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KOKOMO, INDIANA -- I agree with so many others in regards to the service and professionalism that this bank offers! ZERO!!! I have never been more robbed by any bank in my entire life. Yes their NSF fees are outrageous. I understand there are situations in life that may cause an overdraft. I don't have an issue with being charged for something I caused but when you have been misinformed or not informed at all by the teller, which seems to happen quite often, and then they refuse to admit any fault in anything.

It seems regardless of where or whom a check is from, if deposit it could take them 3-4 days to even post it to your account. Which in turn gives them plenty of time to rack up some nsf's on you. Hmm sounds like "bonus" money to me.

For example I deposited a small check in the amount $125, which was from another local bank and it took them from Sat to Wed to even make it available. I could understand had the check been from a business for a large amount but COME ON!!! NOT ONLY THAT but I had recently stopped my direct deposit of my payroll check or so I thought from going into this account. My name had been taken off the account and everything. The account I thought had been closed out but actually it still had my ex-spouse's name on it.

Well here is a fyi, KEY BANK does not cross reference direct deposits!!! Oh no, they allowed my PAYROLL check to be deposited into that account even though I'm not even an account holder. NOW HOW SUFFICIENT IS THAT!!! Wow this is just the bank I would trust. Needless to say I am in the wrong according to Key Bank and I have to contact my HR dept. to have them recall my payroll amount. Wow. Amazing. I could probably go on and on but I just needed to vent today since I got paid 7 days ago and still do not know when I will receive my actual money.

They Go Out of Their Way to Make My Life Irritating...
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I have been banking with Key Bank for a few years now. They are the most annoying company... Period. They will run you around and around and around. I have had way too many issues with this bank. It seems like it's a new problem every month. This last example is what made me decide to write a review that, hopefully, will prevent anyone else from experiencing Key Bank's poor attempt at banking. Something as simple as activating my debit card should not be a huge hassle for me.

I called the number on the card in order to activate it. The automated system won't activate it for me, and so it transfers me to a "Customer Service" clerk. After I tell them what I am trying to do, they go ahead and put me on hold for about 10 mins. When they finally decide to get back on the phone, they say "There is a block on your new debit card. You will have to CALL your home branch."

So I am pretty irritated at this point. All I want to do is activate my freakin' debit card. So I call the branch and tell them the situation and what I need help with. They say "I think that is something you would have to COME IN for." Great, so now I have to waste my time to drive all the way to the branch, which is about 30 miles away (minimum) because I moved out of the area of the "home branch".

I'm almost considering not even activating it at this point. They are a waste of my time and money. It would seem as though they make policies and regulations that only benefit themselves. For a second there, I thought I WAS THEIR CUSTOMER and they should be bending over backwards for me, not the other way around.

Predatory Over Limit Fees Imposed by Key Bank - Does Key Bank Have Cash Flow Issues?
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AUBURN, WASHINGTON -- I had an overdraft situation caused when a creditor posted a scheduled payment one day early onto our Key Bank checking account. I discovered the action on a routine internet access of the account early the next day. After the initial shock and a couple hours later that morning, I showed up at Key Bank with almost $2,300, with some $800 in cash, in a good faith effort to correct the balance and stop the fiscal bleeding. A lot of good that did!

That day, 7 over limit charges showed up. The branch manager (Auburn, WA branch on Auburn Avenue) refunded 3 of those charges. She noted that two to six more charges would be showing up. Given her tone, I assumed some corrective action would be undertaken. I was wrong.

Those 6 other charges showed up and stayed. I called in to see if anything was going to be done. No answer for a week. I dropped off a written request for consideration. I was contacted two days later and told that the three refunded (out of 13) was all that was going to be handled. So, because Bank of America drew one day early, Key Bank rewarded my efforts to be fiscally responsible and correct by taking $365 and keeping it. Bank of America was kind enough to give us a $98 credit on our line of credit account with them regarding this fiasco. Key Bank's pending deposit policy is one of the most egregious in the area and probably is used to generate a large number of fees.

Even Bank of America wasn't this bad when we boo booed our commercial account (only one charge was kept out of six or seven charged in that instance). We have been customers at this particular branch of Key Bank in its various forms for 24 years, but I believe that it is time to move our personal checking to a local credit union that is a lot more consumer oriented. I am suspecting that Key Bank is having cash flow issues and is grabbing fees wherever and whenever it can. If you see this and you have a Key Bank account, move your money to an institution that is better capitalized and consumer friendly. Key Bank definitely lacks in that category!

Key Bank Is The Worst
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12550, NEW YORK -- Key Bank is like a nightmare to me. Everything start with the purchase of USB (Union State Bank). All the accounts that we have with them, all of the sudden belong to Key Bank and the bad dreams starts. On a small business account that we have, in the first month they went crazy with the overcharges, $365, in 10 days, on a debit (checking) account for charges of $4.95 etc.

On my mortgage account that they said they don't know nothing but their name appears on the monthly statement, they have it for 4 months. On the first month they didn't know about my escrow account. They were missing all my school taxes. Second month reversal payments. Third month they decide my City taxes went from $1012.00 to $2500.00, send me a check for $835 (they said I have more money on the escrow account) but when I call, because my school taxes were missing they said to me to cash the check but keep it, "under the pillow" because maybe belong to them, so maybe I have to return the money.

I have a Home Equity Loan in which the interest is wrong (supposed to be locked and they said is variable), and now like if these problems are not enough they give my husband his 401k because doesn't work for them anymore, tell him he has to put it on IRA account of course from Key Bank and his money $30,000 is missing for a week now. I am scared to receive any Key Bank mail, and nobody knows where the money is I'M DESPERATE. SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!! I forget when I call customer service they said to me that I was used to have a good service because USB was a small bank and one of the managers said to me that there are others Banks.

