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Superba Gas Range is NOT Superb!!!
By -

WISCONSIN -- We bought a KitchenAid gas Superba freestanding range in 2004. Our previous $750 Kenmore range was so under-powered that it would not boil water. So we spent $1500+ for the KitchenAid expecting cooking bliss. The burners are work great, but I quickly learned what a stupid idea it is to put a flat black glass top on a gas range: It's impossible to keep clean and in the event of a boil-over you really have a mess. We have tried everything to clean the surface and about the only way is by using a razor blade. Never again will I buy any stove with a glass top!

The convection fan is a joke since it actually takes far longer to cook things with it on than with it off. The oven has always been hotter on one side and I've never been able to bake more than one tray of cookies or one pan of muffins or one casserole at a time without having part turned out burnt and part still doughy or uncooked.

We've had lots of problems with getting the stove to light, then a big POOF of flame when it did, and finally it won't light at all. It is a poorly designed POC with the electronic oven controls in the front where they are subject to oven heat, spills and splatters. They sure don't build ranges like they used to. Now nearly every range is loaded with electronics, so I guess if you get five years from one, you should consider yourself lucky.

Have been researching ranges since my oven bit the dust three weeks ago and am debating whether to spend $3500+ for a well-build manual range without electronics and hope for the best or to get a cheapy range, expecting to throw it away in four years. Either way, I'll never buy another KitchenAid product. Their mixer is great, their ranges are junk.

KitchenAid Lies to Its Customers and Does Not Stand Behind Its Products!
By -

I purchased Kitchen Aid Gas Range 4 years ago and I have had a technician at my home each year since I purchased the range. It is always the same issue, when I turn on the self cleaning oven feature the thermostat fails. This requires a service technician and $180.00 to fix the ranges design defect each time it fails. Kitchen Aid tells me there is no problem but, each time the technician visits he tells me there is a service notice on the range's web page informing him what's wrong, strange that the stove has a notice for the technician but the stove has no design flaw!

I just had the technician at my home again today, now the KitchenAid tech website tells my technician that the stove has a new service notice. It details the problem; electronics won't work and oven door won't open after self cleaning feature is engaged. Solution, install a modified fan assembly and new thermostat. When I challenge KitchenAid about the service notice they tell me there is no recall or problem with the range. This sounds a bit like Toyota and the “there is nothing wrong with our cars” speech, only to be followed up with the recall of several million vehicles.

I have had nothing but problems with its KitchenAid Range, I have had similar quality issues with the matching above the range microwave oven, I suggest that you avoid this brand like the plague until the manufacture takes notice of its quality control problems and learns not to lie to its customers. If you have questions you can contact me, I will give you a tally of the manufacturer's customer service lies and the dismal quality of KitchenAid's expensive products.

Range Problem
By -

MUNCY, PENNSYLVANIA -- My daughter purchased a gas range model KGRK806 on Sept. 19, 2006 from Sears. Now the control panel needs to be replaced, but she does not have a serial number because it has come off because it is placed on a sticker in the drawer area. Service will not honor the warranty until she has a serial number and it will cost 700+ to replace. She has 3 little girls and does not have any extra money for that. After she paid that amount of money for the range, it certainly should have lasted longer than that.

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