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Purchased the disposal in November after looking at many others. The moment it was installed by the plumber, I knew it was a problem. There is a flange that the waste products must pass down before the disposal will work. The food will NOT go down into the disposal and customer service told me today, after sending out a "service person" that I am required to either push the food waste down manually or use a tool.

It is supposed to work this way. No where in the literature or in the demonstrations at the showrooms does anyone indicate that this is the way to operate this machine. This is unheard of and inappropriate. Not to mention it is ridiculous. I have had four garbage disposals before and never had this issue.

I absolutely cannot stand this machine. I also find that the "customer service" is non existent. The person dealing with the issue in the executive office has never had a garbage disposal or has never used one, nor has she saw a Kitchenaid disposal at anytime in her company experience, yet she is telling the consumer HOW TO USE THE MACHINE and that this is the correct way and that this machine is working properly.

Has anyone else had this issue with the disposal? The service man came to check the machine and he also indicated to me that this is unheard of and inappropriate, yet went back to the office and stated to the company that it was running perfectly. Did he tell them what they wanted to hear? It was only 5 days before I reported my disappointment with the product, yet once it is installed, there is no recourse for the consumer other than to deal with a machine that is HORRIBLE. Also, the service man stated that the engine was not working properly, yet they reported that he stated it was fine!!

What is my next step? Other than to tell anyone who is looking for a disposal to MOST DEFINITELY NOT PURCHASE THIS MODEL. Perhaps if people stop buying the product, they will do something about the poor performance and workmanship. Also, I thought customer service was supposed to help the consumer? Did they forget that without the consumer, they would NOT have a job??

KitchenAid Range Show Up Damaged 4 Times
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TURLOCK, CALIFORNIA -- "Thank you for visiting the KitchenAid website. We appreciate hearing from you. We're sorry to hear that you've had 4 units delivered to your home and they were damaged upon arrival. Our records indicate that you called and spoke with a supervisor, Carolyn. Unfortunately, we can only suggest the same thing of having the delivery company inspecting the unit before delivery. We apologize that there is nothing else we can do at this time."

This is the response I received regarding the slide-in range I ordered that has showed up damaged 4 times. "Nothing else we can do.." HA, what it should say is.. nothing else we are "willing" to do.. Big business steps on little customer again.

I thought I was purchasing quality products when I ordered KitchenAid, after all I paid quality prices. I wish I had investigated further and came upon your website before purchasing 3 major appliances in the last 2 months; a dishwasher, a range, and a micro-hood. All of which are KitchenAid. I wanted all the appliances in my kitchen to match. I can only hope that when or should I say if the range arrives undamaged I don't have any problems after it is installed. I would refuse the range, but I've already installed the dishwasher and the micro-hood is waiting to be installed.

Unfortunately for me, I can not afford the restocking, shipping, and removal of the dishwasher and other appliances or I would buy another brand completely. The suggestion of the KitchenAid Rep. having the delivery company inspect the unit before delivery is a good one, although not original. I requested this after the arrival of the 2nd damaged unit. However, their own delivery company "Quality Whirlpool Express" refused to do this. On the upside, they did offer to do this before the 5th delivery attempt. I would think they would do this before the 1st delivery attempt. After all, the cost of gas is over $3.00 a gallon now. But, like I said, nothing else they are "willing" to do.

KitchenAid does not care about Product Longevity or the Environment!

Moved into a home with a KitchenAid Range. It looks new, but in fact is 11 years old. The range is a glass top, electric range with an electronic touchpad, Model # KESC300HWH5. The pad died for the oven part of the range. Sears Appliance repair gouged me, charged me $139 to tell me the part was no longer made!! That's another story, and another review... So I am forced to call KitchenAid myself and see what gives.

When did 11 years mean an appliance is obsolete!? We complain up the food chain. No remorse. They don't care about their products once the warranty runs out! Now I have a stovetop that works and stove that does not. REALLY DISAPPOINTED in the greed, lack of environmental care American Businesses have come to. We repeatedly asked if throwing this 11 year old range in a dump was OK with them!!! You can bet I will not be replacing with another KitchenAid.

Terrible Product
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I have a KitchenAid Stove/Oven which I bought in 2006. My first problem is that the oven does not heat correctly. The temperature rises and falls while in use. The main problem I have is the panels on the front of the oven. I couldn't change the temperature or turn off the oven. I had to turn off the breaker to do so. I had a repairman and it cost me $500 for a whole new panel.

Now one year later it has happened again. While telling my tale of woe to someone the other day, she stated that she has had her same appliance as mine for 7 years and the repairman told her she was lucky it lasted seven years, as he usually gets this complaint when the oven is three years old. I have gotten nowhere with the company where I purchased it and I refuse to pay another $500 to repair it again. We are now looking for a new stove and oven. I feel so cheated.

KitchenAid Ice Maker and Customer "NO" Service
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BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- We bought 5 KitchenAid appliances from HH Gregg in December 2007. The ice maker worked intermittently until March 2008 and then quit completely. We have had 8 service calls and replaced 4 parts. It still does not work. We paid $1,400 for the ice maker and have been having to buy bags of ice for 5 months. KitchenAid/Whirlpool Customer "NO" Service is very arrogant and condescending and refuses to replace the defective unit. HH Gregg has asked KitchenAid to replace the ice maker, but they obviously don't have much regard for HH Gregg either.

