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Kia is a great car!
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Well owning 2 Kia's now and never having a problem with either one I can honestly say that they're a great car. We have to remember anything made by man will fail at some point. Kia's are like any other car you must follow the service schedule. If Kia's were a piece of junk why are they up double digits and the American cars are down. OH! let's not forget the bail out and that is why some of the American cars dealers are up because they can afford to cut the price of their cars. KIa didn't take a bail! So all you out there that haven't seen or looked at the Kia product in the last 5 years wake up and take a look..
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Alain on 2012-02-14:
Overall, Kia looks fairly good in the ratings I've seen. Your point about following the maintenance schedule is a good one. Any vehicle will last longer and perform better if you take the time to care for it.
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Kia has dropped the ball
Posted by on
FT. PIERCE, FLORIDA -- Just wanted to let the world know what a ripoff Kia's powertrain 100,000 mile warranty is. They make that promise but then they find any technicality to be sure they don't have to honor it. Just a warning if you buy one...You better read the warranty cover to cover with a magnifying glass, tie your salesman to a chair and torture the info out of him because Kia will NEVER tell you what you have to do to avoid voiding your warranty. They were such a good company when I bought my Sephia and then my Spectra but after what they did with the Rio,...NEVER again.
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saj80 on 2011-05-21:
What technicality is Kia claiming to avoid warranty coverage?
momsey on 2011-05-21:
What happened that voided your warranty?
trmn8r on 2011-05-21:
This complaint isn't really effective without details. There are numerous reasons they may have declined the coverage - it is impossible to evaluate if it was legitimate or not.
redmx3racer on 2011-05-21:
Yes-more details please. If, for example, you did not change your timing belt at 60K (I think that is the recommendation), and it broke and ruined your engine, then yes, your powertrain would be (and should be) voided.

But it's hard to say not knowing.
Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
I didn't know Kia had a ball to drop. I've always thought of them as cheap piles of plastic on wheels.
redmx3racer on 2011-05-21:
throwback-while I am not a Kia fan, they have come a long way in the last few years. The new Sorrento and Sportage SUV's are sharp looking and winning praise from all the car mags. And I just read an article on yahoo a few days ago-the new Kia Optima rated higher than the Honda Accord in Consumer Reports testing. Would I buy one? Probably not yet, if ever, but you have to admire their efforts.
Skye on 2011-05-22:
What's the issue, that Kia will not cover?

Yes, you must ALWAYS read eveything, and not hope for the best if something happens, and it's not covered. Just about every warranty for anything does have its limitations as to what it will and will not cover.
SEAN on 2011-06-22:
Actually...I have been a Kia service advisor for 6 years. You don't have to read anything. Just need common sense, and crack open an owners manual to see when certain fluids need to be changed. Its commical how many people abuse their vehicle and expect things to be covered.
Lamc on 2011-11-15:
It not commical. The warranty is useless as they do find something to void the warranty. I'm going head to head with them now regarding my engine to which I supplied all the service and oil change records. This is going to be interesting and I'm not going away.
garykelemen on 2012-04-04:
My wife's 2004 Sorento, with only 34000 miles, needs an engine overhaul because the "intake butterfly runner fell into the engine" and of course that isn't covered by the warranty.
trmn8r on 2012-04-04:
Wow, that's a sad story Gary, and not a cheap repair. Good luck.
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24 Hour Roadside Service a big Disappointment
Posted by on
I am a hospice nurse who lives in Northeast Ohio. I own a 2010 Kia Soul purchased five months ago. Today for the first time I was in need of use of 24 hour road assistance that comes with each new vehicle. I want all present and future buyers to be aware of what I was informed of today. I got stuck slightly in snow today and called the 24 hr road assistance number. I was disappointed and disheartened by what I was told. Due to weather conditions that was not a service that Kia would cover. What good is this service if Kia is going to be selective about what assistances they will cover? I guess to say they offer 24 hour roadside assistance looks good on paper in the buyer's contract. Until now have been extremely satisfied and promoted Kia to everyone. My niece and son in law have since purchase Kia vehicles, but now my opinion has drastically changed. If you offer something what good is it to have it if the rules of the game are changed and it's not there when you need it most! Thankfully I had to rely on the goodness of strangers who got me rolling again
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karleebarlee on 2011-01-12:
Did you read exactly what the roadside assistance included? It might include assistance if you have a flat tire or your car breaks down which I think would still make it a pretty good service.
dan gordon on 2011-01-12:
you most likely could add towing onto you car insurance for a few dollars per month. I would thing that the 'roadside assistance' from Kia would cover more like a mechanical breakdown.
unhappy999 on 2011-01-12:
The roadside assistance covers "To give you an overview of the Kia Roadside Assistance Program, it generally includes the following scenarios: out of gas assistance, flat tire assistance, lockout assistance, jump start assistance, and trip interruption expense benefits. In addition to these services, the Kia Roadside Assistance Program includes towing to the nearest authorized Kia dealer or an alternative service location in the event of a warranty-related problem."

