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Terrible experience...
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ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- This clinic ‘Key West Crossing Dental Associates’ is a not an honest business practice. Before the 1st appointment, they insisted people to download and fill out some on-line forms, and fax to them, otherwise, they won’t keep the appointment, not like other clinics you can bring in the forms on the appointment day. I felt suspicious, but regretfully I ignore my instance due to my desperation and busy schedule, so I sent in the forms.

Then on 1st appointment day, they want to take my picture (something like ID picture when you go to the MVA), I asked them why, because from my past experience I’ve never known any dentist taking patient’s picture, they said so the doctor can recall who the patient is easier when they read the chart, I let them took my picture, but felt kind worried, they got all my personal info like SSN, DOB, address and job, etc., now they my picture, if their data got compromised by ID theft, it would be really bad.

Anyway, the 1st appointment is for regular cleaning, they do many extra things compared to other dentists I’ve visited, so I asked the assistant because I’m not sure my insurance will cover all those things, she told me they check the insurance and it’s all covered. When the cleaning is done, the dentist said I got 2 cavities need to be filled, so I made next appointment at the counter, they want me to pay $8, I thought that’s co-pay or some 1st time deductible.

When I went back for the cavity filling, the dentist did the root canal; he said he can’t be sure from the x-ray until he drilled in, the tooth isn’t aching, so he started explaining sometimes the nerve is dying, so I don’t feel pain. Here’s my 2nd mistake (or ignorance again), I should have told him not to proceed and seek for 2nd opinion, not just put my trust in him. Anyway, when it’s done, the receptionist made the next appointment and want me to pay $337 according to insurance co-pay chart (total charge is $771) right away, and my previous balance (for cleaning) is $361, so my balance due is $795, I’m quite shocked, so I asked the receptionists which items my insurance covered or not covered, and said they should have send the estimation request to the insurance before the root canal, they coldly said they don’t know nothing, and the root canal is done, so I need to pay the money.

After I got home, I went on-line to check it they file the claim, unbelievably the total claim for the cleaning is $361, my insurance only covers $169. The total claim for the 2nd visit is $763 including a $65 oral /facial photo not covered by my insurance at all. And after 2 visits, I found the $8 is so called 'OSHA Compliance Fee', nothing to do with the insurance, just this terrible clinic charge people on every visit.

Here comes the worst, they got this automatic phone system doing the appointment confirmation, pre-recorded message is played and ask you to press touch token key 1 to confirm, that’s all, no way to cancel the appointment over the phone. So when I got the reminder call, I plan to cancel the appointment, since there’s no way to cancel it during this reminder call, I have to make another call after the reminder call, unfortunately I got carried away and forgot. When I finally remembered and called them to cancel the appointment, they told me I have signed the paper agreement saying more than 24 ‘BUSINESS’ hours notice to cancel an appointment or there is a fee of $50 for up to the 1st hour of the appointment and $50 for each additional hour, the aforementioned fees also apply to the missed or broken appointment, so I have to pay $75 fine, I canceled the appointment, but 2nd thought, I might just keep the appointment, go there and tell them I can’t stay.

