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KERRVILLE, TEXAS -- This is a small town dealership that prides itself on "selling to sell again". My complaint lies in how deceptive the Ken Stoepel employees are! After sitting in the sales office for TWO HOURS we finally agreed on payments of $450 for a 2008 Ford Focus. We expressed that the payment was a little high for that type of car, so the salesman said he would not have our payment due until January (this took place in November). This way we would have a little bit of a cushion. We agreed to this. After another half hour of waiting in the cubicle, the salesman comes back and says that the finance guy misunderstood some of his information and the payments would be $465. This was told to us as we were walking back to sign the papers!!!!

Finally our deal was done and we left. The thing that makes me the most angry is that we got our first payment in the mail and it was due in December after we had been SPECIFICALLY told that it would not be due until January. This is the whole reason why we went ahead with the deal-knowing that we would be able to save a month's car payment. Of course the dealer would not do anything about it. The salesman knew the entire time that nothing he promised would actually happen. I know that car salesmen are supposed to be creeps, so call me naive. I just could not believe how deceptive they were the entire time. Nothing that was promised to us actually happened. Do NOT buy from this dealer!

They will lie and deceive you! They do not care about earning your business. You can get a much better deal 60 miles up the road in San Antonio!
Resolution Update 12/10/2007:
The dealer called me today and offered to make my December car payment in order to give me the one month's payment promised.
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Skye on 12/07/2007:
I read this type of thing here all the time. It seems the dealerships always agree verbally on the price you tell them you will pay, and yet, mysteriously, when the paperwork gets to you, it's always a higher number, cause the guy in the financial department misunderstood something.
sarahnkrystal on 12/08/2007:
That's a high price for a focus!
killerklown on 12/08/2007:
Well, obviously you got all of his promises in writing, right? So you should have no real problem getting these issues taken care of, right? Oh signed the papers without reading them, even AFTER he told you that the payments were $15.00 higher than what he told you? Yes, I would call you naive, but only because I'm in a good mood today.
Aerocave on 12/08/2007:
Dealership's set up with indirect financing (in other words, Banks that they do business with) have the option at setting the payment date at 30 days or 45 days (from the date of purchase)...most times it is 45 days by default, my guess is it was changed to 30 days because it makes the payment a little lower because the interest calculation is slightly lower...It was probably a mis-communication between F&I and the salesperson...however, you went ahead and signed and now are complaining? You should have said something when you were there!
jackbelias on 01/08/2008:
I wasn't there but I doubt the salesman was to blame here. Sales managers and the finance office are the source of that sort of garbage. The salesman is expected to relay the dishonest information to you and take all of the blame for messing you over. Since you were buying new he probably got a flat 50.00 to maybe 100.00 while the finance department enjoyed a bloodbath at your expense.
goldendually on 03/11/2008:
I have bought my last 2 new trucks from Stoepel Ford and they have always been right on target. I tell them what I want and they go get it off the lot for me. Mike Hebert is the only salesman I will use and he always gets the deal done the way I need it. I am going tomorrow to possibly buy a used Ranger from him. Hebert and Ken Stoepel Ford are the best I have ever dealt with. They have got a customer for life in me and my family!
HabaneroTex on 12/13/2010:
Having acquired a new Tarus, Town Car and Expedition from Ken Stoepel Ford I have nothing but great things to say about the dealership. My wife liked the dealership so much she bought the past 2 cars on her own and got terrific deals . Ken Stoepel's employees are not cut out of the same cloth that these "big city dealears" are ,a.k.a. pressure and "breaking down the buyers resistance". I actually go by the dealership and have coffee with the owner a couple of times a year. Love there guys!
dan kerrville on 09/13/2012:
after looking at several vehicles gave us a price for an 2011 chevy 21,000 mi ,offered mind you only $11,000 ...strike one we walked out after constant effort's attwisting number's around here is why we don't do business with these people, they refused to lower our nation's flag to half mast for a fallen diplomat and 3 others strike 2 your out of here ken
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