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ANYWHERE IN THE US, IDAHO -- I wish I had read these reviews BEFORE I decided to borrow money from Key.
They are horrible. They do not want to work with you if you have trouble and are as rude and uncaring as I am reading about in these reviews.
I had 3 loans. One with Bank of America, one with Wells Fargo and one with Key. Bank of America and Wells Fargo were difficult but reasonable.
Key Bank is impossible. I was told (by them) it is because they are small and don't have all the resources as the other two banks, so can't handle problems. WOW, is that for sure. I wish I had known about this, hopefully this will save you some grief. Do your borrowing at a different bank!
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Venice09 on 04/28/2011:
It would help to know what kind of trouble are you talking about?
trmn8r on 04/28/2011:
What was the problem you had? It all sounds so nebulous.

What was difficult with the other two banks? What was impossible at Key? Why should I bank elsewhere?
Fufu487 on 04/29/2011:
I'm with grandma. Even though some banks are more willing to work with you when you get into financial trouble, I find it ridiculous going online and complaining about a bank NOT amending your loan agreement. It's their choice. They are in the money business.
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Do NOT sign up for Continental Miles Debit Card if not going to use it!!!!
Posted by on
Back in February last year, I signed up for the Continental Miles Debit Card program with Key. The customer service representative had told me it was like a $30 annual fee and I could cancel anytime I wanted. What she did not tell me was that the fee, regardless of when you cancel, is NON-REFUNDABLE! Now, fast forward to May 28, 2010. Key took the $30 annual fee out of my account and I called them on June 1 to cancel. The representative told me it was non-refundable even though the fee was from May 28, 2010 until May 28, 2011. After placing me on hold and supposedly "speaking to her supervisor" (which I doubt she even did) she came back and told me "Sorry, I wasn't able to help you. My supervisor told me it is not refundable." She asked me several times if I was sure I wanted to cancel, because I was already paid up for the year. No, I was paid-up for all of 3 days.

I explained to her that it is theft, that the bank is keeping my money for a service I am not going to even be using and asked her, "What if you paid in advance at a gas station for gas and never used it, yet the gas station told you they were still keeping your money?" The representative was speechless, she didn't want to answer me, probably because she knew the answer and didn't want to say it because she was maybe being recorded.

Long story short, I never used the miles, having left for school abroad for all of 2009. Now I am sitting here $30 poorer (technically, my mom is) while Key Bank is sleeping just fine at night getting rich off people like me. Oh and I'm unemployed too. Thanks mom for spotting me the $30!!

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM IF YOU WILL NOT USE IT. The only reason I am keeping this bank account open is because it looks good on my credit me, I would have closed it!!

