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The Policy: Buy Another... And Another... And Another...
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I am frustrated, furious, and I really don't want any person out there to have the same experience or stress that I am going through. I truly want justice for myself, and to do whatever I must for this corporation to alter its practices, and make the act of doing business less of a hardship for the consumers from which it prospers.

I have paid money for products I do not have in my possession, have not been refunded, and have been treated so badly by every aspect of the customer service chain that I honestly can't believe that my situation is unique or isolated. Something needs to change... And I intend to be part of the solution to the Kmart/Sears problem.

As a brief summary of what follows, this is where I am: I currently have the debt for 2 armoires plus tax and a shipping charge; a broken promise to my 10-year old stepdaughter; loss of income due to trying to resolve the problems with Kmart/Sears; and major stress because of this whole debacle. What I don't have is my money back, or either of the armoires...

Here are the facts my distress, but I have withheld a lot of the drama and horrible treatment I received from many of the individuals I have spoken with at Kmart/Sears while trying to reach a resolution. The following information has been submitted to both of credit card companies, the Better Business Bureau,, and **.

On May 31, 2007 I purchased 2 items from 1) 1 Madison collection armoire 2) 1 Madison collection dresser. The items arrived, however, I discovered the armoire was damaged when I went to unpack it for assembly. I contacted on June 16, 2007 regarding this issue, and they internally issued an order for their contract carrier, UPS, to pick up the damaged armoire. refused to replace the damaged item at their expense and informed me that in order to have receipt of a replacement, I would have to purchase another armoire. Because time was an issue, I purchased another armoire, charging it to my Washington Mutual account. agreed to negate the shipping charge of this order.

If the shipping charge was credited to my account with Washington Mutual, it is not being reflected on my on-line statement; however, a Washington Mutual service agent indicated that has issued a $49 credit. At this time, I was told that my Barclays (Juniper) account would have all charges removed relative to the damaged armoire. As of today, 6/26/07, has failed in this obligation.

On 6/20/07, UPS picked up the damaged armoire from my residence for its return to verified that this act is recorded in their internal records. I have no tracking information relative to the return, as it was handled by the merchant, at the merchant's expense. The second purchased armoire never arrived at my residence. The scheduled delivery date was 6/20/07. informed me that their agent, UPS, was returning the item to because it was again damaged in shipping. UPS has verified this information, as reflected from the tracking number indicated on my shipping confirmation. The item was returned during the original shipping process, and never left the hands of Kmart and/or Kmart's agents.

Once again, I was told that a credit for this purchase would be issued, this time to my Washington Mutual account. Once again, refused to replace the item at their expense and instructed me to purchase yet another armoire. I refused.

As of 6/26/07, has failed to credit either my Barclays or Washington Mutual accounts. has been in possession of both purchased items since 6/20/07, and in possession of over $500 between the two orders for the same item. I have contacted repeatedly, have spoken with no less than 7 customer service reps, 5 supervisors, and 3 different individuals at Holdings corporate offices, between 06/16/07 and 06/26/07.

The individuals at the corporate offices represent themselves to be 'executive assistants' empowered with executive authority, however, they are unwilling or unable to correct the situation or issue credits, and refuse to allow me to speak with any corporate officer or individual who holds a title or position that may allow for resolution. can be reached online or at 1-866-562-7848. The executive offices, which fall under the parent company of Sears Holdings, are located at 3333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179; with a phone number of 1-847-286-2500. Please be advised that if you contact the executive offices through the above number, the individuals at that location are very quick to transfer your call to customer service.

I not only am adamant in disputing every penny associated with the armoire purchases as reflected on my Barclays and Washington Mutual accounts, but I am willing to support any avenue available to protect other consumers from the practices of Holdings.

7/12/07 since Kmart has received the complaint I have filed with the BBB, I am finally getting at least a bit of attention. Kmart has credited back the purchase prices and one shipping charge. This is at least progress. However, I am still fighting for not only the other shipping charge to be refunded but also the sales tax!!! Wow.

