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Special K Fruit Crisps
Posted on
Rating: 5/51
I was looking for a healthy breakfast snack to bring to work and I saw a box of Special K Fruit Crisps. I decided to buy a box of the strawberry kind. I am so glad I did! They taste just like Pop Tarts.

Each pack comes with 2 bars and are a total of 100 calories per pack. That's way less than a packet of Pop Tarts.

The only downside is that the bars are not as big as a Pop Tart. I've been pairing the bars with some cottage cheese or yogurt and fruit. If you like Pop Tarts, but want to save on calories and carbs, I would recommend these Fruit Crisps. They also come in blueberry and chocolate flavors.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/30/2012:
Great review, yaya!
Bill on 05/30/2012:
They're good but expensive. I believe there's five in a box and cost around $3.00 - $3.29 at the local supermarket.
Anonymous on 05/30/2012:
Bill, there are 5 packets per box. I paid under $3 for a box at Walmart.
Churro on 05/30/2012:
Actually gram for gram it has almost the exact same calorie count as Kellog's Frosted strawberry pop tarts. Half a pop tart equals two crisps and half a pop tart has 100 calories.

Holy smokes though I never realized how many calories pop tarts contained. Thanks for the info Miss Shorty.
Justice74 on 05/30/2012:
Sounds delicious! I'll give em' a try, and the blueberry ones too. Good review.
madconsumer on 05/30/2012:
good review.

walmart does have the lowest prices in my locale on these.
jktshff1 on 05/30/2012:
Good info, thanks
Anonymous on 05/30/2012:
Churro, who eats half a pop tart?
Old Timer on 05/30/2012:
Have to check in with the cardio boss to see if these little treats are allowed or not. Thanks for the heads up!
Alain on 05/30/2012:
Sounds good, Shorty! We just finished a box of Special K bars of some sort (strawberry) and they were good and convenient. We'll give these a try, next. Since the calories are probably less than what I'd get if I went mad dog on a cheese cake, I don't have any worries about them. Sometimes I want a little something sweet. I'll bet the metformin and januvia can handle one of these just fine.
MRM on 05/30/2012:
Wasn't there a similar product reviewed a while back?
Anonymous on 05/30/2012:
MRM, not by me. Unless you're referring to my review on Kellogg's fiber bars
MRM on 05/30/2012:
That's what I was thinking of, the fiber bar.
Anonymous on 05/30/2012:
I wouldn't consider them to be similar products
DebtorBasher on 05/30/2012:
And they are Kosher Dairy too...
Anonymous on 05/30/2012:
I didn't know they were Kosher
DebtorBasher on 05/30/2012:
And now you do! ;)

I just read that on their website. You can get a box of 40 for $14.95 on Amazon....and is free shipping eligible...I think you have to have an order of $25.00 though.
lexophiliac on 05/31/2012:
Sounds good LS. I'm on a calorie quest at the moment, but will keep these in mind for the future.
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Cinnamon Roll Frosted Mini Wheats - Little Bites, Big Flavor!
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
My breakfast this morning is Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Little Bites, in the new Cinnamon Roll flavor, which I am eating right out of the box. If I don't put the box down soon, there will be none left!

I'm not sure I would like these with milk, but they are delicious on their own. In fact, I like all the Frosted Mini Wheat varieties, especially Chocolate and Touch of Fruit in the Middle. The Cinnamon Roll is my new favorite. They are an "Excellent Source of Fiber and Grain", but don't let that scare you. They are really good.

I am now closing the box and saving them for someone else (if I don't get back to them first).
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/01/2012:
These sound delicious..thanks Venice!!
Anonymous on 02/01/2012:
If Venice likes this cereal, I know I will too. I love cinnamon flavored anything. I will have to buy a box the next time I'm at the store.
trmn8r on 02/01/2012:
This isn't my speed when it comes to cereal, but your review should be helpful to a lot of people who are more adventuresome. Good review, Venice.
Steve-n-NorCal on 02/01/2012:
My daughter loves the strawberry flavored ones.

* gag *

Anonymous on 02/01/2012:
I love the strawberry ones too
Venice09 on 02/01/2012:
I've never had strawberry, but I do like blueberry. I don't like any of them in milk. I only eat them out of the box. Like cookies!

