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Kays Jeweler Store District Manager Rudeness & Unprofessional Behavior
Posted by on
FORRESTVILLE MALL -- Kay Jewelers Store District Manager Rude & Unprofessional Behavior. Kay's Jewelers Store District Manager rudeness & unprofessional behavior. I was shopping with my children and browsing at Kay's Jewelers getting idea what to get for my 25th anniversary. Kay's Store District manager approach me and I said; just browsing then I stop to one display counter and the Kay's Jewelers store district manager followed me and showed me some rings. Then I tried it then the Kay's jeweler store district manager start telling me about Kay's store credit application then I said; no thank you not ready yet. Then she start talking about layaway. Then I continue to say; no thank you. Then I went to the birth stone counter; my daughter whose 9 years old overheard the Kay's jeweler district manager says quote; trifling (N). This comments is truly rude and unprofessional where my daughter can hear it. This very cruel and uncalled for? No need to make comments like this just because I am not buying but it doesn't mean I am not buying in the future. We black people been shopping for Kay's for years and the biggest supporter of Kay's and I do not understand why; make comments like this specially where my daughter can hear it? I thought we pass this kind of behavior and bigotry. This is not cool! This is 2010; no need to point out or speak out that kind of slurs comment. I truly feel disappointed with this Kay's jewelers district manager. I am sad; never again I will go there to buy or browse again. Just want to add; I am not a (N)I am black but not a (N) just to inform the Kay jewelers district manager. I am simply a decent human being who work for the government and not trifling (N) either. I can't believe that discrimination still exist. This Kay Jeweler store district manager is racist and have no sense to make such comments in the black neighborhood. What posses her to say that kind of slurs not knowing a child is listening.

This Kay Store District Manager need some training I mean a proper training very racist! Anyone or anytime; who says or make a comments through slurs is a racist no need to say that; just because your not buying trifling (N) is not something you says to people nowadays.

Anytime someone uses the N word is racist! No need to say that like the old saying says; if you have nothing great or good to say do not say it. Just an advice!

If anyone of you think racism & discrimination doesn't exist then that's fine but but my daughter is not lying and surely did not miss-understand it nor heard it wrong.

I heard it too my daughter just confirmed it! The Kay Jewelers Store District Manager was talking to another white person. No offense if your white but this is what happened. I am not saying all white is prejudise but some white are? I am not talking the whole white people but this particular Kay store district manager who has a bad rude attitude manner. That is the one I am talking about and I am complaining about.

I am not expecting all of you will agree; but this is my own experience that I am sharing. Just sad that my daughter heard it that's all.

I understand that the Kay Store District manager trying hard to sell me the ring and the store credit card; I also understand that she showed me a lot of rings; but I told her from the beginning I am just getting an idea for my 25th anniversary right now; and not ready to purchase. The Kays Jewelers store District manager felt; I wasted her time that is why; she called me a trifling (N). To my readers; If you do not know the N word then do not make any comment if you do not know what does mean as that words still very demeaning and insulting to us black folks. If you do not understand how hurt I am hearing that slur then I apologize.

This kay store jewelers store district manager wasn't careful to voice out her slur comment; she should waited all of us leave the store before saying that kind of slurs and bigotry comment.

My complaint is that; the kay jeweler store district manager keep pushing me to get a kay store credit card then pushing me to get a layaway and not only that when I keep saying; no thank you she got so mad and upset and get an attitude. If this is not rudeness and unprofessional behavior what is?

I can't even look peacefully nor concentrate what I want by pushing me and continuing pushing me to put it in layaway not only that she never leave me alone just to enjoy looking at the case. She continue to follow me and keep giving me to fill up the store credit application then when I told her; no thank you she got upset.

Kays store district manager talking to another white lady then she told her without noticing I am also listening. My daughter is only 9 years old she doesn't need to hear it; like I said; if you have nothing great or good to say do not say it as you'le never know whose listening. I do not need all of you readers to agree but this is what happened and my own experience at Kays. The kay store district manager did not mention this slurs comment to her black employees but to her white lady friend or employee.

We as an adult we should be responsible of what we says and how we say it and most important we need to be very careful what to say when children are around us.

Thank you kindly.

This is a write up from http://www.measuredup.com/review/Sterling-Jeweler that this kind of behavior do exist.