There is a possible class action suit. Working with an attorney who has interest in handling this case. I will keep you update as things continue to evolve. In the meantime, spread the word! Help me in my quest to make this money-machine corporation accountable, and saving others from this aggravation. Thanks!

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Rating: 3/51

JOICE, IOWA -- I really would like to ask what the advertising officials were thinking when they came up with those commercials. I think that the "jingle bells" commercials is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!! Did you people think that children would never see those commercials. Please remove them NOW. I will never shop at Kmart again and I know several other family members that will not be shopping there again either. And as far as the GIFing commercials, I don't think I have ever been more annoyed by a commercial.

Worst Experience Ever, Avoid At All Costs
By -

How can you sell something you don't have. Most online sites know what they have in stock and show that number on the web page. The fact that you sell something you don't have in stock makes you look awfully stupid and certainly unprofessional. As an unhappy customer I would hope you would offer me something in exchange for the
inconvenience you put me through.

Stolen Shopping Cart Nightmare!!
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Rating: 1/51

HESPERIA, CALIFORNIA -- I Called 1-866-KMART4U after getting the number off of a shopping cart that had been left in front of my house. After being passed from representative to representative 3 times, I was told by a man who would only give his name as "Ben" that they do not pick up carts on a daily basis, only once a month or so. When I informed him that I live on a 45mph street in the middle of a blind curve, and that as such, their cart was a dangerous road hazard, he expressed his indifference to the situation.

He then suggested that I myself track down the individual responsible for the shopping cart theft (my city has 80,000 plus people in it), and also that I should be doing a better job keeping an eye on my neighborhood to make sure things like this don't happen. I told him how ridiculous that sounded to me and asked for his supervisor. He told me that he was a supervisor.

I asked him who supervises him and he told me that no one does. I asked if he was the president of Kmart, and he did not answer. Instead he blankly asked me what exactly it was that I wanted him to do, to which I responded "I want you to pick up your shopping cart before it causes an accident that might kill someone." He responded with "If someone gets killed then that would not be our fault. You should not be stealing shopping carts from our store." I could not believe that he would insinuate that I had, in fact, stolen the cart and brought it to my house, and at this point I began to tell him just that, when he hung up on me in mid-sentence.

I am now furious, and had to pull this ugly cart onto my own property so that the wind does not blow it into traffic. I very rarely shopped at Kmart to begin with, only when it was too inconvenient to drive the extra 5 miles to the next nearest store. Kmart already had two strikes against it, in my opinion; their store has the highest prices of any store in the area, and the worst in-store customer service of any store I have ever seen. Now this third strike is the single most offensive experience I have ever had from any store, EVER.

I was treated rudely, and as if I were a pest. Furthermore, I was personally insulted, and ostensibly called a thief. The icing on the cake was being hung up on after all that. I will never again shop at Kmart, Sears, or any of their affiliated stores again, and will relate this story to anyone who ever mentions the brand to me. It is not very hard to see why their sales are down and their stores are closing all over the nation.

Sent Wrong Item, Will Not Make Right
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Rating: 1/51

HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- My old lady, just got this morning an ugly, fugly dark purple dress. When in fact she ordered 2 bras. How the heck can anybody get a dress and a bra mixed up. It's not the money, it's the principle. I have been telling her about them! Now, she found out the hard way. She called several times, only to get someone outside the U.S. who only knows to say they apologize this happen. Then she holds on with this guy to try to speak to a supervisor, at least 45 more min. Then she has to call back and then gets disconnected! Then calls again and gets NO HELP!

The point being now they want her to make an order all over again and PAY again for the same items she ordered and already paid for. What kind of company does this! Idiots, that's who! Meanwhile they are supposed to send a return label to her, so she can return the dress that she did not order. No e-mail, yet with a label to print. She already put this ugly dress back in the pkg. to send back. It is very ugly, I cannot see any classy or otherwise lady wearing this.

We do not have a Kmart within maybe 300 miles, so they think they can just send junk and no one will bother to send it back, since it's not that expensive. They are going UNDER that's why. So listen up people, do not use these people. They will screw you one way or the other. I myself had trouble years back and NEVER forgot and mine was for several hundred, so I have NO use for them.

