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Defective Refrigerator and no help from KitchenAid
Posted by on
JOSEPH, MI -- Exactly 2 years ago we completely remodeled our kitchen and purchased over $10,000.00 in KitchenAid appliances. Our French door refrigerator never sat right. It always looked like it was falling into the wall. My husband tried to level it and was frustrated that there was no way to level this fridge from front to back. He went on line and called customer service and was told there was no way to level this fridge.

Upon moving the fridge out we also noticed that there was a bolt on the left side of the bottom of the fridge that was sticking out and gauging our hardwood floor when moved. On several occasions when I had KitchenAid repairman out to my home I would mention the leveling issue on the fridge and kept getting the same answer. One service company told us that you had to put shims in to level it. I have never heard of putting shims in a fridge to level it. We called KitchenAid and told them our situation and that the fridge was also at this point making a lot of noise. This was a few months ago. We did opt to extend our KitchenAid warranty through what I originally thought was KitchenAid directly but it is a third party company called Assurant. We were frustrated that we were stuck with a less than 2 year old $2,500 refrigerator, that we had to put cardboard in for shims to try to make it level and were now making a lot of buzzing noises. I called the warranty company and they told me they don't come out for noises.

Next I called KitchenAid directly and they advised us to call the warranty company back and ask for a second opinion company. While we were on the phone with KitchenAid my husband realized that the noise was coming from the under belly of the fridge. It was vibrating on our floor.

After calling Assurant they scheduled an appointment with a service company who never showed after we waited from 8 am - 5 pm on a Saturday for them. I called the warranty company back not to happy but they scheduled Quaker City repair service to come out. They actually had been the company assigned to us by KitchenAid under the first year manufacturer warranty period. I was not very impressed with them from the get go. The repairman came, and looked at my fridge. After looking at it, I asked him what he thought and he refused to tell me anything. He said I would have to wait for a call for his report. He wanted to consult with someone else. I persistently tried to get some information out of him. I have never had a repairman not tell me what the problem was with an appliance for a service call. This only confirmed my poor impression with this company.

After one week of waiting to hear from them I called the warranty company who lied and told me they had no report from the service company. The only thing he told me was that the noise it was making could not be addressed until something breaks and he told me to put a shim under the part that was making the noise underneath. What professional repair people. I called the service company and they read me the report and confirmed that the warranty company had a copy of the report. The service representative did read me a copy of the report which stated "Base of the unit is bent and preventing left right wheel to be on floor causing unit to be unbalanced." They told me that it was not able to be fixed. Assurant the warranty company will not fix the fridge or even address the issue because they are saying that the fridge was like this from the get go and KitchenAid says that it is out of the original 1 year warranty and will not fix it.

We have spent countless hours on the phone with KitchenAid and the extended warranty company that KitchenAid uses and have gone round in circles. Neither will take responsibility for it. So right now we have a pretty new fridge that has shims under the back to try to level it and shims under the belly pan area to keep it from making loud annoying constant buzzing noises. Which is still does constantly. I am ready to kick it to the curb. We are totally frustrated. Every time we call we have to go through the same story and you would think that after 10 or more phone calls it would be on file. Somehow KitchenAid and the warranty company can't find our information each time. We are probably posting this on this website in vain but I am on a mission to post this information everywhere until someone listens and does something about my defective refrigerator.

We are very unhappy with the lack of professionalism from KitchenAid's customer service, the repair companies that they use and the extended warranty company that KitchenAid offers.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 06/29/2011:
I agree with your entire review. $2,500 is a lot of money. Taking them to small claims court might be the only way to get this resolved.

Extended warranties are only as good as the company behind them. In most cases, the warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on. Many people find that out the hard way. Anything worth buying does not need an extended warranty. Your refrigerator was obviously not worth buying, and certainly not worth what you paid.
trmn8r on 06/29/2011:
Wow, what a bad experience. Good luck giving them the black eye that they deserve.
gmomof4 on 07/13/2011:
We actually had a representative from Kitchen Aid who monitors the Internet contact us after he read our post. He told us he was going to try to help us resolve this ongoing issue. After getting our hopes up that someone was listening to us and finally reaching out to help, he got back to us with the same answer that our 2 year old refrigerator was unrepairable and they were not going to do anything because we were out of the first year warranty period with KitchenAid and Assurant, the extended warranty company is refusing to replace the appliance, which they do cover, because they feel it was that way from day one before we were under their warranty plan. I would never purchase another KitchenAid, Whirlpool or Jenn Air appliance again this coming from someone whose whole kitchen is KitchenAid from large appliances to my mixer and toaster oven. Who protects the consumer from these large companies? I will continue on my mission to post my very legitimate complaints with KitchenAid and warn other consumers about their lack of customer service or care for the consumer.
Venice09 on 07/14/2011:
So, the extended warranty company won't help because the problem existed before the warranty began, and KitchenAide failed to correct the problem under the original warranty and refuses to help now because that warranty expired.


Talk about a loophole.
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Stopped Manufacturing Main Control Board
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I own a 7 year old KitchenAid 42" side by side built in refrigerator. The refrigerator side wasn't cooling. A certified technician came out and informed me the refrigerator needs a new Main Control Board. The problem is...the part is no longer being made. I have been told all kinds of stories... the plant was destroyed in a typhoon, tsunami, hurricane (take your pick). My only choice was to remove the board, ship it to be reconditioned and have it shipped back. All said and done, I will have been without a refrigerator for 2 1/2 weeks.

When I complained directly to KitchenAid, they offered me a new refrigerator at the "Friends and Family" discount. The part should retail for about $225. Why would I spend $6000+ for a new refrigerator when the part is so inexpensive... I am wondering if the control board is defective and KitchenAid is trying to cover it up.
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User Replies:
CowboyFan on 09/24/2012:
After 7 years of use, it could hardly been said that the control board was defective. So obviously, they have nothing to cover up.
trmn8r on 09/24/2012:
It is quite possible that the factory was in fact one of the ones destroyed in a weather event. I believe there were at least two - the big one in Japan and another sometime later that affected a different part of Asia.

This isn't unheard of today - with some flat panel tvs, parts are unobtainium occasionally.
wavelength2 on 09/26/2012:
My understanding from representatives of KitchenAid is the board will no longer be manufactured. Since the control board is the "brains" of my seven year old refrigerator, I find this hard to understand.
RZ on 09/28/2012:
I am 1 week into the same problem, which should have affected a recall in my opinion. They say the inverter box is dead to. I don't ever recall having a refrigerator replaced by anybody when I was growing up old geiser that I must be. This is a major apliance by a top name Mfr and to only last 6 yers and then without support is unacceptable. Needless to dsay, I'll be going German, or researching GE next time.
Giovanna on 01/14/2013:
All my appliances are from Kitchen Aid. Within 6 years, I had to replace my microwave oven, had to repair my oven twice, had to repair my dishwasher 3 times and now my 6 year old refrigerator's main control board has to be replaced. I was advised that this part is discontinued and is no longer available. I am really disappointed with the service, the name brand and will be without a doubt shopping elsewhere for my appliances. In my opinion, the price we pay for these appliances we technically should entitled to a better service and warranty.
Jane on 01/17/2013:
Same thing happened to us today! What's with the 6 year window of operation? Is this designed in obsolescence?

Just under 6 year old, KitchenAid, Bottom Mount Built-In Refrigerator started going berserk and turning on and off every 20 seconds.

The sound was horrible and went on non stop for 24 hours. Then it got quiet, just as the repairman arrived, except for a faint high pitched whine the tech pointed out to me, which signals control board failure.

He said they discontinued making them due to the tsunami. He wasn't sure exactly what happened, maybe they lost the blueprints or all the equipment that manufactured them?

Luckily he had one of ours on the truck (the last one!) as he has had to send several out to be repaired.

For those who they can't get the new boards for, they have to send them out of state to be rebuilt which takes 3 weeks.

It was an expensive repair at $493. BUT this was a $5,600. fridge back in 2006 and we're not going to be replacing it any time soon.

We also had the $1,000. KitchenAid dishwasher repaired when it was 4 years old due to a broken door cable. That cost $160.

