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Incredibly Unsuitable Customer Service & Closing Hours
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HUGO, OKLAHOMA -- I went on to KFC, in Hugo, Oklahoma expecting to have chicken for my supper!!! Pulled up, went to go in... The doors were locked!! NOW THIS WAS WELL BEFORE 8:30... On the door the time states open till '9:00pm'. I drove around to the drive-through and they had it turned off!! So I thought okay, they have a problem going on... drove around to other side and ... there were two cars waiting for their order.... really peeved me off that they were shutting the whole thing down before 8:30!!!

So I pulled in behind others to get info for calling in a complaint. Sat there 45 minutes waiting, I feel for the others that had orders!!! I sat there mostly to find out why they closed the lobby plus drive-through so early. I have been eating there ever since the store opened years ago, I live 32 miles from this store and usually make special trips there just to eat! I work an 11pm - 7am shift in another town 19 miles north of this town, although it is out of my way, a lot of times I'll drive the extra miles just to have a good meal before work or to get something to go for later!!!

Never in all this time has the store closed the lobby or the drive-through before 8:30pm or (pm for that matter. Anyway after 45 minutes I was able to pull up to the window... it was not even 9:00 yet!!! The guy who waited on the other two cars wouldn't even come to the window to see what I wanted. I finally had to say, "EXCUSE ME" (service window was open) and a girl stopped and walked over and I asked for the manager, she stepped around corner and holler "MOM, some woman wants to talk to you!"

After hearing my complaint about the early closing, the manager proceeds to tell me they closed down the lobby at 8:30 now... I told her they needed to change the door sign... and that the drive-through was also turned off. She argued w/ me that it was working... ALL OUTSIDE lights w/in the drive-through lane were off... the guy standing in the background flipped them back on as we were talking, that really peeved me off!!! Within the time it took for me to get to the service window several others had pulled into KFC and had to leave!!!

Now, I love KFC, this store has always been clean, has had good customer service and great food. Except for the last few times I have been there to get from the buffet, there is never any assortment of chicken to pick from. What is there is oily and old looking, you have to ask for what you want to get fresh, BUT the service has always been great! Until now.... it just doesn't sit well w/ me that in this economy... driving 32 miles (one-way) to eat out and then arrive to find that they would lock the doors sometime between 8-8:15!!!

The manager acted incredibly unconcerned and did not offer to take an order!!! It wasn't like they had run out of chicken...and it was too late to start a fresh batch, which would have been understandable. BUT personally, I could see from the service window there was over two full trays of cooked chicken sitting in the hot box!!! I guess all the employees had nice hot chicken to take home for their supper!!! This store will soon go under if this sort of behavior continues and if these employees are kept in place! I for one will never attempt to eat there in the evenings ever again...

Finger licking good?

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- Finger licking? No, not so much anymore. For the most part, I can't complain too much. There are two locations within our small city. One has great service, and mediocre food quality, while the other lacks the service skills and their food is much better. Pick your poison (poor choice of words in the restaurant business).

Most complaints are made when something dissatisfies a consumer right then and there. For my message today, it's not really any one particular incident. Rather, a gradual decline that I've seen over the past 1-1/2 yrs at these two establishments. My favorite thing to order is the Honey BBQ sandwich. Sandwich= Honey BBQ meat & a bun of sorts.

Pretty simple, but yet for some reason on the past 3 times that I've ordered the simple two ingredient snack, I end up getting shreds of lettuce on my sandwich. Lettuce? I don't recall that being in the picture on the display menu? I don't remember asking for it as a specialty? Yet, low and behold, there it is each and every time. On my visit today for lunch...ta-da! Lettuce appears again! Now the quantity of lettuce that is being misplaced on my sandwich ( a string or two) tells me that it isn't part of the sandwich. Are the wrappers stored directly below the lettuce bin? Perhaps.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not confrontational enough to throw a big fit about it and make an issue of it. I simply pluck the string of lettuce and remove it from the sandwich, since it hasn't tainted the flavor as onions might tend to do. I also USED to love ordering the Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap. When it first came out and they attempted to contend with the version McDonald's sells, it was the best by far. They loaded it with two, sometimes even three pieces of chicken. Smothered it with shredded cheese and plenty of that Ranch sauce that is to die for. That was then. Now...not so much.