The best part was, I had e-paid a tuition bill earlier that morning. The representative said I could could put through a stop-payment on it for $34, but there was no guarantee it would go through and I could still have an overdraft fee on my account for $35 plus the cost of the tuition bill plus the cost of the stop-payment. WTF? I hypothetically could have been negative almost five times the cost of the stop-payment!!! Thanks for the help, Key Bank.
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/04/2010:
It's always a good idea to thoroughly check a written contract or policy for fees when signing up for a program like this. Maybe you want to consider doing business with another bank.
tammy sue on 06/04/2010:
I would, but I recently got my credit report last week and they said to always keep your longest bank account open because it makes you look "reliable"....I've had this bank account since 2000, so I don't want to close it, otherwise I would! There was no written contract, everything was over the phone and every request for written info went unheard. Of course!
soccerguru on 07/10/2010:
It is in your disclosures that is a non-refundable fee. Same goes for my $30 a year Southwest Miles card...$30 a year wether you use it or not...its in my fine print,thus they aren't stealing anything..I agreed to it. Anytime you sign up for a card with the first you free you have 364 days to cancel the service fee free.
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Posted by on
KOKOMO, INDIANA -- I agree with so many others in regards to the service and professionalism that this bank offers !! ZERO !!!! I have never been more robbed by any bank in my entire life. Yes their nsf fees are outrageous. I understand there are situations in life that may cause an overdraft. I don't have an issue with being charged for something I caused but when you have been misinformed or not informed at all by the teller, which seems to happen quite often, and then they refuse to admit any fault in anything. It seems regardless of where or whom a check is from, if deposit it could take them 3-4 days to even post it to your account. Which in turn gives them plenty of time to rack up some nsf's on you. Hhhhmmmm sounds like "bonus" money to me. For example I deposited a small check in the amount $125, which was from another local bank and it took them from Sat to Wed to even make it available. I could understand had the check been from a business for a large amount but COME ON !!!!! NOT ONLY THAT but I had recently stopped my direct deposit of my payroll check or so I thought from going into this account. My name had been taken off the account and everything. The account I thought had been closed out but actually it still had my ex-spouses name on it. Well here is a fyi, KEY BANK does not cross reference direct deposits !!!!! Oh no, they allowed my PAYROLL check to be deposited into that account even though I'm not even an account holder. NOW HOW SUFFICIENT IS THAT !!!!!! Wow this is just the bank I would trust. Needless to say I am in the wrong according to Key Bank and I have to contact my HR dept. to have them recall my payroll amount. Wow amazing. I could probably go on and on but I just needed to vent today since I got paid 7 days ago and still do not know when I will receive my actual money.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/17/2010:
"it took them from Sat to Wed to even make it available."

Weekends aren't business days. Banks are open for your convenience on Saturdays, but it's not a business day. Anything you do after cutover on Friday, will not post to your account until Monday night and be available Tuesday morning.
Or, for example, this passed Friday... because Monday was a holiday, banks (after cutover Friday) were on Tuesday's business day. So, any deposits you made after cutover on Friday would not be available until Wednesday morning.
If the teller doesn't inform you of any holds, your receipt should have all that information on there.
Anonymous on 02/17/2010:
BKK nailed it. If the deposit was last Saturday, then it was really deposited on Tuesday, and available on Wednesday. That's immediate availability.
bcd on 02/17/2010:
A Saturday deposit is considered a Monday deposit. Funds were available on Wednesday, so that’s two business days. For an account with a history of overdrafts that’s not unreasonable. If it was this past weekend, then I agree with BKK about it being related to the Monday holiday.

Your payroll check was deposited in the wrong account because apparently you failed to change your bank account number that was on file with your payroll department.
Anonymous on 02/17/2010:
Remember BCD, that Monday past was a bank holiday.
Anonymous on 02/17/2010:
As for allowing your direct deposit to still go into that account, YOU are the one who set it up with your depositor. You changed the bank info by taking your name off the account. NOW you have to change the account number with your employer. Otherwise the check will still go where you told the employer to send it. That is YOUR negligence, not the banks.

If you spend money before your deposit is credited, you deserve your check fees.
Fufu487 on 02/17/2010:
as LadyScot said, your direct deposit is to be changed with your employer, not the bank. They don't 'verify' direct deposits. If you made a deposit on Saturday, and it cleared on Wednesday, that's GOOD clear time.
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They go out of their way to make my life irritating...
Posted by on
I have been banking with Key Bank for a few years now. They are the most annoying company... Period. They will run you around and around and around. I have had way too many issues with this bank. It seems like it's a new problem every month. This last example is what made me decide to write a review that, hopefully, will prevent anyone else from experiencing Key Bank's poor attempt at banking. Something as simple as activating my debit card should not be a huge hassle for me.

I called the number on the card in order to activate it. The automated system won't activate it for me, and so it transfers me to a "Customer Service" clerk. After I tell them what I am trying to do, they go ahead and put me on hold for about 10 mins. When they finally decide to get back on the phone, they say "There is a block on your new debit card. You will have to CALL your home branch."