Honestperson1 says: (1 year ago)

Working at Sterling Jewelers began as a good place to work. After about 1 week of employment my boss who was new to management began to bully me constantly, even went as far to tell their boss I was the problem after they found a letter address to human resources on their desk in a pad that I mistakenly left stating I wanted to be removed immediately only after a few weeks of employment. Never in my career have I had a problem with any of bosses. Every job I have ever had my bosses and I were friends and kept in contact when I left their organization. When I tried to approach my boss about problems and the behavior towards me they would get extremely upset then tell me it was me and EVERYONE knows, that was "SPOOKY" because I did NOT know a soul there. I kept to myself I was new in the position and the organization so I knew they were not telling me the truth. I thought I was living a straight NIGHTMARE and HAD gone to h.ll! I thought I was going to lose my mind working at STERLING JEWELERS. I knew I had a family to take care for this is why I continued to work there. I began going home to my family and friends stressed completely out, upset, and crying all the time and I mean daily. I was not sleeping at night at all and constantly complaining to everyone about my boss's behavior. The funny thing is upper management knew of the behavior before I was hired. I was told by team members my boss was SUPPOSE to change their behavior instructions given to them by upper management BEFORE I was hired. I could not understand why they would allow them to hire someone before they changed their behavior. This behavior was supported by their boss eventually it was evident. I was so stressed out I even went to seek help from a psychiatrist who told me my boss was a "BULLY BOSS" and get OUT of there. After a while I was a nervous wreck it was written all over my face and everyone could see it. I did not know my head from a whole in the ground. I worked very hard for Sterling Jewelers receiving exceed expectation performance evaluations included describing me as being someone who demanded more work "WHO DEMANDS MORE WORK" My boss was a COMPLETE CONTROL FREAK!
My boss was allowed to disrespect us at any given time supported by their boss. When I finally could not take it any longer and went to HR who treated me as if I was the problem once her boss was involved but privately defended my concerns. The boss was allowed to stay employed with Sterling which means they supported my boss's poor decisions and behavior towards personnel. If I had been smart I should have left as the psychiatrist instructed and sued them in the very beginning. When my manager's boss found out I went to human resources he was very upset with me. He even in front of human resources threaten to fire (in so many words) me if I did not accept the situation the way it was. I was very devastated that I had come to work for an organization as Sterling Jewelers. I will never worked for them again. I am seriously considering suing the h.ll out of them for mental stress and discrimination. Example of my boss's behvior - One of my punishments was to give me work completely over my head outside of what I was hired and know how to do. I did not mind challenges but ensure you do not set someone up to "Fail". HR instructed my boss not to give me that kind of work anymore then explained to me my boss was trying to challenge me which was complete "HOG WASH"! You know if my boss was right in giving me that work they would NOT have told them NOT to give it to me. Working there was like a BAD DREAM!! There is NO structure, NO rules, and NO regulations and if there is they are ONLY meant to be followed by non management personnel.

Over all read all Sterling Company complaint in 50 states.
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User Replies:
Alain on 07/04/2010:
If it was a racist comment then it would be uncalled for. However, are you sure it had anything to do with race? It may not have been at all meant that way. Regardless, you may want to go to another jeweler since you want to trust the people you're dealing with when it comes to something as important as a 25th Anniversary Ring. By the way, Happy Anniversary!
sipsipnapandakunanongbuntis on 07/04/2010:
Well; slurs like trifling (N) for me is a racist. What else do you call for it; no need to say trifling (N) like the old saying says; if you have nothing good to say do not say it. (N word) for me is a racist!
yoke on 07/04/2010:
Since you did not hear it yourself it is possible that your daughter misunderstood what was said.
Alain on 07/04/2010:
I didn't catch the (N) in your review. It makes a difference. Sorry. Still, I think the best solution is go someplace else. There's competition in your area. They'll be happy for your business.
Alain on 07/04/2010:
You can also give Kay's customer service a call about this at 800-527-8029.
jktshff1 on 07/04/2010:
Good review.
CaptainSpaulding on 07/04/2010:
I seriously doubt that in this day and age, a district manager for a nationwide jewelry store chain would call a customer the "N-word". It seems to me that some people choose play the race card when they have a complaint without any merit.
Venice09 on 07/04/2010:
Alain, the N was not originally in the review. I think there were question marks in its place.

CaptainSpaulding, I don't think the OP actually had a complaint until the manager made the comment. If I understand this correctly, the comment is the only complaint.
CaptainSpaulding on 07/04/2010:
I'm sorry Venice09, but I have some doubts about the OP's story.