Yaya, I think you'll like these. If you like cinnamon flavor, you must love Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
Alain on 02/02/2012:
I haven't had these in a while. This new flavour sounds great! I'll give them a try, Venice!
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Dead Flattened Bugs Special K
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CABOT, ARKANSAS -- I opened a brand new box of my favorite special k chocolate strawberry cereal and opened a brand new milk and poured it into my bowl. After about 3 bites I noticed a flattened bug (dunno what it was) floating around... I then noticed 2 other flattened bugs... I'm disgusted. If they were live I would think it happened in storage or transit but the fact that these bugs were flat and dead leads me to believe it happened during manufacturing. I'm absolutely disgusted.. Who knows if I ate one during my 3 bites. I can't see myself ever being able to stomach any kind of cereal ever again.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/15/2013:
I don't see why this could not happen in storage. If the bug is down inside the box, and it dies, it will get flattened by the weight of the cereal. I believe that storage issues are much more commonly the cause of this, rather than production.
John Nicholson on 08/15/2013:
The bad news is that you probably ate a lot of dead bugs from that box of cereal, although over your lifetime you have eaten many from all sorts of processed foods. Common and a certain percentage is allowed by the FDA. The good news is that they won't kill you. Contact Kellogg's and they will send you a coupon for another box.
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Bugs in Kellogg's Special K Cereal
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN -- I bought three boxes of Special K red berries cereal in June, 2012. The expiration date on the box was May 2013. When I opened the cereal the following morning and poured it into a bowl, I was shocked to see dozens of little bugs climbing out of the cereal when I started pouring milk on it. I will never buy a Kellogg product again. What kind of filth infested factory allows bugs to get inside their product. Shame on Kellogg manufacturing.
Company Response 07/17/2012:
I am sorry to hear this happened to you. Please call our contact center and give this reference number and they will be able to help you out.
025942761A 1-800-962-1413
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User Replies:
MRM on 07/16/2012:
That's nasty! Thre are probably eggs laying in there as well.
Tezrien on 07/16/2012:

nuff said !
trmn8r on 07/16/2012:
Most excellent link, Tezrien. I especially liked the mouse in the loaf of bread.

Is there a possibility the insects got into this box of cereal during shipment/storage? Perhaps the bag was not sealed properly. I'm leaning in that direction, versus believing the factory is infested with insects.
biomajor on 07/16/2012:
If the insects were still crawling, and you just bought them the day before, it was probably during storage at the store where you purchased it. They may have punctured the sealed inner bag and allowed the insects access to the cereal.
frak on 07/16/2012:
I've been to the Kellogg's plants, and like biomajor says, these critters must have come in afterwards. The cereal is cooked then immediately pumped into bags, so while bugs are possible, it seems improbably that LIVE bugs came in during the manufacturing process.

Is there even the slightest chance that these bugs are in other foods in your pantry? My stupid father got bugs once and had to throw out everything in his kitchen.

For nothing else, this is a great time to double check your overall food storage, just to make sure it is as clean as you expect it to be and as I am sure it is!
Kellogg Consumer Affairs on 07/17/2012:
I am so sorry to hear about this happening. As others have mentioned, it would most likely have happened in distribution. Please call our contact center and give them this reference number: 025942761A and they will be able to help you. 1-800-962-1413
DUMBLEDORE on 07/18/2012:
Sounds to me like the Kellogg peole jumped on this and tried to cover it up with a bunch of hogwash. Their storage facility has been the subject of previous complaints. All I can say is beware of your cereal if it's from Kellogg.
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Am I the only one who is noticing that Froot Loops now tastes TERRIBLE?
Posted by on
Am I the only one noticing this? I don't eat Froot Loops every month but every couple of months I get the urge for that fruity flavor that brings back memories of my childhood. I get a huge family sized box and I eat it ALL MYSELF! NO SHARING. Today, after not having it for several months, I bought a box and noticed it says *now provides fiber* and *same great taste*. I thought, well *BONUS* for me-right? NOT! It looks like regular Froot Loops and smells like regular Froot Loops but one spoonful had me checking the date code-did I get an old box? Nope! Date code is 2010! They taste terrible, no flavor, and they have a weird aftertaste. Am I the only one noticing this? Did my tastebuds become defective from yesterday (when I was eating Lucky Charms) to today?
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User Replies:
MRM on 10/15/2009:
I, myself, do not eat Fruit Loops as it makes me coo coo for cocoa puffs.
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
I haven't had fruit loops since I was a kid..good stuff