The $700. KitchenAid Trash Compactor (also bought in 2006) never made it past 2008, and it went in the trash. Compactors are a waste of money in my opinion, as folks should be recycling.

I found a nice wine/beverage fridge that fit the empty cabinet space perfectly!

The appliance tech told me electronic control boards it was common these days, and that makes the repairs more costly.

When replacing a washer and dryer last year, I researched it and decided to go with GE bottom of the line, because they were the old knob kind. No expensive electronics to break.

photo of KitchenAid Refrigerator
Randy Texan on 03/20/2013:
We bought a pre-owned home with a 6-year=old KitchenAid built-in refriberator. A month after we moved in the machine started doing weird things. The control board was sent to the factory and repaired. The turn around took 2 weeks. Now, a month later the icemaker has stopped again. What good is a circuit board repair that only lasts for a month? I'm really disgusted with KitchenAid.
Louis S. on 03/27/2013:
I now have a new refrigerator- it is a folding table on my back deck! Luckily it is still in the 30's in Chicago! Hopefully it will stay cold until the main board from my Kitchenaid, which is in transit to Houston for repairs, gets back to me. After much research, I found a company that specializes in appliance circuit board repairs. Check out Professional Contractor's Board Repair at
Roland Handrop on 04/30/2013:
I own a side by side kitchen aid refrigerator freezer and can no longer get the part I need. It is 7 years old and they no longer carry the relay control board. All of my kitchen appliances were kitchen aid. I will no longer buy another kitchen aid product or Whirlpool,because I will be without the appliance for 3 to 4 weeks.
Nancy 58 Florida on 05/28/2013:
We have refrigerator model KSS42QMX01 purchased in 2007 as part of a total kitchen makeover and the MOTHER BOARD went out this past week.
The authorized repair company came out and diagnosed the problem but did not tell us that the mother board had to be taken out and sent back for repair. On their return trip, they explained this to us and we had to shut the total refrig down so they could take out and send the mother board in for repair (their only remedy despite spending more than an hour on the phone with Kitchen Aid Customer Service). We were told that the board was produced by a factory that was wiped out by a tsunami (Japan, Thailand? )and they have not been able to find another source, thus their repair remedy is for you to take down your refrig and send the mother board in for repair. This excuse has been levied to customers for a least 2 years according to our repair service. This is their answer? This is the solution?

The standard within the industry is for repair parts to be available for a product for at least 10 years from date of manufacturing. The loss of food and the inconvenience of being without a refrig for a week, in the best case scenario, because Kitchen Aid has not been willing to find another parts source is totally unacceptable. (and by the way, Kitchen Aid can not commit to this week timeline). I wonder what other parts for their products fall under this scenario?

We have lost total confidence in Kitchen Aid. We would struggle to purchase another Kitchen Aid Product because of this poor service and we will tell everyone how bad their customer service is and to steer clear of their products.

And by the way, we tried to post a review of the product on their website and they "rejected" our review! Thank goodness for the internet and social media!
Roger C. Florida on 06/10/2013:
We just had the same problem today with our Kitchen Aid control board on a six year old built-in refrigerator. Blaming the Tsunami, Kitchen Aid has discontinued making the part and is telling it customers "tough luck - see if you can have your control board refurbished of just throw the ($8,000) refrigerator away. I would never purchase another Kitchen Aid (or Whirlpool - their parent company) product again.
Mike Tong on 06/25/2013:
We have a kitchen aid kssc48fts00 for 6 years and showed signs of 'over temp'. Repair man came out and replaced compressor. Started working but freezer side temperature bounces between 0-37 degrees. Long story short, need to replace control board. Did searches on the internet and came to this site. Cannot describe how disgusted we feel right now. Will never buy kitchen aid/ Whirlpool again!
Brad Gilmer on 07/06/2013:
I was able to find a refurbished control board online. Cost $99.99 plus shipping. To find one you need to put in the original Kitchenaid part number (2307028 in my case). An equivalent refurbished Whirlpool part (W10219463R) is available.
rickjuliarusso on 07/09/2013:
We have had the exact same problem! I have a 2 year old Built-In Side by side. Model number KSSC42QVS. 4 months out of warranty the fridge side stopped cooling. Whirlpool said replace damper door. Did, still broken. Whirlpool says replace thermistors. Did, still broken. Must be control board. Sent the control board out to be rebuilt, board comes back, within 1 hour of the technician leaving the whole fridge dies. He comes back with another rebuilt board, fridge works for 3 days, then back to high temp in fridge. Whirlpool says sorry, we are out of ideas, go buy a new one. So I have an $8000 dead 2 year old fridge that I am supposed to foot the bill to replace. I reported them to the BBB. They knowingly sell brand new refrigerators that they do not make the replacement boards for. If yours can't be rebuilt then you are just screwed. Shameful business practice!
SN on 07/19/2013:
I have a KitchenAid kssc42qts00 ... the fridge/freezer stopped cooling. The controls power on and then turn off after a couple of seconds. The interior lights are working fine. The tech wants to replace the main control board, but he's not able to find the replacement part.
Can anyone advise how to take out the main control board? I'm thinking of sending it out to get it fixed. Is there any service manual or Howto guide or YouTube video that you can point me to that explains how to take the part out of the fridge? Thanks.
AQ on 07/20/2013:
Our Kitchenaid fridge stopped cooling at the beginning of June. We bought it brand new after Katrina and have never had a problem until now. Warranty company sends a technician who says it's the control board and that the company no longer makes the part. Almost TWO MONTHS later, I still have no part! Every phone call I've made gets me the run around. So disgusted with HWA warranty company- they offered me a $700 buyout. Are you kidding me?! That refrigerator, even with depreciation, cost way more! You can't buy a replacement for $700. And the manufacturer has had my part for over a month. So frustrating. I will never buy Kitchenaid again.
Arna on 07/25/2013:
Why don't we find an attorney to sue Kitchenaide on our behalf?
I spent close to $6000 for my built in fridge that is 5 years old and was give the same story. If anyone wants to call me with their information I think we might have a class action lawsuit.
I am going to make a video and send it out. I am completely disgusted with the answer to fix my refrigerator.
Anthony on 07/27/2013:
I'm having same problem. Disgusted. Should file suit.
SN on 07/27/2013:
Do I need to roll out the Kitchenaid builtin refrigerator to replace the main control board ...I'm wondering if access to the main control board from the top is needed to remove it, otherwise the cabinets on top prevent access to the an alternative, if the board is removable by just opening the front panel, then I don't have to wheel it out ... any advice appreciated ..thanks
PCK on 07/28/2013:
I just removed the relay control board in a KSSC48FTS00 side by side frig tonight that is being sent out to be repaired. It's easy to remove the board, here are the steps:

Note 1. The frig DOES NOT have to be moved to remove the control board.

Note 2. Be sure to UNPLUG the frig before opening any covers except for the decorative outside cover.

