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Lousy Service and Food Employees Lie
Posted by Chuckwilson1961 on 11/08/2013
Just made it in from Mississippi to Memphis Tn stopped at a KFC on Elvis Presley Blvd in between the Checkers and Heartbreak Hotel The service was lousy the food just as bad tried to complain to their Manager she was not interested rude inattentive. I asked for the District office phone number and they gave me their own no and Just continued to play around.
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Customer Service
Posted by Workingone on 11/04/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- The KFC on Clairmont and Buford Hwy is the worst ever in customer care. The weekend manager (Saturday) always have a nasty attitude and I have complain to the store manager (Amy something) and that girl is still working there. The store is dirty when she is there and the employees are just be standing around like there are no customers. The store is ran slow and she is too young to run the store by herself. The food taste as if it has been sitting a long time and never fresh but, only on Sat in the afternoon.
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Bad Chili Fries
Posted by Tishaplus1234 on 11/03/2013
Went to drive thru on November 3 at around 2pm and had a big order for my family. I ordered chili cheese fries and they were so cold and hard. They think because they put something hot its not going taste any different, but its actually makes it worse. And our mash Potato bowl had onions in it. What a waste of money.
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Employee Took Fifteen Calls to Answer Phone
Posted by Gina5663 on 10/31/2013
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I simply called to ask if their hours were different on Halloween. I called and was hung up on 14 times till the 15th time somebody answered and then pretended to have knowledge of nothing. This is absolutely horrific. customer service. Another earlier incident when I went a week beforehand to the cortaro and i-10 location was noticing how rude every employee there was on top of a restaurant so dirty I was worried id leave with a disease. The employees were talking with a line of 20 people not to mention the liners that were just flying around everywhere because the drive thru window was open with nobody there. I have never had a run in with a restaurant so bad on so many levels. I will never eat Kentucky fried chicken or Taco Bell again. I am disgusted.
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Posted by Culloden on 10/30/2013
Purchased a lunch meal for $10.95 Aussie, what a disappointment. I received 3 pieces of dried chicken (boneless) filets the size of two nuggets, a small bag of fries,(half a potato) and a very small serve of potato and gravy and a Pepsi.

Value for money, never again. KFC needs to take a good hard look at itself it's meal sizes are getting smaller and the prices are always going up.
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Out of Product??
Posted by Vickys on 10/28/2013
MARBLE FALLS, TEXAS -- Sunday, Oct 13th 2013

My husband and I were traveling through the state. At 12:00 noon we started looking for places to stop and eat. I wanted KFC, we don't go to KFC very often, because it is very expensive compared to other fast foods, anyway, we came along to Marble Falls, Tx. It is now 12:30 pm. We go in and order 2/ 2-piece dinners. The cashier said she would go see if they had any. My husband and I just looked at each other, like what did she say? She came back and said they didn't have anymore. I said really?

This is lunchtime and you're saying you're out of chicken? She gave us no other explanation. I should also tell you, the 3 customers in front of us were turned away as well, I do not know what they ordered but I could tell by facial expression that they were not happy.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-10-30:
It happens. And it does seem to happen to chicken places most often when you do hear about it. Not much you can do other than take your business elsewhere.
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Posted by Jeremiahs_mommy_11.29.2010 on 10/27/2013
DAVENPORT, ILLINOIS -- I walked into KFC in Davenport, IA on Elmore St., and waited in line while the cashier waited on the people before us. In that time I noticed none of the employees wore gloves while handing the food (I've noticed this at many other KFC's in this area). And then a worker dropped a tray on the ground, picked it up with his bare hands, and then continued to touch the food, while still not wearing gloves. And the cashier as well handling the register and everyone's money then touching everyone's food.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-10-28:
Rules on gloves vary from state to state. It's possible that in IL, it's they are not required, perhaps someone can clarify that for us. As for dropping the tray..yeah, the worker should've definately washed his hands after that.
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Order Was Completely Wrong
Posted by Beverlystraw2360 on 10/21/2013
Went to KFC, ordered a 3 piece meal and a 2 piece meal, both extra crispy. On 3 piece meal I ordered all white and paid over $8.00, I got 2 legs and a thigh. On 2 piece meal I ordered mac and cheese and coleslaw, I got mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

Also I did not get extra crispy, I got original. I will be going somewhere else for my chicken from now on.
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The Chicken Was So Salty and Cold and Uneatable
Posted by Wgym on 10/20/2013
48 N HIGHWAY 9W, NEW YORK -- I ordered the ten dollar bucket. I asked for extra crispy and grilled. I received ten pieces, all of which we cold, not crispy at all, and so salty they could not be eaten. I also was upset to get several pieces that were so small that it seemed like someone was cutting a breast piece in half to save money. The experience was very disappointing and the chicken far from what I expected...not a good experience...
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Unusual Credit Card Charge
Posted by PKHayden1 on 10/15/2013
PONTIAC, ILLINOIS -- When reviewing my sales receipts I came upon the cash register receipt and the credit card charge slip from a recent visit to the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Pontiac, Illinois. At first glance, the total amounts were clearly different for the same visit! As I look at the cash register receipt with the itemized menu items we purchases, there is clearly marked item for "tax" with an amount of $0.87 or 87 cents as well as the individual food items, resulting in a total charge of $14.75. This total is marked "Exact Cash" on this receipt. However, when I look through the credit card charge slip, there is one line reading "Amount:" with the dollar amount being the $14.75, but then another line reading "SVC:" and an additional dollar amount of $0.39 or 39 cents.