It does not cover accident related towing or towing stuck vehicles out of the snow. I really doubt any new car roadside assistance would cover this. I am glad that someone was able to help you.
Sandy on 2014-02-06:
Kia roadside assistance is a farce!! They will tow you but not winch you out. Ridiculousness! They will send a tow truck to bring you gas (which is your fault that you ran out) or to unlock your car that you locked your keys in but won't send the same tow truck to pull you out of the ditch. So ridiculous!! Have owned 3 kias and will not buy another!!
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2004 KIA AMANTI... a Beautiful Fraud & The Perfect Scam!
Posted by on
7777 KIA PARKWAY, WEST POINT, GEORGIA -- I fell for the beautiful reminders of the Mercedes and Jaguar I really wanted and was sold by the price and the 10 year or 100,000 miles "Bumper to Bumper" Warranty...

As it turns out the warranty is a farce! I have spent so much money on this car it's not funny at all. I kept bringing in the car for the same reason...over an over again there was always something wrong with the catalytic converter. I looked all over on line and did not find any recalls. Does anyone out there know of any recalls for the 2004 Kia Amanti? When I googled Kia Complaints I couldn't find anything... not until I began searching 20 pages into it. Clearly Kia Motors has a team of people burying complaints so they don't surface immediately, but once you are in 15 to 20 pages deep, all the Kia complaints begin to show up! Just on this site alone there are thousands of complaints! Here is mine:

1. Kia does not honor a bumper to bumper warranty. That the catch to get you to buy, but then they tell you that its actually a 30K 3 year warranty for some stuff and a 5 year or 60K warranty for the rest. Their dealerships service departments won't let you even get as little as an oil change elsewhere before they accuse you of not been able to honor the warranty. I was supposed to get loaners during auto repair as well as roadside assistance... well that's just before 30K miles. After 30K miles, you are screwed. At least that's what happened to me.

2. Kia should recall many of their vehicles... they are worse than Toyota.. they are just really good at covering up all their vehicles flaws... I have had the same problem with my Kia since I bought it brand new...12 miles. Catalytic Converter

My Kia has well over 80K miles now. I just got finished spending 2K fixing the lack of acceleration and smoke coming out of the muffler problems in January 2010. The service guy told me I should junk my car and trade it in. The car is beautiful. I've never been in an accident and the body is intact. I can finally begin enjoying the car without a car payment, so I gracefully declined...particularly because he said they would only give me 4K for the trade.

I got my car towed back to the dealership for the same exact problem again on March 25 2010... same symptoms. The service guy told me I needed to replace the timing belt before it broke and that replacing the water pump made sense because of where the work had to be done. He also fixed some other stuff... The cost for the repairs was $1500 plus. Since they did not have a belt in stock, I had to wait a week. They won't give me a loaner or pay for the rental because as they said...that expired at 30K miles.
So last week the service guy calls me and says that the car was ready but when they took it for a test drive, the car was smoking and the acceleration was weak (note the reason I brought it in in the first place)
He said the catalytic converter needed to be replaced and that would be another $800.00. My complaint is this: If I bring them the car with a problem and they miss diagnose and fix the wrong am I stuck with the bill? I feel I should pay for the replacement of the catalytic converter and not for the other stuff.

I am sure that the catalytic converter needed replacement since I purchase the car, but they just kept patching it until the warranty expired. I wrote to Kia and they have been extremely non responsive telling me I must work it out with the dealership... Why didn't I get the Honda in the first place?

Screw Kia! They have fake warranties to lure you in with their poor quality product and crappy repair service!


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dan gordon on 2010-04-10:
Kia and no car has ever had a 100K bumper to bumper warranty. That would be insane. Catalytic Coverters are covered by a longer period due to federal law. If you've had consistent problems with the exhaust system you should research that. Your other issues are dealer related not Kia relate.d
raven2010 on 2010-04-10:
I think the Op is confused. The only 100k warranty Kia offers on that model is the drive train and rust
Pist Off at Kia on 2010-04-11:
I am aware that they sold me a fake warranty. When they sold me the car, they said 100K miles bumper to bumper. They said what they had to to sell me the car. They lied. That's not the point. The point is I took my car to get it fixed and they gave me an incorrect diagnosis and now want me to pay more money. If the catalytic converter was the problem why did they have me replace the water pump and the timing belt?
Anonymous on 2010-04-11:
Good point, pist. They gouged you, plain and simple. Have you contacted the DMV? I know in some states you can file a complaint against automotive repair places through the DMV. Some states have a whole separate agency. Might be worth checking out.
Pist Off at Kia on 2010-04-13:
Thank you, I will look into that
Rick on 2013-07-08:
You cannot trust the dealerships. I had shaking and lurching on mine. Took my 05 Amanti to a New Port Richey, FL dealership and before they were done the estimate was $7000. What? I might as well get a new car! The guy on the phone then wanted to know if I wanted to be transferred to sells. HAA!!!!! Unreal, give me my car back. Took it to a regular mechanic in town - it was a spark plug wire. Ran fine. 2 years later I too have loss of power, which I suspect is the converter, but I will be taking it to the regular mechanic, not the dealership.
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Kia Timing Chain
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I have a 2008 Kia Spectra setting in the drive at my house with what looks to be timing chain issue. After reading all the reviews here I'm very concerned if it will be covered under the warranty. It just now has 60,000 miles on it. I'm curious as to why a recall has not been done on this issue, from everything I have been reading it appears that Kia's have a track record of timing chain problems. I also researched what is considered the powertrain: It states anything that comes in contact with the motor oil. Well the timing chain most certainly comes in contact with the motor oil.