1. After removing the decorative cover at the top of the frig, UNPLUG the power cord.
2. In the center of the compartment is a cover with a number of screws around it. Remove the screws and the cover.
3. In the upper left corner of the enclosure is the relay control board. It has a number of cables connected to it. Carefully remove the connectors by squeezing the latch and wiggling the connector to remove it. Mark the connector with the "P#" off the board so you get it in the correct location when installing the repaired board.
4. At this point you have all the cables disconnected from the board and now you need to remove it from the enclosure. To do this, you will see 4 white mounts sticking through the board, one at each corner. Just squeeze the mount and gently pull the board off the mount.
5. Reverse the procedure to install the replacement.........
SN on 07/28/2013:
Thanks for your detailed tips, PCK ... it was really helpful and I really appreciate it. I took out the control board per your advice ( There was a 5th white mounting tab in the center, in addition to the 4 in the corners), and replaced it with a refurbished replacement board ordered from Sears parts direct... the lights came back on the control display and the fridge seems to be working so far ...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the problem is fixed.
I agree with everyone else that KitchenAid should stock replacement parts for their products for at least 10-15 years, especially for an expensive refrigerator.
PCK on 07/28/2013:
Thanks SN, glad it worked for you and I forgot about the 5th mount in the middle, sorry about that and I'm glad you figured it out......PCK
Chris Greathouse on 08/02/2013:
We are having the same experience. I don't mind sending the control panel for repair, but I can't find anyone who will repair it. I have tried CoreCentric and Prof Contractors Board Repair. Anyone have any other sources? Our model is ksso42fmx01, part #2303934.
Chris Greathouse on 08/02/2013:
After doing some research, I found the part I needed. The part number had changed twice over the past 7 years, which is why I was not able to locate it. I got the new part number, and ordered a new control panel from Midwest Appliance. It was expensive ($400) but it has a 6 month warranty.
Cat D on 08/16/2013:
Also the owner of a 42 in side by side Kitchen Aid purchased/installed in 2008. It started making noise--like a fan or motor turning on/off too frequently-- 4 months ago and I call a factory authorized serviceman who gave me the story of circuit board needed replacing but no longer available. I was flabbergasted and I didn't trust him and called KA customer service speaking with some guy who had no clue and couldn't support the tech's story. Because the fridge was cooling and freezing properly, I paid off the tech and thought I'd try another service company but also decided to sit on it for a while. Bu,t the motor cutting in and out became worse so I scheduled service through the KA website thinking I would get a tech more savvy with KA refridgerators. The fridge completely stopped cooling or freezing that same night (must have ears.) The service in my location was provided by a Sears owned company and the tech arrived well after the window and stayed for 2.5 hours, mostly on his phone to his company, his boss (to get permission to work overtime), and on his computer to do paperwork. He performed some testing as dictated to him over the phone by another technician and then indicated that both the fan motor and circuit board would need replacing. I agreed to the repair as I do not have any other choice. The entire price will be a tad less than $500. He took the board to send in to be rebuilt indicating that it would be approx. 2 weeks. I admit that I lack confidence in this process and this product and am kicking myself for going with a Kitchen Aid appliance. Because of the original price and age of the unit, I am stuck for now but will never EVER buy another KA appliance in my life.
Laurie on 08/18/2013:
I have a KSS048FTX built in. HELP...The refrigerator side does not stay cool. There is a tube where cold air is supposed to come through from the freezer side and it freezes solid every few days so no cold air is circulating in the refrigerator side. The freezer gets frosts all over the bottom half. Anyone had this problem. I replaced the control board, control panel and thermostat 2 yrs ago when it was under warranty. I complained to Kitchen Aid 4 yrs ago about the refrigerator not staying cold, they told me they replaced everything and that I have a lemon and stopped my extend warranty.Need help....can't afford a new built in, need to find a solution..
Stephen Lenker on 08/28/2013:
Same issue. A and E came in and let us know the board is no longer being manufactured. It was sent out for repair and we've had no refrigerator now for over 1 month. Can anyone say "Class Action"?
Mark at Appliance Service on 09/06/2013:
GE and Whirlpool state on their respective sites that their appliances are built to last 5 to 7 years and then should be recycled for newer models that will be more energy efficient. All new fridges have control boards instead of the old defrost timers that was used in the past. I replace about 8 GE boards per week, 4 Whirlpool boards, and at least 4 Frigidaire boards per week. I work on Frigidaire fridges 10 to 1. Everything goes wrong with them from stopped up defrost drains, evap fans, condenser fans, to bad compressors. Now if you want a REAL headache, buy an LG or Samsung. Had a fault code on a Samsung last week that even Samsung didn't know what it was! The new stuff is really just junk. Appliance manufacturers are now having to meet Federal energy guidelines and are not having much success. One again the government has nosed into our lives and made things more expensive. It takes WATER TO WASH CLOTHES and ELECTRICITY TO COOL OUR food. Our government doesn't understand that concept. Our appliances are using less utilities and now our utilities are costing more.
Thomas Raupp on 09/09/2013:
I am having the same control board issues on my KA 42" built in. If anyone starts a class action, I'm in! Mi will monitor this board for any developments.
Darlene Albert on 09/09/2013:
I am 4 months into "all of the above"! Many repair service calls, rebuilt control board, new fan, and now sitting with a fridge that has inconsistent temp readings, a freezer that seems to be over working, food freezing in the fridge and a water dispenser that doesn't work. My husband will try and send back the control board one more time and see if it works. Has anyone solved this problem and actually ended up with a fully functioning fridge again?? I am wondering if we are just wasting time and money on fictitious repairs for a fridge that is unrepairable? After reading all of the above (which is exactly what I have been going through) it seems the repairmen are laughing all the way to the bank.
Kim on 09/18/2013:
Class Action is exactly what needs to occur - sending out the board for repair is stupid...they should find a new supplier to make the things - have a repair person coming next week (3rd one) to see if they can diagnose it, but I am sure it is the same problem as noted above
Josh on 09/26/2013:
Same problem, same ridiculous response from Kitchen Aid. What, they can't manufacture the same board somewhere else? What are they putting in new appliances? They said the appliance was no longer under warranty. So is my car. Does that mean I can't get a fuel pump? Worst company around. Will never buy another one of their products and will spread the word far and wide.
Phil on 09/29/2013:
My control board went bad and I took it out and noticed that there was a 220uF 35 volt capacitor on the board that had the top slightly bulged out. I figured this part is overstressed by the design and replaced it with a larger 220uF 63 volt capacitor which fits on the board just fine. Put the board back in and it now works fine. This capacitor, a 1 dollar part, may be the main thing that fails on these boards. If you replace it be sure to mount the new one with the same polarity as the original one. The negative terminal faces towards the nearest outer edge of the board.
Jennifer.pickett.3 on 10/02/2013:
Very frustrated myself! We bought a side by side KitchenAid refrigerator in Feb 2008. A month later, every time the motor turned on it would sound as though an airplane were taking off. We called KitchenAid for warranty repair. They sent out a local warranty company to look at it. They said that it needed a new fan. 4 days later he returned to replace the fan for the motor. They had to order the part. Fast forward to Sept 2013--we lost everything in our freezer and fridge because it was not cooling at all. We called a local appliance repair company, and got a same day appointment! He diagnosed the problem right away--our KitchenAid warranty repair was performed negligently. Not only did they remove the electronic fan and replace it with an incorrect, generic metal bladed fan (losing all energy efficiency) but the repairman cut the wire harness and used twist-on electric cap connectors to connect it all together. Because the fan was the incorrect fan, the circuit board (main board) has burnt out. We now need a new main board, a new wiring harness, and an electronic fan meant for our fridge. The local repairman stated that we wouldn't be having this issue today if the original warranty repair was done correctly. Just called KitchenAid and because it's outside of the 12 month warranty they will only sell me an extended warranty protection. Assurant Extended Warranty Company doesn't stand behind their warranties, so why would I want the headache? They have terrible BBB reviews, and everything that is on the internet is a warning to stay away from Assurant! KitchenAid will do nothing outside the 1 year warranty except for sell you Assurant's extended warranty--don't do it! In the meantime, I had to buy another cheaper fridge while waiting on a solution for the KitchenAid.
Karl on 10/08/2013:

I followed your advice and my fridge is back to normal as well. Thanks so much, you saved me about $6k.
Sara on 10/20/2013:
My Kitchenaid side by side is about 3-4 yrs old, and am having similar issues plus there are cracks in the shelves and now the core of the refrigerator. Kitchenaid denies responsibility for cracking? Now since the core has cracked not cooling and defrosting. I am going to call local troubleshooter to get help and I agree with everyone this is a class action suit. If this was an automobile these products would be considered a lemon and be protected under the lemon law. Interesting there is no lemon law for appliances. Kitchenaid does not have any reason to be responsible to their customers as sad as that might be. I am boycotting Kitchenaid. I need to get someone in to fix the refrigerator now.
Phil on 10/20/2013:
Karl it's great to know you also had success using this fix. After a month my built-in continues to run with no issues.

