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Family of Four at Risk of Injury or Worse in Defective Optima!
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OREGON -- Our brand new 2006.5 Kia Optima wouldn't accelerate again (You press on the gas and it does nothing!), just as we were getting on I-5. It was rainy, hard to see, slick, and you put all those factors on I-5 in Salem, and you've got a potentially bad combination. This isn't the fist time this has happened, by far, but with the way it was acting, and with the conditions outside, this time I was scared that something bad would happen. I kept imagining a big semi clipping us, or even just hitting us (me, my wife and two little girls) full on.

It was obviously a bad situation, a state trooper stopped to make sure we were okay and that we had help on the way. The tow truck driver, as well as the sales guys at the dealership all said that there's obviously something wrong, and that Kia needs to "make this right". So, the car is back in the shop, 5th time now, and we have a 2002 Kia Optima with over 57,000 miles and it drives better than our brand new one.

I want out of this car, and I don't want another Kia. I'm sure this is the one in a thousand cars that'd be bad, and the next one would be fine. But I don't like the way that Kia, the manufacturer, is treating me. Shows they have no concern for my safety (and my family's) or my satisfaction. After hearing about our problem, my neighbor says he "[doesn't] want to see it in the paper that you and your family was killed because of this stupid car."

Anyway, I don't intend to just let this go for one big reason among many others: They did nothing to fix and/or remedy the situation after it happened the most frequently and severely that it has ever happened. And for that very reason, my wife, ** and I both feel like we're taking our lives in our hands every single time we put our two little girls in this car. KIA needs to make this right before we have a headline like this "Family of 4 Dies in Crash Caused by Known Car Problem!" and they have a major lawsuit on their hands from our family.

Bad Kia Cars and Company Attitude
By -
  1. The horn on our 99 Sephia stopped honking this summer. The dealer's service rep originally estimated $50-100 but called back soon after and said the repair would cost $800 because on this car the horn is integrated into the airbag assembly and there is no way to repair the horn without replacing the entire assembly. I contacted the company and offered to share the cost as a horn should not cost $800 to fix. But the company said that because the car is off warranty they were not responsible for anything and would not help.

  2. In the past year, the muffler on the 01 Optima has failed five times Each time the car goes in the shop, the company tells the dealer to replace the muffler. It was last replaced around September 10 and is now bad again after less than 2,000 miles. The dealer says this is a common problem on this model and the company has not come up with a fix for it. I'm tired of the hassle of bringing the car in for the same repair over and over.

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