Very disappointing because that they grill/toast their tortilla, and it was better tasting than McD's. I realize that with any promotional item, that when they first hit the market they are "stuffed" to help aide in sales. But the past few visits have left me with a wrap containing one piece of chicken, a light dusting of cheese, and a minimal amount of ranch sauce.

McDonald's is once again the leader in that aspect of their menu. So, I suppose this isn't a complaint in the truest sense of the word. But more of an overall observation that the quality of food is gradually beginning to decline, and hopefully notifications on forums such as these are enough to help warrant corrections before they slip further towards customer angst.

They Desperately Need An Order Accuracy Screen

I am a frequent visitor of KFC/Taco Bell located at 1978 E. Osceola Parkway in Kissimmee, FL. I've found that my experience when visiting this establishment almost solely depends on the employees working the drive-through at the time. It seems that whenever this one particular employee is working, my order gets screwed up one way or another.

I went through the drive-through the other night and ordered my food along with a diet Pepsi. He told me to come to the window for my total. He must not have been entering my order into the computer as I was giving it to him since, upon arriving at the window he asked what I wanted to drink. I told him Diet Pepsi. He takes another order through his headset, and after that order is complete, he asks me again what I wanted to drink.

I told him Diet Pepsi. He makes the drink and hands it to me as another employee hands me my food. I thank them and drive off. Back on the main road, I take a sip from the drink to discover it's regular Pepsi. I just drank it and went home, albeit annoyed. Mistakes happen. I'm fully aware.

Tonight, I give them another chance. I went through the drive-through and ordered 2 Steak Burritos, 2 Steak Quesadillas, and a medium Diet Pepsi. The same guy is taking orders. So I get to the window...I take a sip of my drink as soon as it's handed to me, and it's correct. I pay, get my food and drive off.

Should have checked my order's my fault for not doing so...I didn't think it would be necessary after basically confirming it twice...but it wasn't until I was back on the main road that I discovered he had entered my order for two steak burritos, two steak CHALUPAS, and a diet Pepsi. And that's exactly what I got.

This particular location needs to install an Order Verification screen at the drive-through menu, or get somebody else who can take orders more efficiently. Perhaps doing both would work best. I think I need to start asking them to repeat the order back to me before I leave the menu, though it shouldn't be necessary.

But you know what is irritating the most? All of the employees behind the counter, with the exception of the one working the front counter, are wearing headsets. They ALL hear drive-through orders as they're being given. Do they not realize an error in the making when they hear a customer ordering a particular item, and the order taker enters another? Surely, at least one out of the 5 or 6 working realized the mistake.

When I used to take drive-through orders at Wendy's, my coworkers would be sure to ask me to clarify the order with the customer if they believe I had misinterpreted something. Apparently they don't care, or they all have the headsets turned off. Either way, it's not working out for them.

And the kicker of it all? The back of the receipt gives you a website where you can take a survey about your experience, and be entered into sweepstakes to win $1,000. I laughed when, after filing a negative review about tonight's experience, it tells me that I am not eligible to be entered into the sweepstakes. Perhaps they only enter those who have positive things to say?

Embarrassment to KFC Chain
By -

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA -- In my opinion, the KFC on Western Branch Blvd in Chesapeake, VA is the worst managed KFC I have ever been in, although I've been in a few others. Guess KFC is not picky about who buys their franchises and those folks are not picky about their managers. If I were KFC, I'd be ashamed to associate my name with this one. The service is ALWAYS slower than slow at this location; employees are slower than slow, show little interest in their job, certainly NO interest in customer service and often rude.

There was a young man at the register, one young girl behind him, sort of filling orders and 1 lady doing drive through orders and another guy, I assumed was cooking. The young man at the register was so slow and had absolutely no enthusiasm or interest in even trying to move faster or even pay a lot of attention to taking the orders to make sure they were right. The young girl clearly did not want to be there. She was slowly moving back and forth, taking her time doing whatever and mumbling something to the effect that she wasn't even supposed to be there today and she didn't want to do something or other, things to that effect.