So I am pretty irritated at this point. All I want to do is activate my freakin' debit card. So I call the branch and tell them the situation and what I need help with. They say "I think that is something you would have to COME IN for." Great, so now I have to waste my time to drive all the way to the branch, which is about 30 miles away (minimum) because I moved out of the area of the "home branch". I'm almost considering not even activating it at this point. They are a waste of my time and money.

It would seem as though they make policies and regulations that only benefit themselves. For a second there, I thought I WAS THEIR CUSTOMER and they should be bending over backwards for me, not the other way around.
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User Replies:
Skye on 06/20/2009:
So you're not going to find out why they have a block on your debit card?

Sounds like they are trying to protect you from fraud.

Just my opinion.
tnchuck100 on 06/20/2009:
IF they are trying to protect her they should straight-up tell her what is going on. Jerking a customer around as she is describing here would annoy me as well.

As a matter of fact Regions bank is doing something similar (not exactly the same) with my wife's debit card. Their corporate ineptness has come shining through and I will no longer allow my money to be at risk in their hands. I am about to close all accounts with them.
Anonymous on 06/20/2009:
Pretty soon people are going to start stuffing their mattresses with money instead of using any bank at all. I wouldn't blame them at all.
BokiBean on 06/20/2009:
Regions has absolute caca customer service around here. They are our BoA.
madconsumer on 06/20/2009:
best answer skye!
Bryan Koorstad on 06/22/2009:
They are protecting me against fraud...? That is probably something that the bank would use as an excuse. lol. I don't think they are trying to protect me. I think that they just have really ridiculous hoops to jump through. Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude or anything...

They have an automated system which asks you for personal info. That automated system is set up to protect me against fraud. Anything outside of that is just an annoyance, and poor customer service.
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Predatory Overlimit Fees Imposed By Key Bank - Does Key Bank Have Cash Flow Issues?
Posted by on
AUBURN, WASHINGTON -- I had an overdraft situation caused when a creditor posted a scheduled payment one day early onto our Key Bank checking account. I discovered the action on a routine internet access of the account early the next day.

After the initial shock and a couple hours later that morning, I showed up at Key Bank with almost $2,300, with some $800 in cash, in a good faith effort to correct the balance and stop the fiscal bleeding. A lot of good that did!

That day, 7 overlimit charges showed up. The branch manager (Auburn, WA branch on Auburn Avenue) refunded 3 of those charges. She noted that two to six more charges would be showing up. Given her tone, I assumed some corrective action would be undertaken. I was wrong.

Those 6 other charges showed up and stayed. I called in to see if anything was going to be done. No answer for a week. I dropped off a written request for consideration. I was contacted two days later and told that the three refunded (out of 13) was all that was going to be handled. So, because Bank of America drew one day early, Key Bank rewarded my efforts to be fiscally responsible and correct by taking $365 and keeping it. Bank of America was kind enough to give us a $98 credit on our line of credit account with them regarding this fiasco.
Key Bank's pending deposit policy is one of the most egregious in the area and probably is used to generate a large number of fees.

Even Bank of America wasn't this bad when we boobooed our commercial account (only one charge was kept out of six or seven charged in that instance).
We have been customers at this particular branch of Key Bank in its various forms for 24 years, but I believe that it is time to move our personal checking to a local credit union that is a lot more consumer oriented.

I AM SUSPECTING THAT KEY BANK IS HAVING CASH FLOW ISSUES AND IS GRABBING FEES WHEREVER AND WHENEVER IT CAN. If you see this and you have a Key Bank account, move your money to an institution that is better capitalized and consumer friendly. Key Bank definitely lacks in that category!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/19/2008:
Your issue is actually with BOA> If you can provide they made the withdrawal early, they can be held liable for refunding toe fees charged by Key.
madconsumer on 09/19/2008:
bank of America withdrew money owed to them. they did nothing wrong, the poster is responsible for maintaining a positve balance to cover debits to the account.
Anonymous on 09/19/2008:
No, the poster says BOA took the money out early. The poster cannot anticipate such actions.
Anonymous on 09/19/2008:
People, people, people... this is why you NEVER give a creditor direct access to your checking, savings, or credit card accounts. They can pretty much do whatever they want whenever they want because permission was given.

