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Do NOT purchase Kitchenaid appliances
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Rating: 1/51

UTAH -- We remodeled our kitchen 2 years ago and purchased an all new appliance package. All appliances are Kitchenaid and were reported to be high quality, they definitely carried a high-end price. In the 2 years of use we have had to replace all 4 plastic rollers for the top shelves in both dishwashers and now one dishwasher will not start at all. The refrigerator has cracks down the inside and both crisper and meat drawers have broken.

We are on our 3rd microwave (luckily Lowes replaced the 2 that stopped working - Kitchenaid would do nothing). Our gas burners on the cooktop will randomly spark, as if trying to light, while we are cooking with a different burner. All in all, we have definitely been very disappointed with our purchase and will never buy large Kitchenaid appliances again. I hope this spares others from going through the same hassle and waste of money that we have.

$8000 Fridge Dead In 2 Years-Kitchen Aid Doesn't Care
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- My husband and I purchased a custom home in November of 2010. We wanted high end appliances in our new kitchen and have about $25K in Kitchen Aid products in our kitchen. The largest expense was our Built-in refrigerator, model number KSSC42QVS. We paid $8000.00 for this supposed "High End" refrigerator and 2 and a half years later it sits completely dead in my kitchen.

The past 3 months have been a nightmare. First, the ice maker assembly had to be replaced at a cost of about $400.00. The cheap plastic arm that closes the ice chute stopped working and allowed warm air to move into the freezer, then the compressor kicked in overtime trying to cool the compartment.

3 days after the ice maker was replaced, the refrigerator side stopped holding it's temperature. The compressor would kick on, the freezer would drop to -10 and the fridge temp would go up to 56-60 degrees. The repairman was out again, this time he replaced the damper door assembly which allows the air to move from the freezer side in to the fridge side. Cost to me $700.00.

Again, everything was OK for about the 3 days and then the same problem happened again. The repairman was out again and this time replaced the thermistors. Again 3-4 days works properly, then compressor kicks on, freezer down to -10 and fridge up to 56. All this time, my technician is conferring with Whirlpool technical support and following their recommendations.

Now Whirlpool says the main circuit board is bad. It cannot be repaired because all of the inventory was wiped out by the tsunami in 2010. I will have to wait 2-3 weeks while my board is shipped out to a 3rd party vendor to be rebuilt. Now I am out another $600 as we had to buy a cheap fridge to put in our garage because my $8000.00 fridge is unusable.

The board comes in, the repairman puts it in and within an hour after him leaving the whole fridge just shuts off. The rebuilt board is bad. The repairman is back with a new board. The fridge works fine for 3 days and then on June 27th the same problem is back. I let it run for a couple of days and by the 29th now the freezer isn't holding temp either. Both fridge and freezer are at 60 degrees. I called the repairman again and he tells me that Whirlpool is saying that they are out of ideas. My 2 year old $8000.00 refrigerator has some electrical problem and it cannot be repaired, I will have to buy a new one. Are you kidding me?

If I would have known what terrible quality Kitchen Aid is, I would have spent another $1000.00 back in 2010 and bought a Sub Zero. Please do not be fooled into thinking that Kitchen Aid is "High End and High Quality"! I have sent letters to the CEO and President of North American Operations, sent emails and a letter to Kitchen Aid Customer Service. Corresponded with a girl named ** in their social media group who only reached out to me after I rated this fridge a 1 star on their website.

I had tried to write a review the day before and it was rejected. Apparently if you tell the truth and say their products are of poor quality and their customer service is non-existent they won't publish your review! I also got a lip service phone call from a lady named **. She left me a message when I wasn'™t home. I have returned her call 5 times with no response.

I am moving on to the Better Business Bureau. Kitchen Aid has deceptive manufacturing processes that are not disclosed! They do not make replacement control boards and if yours goes out and can't be rebuilt you are screwed. They do not disclose this and don'™t care that you are left holding the bill for replacement cost. They build appliances that cannot be repaired!!!

Kitchenaid Appliances are all CRAP
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Rating: 1/51

In October of 2012 we purchased a new Kitchenaid refrigerator from Famous Tate Appliances in Brandon FL. The product selection was based on what was perceived at the time to be of the highest quality available and was purchased for the sole purpose of hoping to avoid any issues with reliability and future service should it ever be required. We had always been led to believe that Kitchenaid was the premium brand of the Whirlpool manufactured line of major appliances. Sadly this has been proven not to be the case.