This now sets the stage for how well the service would be and it was sooo obvious! Did I mention that it was Friday at 6:30 PM when many more people come out to eat than normal; so wouldn't you think they'd be prepared with enough staff and food? But this particular branch always seems to be this way, at least from the times I've been there in the past, no matter what day or time. And another family there that night said the same thing.

So here's the scenario. When I arrived, there were 4 people in front of me and 6 others already waiting to pick up their food, not to mention the drive through. It took about 15 minutes for me to even get to the register to place my order. Okay. That I could handle. When I finally left after 30 minutes, there were now at least 8 more people in line and 6 still waiting for their food!

Once I placed my order I stepped back to wait with the others who were there before me. Within 5 minutes the girl called my # and I was amazed, because those in front of me were still waiting. But I thought maybe they had large orders or something and I didn't know how they decided which orders went first. So I stepped up to pick up my order, but it was only half filled and it was wrong.

The first half of the order was to be one grilled meal to include a breast, leg, mashed potatoes/gravy, 1 biscuit, 1 coleslaw and 1 drink for $4.99. She put in the mashed potatoes/gravy, coleslaw, 1 leg, 1 thigh and 1 wing. The other order was 3 strips 1 coleslaw and 1 biscuit and it was not even with the meal order. I explained the error on the one meal to the girl and she said that the grilled breasts were not ready yet, but as soon as they were she would add one.

I think they thought they could just put in what they had and it wouldn't be noticed, because it was take out. Now the meal with mashed potatoes/gravy was sitting there getting cold. But I waited and figured as soon as the grilled breasts were ready, she would toss one in the meal (that was sitting there getting cold) and finish my order with the strips and let me go.

But instead when the breasts came up, she left my meal sitting there while she filled two tubs with the grilled breasts. So I spoke up and asked if she could just add one breast to my meal sitting there and give me my strips and I could go. By now she was frustrated so she grabbed a breast as soon as they were up, threw it into the meal and into a bag and sort of tossed it on the counter at me. When I told her that wasn't all of my order... she grabbed a box, 3 strips, coleslaw and biscuit and threw them into the box and into the bag.

Then, much to my surprise, or not, the lady now at the register waiting for her order to be taken, shouted AT ME to wait my turn! I told the lady that I was waiting my turn and only came up to get my order when she, the girl working there, called my number, and that it was wrong and I was just trying to get it right so I could leave. All of this because of incompetence! It is management's fault because they are responsible for those they hire and how that place is running when they are not there! People there were obviously getting annoyed and frustrated!

This is the most ridiculous excuse for management of a KFC that I have ever seen. I will never go back in there again. If KFC is selling its franchises to such incompetent managers and they hire such incompetent, rude employees, then I hope KFC goes out of business. And the food is not even worth it. The fried chicken there always tastes like old grease and is way over-cooked.

By -

DELTA, COLORADO -- I went to KC on 3-21-09 at approximately 800pm. I went to the drive up window. The woman asked “can I help you?” I said “I would like a 6 piece meal with mashed potatoes and gravy and coleslaw.” She said “can you repeat that?” I did. Then she said "turn you car off I can't hear you." I turn the car off. I repeated my order she said “come to the window.”

I drove to the window. The first thing she said to me was "are you OK ma'am?" I said I am fine thank you. I was puzzled by the question but I did not pay much attention to it. She then said "you have a 6 piece meal with coleslaw and a diet coke", I responded with "and that has mashed potatoes and gravy?" She waked away. The window was still open.

The older woman and a young girl came back by the window. The older woman said "you will have to deal with this woman I refuse. She is rude and I don't have to put up with it." She also said that "you deal with her if she is rude to you let me know we don't have to put up with this crap." Well, I am listing to this and trying to figure out what started this attitude. However I tried to get the young girl's attention and she did not hear me or chose not to and walked away.