She has made many orders and had just got started, so it's their loss. We have a booth and buy and resell, plus she makes Cameos, etc. So they missed out on thousands in a few months. She was checking out their products, which she liked most to resell and some for herself. But this hassle is uncalled for when they do not care enough about their customers to make it right. I really wish they were closer. Because when she is not happy, no one is! I would put my size 14 boot in somebody's ** and they would pay attention. Just do not order from these creeps!

Assaulted by security, in the process of pressing charges and suing
By -

230 GREEN SPRINGS, ALABAMA -- I was shopping with my wife for some jeans and some new work boots, I had tried on 4 or 5 pairs of jeans for my wife to see which ones she liked best. I went into the dressing room to try on the last pair and I liked them. I decided to purchase them and didn't want to leave the pants, I came in wearing back in the dressing room with my wallet in it. So I quickly threw my khaki pants back on over the jeans to see what they would look like with my new work boots on. And with the work boots and the pants I wanted to purchase, I went to look for my wife who I thought was maybe standing back outside in front of the store.

I didn't go outside but once I crossed the register line 3, Kmart thugs grabbed me extremely hard and bruised my arm saying that I was shop lifting. The work boots I was wearing to try to walk around in them because I knew I was buying them and was carrying the old shoes with me so I could find my wife to see what she thought of my outfit and then I would have purchased the clothing. At other stores, I've done this before if I really liked the clothes. So because public education is not a priority in the state of Alabama neither is the training program at Kmart security school.

Bottom line, there was no need to get violent with me when I was explaining the situation very calmly and cooperatively. I will be pressing charges and will fight this to the end. I'm so upset that this is how someone who shops there all the time could be treated. This is an outrage and ridiculous. I know corporate attorneys who will have a field day with this. I could understand if I had walked outside but I was just looking outside for my wife. This is what society has become. I don't appreciate being physically assaulted by uneducated Kmart thugs and the last thing I'll say is Karma is a **.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

I bought my daughter shoes for school at Kmart. After two weeks of her wearing them, she had blisters, and the shoes fell apart. I took them back to the store. I explained to the girl I couldn't find my receipt but I would just like to exchange them for a different style, but the same brand. She told me that I couldn't do that. I had to pick the same pair. I asked her if I could have a store credit. I was told that it was against store policy to give a store credit without a receipt. I told her that all I wanted was to exchange them for something that wouldn't fall apart so quickly. She was very rude to me and told me over and over again that she couldn't do anything to help me.

I finally went back to the shoe department to see if I could find the same shoes, and just exchange them. There were three employees standing in the shoe department. Not one of them would help me. Amazingly enough one of them was also a manager! The store was out of the shoes. I took another pair up to customer service and told the girl that we couldn't find any of the same shoes, but we had found some that were almost the same. She told me (rudely) that all we could do is check other Kmarts in the area. I told her that my husband was unemployed at the time and we didn't have gas to go all over town looking for shoes! And I couldn't afford to buy more!

She still refused. The next morning I emailed the company. They sent me an email stating that it was corporate policy to not exchange without a receipt, and they could do nothing to help me. I have emailed them several times with no help at all. We ended up having to pawn some things to get my daughter some shoes. I'm not trying to give a sob story, I just want others to know what a horrible store Kmart is. I have never in my life been treated that way. I can't believe they won't back up the products they sell. No wonder most of them in Utah are closed! I will never set foot in another Kmart again!

Kmart Returns Policies Vs. Kohl's
By -

Kmart needs to take a good look at their customer services. Ever since Kmart had there 2nd bankruptcy, they have turned themselves and also Sears into the worst retail in America. When you go into Kmart they always want to argue with customers always. When you go to Kohl's or Walmart, they offer a gift card with no receipt but if you push the issue, Walmart and Kohl's will give a cash refund with an ID with no receipt. Kmart they want to argue and want to make many issues. What Kmart needs to do is to allow customers returns up to $200 with no receipt and only allow 2 per a customer within a 1 year period of time and enter the customers passport into the cash register.

