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Defective Trumpets, Shipping Scam & Ebay not policing its Site
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MONTEREY PARK, CALIFORNIA -- KK Music Store an (Ebay Power Seller) sold me a Cecilio Pocket Trumpet and told me before it was sent they had a defective shipment and could I wait. I said yes but make sure my trumpet has no defects! Then they sent me a defective model. I sent emails back to them with clear instructions & phone calls of what not to send me under any circumstances they agreed I returned it then they sent me another defective model. Said they would refund my money but I'd have to pay shipping & handling costs: $30 plus approx $15 of my own money to ship it back. So in other words I pay $45 to look at their misrepresented Junk not to mention all the hassle!

Company is selling Cecilio Trumpets which have outside lacquer inside valve chambers to unsuspecting students who don't know any better. They say the reason the outside lacquer is inside the valve chambers is for looks which is absurd.
Ebay now knows this is happening & does nothing they claim they are a neutral 3rd party.

Here's one of my last emails to them:

Since you refuse to let me bring my bogus trumpet from KK music to you. If you are serious on investigating this matter just ask KK Music Store to send you a blue pocket trumpet and open up one of the valves then you will see blue lacquer in the valve chambers which no way does it belong there under any circumstances!
To allow KK Music Store to continue to sell this junk ( unless they sell it as that) mostly to children and their parents who don't know any better and eBay to make money off it is Criminal.. literally!

I already have complete evidence of Fraud: The Trumpet and emails correspondence from KK Music store which proves it! You have no excuse to let this continue and eBay is a co conspirator by collecting funds from KK Music. No matter what your guidelines are or that you state you are just 3rd disinterested party ..etc.. etc. .you are making money from Internet Fraud.
Check out the following two complaints on this site about KK Music Store:


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Don't buy musical instrument fro KK Music Store
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LA PUENTE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Cecilio CT480 Clarinet from KK Music Store via the (MISTAKE) internet. When the instrument arrived I read the company return policy I thought covered the return of this clarinet. I called the company to check what they meant about return in original condition within 15 days.

I tried the instrument for sound - every key was out of tune and Could not be tuned. I called for a return number, paid approx $40 to insure and return the item.

It took KK 10 plus days to return (partial) payment - original price minus 20% restocking fee. I called today 10/19/09, to get explanation of this charge. I was told that I had read the wrong return policy - I needed the "Free Shipping" return policy. I had them to wait while I brought up their web site - then I had to have them help me locate this return policy. The wording was very questionable at best concerning the restocking fee.

Needless to say - they had me for over $100 just to look at and try this instrument - NOT BAD WAY TO SELL JUNK!! AT LEAST THEY KNOW THEY WILL GET SOMETHING OUT OF THIS KIND OF BUSINESS!

I told them that I would post this every place I could on the internet so other people like me would not get caught in their trap.


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User Replies:
Brain on 02/13/2011:
Rent or Buy a Brand Name Instrument.
Your Kids can't learn on Junk.
Buyers Beware!!!
trmn8r on 02/13/2011:
You say the stated return policy was questionable. I would never buy from a website like that - I do check those things before I buy. I also would not buy an instrument with a 20% restocking fee, unless I was convinced it was a quality piece and should not require return. Lesson learned.
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Fraudulent Practices
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I am a music teacher and musician that loves to shop on Ebay. KK music store is an Ebay store that has an excellent feedback score, but that can be VERY misleading. Unfortunately, I had an unfortunate transaction with this Ebay store which led to me receiving a negative feedback. I do quite a bit of purchasing on Ebay, and I purchased from KK music store a blue pocket trumpet. I waited 2 weeks and never received the instrument. I contacted them via email, and after one week and several emails, they finally responded. They gave me their phone number via email, and instructed me to contact them. This was my first mistake! They told me that they didn't have that color trumpet in stock, because they received a defective shipment, but I was welcome to wait because a new shipment was expected in 3 days. I waited one week and contacted them via phone again. I told them that I have been waiting for over a month for this instrument, and questioned them as to why they were continuing to list this blue pocket trumpet on Ebay if they weren't available. The woman kept trying to sell me the same pocket trumpet in a different finish.

This bait and switch routine went on for 4 more weeks. I eventually asked them for a refund. One week later I received my refund, and I gave them a neutral feedback. After waiting more than 8 weeks for an instrument that was listed and unavailable, and then waiting another week for a refund, I thought that giving a neutral feedback was the nice thing to do. Would you believe that these scoundrels at KK music store responded by giving me a negative feedback? I appealed to Ebay, but they were of little if any help.

