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Employee Complaint
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I've worked at a KFC in a very small town in Canada for over a year now. After reading some of the reviews on this website, I decided to write my own complaint. Let me start by saying that the KFC I work at is very clean, as fast as possible, and almost always friendly. I'm 19 years old, saving money for college. And I actually like my job however the worst part of it is the customers.

The customers are VERY rude. I don't know how they were brought up as children, but they seem to think that it's alright to act superior to me because I work in food service. I definitely do not look 19... I've been told that I look 14 even. So middle aged people are coming in, making themselves fatter, and trying to make themselves feel better by ridiculing a "14 year old."

The men who come in urinate all over the toilet seat, and don't flush the toilets. Customers leave garbage on the tables, talk on their cellphones while ordering, let their children climb all over the tables. It's really quite tiring. I had one customer who called me to make a delivery order, and ended up calling me a ** because I told her that 1. We don't do delivery and 2. Our store was 45 minutes away.

The truth is, some people go to fast food restaurants and take out their frustrations on them. I bet half the reviews on this website written about poor customer service failed to mention that they were rude first with the employee. And if that's the case, hopefully the next time you'll think twice about making someone else feel miserable.

And about not having chicken ready... At the store I work at, after 7pm we cook to order, because chicken is expensive and we can't keep cooking and expecting people to come in. If the chicken is thrown out, it's money lost. Also, it takes 16 minutes to cook the chicken. Add 4 minutes for breading, and that's why it takes 20 minutes to cook.

2 Bad Experiences at KFC
By -

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TEXAS -- Like a large number of other people, my wife and I tried to use the Oprah coupons, and we were turned away from using them. That was upsetting, but occasionally a marketing ploy goes wrong and the company isn't ready for it, so we understood when we were told that we'd have to fill out a voucher and the company would mail us replacement coupons.

We opted to wait awhile after that, so that the hype could calm down, demand slacken, etc. We waited nearly a month, in fact, finally purchasing a 10 piece bucket last night. We had no real trouble placing our order at the store, though we did have to wait about fifteen minutes for the order to finally get to us.

When we got home, we were stunned by how small the pieces were. The bucket was only filled to slightly past the halfway point, despite the fact that we received the full measure of 10 pieces. Our bucket contained 3 wings, 3 drumsticks, 3 thighs, and only 1 breast. Our dismay only grew when we began to eat.

All of the pieces were puny, so puny in fact, that I went to the freezer to pull out a pair of cornish game hens so that I could compare. The drumsticks on the cornish hens were larger than those from the bucket. ALL of the pieces from KFC were the same size or smaller than on cornish game hens.

As bad as the size of the pieces were, the taste and texture were even worse. The wings contained so little meat, what was left had been melded into the bones by cooking. The breast was so dry and tough. I could only liken it to eating some sort of chicken jerky. The drumsticks and thighs were OK, but the drumsticks aren't much larger than what you'd get in an order of Buffalo wings from Wing Stop or Hooters, and you can't get very far on just 3 thighs.

On whole, our bucket contained very little meat, and much of it was badly cooked. As we finished dinner, I remarked that we should have gone to Market Street. For 2 dollars more, we could have purchased 16 pieces of rotisserie or fried chicken, and we would have gotten to choose the pieces. Not only would we have gotten 3 or 4 times the meat of our KFC bucket, but every piece would have been edible. We won't be going back the KFC. This was last time we're going to get burned by them.

Message From A KFC Manager Regarding Coupon Problems & Rainchecks
By -

MANCHESTER, TENNESSEE -- Hello. I'm ** an Assistant Manager at KFC. I know there have been a lot of issues with the free 2pc. meal from Oprah's website and I'd like to explain why. The day Oprah put those coupons on her website it was working fine until later on that afternoon. I was told to make sure every coupon had different barcodes or it was a copy. We were not allowed to take copies. After receiving several same barcode coupons I got on website myself printed one had same barcode as the others I'd been getting.

