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Don't buy a Kenmore dishwasher!!
Posted by on
This dishwasher, model # 665.1374, lasted only 1 1/2 years. Sears and another repairman told us it would cost about $400.00 to get it repaired and that it would be better to just buy a new one. We were also told that this happens all the time now to all appliances, the control panel goes out and the cost is prohibitive. What kind of world do we live in????
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At Your Service on 09/08/2011:
It doesn't happen ALL the time with ALL appliances, but the potential is there.

I would tell you, when considering the dishwasher to replace this one with, don't purchase contractor level! This is the worst thing to do. You can buy cheap and find out the product will have less a chance to hold up. Pay a little more and get one that is at least a good, mid-range unit. You might also consider doing some comparative shopping on additional warranty programs. Buy the dishwasher from someplace that offers the product at a reasonable price and offers great, reasonably priced extended warranty support.

Even though you're frustrated at Kenmore or Whirlpool right now, I'd take the time to consider a Whirlpool DU1300 series dishwasher. It's rather well built and I bet you can find it somewhere around $400.

Best of luck.
trmn8r on 09/08/2011:
It happens *more often* now, but not all the time. The first reply contains good advice.
ok4now on 09/08/2011:
Explore this site and you will find numerous negative reviews for Whirlpool / Kenmore products. They were once the gold standard in appliances but no more. They advertise the brand name but sell inferior products. To add insult to injury expect delays and excuses for repair. Do not despair. SearsCares monitors this site to do damage control. Shortly you'll see a "caring message" offering you their assistance. It's all B.S. All they care about is their product image (more sales) and not your problem.

You're up next Venice on this one.
WP2008 on 09/08/2011:
My name is Kyle and I am a representative of Whirlpool. This particular product is a Kenmore appliance and is not affiliated with Whirlpool. Please direct your complaints regarding it to them directly.
At Your Service on 09/08/2011:
Thanks trmn8r. There isn't a brand on here without complaints. Frustrating but true. Any brand out there sells thousands of appliances every day and a certain portion of them will run into problems before the consumer believes they should. This is why I'm such an advocate of shopping warranty coverage within a person's decision to buy.

Anyway, I'm glad Kyle pointed something out very important. Kenmore is a Sears only brand name. Kenmore doesn't build anything but contract their services out to other companies to make a product and put the Kenmore name on it. At one point Whirlpool was making a lot of their products, but by no means all. Over the last couple of years, the trend has shifted and it's LG that has started producing more and more of Kenmore appliances. So it is very true; Whirlpool really doesn't have anything to do with this complaint. Thanks for the clarification Kyle.
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Kenmore Refrigerator
Posted by on
I bought a new Kenmore refrigerator from Sears in 2005 and it went bad just a few days ago. I put a new relay starter on the compressor and it burnt that one up. I then was told it was the compressor its self the compressor is more than a new refrigerator, I have my old one in the garage have had it for 30 years and it still runs.

I just think that its pretty bad that I have to throw it out when the repair is more than I can buy a new one for.
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SearsCare on 04/05/2011:
To Hodge;

Hello, I'm Gerald F. with Sears Cares. I sincerely apologize for the issue you’re having with your Kenmore Refrigerator. I truly empathize with you about having a quality appliance and it suddenly stops working as it should. Please send us an e-mail to with contact information such as, the phone number your Refrigerator was purchased under or the address where it is located so we can further assist you with this issue.

We are a group of Social Media Senior Case Management Specialists empowered to right the wrongs that sometimes happen to our valued Sears Customer. We will become your “Point-Of-Contact” and “Advocate” to assist you with this issue and help get it resolved to your satisfaction. Please let us hear back from you soon. Remember, Sears Cares, we really do!

Thanking you sincerely,
Gerald F.
Sears Cares
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I must have the oldest microwave in the world
Posted by on
I was given a Kenmore Microwave oven as a wedding present (for my first marriage!) in 1984 and it is still going strong...never a single problem. 27 years!

Wow...thank you Kenmore....