BEJ on 10/15/2009:
I am a Lucky Charms girl myself but have recently switched over to the rather boring Cheerios: Banana Nut mixed with MultiGrain.
Sparticus on 10/15/2009:
Sounds like you figured it out. Perhaps the new fiber ingredients is throwing off the taste. Do they still offer a non-fiber version?

Another possibility, your body could be changing as well. I used to love bologna. I ate it every single day for lunch. Sometimes 2-3 sandwiches.

Then one day it all stopped. It tasted different. I could no longer eat it. I thought it was a bad batch. I bought more. It also tasted horrible. My body had officially rejected bologna. It was probably a self-preservation move on my body's part.
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
We buy the generic froot loops and they taste the same
MRM on 10/15/2009:
Even generic Frosted flakes tastes the same!
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
So does generic Captain Crunch and Cheerios. But ya got to buy name brand Lucky Charms. The generic stuff tastes like crap
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
Yeah, I really dig the generic Fruit Loops.
Good heads up on the real Fruit Loops tasting funky. Hmmmmm... though, I have to eat them right away... soggy Fruit Loops tastes weird and slimey.
Too bad I haven't seen a generic Cinnamon Life, yet.
flipper on 10/15/2009:
I only ate Fruit Loops once, a few months ago. Couldn't stand the taste. Gave it to my neighbor.
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
I'm a Rice Krispy fan....Raisin Bran without the sugary raisins is another good one
skelly39 on 10/15/2009:
KellyN, in answer to your question, no, your taste buds did not change. I'm an Apple Jacks fiend. We bought a box and threw it right out. The texture is wrong, the taste is wrong...same thing-"now with fiber." If I wanted fiber in my cereal, I'd buy All Bran. They need to leave the junk cereals alone.
Anonymous on 10/15/2009:
Skelly, generic Apple Jacks are good
Mrs. V on 10/15/2009:
Nope, most Kelloggs that have the 'Now With Fiber' taste like cardboard >_<

I REALLY wish companys would stop messing with a good thing (or at lest to a product test, for goodness sakes!).
skelly39 on 10/15/2009:
Thanks, little. I'm going to have to try them, because the new Kelloggs ones are hideous. Cardboard would be an improvement.
Ques on 10/15/2009:
the fiber add on has ruined froot loops. it still tastes the same to me but the texture is much smoother, which I hate, and when chewing the cereal now chokes me slightly, froot loops are ruined thanks to fiber!
RyanLN on 11/08/2009:
You are 100% right. I noticed it immediately- they don't even look the same; they are slightly smaller, not nearly as sweet and taste like utter garbage. I immediately went out and bought up all of the remaining pre-fiber boxes of Froot Loops and Apple Jacks I could get my hands on. I sincerely believe they should not be able to advertise that the cereal tastes the same, because it does NOT- the texture is wrong, the flavor is wrong, and it's just plain bad. I think what Kellogg's fails to realize is that most sane parents will never, ever buy Froot Loops for their kids as a primary cereal- it is a *treat* cereal, something special to eat every now and then for a kid- and for an adult (I.e. ME) something to eat while playing Xbox at 10:30 at night. The thing is, if it's disgusting, I won't buy it for them OR for me. Fiber in junk cereal? Why don't you put some vitamins in my crack cocaine. Shame on you Kellogg's. I'm moving on to the store brands.
scifu on 12/01/2009:
They do not taste the same. I've been a fan for years and as soon as that box was opened I could tell that the texture was not the same. A quick taste test confirm that the taste also was sucky. Too bad!
Anonymous on 12/01/2009:
They taste the same to me. The texture is a bit different but heck it is cold cereal. I prefer Cheerios anyway.
limesparks on 03/07/2010:
In addition to the fiber, there was another significant change that happened with froot loops, apple jacks, pops and frosted flakes. You will notice that the packaging has changed... the inner liner is now a plastic bag, at least on the larger boxes. Last summer I did a side by side comparison of apple jacks in a plastic liner vs. apple jacks in a foil liner and the difference is very noticeable. The foil retains the flavor that you grew to love, while the plastic leaves the cereal tasting very bland. I don't understand how quality control at Kellogg's misses something this obvious. I even went so far as to write to kelloggs, informing them of my discontent with the new plastic liners, to which there was no reply.
I, too, will try out the generic brands to see if my fix can be had elsewhere now, the new taste is horrible, just horrible. Just today I bought my first added fiber version, and not only is the texture all wrong (as noted above), the cereal now has way too much apple flavor... as those who love it know, the charm of apple jacks was that it barely had any apple flavor at all, just a cinnamony-sugared goodness that I am sorry to say is now completely gone from the product. Who is the genius at kelloggs who decided to change a time-tested formula? I would love to push him through an apple corer!!!!