I alerted all KFC's in my region and all my managers in our area so that everyone would know barcodes are coming in the same and to honor them. Oprah's website said "due to overwhelming downloads the website is having technical difficulties." Her website was not prepared for the amount of downloads she received which also caused problems for KFC. This meant everyone could make as many copies as they wanted of the same coupon. People were doing this and this is why a lot of KFC's were running out of chicken. We didn't even have enough for the paying customers.

This is where the raincheck coupons come in to the deal. You only have to take coupon to any KFC, fill out short raincheck form, we send it off in the mail for you, you receive free drink for inconvenience, and we are very sorry it didn't run more smooth. We are still honoring coupons but in a different way with rainchecks. We are doing the best we can to keep up with the high demand of our Grilled Chicken. Please give us one more chance. The grilled chicken is amazing. I eat it everyday on break. LOL. We will try our best to get out the new free meal coupons to you in the mail ASAP. Again we apologize.

KFC Sucks
By -

MONROE, LOUISIANA -- Back on February 11Th I went through the drive thru of the KFC on Martin Luther King Drive in Monroe Louisiana. I placed an order or 2 of the 7 piece BBQ wings and my total was $8.78. I handed the lady a $20 (I know for a fact I gave her a $20 because that's all I had was 2-$20 bills) and she proceeded to give me back $1.22 Change. When I told her that I gave her a $20 she then proceeded to tell me that "No you didn't. You gave me a $10." She said he very rudely like I had insulted her.

I asked for the manager and told her that I had given the lady a $20. The cashier then proceeded to shut the window and said something to the manager (which I found to be odd). The manager then asked me to pull up and they will count the drawer. Not even 2 minutes later the manager sent someone else out to tell me the cashiers drawer was 97 cents over. Now how can someone count down a drawer in 2 minutes. I use to be a manager at a movie theater and I know it took me at least 10 minutes to count down a drawer, because there's so many distractions.

Then I had asked for the district managers number and luckily for me the office was right behind the KFC building. When I asked for the district manager, I had informed him what was going on. And he said there was nothing he could do since her drawer was over. And I asked him "Was it possible that she gave back someone back too much change and was short changing me to make up for it." His response was "No that's impossible. She would never do that." Basically he refused to work with me. I then proceeded to tell him that KFC lost a customer for life.

I got on the net to look up the corporate office number and found the customer service number. I called it and the guy told me that he would get someone to call me back ASAP. Well its been almost a month and 6 calls to customer service number later, I have yet to receive a call. Finally the lady I spoke to at customer service gave me the number to the corporate office. So I will be calling them myself. But it is clear to me that KFC does not care about customers satisfaction, nor do they care if they lose a customer or not. Like I said I will not be going back to any KFC ever again.

Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

PERRYVILLE, MARYLAND -- On April 21, 2013 at 6:38 pm I placed my order at the KFC/Taco Bell. I had ordered a chicken special that consisted of 4 pieces of boneless chicken with 6 piece original chicken meal. I waited 45 minutes still no order so I went to the counter, asked an employee if my order was done if not I wanted to see a manager to get my money back. He looked at my receipt and said “they ran out of dark meat but I can give you all white meat if you want.” I said "yes coz I don't eat dark anyway." He said "OK". I remind him that "the two breasts were supposed to be 1 crispy & 1 original coz I paid extra to upgrade a thigh to an extra breast." He said "OK."

So I waited about another 5 minutes, got my order finally, and left. When I got home there were no boneless at all and the other 6 pieces were all dark meat. The biscuits were hard. I was very angry I tried calling the store several times but no answer. I wasn't driving another 10 miles to take the order back coz by the time I got home with my order. It was already 7:45 pm my family was ready to eat so I had to go to a store closer to get my husband & I something to eat coz we don't eat white meat.