The stores of Kmart and Sears are always messy with papers and mud spots everywhere and when you try to use your debit card in the Kmart or Walmart, they want you to use it as a credit card so they can ask for ID (this is a non-legal process), it's up to the customer not Kmart or Walmart.

Visa International should suspend the rights to Kmart and Sears to show them that policy is policy and then when Kmart loses 10 million in Visa card sales, maybe the customer will have the laugh and not Kmart & Sears with their nasty fraud practices. When you call the customer services and the corporate offices, they don't want to listen and they don't care and they hang up on you and they are so rude.

And just caring is not the Kmart or Sears way any longer. And also the Kmart in Burbank, CA and the Sears in Santa Monica are so nasty and filthy and the Loss Prevention in Sears Santa Monica force people to USA Visa cards as credit cards and not debit, so then they can ask for ID. Very bad practice. Where does the crap with Kmart ever end?

Summer Escapes 18ft. x 48 inch Pool
By -

MAIL ST., MASSACHUSETTS -- Who knows if I'm wasting my time writing here today but it's worth a shot. I purchase a Summer Escapes pool from Kmart in Saugus, MA on June 26, 2010. With the NE heat wave surging across the region pools quickly disappeared from retail shelves.

We called every Kmart in New England looking for the above pool. We located the last one in Saugus MA, roughly 50 minutes from my house. So off we went, wife and two daughters (10-6). We make the purchase, bring it home, open the box, only to view a pool that was filthy. After inspecting the inner lining I determined the pool hadn't been used, but needless to say it was out of the box laying on somebody's lawn.

What's blows me away is Kmart would accept this Return, not open the box, and resell it as first quality!! Leaving somebody to purchase and then suggest they return the product!! I called and explained what took place and was told to return it. Ya, right, with my two girls looking forward to going swimming and a heat wave in the near future. So I filled it up.

The pool itself seems OK. However the (problem #2) pump doesn't support this size pool. It's leaking profusely leaving me unable to keep it from turning blue. I've had no luck reaching Summer Escapes. My father purchased the exact same pool in June of 2010, he had the exact same leakage issue with the pump. However he was fortunate because he had an INTEX pump on hand. They're swimming in a blue pool as my pool lay green.

I spoke to Kmart's Corp Headquarters. They suggested I return the pool. Lol, so I said, "who's going to pay my water bill when I install a new pool?" They couldn't answer that question. I asked them why they couldn't find another pump and mail it to me and I was told it was against their Corporate policies. So instead of just finding me another pump and shipping it to me asap, I'm supposed to be burdened by letting all the water out of the pool. Costco is the only company that has a GRIP.

Overcharged on Sale Items
By -

DOVER, DELAWARE -- I spent a little over $150 at the Dover, DE Kmart on June 3rd. I bought multiple products on sale like bathing suits, cover-ups, underwear, live plants, shoes, and insecticide. When I got home I realized that the discounts given did not represent those advertised. Instead of 50% off, I got 40% off; for buy 1 get one 50% off I was charged full price for both; shelf tags advertising $2 off charged at full price, etc. Overall, the overcharge was on 7 different items and 10% of my total purchase. When I contacted Customer Service I was told I had to bring all of the merchandise back to get credit.

13 days later I showed up with the packaging and tags and my receipts. The receipt clearly stated that refunds or exchanges must occur on or before 9/10/2010. It was 6/16/2010 and the CSR asked rudely, "Why did you wait so long to come in?" I asked her, "Why did Kmart overcharge me on 7 items?" She said she could not answer and referred me to the Store Manager. It took her 20 minutes to refund my $15.45; by that time the Store Manager had disappeared. I have never been treated so rudely. The CSR claimed that no one else had made the same claim as I did. Consumers must be relying on the merchant to charge accurately.

I have emailed Kmart twice asking for a response of some kind. They choose not to answer. Overcharges on 7 totally different items do not appear to be random errors. Kmart does not provide the original price and actual discount on your receipt; the receipt simply shows the price charged. So it is difficult for the consumer to see exactly what is being charged and whether or not it is accurate. Protect yourself... check your receipts carefully.

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