Come on now... do you really believe that a person who has attained the position of District Manager with Kay Jewelers would ever call a customer the "N-word"? The place where this incident allegedly took place was at a shopping mall in Maryland on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., not in the backwoods of Jim Crow-era Mississippi!
yoke on 07/04/2010:
I would love to know the other side of the story. From the sound of this the OP was not all that pleasant either.
I hate when the race card is brought up when someone does not get it there way.
Venice09 on 07/04/2010:
Truthfully, I'm never sure what to believe when I read reviews like this. But I also believe that anything is possible. There are some pretty ignorant people out there, and some are even district managers of large companies. I'll admit that this review does not have me completely convinced but without having been there, who am I to say?

The OP didn't seem to be having a problem in the store prior to the comment, so it's not like she just threw it in to support another complaint. But as I said, there's just no way of knowing what actually happened without having been there.
raven2010 on 07/04/2010:
I am amused by the Op calling the manager a "moron". Seems name-calling is OK when she does it, regardless of what a nine-year-old may or may not have heard.
yoke on 07/04/2010:
Raven, that is why I wonder what really happened. The OP is fast to name call.
shayen on 07/04/2010:
I think the only way anyone will ever know for sure if this customer was called the "N" word is if the employee the manager was talking to confirmed it. IF the word was used and made in reference to the customer, then that is horrible, uncalled for and certainly inappropriate. I agree with the letter writer that racism does exist and is a terrible, terrible thing. I used to live in an all black neighborhood (I am white) and it was very common to find racial slurs spray-painted on the sidewalks out front, hate-filled letters left on my car, etc. Bottom line: the nine year old may have misunderstood. I have a 10 year old, so I know from experience how they can misunderstand things. Its not fair, and some would say racist on your part, to just assume that yeah, the manager must have said it because she is, after all, white. Basically, the only thing you can do is take your business elsewhere and speak with Corporate and ask them to investigate.
pandakbuntispangongilong on 07/13/2010:
Sterling Jewelers Inc., the largest U.S. specialty retail jeweler, has been sued by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for allegedly “discriminating against a large class of female employees at stores nationwide.” It contends “thousands of women nationwide” are affected. The EEOC enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination.

Sterling, in a statement to JCK, said it had investigated the allegations when they first arose, but couldn’t substantiate them, and “we do not believe these charges are valid.” It noted the majority of its store managers and employees are women.

"We take the allegations raised in this lawsuit very seriously,” said David A. Bouffard, Sterling Jewelers vice president, media relations. “We are confident these charges don’t reflect the culture of this company. Fairness, opportunity, integrity and respect are core values at Sterling.” He said the company will “defend ourselves vigorously against whatever legal action arises.”

The civil action was filed Sept. 24 in U.S. District Court in Buffalo, N.Y.

In it, the EEOC alleges Sterling “pays its female retail sales employees less than male employees performing equal work, and denies female employees promotional opportunities for which they are qualified.” It does this, the suit claims, “by maintaining a system for making promotion and compensation decisions that is excessively subjective, and through which Sterling Jewelers has permitted or encouraged managers to deny female employees” equal pay and promotion opportunities.

The EEOC said it filed its lawsuit after allegedly failing to reach a voluntary settlement with Sterling. It is seeking “monetary relief, an order requiring the company to implement new policies and practices to prevent discrimination, training about anti-discrimination laws, posting of notices at the worksite, and other injunctive relief.”

Sterling, headquartered in Akron, Ohio, (pictured) operates 1,414 stores in the U.S., trading as “Kay Jewelers,” “Jared the Galleria of Jewelry,” and several regional names. It has more than 19,000 employees. Sterling is the U.S. division of Signet Jewelers Ltd., the world’s largest specialty retail jeweler in the world, which is moving its headquarters from London to Bermuda, and its stock listing from London to the New York Stock Exchange.Eight women from the Tampa Bay area have joined an EEOC class-action lawsuit against Sterling Jewelers, owner of Jared, Kay Jewelers and Marks & Morgan stores.

The lawsuit alleges that Sterling, based in Fairlawn, Ohio, pays women in retail sales positions less than men and denies them promotions “with malice or reckless indifference.”

Plaintiff Dawn Soot-Coons was serving as a temporary store manager at the Jared Galleria of Jewelry store in Brandon near Tampa when she found a payroll report left on a desk. It showed that “every male except one earned more—$2, $3 and up to $4 an hour more—than any of the females,” she told the St. Petersburg Times.

“Even the top female sales associate, who sold more than $1 million of jewelry a year, got $2.50 less an hour than a guy just hired with no jewelry experience,” Soot-Coons said.