If there would have been some kind of communication from the employee and the manager then I could have changed my order to something that wouldn't take so long or just cancel my order and went somewhere else, coz there were 8 other customers in there as well waiting. I'm usually not the complaining type cause I've been in the restaurant business for the last 15 yrs and I know how busy & hectic it can get, but that store is ridiculous.

Etiquette in Customer Service
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Rating: 3/51

TUMWATER, WASHINGTON -- I ordered the 2 piece Boneless Chicken meal, and while eating lunch with a co-worker, I found a bone in the piece of chicken I had in my mouth. I felt it while biting down. No damage to my teeth. I pulled the bone out and it was about 1 inch long and about 1 to 1.5 millimeters in diameter. I showed my co-worker and we thought it was sort of funny. After I got done with eating I got back in line to show that I found a bone in the boneless chicken.

The cashier called for a manager and I informed the manager I found a bone in the boneless chicken. The manager was very nonchalant and wanted to know if I wanted another piece of chicken. Didn't apologize, just seemed very unconcerned. I just let the manager I didn't want anything, I just wanted them to know they should be aware there are bones and it can be dangerous.

It didn't occur to me until I was in my car that the one bone has the potential to be very dangerous. Could have chipped a tooth, speared soft tissue in my mouth, could have choked on it, or even worse, could have choked and had it speared in my throat. I don't want anyone fired or get into trouble, but KFC should create procedures for when bones are found. Ask if I was injured and possibly find out where I found the bone to prevent the same piece of bone being found on other meals.

If I had a child and if something happened to my child while eating "boneless" chicken, I would be very upset. The manager should at least put the customer's thoughts at ease before they leave. I ate there 3 times this week, and now I'm not sure if I'll go back. The food was fine, just the lack of concern bothers me.

Nasty Chicken
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Rating: 1/51

LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- I went to a KFC in Lakeland Florida last night and I was not satisfied with anything. I asked for a 20 piece hot wings at the drive through and was told that it would take 10 minutes to complete my order. I had no problem with that, but after 25 minutes of waiting, someone came out and said that the fryer wasn't working and that she would complete my order with chicken tenders.

I agreed to that, since it was late and I wanted to go home. I then had to wait another 10 minutes for my order before it was brought out to me. I was also told that for my wait that I was given 3 cookies for the wait... I finally got home after waiting 35 minutes for my food and no one in the store nor did anyone come through the drive through to find very dry, nasty, disgusting tasting wings. I ate 3 wings and I didn't dare try the soggy chicken tenders that were on top.

That was the worst food I have ever tried to eat and I feel like KFC just doesn't care what goes out the door as long as they get paid. So with that 17 dollars for nasty food and bad service, I am done going to KFC.... Oh yeah I also ordered the half gallon of sweet tea and it was hot, it was hotter than the food was so if KFC is going to sell a drink of any kind it should be cold or let it be known that it not cold... so with that I threw 17 dollars of food away, a hot drink and I didn't even eat the cookies because they looked just as bad as the food did. Thank you KFC for the wonderful experience! Never again!!

Fall on premises
By -

MALDEN, MISSOURI -- I went to the KFC at Malden, MO. As I was entering the restaurant I stepped on the curb and the curb crumbled on the end and I fell down. It skinned my face, cut my hand and skinned my knee. I went in and told them I fell on their lot and the waitress said "OK do you want a band aid?" When I went back to the car and my husband saw me bloody and bruised he went in the restaurant with me and asked to see the manager. The waitress sent for the manager and when he came up to the counter, we told him what had what happened. He just said he wasn't responsible. My husband asked him to look at the curb so he could see it needed repaired.

The manager's name is **, he was very rude and said again that he wasn't responsible but he did go out with us finally. When he saw what we were talking about all he said was "that's why it's painted yellow so that you won't step on it." My husband was very upset because I was hurt and bleeding so he told him again that it should be fixed and again Mr. ** said "that's why it is yellow and if you take a step toward me I will call the police and have you arrested!"

