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Kauai Wedding Disaster
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KAPAA, HAWAII -- We contract a beach wedding with Kauai Island Weddings. They changed the wedding location while we were en-route making us several minutes late. Things went down hill right away. He was confused and unprepared. The photos were un-professional and were returned to him. The service itself was cut short, by him, and never completed. The whole contract was not honored. Kauai Island Weddings should be avoided. The owner now fabricates new versions of the truth to justify his many short-comings. Buyer Beware!!! Please See www.kauaiislandweddingsdisaster.com for more details.

Cheers Gary & Patty
Company Response 12/29/2009:
[snip], who posted this complaint, is a disgruntled Groom that was 30 minutes late for his own sunset wedding on Kauai. He understood the terms of the contract that a sunset wedding, more so than any normal wedding, requires the Bride and Groom to be on time, the sunset won't wait.

He has created a website, as well as email blasts to the Attorney General, the BBB, the KWPA, the AARP, the Knot, and several other entities, specifically to create slander, and in my opinion to 'get out of paying' for services, even though the fault lies entirely with him in this instance.

In many hundreds of weddings we have had only two difficult couples, both were at least 30 minutes late, and both tried to get out of paying, one succeeded in skipping out on nearly two thousand dollars of services scott free. Read the comments of many of our Brides and Grooms on our website and decide for yourself who's right and wrong.

Mike Hough, Owner of Kauai Island Weddings
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 11/22/2009:
First of all, congratulations on your marriage. I looked at your website and it's too bad you had such a horrendous time. It made my wedding seem like a fairy tale, LOL.

Did you ever get your money back? I'm assuming that since you posted that website, you didn't. My question then is have you hired a lawyer to sue this guy for breach of contract? I'm not a lawyer, but if you have a signed contract and he did not live up to the conditions, you may have a case.
Doctor Charlie on 11/22/2009:
Sounds like you planned your wedding the day before.

Concentrate on the positives, not the negatives. This will serve you well throughout your marriage.
radboy on 11/24/2009:
We planned this two weeks in advance so you were close. That said $1000 for one hour of this guys time I think we deserved better. We are very happy so don't worry about us. The best thing is I'm learning a lot about web sites and Visa is about to get our money back. The least we can do is warn the next shmoe.

Cheers Gary

Cheers Gary
radboy on 11/25/2009:
Moved From Other Review: Kauai Island Wedding Contract:

* Wedding service to be performed at "The Point" w/scripted monologue (We chose

the Hawaiian/Christian blend w/ lei exchange)

* 100 Professional photos

* 2 purple orchid lei's

* 1 purple orchid head piece

The Wedding:

The wedding was contracted to happen at The Point near Poipu. We drove down the day before to get familiar with the area. The morning of the wedding we called the owner of Kauai Island Weddings several times. We got his voice mail. We headed to The Point site 1 hour prior to the 6pm starting time he had set up praying he would be there. He did call us back en route at which time he wanted to change the location, something about watering the lawn at The Point or lawn restoration? I found out later from a local minister who also does weddings at The Point, that the lawn watering story was a fabrication. We detoured as requested to the new location. Admittedly we were approximately 14 minutes late due to his location change.

There were two other weddings already rapping up when we arrived so the owner of Kauai Island Weddings suggested we climb a hill to the cliff overlooking the ocean. I mentioned to him that other people were already up there, but he said not to worry. We scrambled up a goat trail in our wedding clothes, finally getting to the top. It was already getting dark and we hadn't even started. As he fiddled around with positioning his gear, the last of the couples standing there (newlyweds) wandered off. He took a few quick photos of us, then to my surprise he called the newlywed couple back to take their picture. After wasting time with that he rushed through our service omitting the most beautiful part, the lei exchange. As he took more pictures he muttered how he should have brought a tripod for taking low light pictures, but that he forgot it Several times he stated that he could fix any problems with the pictures so we should not worry. In the end he took 37 images with the last ones being taken next to the parking lot posing us in his cars headlights. If you brighten it up a lot you can see the chain link fence behind us. All in all a very unprofessional and disappointing experience. We followed all his instructions and recommendations as he sold himself as a professional who did this all the time and we were constantly reminded of that by him as things unfolded. I thought, well it wasn't perfect but we are married now and as long as the pictures come out as he promised they would, I could let the inconsistencies slide. When the pictures did arrive weeks later we looked at each other and decided to ask for a refund. We would need to do the whole thing over again to re-capture that moment making his poor attempt a waste of our time and money.