So I'm very concerned as to what is going to happen when I have this car towed to the Kia dealership I bought if from. Are they going to stand behind there product. ????
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Warranty Is A Joke Unless You Keep Ever Receipt
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- The warranty 10 years and 100,000 miles is a joke. My rear end is roaring so loud you can't hear inside it. Called Kia and made appt. , no one said if you don't have maintenance receipts and your warranty is no good. Drove over and the first thing they say if you don't have receipts the warranty will not cover. 1500.00 to repair. rear end that is bad. I was told I should have read my warranty book, because without the receipts your warranty is no good. Needless to say I will never by from Kia again. Women do not read car manuals. I guess it will be OK with Kia if my rear end locks up and my family is hurt.
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Kia's 10-Year Warranty Isn't Worth It
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW JERSEY -- We bought a brand new Kia Sorento 2014, which ended up giving us a huge problem within the first 30 days of purchase. We got the vehicle towed to the dealership, they sent photos of the vehicle to the corporate office in California, and then proceeded to tell us the deficiency in the vehicle wasn't covered under the 10 year warranty we had paid for, and that we would need to spend $3500 out of our own pockets to fix the car. An absolutely horrific experience with the Kia corporate offices. For one thing, the customer service representatives were unprofessional and totally adamant in not being helpful. Purchasing the warranty is so not worth it. We bought a brand new car so we wouldn't have to worry about any major issues with the car. But we were proved wrong within the first 30 days. I will never buy a Kia every again, and will recommend anyone looking at buying a Kia to reconsider their decision. Go with a auto manufacturer that actually values its customers and stands up to their word.
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FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-15:
I'm kind of curious. What broke on the car and what was the reason for the claim being denied?
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I bought a Kia Sportage 2008 last year and I can't count how many time I have taken it to the dealer for the Esc light coming on, I would say more than 15 times. I am VERY UNHAPPY the Kia would let this happen, The response I get from the dealership every time I take it in is "THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS WITH THIS TYPE OF CAR" WELL FIX THE DAM PROBLEM IF THIS IS A REACUURENT SITUATION. I would not recommend anyone to buy this type of vehicle. I bought it cause Kia's are affordable and I thought they were dependable, at least once a month, I have to take a day off of work to bring the car in for this problem cause the dealership will not do these types of repair on the weekends.
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tnchuck100 on 2012-03-15:
Where is this dealer? The "Esc" light? Do you mean the "Eng" light? What is the problem that is occurring? "THE DAM PROBLEM" doesn't tell us much.
Slimjim on 2012-03-15:
His engine light has come on 15 times in the last year, Chuck. That's his problem and it's with the Kia, not the dealer.
trmn8r on 2012-03-15:
ESC = Electronic Stability Control. Safety Institute predicts 1/3 of fatal accidents could be prevented by it. Incorporates yaw rate control (rotation right and left about the center of the car) into the ABS system.