The worst yet!!!!!
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CANTON, OHIO -- This bank has no idea of how the small business or any other banking customer operates. A huge and costly mistake by switching to this bank from my existing bank:

1.) The internet pending area just didn't seem to show any transactions prior to being hits in the operating account area.

2.) Huge disappointment in the internet acct page compared to other sites. Know high school kids have nicer design and eligibility skills.

3.) Internet doesn't service until midnight. Do I need to stay up that late to prepare my next work day with the online banking tool. Guess could go in an hour earlier than when I now arrive.

4.) Cool!! Can make a deposit in an ATM before 7:00 pm and it will go into my account on that same business day. Oooops... 24hr hold on that transaction so would have been better off just using night deposit with old bank who would have covered any checks that may have come through that day unlike Key. 24 hour hold on all transactions except cash/even a Keybank check... Better go in to the teller and cash that one!

5.) Offices only open until 4:00 pm - now that's even tougher to get there than the old bank which closed at 5:00.

6.) Highest of any yet for NSF and because of the 24hr hold would not cover any of my checks presented to them on the day of the deposit.

I have been doing business for 20 years and have tried several banks in two predominant areas of Ohio. Key bank is the worst experience by far of working with a banking institution. All of these policies were not brought up at the time of my opening this business account. It was brought to my attention only after the several returned checks and NSF's. Had I have stayed with my existing bank and paid the $8.00/month service and continued depositing in the night deposit, I would have a lot more "hard" earned $ in the business account. Beware!!! There are much better banking institutions out there comparatively speaking.

Poor Online Banking Service
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Rating: 2/51

BURLINGTON, VERMONT -- I opened an account with Key bank about 6 months ago. I am used to paying my bills online, so I started online bill pay with Key. My former bank's online bill pay was very fast and reliable. NOT so with Key Bank. In August, I sent out a credit card payment that was due in 2 weeks. It showed up LATE. Key bank had two weeks to get the payment out. I was charged a $25 late fee by my credit card company. I paid online again In September with no issues. October rolled around and the problem got worse. I sent out two payments that were due in 3 weeks.

I sent them out around October 5th, and my credit card company had not posted the payments as received by the 22nd of October! I called Key Bank, waited a long time, only to find out that when they do an “online payment” they actually mail a paper check to the credit card company. BOTH payments were lost in the mail (or never sent?).

Again, they did not get there on time and my credit card company charged me. Luckily, I got those fees reversed by telling them about how slow Key Bank is. If I had known that I would have written a check myself! Speaking of checks, they charge almost $50 for a book of checks if you don't have free checking! I am not too happy with Key Bank, have changed my method of payment.

Worst Bank and Employees I Have Ever Experienced
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Rating: 1/51

FERNDALE, WASHINGTON -- This is a terrible bank. I have banked at many different places and this by far is the worst bank. Not only are their overdraft fees terrible, they are the only bank I have ever dealt with that has a policy in place to charge you 37 bucks and then if not brought to a positive balance charge you another almost 40 bucks three days later and every 2-3 days after. They do not show online all your pending transactions. Also, the ones that are pending and show that should be cleared and taken out are not and other transactions that do not show are pending are taken out before the others that are.

When talking to employees working there about their fees, they were extremely rude about it and talked over top of me and cut me off. Overall I would never bank here again and would never recommend this bank to anyone looking for a bank. By far the worst ever.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CLAWSON, MICHIGAN -- Hopefully anyone dealing with Key Bank won't have to deal with this branch, the branch my mother dealt with was closed. This branch was over an hour drive from her house. She had a CD come due and she missed the deadline by 4 days and they charged her more than $500 to cancel the new one. They would do nothing to help her, and didn't seem to care that she had to travel so far to take care of the situation.

When I questioned why they couldn't do anything to help, they said that was their policy (one entire years interest) and then the branch manager was very rude to me. Shame on them for treating people this way, no wonder they have to close branches. My mother is a senior citizen with only her social security to live on, and they wouldn't even try to help.

Paid Off Boat Loan With Key Bank and No Titles
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Rating: 1/51

CINCINATTI, OHIO -- In 2008 I financed a boat and trailer from Key Bank for 35K and never missed a payment. In fact, I have always been paid at least 3 months in advance on a 15 year loan.

In 2011 I filed chapter 7 but continued to pay Key Bank because it was a secured loan and I didn't want to lose my boat. Two years later, I am still current on my payments. My boat gets totaled and the insurance company sent me a check to pay off the boat and trailer however listed both myself and Key Bank names on the check. The payoff was $24,000 and the check was $33,500 and I had made a deal with the insurance company to keep the salvaged boat and trailer for $1500 less. Otherwise the check would have been $35,000.

In any event I felt reluctant to just sign and send this check to them in hopes they would send me my share of the check plus the titles. I was right, it's been a month now and the $11,000 due to me and my titles are still not in my hands. They are totally ripping me off and I don't know what to do. This bank makes me sick. Any advice would be appreciated. I know that can't keep my money and titles forever. They will not discuss anything on the phone but transfer me to their bankruptcy lawyers who don't tell me anything either.

Service Charge on a Dead Man's Account, After They Were Given Proof of His Death.
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Rating: 1/51

FREMONT, OHIO -- My son died in October. Two weeks after his death, I took a death certificate so no one could withdraw illegally. They then sent me a letter, they were charging him $25.00 a month service charge because no deposits were being made. I informed them again he had died, we were trying to take care of things through the court. They said they would reimburse that money. Needless to say they did not. They kept $150.00 of his money. This money was meant for his baby who was born 3 weeks after his death. I feel they robbed a dead man.

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