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Venice09 on 03/09/2011:
No!.. I have the oldest microwave in the world! Well, let's call it a tie. Mine is also from 1984. It's a Sharp Carousel II countertop model. As far as I know it still works. I haven't used it in years but have sentimental reasons for not getting rid of it. So it sits on the counter unused, taking up space, much to my family's dismay.
Anonymous on 03/09/2011:
Kenmore is controlled by Sears Holdings Corporation...and back then, Sears actually stood for something.
Skye on 03/09/2011:
OP, thanks for sharing!

Whiteduck on 03/09/2011:
And I bet these money-savers only use about 5 times the energy to perform the same task. Technology moves on and mostly for the better.

I bet those things cost about 5 times more when they were new as well.
Venice09 on 03/09/2011:
Sorry, Whiteduck, but I have failed to see technology move forward in the appliance world. Machines that used to last forever and do their jobs well, now break prematurely, are too expensive to fix, (if fixable at all) and are turning landfills into appliance graveyards. And in the process, consumers' wallets, time and patience are being depleted to the point of no return? Is that what you call progress?
Augustus2099 on 03/10/2011:
Not really my Grandmother has you beat she bought a Kenmore Microwave in 1978 and it is still going.
Venice09 on 03/11/2011:
I'm not surprised, Augustus!
Augustus2099 on 03/12/2011:
That's why she swears by Sears products
Frank on 03/08/2013:
the one I used to this day is older then me.. Manufac Oct 1983. Kenmore...
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Lack of service
Posted by on
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Purchased the five year maintenance prepaid plan for the appliances. Had lots of problems with dryer, now and having problems with the washer. Washer part was delivered to me on 12/16/10, and have yet to have a service representative to come to out home and repair it. I have received several calls concerning the repair, but they always have to go somewhere else. Will never purchase nothing else from Sears, crooked ass company in my opinion.
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Anonymous on 01/14/2011:
Unfortunately when you purchase Sears appliances you are stuck with A&E service for warranty repairs....Keep on them,ask to speak to a supervisor...
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Don't Buy It
Posted by on
It's clear that Kenmore is riding on it's old reputation of reliability while currently manufacturing junk. We have two recent model Kenmore dishwashers at two different houses. Both have developed leaks in the same part which controls the water supply to the unit. No, it's not the hose, it's the part on the dishwasher itself. I'll bet some Kenmore number cruncher decided it would be profitable to use cheaper parts in manufacture, but they are losing our business forever. Short term gain for the company, but a long term disaster. I'll bet they won't be able to figure out why people stop buying their products!
We have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator with French doors. The ice maker is horrible. Don't ever expect it to actually work if you buy one.
We have a Kenmore clothes washer that leaks regularly near the top of the unit. Internet research makes me believe it's a design flaw. The design flaw in that is not fixable in any normal sense.
We used to think of Kenmore as a reliable brand. WRONG!!!! What's the use? Just don't buy anything from Kenmore or it's related names. (Whirlpool?)
They deserve to go out of business.
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Venice09 on 09/18/2010:
I've always had good luck with Kenmore, so I'm disappointed to hear about all these problems. They may deserve to go out of business, but I wish they would just get their act together instead. You can try contacting the team at They try to help people here. They may even post a response to your review.
Helpful on 09/19/2010:
Great post KMJ, but I have to enlighten you about a few things: First, Whirlpool and Kenmore are NOT synonymous. In fact, Whirlpool is doing less and less with Kenmore's name on it. Second, a simple challenge. Try to find a major name brand of appliance which isn't complained about on this site. Of course, you wouldn't find one.

As much as we'd all like a "brand" that NEVER broke down, that just isn't reality. Those that aren't willing to accept that reality are bound to be frustrated time and time again. You don't specify how old the dishwashers are, but I'm speculating the manufacturer's warranty has elapsed and therefore it's up to you to cover the service cost. Make sure you check with Sears first if you purchased an extended warranty. They're usually great about covering such and will save you the unexpected cost now.