After owning the product for slightly longer than 6 months we began seeing issues with the freezer and ice maker. (They basically did not work). The ice maker produced no ice and the freezer could not keep anything frozen. Appliance Service of Central Florida has been dispatched to our home dozens of times over the past two years and has been unable to repair or to convince Kitchenaid to replace the defective appliance.

Thousands of dollars' worth of food has been lost in addition to extensive personal time waiting for repair technicians to make multiple trips sometimes replacing the same parts and conducting the same tasks repeatedly (not surprisingly achieving the same lack of results).

It was apparent early on in the process that a quick and permanent repair was not going to happen within the initial manufacturer's warranty period which prompted us to agree to the purchase of an extended warranty. While repairmen have continued to make a constant parade through our home, there has been no willingness demonstrated by Kitchenaid to do the right thing and replace what is obviously a lemon (putting it politely).

An even greater insult is that even after refusing to live up to the word of the original warranty Kitchenaid has asked if we wanted to extend the warranty even further. I now have a very large and expensive piece of stainless steel and plastic sitting in my kitchen that quite simply cannot be used for its intended purpose. The service company is unable to repair it and the manufacturer is unwilling to replace it.

Let me make my point as clear and concisely as possible so that there are no misunderstandings. From this point on I will take any and every opportunity to discourage anyone from purchasing any product manufactured by this company. I will make it my mission in life to post as many negative product and service reviews on as many online venues that will accept them. I will NEVER tolerate another of your products in any residence that I own or business I may be associated with. I will in great detail ensure that every family member, friend and acquaintance is well aware of the horrible customer service they can expect should they make the same mistake as I.

No/Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON, MICHIGAN -- In April, I unfortunately spent $9,000.00 on KitchenAid/ Whirlpool appliances. Since then, I have had problems with the refrigerator. 3 service calls! Now it is Christmas Eve and the refrigerator is not cooling. I am having 22 people to dinner on Christmas. The repair man came and told me that it needs a new compressor. To make matters worse... it needs to be ordered. A 6 month old refrigerator should not need a new compressor! Obviously it is a lemon. Called Customer Service... vice. Apparently KitchenAid has no customer service. I requested a new refrigerator because I do not want to keep fixing a defective product. What happens when the warranty runs out?

Spoke to a CSR and her supervisor. Just kept reciting the script. Under my warranty... the compressor is a replaceable part so I cannot get a new refrigerator. I know that the CEO Jeff ** wouldn't want the repaired defective refrigerator either! So then I asked Kitchen Aid to find a compressor and install it so I can host the XMAS dinner. I was told that is not possible. Best they could do was overnight it and since tomorrow is Christmas the part would not be shipped until Thursday. Kitchen Aid is not only ruining my Christmas dinner. But it sounds like I won't have a working refrigerator for a while. Not even sure if they really are having the part overnighted.

Bottom line... Kitchen Aid does not care about a customer once you buy their products. No effort on their part, no matter what the circumstances! I am up the creek regarding my Christmas Dinner and they don't care. Additionally, Kitchen Aid probably doesn't want to replace the refrigerator because they will get more money for all the parts the defective unit will need in the future. Or maybe I will buy an extended warranty! Do not buy KitchenAid. It is now December 27th and I still do not have a working refrigerator. More importantly, I want a new replacement refrigerator!

Do Not Buy a KitchenAid Refrigerator!
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Rating: 1/51

We bought a side by side KitchenAid refrigerator in Feb 2008. A month later, every time the motor turned on it would sound as though an airplane were taking off. We called KitchenAid for warranty repair. They sent out a warranty repair company to look at it. They said that it needed a new motor fan. 4 days later, replaced the fan for the motor. They had to order the part. Fast forward to Sept 2013--we lost everything in our freezer & fridge because it was not cooling at all. We call a local appliance repair company, & get a same day appointment! He diagnosed the problem right away--our KitchenAid warranty repair was performed negligently.

Not only did they remove the electronic fan & replace it with an incorrect, generic metal bladed fan (losing all energy efficiency) but the repairman cut the wire harness & used twist-on electric cap connectors to connect it all together. Because the fan was the incorrect fan, the circuit board (main board) has burnt out. We now need a new main board, a new wiring harness, & an electronic fan meant for our fridge. The local repairman stated that we wouldn't be having this issue today if the original warranty repair was done correctly.

Just called KitchenAid & because it's outside of the 12 month warranty they will only sell me an extended warranty protection. Assurant Extended Warranty Company doesn't stand behind their warranties, so why would I want the headache? They have terrible BBB reviews, & everything that is on the internet is a warning to stay away from Assurant! KitchenAid will do nothing outside the 1 year warranty except for sell you Assurant's extended warranty--don't do it! In the meantime, I had to buy another cheaper fridge while waiting on a solution for the KitchenAid. Conclusion: Expensive overrated product, with poor quality.