Bank of America is clearly in the wrong if they did in fact take the payment before the scheduled date.
woodsk1 on 09/19/2008:
BOA is at fault, not Key Bank.. And even if they wear having cash flow issues, I doubt nickel and diming people would make them right...
madconsumer on 09/19/2008:
there are not enough details to determine bank of America is wrong. details like withdraw dates, scheduled dates, and such will make me find otherwise.
jktshff1 on 09/19/2008:
nah, JiSoCal put it right
Cyane on 09/20/2008:
It does depend on what type of withdrawal. Was it set up as an ACH for a specified date, in which case that should be honored and would be BoA's fault, or was it set up as an OLB payment that reached its destination early (OLB sites specify that payments may be negotiated prior to the expected edelivery date)?
Anonymous on 09/20/2008:
I'm not sure how banks may work, but with my credit union they will not process an online bill pay if there is not sufficient funds. THe transaction would be automatically cancelled. This leads me again to believe that B of A withdrew the payment before the scheduled date.
Ponie on 09/20/2008:
'Does Key Bank Have Cash Flow Issues?' I doubt it very much since you've had a problem with not just one, but two banks.

The only automatic withdrawal I have set up at my bank is my apartment rent which is due the 1st of each month. However, if the 1st falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or bank holiday, the amount is withdrawn the previous business day.
yoke on 09/20/2008:
This is a BofA error not Keybank.
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Key Bank Is The Worst
Posted by on
12550, NEW YORK -- Key Bank is like a nightmare to me, everything start with the purchase of USB ( Union State Bank), all the accounts that we have with them, all off the sudden belong to Key Bank, and the bad dreams starts, on a small business account that we have, in the first month they went crazy with the overcharges, $365, in 10 days, on a debit(checking) account for charges of $4.95 etc.

On my mortgage account,that they said they don't know nothing but their name appears on the monthly statement, they have it for 4 months, on the first month they didn't know about my escrow account, they were missing all my school taxes, Second month reversal payments, third month they decide my City taxes went from $1012.00 to $2500.00, send me a check for $835 ( they said I have more money on the scrow account ) but when I call, because my school taxes were misssing they said to me to cash the check but keep it, "under the pillow" because maybe belong to them, so maybe I have to return the money . I have a Home Equity Loan in which the interest is wrong( supposed to be locked and they said is variable ), and now like if these problems are not enough they give my husband his 401k because doesn't work for them anymore, tell him he has to put it on IRA account of course from Key Bank and hes money $30,000 is missing for a week now. I am scared to receive any Key Bank mail, and nobody knows were the money is I'M DESPERATE. SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

I forget when I call customer service they said to me that I was used to have a good service because USB was a small bank!!!!! and one of the managers said to me that there are others Banks
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 04/02/2008:
There have been many complaints about Key Bank on this site.

However, some of your statements do not make sense.

"...send me a check for $835 but when I call, said to me to keep under the pillow because maybe belong to them..."

You seem to be having problems with a mortgage account, an escrow account, a debit (checking?) account, a 401k, and tax problems.