Best of luck and let us know how it turns out.
SearsCare on 09/24/2010:
Dear KenmoreMakesJunk,

I recently found your post here; please accept my apology for a tardy response. I'm Scott with Sears Cares Escalations. I'm saddened to hear of the problems you've encountered with your Kenmore appliances. I definitely can see why you'd be so frustrated and skeptical of Kenmore. Several of your major appliances are all failing one way or another. We'd like to offer assistance. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the appliances were purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (KenmoreMakesJunk) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.
Sears Cares
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Terrible Refrigerator
Posted by on
I purchased this refrigerator in Sept. 2006 for $2500.00. I have been greatly disappointed in the quality~~~most of the inside, tracks for the drawers, etc. are made of flimsy plastic. We started having problems with the ice-maker within a couple of months. It has stopped working at least 4 times and then after a period of time will mysteriously start working again. It is not working at this time. Several of the drawer tracks have cracked and broken off, so I've had to take the drawers out. About 1 1/2 years ago, the lights quit working because the factory installed bulb melted and started burning the light cover. I would never recommend this refrigerator to anyone and it definitely was not worth its price!!! I feel like I've been ripped off!!
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Venice09 on 09/10/2010:
A high price tag does not mean good quality. I know it should and that most people assume it does, but it doesn't. I'm sorry you had to find this out the hard way. Your review confirms why I would never buy an expensive appliance. It's no guarantee that it will last any longer or that you will be any more pleased than you would be with a moderately priced appliance.

Thanks for posting this review. It is very helpful.
JBard on 09/10/2010:
This is why I'm keeping my Whirlpool side-by-side fridge, purchased 25 years ago, when products were better manufactured. Cost savings on electrcity cannot be justify cost-to-replace in the 5 year lifespan for modern appliances.

When my mom died, her probably 35 year old clothes washer/dryer were both working fine, and did a better job washing and drying clothes than my current Maytag 10 year old models do. I kind of wish I'd traded hers for mine.
Venice09 on 09/10/2010:
I wish I had my old washing machine back too, JBard.

The energy rating on refrigerators is not what it's cracked up to be. Those ratings are based on refrigerators being kept at a certain temperature, which in most cases is not cold enough to keep the food fresh, resulting in more food being thrown away.
Nohandle on 09/10/2010:
I agree with keeping older appliances. I've got a chest freezer in my storage room that is probably 35+ years old. Manual defrost probably once a year and that's it. I just unplug it, get the hair dryer out and frost is gone in no time. Total operation probably one hour at most from sacking up the frozen items until I place them back in. I'm totally fed up with the so called energy efficient marvelous appliances out there.
Helpful on 09/12/2010:
Did you purchase any form of extended service guarantee toile? It may cover the very problems you're complaining about. Contact Sears. At the very least, they should be able to give you the costs of having the problems serviced.
SearsCare on 09/16/2010:
Dear toile,

My name is Scott and I'm with Sears Cares Escalations. I'm sorry I'm just now responding to your post here; I just now located it. I'd also like to extend an apology on behalf of Sears in regards to your not being happy & satisfied with your refrigerator. I can imagine after spending that amount of money on a fridge, and it's relative age, you definitely didn't expect this result. I'm sure this is nothing short of aggravating and inconvenient. We'd like to help. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the refrigerator was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (toile) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.
Sears Cares
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Kenmore Dishwasher Nightmare
Posted by on
This dishwasher seemed good at first... quiet, reliable. Then we started noticing it wasn't cleaning too well, even when we adjusted our loading technique. Then the touchbuttons on the display began peeling... clearly a manufacturer's defect. Because of our extended service contract, the company replaced it, but we were told if it happens again, we must pay. Next, the dishwasher stopped draining. A serviceman came and told us he pulled a cherry pit from the drain, and the problem was solved. We ran a load of dishes and it still did not drain. I phoned for service and the representative offered me an appointment a week away. I said that was not acceptable, given that we'd already had to wait for the first repair of this problem. She offered me an appointment a few days off... today. When I called to check on the appointment, I was told it was NOT today, but next Saturday, and that's the best they can do. I sat on hold waiting to talk with a supervisor, and then was cut off. After having been a loyal customer for decades, I will never deal with Kenmore or Sears again.
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Helpful on 09/05/2010:
Having the inconvenience is never fun. It's frustrating to say the least. Warranties never exist to guarantee the problem won't take place, or that it's not frustrating when it does; just that the costs are covered when the merchandise does have issues.

