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Kitchenaid Needs to Refocus on Its Customers
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Rating: 2/51

CENTERVILLE, OHIO -- I own several Kitchenaid products, including a Kitchenaid Architect series range. I own two stand mixers, one vintage (I'll never part with it) and a newer professional series model. I also love my KA hand mixer. Initially I had issues with the range regarding the oven racks. After purchasing and when it was delivered, I noticed the racks were poor quality. They bowed if you put a dutch oven in for baking. I was furious.

All that money and the racks bow in middle? Took 7 calls to KA customer service for them to finally send out a technician. What was troublesome was it took that many calls to get action and for them to admit there was a quality issue with those racks. We did get it resolved and they replaced the racks with commercial grade quality.

Still loyal to KA, I purchased a 15 cup food processor recently after chatting on line with a KA representative. This is from their website. They assured me this product was made in the USA. Wrong. When I got it, it felt light and cheap, flipped it over and said "made in China". I opted to return it. Took three calls to Customer service to get a return label.

Now after them having the Food processor back for almost 3 weeks I have yet to receive a refund. I found out after speaking with 5 reps now, each has a different story to tell about the refund and why I haven't gotten it. This last representative told me they only process refunds on Thursdays. My refund request went in a week and a half ago. I must have missed that Thursday's process. So, we'll see if mine made the cut this week.

KA management needs to take a hard look at their operations on the customer service side. While they make what I consider, good products and mostly made in the US which I appreciate, lowering standards will catch up with them. I want to remain loyal to them but I would be hard pressed to recommend buying their products, especially if there is a problem you have to go to them to resolve.

Never Again
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Rating: 1/51

MANALAPAN, NEW JERSEY -- In January, 2007, I purchased a new home in an "Active Senior Development". The Kitchen appliances came with the home. I am living here 5 1/2 years and have had ongoing problems with the refrigerator, the gas range, the dishwasher and the microwave oven. I signed a maintenance insurance policy with Kitchen Aid. It turned out the policy is NOT with the manufacturer but a third party who sends sub-contractors as "repair Personnel".

Shortly after moving in the water connection from the supply shut off valve to the inside of the rear of the refrigerator "failed" inside of the unit. Water flooded from the kitchen into the dining room and hallway to two bedrooms, bathroom and laundry room. Of course the carpet was saturated and the sheetrock in the kitchen alcove required redoing. A part in the refrigerator failed.

After the manufacturers warranty period was over, the ice maker failed. Again sub contractors were sent out to fix my problems and the first one made believe he did something which held until he walked out of the door. The second technician that was sent to me spent almost an hour looking at the icemaker before he announced to me that he wasn't qualified by Kitchen Aid to make repairs but I was charged a second time for these visits.

Out of desperation I called in a company from the yellow pages who fixed the problem in less that a half hour. Now the entire ice maker failed, not just the motor. Water overflowed from the ice cube maker tray and proceeded to flow on the rear of the ice cube container on the door, down the front of the several shelves below the ice maker, which all froze.

I was able to shut the switch that controlled this gadget. After I was able to get the ice waterfall removed and expose the icemaker unit, I found that the plastic was completed deformed by the ice and the entire unit was destroyed. I spoke to several of my neighbors and lo and behold they had had similar problems. Some had maintenance insurance; the repairs cost was in the high two hundreds.

One that didn't have insurance paid slightly over three hundred dollars to get it replaced. The repair people said that the way the unit was manufactured failed parts could not be replaced and that the entire icemaker must be replaced. I will never again buy a Whirlpool-Kitchen Aid product and warn anyone else that will be thinking of buying these brands that they are better off buying anything else!

KitchenAid High End Products Get Low-End Support
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It was down to Viking, Wolf and KitchenAid for our high end remodel. We chose KitchenAid (price - performance seemed comparable). The $6500 dual-fuel range has NEVER heated properly. KitchenAid repair can't figure it out. They told me live with it. Then a light went out in the hood. The manual says to unscrew two screws to replace it. But the screws are improperly manufactured and even service repair couldn't get them out.