KitchenAid Does Not Stand Behind Their Expensive Appliances
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- My 5 year old side by side Kitchen Aid refrigerator main board is going out and the only solution offered is to send them the board so they can rebuild it and send it back in 2 months. Are you kidding me? I spent almost $6000 on this appliance as I thought it would last me a long time. I would like others to contact me and see if we can get a class action lawsuit against this company?

Let's see if they get our fridges fixed maybe new ones since they don't make parts. This seems like a more common problem than any of us were aware of. I will be contacting their CEO ** to let him know what horrible service this is, "sorry we don't make the parts anymore". You will be without a refrigerator for 2 months???

Will Never Buy a Kitchen Aid Product Again!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- My refrigerator is only 8 yrs old, and stopped working. I was told by a "certified" Kitchen Aid repairman, that I needed a new compressor which was $200 and a pan heater which was $100. Compressor was covered, pan heater not. Not bad, right? Wrong. The labor I was told was going to be anywhere from $1500 to $2500 dollars, and only a 30 day warranty. My refrigerator cost about $6000 to start. I said no way and went with a non-certified repairman who told me that he suspected it was something else, and it turned out to be a hole in a coil in the freezer which was leaking.

So for a total of $575 it was fixed. This was after waiting 3 months for a pan heater that was on a nationwide back order that I never needed. Had I used that guy, the problem would have still been there and I would have been screwed for a lot more money. Customer service is terrible, you cannot talk to anyone in charge. The repairman I used said lots of problems with Kitchen Aid, and to go with sub-zero.

$6000 Refrigerator Unrepairable
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Rating: 1/51

USA, WASHINGTON -- I purchased this high end refrigerator in 2008 for my new home... along with $10,000 additional dollars worth of Kitchenaid appliances. It stopped working on January 11, 2014. The local authorized dealer and repair sent the circuit board back twice to be rebuilt. I am told that this board cannot be repaired and I can wait until 2020 (that's right!!!) for a new one or I can accept a pro rated exchange; the details of which I am still waiting to hear.

In the last month I have spent endless time on hold for various departments to help with this problem. Please tell me what the lifespan of such an expensive appliance should be. I would like to know if this company expects consumers to send all these huge refrigerators to the landfill every 6 years... and how will we afford new ones? This is a huge disappointment and I still do not have a refrigerator after 2 MONTHS!!!

Defective Refrigerator and no help from KitchenAid
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JOSEPH, MI -- Exactly 2 years ago we completely remodeled our kitchen and purchased over $10,000.00 in KitchenAid appliances. Our French door refrigerator never sat right. It always looked like it was falling into the wall. My husband tried to level it and was frustrated that there was no way to level this fridge from front to back. He went online and called customer service and was told there was no way to level this fridge. Upon moving the fridge out we also noticed that there was a bolt on the left side of the bottom of the fridge that was sticking out and gauging our hardwood floor when moved.

On several occasions when I had KitchenAid repairman out to my home I would mention the leveling issue on the fridge and kept getting the same answer. One service company told us that you had to put shims in to level it. I have never heard of putting shims in a fridge to level it. We called KitchenAid and told them our situation and that the fridge was also at this point making a lot of noise. This was a few months ago. We did opt to extend our KitchenAid warranty through what I originally thought was KitchenAid directly but it is a third party company called Assurant.

We were frustrated that we were stuck with a less than 2 year old $2,500 refrigerator, that we had to put cardboard in for shims to try to make it level and were now making a lot of buzzing noises. I called the warranty company and they told me they don't come out for noises. Next I called KitchenAid directly and they advised us to call the warranty company back and ask for a second opinion company. While we were on the phone with KitchenAid my husband realized that the noise was coming from the under belly of the fridge. It was vibrating on our floor.

After calling Assurant they scheduled an appointment with a service company who never showed after we waited from 8 am - 5 pm on a Saturday for them. I called the warranty company back not to happy but they scheduled Quaker City repair service to come out. They actually had been the company assigned to us by KitchenAid under the first year manufacturer warranty period. I was not very impressed with them from the get go. The repairman came, and looked at my fridge. After looking at it, I asked him what he thought and he refused to tell me anything. He said I would have to wait for a call for his report. He wanted to consult with someone else.