When the initial problem was discovered to be a cherry pit, clearly nothing to do with defective parts, did they try to charge you for the service call? Hopefully not, but some people just don't take such things into consideration.
SearsCare on 09/24/2010:
Dear smoothgoing,

Please first accept my apology for responding late to your post here; I just recently found it. I'm Scott; I'm with Sears Cares Escalations within corporate. I'm so sorry your ongoing repair experience was such an unpleasant one and that your Kenmore dishwasher demonstrated so much trouble. This normally is not they manner in which our repair experiences should work. Naturally we strive to exceed your goals and "wow" customer's with our repair services; clearly we fell short of that in your situation. We'd still like to help if you'd accept it. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the dishwasher was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (smoothgoing) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.
Sears Cares
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Sears Kenmore Elite Refrigerator has Terrible Quality
Posted by on
ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a top-of-the-line Kenmore Elite refrigerator about 6 years ago. It has a bottom drawer freezer and double top doors and stainless steel front. It cost about $1,700. The first one that was delivered had a very noisy compressor. We complained and they wanted to install a new compressor. We refused to accept a compressor replacement on a refrigerator that was only a few days old so they replaced the entire unit. Shortly thereafter the ice maker broke twice. Then all the interior plastic began cracking and falling apart. We kept renewing the service contract for about 4 years and finally dropped it. Recently, the compressor overload switch failed and we had it replaced on a 6 year old unit. Now, the compressor has failed and will need to be replaced at a cost of about $700.00. Between the four years of the service contract, and the recent costs of repairs we will have spent $1,160 to maintain and repair a $1,700 refrigerator. It appears that Kenmore had designers working around the clock figuring out ways to cheapen the quality of this appliance while making it appear very attractive to unsuspecting customers. I will never buy another appliance from Sears. I would also like to mention that Consumers Reports rated this as a good refrigerator and I have come to distrust anything they say. I guess you should talk to an independent appliance repair person and visit sites like this one before making a home appliance purchase.
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Helpful on 07/22/2010:
Actually, djbrugger, Kenmore doesn't make any appliances. They are strictly a Sears name brand, manufactured by other brands. They've predominantly been produced by Whirlpool, but this isn't the only manufacturer within their line. Recently they've changed over to LG. Ironically, though, most Kenmore products are just the overpriced variant of the same product you can purchase within their parents own name brand. I believe I have a very similar model as you have, produced under a different name, and like it very much.

As for Consumer Reports, I'd agree that a lot of their reporting is biased. I've read reviews that, in knowing the product being reviewed, there is no way they couldn't be biased. I like reading their magazine, but take their reviews with "a grain of salt".

The other thing is reading reviews on sites such as this. I've found three cents to be a wonderful site, but if you rule out any brand you read a negative about, you're going to cross them all off your list.

Let me give you some hints about compressors. The first thing customers do, not realizing it will damage the compressor, is fit it within too small an area. The compressor needs to "breath". Putting it into too tight of an area is a sure fire way to end the compressor's life early. Compressors, because of energy efficiency standards, have already become smaller, thereby making the unit work harder to cool a larger area. This is one of the main reasons refrigerators don't last as long as they used to. Make sure you have about an inch space to the left, right and top of the frig. Further, do not push the back of the frig all the way back to a wall. I often suggest that a consumer nail a piece of 2x4 to the wall behind the frig, assuring that the back of the unit also has this same breathing room. Finally, you want to make absolutely sure you keep the compressor area clean of any dust that will collect around it. About once a year, or whenever you replace a water filter, pull the frig out and use the dust wand on your vacuum. Take the panel off the area protecting the compressor and clean it out well. This alleviates a portion of the work the compressor and evaporator are doing to cool the frig and will generally offer a longer period of service.

Best of luck.
Venice09 on 07/22/2010:
"It appears that Kenmore had designers working around the clock figuring out ways to cheapen the quality of this appliance while making it appear very attractive to unsuspecting customers."