I called KitchenAid to complain that I can't even replace a lightbulb in my hood and that it is a latent defect. They told me too bad - out of warranty. So I wrote to KitchenAid and got a total blow-off, they said in essence "parts fail", too bad. If you are buying high end products, don't even waste your time on KitchenAid. I've had Wolf equipment and they never treated me as poorly as KitchenAid. AVOID KITCHENAID TOP END PRODUCTS

Update 3/10/2011: I wrote a letter to the Consumer Affairs department and cc'd the CEO and Chairman of the Board or Whirlpool. They called me back and said they'd pass my issue on to engineering. That was 2 weeks ago. Still waiting. It's very unfortunate that I have to take the time out of my day to write to the CEO to get attention to an obvious design flaw and failure on the part of the company to respond in a responsible way. I'm understand that products fail. But that's what customer service is supposed to be for. Trying to work with KitchenAid customer service is like dealing with the DMV - a very discouraging experience.

And to those who commented that I should have done research before buying - I did, but you miss the point of my review. All the high end products have complaints. My issue is not with the products per se but rather with customer disservice. When you buy a top of the line product, it should come with top of the line support.

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Purchased the disposal in November after looking at many others. The moment it was installed by the plumber, I knew it was a problem. There is a flange that the waste products must pass down before the disposal will work. The food will NOT go down into the disposal and customer service told me today, after sending out a "service person" that I am required to either push the food waste down manually or use a tool.

It is supposed to work this way. No where in the literature or in the demonstrations at the showrooms does anyone indicate that this is the way to operate this machine. This is unheard of and inappropriate. Not to mention it is ridiculous. I have had four garbage disposals before and never had this issue.

I absolutely cannot stand this machine. I also find that the "customer service" is non existent. The person dealing with the issue in the executive office has never had a garbage disposal or has never used one, nor has she saw a Kitchenaid disposal at anytime in her company experience, yet she is telling the consumer HOW TO USE THE MACHINE and that this is the correct way and that this machine is working properly.

Has anyone else had this issue with the disposal? The service man came to check the machine and he also indicated to me that this is unheard of and inappropriate, yet went back to the office and stated to the company that it was running perfectly. Did he tell them what they wanted to hear? It was only 5 days before I reported my disappointment with the product, yet once it is installed, there is no recourse for the consumer other than to deal with a machine that is HORRIBLE. Also, the service man stated that the engine was not working properly, yet they reported that he stated it was fine!!

What is my next step? Other than to tell anyone who is looking for a disposal to MOST DEFINITELY NOT PURCHASE THIS MODEL. Perhaps if people stop buying the product, they will do something about the poor performance and workmanship. Also, I thought customer service was supposed to help the consumer? Did they forget that without the consumer, they would NOT have a job??

KitchenAid does not care about Product Longevity or the Environment!

Moved into a home with a KitchenAid Range. It looks new, but in fact is 11 years old. The range is a glass top, electric range with an electronic touchpad, Model # KESC300HWH5. The pad died for the oven part of the range. Sears Appliance repair gouged me, charged me $139 to tell me the part was no longer made!! That's another story, and another review... So I am forced to call KitchenAid myself and see what gives.

When did 11 years mean an appliance is obsolete!? We complain up the food chain. No remorse. They don't care about their products once the warranty runs out! Now I have a stovetop that works and stove that does not. REALLY DISAPPOINTED in the greed, lack of environmental care American Businesses have come to. We repeatedly asked if throwing this 11 year old range in a dump was OK with them!!! You can bet I will not be replacing with another KitchenAid.

Terrible Product
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I have a KitchenAid Stove/Oven which I bought in 2006. My first problem is that the oven does not heat correctly. The temperature rises and falls while in use. The main problem I have is the panels on the front of the oven. I couldn't change the temperature or turn off the oven. I had to turn off the breaker to do so. I had a repairman and it cost me $500 for a whole new panel.

Now one year later it has happened again. While telling my tale of woe to someone the other day, she stated that she has had her same appliance as mine for 7 years and the repairman told her she was lucky it lasted seven years, as he usually gets this complaint when the oven is three years old. I have gotten nowhere with the company where I purchased it and I refuse to pay another $500 to repair it again. We are now looking for a new stove and oven. I feel so cheated.

