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Sent Wrong Item, Will Not Make Right
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HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS -- My old lady, just got this morning an ugly, fugly dark purple dress. When in fact she ordered 2 bras. How the heck can anybody get a dress and a bra mixed up. It's not the money, it's the principle. I have been telling her about them! Now, she found out the hard way. She called several times, only to get someone outside the U.S. who only knows to say they apologize this happen. Then she holds on with this guy to try to speak to a supervisor, at least 45 more min. Then she has to call back and then gets disconnected! Then calls again and gets NO HELP!

The point being now they want her to make an order all over again and PAY again for the same items she ordered and already paid for. What kind of company does this! Idiots, that's who! Meanwhile they are supposed to send a return label to her, so she can return the dress that she did not order. No e-mail, yet with a label to print. She already put this ugly dress back in the pkg. to send back. It is very ugly, I cannot see any classy or otherwise lady wearing this.

We do not have a Kmart within maybe 300 miles, so they think they can just send junk and no one will bother to send it back, since it's not that expensive. They are going UNDER that's why. So listen up people, do not use these people. They will screw you one way or the other. I myself had trouble years back and NEVER forgot and mine was for several hundred, so I have NO use for them.

She has made many orders and had just got started, so it's their loss. We have a booth and buy and resell, plus she makes Cameos, etc. So they missed out on thousands in a few months. She was checking out their products, which she liked most to resell and some for herself. But this hassle is uncalled for when they do not care enough about their customers to make it right. I really wish they were closer. Because when she is not happy, no one is! I would put my size 14 boot in somebody's ** and they would pay attention. Just do not order from these creeps!

Assaulted by security, in the process of pressing charges and suing
By -

230 GREEN SPRINGS, ALABAMA -- I was shopping with my wife for some jeans and some new work boots, I had tried on 4 or 5 pairs of jeans for my wife to see which ones she liked best. I went into the dressing room to try on the last pair and I liked them. I decided to purchase them and didn't want to leave the pants, I came in wearing back in the dressing room with my wallet in it. So I quickly threw my khaki pants back on over the jeans to see what they would look like with my new work boots on. And with the work boots and the pants I wanted to purchase, I went to look for my wife who I thought was maybe standing back outside in front of the store.

I didn't go outside but once I crossed the register line 3, Kmart thugs grabbed me extremely hard and bruised my arm saying that I was shop lifting. The work boots I was wearing to try to walk around in them because I knew I was buying them and was carrying the old shoes with me so I could find my wife to see what she thought of my outfit and then I would have purchased the clothing. At other stores, I've done this before if I really liked the clothes. So because public education is not a priority in the state of Alabama neither is the training program at Kmart security school.

Bottom line, there was no need to get violent with me when I was explaining the situation very calmly and cooperatively. I will be pressing charges and will fight this to the end. I'm so upset that this is how someone who shops there all the time could be treated. This is an outrage and ridiculous. I know corporate attorneys who will have a field day with this. I could understand if I had walked outside but I was just looking outside for my wife. This is what society has become. I don't appreciate being physically assaulted by uneducated Kmart thugs and the last thing I'll say is Karma is a **.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

I bought my daughter shoes for school at Kmart. After two weeks of her wearing them, she had blisters, and the shoes fell apart. I took them back to the store. I explained to the girl I couldn't find my receipt but I would just like to exchange them for a different style, but the same brand. She told me that I couldn't do that. I had to pick the same pair. I asked her if I could have a store credit. I was told that it was against store policy to give a store credit without a receipt. I told her that all I wanted was to exchange them for something that wouldn't fall apart so quickly. She was very rude to me and told me over and over again that she couldn't do anything to help me.

I finally went back to the shoe department to see if I could find the same shoes, and just exchange them. There were three employees standing in the shoe department. Not one of them would help me. Amazingly enough one of them was also a manager! The store was out of the shoes. I took another pair up to customer service and told the girl that we couldn't find any of the same shoes, but we had found some that were almost the same. She told me (rudely) that all we could do is check other Kmarts in the area. I told her that my husband was unemployed at the time and we didn't have gas to go all over town looking for shoes! And I couldn't afford to buy more!

She still refused. The next morning I emailed the company. They sent me an email stating that it was corporate policy to not exchange without a receipt, and they could do nothing to help me. I have emailed them several times with no help at all. We ended up having to pawn some things to get my daughter some shoes. I'm not trying to give a sob story, I just want others to know what a horrible store Kmart is. I have never in my life been treated that way. I can't believe they won't back up the products they sell. No wonder most of them in Utah are closed! I will never set foot in another Kmart again!

Kmart Returns Policies Vs. Kohl's
By -

Kmart needs to take a good look at their customer services. Ever since Kmart had there 2nd bankruptcy, they have turned themselves and also Sears into the worst retail in America. When you go into Kmart they always want to argue with customers always. When you go to Kohl's or Walmart, they offer a gift card with no receipt but if you push the issue, Walmart and Kohl's will give a cash refund with an ID with no receipt. Kmart they want to argue and want to make many issues. What Kmart needs to do is to allow customers returns up to $200 with no receipt and only allow 2 per a customer within a 1 year period of time and enter the customers passport into the cash register.