Joel on 10/21/2013:
Phil, you are AMAZING! I had a similar experience, with my KSSC48QTS00. Fan started continuously cycling for a few months, then made a loud noise and stopped, no more cooling. Called a technician, said it was probably the board, and probably needed to be rebuilt. This was over the phone- it would take almost a week to get to me, and up to 4 weeks to have the board rebuilt. I searched and found your comment above, from 9/29/13. Thanks to the great amount of detail in your post, I felt emboldened to remove the board and replace the cap. It worked immediately! Thank you so much! Can anyone guess, if this is an example of "capacitor plague" I have read about, with known faulty electrolytic capacitors? I tried to find a 63V cap, but could only find a 35V, so replaced it with the same spec part. Thanks, JY
JonSEAZ on 11/01/2013:
Eight year old KitchenAid dishwasher which recently experienced failure of the detergent dispenser. Order replacement part (original design changed!) from Whirlpool service center (which web site page does not work, so have to do business on the phone). Upon my installation of the new part, I encountered problems with the polystyrene foam brace and insulation front panel insert. It is glued onto the front panel and is designed to be free from the inner panel so that the front panel may be removed. The foam had welded onto the inner panel. preventing the front panel from coming off the door without destroying the foam insert. This is a critical part (#8531330), as it not only deadens the wash cycle sound, but also stiffens and braces the front panel. I called Whirlpool for a replacement panel insert. DISCONTINUED! They cannot supply it. Suggested that I go onto the Internet and find the part from someone selling discontinued KitchenAid parts. I tried every on-line parts house I could locate. No luck! What the hell is wrong with Whirlpool? I am a smart and experienced old man who likely can cobble together some sort of replacement from foam insulation board and #M spray adhesive. I can say only that I never again will buy nor recommend any appliances build or sold or supported by the Whirlpool Corporation. Another American company going down the tube because of bad management decisions. The guy at Whirlpool's service center was as helpful as he could be, supplying me with the mfg part number and part name. The problems with Whirlpool start at the top. Overpaid, under performing American executives who have no sense of commitment to their customer base are sounding the death knell for American businesses. Soon, everybody in America will be out of work, on the government Dole, and buying foreign with whatever money they can scrape up. What legacy are we leaving for our inheritors?
terry on 11/12/2013:
I too have the exact same control panel issue and spent an entire day trying to figure out this out. Our tech refused to participate in send the board to be refurbished and basically blew me off when he could not find a new part.

I called Sears to ask about a replacement part and they told me they would have a new replacement board in stock for $161.00 on nov 18th. I ordered the board and will let people know if it works once I install it.
SearsCare on 11/12/2013:
Hello Terry,

Thank you for posting about your repair experience, we know it’s important to have appliances repaired in a timely manner. We are glad to hear you were able to order a new replacement part. My name is Brian and I am a member of the Sears Cares Social Media Support team. We would like to offer our assistance. Please send the following information – contact #, the name and phone # used at time of purchase, as well as the screen name (terry), to reference your post to and a case manager will contact you directly. Again, thank you for taking time to post and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you,

Brian L.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
D'Arcy Davidson on 11/13/2013:
Thanks Phil,

I did the capacitor fix as suggested, and it fixed the cycling fan problem. $0.72 and an hour of my time, awesome.
Terry on 11/14/2013:
Well I promised I would update you about the Sears part. EPIC FAIL at #Sears. Not only did they lie to me about having the part to me by Monday, they failed to notify me that they in fact CANNOT even guess when it might be coming. So I wasted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Today thinking I was getting the part on Monday.

I did try the fix that Phil suggested and it did not work for us (thank you anyway Phil). So now I have had to send my board to CORECENTRIC for fixing with time over the weekend now wasted.

If #EPICFAILSEARS had not lied to me about the board, I would have had the refurbished board back to me by now. As it stands I will not get it back until Wednesday or Thursday of next week (although I shipped it over night and paid for expedited service.)