When the young girl came back I finally had to say "excuse me ma'am." Then the girl acknowledged me. I said "all I wanted was a 6 piece meal with mashed potatoes gravy and coleslaw with a diet coke." She then said that would be $19.00 dollars. I asked "why $19.00 when the 6 piece meal is only $13.85 cents?" That is when the older woman came to the window and started slapping her hand on the counter with every word that she that she used to explaining why the meal was $19.00.

I finally decided that I did not have to put up with her rude attitude. I said "keep your chicken!" and her response was "I will and don't bother to come back again." I could understand the attitude if I had it coming. However this time I did not. If the woman does not like her job she should find a new one. I will guarantee I will never go back to the Delta KC and I will tell all my friends not to go to the Delta KC.

There was no reason for the attitude. I hope that the manager does not condone this type of attitude from his employees. If he does I sincerely hope that the public does not, and will show him by not eating out at his store, or at the very least write him a formal complaint. In a small town it is not good business to hire employees that are not good with the public. I do understand that even in food service you should not have to deal with rude people.

However there is a give and take. When dealing with the employees that are nasty or rude it is hard to keep calm your self. The only thing I or any one can do is file a complaint to the manager. I believe I had a right to question the cost, especially when for 2 days the TV adds have been advertising the 8 piece meal including mashed potatoes gravy and coleslaw for $12.00 so I found it questionable when she said the cost was $19.00.

Rude Manager, Even Ruder General Manager
By -

ODESSA, TEXAS -- I was with a friend of mine who went through the drive-through at the KFC on JBS Parkway in Odessa, Texas. She asked for one of those bowls that has mashed potatoes, gravy and corn and chicken in it and wanted to replace the corn with macaroni and cheese. She was promptly and in a rude tone told, "€œNo, we don'€™t substitute anything!"

My friend tried to explain to her that every time she comes here she always orders it that way. She was told she could get it as a side and the bowl would remain the way it came but she was not going to make the bowl for her customized like that. My friend said "fine, I would also like your manager's name and number", to which she was told,€ "I am the manager." We waited long moments of silence and my friend said, "€œHello? I was not done ordering."€ She said "and I am still waiting", in a rude, high-pitched voice. Mind you, she is getting ruder by the minute. She asked for the total and she said "it will be at the window, I'm fixing your order!"€

Ok, we drove to the window and waited for her to come to the window. My friend asked for the corporate number to which this lady said rudely, "€œIt will be on your receipt!"€ Ok fine, we would call from there. Then I leaned forward to ask herœ, "Do you know how much business you just lost by your rudeness?"€ She said "I don'€™t care!"€

And to that, with my friends order in her hand, my friend asked her "what'€™s your name?"€ She told her ** or some such spelling, then slammed the window shut without giving her the food, she refused to let my friend pay for it and let us get on our way. She slammed the window so hard that it bounced back open. My friend reached out and opened the window and said "Can I get that phone number now?"€ To which she was handed a phone number on a slip of paper .

We pulled up a little and she called. The district manager was friendly and apologizing profusely. She explained exactly what had happened and he said, "are you where you can go inside? I am giving you your food for free." We said we were still there in the driveway and we could go in.

We went in and you could hear Lisa in the back saying she didn'€™t care who was calling, she wasn'€™t accommodating the changes and she wasn'€™t serving her the food. To which I said, "€that'€™s OK, the district manager is calling you."€ There was a sweet black lady trying to diffuse it all by saying, "They aren'€™t asking for you to give them the world"€ and suggesting that she apologize for her rude behavior, which of course, Lisa wasn'€™t listening.

Then we see a slender older oriental man on the phone with the district manager, being just as rude as he can when he was talking to him, having absolutely no respect at all in his tone for him. This was just getting to be unbelievable at this point, WOW! OK, you can hear the spiteful Lisa in the back yelling about the whole thing, the place is full of people as well. Then she comes to the counter and throws the aforementioned bagged food at the counter and stalked away.

Is this customer service people? No. No one wants to be treated like this. If Lisa had been on the other side of the serving line she would feel the same way. I want to know if these managers and, the oriental man being the general manager, understands the KFC credo? I think not, do you want me to recite it for you here? All companies have their slogans and the few very good ones who have all the customers stand by what they say.