First used widely in 1995 on cars, it's pretty common today.
CowboyFan on 2012-03-15:
Does it affect the handling of the car in daily life? If not, skip it. What is the point of having it fixed, under the remote possibility one might be in an accident of a particular kind.
madconsumer on 2012-03-15:
very helpful review!
Nohandle on 2012-03-15:
I have a friend who purchased his son a Ford vehicle to drive to college. A year or so later a light came on and stayed on. They were told the entire dash would have to be taken out to repair the problem at the owner's expense for labor. There was no danger whatsoever in driving the vehicle so my friend's solution was to put a piece of masking tape over the light. Pitiful, but I guess we do what we have to do.
Fordfan on 2012-03-15:
My engine light has been on for 4 years straight. Still running strong.
CowboyFan on 2012-03-15:
It's like the old check engine light, which was really just a way to check emission controls. I drove one with that light on for 100,000 miles with no problem - same old tape over it deal.
GenuineNerd on 2012-03-15:
Problem is, if you live in an area where there is emission testing, a car will automatically fail if the check engine light is on. In Ohio counties where there is E-Check, the testing facility plugs a device into the underdash plug (on 1996 and newer vehicles) to check emissions. Usually, when check engine lights go on on my cars, it's because of either a loose or worn gas cap or a misfiring spark plug (both inexpensive repairs.)
Anonymous on 2012-03-15:
In AZ, the laws for emissions are the same. If your check engine light is on, your car will fail. For some reason, really cold weather turns my check engine light on. A mechanic explained it to me once using technical terms. I still don't understand it
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have a 2008 Kia Optima. Oil has been changed some from
those fast track places and some I have done myself. So anyway
had check engine light go on, took it in and the dealership
told me the oil pressure blew the filter paper apart and plugged
something up. I can't see oil pressure being more than 50psi
so they drained the oil flushed everything out and good to go right

2 months later 2/23/12 I get a pop and a knocking sound
from the top end. I don't have all my records now. Kia won't cover
it til I have 2 years worth of papers what a joke what if my house burnt down and lost.

How do they know what's wrong just by listening to it, what if its something else. They say from lack of maintenance. Being our only car yes it would be up to date on maintenance. Now waiting for the district manager to call. Lets hope.
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old fart on 2012-02-22:
Sounds like lifters.
I have a 2001 KIA and there is a slight ticky tick when idling but apparently that's common with 4 cylinder engines.
I know it's boasting but I have ALL receipts from day one. If I sell or trade, that will come in handy!
bigal on 2012-02-22:
OLDFART. You probably need your valves adjusted. It is common with 4 cylinder engines because most 4 cylinder engines need their valves adjusted on a regular basis.
FoDaddy19 on 2012-02-23:
actually vavle tick isn't common to any specific engine configuration. Certain makes of engines perhaps, but there's nothing inherent of an I4 layout that would make them more prone to it.

I'm going to guess that something in the cylinder head was affected by oil starvation when the oil filter's innards clogged the oil passages.
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Comment On Their Current Kia Commercial
Posted by on
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I am just writing in on the companies currant Kia commercial. I believe their currant advertising tactics are not very profesional. The currant commercial on Kia Optimas, has the narrator referring to the car as, quote,"bad ass",unquote. Wow, how umprofessional that such a huge, I am sure, multi-million dollar company, has surcomed to our currant society. Getting back to basics is key for success. Not thinking it is even close to acceptable to use bad language as part of advertising slogens. It wouldn't make me go out and buy one, knowing that a company has given me their first impression as with no integrity. I think it is terrible, think even for the fact that commericail gets erred anytime for our young people to go on thinking that even businesses use bad words, so OK for them to use it in their own everyday converstions, or that it is OK to have it as part of our English language, which it is not. You should take this comment into consideration and perhaps rethink your advertising tactics, or perhaps retrain the person you allowed to make this add for the company, and retrain the person who approved it!

Food for thought. Back to basics is key for success people!
Thank you for allowing me to comment on this subject. Hope this gets to the correct person for redirection.

Thanks again.
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User Replies:

DebtorBasher on 2012-01-16:
I have not seen that commercial, but I agree with you and feel the same way. I also have issues with TV shows that is all about disrespting parents or their kids...I can tell you, I would never support shows with titles like, 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter' or 'Ugly Betty' or 'Everyone Hates Chris'...just to name a few.
GenuineNerd on 2012-01-16:
Anymore, the "bad" taboo has worn off on words like "ass"...the action movie "Kick-Ass" comes to mind. Words that were considered "bad" 20 years or so ago no longer have that taboo...even the "s" word seems to be used freely a lot without any objections.
MRM on 2012-01-16:
I loved that movie, Kick Ass!
FoDaddy19 on 2012-01-17:
The ad certainly worked. As you seem to vividly recall it. As for the content of the ad, I don't have a problem with it. Whenever I come across something on TV that I find offensive (which isn't much), I just simply change the channel. I do find the idea of a Kia Optima being referred to as "badass" to be pretty comical though.
Mama of 3 on 2012-01-28:
I found this when I was looking where to write to Kia about this. It would be one thing to air the commercial during prime time, but it's on all day. I heard it this morning while watching the Today show while my 3 year old and 1 year old were nearby eating breakfast at 7 am. Really?! Not a fan of Kia now.
Benjamin on 2012-01-28:
I agree with the other commenters, using that language in a commercial is terrible. this is coming from a 21 year old guy
DebtorBasher on 2012-01-28:
FoDaddy, 'vividly recalling' a commercial doesn't automatically result in a sale of the product. The ad only works if someone goes out and buys a care from them. A commercial that doesn't result in a sale is wasted money.
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