I can't believe that they support fraudulent operations such as KK music store!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 07/05/2007:
I didn't think someone could even leave feedback after 9 weeks. Did they extend the window?
Anonymous on 07/05/2007:
Perhaps you should brush up on your eBay slim.
DebtorBasher on 07/05/2007:
Yes Slim, it just shows which auctions you still need to leave feedback for...I never knew there was an expired time. Sometimes, I'd get my feedback added to mine two or three months after the transactions were completed. Some of these larger sellers only leave feedback once a month.
wtrager on 07/05/2007:
yes Slim, and I left a neutral feedback which doesn't affect their feedback score, and they slammed me with a negative feedback.
poppapia on 07/06/2007:
File an explanation in regards to your negative feedback.
wtrager on 07/06/2007:
I did file an explanation to the negative feedback, but that still doesn't change my feedback score
Brain on 07/11/2007:
I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with KK Music Store, but consider yourself lucky you never received the Cecilio blue pocket trumpet.I was told that KK Music Store received defective Cecilio blue pocket trumpets and could I wait so I did. I received 2 of them with outside lacquer in the valve chambers one month after. You will not win this battle. Ebay knows what happening and does nothing! Check out the following two complaints on this site about KK Music Store:


Brain on 07/30/2007:
Hi wtrage, Its great you took the time to post your bad experience about KK Music store it will help others. Please don't take offense but I would suggest you change the misspelling of the trumpet to the correct spelling which is: Cecilio because that would help others to find your complaint through a web search!
rconley on 11/02/2009:
you should never leave anything other than a positive feedback before communicating with the seller. even if it doesn't affect their feedback score, it somehow affects their eBay ranking which could affect their search results. you should just threaten with a negative feedback first, and most of the times you'll get what you want.
JR in Orlando on 11/02/2009:
I'm not quite sure what the complaint is. You ordered something the seller said he did not have because the order was defective. You and the seller agreed to wait to see when one was received. Ultimately you asked for a refund which they gave you in one week. There is nothing in your post to indicate that you would not have received that same refund if you had requested it at first.

P.S. There is nothing bait and switch about a seller asking if you would like a backordered item in a different color. Seens like they were trying to resolve the issue.
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Poor quality, KK Music does not stand behind product
Posted by on
EBay Power Seller KK Music Store does not behind their product when it turns out to be defective. I purchased a student violin for my daughter which her instructor (an accomplished musician with several albums to her credit) said was defective and inferior quality due to a number of reasons. I forwarded this information to KK Music and their response was that it was my responsibility to properly set up the violin. I took it to a local music store and they fiddled with it and never could get it to hold key nor were they able to fix the problems with the bridge and neck (probably the reason it would not hold key). KK Music said they would replace it if I paid the shipping and handling (around $45.00) to return the old violin and for the replacement. This is after I already paid $30 shipping and handling in the first place. They also asked for a written explanation from my daughter's instructor and the music store that worked on the violin before they would authorize the return!

Buyer beware if doing business with this retailer. They are very condescending and won't stand behind their product.
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User Replies:
Brain on 04/04/2006:
Glad others are taking a stand against this Scam.
Ebay knows what's happening and should be ashamedto let this continue!!!
Brain on 04/04/2006:
If you have been ripped off by KK music please contact me on this site.
Brain aka:Brian
Brain on 10/05/2006:
rconley on 10/28/2009:
you get what you pay for.. if you seriously wanted your daughter to learn the violin then you shouldn't buy her a piece of junk. Looks like they sell violins as cheap as $49. Were you really expecting a Stradivarius for $49?
jktshff1 on 10/28/2009:
Very Helpful. You should deal with you local music folks, yea it probably would have been more, but you would not have the headaches you are experiencing now.
kkmusicstore on 03/12/2010:
Dear Customers,

We understand and are aware of the many concerns that you all have addressed on this site. We thank you for being straight forward in pointing out these issues which give us a clear list of things that we need to improve. We have been working with our manufactures on fixing specific issues as well as improving our product’s overall quality. We have also devoted much effort in developing and training our staff in order to provide higher level of customer service.

We appreciate all of your comments, whether it is positive or negative, they are all valuable to us. We respect criticism and take them into careful consideration when making changes to our products and policies. We stand behind our products and will continue to make improvements based on your comments and feedbacks.

Thank you all for your help and support.


Customer Relations,
KK Music Store
Anonymous on 03/12/2010:
kkmusicstore, you are four years late!
Anonymous on 03/12/2010:
kkmusicstore, where were you 4 years ago when this review was written?
Brain on 03/15/2010:
KK Music Store:Talk is Cheap!

There are serious reports hereone of Fraud. Why should anyone believe you? It has taken you 5 yrs since I told my story here for you to respond. You say you've improved? I see a complaint on your Feb 2010 eBay feedback of an unhappy customer who says they got a bad instrument & you replied: "Best quality at this price."
You need to contact everyone of your Victims & reimburse them in full including the shipping & any restocking fees . Until you do this your posting means absolutely nothing.
PepperElf on 03/15/2010:
this is a really old one yeah

though personally I wouldn't trust buying any musical instrument that I couldn't touch and test first.

plus, ... hopefully the store detuned it before mailing. cos if there's tension on the strings while it's being shipped it can warp the instrument
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