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Bogus Damage Claim Complaint By Khoury Alternative Claims Management
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CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- On May 01, 2009 I received a letter from Khoury-Alternative Claims Management (KACM) informing me that a vehicle I never rented has sustained damage on or about 8/3/08. Stating that my insurance as of this date has yet to pay all or part of the claim. The charges are:

$559.93 for Remaining Physical Damage
$350.00 for Loss of Use (10 Days @ $35.00)
$274.40 for Diminution of Value (20% of the Physical Damage)
$150.00 for Administrative Fees

Balance Due: $1,334.33

They will wait my remittance until 5/29/09. Threatening to be forwarded to a collection agency, that they hope it can be avoided. They expect a cashier's check or money order payable to (but detailing at the bottom of the letter all information needed in order to be paid by credit card, including your signature):

Khoury Alternative Claims Management
Attn: FOX File#
140 Heimer Rd., Ste. 740
San Antonio TX 78232

Sure... they make it look like they are the collection agency... they will wait forever... I will report it to the police and to my insurance so it will never be paid in case they dare to send them any claim.
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