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Beware KitchenAid Trash Compactors, Piece Of Junk!!!
By -

We paid $876.00 on 1.29.09 for a new KitchenAid trash compactor and installed it about a week later. There have been several times that this unit has frozen up but it has continued to work until 10.18.09 when it froze while running, causing us to have to remove it and unplug the motor.

Our repairman today said the plastic drive gear is completely fractured into two pieces and must be replaced!!! This unit has only been used in our home for 8 1/2 months and already the gear drive is broken!!! This compactor is a piece of junk. Beware this brand of compactor as it will not last. I will now have to spend money to buy a new gear as I want this repaired as soon as possible. Avoid KitchenAid trash compactors as they are sorry. I wish I had never made this purchase. Beware this brand as they are totally junk!!!!

A Nightmare Beware!
By -

Price $5,000.00 for a stove that over 1 years old it is taking so far 5 service calls, and still cannot be fixed. August 2009. Man 1 came to fix and said it needed a computer board, he has to order. Man 2 came with the computer board but said it needed an LED display board. Man 3 replaced it and said it still isn't working it needs a fuse. Man 4 came with the wrong fuse. Man 5 came with the fuse, and said it needs all new replacements, inside the oven something is burning and can't be fixed, until they replace everything inside. Man 6 has to come but at this point I'm seeking legal action! I have no stove and I'm out $5,000.00.

Exploding Oven!
By -

On September 12 2009, a frightening explosion occurred while my wife was cooking at the stove. The backsplash of the 9-year-old oven/range shattered to pieces. The magnitude of the explosion was such that my son aged 21 and his two friends who were noisily working on a project on the second floor of the house were shocked and frightened, and then leaped to the kitchen to find my wife rather speechless but thank God unhurt.

We did take pictures of the oven, and followed with a call to KitchenAid who initially tried to absolve themselves by stating the oven is out of warranty. Eventually they agreed to send a technician without a service call charge, for evaluation. Two people showed up a service repair person and KitchenAid technician. The KitchenAid technician immediately tried to find fault with our activity in the kitchen, “See, there is a cleaning solution in this one gas hole, this can creates an uneven flame that can cause problems, it is either that or you should stop banging your pots and pans against the backsplash.”

Indeed there was a bit of cleaning cream in one of the 20 or so holes of the front burner, which cannot reach the back, however it seemed that rather to address the poor choice of glass as the material for the backsplash, KitchenAid is trying to find ways to absolve themselves. If you are using this model, please be aware of the danger of using this oven.

Don't Buy This 'Heavy Duty' Stand Mixer
By -

We owned a regular KitchenAid stand mixer for 13 years and LOVED it, but when we decided to upgrade to a heavy duty lift stand mixer we were in for a very big disappointment! Regrettably, we gave away the first mixer and theirs is working better than our new one! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE 'HEAVY DUTY MIXERS' TO ANYONE who likes to cook using whole wheat. They can't handle double batches of 100% whole wheat bread. They can't handle the food grinder attachment for grinding wheat sprouts, or making whole wheat pasta. At first it handles dough beautifully, but the gears start 'popping' after a year or so, and by then your warranty is expired.

It's very discouraging to spend $400 for a mixer that can't do any more than the smaller, less expensive, models. These are NOT heavy duty mixers. You have to 'baby' them more than the smaller mixers. BEWARE wheat-savvy-cooks... This is NOT the appliance for you. The repair center says it will be a minimum of $75 or so to fix our gears. PLUS, I can no longer make whole wheat bread (I must use white flour too), and I no longer dare use the food grinder attachment (which was $75!) because I don't want to go through this repair again!

KitchenAid Food Processor
By -

BARRIE, NEW YORK -- We so bought a KitchenAid food processor in Canada. $350.00 and the bowl cracked making the unit unusable as it won't lock. We have waited 11 months (2008) with no parts. RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE, wonder why? Made in China. They Kitchen Band-Aid told us the USA had a few parts in November 2008, could not ship to Canada as they needed them for the USA. KitchenAid is low on service and what was once acknowledged as the best, in my opinion is now discount market trash. Next step, buy Cuisinart which has parts and service even in Canada although made in China. Regards.

Rude Service
By -

I contacted KitchenAid about a broken blender. I paid over $100 for it and 2 years later the round rotating part that spins the blender broke off into pieces. This part was on back order for months. I called and finally spoke with a manager who found the part for me. I told him to have so many on back order this part must be defective and I thought they should replace the part at no charge. He argued and made me pay $15 for it. KitchenAid has lost my business forever over $15 - He also demanded my first and last name and refused to give his information so that I couldn't write him up to his company.

Beware This Stove!
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I recently purchased a KitchenAid professional series stove KDRP707RSS with Steam Assist from Garner TV & Appliance, in Garner NC. (At the same time, I also purchased a KitchenAid range hood and KitchenAid drawer-model dishwasher.) The stove arrived with the oven door pushed to the far left side as far as it could go, and it was locked shut. Some components needed for installation, along with the installation instructions, were locked inside the oven. The door itself could not be moved in any direction.