KitchenAid has offered us a 6-month extended warranty, but I can't understand what good that will do us for an appliance that does not work at all. I guess we can meet a repairman at our house every 2 weeks for six additional months before we accept the fact we have been cheated and buy a different brand ice maker. I wish we had read reviews on the internet before we remodeled our kitchen. We bought KitchenAid appliances thinking we were buying quality products from a reputable company. We were badly mistaken.

Kitchen Aid Refrigerator Quality Issues & Company Refuses to Acknowledge
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DEVON, PENNSYLVANIA -- When I remodeled my kitchen I bought Kitchen Aid major appliances because I perceived them to be high quality, however I have since found that the QUALITY is AWFUL and the COMPANY will not RESOLVE COMPLAINTS about FACTORY DEFECTS!

The molded plastic door liner of the refrigerator has developed cracks. The stainless steel skin of the freezer door has sunken in as a result of air pockets in the foam filler. The microwave oven clock LED has burn out digits. I wrote a letter to the President of the company and he had a customer service minion call me to tell me that they will do nothing to help because the 1 year warranty has expired. What a pathetic reply from a pathetic company. So if you want quality appliances, do not buy Whirlpool or Kitchen Aid Products.

Buyer Beware - KitchenAid Appliances
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MATHEWS, ALABAMA -- We have a Superba Architect that is less than 5 years old and I'm now in the middle of my second repair issue. First, my through-the-door ice maker went out. Turns out it was due to the wires in the harness [which is located at the bottom of the door under the hinge] breaking. The repairman explained that Kitchenaid was aware of this over 2 years ago - the harness was strapped into place with a plastic tie and the tie made the harness (wires) bend hard in the same spot each time the freezer door was open. The fix was to splice the wires and cost over $100.

The repairman said I was lucky because a lot of them were breaking inside the door which required a full door replacement in excess of $500. I was appalled that KitchenAid did not alert consumers that the prevention was to simply cut this tie with a pair of household scissors. Its only purpose had been to keep the harness hidden under the door. I wrote them concerning this and got no results.

Now on to my second issue. The refrigerator stopped cooling and the freezer was only cold in the very bottom. Turns out it's the computer board that's gone out. It should tell the fan to circulate the cold air but won't. It will cost over $400.

We have a side-by-side refrigerator [GE] that we bought 16 years ago and has not had a single repair issue. It cost under $900. This KitchenAid cost over $2,300 and has been the worst purchase I've ever made. Proof, I guess, that you don't always get what you pay for. Stay away from KitchenAid. None of these universal problems posted by so many people are covered under warranty.

Burner Failure 720-0745A Freestanding Outdoor Grill
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NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- I purchased this grill approximately 6 months ago at Lowe's. The grill has worked pretty well until approximately 2 weeks ago when the burners started to fail. I can turn 3 burners on with no problem, but when I ignite the 4th burner all the flames on all four burners get so low you can barely see them and the grill will not get above 250 degrees.

Additionally, the searer will not light if more than 2 burners are ignited at the same time. I have performed all of the recommended troubleshooting solution provided in the owner's manual to no avail. This grill was very expensive and I am very unhappy with Kitchen Aid. I contacted them by telephone and was transferred to 3 different departments, all who said they could not locate model number in their system. After being placed on hold the 4 time I simply hung up out of frustration. Will never purchase another Kitchen Aid product.

Burner Failure in Outdoor Grill
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Rating: 1/51

CHINO, CALIFORNIA -- The rotisserie burner failed to light on this $799 grill I purchased at Lowe's. Because I did not discover the failure within 30 days, Lowe's has refused to consider my problem. Five phone calls to Kitchenaid aka Nexgrill Industries have resulted in an over-the-phone diagnosis that there is a faulty gas valve. The one year warranty only requires Kitchenaid to supply the part. It is my responsibility to have it installed. I have owned about six outdoor grills in my lifetime and I have never had a problem. None of those previous grills cost more than 50% what I paid for this Kitchenaid grill. Buyer beware!

Defective Merchandise
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I have had my KitchenAid double oven for two years and since I don't use the bottom one often I have never had to use the self-clean function. I used the oven the holidays and turned on the cleaner for the first time on Thursday, December 29th and an hour later the interior door shattered. Pieces of hot glass came out of the bottom and scorched my hard wood floors. KitchenAid says I didn't have the extended warranty so I had to buy the extended warranty for $307.00 in order for them to send someone out.

I believe this is a manufacturer's defect since the self-cleaning function had NEVER been used before. I posted my concern on KitchenAid's Facebook page and received a message to send my contact information to a specific email address and someone would contact me. Then they took my post down. No one has contacted me.

Today when the repair person showed up he had not been informed about what had happened and he didn't have what was needed to repair the oven. I received a call later today that it was on back order. How many ovens does KitchenAid have blowing up? I have over $10,000 worth of KitchenAid products in my Kitchen that are two years old or less. I want my $307.00 returned and I want my oven repaired or replaced.

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