This has been most inconvenient. If there is a lawsuit brewing out there against Kitchenaid, I am glad to join. I will never in my life buy another KitchenAid or Whirlpool product.
leon on 11/14/2013:
my built-in kitchenAid is dead less than 5 years. they told me my control main board is broken. there is no replacement. they asked me send my main board to fix. what a shame for KitchnenAid. they should stop selling the new Refrigerator in that case.
Rick on 11/19/2013:
SEE PHIL AND JOEL'S ADVICE and COMMENTS ABOVE. I got the same run around and 2 week board repair story (from KA and on site "repairman"). I took the panels off, had a friend remove the failed capacitor from the board and replaced it with $1.19, 35V capacitor from Radio Shack. It's only been 24 hours, but the entire unit is up and working again. Note: My freezer was still working, but my refrigerator portion was down. Whole repair process takes 20 minutes! Beware of polarity of capacitor, we popped the first one, but I was a sport and bought 2 just in case. Kitch Aid hotline should share this info!
Dave on 11/27/2013:
Same issue here with our 42" side by side built in. Our local service repair company sent the control board to CoreCentric and it just came back. After two weeks down we are back and running. By the way, last year the thermester died so now I lost all my food twice!! It is disgraceful how KA builds these products. on 12/03/2013:
Same experience on side by side control board
.Waiting to get it back and see if it works. I would join a classaction lawsuit. Kitchenaid is abusive and is getting away with it
diane simmons on 12/06/2013:
Lucrecia on 12/14/2013:
I have the same issue with 2 KitchenAid fridge. The compressor comes on and off intermittently , temperature rising in both freezer and cooler. Display panel flickers with beeping sound.The first time I called the Sears technichian, he came and I was without fridge for 2 weeks. This time I refused to be treated that way, I'm trying to find a new part or to send my part for refurbished but it 's not coming easy. I was contacted by Sears and they offered me a 10% off on the refurbish part and warranty for 6 months but they still told me I have to be left without fridge for almost 2 weeks. I blew them off. If you go for a class action I
Quantumraj on 12/17/2013:
OK I had an issue in 2008 (48" Architect Series kitchen aid, manufacturing date Sep 2006). Call Kitchen aid that time, the issue was centre PVC lining behind where the doors meet was cracking up. Issue was Fan, evaporater fan not working. They sent out the Fan motor and some while PVC thing to cover up. I changed the Fan myself issue didn't resolve. Called Kitchen aid local support company the guy come in and tells me fan is bad. guess what I had tried that already but didn't tell him that and I asked why does he thinks that is a problem. The answers were baloney so paid his BS diagnostic fee and sent him home. Being an engineer myself, set out to look online for a solution, until the issue was zoned in to the control board, got lucky with an eBay listing and got a new sealed board for $75 or so. Replaced problem gone. As recent as 12/16/2013 I started have the fan stop and go with the internal display flicker every 10-20 seconds or so, found Phils solution elsewhere last night and kicked myself for not checking the cap on initial failure in 2008. That's the first thing I usually check on any electronics and is usually the cause of a failure. Drove to Radio Shack. got the 220uf 35v. ($1.49) and replaced it last night. I had to roll out the refrigerator. took my time 2-3 hours, including cleaning up evaporator. and replacing the capacitor. The thing is running like a champ since last night. Now I will dig up the board from 2008, likely it has the same issue, should work as a backup. (don't know why I missed the capacitor last time. I do remember RE soldering all joints last time on the board because another common issue is DRY solder, will report back if I see the capacitor bulged on the older board). I was happy with fixing it my self last time for under $150. This time $1.50 Crazy. Thinking of a career change here, there is crap load of money to be made, if you leave the morals right by the trash can. "kidding"
CoolBeans on 12/23/2013:
My KSSS42FMX refrigerator (which, incidentally was installed in 2007 after a year-long battle with KA to replace the 2006 version that was a lemon from the get-go) is showing all the signs of impending control board failure. I want to try Phil's capacitor replacement solution. Can anyone tell me whether the correct capacitor is radial or axial? Thanks
Colton on 12/23/2013:
I too was having the same issues with my 2007 KitchenAid KSS built-in refrigerator. I can attest that the recommendations made by Phil above do work and may solve your problem, potentially saving thousands. My refrigerator started doing crazy things like the fan turning on and off, beeping constantly from the top of the refrigerator, the digital display in the refrigerator flashing and at times a loud compressor. I would not consider myself particularly electrically handy, however, I am willing to tinker and explore. We had a service technician from KitchenAid look at the refrigerator and he did confirm that the control board was the issue, however, was useless otherwise. Our options were: replace the refrigerator, send the control board away for refurbishing which would take about four weeks with no refrigerator, or attempt a repair on my own. I turned the power switch behind the upper trim panel off, rolled the refrigerator out and pulled the plug from the socket in the wall. On my refrigerator, the control board is housed in a small metal box with a bunch of wires running from it above the evaporator coils on top of the refrigerator. The box can be opened by unscrewing a couple of screws revealing the control board. I unplugged all the plugs from the control board and released the control board from the metal housing by releasing the plastic clips. As on Phil's control board, the 35 volt capacitor closest to the edge had a slight bulge to the top of the capacitor and was failing. I YouTubed videos on soldering circuit boards and was successfully able to remove the bad capacitor and replace it with a new one from RadioShack that cost $1.49. Removing the old capacitor isn't particularly difficult, however, you have to take care. I had to use a fair amount of heat to melt the original solder. When installing the new capacitor, make sure that you have it in the same orientation as the original. I reinstalled the circuit board, reassembled everything and took the opportunity to remove the dust from the evaporator coils while I was on top of the refrigerator. Everything has been working 100% for the past 3 weeks since I plugged it back in and turned the power on and off inside the refrigerator on the control panel. Thanks a million, or at least probably $4000 or $5000, to Phil for enabling me to save my refrigerator.
Phil on 12/31/2013:
Coolbeans, you want to buy a cap with radial leads to match the board footprint. Original cap is 220uF/35 volt but if you can replace it with a 50 or 63 volt cap (but still 220 uF) it should still fit and may last longer. Make sure to install cap with the negative terminal nearest the edge of the board like the original. Note that there is only one 220 volt cap on the control board. Even if it's not bulged at the top it could still be bad and causing the same symptoms.
Steve on 01/07/2014:
My KitchenAid fridge KSSC42QMS01 started to act up a couple of weeks ago. The repairman stated I need a new control board. As previously mentioned, Whirlpool no longer manufactures the board. I will try the capacitor fix. If that doesn't work, I need to go through the pains of sending it out for repair. I spent several thousand for this fridge based on the assumption that KitchenAid was a quality product. I also had several problems with my high end KitchenAid stove. Never again. I'll keep you posted.
Steve on 01/11/2014:
I fixed my KitchenAid fridge! I replaced the capacitor in the board (220uf 50 volt). It's been running well for the past two days. I want to thank Roberta LaRocca, a Realtor from Las Vegas. She wrote an excellent article on the internet summarizing the issues on the control board. google Alert KitchenAid Refrigerator 23070281 / W10219463 Board NLA Repair Tip. I also want to tip my hat to Phil on this site. He reinforced the solution. In summary, here's my opinion. Whirlpool/KitchenAid should have replacements boards available. A recall notice could have been sent out explaining the capacitor problem. The warranty should have been extended to cover the Control Board (eg. 10 years). Does anyone know what other companies did to help customers address the capacitor defect? eg Dell Computers).
Phil on 01/15/2014:
I read Ms. LaRocca's blog and found it quite interesting. Her husband had used reasoning similar to mine. I did not mention it previously but I have been working as a component engineer for almost 30 years with a major communication systems developer. Based on all the offers out there to "refurbish" the failing boards I figured the problem had to be fairly simple. That would rule out such things as what appears to be a proprietary microcircuit on the board because replacements would be impossible to find, or nearly so. The incessant relay clicking also suggested to me a power supply problem where the normal supply voltage was being pulled down. I struggled to narrow it to a specific part and then noticed the bulging capacitor. That was an "ah ha" moment. Glad this fix seems to be working for many. Perhaps the board was not poorly designed but rather the capacitors were defective and had a short life as mentioned. This type aluminum electrolytic capacitor is not known for reliability but properly applied should last far longer than 5-6 years.
Erik on 01/22/2014:
I just did the Phil Fix and it worked like a charm! I didn't replace the cap myself, but I took it to a tv repair guy who did it for me. He used a 50 volt cap, and confirmed that the old cap was bad. So incredibly useful! Thanks to everybody!
Fred on 01/25/2014:
Replaced the cap with the RS $1.45 35 V. Good as new!
Tyler on 01/27/2014:
I tried "Phil's fix" and connected everything back together and now it just beeps at me and won't turn back on...what is this about?
Anthony on 02/08/2014:
Thank you all for your post . It makes us feel a lot better knowing we aren't the only ones frustrated by this. We have kso48qmb model . We sent our mother board to core centric they had it back to us within a week. However after only 2 weeks fridge is no longer working. After reading multiple posts we are going to try to replace the capacitor as recommended.Only wish we had found this site before sending it out to be repaired . Electric bill was 600.00 the month our fridge broke. Not sure how long a class action lawsuit takes ormhowmto file one but maybe we should all get together and do it.
Dan N. on 02/26/2014:
Found a great resource to have the Kitchen Aid control board repaired at for only $249. Check out
June on 03/05/2014:
(My story had a happy ending…) I had very similar experience on my 8-year old side-by-side KitchenAid built-in refrigerator (KSSC48QMS01). It started out with loud motor sound once in a while, then I noticed that the control panel’s numbers were flashing. Power Off/On from the panel, or on the physical switch did not make the flashing go away. This lasted for about a month before it produced chirping sound every 5 seconds. Four days after the chirping sound appeared, my food started to be not cool any more. (The freezer side was still OK, and the foods in the drawers were not as warm as the ones on the shelves.) Anyway, I ordered the Repair 1 plan from KitchenAid (actually it was Whirpool), and they sent ASI to come the next day. The engineer from ASI was very good. In less than an hour, he replaced the control board, and I have cold food (and lots of ice from icemaker!) that night. All in all, I only lost two days use of the refrigerator, plus the cost of the plan (~ $400). A new refrigerator would have cost me more than $8,000, plus 3-4 weeks of time when I will have to wait for them to “build” it. I am very happy about the service I received from ASI (281-452-2121). The engineer arrived promptly, is competent and courteous, and the work was done professionally. He took my broken control board, so he can send it for repair and use it for the next customer.
Mike W on 03/25/2014:
I read this blog, made the repair recommended by Phil, and now have a working fridge. First, thanks to those preceding me who made this fairly easy.

Second, for the non-technical folks desperately wanting to try this, but afraid this reserved to the realm of engineers and technicians, I am no engineer and a couple more suggestions should make this even easier for you. If you are working with a built-in and you see the power switch attached to the box holding the circuit board(s), unscrew the power switch to move it out of the way. Mine had two obvious screws running vertically and one behind the switch securing the base of the switch. Also, my unit had two boards. The master board was the one with the five pegs holding it in place. The other board had four pegs and was smaller. The master was to the left of the other board. In removing the board from the pegs, I used a long skinny screw driver to push the hard to see piece part of the peg that keeps the board from otherwise falling off the peg toward the center of the peg. This worked better than a needle nose or regular pliers. Also if you hold that piece in and pull on the closest corner that worked easiest for me. Finally, the capacitor being discussed looks like a little barrel with a silver top. On my board there were three such capacitors and the one in question was off by itself. There is very tiny writing on the capacitor indicating which one is the 220uf 35 volt and on one side is a "-" to indicate negative lead of the capacitor.

I was a psychology/sociology major who does not work in any technical filed. I have always been too cheap and defiant to pay someone for what I can do myself if I have good information and some rudimentary tools. I say this only to prove you don't have to be an engineer or have much technical know how to make this repair.