That's a very perceptive statement. Not only is it true but it applies to all the manufacturers. Instead of designing a better product, they depend heavily on eye appeal. And the sad part is that it works. People are drawn to appliances that are impressive looking and fit in the decor instead of concentrating on how well they are built or how long they will last.

Your refrigerator has major flaws and sounds like a huge disappointment. That's a lot of money to invest in something that comes up short. I dread having to replace an appliance. I've run out of retailers and brands that I feel can be trusted.
djbrugger on 07/23/2010:
Actually, The Kenmore Elite refrigerator we purchased was made by Amana. The Amana brand used to be associated with quality, but, appearantely they abandoned their principles when they teamed up with Sears.
Helpful on 07/23/2010:
That's the exact brand of my frig djbrugger, and I really do like it. I wouldn't hesitate purchasing an Amana product.
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Refrigerator Compressor Dies
Posted by on
I purchased this refrigerator in April 2004. The model # 72912200. The refrigerator looks like new, no dents or broken parts. The refrigerator has been working beautiful until this month we had two incidents with food spoiling/temperature failure. The Sears repair man said the compressor needed replacing to the tune of $673+. I had a $75.00 repair fee and $20.00 for a part he added to hopefully keep it working for a day or two if we're lucky. Apparently the compressor warranty is 5 yrs and we had the refrigerator 6 yrs. Why is it that appliances don't last 10 or 15 yrs yrs any more? The one previous to this one we had 15+ yrs and it is still working for the family that I gave it to. I refused to pay for the $600+ repair and am now facing purchasing a new refrigerator. They will be dumping a refrigerator that looks new like the day I purchased it. The Sears repair man gave me a coupon for money off a new refrigerator and consumer service with Sears is giving me $100.00 off. Even with this little incentive I am just sick over this and now I have to deal with paying off another large appliance.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 06/23/2010:
I know how you feel. I take good care of my things, and when they have to be discarded, they look like new.

My advice would be to not buy an expensive refrigerator. As long as its big enough for your needs, that all that matters. These days you have to buy appliances with the understanding that they will only last several years, if you're lucky. And that goes for the expensive models, as well.
Helpful on 06/23/2010:
I know it's frustrating. There was a day when appliance would last even longer than your expectations, but in today's world, ten years is an appropriate reality.

The fact that it looked new is really not the point. I do have some background with appliances so, if I may, I can hopefully provide you with a few suggestions:

To begin with, do some comparative shopping for your new fridge. Decide on the style and type of fridge you'd like to replace this one with, then compare extended service plans from one retailer to another. Find one that will guarantee the sealed system, including the compressor, for ten years. I'd suggest making sure that the retailer, themselves, are the ones administering and backing the program; not some third-party. Make sure the retailer is strong enough to be around the next ten years and, finally, make sure it's a retailer you can trust. If the price is right on such a service agreement, it may be something to consider. I'll pay for extended service agreements on some things and a refrigerator is not a bad idea to have one on.

Once you have the refrigerator delivered, DO NOT ENCLOSE IT FULLY AROUND THE CABINET. I see this a lot and it is precisely the reason a lot of compressors go for as short of a time. Give the cabinet about an inch to both the left, right and top. ALSO, MAKE SURE YOU DON'T PUSH THE REFRIGERATOR ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE WALL. I even suggest nailing a small piece of 2x4 into the wall behind just to give the refrigerator the distance. REMEMBER, THE COMPRESSOR NEEDS TO BREATHE. Without the space to do so, the compressor will overwork itself and die an early death. Along that same idea, make it a ritual to clean the compressor area each time you replace a water filter. This is usually about once a year. Dust will commonly build up around this area and if you don't clean the area, damage will also take place with the fridge.

Best of luck with the purchase. Let us know what you buy.
Venice09 on 06/23/2010:
Helpful, based on all the complaints, it seems that service agreements are not worth the paper they're written on anymore. It's becoming harder and harder to get companies to honor their warranties. It seems that once these companies have your money, they're really not interested in holding up their end of the deal. I always thought extended warranties were a good idea on refrigerators and washing machines, but I changed my mind. Now I just buy cheaper basic models that won't break the bank if they need to be replaced prematurely. So far, that strategy is working pretty well for me. I've had a lot less problems with the basic models than I had with the fancy ones.

