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Kauai Wedding Disaster
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KAPAA, HAWAII -- We contract a beach wedding with Kauai Island Weddings. They changed the wedding location while we were en-route making us several minutes late. Things went down hill right away. He was confused and unprepared. The photos were un-professional and were returned to him. The service itself was cut short, by him, and never completed. The whole contract was not honored. Kauai Island Weddings should be avoided. The owner now fabricates new versions of the truth to justify his many short-comings. Buyer Beware!!! Please See www.kauaiislandweddingsdisaster.com for more details.

Cheers Gary & Patty
Company Response 12/29/2009:
[snip], who posted this complaint, is a disgruntled Groom that was 30 minutes late for his own sunset wedding on Kauai. He understood the terms of the contract that a sunset wedding, more so than any normal wedding, requires the Bride and Groom to be on time, the sunset won't wait.

He has created a website, as well as email blasts to the Attorney General, the BBB, the KWPA, the AARP, the Knot, and several other entities, specifically to create slander, and in my opinion to 'get out of paying' for services, even though the fault lies entirely with him in this instance.

In many hundreds of weddings we have had only two difficult couples, both were at least 30 minutes late, and both tried to get out of paying, one succeeded in skipping out on nearly two thousand dollars of services scott free. Read the comments of many of our Brides and Grooms on our website and decide for yourself who's right and wrong.

Mike Hough, Owner of Kauai Island Weddings
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