I called KitchenAid and requested a replacement stove, since the stove that was shipped to me was not usable. KitchenAid Customer Service informed me that their warranty is for repair, not replacement, and placed a service call to A&E Factory Service. I then called Garner TV & Appliance and described the problem to them and told them I wanted the stove replaced. They told me they had to send a technician out first before anything could be done. They placed a service call to Appliance Connection.

On Monday, February 20, 2006, the technician from A&E arrived at 8 AM. He worked for two hours and although he partially dismantled the stove, he could not get the oven door to budge. He gave me a service ticket when he left which clearly states that the stove is badly damaged and the oven cannot be opened. Since he specifically said he could not repair the stove, I assumed it would be replaced.

At 4 PM the same day, the technician from Appliance Connection arrived. One of my friends let him in and ended up holding parts of the stove while it was being repaired. The technician was there for 2 hours. After an hour's work, he was able to force the oven door open and then exchanged the oven lock mechanism, which he said “looked defective.” After replacing the mechanism, the stove immediately locked again when it was powered on. It now displays an error code immediately after powering on and cannot be left with power because it beeps incessantly. It is actually in worse condition than before he arrived.

When he left he told me that the stove was “obviously DOA” and to give Christy at Garner TV & Appliance a call about an hour or so later to get the stove switched out. When I called Garner TV & Appliance and asked when a replacement stove would be provided, I was told that they would not provide a replacement and that they would place another service call. I have called KitchenAid at least a half-dozen times. When I spoke with KitchenAid, two different representatives told me that the dealer could provide a replacement stove, at the dealer's discretion.

When I repeated this to **, the manager at Garner TV & Appliance, he told me there was no way they were going to replace the stove. I had two choices: have it repaired, or return it for a refund less 25% restocking fee (which is $930.75). I told him I have no intention of providing their business with almost one thousand dollars with nothing in return, and that it will not be repaired. ** also told me not to call the store again regarding the stove (that is, his word is final and there is no further discussion about it).

I did not purchase a floor model, sample, scratch-and-dent model, or reconditioned unit. I paid the full retail for a brand new stove from the factory. I am not paying nearly $4,000 for a reconditioned unit, and with the 4 hours of work already done on this stove and at least 2-4 more (a modest estimate, since there is now more than one problem evident), the stove I have qualifies as a reconditioned model.

KitchenAid needs to stand behind their products. All I get from them is stonewalling and a run-around that the dealer is the one to help me, not them. KitchenAid made the product and it is obviously defective, so they should be the one to take charge of the issue and replace it.

I am mobility impaired and do not want a stove in my home that might prove to be a fire hazard. The stove is so defective upon delivery in my home that I do not want it here. I have asked both KitchenAid and the dealer to do the right thing and replace the defective unit. Neither will do so and both claim it's the fault of the other party. I have filed a lawsuit on February 27, 2006 against Garner TV & Appliance to recover the money paid for the stove, delivery, and so forth.

KitchenAid has failed miserably to do the responsible thing and replace a stove that came through my door obviously defective. After four hours of repairs, it is in worse condition than when it arrived. I do not want a reconditioned appliance, nor one that is obviously defective, in my home, and since I paid for a new appliance (which I expect to arrive in perfect working condition), I asked KitchenAid to replace the stove.

At this point, I want a full refund of the purchase price. I do not want a replacement stove because I will not have any further interactions with Garner TV & Appliance after being told not to call them further about a defective product that they delivered to me. I have no faith that they will not do some damage to a replacement stove because of the nasty, rude, and belligerent tone taken by their store manager. I want no further interaction with them.

I will be posting my experience with KitchenAid on every Internet website that I can find that offers a forum for consumer complaints. I am also spreading the word locally about the reliability of KitchenAid products and the fact that the manufacturer refuses to stand behind their product.

I doubt that this posting or my letters of complaint will provoke either KitchenAid or Garner TV & Appliance to do the right thing at this point. However, as a consumer, I will not sit back and allow myself to be fleeced when spending four thousand dollars to buy what I thought was a premium product - and then finding out that K-Mart would have been the better source for my new stove.

A Review of the Cooktop
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- This is a positive review of the Kitchen Aid Electric Cook-top. I could not be more pleased! There are five cooking areas. One for a very large cooking pot. Two for medium cooking pots and two more with rings that can accommodate large or small pots. I love this appliance and have had it for almost two years.

Kitchenaid Double Oven Kems308sss04
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Rating: 1/51

Kitchenaid double oven, which I paid dearly for is reporting fe20 error. This is ridiculous. The oven is only 3 years old and should be broken, it's not like we're abusing it. My wife is the only one who cooks with it and this it total bull. The oven was 3k when I purchased it so it was not like it was a discount oven. I will not recommend any Kitchenaid products and I would not purchase from them if I were you.

Customer Service Is Terrible! On Hold for Long Time. Does Not Execute Warranty as Stated in the Warranty Book!
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Kitchenaid Preserva system. Sealed system problem. Will take 2-3 weeks to correct. They want you to pay for diagnostic and they will pay for parts and labor. Although they make it hard on the company they send out to get the service repairs done.

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