Good luck.
Angry Kitchenaid Owner on 10/14/2014:
Check this out: the main control board can be repaired for about $10 in parts not including the solder.
This "The factory got wiped out by a tsunami" story is BS. The sales rep told me Kitchenaid supports their products much longer than Sears and others. 6 years is not a long time in the life of a $5,000 appliance. I mean for Pete's sake I have on in the garage that is going on 20 years and it's abused. In California the Song Beverly Act makes this a legal requirement. Kitchenaid is going to hear from a lawyer and if you want to discuss a class action and you live in CA - let me know.
chana Shields on 11/20/2014:
I have a 48" kitchenaid fridge - same problem with the control panel and i have been without a fridge for 3 weeks waiting for them to evaluate my claim - apparently i will be disappointed - - if the computer panel company went under with the Tsunami 3 years ago, it is kitchenaids responsibility as a major household brand to find another vendor for their clients -
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Whirlpool poor product reliability and poor customer service
Posted by on
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I bought a Kitchenaid side-by-side counter depth refrigerator (made by Whirlpool) in early 2006, having had great experiences with Whirlpool products for many years. I thought that a top-of-the-line Kitchenaid from Whirlpool would be a product with superior quality and reliability. Not so!

In April, 2009, I noticed that the temperature read out for the freezer was going up, though there didn't appear to be any problem with keeping things frozen. The erratic temperature readout continued though the freezer seemed to be freezing very well (ice cream that was hard as a rock, etc.). I had the Whirlpool authorized service company, ASI Appliance in Houston, come out. They couldn't find any reason for the erratic read outs and basically the technician suggested "just live with it, at least it's keeping everything cold," though there was of course a service call charge.

However, the unit continued to get colder I thought and seemed to be running most of the time; I called ASI again in October, after problems developed with vegetables being frozen in the refrigerator crisper, and the temperature readouts continuing to be erratic. They checked everything and still couldn't find anything wrong, though there was another service charge, of course. Finally, a week or so later, I bought a refrigerator thermometer and discovered that the freezer was cooled down to -20 degrees F.; also the ice/water dispenser had by now stopped working (the water line, not surprisingly, was frozen).

ASI came out again, though they sent a different technician. He consulted with Whirlpool technical support who advised that since everything else checked out, I needed to replace the two main circuit boards in the unit, at a cost of almost $600 parts plus $130 labor. After I complained to Whirlpool about all the expense (including replacing the circuit boards, my costs would total over $1000 in service calls, labor and parts over several months), they agreed to sell me the circuit boards at a discount.

Okay, I buy the boards for $300 and pay ASI $130 labor to install them. But it didn't fix the problem! Called ASI to come back. Finally, Whirlpool technical support tells the ASI technician "Oh, with the freezer being so cold, you're probably not getting an accurate reading on the thermistor resistance, so probably it's the thermistor that's bad." So, in December, 2009, I paid another $60 for two new thermistors and labor to install, and the temperature control problems were immediately fixed. However, I'd spent $450 on new circuit boards that I probably didn't need, not to mention numerous service calls and labor charges, and much time off work to meet the ASI technician. (I'm even leaving out the part where Whirlpool sent a wrong circuit board and had to resend the right one, adding another week to the repair process and another 1/2 day off work.)

Now, five months later, another problem: this time the refrigerator is gaining temperature. Called ASI once more. They found a "loose connection" to the defroster heater, causing the condenser coils to freeze; they fixed it, for another $140 in service call and minimum labor charges.

So now I'm out $850 in repair costs. I just called Whirlpool to request some consideration from them on the expense over that past year, but they refused to reimburse any of it, though they were "sorry" I'd had so many problems with the unit. They offered me a "customer loyalty" discount on a new unit (which they had offered last fall); I declined, since when I discussed that with them last fall, the "discounted price" was about the same as the price from internet sites and discount appliance stores in the area.

So I add my voice to others on the site: Don't purchase Kitchenaid or Whirlpool products based on past experience. Their current products aren't worth the money or up to reliability standards based on my recent experience, and they don't value customer goodwill enough to "make it right" when customers have a terrible experience like this!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/14/2010:
I'm baffled.This was a factory trained service tech that showed up at your house all those times?

IMO they should have 'ate' the boards and refunded your money...

I love counter depth refers..
Cindy on 11/15/2014:
Believe me, I understand your frustration. I'm going through the same nonsense right now. I will never purchase Kitchenaid appliances again. I have the 42" counter depth side by side also. Paid over $7,000 for it. I can't even tell you how much I've spent on repairs and it's still not working properly. Temps in freezer are good, temps in fridge are going up to 50 plus degrees.
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KitchenAid Superba "architect series" side-by-side refrigerator - beautiful loser
Posted by on
We purchased a set of Superba stainless steel appliances as part of a home remodeling project in fall 2002. This was after buying a Superba dishwasher some years earlier with some success. The range has given minor trouble - control failures, most of which seem to result from water vapor getting into the glass touch-screen control panel, a control knob that shorted, and a burned out heating element.

However the mother of all problems is the refrigerator, which we bought for its looks - easily the best looking, inside and out, of any major manufacturer.

The refrig. has had problems cooling from the time it was new. Briefly, it cools by admitting cold air from the freezer section through a thermostatically controlled flap in the top rear of the dividing wall between the refrigerator and freezer. THIS EXACT DESIGN IS USED BY WHIRLPOOL, KITCHENAID, MANY KENMORE SIDE-BY-SIDE MODELS, AND SOME LG MODELS. The flap mechanism seems to ice up and stop working. At that point it can't control cooling. In our case, we noticed that milk would go bad.

Several service calls went by, during which we were told there was no problem. Eventually (after warranty expiration) another service call resulted in replacement of a control board (about $300). Only much later did we learn from a service tech that the problem was the temp. control flap "valve".

In 2006, just before its fourth birthday, the plumbing inside the fridge let go, flooding our kitchen and basement ($15,000 in damage, including replacing he kitchen floor). The service tech explained that the plastic tubing that feeds the icemaker and water dispenser had slipped out of a fitting under the unit. He replaced the fitting. I contacted KitchenAid and was told they had never heard of this problem. I kept moving up the KitchenAid organization but got the same answer all the way up the line - the attitude was basically this was not their problem.

A year later (2007), the refrigerator blew the same tubing fitting again, and again flooded the kitchen. This time the insurance company's engineer came in to look at it. He discussed with the service tech that had replaced the fitting the year before, and suggested this was a design or manufacturing defect. I contacted KitchenAid again, and again got the stonewalling from their people.

Needless to say, we did not connect the unit up to water again. The ice dispenser does make a convenient ice bucket for the bags of ice we get at the store.

By January 2009, the temperature control was working erratically again, and all the fixes our tech had shown us (let it defrost, warm it up, etc., were not working. Time to bring in the service man again! This time, he said the flap/control mechanism was shot, and we needed to replace it. He stuck a pencil in the flap to keep it open while he ordered the part, so the fridge section could cool down. The part was another $250 (don't remember whether this included installation).

Finally, in June, the unit stopped working completely. Another visit from the service technician confirmed that the compressor had blown. He recommended we junk the fridge and stat

We have contacted KitchenAid again, but have not started to deal with their rigmarole yet.

Went shopping for a new refrigerator today, and learned that our unit's design is shared by KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag and some LG models - same parts, same systems, just different doors.

I'm now looking for any brand refrigerator that has nothing to do with KitchenAid/Whirlpool. At the high end, KitchenAid sells in the same price range as "expensive" brands like Electrolux (hopefully they are not Whirlpool too).

The KitchenAid approach to customer service is beyond useless. It seems to be part of their business process to simply deny that any problem with their appliance is their problem. They will bump you around from one person to another, all the way up to the "executive offices" (probably another desk at the call center, since the person I spoke to knew nothing about the products and seemed to be just following the same script as everyone else there.

Whirlpool makes a big song and dance about being an American product (most of their refrigerators, including the KitchenAid, are now assembled in Mexico - I think mine was still made here). They also do a pretty convincing sales job on commitment to quality (did you know their door bins are guaranteed for life??). When it comes to actually standing behind their product, good luck - these people will give you nothing but excuses.

Epilog: These people actually made a good product and backed it, once. I own a Whirlpool refrigerator that has served us faithfully since 1986 - it's probably seen a repairman twice. They even had a "cool line" back then, staffed by people who could actually tell you how the fridge worked, and even how to fix it.

Maybe with the downturn they will finally go bankrupt and sell out to Lucky Gold Star (LG) or some other Asian firm. It can't be worse.