This is there online slogan that I found: "We believe that a passion to please and customer satisfaction are the driving forces behind our success. We properly train our employees and provide them with opportunities for growth." I can tell you, from what I saw, they do not stand behind their product at this store. Buyer beware! And that is my opinion.

Victim Of Kfc's Rude Service
By -

I am VICTIM of KFC'S RUDE SERVICE! And here is the complain written to KFC headquarter which also show all the process and matters. One maybe we all should remember is that no matter where it happened we all maybe in the same shoes some time in reason IT IS KFC's restaurants. I am writing this morning to appeal unfair treatment I have got in one of the KFC dining-room which is located in Chengdu City, Sichuan province and it's name is Huada KFC. I would like to introduce the whole process. It is for reference.

On June 24, I have supper in Huada KFC ,when I was standing in cash register I to pay for meal ,an employee of KFC mopped in my foot and not saying sorry to me. I murmured several words such as “why you did not say sorry to me,” etc. Two minutes later another employee of KFC came to curse on me. At this time, I paid for my supper so I determined to appeal to the manager on duty during this time I can finish eating my supper.

I appealed twenty minutes, no response. I appealed again. This time, a lady came out. She is ** vice manager on duty. First she did not say sorry to me and spent twenty minutes to debate with me who is right for this matter, until an eyewitness stood up to confirm what I have said is right. ** stopped debating with me. And then she spent forty minutes to teach me why employees from KFC can not say sorry to me. She said employee from KFC have no ability to say sorry to clients.

At last came out a lady again. She said she is ** who is Manager on duty and she told me it is the rule for KFC that employee can not say sorry to the clients. At this time, in order to settle the whole matter I have spent two hours in Huada KFC. Manager ** advised me appeal to fill in a kind of form which is used for clients appeal first and then I can appeal to public relationship department of KFC company.

According to ** instruction I filled in the form and got the confirm from the Vice manager ** who signed her name in this form. On June 25 (Monday) I phoned public relationship department and a lady called herself ** answered my question. Also first ** who is in charge of public relationship department spent 10 minutes to debate with me who is right in this matter. I asked her to refer to the form I have filled in. In the form it is clearly explained what is the fact. The most important of all the fact in the form is confirmed by the employee of KFC and I. ** said she have not got the form yet. She only heard about this.

On June 26 (Tuesday) ** who is in charge of public relationship department of KFC gave me an answer she were willing to arrange two employees to make an apology to me. On June 29 (Friday) ** who is in charge of public relationship department of KFC gave me a phone to confirm if I will come next day to accept the apology from the employee of KFC . I agreed. On June 30 (Saturday) I arrived on Huada KFC according the instruction of **.
** who is on duty told me it is a pity she can not arrange the apology from the employee at the same time refused arrange another time.

I waited one hour in Huada KFC to settle this matter and at the same time I phoned ** who is in charge of public relationship of KFC, she said she can change her arrangement at any time. It is no need to inform me also she advised me to go to law court to get the apology. During my waiting in the Huada KFC, I also bought my supper there and unfortunately an unknown man spilled a hot water on my body and at same time threatened me: “stop claiming or I will kill you.” So I felt so puzzled for how this happened?

If it is true KFC do not permit his employee say sorry to the client even if his employee really made something wrong no matter he is willing or unwilling. If Yes, why ** who is in charge of the public relationship of KFC can't arrange this apology activity on June 29 (Saturday). If No, does that mean this apology activity which is arranged by ** just a trick? I mean the real purpose that invited me to Huada KFC is not for apology but just to threaten me?

KFC enjoy challenging his clients to go to law court? Is that also a kind of way to provide service to customer or a kind of way to put up ad? I have to mention here I have worked for a MNC for over ten years. Also I have enjoyed KFC service for fifteen years. I have never thought it is so confused for the customer relationship management in KFC. Also I felt so puzzled according to American culture it is the basic rule to keep a promise. Why for an employee who is in such important position, she can break a promise so easily? Also she is so willing to challenge customer to go to law court, what does that mean?

