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Kelsey's Lack High Chairs

OHIO -- I am not one to complain. But the service at Kelsey's was terrible. Me my husband and my two children went to Kelsey's on Saturday at around 7pm for a meal. First of all they told us that they had run out of high chairs. All their high chairs were being used. I had to hold my 15 month year old in my lap which completely ruined my meal. My husband and older son (7) could not enjoy the meal either as my 15 month old was constantly crying because there was no high chair for him.

Second thing I ordered a regular coke jug, and I had tasted it and it tasted like diet coke. Just because I have children does not mean that I won't know the difference. Third of all there was a special for the steak for 9.99 which me and my husband both ordered. When the bill was presented I was charged $14.99 for it. I was told that this was only a lunch special. I had told them that when I told them my order that I was not informed about this. They told me that it was listed in the menu.

Sure enough it was listed in the menu saying that this special was only from 11 am to 3 pm. Had I not had a cranky 14 month old I would have been able to read this and paid attention to this. However it was Kelsey's fault that my 15 month old was cranky as there was no high chair.

I feel that I should get a refund of my for all four meals as the meals were not enjoyed, also I would like a $10 plus tax, for the extra they charged on the steaks that were advertised at $9.99 as both me and my husband were charged $14.99 for our steaks that should cost $9.99. and finally invest in high chairs, 3 is not enough. Especially for a Saturday evening. Also before you try to trick people into pay $5 extra for steak you should tell the person beforehand so that they don't buy that steak if they feel it was too expensive. I feel I was purposely not told about this because they just wanted my money and I won't stand for this.

Kelsey's Is Cheap and Does Not Care About Customer Service

A while ago I wrote a complaint to Kelsey's about my terrible experience. All I got was a $20 gift card. I deserve more for this because my meal was ruined. Me my husband and my two kids had spent almost $60 in your restaurant. Also the price for steaks was $9.99 on the menu however we were charged $14.99. We argued over the bill but our server would not give in. Second you only had three high chairs and they were all being used. I had to hold my child on my lap while I ate. I could not enjoy my meal. No one could enjoy the meal because my 15 month old was crying.

A week ago (after two long months) I got a gift card from Kelsey's. A $20 gift card, when I deserve $60 plus 10 dollars and taxes for the steak that you overcharged me for. This is a total insult as we had spent $60 at the restaurant and we only got a $20 value. I feel that you owe me an additional $40 in gift cards and also $10 plus for the misleading steak ad.

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