KitchenAid Ice Maker and Customer "NO" Service
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BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- We bought 5 KitchenAid appliances from HH Gregg in December 2007. The ice maker worked intermittently until March 2008 and then quit completely. We have had 8 service calls and replaced 4 parts. It still does not work. We paid $1,400 for the ice maker and have been having to buy bags of ice for 5 months. KitchenAid/Whirlpool Customer "NO" Service is very arrogant and condescending and refuses to replace the defective unit. HH Gregg has asked KitchenAid to replace the ice maker, but they obviously don't have much regard for HH Gregg either.

KitchenAid has offered us a 6-month extended warranty, but I can't understand what good that will do us for an appliance that does not work at all. I guess we can meet a repairman at our house every 2 weeks for six additional months before we accept the fact we have been cheated and buy a different brand ice maker. I wish we had read reviews on the internet before we remodeled our kitchen. We bought KitchenAid appliances thinking we were buying quality products from a reputable company. We were badly mistaken.

KitchenAid wall oven extended service warranty total disaster!
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Rating: 1/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Our 14 year old Kitchenaid oven caught on fire while broiling salmon. The fire was electrical in the oven and not due to cooking. The oven had been spotless before and was a disaster after the incident. I called Kitchenaid and told them what happened. They sent someone out twice from a totally unresponsive service company who denied anything was wrong with my oven, and tried to make me sign something saying they are not responsible for damage done to my floor if they damage it taking oven out of wall to look behind it. They damaged the kitchen wall below the oven, which had to be repaired.

Another company came out and said they didn't know what was wrong either. I said they should give me a new oven under the terms of the policy, but Kitchenaid refused to do this, too. After having no oven to use for 3 weeks, my husband and I finally went and purchased a different brand oven, had it installed, and the wall repaired. Kitchenaid refused to give us anything toward the cancellation of our service policy which still had a year left on it refused to give us prorated rebate towards new oven, or anything else. Feel like our money on the Kitchenaid policy was thrown out and wasted.

Even worse, Kitchenaid products are lousy and unreliable, and the Service dept is unwilling to resolve problems in a satisfactory manner. Lesson learned -- NEVER PURCHASE KITCHENAID APPLIANCE AGAIN ever!!!!!! Stay away from this lousy company!!!!!!!!

Oven Temperature Adjustment Requires Complete Reset
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Rating: 1/51

When reducing an achieved temperature resetting the new temperature causes. uses the temp to drop precipitously and the oven goes into pre-heating mode. This turns on the broiler element which can (and did) burn the item being cooked. According to Kitchen Aid, "the only way to change the temperature is to cancel the current cooking cycle and restart with new desired temperature. That process would be normal." This is the response even after I told them about the pre-heating so I guess they are OK with it. (My Thanksgiving turkey wasn't too happy.)

Other issues with the oven are how long it takes to get up to temperature in the first place and how it can drop 50 degrees when you simply turn it off to reset the temperature, as instructed, when the door was not even open. Perhaps this is "normal" too. In one case the temperature never returned to the reset and lower temperature. The dysfunctional oven was only surpassed by the poor customer response which took over 3 weeks.

Wall Oven Broke Cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas Meal
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Rating: 1/51

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We bought a Kitchen Aid wall oven ($1,800) last April. Had it installed in June. Was cooking Thanksgiving meal and the oven went off only after an hour and a half cooking time. Ended up having to take everyone out to eat as I couldn't finish cooking the turkey (24lb) and rest of meal. They came out and said it was a loose wire even though the digital read out said it was the relay board. Thinking the oven was fixed I started cooking the Christmas meal only to have the same thing happen. How frustrating.

It took a serviceman a week to get here and then he said it was the relay board and they would have to replace it. It came in and when the serviceman came out he found out the wrong color board had been ordered and that was almost 3 wks ago and we haven't heard a thing from anyone. I am so disappointed in the service and the function of this oven. I will never buy another KitchenAid product. I have several in my home and they used to be very good and have a good reputation but not anymore. This problems has caused a lot of money and frustration to say the least.

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