I persistently tried to get some information out of him. I have never had a repairman not tell me what the problem was with an appliance for a service call. This only confirmed my poor impression with this company. After one week of waiting to hear from them I called the warranty company who lied and told me they had no report from the service company. The only thing he told me was that the noise it was making could not be addressed until something breaks and he told me to put a shim under the part that was making the noise underneath. What professional repair people.

I called the service company and they read me the report and confirmed that the warranty company had a copy of the report. The service representative did read me a copy of the report which stated "Base of the unit is bent and preventing left right wheel to be on floor causing unit to be unbalanced." They told me that it was not able to be fixed. Assurant the warranty company will not fix the fridge or even address the issue because they are saying that the fridge was like this from the get go and KitchenAid says that it is out of the original 1 year warranty and will not fix it.

We have spent countless hours on the phone with KitchenAid and the extended warranty company that KitchenAid uses and have gone round in circles. Neither will take responsibility for it. So right now we have a pretty new fridge that has shims under the back to try to level it and shims under the belly pan area to keep it from making loud annoying constant buzzing noises. Which is still does constantly. I am ready to kick it to the curb. We are totally frustrated. Every time we call we have to go through the same story and you would think that after 10 or more phone calls it would be on file.

Somehow KitchenAid and the warranty company can't find our information each time. We are probably posting this on this website in vain but I am on a mission to post this information everywhere until someone listens and does something about my defective refrigerator. We are very unhappy with the lack of professionalism from KitchenAid's customer service, the repair companies that they use and the extended warranty company that KitchenAid offers.

Whirlpool poor product reliability and poor customer service
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I bought a Kitchenaid side-by-side counter depth refrigerator (made by Whirlpool) in early 2006, having had great experiences with Whirlpool products for many years. I thought that a top-of-the-line Kitchenaid from Whirlpool would be a product with superior quality and reliability. Not so!

In April, 2009, I noticed that the temperature read out for the freezer was going up, though there didn't appear to be any problem with keeping things frozen. The erratic temperature readout continued though the freezer seemed to be freezing very well (ice cream that was hard as a rock, etc.). I had the Whirlpool authorized service company, ASI Appliance in Houston, come out. They couldn't find any reason for the erratic read outs and basically the technician suggested "just live with it, at least it's keeping everything cold," though there was of course a service call charge.

However, the unit continued to get colder I thought and seemed to be running most of the time; I called ASI again in October, after problems developed with vegetables being frozen in the refrigerator crisper, and the temperature readouts continuing to be erratic. They checked everything and still couldn't find anything wrong, though there was another service charge, of course. Finally, a week or so later, I bought a refrigerator thermometer and discovered that the freezer was cooled down to -20 degrees F.; also the ice/water dispenser had by now stopped working (the water line, not surprisingly, was frozen).

ASI came out again, though they sent a different technician. He consulted with Whirlpool technical support who advised that since everything else checked out, I needed to replace the two main circuit boards in the unit, at a cost of almost $600 parts plus $130 labor. After I complained to Whirlpool about all the expense (including replacing the circuit boards, my costs would total over $1000 in service calls, labor and parts over several months), they agreed to sell me the circuit boards at a discount.

Okay, I buy the boards for $300 and pay ASI $130 labor to install them. But it didn't fix the problem! Called ASI to come back. Finally, Whirlpool technical support tells the ASI technician "Oh, with the freezer being so cold, you're probably not getting an accurate reading on the thermistor resistance, so probably it's the thermistor that's bad."

So, in December, 2009, I paid another $60 for two new thermistors and labor to install, and the temperature control problems were immediately fixed. However, I'd spent $450 on new circuit boards that I probably didn't need, not to mention numerous service calls and labor charges, and much time off work to meet the ASI technician. (I'm even leaving out the part where Whirlpool sent a wrong circuit board and had to resend the right one, adding another week to the repair process and another 1/2 day off work.)

Now, five months later, another problem: This time the refrigerator is gaining temperature. Called ASI once more. They found a "loose connection" to the defroster heater, causing the condenser coils to freeze; they fixed it, for another $140 in service call and minimum labor charges.

So now I'm out $850 in repair costs. I just called Whirlpool to request some consideration from them on the expense over that past year, but they refused to reimburse any of it, though they were "sorry" I'd had so many problems with the unit. They offered me a "customer loyalty" discount on a new unit (which they had offered last fall); I declined, since when I discussed that with them last fall, the "discounted price" was about the same as the price from internet sites and discount appliance stores in the area.

So I add my voice to others on the site: Don't purchase Kitchenaid or Whirlpool products based on past experience. Their current products aren't worth the money or up to reliability standards based on my recent experience, and they don't value customer goodwill enough to "make it right" when customers have a terrible experience like this!

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