Then there is a final bold line that says "AMOUNT:" but the dollar amount now reads $15.14. So for some reason an additional amount, beyond the food and tax charge from the cash register receipt, was also charged to my credit card for this transaction. Either the store is forcing the customer to pay the additional credit card fees for food transactions (BUT NOT TELLING THE CUSTOMER IN ANY WAY AT ALL!!!), or the store is skimming customers for additional little charges each time!!!!

This little amount doesn't bother me personally, but on behalf of the thousands of people who must eat at that restaurant over time, something is fishy about this restaurant other than it being a combined KFC - Long John Silvers combo fast food joint!!!
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Posted by Paul on 2013-10-16:
It is easy to see that you deserve an explanation of the charge. Did you contact KFC to get one? Your complaint boils down to "I bought something at KFC using a CC, and they tacked on a $.39 service charge to a $14.75 purchase." I hope you get an answer. If you find out, please post a follow up.
Posted by Grandma005 on 2013-10-16:
The .39 charge for using a credit card.
Posted by yoke on 2013-10-17:
Sounds like a scam going on at the store. It is only .39 but that adds up after awhile for the store.
Reminds me of a McDonalds we used to go to in San Diego. They NEVER had pennies in the drive thru. After awhile your penny "donations" added up for the cashier. I tried to pay with pennies one day (rolled of course) and was told they can not accept it. I figured they needed pennies. I know it was immature of me, but the point is they never had time to go to the bank to get pennies so I figured I would help them out.
Posted by Brianna on 2013-10-23:
I just left the KFC in Carol Stream, Illinois. They had a sign stating that all purchases are subject to a $0.39 "Customer Service Fee" and that the fee would be waived for anyone using credit cards, cash, or gift cards. So essentially, they are only charging debit card users. I filed a complaint with Visa because it is against the merchant agreement with Visa for a retailer to charge a surcharge for using a debit card. I think KFC is just trying to beat around the bush and call it a "customer service fee".
Posted by Matt on 2013-11-03:
Sleazy business practices. KFC in Bartonville, IL. Same thing...$.39 service fee for using credit card. Called, talked to manager...as you would expect: "they have to charge it because their card company charges them". Fine. I get it. But how about making it clear before doing it! I asked where they told the customer about the extra service charge and I was told "there are stickers on the windows". Possibly they were there...but not big enough that I saw it. Granted, if they are there I should have been paying attention but...I shouldn't have to be reading every sticker on a drive up window to make sure I'm not being screwed by using a certain form of payment. A head's up from the cashier would have been appropriate and appreciated. Once again, the customer is always wrong and pays the price. Well done KFC.
Posted by Peggy on 2013-11-23:
Just happened to me in Roselle, IL KFC. I received the same answer that it's on the windows before you enter the store. Still feels like a scam. They should tell you when you hand them your card. I had cash on me!!!
Posted by Dave on 2013-12-05:
Same thing at KFC in Janesville. 39 SVC Charge for using debit card. I won't make that mistake again. There are hundreds of fast food restaurants I can patronize that don't openly gouge me. They probably build it into the price, but even that seems more honest and up front. I don't NEED KFC. Maybe if all fast food joints start openly charging a service charge just to pay my bill, I will eat more meals at HOME. What a novel idea. Farewell KFC, I actually don't think I will miss you...not even a little bit. I hope this was worth the 39 cent service fee.
Posted by Feemo on 2014-03-04:
Same thing is happening in Bloomington, IL. I got the receipt and pointed out the price difference on the store ticket and the debit transaction receipt. The cashier couldn't explain it and said she would get her manager. The manager came to the window and his explanation said it was a federal law. I told him there is no such law and he had better stop telling people that. I accepted the charge, as it was only .39. But, that .39 will keep me from going back. It seems that this is only happening in IL. Is that true? Are other people in other states experiencing this charge? KFC is free to charge what they want, but they can't tell me one thing and then charge my card another. Those itty bitty signs that you have to search for surely aren't legal. The notice has to be a certain size. Also, you could tell the cashier to process your debit card as a credit transaction. Would that eliminate the fee?
Posted by Feemo on 2014-03-04:
Just took this off a Facebook post. It's happening in the UK and Ireland, too! KFC can keep their chicken. I'll eat Popeye's and other brands who overcharge me openly:

I love KFC as a quick meal but am very disappointed and angered at the extra .39 charge to use my debit card at the store. To add insult to injury, it was not posted ahead before ordering in the drive thru. The cashier had to close her moving window in order for me to read the notice. When I asked her to use my card as a credit card (as other businesses do) I was told she could not? Passing on bank charges is a poor practice and KFC should know that it is a part of doing business. Not posting it prior to ordering was very deceitful. Shame on you KFC!
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