This is no way for a manager of a restaurant to treat his customers! Mr. ** was rude from the time he started talking to us was clearly not upset because I was injured. I am writing this complaint for the way I was treated by the manager, not for my injuries I received from the fall. This not the way a manager should treat people, he was horrible in the way he spoke to us and treated us. I feel that I was treated terrible by him and will not go back and I will tell people how I was treated.

I am a certified food manager and a human being and I know how to treat people and that was definitely not the case here! It was very clear that I was hurt and having difficulty breathing because the fall had knocked the wind out of me and blood all over my hand and pants. Where was the compassion for a person in this case, how many other people would want such a rude manager talking to them? As much as I have always loved KFC food, I think it will be a long time before I ever go back to one because of the way I was treated in this whole incident. This type of person should not be a manager or deal with people.

Where Has Customer Service Gone
By -

CARROLLTON, GEORGIA -- I recently moved to Carrollton GA and I must say the Kentucky Fried Chicken is without a doubt one of the least customer oriented business I have ever encountered. I have had several bad experiences here and said I would not go back but I like their chicken and decided to give it one more try tonight. There were no cars in line when I pulled to the screen to order and no cars in the parking lot so I know they were not busy. I waited at the window for approximately 5 minute before anyone took my order. I order and was told to pull around for my total. I had only ordered 1 item so I do not know why a total could not be given immediately.

I get to the window and I am told it will be 3 more minutes on the Popcorn Chicken. I am asked to pull up and they will bring it to me. In 11 minutes time I did not have my chicken so I drove back through the drive in window. Only 2 customers came through the drive through while I was waiting. I ask about my chicken and immediately everyone starts stammering. I ask for the name of the manager and employee comes to the window and tells me she is the assistant manager. She would not give me her name. I explain that I have had poor service at this location over and over and I am pretty upset. She offers me a side dish and I refuse.

I could see from my 3 employees working and cannot understand why this happened. I will not visit this location again and I am researching who the franchise owner is because the employees here really need to be shook up. I manage a team of 11 office workers and last week I was going to reward them with lunch. I said since we cannot leave today (it was month end and we had a deadline) why don't we get KFC. My employee who has lived in Carrolton all her life said, "If you want it for dinner I can have it back by then, those people operate in reverse!" That should have been my warning to wait until I am traveling and can go to a KFC that cares.

KFC Don't Care
By -

NORTH CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- We purchased a holiday variety 12 piece bucket with coleslaw and beans. This takeaway was for myself, my husband and our friend. Our friend and myself had 1 1/2 pieces of chicken, but my husband had more. We ate this takeaway at 5.30 and about 7.30 I was vomiting and so was our friend. We vomited every two hours or so until 2 am. My husband was fine while we were being ill, but he started vomiting at 4 am until 11 am. This all happened on a Sunday night/Monday morning. So both our friend and my husband did not go to work as they felt so drained and sore. I do not work but felt the same.

I emailed the KFC head office to report this food poisoning as I could not get through the branch we had purchased this takeaway from. As I did not hear from KFC, I then phoned the number given on their website -- this was after trying the local branch. They said that they had not been in touch as I did not give them a telephone number. I had given them my email address, but not phone number as I intended to be away. So I gave them my husband's mobile number and they promised to be in touch soon. No phone call, but an email saying they will be in touch to discuss.

This food poisoning took place on the 10th January and my communication started three days later and lasted about a week. We are now going into February. I think it is appalling that a company this size can take food poisoning so lightly bearing in mind that food is their business. They are happy to take my money but not explain to me how they managed to poison me. I replied to their email mentioned above asking when they intended to speak to me and have not received a reply.

I have a strong stomach and have only been sick once in the last 10 years so you can see how bad this chicken must have been. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER KFC MEAL, AS THE THOUGHT MAKES ME SICK and if I see their adverts on TV, I have to shut my eyes.

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