Anyway what I want is just to ask you to keep the promise. If you can not keep this promise to me, please write to me to explain why. Furthermore I need your apology formally, as this matter hurt me deeply and waste me a lot of time. I hope you can understand from my side, if it is you what shall you do? Only an apology, please pay attention it is a reasonable apology, why it is so difficult to get?

What has happen to customer service?
By -

Pearl MS

On November 25, 2006, my family & I were on our way back to Georgia from Texas. Somewhere around 7PM we stopped in KFC for a break & to get some chicken to eat on the road.

When we entered the store, all of the employees seem to have the look & attitude of "I wish were anywhere but here." We had to repeat our order four times before the young lady got it right, a variety bucket, just like it is advertised, four pieces of chicken, four strips & eight honey BBQ wings, four biscuits & two drinks, one diet Pepsi & one sweet tea. The total was $19.25. She took our money & gave me two glasses. I walked over to the drink area, got the diet Pepsi, but there was no tea. So I asked about tea the lady at the buffet, seemed to ignore me. I asked for tea the 3rd time she made a gesture the tea was behind the counter. I then reached over the counter & put my glass under the pour spout, and she opened it to fill my glass. I thought that she would stop once it was full, but it did not appear that she was, so I reached over again & took my glass to prevent overflowing. I put the lid & straw on & took a swallow. It was not sweet. I told this to the lady & again, I was ignored. She had pulled several pieces of chicken out of the buffet, grabbed them with her hands, (no gloves) and turned & walked away from me. There were two pitchers sitting between the salad bar & buffet, I asked if one of them was sweet tea. Still, no answer. So my husband asked her if she had any "!*! sweet tea". Her attitude was very sullen, rude & with the impression of "I just don't care" still without a reply. By that time he & I were totally frustrated because of the way we were being treated. My husband then asked to speak to the (F......*) manager. The woman turned & walked the phone & called 911 making a complaint against my husband because he used profanity. I agree he should not have, we were frustrated with the lack of service. No one said anything to him, he was not asked to stop using the language, or to leave. NO COMMUNICATION at all. I then said just give us a refund we will go somewhere else. The lady wanting to keep us there, tried to give me back $10 instead of $20. She finally gave $20 gesturing it towards my husband, but keeping it out of his reach. I leaned over & took the money away from her. As we went out the door, the police were pulling into the parking lot. The woman rushed out the door behind us, she pushed her hand on my back to wedge between my husband & me then said to the officer, "this is him, he is the S*B that was cussing us." Of course this led to my husband being arrested for disorderly conduct. While in the parking lot the office said, "We don't put up with that S**T in Pearl, Mississippi." It cost $375 cash to bond my husband out. I considered pressing charges on the lady for pushing on my back, but I felt that would escalate things & create more problems. I feel that our Civil Rights were violated. I agree that my husband could & should have used a better choice of words. But a simple "Please don't use that kind of language" would have changed the whole thing. Just "Common courtesy, & an attempt at reasonable customer service would have prevented all of it.

We have had frequent problems with customer service from KFC. In GA we have never gone through the drive through on Highway 5 & gotten our complete order. I have made several complaints regarding this. It is the same with Pizza Hut, the lack of common courtesy in customer service is gone.

Needless to say I am totally through with KFC & affiliates.

Treated Unfairly by KFC and its associates
By -

JAMAICA, NEW YORK -- KFC 114-25 Sutphin BLVD Jamaica, NY 11431. On the evening of January 3, 2007, I purchased potato wedges, two snackers and a 12 piece of extra crispy chicken. I ate a few pieces of the extra crispy chicken I purchased from KFC and my daughter (14) ate the snackers.

As I was eating, I noticed a bleach or chlorine type of taste and thought that it may be a different ingredient added (trans fat, etc). The more I ate the stronger the taste became, so I stopped eating. I proceeded to place the chicken in its container and tied up the plastic bag. Morning came and my daughter had diarrhea and I wasn't feeling too good, so I reported this to and called their 1 800 number. I also began to put half of the remaining pieces in the freezer.