limesparks on 03/07/2010:
BeatriceAlice on 05/02/2010:
You certainly aren't the only one to notice the death of Fruit Loops as we know them. Now they are faintly fruit flavored cardboard rings. I not only couldn't eat them but I took them back to the store. After adding the fiber (cardboard) they then did some sort of promotion having "Moms" blog on the internet how their little darlings just gobbled up the cardboard not noticing how awful they are. In return they got some sort of supply of cereal. This made derogatory comments or those not being compensated for their taste opinions virtually pages away when searching for what happened to our cherished cereal. You will find blog after blog of happy nutrition conscious "Moms" promoting the product. Taste buds don't lie. I eat Fruit Loops to tingle my taste buds not to stimulate my colon. Now I eat Post Captain Crunch who is at least faithful to its customers.
Anonymous on 05/02/2010:
"If it aint broke, don't fix it,"
Toucan Sam
MKCampbell on 01/23/2011:
No, it's not you they are horr-I-ble, like eating imitation candlewax sawdust fabricated from partially recycled plastic. I wouldn't have found your review had I not been thinking "wow have I lost it, or are these nasty now" thought I'd do a random search since none of my friends think that I'm sane. I can remember thinking that they were pretty good within the last year or two. blechh. revolt!
lavada on 06/21/2011:
I'm so mad I loved apple jacks " a for apple j for jacks cinnamon toasty apple jacks" I will not buy them or froot loops or any kelloggs unless I need cardboard in my diet which I get from my fruits and veg. lunch and super I have ibs and that fiber about killed me after one bowl .so went to grocery today really wanting apple jacks so I started reading the fiber content apple jacks had 10 grams in one serving toostios had 3 that what apple jacks used to have I eat them and I'm happy and content now I got real generic apple jacks back lol.
Curtisinteruptus on 08/10/2012:
I WAS a Froot Loop ADDICT until they messed with them. If you're lucky enough to find some limited edition ones called "sooper loopers" (and I haven't been able to for some time now)you'll rejoice and do a pre-fibre froot loop dance (involuntarily). I'll sign any petition. Maybe even draw one up. Keep your fiber. Give me Froot Loops or give me DEATH!! AppleJacks? Same sad,sad story.
Alice on 02/11/2013:
I tried the new fruit flavored cardboard rings, I not only said good bye to my all time favorite comfort food but got on the internet only to find their "blog campaign" which amounted to tons of authors with the exact (word by word) blogging about the wonderful taste. I hate the new formula and cannot help but wonder if the cardboard tasting fiber filler is their way of providing less product (like smaller yogurt) Fruit Loops taste awful. What child is worried about fiber anyway? Are children constipated these days? Go with Malt O Meal or another generic brand Fruit Loops if you want that original flavor. Kelloggs, If you read this, you suck and I was never fooled from day one, box one. I didn't even finish the first bowl.
Yoooo on 05/12/2013:
My experience was the same but recently went and bought a box of Fruit loops and they changed it and it now taste similar as it always does. So go get yourself a box of fruit loops they don't taste the same blegh taste. So yup :)
lol on 08/15/2013:
I still like them well the 2013 ones adults are just changing their taste buds
starr on 09/09/2013:
I recently had cinnamon toast crunch and then fruit loops and neither had much taste and wondered WHAT HAPPENED??? I know and will never buy them again!!! They now taste horrible! thanks guys!
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Tiny Bugs Found In The Cereal And The Box Itself
Posted by on
WAYNESBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was getting the last 2 bowls of cereal from my raisin bran box. I ate 1 bowl and took 1 bite from the second bowl and noticed that what I thought were tiny parts of the flake in the milk appeared to have little arms or legs sticking out of 1 end. I looked closer and that's when it happened. THEY WERE MOVING!! I almost threw up and still want to. I didn't have them in any other box of cereal in the same cabinet door or on the cabinet itself. They were just in the cereal and after I pulled the bag out they were crawling in the box as well. This is very sick since I have no clue what I just ate.

