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Customer Service nightmare
By -

WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 in Nov. '09. Had initial problems completing the transaction with Digital River/Element 5/Kaspersky that very day and should have heard the bells go off. I did not and completed the purchase. It has been a worthless and regrettable experience since. I have had to hire computer technicians on two occasions. They have completely removed and reinstalled the program. Kaspersky keeps "losing" my key. The problem begins with a "blacklist is corrupted" window which suggests that I open Kaspersky and click the "fix it" button.

At this point the error window appears saying that Kaspersky cannot find my user key and that the license does not exist. I have attempted to solicit "customer service" from Kaspersky for resolving this issue. I call a toll free line, stay non hold for 10 minutes (each time) then briefly speak with a "customer service tech" who promptly says they will email me instructions with the fix. After having done this now three times-each time having to send them information with which they do nothing, I have determined that Kaspersky DOES NOT CARE. They have my money and my computer is unprotected with no resolution in sight.

They offer no means of quick resolution-you are stuck waiting on endless emails requesting information and tasks for you to complete to send them "for review". No solution is forthcoming. I am not a computer genius-but can follow and execute instructions. I have done as they asked to no avail, all I ask is for the necessary VERBAL support to get the product for which I have paid working, clearly the email routine-is cheaper for them but does not work.

Defender Pro 2008 15-in-1
By -

ARKANSAS -- $40.00 Box from hell... First off this program will hurt your computer if you don't know what you are doing and how to protect yourself from trash like this. This is not right, I don't care what anyone says. When a person goes and buys a program $39.95 plus tax ("Wal-mart" is where I bought it). I have installed this program 3 times 3 different ways and it still sucks. If you got it in and can't get it out here is the best way:

Type in Run window: "regedit" "without quotations" it opens opens and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\current Version\Uninstall locate all of the defender programs and right click on them and hit delete.. Problem fixed... then run a reg edit program... for $40.00 you can buy a box of hell, this company needs to be run out of town "Kaspery". I just want my money back, and that will help a little.

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