On January 5, I received a call from ** and was told that they need the pieces for testing and that someone would contact me by Monday concerning this. She went on to say that she was taking the place of the supervisor that was on vacation. ** (The main person) left a voicemail message that Sunday (7th) at 7:30 in the evening, telling me to call him on Monday. I called several times but he never spoke to me.

Ms. ** called me on Monday and apologized that she could not get in contact with me; she said nothing about a vacation but told me she needed the pieces for testing and she would give me my purchase price and a few coupons for my inconvenience. She went on to say that I would have to sign that I received the money. I was insulted but provided the chicken.

A few weeks pass and I receive a call asking me what I would like to happen. I stated without the results, I cannot begin to tell you. It was then I was notified that ** stated that the pieces were never going to be tested. I heard this from **.

Next I receive a call from ** from Gallagher Bassett (Miramar FL) and she tells me that she needs two years doctors reports. I told her that I would like the results of the tests. A week later she assures me that the tests are being conducted and it would take another week and a half for the results.

I email her back and she responds with "Our labs do not test for alleged chemicals" and that I could have the other pieces tested if I wanted (what a slap in the face). They know that I cannot afford the tests and they didn't even check for bacteria, stating that I was the only one that reported this.

I said "what about those who ate and probably thought they had the flu" and nothing was said. They have treated me unfair from the beginning and have disrespected my daughter indirectly. Anything that you can do will be deeply appreciated. Take care and God Bless. Sincerely and Respectfully stated. Ps- If you only knew what their prior Health violations revealed; you wouldn't eat there. I notified KFC and the Health Department came out 13 days later. They had more than enough time to "clean up."

Racism Still Exists
By -

LODI, CALIFORNIA -- On Tuesday January 2, 2007 my Mother, Father and I went into a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Lodi, CA. It was about 9:35 p.m. and the store was about 25 minutes from closing. When we first entered and approached the cashier we're told that there was no chicken available and would have to order hot wings only and would have to wait 10 minutes for them. Our order was taken by a woman who we assumed was a manager. I had an immediate need to use the bathroom and approached the women's bathroom and found a employee cleaning the bathroom and was told that it was closed for cleaning.

I waited patiently while the young woman finished cleaning and asked once again to use the restroom and was told, the restrooms were closed and I would not be able to use them and would have to go elsewhere to use the bathroom. I hopped in my car and drove across the parking lot to a gas station to only find out they were closed as well and the light was not fixed in the bathroom. I thanked the gas station attendant and told him that the light in the bathroom was out and couldn't use it cause it was very dark.

I came back to the restaurant and pleaded with the woman again, because of a weak bladder. I begged her to allow me to use the bathroom and her response was that, I should go to the 99 cent store behind the KFC restaurant because it was still open. By this time I was so in need of a restroom I found myself running to the 99 cent store only to find out that it was closed as well.

During this trek, my Mother and Father were still in the restaurant and noticed that the women who had sent me on a wild goose chase was laughing at me while I ran through the parking lot trying to get to a bathroom. My father noticed that 2 Hispanic women who came in behind us had requested 2 chicken dinners and was given 2 chicken dinners. He wanted a chicken dinner and at that point became quite upset at the treatment we were receiving.

Meanwhile, I ran through the parking lot of KFC and 99 cent store and ran across a Hwy 12 in Lodi to beg the gas station attendant who was cleaning his restrooms out if I could use them. My father then joined me at the gas station to see if I was okay. He was furious and didn't want to return. My mother on the other hand waited inside the restaurant and gathered our things and we left.

I have contacted KFC as well as their management and have received no satisfaction. We were the only African Americans in the place as customers and I saw no one else being treated in this demeaning way. It is cruel and unfortunate. I will NEVER go back to another KFC. I contacted KFC's 800 number that evening and heard from a Area representative and still nothing is being done about this.

If you're an attorney please contact me at the email address in this message. I was made to feel like I was less than a human being. Never in my 37 years of existence have I ever been made to feel like I live in 1951. This is 2007. You don't realize how people think we have gotten past the color of people's skin but we really haven't.

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