Be aware. I emailed the company and contacted the local store as well.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/07/2009:
They gave you the box that was supposed to be used in a new gremlins movie. Those were the baby gremlins. I heard they have cute arms and legs at least. Ö¿Ö

Sorry, couldn't resist. Seriously this is yet another big company getting sloppy at the expense of the consumer.
You should sue this company and sue them big! Sue them for all the anguish they've given you. With one good shrink or family doctor to back you on this, you'll have a good case. Would be a stronger case if you have pictures or at least witnesses.
msnanny on 02/07/2009:
I think you are going to have a tough time proving that the company is at fault here but good luck to you.
madconsumer on 02/07/2009:
bugs can get into the cereal anywhere, any place, any time. in order for your claim to hold up, you will need to prove they did not get into the cereal from inside your cabinet, and prove it was from the store and or manufacturer. either will be hard to prove. if anything all you will get is a coupon for a free box of cereal.

sueing over bugs in cereal will be tossed out, and most likely, kelloggs will counter sue.

lasty, some cultures eat all types of bugs, they are full of protien.
GenuineNerd on 02/07/2009:
It depends on how the box was stored, and if it was a box that was sitting on a store shelf for a long time, especially if the raisin bran was purchased at a rundown corner store with old stock and lack of cleanliness instead of at a modern supermarket where product turnover is high. Most stores put older stock in front. Also, if you have had problems with sow bugs or other insects getting into food at your home (if the bugs are also getting into flour, macaroni, etc.) you may want to make sure your pantry or cabinets are clean and bug-free. I doubt it if Kellogg's or the store you bought the raisin bran from would take any responsibility for the bugs.
Anonymous on 02/07/2009:
Madc, BA.
old fart on 02/07/2009:
Given the fact that you poured the last 2 bowls and found the bugs, it is probable that your pantry is the source of the food infesting insects... you need to do a careful inspection of ALL the packages of DRY food in your food cupboards checking the exteriors of the boxes for small pin- hole openings in the packaging.. ripped inner liners and the like..
I would wager that you have dry products in the back of the cabinet that you have yet to use like dry pet food, pudding mixes, uneaten or unopened cereal, dry breadcrumb mixes and the like..

I was in the pest control business for 30 years and generally , proper food rotation was the root cause of this kind of problem...

P.S. make sure that no stray food particles have built up in the cracks and crevices of the cupboard or cabinets themselves... this type of pest will make a meal out of the food dust that accumulates in that kind of situation..

Even some potted plants will contribute to the problem because this kind of bug thrives on dead organic plant material..

Leave no stone unturned..!!!
old fart on 02/07/2009:
MEMO TO BOB SLADE...Ambulance chasing is not going to help this consumer...
A little elbow grease and a shop vac will....

Anonymous on 02/07/2009:
OF, I once had that problem. ONCE. Now, I make sure to keep certain pantry items in sealed containers, and routinely check other items.

One good tip I found handy -- I freeze my flour before storing it in airtight containers in the pantry.