An EEOC attorney said discrimination complaints at Tampa-area Sterling stores “verified systemic pay and promotion discrimination across the entire company.” Sterling gives local managers broad discretion, resulting in “excessively subjective” pay, the EEOC said.

David Bouffard, vice president of media relations for Sterling, told the National Jeweler trade magazine, “We take the allegations raised in this lawsuit very seriously. We are confident that these charges do not reflect the culture of this company.” He pointed out that most of Sterling’s store managers and employees are female.
Get Overtime La
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Go Elsewhere - they are thieves and unreliable!
Posted by on
WESTMINSTER, COLORADO -- I originally took ring to Flatirons to get a bagget & the tips replaced. Was promised it on a certain date, they NEVER sent it out then all of a sudden a quote! I was told by the pregnant woman there that it was indeed 'lost' so I told them to get it back from wherever it supposedly was 'sent' to which was odd since it was 2 days. FedEx isn't even that quick! Picked it up, took a week and dealt with it. It was then taken to the Orchard in Westminster. Promised 12/24/2009 to have in the store after the SAME thing. Apparently they can't do a transfer - whatever!? BS if you ask me. Then on 12/31/09, a woman called and said the item wouldn't be in on the 24th -- DUH, it was the 31st and I think we figured it out. The woman said they 'misplaced' it. Then when we called everyday starting the 28th to find out status it was either misplaced, in route, or in the shop for repair. I went in on 1/2/2010 and it was STILL in the store, they never sent it out.

My husband paid for an upgrade on the stone. OK, this is total BS if I ever heard it, the government gives a lot of BS, but this one takes the cake. Ver batum what they said on 1/2/2010 to me and over the phone to my husband "the stone was unavailable and we had to special order it and it takes 2-4 weeks". Holy S! Don't someone at either location have the sense to pick up a phone when it was supposed to be sent out the beginning of December 5th I think it was. Especially when it was due to US on 12/24/09. We call every other day and get told 'we are checking into it and will get back to you', no one ever calls, emails back NOTHING! I will NEVER and totally encourage anyone to go elsewhere. Maybe they said December 24, 2010!! If you want to wear and enjoy your jewelry -- DON'T GO TO KAY JEWELERS CUZ I BE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. They don't send it out and then give excuse after excuse to keep us happy - wrong. I am posting on every board I can find to save others the hassle of dealing with these guys. I should have gone to Jared or the Schoen Company. I am so glad I got a new wedding ring for xmas, just wish I could enjoy it!!

And now we are told that it won't be in til Feb 2010. Great, we are out of the country and per their policy 'if pieces are left after 2-weeks, they are sent back to the repair facility' - we are gone for 2 1/2 weeks so once again they have issues, poor service, no honest because I think an employee stole it and the employee is using the excuses and relaying them to us until the employee gets enough $ to get it out of pawn. I am going ot the police Friday if no answer because then I am taking it as stolen.
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User Replies:
goduke on 01/07/2010:
If you think the employee stole it, why would you not go to the store manager to inquire about what's going on? Or to the owner?

If you are going to be out of the country when it's ready thought, couldn't a trusted friend collect it for you? I'm sure if you gave them written authorization and cleared that through the store manager, all would be ducky.
PepperElf on 01/07/2010:
well ... actually 2 day delivery exists if you get overnight or 2-day service

what I'm wondering about is...
you brought it in to one store and found out later they "never sent it out"

then you brought it into another store
and they too "never sent it out"

why on earth would you continue to do business with them?

Personally, I'd suggest not using any jeweler in a mall for serious work.

as for picking it up, have you considered a special POA for having someone pick it up for you?
ShellStang on 01/08/2010:
I did speak with the manager and there is an investigation w/the District Manager at Kay Jewelers and each employee to determine what happened.
I didn't take it to the 2nd Kay, I wanted it to go to Jared or the Schoen Company - I trust their work and their staff. Hubby took to the 2nd Kay. Well, they will never have another piece of our jewelry.
He feels horrible for how much of a hassle this was, but they have a investigation started as to 'what happened' and why I was told from the 1-800 Customer Service # vs what we were told at the store. I just think that Kay is a shady operation. We learned to not go there again.
The major work at 1st was just to replace the bagget and fix a prong. he decided to upgrade it at the last minute but at Kay OMG. Argh. Such a hassle. Don't waste your time.
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Rip Off
Posted by on
NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I recently visited Kay's Jewelers in Nashua,NH at the Pheasant Lane Mall to have a link taken out of my watch. I asked them to give me an estimate. I bought this watch there and it was 14K gold. Estimate to take out link $135.00???? I asked how come so much and there reply was that they had to take the whole insides out so they wouldn't ruin the working parts. WHAT???? I told them I would be picking it up without it being repaired. I proceeded to another major jewelers and they did it for $ 0.

