King of Clubs Charlottetown PEI

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King of Clubs Charlottetown PEI
330 University Ave.
Charlottetown, PE Canada C1A 4M6
902-569-5690 (ph)
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Poor customer service
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I want to tell you about my experience with King of Clubs golf shop. My wife dropped off my R7 quad driver and a new Epic shaft to the shop today. She delivered the club and written instructions I wrote for installer/owner (Brett Doyle) and had marked the shaft with masking tape and marker.

My wife returned to the shop picked up the club and paid for the service.

When she returned home and I looked at the club the shaft was not orientated to the position I had marked on the tape. I immediately called the shop and was told no problem bring it back and they will fix the problem. I get in my car drive 30 km back to the shop. I gave them the club to correct their error (note they now couldn't locate the written instructions ???). AS Brett Doyle was going to the repair his employee said to me "Sir, you can pay for that here" I told him it was paid for an hour ago. Then Mr Doyle comes out of the back to explain to me I will have to pay a second time for removing the head and aligning the shaft the way it should have been done the first time.

I stated I wasn't happy and all I wanted was for him to make it right, I gave written instructions on what to do and I paid for the service in good faith. It was their error and I was asking for them to fix it.

Brett Doyles response was they don't guarantee their work on parts you don't buy from King of Clubs? Then proceeded to tell me if I had bought the shaft from the King of Clubs the mistake wouldn't have happened???

At this point I new this was going no where so I told him I would tell every golfer I meet about the customer service at King of Clubs and would never darken the door of his shop again.

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