BokiBean on 02/07/2009:
I'm with old fart. Since the box was almost empty and you didn't notice the bugs before, it almost certainly isn't the store or manufacturer.
BokiBean on 02/07/2009:
Good tip, Miss Marple. I keep flours that I don't use much (bread flour, cornmeal, etc) in the refrigerator.
old fart on 02/07/2009:
2ND MEMO to Bob Slade.. In almost all cases of infestation, the customer invariable said, "WOW, I FORGOT ABOUT THAT PACKAGE OF (product name here)...I BOUGHT THAT IN 2001!
grandma005 on 02/07/2009:
Buy Lock and Lock containers. They are air type. I used to have a bug problem too. Since buying the containers I have no problems with bugs. I too put my dry products in the freezer for a couple of days before putting them in containers. Bugs have been around through the ages and will be here till the end of time.
old fart on 02/07/2009:
Good Idea Grandma... food infesting beetles and moths are VERY mobile.. freezing a product before an insect hatch destroys the eggs that can be in the cereal or plant based product..

( for what it's worth, it is virtually impossible to avoid insect eggs in cereal or plant based food..)

Happily the eggs cook up just fine and add no flavor to you favorite dish because they are so small...

Just consider it a little protein bonus...
Nohandle on 02/07/2009:
MM and BokiBean if you have the space store your flour and cornmeal in the freezer. When I bring a fresh bag home from the grocery I put bag and all in a zip lock container and into the freezer. GenuineNerd, good response. Also I've found most products have an expiration date somewhere on the product. It takes a bit longer when shopping but I've found it worth the effort.
BokiBean on 02/07/2009:
I've never even looked for exp date on dry goods, great idea, Nohandle!
Starlord on 02/07/2009:
MM, boki and nohandle all have the right idea. In Arizona, we once found a box of cereal infested with tiny bugs. Now we freeze flour, cornmeal, and several other foods for two weeks to a month before sealing them in airtight containers. Haven't seen one of the little critters since.
Anonymous on 02/07/2009:
And when that bowl is empty,
You'll have a bowl again,
Because there's 2 scoops of Beetles
In a package of Kellogg's Raisin Bran.
Anonymous on 02/07/2009:
I'd be Raisin helll ifin it were me.
Ponie on 02/07/2009:
It's for reasons such as this that any boxed dry items I purchase are stored in glass containers with screw-type lids. Usually when I empty a jar of mayo, the label and paper liner in the lid are removed and I run the jar through the dishwasher. Even those ugly canister sets don't guard against these pests. And when you use a glass jar, contents are easily visible. Good for many items, such as tea bags, etc.
madconsumer on 02/07/2009:
" Raisin helll "

price of a box of cereal - 4$
price of a gallon of milk - 5$
price of bugs in the box - 0$

price of raisin helll - priceless
BokiBean on 02/07/2009:
hahaha@sherrif and madconsumer!!
kkjax on 02/08/2009:
OK, now what if the plastic bag is unopened and the cereal is alive inside the bag with moth like things and larve? It just happened to me today, and needless to say I could not get ahold of Kellogs on a Sunday, and the lady at the grocery store asked me to come in on Monday and see the manager. My wife almost threw up at the breakfast table when I pulled the bag out of the box. We also checked and there are no air leaks in the bag, and no signs of bugs inside the box.
old fart on 02/08/2009:
Improper rotation at the store level will cause a problem like the one you describe..
that also can happen at the warehouse level of the grocery chain where you bought the product..

Likely what you are seeing are Indian Meal moths...
Very common grain pest..
concerned eater on 08/24/2013:
Earlier this week, I was nearing the end of my bag of my Special K Chocolatey Delight cereal. A tiny black bug began crawling down my arm as I am eating. This happened a few days before and the connection was the cereal. Stopped eating, pulled the bag out of the box and found tiny bugs in the bottom of the box.
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Bugs in Cereal
Posted by on
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I am thoroughly disgusted as I just opened a brand new package of Kellogg's Raisin Bran Crunch cereal only to find there were live, little bugs not only in the box, but in the cereal bag as well. An unopened bag of cereal should NOT have ANYTHING but the cereal in it.

This USED to be my favorite cereal, but not if this continues. It makes you wonder what's going on at the factory.

I know for a fact it didn't come from my home because I opened another brand new, unopened box of Life cereal and no bugs were present and both boxes were in the same cabinet.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/29/2007:
Did you check the "sell by date?" From time to time these things can happen at KELLOGGS and QUAKER OATS (Life Cereal). Contact the store and Kelloggs. Good luck.
Emmyjune on 01/29/2007:
I agree with zz: contact the manufacturer, and I have faith they will do their best to make it right.
Anonymous on 01/29/2007:
At least you did not eat the bugs mistaking them for raisin's
Anonymous on 01/29/2007:
Bugs are in everything you eat. You just don't know it!