My recommendation is DO NOT BUY FROM KAYS JEWELERS !!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 06/01/2008:
you were not ripped off! they simply wanted you to pay for the work. if you baught the watch there, then why didn't they look up your information? most repeat customers receive free repairs.
Cyane on 06/01/2008:
For any jewelry I've purchased from Kays, Kays locations have always made adjustments for me free of charge, as long as I was able to provide my receipt for proof of purchase.

When I've taken jewelry I've purchased from one store to another separate entity, the new store has always charged for the alteration.

This isn't a ripoff.
Anonymous on 06/01/2008:
I honestly don't see a rip off here. The review is helpful, however, because it demonstrates how important it may be to get an estimate before asking for the work to be done. Imagine, if the OP would have assumed the work would cost nothing...and got a $135 bill for removing the link!
old fart on 06/01/2008:
Most watches I ever owned only required a couple of minutes and a steady hand to pop a link out of a watchband.
Walmart does it for 5 bucks..
Sounds fishy to me, in particular the reason they gave which was going into the watch mechanism..
yoke on 06/01/2008:
I took it that the OP was questioning the reasoning behind the $135.00. Why would they have to take the insides of the watch out to take a link off? That is what the rip off is about.
old fart on 06/01/2008:
I had to go look at a watch to see what the problem would be and I see no reason to go into the watche's innards..
I'm glad the poster didn't take the Jewelry store's word for it...
That would have to be a pretty strange kind of watch...
Anonymous on 06/01/2008:
The onliest reason I could conceive of for why the innards would be removed, would be (and this is a stretch) if the watchmaker was afraid the mechanism might become damaged while removing the link. But, then, simply removing the mechanism may damage it too. Sounds like they were setting the OP up for a rip off...but no rip off took place.
Principissa on 06/01/2008:
I'm confused as well. Why would they need to take the actual mechanisms out of the watch to remove a link? Since they usually remove the links from the bottom end of the watch, which is nowhere near the mechanism the only thing I can surmise is that they were in fact trying to rip this person off. Seeing as this person bought the watch from Kay they should have easily been able to look up their information in their computer system. Since she bought the item from Kay the repair should have been free of charge as she was a customer. Total rip off and I don't blame the poster for going elsewhere.
DigitalCommando on 06/01/2008:
This was an attempted rip off because when links are removed from a band, it is the link farthest away from the watch body that's removed, not the one that attaches to the watch body itself. There is no watch in existence that requires disassembly of the watch movements, to remove a link. I collect watches and have had links removed from every one of them.
Slimjim on 06/01/2008:
I don't know if this is a Kay standard charge or just what the Nashua store felt like charging, but it is ridiculously high for the amount of time and effort it takes to pop a link out. As others question, there is no logical reasoning I can think of where the watch's mechanisms should be touched whatsoever.
Ponie on 06/01/2008:
I agree that it makes no sense to disturb the mechanism of a watch when removing a link in the band. However, I don't agree the poster took it to another jeweler and had the link removed at no charge. I tend to not believe that part of the complaint. Now, if the poster was a frequent customer of the second store, with that I'd agree because jewelers are always looking for repeat business.
Anonymous on 06/01/2008:
I suspect there is much more to this story. It sounds like this was just Kay's way of saying they don't want the business.

yoke on 06/02/2008:
The customer had a right to go to another jeweler to have the link removed. The OP did not have to pay Kays the obsurd amount they wanted. If the other jeweler decided to do it for free how is that the OP's fault? Maybe the other jeweler was trying to get new business and I know that if I went to a jeweler and they did something for free the next time I needed to buy a piece of jewelry it would be that place and not Kays who was willing to rip me off.
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Defected merchandise
Posted by on
AKRON, OHIO -- I purchased a pair of diamond stud earrings. I did not like the backing that is the piece that holds the earring. It was difficult to remove and inconvenient because it was the screw on type. The sales associate told me that I could purchase separately a piece to hold the earring that I would simply clip on. I did purchase this item. The sales associate told me that the piece was secure and that it would never come off. The piece failed. As a result one of the diamond stud earrings were lost. I contacted the parent company of Kay Jewelers which is Sterling Jewelers. They were rude and did not try to assist me with this problem. I have been a customer of this company for over 25 yrs making several purchases over the yrs. It appears that the product is defected. I do not plan to make anymore purchases from this company. In my opinion, their customer care dept. is not professional.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 08/24/2010:
I think you got bad advice. Assuming these are pierced earrings, a regular push-on back would not be a good substitute for a screw-on back. Unless you were dead set on these particular earrings, it would have been better to choose ones that were easy for you to use without having to be altered.

