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Freight Quote
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

For 30 years I have been waiting to purchase the most exquisite, breathe-taking, Italian furniture ever seen, shipped to me.

On July 19, 2006 I hired ‘Freight quote.com’ to find me a “reputable” freight transport company through Mr. Rich Divine (the devil). Unfortunately he hired “Watkins” (the destroyer) and charged me $802.50 not including my furniture of $4,450.00. Mr. Divine did a poor job in handling the situation by 'causes of action for state consumer protection violations, negligence, breach of contract, intentional misrepresentation, fraud, and conversation'. After several days of speaking to Mr. Divine, his only words were “it is in the process”, whatever that means. Divine never offered me a claim form to fill out or to investigate the situation after my cooperation of sending him pictures of the damage furniture, wrapped in ‘potato sack cloth’ and my ‘marble’ table unwrapped, and placed in a thin, torn, dirty card board box. I refused to accept the property.

I spoke with “Chris” who is Devine’s manager and he was just as rude, thoughtless, obnoxious and inconsiderate as the rest of your staff. He also is a character who should be fully investigated into “how he renders his services” toward ‘customers’.

It is my understanding that ‘Freight quote.com,” Divine, Loveland and Chris cares nothing about their customers after stealing their money and giving poor service. I am very, very determined and confident, that I will get my money back. After Divine stole my money from my Credit card and his services not ‘fully rendered’ I am entitled to my money back in full of $802.50 for shipping.

Lastly, since Chris and Divine refuse to remedy this problem, because it didn’t come out their “Pockets”, I would like you to intervene and resolve this. For your information, I e-mail pictures of the destruction of my property to Divine.

I had to fight and contact the 'carrier Trucking company' to get my money back in full including the 'shipping' which freight quote refused to return. I spoke with Ms. Loveland (mgr. of claims dept.) at freight quote who quickly stated that there has only been one person who actually got their money refunded from freight quote.

I did get my money back from Watkins Trucking Company in full. NO THANKS TO FREIGHT QUOTE. COM.

As a resolution, I would like the following:


Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/06/2006:
Well at least you got your money back from Watkins Trucking Company in full. That gives me a good feeling about Watkins Trucking Company. At least they honored their work. Who packed the furniture up in the first place? I think you should find out and make mention of these people because it sounds like they really screwed up. But because of your post (good one) I will never use Freight Quote.com for anything. Thanks for the information
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/06/2006:
FWIW, Watkins got purchased by FedEx - they are now known as FedEx National LTL. I remember this person's earlier post and I think they are now on the right track - they shipped expensive furniture from NY to Alaska. As good as Watkins is, they just aren't the right type of carrier to move household goods. She needs to go after freightquote - they should have known better or at least made sure the furniture was packed in sturdy wooden crates.
Anonymous on 10/06/2006:
Hugh Good post and thanks for the up-date on Watkins.
InThe South on 10/07/2006:
Freightquote.com is only there to put you in touch with a trucking company who can handle your shipment, and they are supposed to look for the best rates. The shipper is supposed to pack the freight to avoid damage, and if the freight company accepts the freight as packaged, they assume liability for it. Watkins took responsibility for the damage and made good on the claim. In the future you can just open the yellow pages, look up trucking companies and call their rate departments yourself. No need to even get a third party involved. Sorry you lost your furniture, but at least you didn't loose your money.
gentesojo on 02/22/2008:
It doesn't matter if you booked through freightquote.com another broker, or directly with a trucking company, if you don't package freight properly then it will get damaged. Learn the NMFC number of the item you are shipping and how it should be packaged.
kcmookie on 06/20/2008:
Well said in the South! freightquote is every bit at the mercy of the truckign companies that ship the product and as a 3rd party broker are not liable for damages. It would help if you understand what you are doing before you do it!
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Being Overcharged for Collect Calls
Posted by on
As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

My daughter and her husband we moving back from FT.Lewis Washington and Stopped in Ogden Utah to fill up the gas. They had just received a new bank card and was having trouble getting to their funds therefore being stuck with no access to their money and having only a little cash with them they called me collect to wire them some money to get the rest of the way home. the first call was 16 minutes and it cost 34.95 which ends up being 2.19 per minute the second call was to confirm that I had wired them money Western Union and give them the confirmation number and amount, was 7 minutes and cost 24.60 a rate of 3.51/min. This is highway robbery in any book. I think the government shoud regulate the charges that they can apply. its a shame that you can wire money for 20.00 but you can't talk on the phone collect without being put in the poor house.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 08/13/2007:
Better than the first post. I'd still get on the kids.
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Commerce Bank Fraud on the Web.
Posted by on
WICHITA, KANSAS -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

Commerce Bank web site shows locations for ATM's and Branch locations in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois. What they don't say is that these three states (Charters) are actually three different Charters and if you opened your account in one of the three states listed then you can NOT deposit or withdraw from the other two charters.
When I called the bank they told me this (after my husband had attempted to deposit his pay check in one of the Missouri banks). I told them that their website lists all these banks as available for banking business. The representative stated that the website had not been updated since the split of the 'Charters'. Please see the links I have added so that you may visit the bank's site if you wish.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I would like them to cease advertising that they have all these banks available for their customers to use, and explain the different charters instead of luring customers by advertising all these locations when they are indeed not available to all their customers. I believe this to be classified as false advertisement.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Doc J on 07/10/2006:
Bravo! Seems over-exaggerating company holdings is what got the now deceased Ken Lay in trouble. I see this as no different as an enticement to investors/depositors thinking this to be a bigger operation than it is. Good luck with the AG complaint.
Super CCS on 08/12/2007:
It's the government! Only bank customer can't scream at the congressmen and sentators as easy as they verbally abuse bank employees!
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J.D. Marvel Products, Inc
Posted by on
MANHATTAN, KANSAS -- As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

In November 2001 we mail ordered 2 Auto Ceramic Heater & Fan units from J.D. Marvel Products Inc. The cost was 2 for $25. Our check was cashed immediately, but we never received the products. Multiple attempts to contact the company at 1-888-414-5333 (the number advertised on their commercial flyer) have been unsuccessful, as the number no longer seems to be valid. I contacted our post office to find out if the package might be in the Dead Mail area, but it was not.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

A full refund

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.
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