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Kitchenaid Appliances are all CRAP
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
In October of 2012 we purchased a new Kitchenaid refrigerator from Famous Tate Appliances in Brandon FL. The product selection was based on what was perceived at the time to be of the highest quality available and was purchased for the sole purpose of hoping to avoid any issues with reliability and future service should it ever be required. We had always been led to believe that Kitchenaid was the premium brand of the Whirlpool manufactured line of major appliances. Sadly this has been proven not to be the case.
After owning the product for slightly longer than 6 months we began seeing issues with the freezer and ice maker. (They basically did not work). The ice maker produced no ice and the freezer could not keep anything frozen. Appliance Service of Central Florida has been dispatched to our home dozens of times over the past two years and has been unable to repair or to convince Kitchenaid to replace the defective appliance.
Thousands of dollars worth of food has been lost in addition to extensive personal time waiting for repair technicians to make multiple trips sometimes replacing the same parts and conducting the same tasks repeatedly (not surprisingly achieving the same lack of results).
It was apparent early on in the process that a quick and permanent repair was not going to happen within the initial manufacturers warranty period which prompted us to agree to the purchase of an extended warranty. While repairmen have continued to make a constant parade through our home there has been no willingness demonstrated by Kitchenaid to do the right thing and replace what is obviously a lemon (putting it politely).
An even greater insult is that even after refusing to live up to the word of the original warranty Kitchenaid has asked if we wanted to extend the warranty even further. I know have a very large and expensive piece of stainless steel and plastic sitting in my kitchen that quite simply cannot be used for its intended purpose. The service company is unable to repair it and the manufacturer is unwilling to replace it.
Let me make my point as clear and concisely as possible so that there are no misunderstandings. From this point on I will take any and every opportunity to discourage anyone from purchasing any product manufactured by this company. I will make it my mission in life to post as many negative product and service reviews on as many on line venues that will accept them. I will NEVER tolerate another of your products in any residence that I own or business I may be associated with. I will in great detail ensure that every family member, friend and acquaintance is well aware of the horrible customer service they can expect should they make the same mistake as I.
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No/Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
BENTON, MICHIGAN -- In April, I unfortunately spent $9,000.00 on KitchenAid/ Whirlpool appliances. Since then, I have had problems with the refrigerator. 3 service calls! Now it is Christmas Eve and the refrigerator is not cooling. I am having 22 people to dinner on Christmas. The repair man came and told me that it needs a new compressor. To make matters needs to be ordered. A 6 month old refrigerator should not need a new compressor! Obviously it is a lemon. Called Customer Service...vice. Apparently Kitchen Aid has no customer service. I requested a new refrigerator because I do not want to keep fixing a defective product. What happens when the warranty runs out? Spoke to a CSR and her supervisor. Just kept reciting the script. Under my warranty...the compressor is a replaceable part so I can not get a new refrigerator. I know that the CEO Jeff [removed] wouldn't want the repaired defective refrigerator either! So then I asked Kitchen Aid to find a compressor and install it so I can host the XMAS dinner. I was told that is not possible. Best they could do was overnight it and since tomorrow is Christmas the part would not be shipped until Thursday. Kitchen Aid is not only ruining my Christmas dinner. But it sounds like I won't have a working refrigerator for a while. Not even sure if they really are having the part overnighted. Bottom line....Kitchen Aid does not care about a customer once you buy their products. No effort on their part, no matter what the circumstances! I am up the creek regarding my Christmas Dinner and they don't care. Additionally, Kitchen Aid probably doesn't want to replace the refrigerator because they will get more money for all the parts the defective unit will need in the future. Or maybe I will buy an extended warranty! Do not buy Kitchen Aid. It is now December 27th and I still do not have a working refrigerator. More importantly, I want a new replacement refrigerator!
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User Replies:
Paul on 12/28/2013:
It sounds like KitchenAid is backing the warranty, but the warranty doesn't read the way you would like. It doesn't surprise me that it may take a few days for a compressor to arrive. The timing of the call where they said it would be overnight shipped is not clear. Appliance repair visits often take several days to a week these days - good luck.
CrazyRedHead on 12/28/2013:
Once you receive the part you will have to call them back to schedule the repair which could be up to 2 weeks away.
amvp2 on 12/31/2013:
Well it is now December 31. Yesterday the compressor arrived and the service company came to install it. Decided I didn't need a compressor after waiting over a week. Instead, there was a bad seal and the refrigerant leaked out. The refrigerant and seal were replaced. Check the freezer this cooling. The unit is still not working. Service company is not answering the phone and neither is KitchenAid
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Do Not Buy a KitchenAid Refrigerator!
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Rating: 1/51
We bought a side by side KitchenAid refrigerator in Feb 2008. A month later, every time the motor turned on it would sound as though an airplane were taking off. We called KitchenAid for warranty repair. They sent out a warranty repair company to look at it. They said that it needed a new motor fan. 4 days later, replaced the fan for the motor. They had to order the part.

Fast forward to Sept 2013--we lost everything in our freezer & fridge because it was not cooling at all. We call a local appliance repair company, & get a same day appointment! He diagnosed the problem right away--our KitchenAid warranty repair was performed negligently.

Not only did they remove the electronic fan & replace it with an incorrect, generic metal bladed fan (losing all energy efficiency) but the repairman cut the wire harness & used twist-on electric cap connectors to connect it all together. Because the fan was the incorrect fan, the circuit board (main board) has burnt out. We now need a new main board, a new wiring harness, & an electronic fan meant for our fridge. The local repairman stated that we wouldn't be having this issue today if the original warranty repair was done correctly.

Just called KitchenAid & because it's outside of the 12 month warranty they will only sell me an extended warranty protection. Assurant Extended Warranty Company doesn't stand behind their warranties, so why would I want the headache? They have terrible BBB reviews, & everything that is on the internet is a warning to stay away from Assurant!

KitchenAid will do nothing outside the 1 year warranty except for sell you Assurant's extended warranty--don't do it! In the meantime, I had to buy another cheaper fridge while waiting on a solution for the KitchenAid. Conclusion: expensive overrated product, with poor quality.
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User Replies:
cmthru on 10/03/2013:
If you have a statement in writing from the local repair place you might be able to sue. However since the fridge worked for many years without further failure a judge might rule that the warranty repair was satisfactory.

Good move on your part refusing the Assurant warranty. They'd probably refuse a claim saying the fridge had a defective repair, not covered.
trmn8r on 10/03/2013:
I believe strongly that since the refrigerator worked for 5-1/2 years from March 2008 to September 2013, any claim of faulty warranty work is not going to pass muster. I agree with Kitchenaid's position on this one, though I also agree that the quality of KA and pretty much all appliances has become unacceptable.
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KitchenAid Does Not Stand Behind Their Expensive Appliances
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Rating: 1/51
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- My 5 year old side by side Kitchen Aid refrigerator main board is going out and the only solution offered is to send them the board so they can rebuild it and send it back in 2 months. Are you kidding me?
I spent almost $6000 on this appliance as I thought it would last me a long time.