I don't think Kay's is going to take responsibility for this. I think the best you can hope for is a possible discount on another earring. But if you don't plan on buying anything else from them, I guess that's not an option.
spiderman2 on 08/24/2010:
There is a reason they put the original backs on the earrings. I don't think the salesperson should have told you that the substitute backing would never come off, any earring back can come off. I think you would have a much better case if you had been using the original earring back.
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Stay Away From Kay Jewelers!
Posted by on
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN -- My wife took a watch to Kay Jewelers for a new battery. The employee broke the stem of the watch, but offered to repair it and return it to us. That would have been fine.

Now, weeks later Kay Jewelers is calling us and telling us that we have to pay for the repairs!

I recommend you shop somewhere else.

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User Replies:
jenjenn on 10/26/2007:
I brought my watch to two different jewelers, who both refused to change the battery due to the possibility of breaking the watch. I ended up having to do it myself. (it's that stubbornness thing) :)
killerklown on 10/26/2007:
Did you try talking out your problem with someone at Kays? My wife and I both got our wedding/engagement rings from Kays and I've been nothing but impressed by their service and reliability.
Gando on 10/26/2007:
I used to work at a jewelery story and it is really easy to change a battery. The thing is, how could the stem break? You lay the watch face down on a thick cloth, pop the back off, take out old battery, insert new, pop back on. Done! The stem should not even be touched? Not sure how the stem broke. I would need to know the brand of the watch. This type of repair was about ten dollars.

Please let me know what type of watch this was. What did the manager say when you told him/her of the problem? Did you get the salesperson's name that told you it would be free? Next time, ask for a business card and make the salesperson write up what he is telling you.
niljac on 10/26/2007:
Yes, we were pretty happy with Kay, we actually purchased many things from them. It's just that when the manager called she was so unreasonable. She gave me the wrong number for customer service and hung up on me. At the end of the call, there was no resolution about what would happen next. I also think she wasn't being honest with me when she said that her district manager and customer service had both told her not to repair the watch.

My wife actually wore the watch in to the store and it was in perfect working condition. It was running about two minutes slow, and that's why we thought it needed a new battery.

We have the receipt from the sales person. It's a Movado watch, retailed for about $850, we got it on sale less than two years ago. It's actually still under warranty so hopefully we can get it back in one piece and send it to Movado.

I guess the reason we're so upset is because it was a very sentimental watch, and we feel it's being mishandled.
Gando on 10/29/2007:
Oh my goodness! They tried to change a Movado battery in the store! That is no good at all. You see, Movado's are pressure sealed, meaning you can scuba dive with them up to x amount of feet. All repairs of this nature need to be sent to Movado or an authorized Swiss timepiece repair facility. They probably voided your warranty by taking apart a Movado. That's terrible! I myself own a Longines which needs a new battery but I keep putting it off because I'd need to have it sent to Longines for about a month, that costs about $50.00. But, it will be re-pressurized and will stay under warranty. I am truly sorry to hear about your bad experience.
niljac on 10/30/2007:
Wow, thanks Gando, I didn't realize that about the watch.

If they don't offer to do something in the next couple of weeks, I'll just go get the watch and send it to Movado myself for repairs.

I think it's pretty clear that their staff isn't very knowledgeable about their products. I know I won't be shopping there again. Thanks!
Gando on 10/30/2007:
Movado's are truly wonderful watches. Did you know the crystal face of the watch is not made of normal crystal? It's sapphire crystal and is so durable and long lasting the face will not scratch unless you drag a dimond over the face! Made with stainless steel, the watch may be more susceptible to scratches, but that can be easily polished by an authorized Movado dealer. Try and see what you can do, but you might be better off with another jeweler. Not sure what is in your area, but a few suggestions: Bailey, Banks and Biddle. CD Peacock. Best of luck to you!

I no longer work in the jewlery business, but I do miss it a lot! =)
niljac on 10/31/2007:
Thanks Gando, I really appreciate your help.
Take care. :)
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