Good advice on how to place a refrigerator. A lot of people don't realize what they're doing wrong.
Helpful on 06/23/2010:
I appreciate the feedback Venice.

I personally wouldn't buy from a retailer I didn't trust, especially with the extended warranty agreement. My thought is, "If you think they're trying to rake you over the coals with the extended warranty agreements, why would you trust them enough to purchase the merchandise from them?"

I wouldn't purchase warranties on certain types of products, but other such as this I sure would. I've been involved in situations and read many compliments where other companies have absolutely done the right thing.
Venice09 on 06/23/2010:
But it's hard to find those companies, Helpful. Usually you don't know you've made a mistake until its too late. I rarely, if ever, read compliments about how companies came through on their warranties. Part of the reason is because people are quicker to complain than to praise, but it still leaves the average consumer wondering which companies will actually live up to their promises.

When buying major appliances, most people only have a limited choice of retailers. I have Sears, Home Depot, Lowes and a local appliance store. I bought one thing from the local store and then found out they lied to me. I never went back. I have no idea where I'm going to purchase my next appliance when it becomes necessary. I've been a Sears customer for over thirty years, but it certainly seems that they are no longer reliable and can no longer be trusted. That leaves me with Lowes and HD, which is a toss-up based on all the complaints. I dread the day one of my appliances fails because buying appliances (and warranties) is like a crap shoot. You never know what you're going to get.
dlonerg on 06/24/2010:
I want to thank both Helpful and Venice09 for your comments and advice. I did order an LG refrigerator with the compressor warranty for 7 yrs. All other models on the dealer floor were for one yr only. They can't deliver the refrigerator for 3 weeks. Good thing the patch job is still working at the moment and hopefully for the next couple of weeks. I didn't purchase the extended warranty because I had one on the Kenmore and it had run out a couple yrs ago. The repair man said the compressor going would have still cost me money and likely that Sears would have only given me back what they felt the refrigerator was worth and not more than $500.00. However, I will take Helpful's advice and show my husband the comments made. Thank you
Helpful on 06/25/2010:
I really do believe that anyone that is offering extended warranties you can't trust, doesn't deserve my money for the major purchases either. The good companies establish a good reputation and the poor companies do not.

It's good to know your on your way dlonerq. Best of luck.
Anonymous on 06/30/2010:
I buy cheap and I buy from Sears. That have a great parts department and a lot of repairs are not that hard to do. The compressor would be out of my league. On the brighter side a new refrigerator will be much more efficient than a six year old one.
Venice09 on 06/30/2010:
I have learned to buy cheap too, chevyfan, and do away with extended warranties. And strangely enough, since I started doing that, I haven't needed an extended warranty. I also agree about Sears parts department and that a lot of repairs are not that hard. My husband does most of them himself.
peter stevens on 08/03/2013:
old computer saying when buying a computer is buy cheap and buy often and save on extended warranties
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Why on earth would anybody want a Kenmore product?
Posted by on
MOOSE JAW -- The appliances were new purchased by the builder in 2009. We moved into the home and started using them end of February 2010 -- almost 11 months after initial purchase date.
The refrigerator had a faulty door that would not close properly. The service man had to dismantle the entire door complaining about poor quality control and getting worse every day. He did fix the problem under warranty.
Now in June the handle on the range fell off. It appears that the screws stripped the plastic handle insert and since the screws are about 1/4" to short anyway, the entire handle fell off. When I called the service dept. a very rude woman by the name of Vanessa flatly refused to connect my call to the contracting division who took care of my previous refrigerator complaint, and in fact hung up on me.
After I check with some friends I find a number of them categorically say "never again Kenmore", the product is poorly manufactured, the warranty service time takes forever and the number of breakdowns are excessive.
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User Replies:
saj80 on 06/03/2010:
I agree with the repairman in regards to poor quality, but who are you going to buy from? Most appliances are made by one manufacturer, using inferior products and supplies, and complaints such as this one are relevant to other appliance brands, as well. Also, it is important to remember that most builders will purchase the least expensive appliances they can, as it increases their profit margins.
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