I would like others to contact me and see if we can get a class action lawsuit against this company? Let's see if they get our fridges fixed maybe new ones since they don't make parts. This seems like a more common problem then any of us were aware of.
I will be contacting their CEO [snip] to let him know what horrible service this is, "sorry we don't make the parts anymore".
You will be without a refrigerator for 2 months????
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User Replies:
Veronica Wu, Coquitlam on 07/31/2013:
The same problem happened to our 7 years old fridge last weekend. Their technician came and told us to buy a new one sine the main board discontinued. It seems not right. I don't know what should I do next.... Please advise
James on 07/31/2013:
DON'T BUY A KITCHEN AID!!! I purchased a new SS french door model # KFIS29PBMS00 in Nov. 12, and it has not worked correctly yet. It has been frosting in the rear of the unit and condensation that then freezes. Kitchen Aid has sent 2 different services companies out both replaced parts but did not correct the problem. KA sent out a heating unit said to correct the design issue, this was installed by a tech they suggested which I called and scheduled and still no fix. KA sustomer service had to send out yet another tech to verify that the parts were installed and that the frosting still existed which it does, no fix. when I speak to the customer service reps and have with several levels of management so I am told, they just want to keep repacing parts with a new designed part. Two different service companied, 5 fixes, 6 trips in less than 9 months and the issue has not been resolved. I have been told they have protocol to try to repair the unit before they can authorize a replacement. My concern is when the 1 yr warranty runs out then they are off the hook and no longer have any obligation to correct the unit that has never worked correctly. I have never seen any company that has worse customer service than Kitchen Aid. They do not stand behind their product, yet I have followed their warranty protocol (I asked for their protocol in writing for reference, and was told it is not public knowledge) and done all that they have asked and they do not want to replace the refrigerator. I have spent my time chasing down Kitchen Aid to fix their design problem and never had had KA call me back to follow up on my service.
I have started to calling Lowes Customer service which is where I purchased to see if they will replace the unit. I just cannot believe how bad their service is. Based on the experience with this Kitchen Aid product, I will never buy anything that is made or produced by Kitchen Aid or any of their subsidiary companies.
James, Stockbridge Ga.
Osman on 08/12/2013:
I bought my refrigerator in December 2012,a little over 7 months.The tech was sent out by Kitchenaide.
The diagnosis is a complete failure compressor,2 new evaporators and may be other things might have failed.Tech came today,parts not available until end of August.Call the manufacturer they will not replace the fridge due to the warranty.I am willing to party with other KA consumers to have a class action lawsuit against KA.
Mark on 08/29/2013:
I have the same model KFIS29PBMS00 purchased in January 2013 and today the problem is still not fixed. The problem is VERY loud noise by the refrigerator after 4 repairmen. I was told by Kitchen Aid Service that is the noise that model makes. Again, I told them it is not the noise, but the volume of the noise. If you read this.....Please do yourself a favor and do not purchase this refrigerator. If you do you will have to unplug the refrigertor at night, so your family can sleep.
jpickett on 10/02/2013:
Very frustrated myself! We bought a side by side KitchenAid refrigerator in Feb 2008. A month later, every time the motor would turn on it would sound as though an airplane were taking off. We called KitchenAid for warranty repair. They sent out South Texas Appliance Repair to look at it. They said that it needed a new motor fan. 4 days later he returned to replace the fan for the motor. They had to order the part. Fast forward to Sept 2013--we lost everything in our freezer and fridge because it was not cooling at all. We call a local appliance repair company, and get a same day appointment! He diagnosed the problem right away--our KitchenAid warranty repair, performed by South Texas Appliance Repair, was performed negligently. Not only did they remove the electronic fan and replace it with an incorrect, generic metal bladed fan (losing all energy efficiency) but the repairman cut the wire harness and used twist-on electric cap connectors to connect it all together. Because the fan was the incorrect fan, the circuit board (main board) has burnt out. We now need a new main board, a new wiring harness, and an electronic fan meant for our fridge. The local repairman stated that we wouldn't be having this issue today if the original warranty repair was done correctly. Just called KitchenAid and because it's outside of the 12 month warranty they will only sell me an extended warranty protection. Assurant Extended Warranty Company doesn't stand behind their warranties, so why would I want the headache? They have terrible BBB reviews, and everything that is on the internet is a warning to stay away from Assurant! KitchenAid will do nothing outside the 1 year warranty except for sell you Assurant's extended warranty--don't do it!
amvp2 on 12/31/2013:
Sign me up
Tom kaminski on 03/11/2014:
Same problem with 7 year old 48 inch built in. We need an explanation from kitchen aid as to why no attempt has been made to source replacement boards. They could at least offer an exchange program with only a 2 day turnaround. Have there been any developments re class action? If someone has a friend at a TV station they may be able to get a consumer complaint PSA done.
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Will Never Buy a Kitchen Aid Product Again!
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Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK -- My refrigerator is only 8 yrs old, and stopped working. I was told by a "certified" Kitchen Aid repairman, that I needed a new compressor which was $200 and a pan heater which was $100. Compressor was covered, pan heater not. Not bad, right? Wrong. The labor I was told was going to be anywhere from $1500 to $2500 dollars, and only a 30 day warranty. My refrigerator cost about $6000 to start. I said no way and went with a non certified repairman who told me that he suspected it was something else, and it turned out to be a whole in a coil in the freezer which was leaking. So for a total of $575 it was fixed. This was after waiting 3 months for a pan heater that was on a nationwide back order that I never needed. Had I used that guy, the problem would have still been there and I would have been screwed for a lot more money. Customer service is terrible, you can not talk to anyone in charge. The repairman I used said lots of problems with Kitchen Aid, and to go with sub zero.
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Shaun on 09/14/2013:
I will never Buy another Kitchen aid product ever!!
Purchased 3 complete sets for 3 separate properties everything has failed at least once in the pst four years ,Microwave , A stove that turns itself on refrigerator won't make ice , washing machine that freezes every time NEVER AGAIN
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KitchenAid Built In Refrigerator - Horrible Warranty and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
MAITLAND, MISSOURI -- Our built-in refrigerator began leaking freon. I called a repairman when it would not stay cold and ruined everything in our fridge. After coming twice the repairman said it was leaking in the walls of the fridge and was not repairable. Shortly after that I realized it was still under warranty. Upon calling Kitchen Aid they consulted with the authorized repairman and agreed that yes this very expensive refrigerator was under warranty but not repairable. Their solution for me was that they would replace it with the only thing comparable to it which was about a $9000 built in. The catch was that since mine was nearing the end of it's warranty after prorating it I was still going to have to pay $4,400!!!!! Why should I have to pay for something that is under warranty but they cannot fix? By the way when they figured the prorating it was based on MSRP which nobody in their right mind would pay! I talked to Jake in the built in department, and he was rude, could not sufficiently answer my questions and would not even pay for the repairman coming out either and it was under warranty. He would not let me talk to anyone over him and would not take care of the problem which was theirs to take care of. I have been pleased with K/A in the past and have a kitchen full of their products. But after being treated like this I would not recommend them to anyone. I am not talking about a $500 dollar throw away fridge. It is a $9000 fridge!!!! I don't mind an expensive appliance breaking down if the company will stand behind their warranty. But if the warranty means I have to spend $4400 to rectify the problem the warranty is a junk! If you don't have good customer service you got nothing.
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trmn8r on 09/29/2012:
The catch appears to be that the unit is not repairable. There is a big difference between replacing a part or two and replacing the entire unit with a new one.

I don't believe this is a matter of customer service or making an exception - it is a question of the warranty. It would be the rare warranty that entitles the purchaser to a brand new unit at no charge at all.

The technical problem sounds like the tubing embedded in the walls has sprung a leak, which is not a serviceable part. I'm curious as to how old the unit is - I'm guessing 5 years. I can understand why you are upset - I would be as well, and would probably jump ship and switch to another brand.
wjk898 on 10/13/2012:
And pick a brand, any brand. Just make sure your stars are good that day. I know 5 people with built in fridges, including SubZeros and only one "Mr Lucky" seems to have avoided breakdowns and exhorbitant repair bills. Somehow I think those things are designed for commercial use where they can write off the loss. Unless you can afford this type of expenditure, I'd rethink it.
WP2008 on 10/19/2012:
Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of KitchenAid. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your appliance. If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via e-mail at please include your full name, user name, physical address, along with the model and serial number of the appliance you are having concerns with. Please also include what site we contacted you on for our records. Thanks
Chandra on 08/13/2014:
Purchased a $3000 MSRP Kitchen Aid refrigerator in May 2013. Several repairs in the first year and then quit working entirely in June 2014. They couldn't fix it for 4 weeks. Finally it gets up and running and then quit again on July 3rd. Another week passes, they agree it is a lemon and say they agree to send a replacement. It has been 6 weeks since I have had a working refrigerator in my home. Every time I call they have another excuse as to why the replacement is not here yet. 6 weeks with 4 kids eating out of a cooler all summer even after they agree their own product is faulty. Very unacceptable behavior on part of the company. At this point, I am unsure I will ever get this issue resolved with Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool.
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