Very confusing.
DebtorBasher on 04/02/2008:
This is really surprising to me...but, I'm not doubting your story. I have had Keybank for about 5 years now and have never had any problem whatsoever...but my accounts are much smaller than yours. Hopefully they will get everything straightened out for you soon. I do agree with Chuckie, that it is a bit confusing...but If you decide to go with another bank, make sure everything with Key is starighened out first and whatever you do DON'T and I repeat DON'T ever switch to Chase!
madisong on 04/02/2008:
Hi, is me Madison, the 835 is for my mortgage scrow account, and that's exactly what they said to me, to cash the check, but keep it on a side, because maybe I have to return the money to they. The overdraft charges to my checking business account, missing $30,000 on IRA account,different interest on my home equity loan. believe problems in 4 out of 6 different accounts that they bought from USB
DebtorBasher on 04/02/2008:
Good luck to you...I know that has to be frustrating AND scarey...keep us updated.
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Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
A student pilot I know got over $100,000 in loans from Key bank to become a pilot. Pilots who start out today barely make a living. Furthermore, many were caught being laid off. The airline industry fell in hard economic times. That makes it impossible for a graduate to make payments, rent, car, gas, food. Key Bank did a settlement for about $25,000. The person did not have to file bankruptcy.The loan was not a government school loan. It falls under alternative loan.
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User Replies:
CUontheFlipSide on 12/11/2012:
That's great, but does he realize he has to pay income taxes on that $75,000 that they wrote off? He may be in for a very rude awakening come January.
Old Timer on 12/11/2012:
Wow, a 75% write-off, well done. Guess Key Bank will have this customer for life. Might even get a portion of their write-off back.
yoke on 12/11/2012:
That was awesome of the bank to do that. I was thinking the same thing about the $75,000. Wonder if the OP's friend is aware of it
bob932304 on 12/11/2012:
I am a curmudgeon, something doesn't sound right about this story. A bank isn't going to blow off $75,000. BUT, it they did the pilot will owe taxes on the $75,000 (as stated in previous posts).
CUontheFlipSide on 12/11/2012:
Yeah they might, and they aren't all that altruistic. If the guy is teetering on bankruptcy, they'd rather get something than nothing.
Shaman on 12/15/2012:
The Insolvency Rule (IRS publication 908)
Most Debtors find that there is actually a big “loop hole” called the insolvency rule that allows them to NOT have to pay any taxes on the forgiven debt. According to the IRS, if you are “insolvent” at the time of the debt forgiveness, (which most consumers are if they are enrolled in a debt negotiation program) then you have no tax liability on the debt reduction up to the point that you are insolvent.
Let me put that in English for everyone. If your debts outweigh your assets then you are insolvent. So if you have a negative net worth then the IRS lets you slide and does not require you to pay taxes on the forgiven debt. As an example, if you where 100K upside down on your house, had 50K in credit card debt and only 40K in assets then you would be insolvent by 110K and you would not have to pay taxes on any of the settled credit card debt..
Most consumers find that if they are so far upside down financially that they have to look into a debt negotiation strategy, that they are also insolvent and therefore not liable for additional taxes on the amount of debt forgiven. As always though, check with a qualified Tax consultant about your specific situation, and ask if the Insolvency Rules would apply to you.
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Cashing Out CD With Key Bank
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OHIO -- I had a CD with Key Bank that matured a few days ago. Today, I called them and said that I wanted to close out the CD and have a check for the proceeds mailed to my home address. They informed me that I would need to make the request in writing, have it notarized, and mail it to them before they would send me a check. It's MY MONEY, not theirs!!!!!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 09/04/2012:
sadly, this is in place to protect you!

very helpful review, and voted as such'!
unhappy999 on 09/04/2012:
They need a record that you told them to cash it out and they have to make sure its from you so it has to notarized. They are doing this to protect you.
prince caesar on 09/05/2012:
I think this is pretty ridiculous. I mean why do you have to jump through hoops to get your money back? IT shouldn't be any more difficult than going to your bank and making a withdrawal. Its basically the same thing.
trmn8r on 09/05/2012:
It is standard practice to verify the identity of the CD holder when redeeming.

If redeeming by mail, Key Bank's request makes sense. However, you should be able to walk into a Key Bank location and not have to present a notarized request, IMO.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DAYTON, OHIO -- Bad Reward System
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User Replies:
Alain on 04/10/2012:
This could also use more information. Thanks, again!
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Stupid Fees
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- They charge me for paper use. $2.00. If you don't do enough transactions, they want $5.00. First it was three transactions, then five, now its seven.

Low down thieves.
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User Replies:
Sue on 03/04/2012:
Change banks, credit unions will charge you none of those fees.
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