I sent the complaint to my insurance company and BBB, but I really want to share the story and let people know to be careful, not to get involved with this clinic ‘Key West Crossing Dental Associates’.
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User Replies:
Disaster Worker on 04/16/2010:
What a nightmare! Check with the BBB in your area to see if anyone else has a complaint against them and make sure you file one. This is indeed very deceptive business practices!!!
Unhappypatient on 12/15/2011:
I had a similar experience with this office and am actually pursuing a lawsuit. I would love to personally talk to you because it sounds like they are doing these thing to many people.
jsnlee on 12/16/2011:
Good grief, is this really widespread? No wonder I feel it’s so hard to find a good dentist in this area, those scum dentists not only are unethical but also got bad skills, I don’t think I have that many teeth left to try for finding a good dentist, anyone if you have a good and honest dentist to recommend, please help!
BTW, ‘Unhappypatient’ is pursuing a lawsuit, I’m in for the class-action lawsuit, would be glad to see this kind dishonest dentists out of business, I think they shouldn’t have the licenses to run the business at all!
Rockville KI on 03/15/2013:
I used to go to them for 5 years and they did a root canal that did not need to be done, as well as pulled out a tooth that did not need to be done. The staff is a joke and I have since found a awesome dentist who is amazing and I don't mind driving to Arlington for someone I can trust. Pretty sad we live in a world that you cannot trust doctors and dentists. They need to pay of there student loans and are here to rape your pockets.
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Hygienist did not provide service
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ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- During month of May 2007, I searched the Delta Dental Directory to find a dentist to do my first Exam & Cleaning. I found the "key West Crossing Dental Associates" office which is very close to my job in Rockville, Maryland.
I called & made an appointment for July 6th 2007 which was their earliest opening for my first visit.
Prior to my appointment, I filled out their online forms. I arrived on time (10AM) & filled out few more forms.
I had clearly requested & explained that for my first visit I needed a regular Cleaning & Exam.
The hygienist took X-rays & Dentist performed my exam & recommended that overall my teeth are in good shape & I just needed a minor filling for my next appointment.
Next, Instead of my regular cleaning, the hygienist spent over 1 hour doing:
1) Showed me a video of the gum disease.
2) Demonstrated how their battery-operated tooth brush for a cost of $120 would clean my teeth.
3) She started taking a reading of the spacing between my teeth & my gum for creating a Perio chart on the computer showing me that I needed a deep cleaning.
4) She then wanted me to sign another form to submit to my insurance company for the periodon'tics appointment which was around $2000.00 & that my portion would have been $320.00 (including the $120 for their tooth brush).
I refused to sign the form explaining that I will need to check with Delta Dental for these charges & benefits before I can commit to these expenses.
I then requested to get a regular cleaning of my teeth in which I had waited more than 8 weeks for this Exam & Cleaning.
The hygienist rudely told me that “I AM OUT OF TIME” & I must leave their office & pay $8.00 fee for my office visit.
I was really disappointed with their service & requested to talk to the dentist, instead their supervisor told me that I must make a new appointment for the periodon'tics & I owed them $8.00 office fee.
I told her that my first appointment was for my Exam & regular cleaning & I did not neither see or sign any forms to pay the $8.00 office fees & I am 100% covered by my insurance for this appointment and that your hygienist did not clean my teeth as she should have per my appointment, instead she is selling me a $120 tooth brush, a $2000 charge for a deep cleaning, & took 1 hour & 15 minutes of my regular job time & I never got my teeth cleaned.!!!

Overall, I am really frustrated & disappointed with the services from this office in which I believe they are not doing their job & instead their intention is to make extra money upfront from new patients like me..!?!

I am hoping to help the readers of my bad experience with this office & hope this office performs an honest practice for their new patients.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/26/2007:
You might want to find out what regulatory body in your state controls dentists, and file a complaint with them. This clearly sounds like a racket, and not very ethical. Also, I suspect that if you could find the right party, Delta Dental would be interested in hearing this.
ZooVet726 on 07/26/2007:
I agree. This sounds like you went an 1 hour and 15 minute long sales drive, instead of a dental appointment. They sound sneaky. Report them to BBB as well as ADA, and your insurance company.
Pomona Guy on 07/26/2007:
Sounds like you are smart. You detected a scam and refused to sign anything. Good for you!
yoke on 07/26/2007:
My husband got scammed by Family Dental about 2 years ago. He went to 2 appointments when I questioned why he was going to so many dental appointments. That is when he told me about "how bad his teeth were". Mind you he was in the Navy for 20 years and had his routine dental appointments and always had no problem. When he first retired he went to my family dentist and had no problem. He decided he wanted to check out this "new" practice in town and all of a sudden he needed $4,000 worth of work. During those 2 appointments he had yet to have a cleaning, just consults.
NatScat on 08/13/2007:
I completely agree. I first visited this office in February for a cleaning. The cleaning lasted two hours and inclueded a video on crowns and a demonstration of the expensive electric toothbrush. Also, I was told I needed to come back for a filling. When I returned for the filling I was told they would be replacing an existing filling - not doing a new filling. The replacement of the existing filling turned into a extensive and paiful root canal which required me to see a specialist. I was then told by the dentist that I needed a crown. I have now been waiting for the crown to be done since the second week of July. I have called repeatedly and asked to be added to the cancellation list. Now when I call the staff identify me by name and ignore my questions and requests. To make matters worse, they have already charged my dental insurance for the crown, so I cannot find another dentist to do the work without paying completely out of pocket. I am so frustrated with the lack of professionalism and customer service with this office!
SickOfShadyBusinesses on 11/14/2007:
This is widespread, in my experience. I have been to 5 different dentists for the sole purpose of a cleaning and x-rays. The x-rays get done, the cleanings never do. Each place always had an excuse, such as "the hygenists have all gone home now" or "we didn't have the cleaning on the schedule." My theory is that they get paid very little for the cleaning, so try their best to get around it. Or, they simply want your teeth to decay for $$.
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