Kelleher International

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Kelleher International
268 Bush Street Suite 2930
San Francisco, CA 94104
415-332-4111 (ph)
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Kelleher International.......Rude employee
By -

I am a highly successful business owner, above average pretty and a socialite.....a sought after one I might add. I was pursued by an employee until I gave her some honest feedback from a prior customer who paid $100,000 for their elite services. she asked me why I had not called her back and I told her about this former client who had a terrible reason for not calling her back. she then very rudely said to me "how do we even know if we want you? "we have not even seen your pictures" I happily sent my pictures......I looked great! she then sent an email (no call this time) saying that they had a waiting list for women my age! mind you that before I gave her the honest feedback from this former client, she knew my age. when I wrote to her asking her how long the waiting list would be she never responded! how rude. to the owners, I am a successful business owner as you both are. you should never have someone like her in your employ. I cannot mention names but not a good image for the two of you who look real.

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