for furniture or an expensive meal if you get the quality and good service. We needed to document our disappointment with this furniture experience. Maybe the problem is the delivery crew not being trained and in the warehouse. It is our understanding that it is impossible to check the furniture before delivery.

At this time, we will never recommend or make a purchase at your store. I feel disappointment when I look at my bedroom set. Buyer's remorse!! The manager stated to me nothing else can be done!!! I just want the consumer never to buy from Kane's Furniture.

Does Anyone Care?

FLORIDA -- On April 11, 2002 the delivery truck arrived and started to unload the furniture. The mattress and box springs came first - the nightmare began, the mattress is great, the box springs are mismatched (according to the driver miss-id´┐Żed) one is approximately 3 inches shorter than the correct one. Don't worry; the driver said as he called Kane Furniture in Melbourne and spoke with Stacy - the correct one would be delivered on Tuesday, April 16, 2002.

Next, came the sofa and chair and ottoman. The Sofa had a spot on the arm where something was poking up and would eventually come through the leather. No problem - will exchange that on Tuesday also. Then the ottoman had two large water stains - no problem will exchange that on Tuesday also. All off these items were noted on the customer copy and the stores copies of the receipts.

Just to be certain that everything had been followed up on we went into Kane Furniture on Monday and spoke with our salesman and the girls (two of them in the office) to confirm the date of Tuesday, April 16th as our delivery and exchange date. Oh my, Stacy noticed that the mattress wasn't in the computer correctly and changed that date until Thursday, April 18, 2002. Don't worry, Stacy said; "I will send out a complete new set on Thursday to make certain the box springs match". In the meantime Joe has to prop up his side of the bed (there is a 3 inch difference in the two box springs height).

Well, you guessed it. Thursday came, NO BOX SPRINGS, it wasn't on the order (we were in the store when we watched her "Fix it"). Next came the ottoman - it was in worse shape than the first one. I opted to keep the first one. Then came the couch. They unwrapped it, took off the plastic and put the ball feet on it and when they turned it over, I was on the phone with Kane Furniture asking where was the box springs - "don't worry. It will be here next Thursday."

Two weeks of sleeping down hill with a 3 inch difference was way too much to bear. After minutes of silence on the phone (her speaking with someone) she assures me I will have it on Tuesday, the next delivery day in my zip code.

Here is where Joe took over with Kane's. When the driver left I called the Kane Furniture Melbourne store, but was told there was no manager around. "He's not in today", is what I was told. "There's no one here that can help you but me, the office manager". She couldn't help me. I got the CEO's name and phone number and called him. The CEO's name and number is: Irwin Novack 727-545-9555.

That call was a joke as his secretary said "I can't put you through to him". She sounded scared to death. After an hour on and off hold with her, she transferred me to a Ms. ** voice mail. I hung up and dialed back, but the operator wouldn't do anything, but put me back to Ms. **'s voice mail. Finally, when I told her I didn't want to go back to a voice mail box; that I wanted to talk to Mr. Novack. Now I was told Mr. Novack wasn't in today. I said put me through to his secretary--she put me on hold and left me there until a half hour later when I hung up and called Melbourne again.

Melbourne couldn't help me get a box spring delivered any sooner than Tuesday (5 days later). I then faxed an notice to the Melbourne office that if they didn't resolve the situation by 5pm, I would cancel the payment through American Express and that I would purchase a mattress assembly elsewhere and move their mattress assembly into the driveway waiting for their driver to come collect it on Tuesday.

A few minutes later a manager (Chuck) called from the Melbourne store and offered to get a truck to me Saturday with the correct box springs. I accepted his offer as he seemed sincere. (The office manager must be a magician to make a store manager appear out of thin air.) Saturday the box springs were delivered. Now I realize that errors can happen, after all this is not a perfect world. However, when there is a problem and you can't get anyone to talk to you, from the local store manager right up to the CEO, there's definitely something wrong with the general attitude of the entire organization.

The CEO sets the basis for how customers are treated by how he treats them. In this case he doesn't and won't. I've been told that an employee will be fired if a customer is allowed to "get to" him (Irwin Novack) under any circumstances. I believe it! One could also believe that Savon Furniture with the same owners, treats customers the same. PS - there is another website with over 100 complains and letters - just type in Kanes Furniture and read the others nightmares.

Don't Expect Satisfaction!
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Kane's Furniture has received at least 60 complaints against them at Consumer Affairs. I am now the latest in a long line of customers who didn't get what they paid for. The store has a history of not delivering the merchandise... read the complaints and see for yourself. I was promised delivery of my living room furniture (already billed to my credit card, of course!) today. Delivery was confirmed 4 different times during the week. They promise that the driver will call to provide a 4-hour window for your delivery... in the morning.

At 11:30 I began to get worried, so I contacted the store. I was told the truck had broken down and the delivery would either be late or not at all. They wanted to reschedule. Thinking they would at least try to deliver, I said I wanted the delivery today. At 3:30, I called for an update and was told the delivery would be between 4:30-7:30 (not so bad, just an hour later than their usual 6:00 cut off). At 6:30, the driver called with a brand new excuse, that his partner was ill and they couldn't deliver. Having already read the complaints against them, I could see this was their usual M.O. I was told they would call in 5-10 minutes to reschedule. The phone call never happened.

I have contacted the store manager and requested a refund of purchase, canceling the order. The manager promised a refund in 3-5 days, but, in hindsight, I realize she got no real information from me. Again, having read all the other complaints against the company, I doubt I will see a dime of my $2600 without a court battle. Please warn everyone NOT to shop at Kane's Furniture unless you have lots of money to throw away.

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