JayZco on 01/29/2007:
Being a former Pest Control Technician....... I know what the type of pests were......They are all classified as a group of insects commonly referred to as "Stored Product Pests." There are a few different species of these ranging from Grain Beetles to Indian Meal Moths. Basically these pests target any type of grain material..... Cereals, Pasta, Flour, Birdseed, and can even be found in dried flowers. From my experiences as an exterminator.... I know that almost every grocery store/Dept store that sells these types of items have this sort of problem. And believe it or not, these little insects can make their way into the boxes and even chew tiny little holes through the sealed bag giving them access to the cereal. Now I'm not saying that they didn't gain access to the cereal during manufacturing at Kelloggs. However, there is also a very good possibility they could have came from the store where you purchased the cereal at. I would contact both the store and Kelloggs, I'm sure they both stand behind their products and would gladly make it right with you! As for Kelloggs Raisin Bran, I've been eating it for years and never had any problems with bugs in it...... So I think you are safe to continue eating your favorite cereal... this incident is something I'm sure happens on very rare occasions.... I hope this helped! Good Luck!
Caliope on 01/29/2007:
Hi so sorry about that! That is disgusting. There is an 800 number on the side of the package, call them up and surely they will send you a coupon to replace the cereal. Have a good day.
Anonymous on 01/29/2007:
If Mikey wouldn't eat Life cereal, what makes you think that bugs would?
Anonymous on 01/29/2007:
*crickets chirping* Mikey, DID eat Life Cereal.
DebtorBasher on 01/29/2007:
Great Info JayZ! I just make it a habit to look and pick apart everything I eat and everything I used to cook with...sometimes bugs are so tiny, you wouldn't know they were even there...some live off the glue on the boxes, YUCK!
Anonymous on 01/29/2007:
Did you guys know that the FDA will soon require % of bug content to be included in the nutritional facts?
Nohandle on 01/29/2007:
Angry, I don't blame you for being disgusted with what you found. I've purchased both flour and cornmeal, taken them home and when opening discovered there were bugs in the bag. I tossed the bag in the garbage, of course, but still wonder if what I purchased in the past had these friendly critters around and I just didn't know it.

I really don't know if this was a result of the manufacturer, storage time in a warehouse or length of time on the shelf at the grocery. Expiration dates don't tell us much if we have no idea what has transpired from packaging to the shelf on the grocery.

The Kellogg company is reputable so I don't believe this is the norm for them. By all means contact the company and your local grocery. They need to be aware of this.
Nohandle on 01/29/2007:
Sheriff, I don't think I really want to know the % of bug content on what I purchase. I'm not really big into growing my own produce and staples. LOL
Anonymous on 01/30/2007:
That's OK, I just made that up anyway.
JayZco on 01/31/2007:
Just wanted to let everyone know who has this problem. If you discover these little bugs in any of your food items, make sure you dispose of them outside! This is very important! If you throw them away in the trash can inside your house they can and will move to your other food products and lay their eggs, and continue to reproduce, thus creating a bigger problem that is very difficult to get rid of! And because their eggs are so small, and can take up to a year to hatch.... you can have a reinfestation up to a year later!
mary123 on 01/31/2007:
Bugs are a great source of protein!
smilzyo on 03/01/2007:
It may not be the product itself. The store that you purchased it may not be rotating it's products properly.
Most stores have lots of sales on there cereal threw out the year to prevent this from happening. Simular thing happened to me the bag seemed sealed but you'r be surprised at what can get in.
Anonymous on 12/20/2007:
I am surprised to have found this site and this information. I have a box of Raisin Bran right now which is infested with Indian Meal Moth. My landlord says I may have to pay for an extermination if I brought it home. How am I supposed to know if it was me who brought it in r if they were even in the cereal to start with? I mean I have a lot of dry foods, I don't even want to open my cupboard after I tried pouring some cereal into my bowl and moths flew out of it...totally couldn't eat for the rest of the day...and the pictures of the larva online are gross...the pest control guy wants to see the source...but won't be able to come over to inspect for a what about the box which I have contained in two plasgtic bags....if he doesn't come right away won't they get out? Grrrr. I called the grocery store where I purchased the cereal and they opened a few boxes of the same product and didn't find anything....its a mystery...just hope things will get sorted out and that they won't reinfest.
russell torquato on 05/24/2011:
I'm 73 years old and I want to tell you how shocked I was, when I open my box of Town House Crackers. It looked like someone played football with the crackers, when they were done, placed them back in the box and seal it up.
At first I thought an animal must have been in my cabinet, but the box was not damaged at all. The first stack was completely smashed, looking more like bread crumbs, and the second stack 75 percent smashed. The 3rd and fourth stack I didn't touch.
My wife thought they might be steal as the crackers were falling apart as I was taking them out of the tubes. I said it cannot be, as the date on the box is stampedSept. 04, 11. How could this be that damaged?Unbelievable.
I bought two boxes at the same time, the first one perfect. I enjoyed them as usual. I a
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Kashi Cereal
Posted by on
NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I bought the organic cereal strawberry fields, I thought there were supposed to be strawberries in it, I could count on one hand and have a few fingers left of the strawberries in the box. What a let down, all flakes.