Back to the contract:

1. We contracted Kauai Island Weddings to perform a scripted wedding service. He took it on himself to omit the lei exchange an integral part in the wedding service failing to fulfill part 1 of the contract.

His newest claim is that the best part of the service (the lei exchange) was omitted at our request. There is no nice way to say it folks, that is a bald faced lie. The only person that benefits from shortening the service is Mike Hough.

2. The smallest photo package he would sell us was 100 pictures. So we contracted and paid for 100 pictures. He took 37 images. He then sent them to us in color and again in black and white to give the illusion there were 74. Not acceptable in amount or quality failing to fulfill part 2 of the contract.

His claims that because we originally asked for 12-24 photos, that his 37 photos somehow exceeds what we wanted. His normal package is 300 photos for $500.00 and he goes on at length about how important it is to have that many taken. He acted like he was doing us some big favor to sell us1/3 the photos (100) for 1/2 the cost (250). Whatever, if it had worked out who cares right, but it didn't even come close.

My Wedding Rant:

Where we live in Washington state it got dark at 7:30pm so their suggestion of a 6pm starting time sounded reasonable. We arrived Saturday evening after dark and the wedding was on Monday. We had one full day, Sunday, on the island before the wedding. We trusted in their expertise as according to him he has done hundreds of weddings. He sold himself as a professional, he lives there and should have known better. He might have just squeaked it out if he hadn't wasted so much time and had the proper gear with him. My cheap ($150) camera will take 8GB photos in the dark and make them look like daytime. His camera stopped working when the light began to fade. For a guy how acts like a teenage girl getting her first pimple when you call him unprofessional, his gear did not fit the job.

He justifies wasting time schmoozing a newlywed couple standing nearby saying he could be fined for asking them to leave if they complained. If he knew this could happen, he should have scheduled extra time for such a contingency. The couple was already walking away before our wedding started and only came back at Mikes insistence. He wasted 10+ minutes moving the location, 10 minutes having us climb the hill, 10 minutes chatting up an uninterested couple, 5 minutes climbing back down the hill, and several more minutes fumbling around with his gear. He toggled between hitting on ( trying to kiss her on the lips at one point with some worn out line about "one for the wedding official" ) and berating my sister for taking her own pictures saying they would never come out as good as a professional like him could take. He should have brought a tripod in anticipation of the possibility of low light conditions.

Even if we started at 6pm and nothing had gone wrong, He could never have taken 100 quality photos, delivered the promised ceremony, and finished by nightfall which was at 6:37 that day. Mike took 10 minutes to get his barrings ( get his gear together, realize the beach was taken, and discuss the hill climb), 10 minutes to climb the hill ( four of us in our wedding clothes tripping along a goat path and up a steep embankment), 10 minutes to stow his gear and photograph the uninterested couple. We arrived at 6:14 because of his location change. When did he think he was going to perform the service, and take 100 pictures? In our case he managed his time poorly, was not equipped properly, and started too late to do it all himself.

They have shown no remorse. Instead of admitting he just had a bad day which we could all understand, he "re-adjusts" his story often to rationalize his shortcomings. He must feel above the law with tourists his favorite prey. As he has told his story to first the BBB, then the Attorney General, and finally Visa it has morffed into a total fabrication. Please beware of Kauai Island Weddings promises and tell everyone you think may get married or re-vowed in Kauai. Buyer Beware Kauai Island Weddings has a slick website as ex advertising people, but in these cases didn't live up to their own press.

We have now been contacted by a second couple who felt scammed. See their story Another Opinion it will make steam come out your ears! 18 people flown in for their wedding only to be, well please read. Are there more victims are out there?

At first I thought he may have just had a bad day, however it is hard to overlook the lies he is now telling to cover his lack of professionalism. This is a blatant deception being used by him to keep from owning up to something he knows was wrong. It saddens me that people feel so desperate for money that they have to take advantage of others. Money is the root of all evil for sure, but we always hope for better, don't we.

Buyer beware! Cheers...

See http://www.kauaiislandweddingsdisaster.com/ for more info
Ytropious on 11/25/2009:
I don't understand why people go to Hawaii then get mad when it's full of tourists just like them. Hawaii does have loads of secluded beaches, but to set up a wedding at them is probably not permitted, or extremely difficult.
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