Add more strawberries or just call it wheat flakes, ridiculous, a big company like that too cheap to spring for more than that.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/26/2008:
Have you complained directly to them?

877-747-2467) Monday–Friday 5am–4pm PST
Anonymous on 07/26/2008:
I tried a couple Kashi cereals when they first came out and they were so bland tasting, like eating chewy cardboard.
Principissa on 07/26/2008:
If you like strawberry's try Special K Red Berries. It's really good and loaded with strawberries. I too have tried the Kashi Strawberry Field's and was not at all impressed with it, especially for the amount of money they charged for it.
Anonymous on 07/26/2008:
Missunderstood, agreed.
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Poor quality
Posted by on
I purchased an 8 pack of pre-made Kellogg's rice crispy treats. I opened one package (stamped numbers on package are 0530 8 PMB8 2) and found what looked like a roach 'blended' into the snack. After many searches, it seems Kellogg's doesn't make it easy to make them aware of these issues. I won't be buying these again.
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Anonymous on 02/19/2008:
How do you know it was a roach? I have found burned pieces of cereal in boxes of Frosted Flakes before. Maybe what looked like a roach was actually a burnt side of the rice krispy treat.
Mrs. V on 02/19/2008:
This site is for contacting Kellogg's.
Anonymous on 02/19/2008:
mmmmmm protein bars!
Anonymous on 02/19/2008:
I prefer the homemade rice krispy treats to the store bought.
Anonymous on 02/19/2008:
I prefer the homemade kind too, but for some reason I can't make rice krispy treats. They never come out right.
Principissa on 02/19/2008:
I don't like the ones from the box. They taste funny. Almost artificial. I make my own.
No offense intended to the poster, but how do you know it was a roach? You don't provide any details supporting that fact. I too have opened a box of cereal and found little burnt pieces that look similar to a bug. Could it have just been a burnt piece of the cereal? I also know they make the boxed ones with chocolate chips, could it have been a chocolate chip?
Anonymous on 02/19/2008:
I've heard of pot in brownies, but roaches in Rice Krispy treats?
shayen on 02/19/2008:
Store bought rice crispie treats aren't that great. The really good ones are the homemade ones that use peanut butter. I'd kill for one right now.

By the way, I've never claimed to be the brightest bulb on the tree, but it took me all of 2 seconds to go to and click on "contact us".
Sueob on 02/20/2008:
It appears to have the shiny look of a roach. I thought it could be a burnt ingredient, but, after further review, I believe it is the outside of a bug. I could take pics and post. It definitely was NOT a whole roach. I could send the treat to the company, for their review. I'll try to contact them based on the poster above. I had tried the 'contact us' on the Kellogg site, but it just gave me FAQ's, no email address to send a quality concern to. Thanks to all for your ideas.
sarahnkrystal on 02/20/2008:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 02/20/2008:
Contact Us – Product Concern
If your question or concern cannot be addressed via e-mail, call 1-800-962-1413.
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