The stores of Kmart and Sears are always messy with papers and mud spots everywhere and when you try to use your debit card in the Kmart or Walmart, they want you to use it as a credit card so they can ask for ID (this is a non-legal process), it's up to the customer not Kmart or Walmart.

Visa International should suspend the rights to Kmart and Sears to show them that policy is policy and then when Kmart loses 10 million in Visa card sales, maybe the customer will have the laugh and not Kmart & Sears with their nasty fraud practices. When you call the customer services and the corporate offices, they don't want to listen and they don't care and they hang up on you and they are so rude.

And just caring is not the Kmart or Sears way any longer. And also the Kmart in Burbank, CA and the Sears in Santa Monica are so nasty and filthy and the Loss Prevention in Sears Santa Monica force people to USA Visa cards as credit cards and not debit, so then they can ask for ID. Very bad practice. Where does the crap with Kmart ever end?

Summer Escapes 18ft. x 48 inch Pool
By -

MAIL ST., MASSACHUSETTS -- Who knows if I'm wasting my time writing here today but it's worth a shot. I purchase a Summer Escapes pool from Kmart in Saugus, MA on June 26, 2010. With the NE heat wave surging across the region pools quickly disappeared from retail shelves.

We called every Kmart in New England looking for the above pool. We located the last one in Saugus MA, roughly 50 minutes from my house. So off we went, wife and two daughters (10-6). We make the purchase, bring it home, open the box, only to view a pool that was filthy. After inspecting the inner lining I determined the pool hadn't been used, but needless to say it was out of the box laying on somebody's lawn.

What's blows me away is Kmart would accept this Return, not open the box, and resell it as first quality!! Leaving somebody to purchase and then suggest they return the product!! I called and explained what took place and was told to return it. Ya, right, with my two girls looking forward to going swimming and a heat wave in the near future. So I filled it up.

The pool itself seems OK. However the (problem #2) pump doesn't support this size pool. It's leaking profusely leaving me unable to keep it from turning blue. I've had no luck reaching Summer Escapes. My father purchased the exact same pool in June of 2010, he had the exact same leakage issue with the pump. However he was fortunate because he had an INTEX pump on hand. They're swimming in a blue pool as my pool lay green.

I spoke to Kmart's Corp Headquarters. They suggested I return the pool. Lol, so I said, "who's going to pay my water bill when I install a new pool?" They couldn't answer that question. I asked them why they couldn't find another pump and mail it to me and I was told it was against their Corporate policies. So instead of just finding me another pump and shipping it to me asap, I'm supposed to be burdened by letting all the water out of the pool. Costco is the only company that has a GRIP.

Overcharged on Sale Items
By -

DOVER, DELAWARE -- I spent a little over $150 at the Dover, DE Kmart on June 3rd. I bought multiple products on sale like bathing suits, cover-ups, underwear, live plants, shoes, and insecticide. When I got home I realized that the discounts given did not represent those advertised. Instead of 50% off, I got 40% off; for buy 1 get one 50% off I was charged full price for both; shelf tags advertising $2 off charged at full price, etc. Overall, the overcharge was on 7 different items and 10% of my total purchase. When I contacted Customer Service I was told I had to bring all of the merchandise back to get credit.

13 days later I showed up with the packaging and tags and my receipts. The receipt clearly stated that refunds or exchanges must occur on or before 9/10/2010. It was 6/16/2010 and the CSR asked rudely, "Why did you wait so long to come in?" I asked her, "Why did Kmart overcharge me on 7 items?" She said she could not answer and referred me to the Store Manager. It took her 20 minutes to refund my $15.45; by that time the Store Manager had disappeared. I have never been treated so rudely. The CSR claimed that no one else had made the same claim as I did. Consumers must be relying on the merchant to charge accurately.

I have emailed Kmart twice asking for a response of some kind. They choose not to answer. Overcharges on 7 totally different items do not appear to be random errors. Kmart does not provide the original price and actual discount on your receipt; the receipt simply shows the price charged. So it is difficult for the consumer to see exactly what is being charged and whether or not it is accurate. Protect yourself... check your receipts carefully.

Terrible Service After Selling Me a Death Trap for My Daughter
By -

If there were zero stars that is what I will give Kmart! I recently purchase a travel system (car seat and stroller combo) from Kmart online. All of the Kmart stores in my area have closed so I figured I would give online a shot. This is only my 2nd order from Kmart. My 1st order one of my items was mistakenly forwarded to another address (I was refunded 2 weeks later for it) and 2 of my 6 items were never received nor does Kmart know where they are.

Back to the 2nd order, the travel system. I got a good deal on it and was very excited to get it in the mail. When it came the box was held together with tape and Staples and looked like it had been dropped down 10 flights of stairs. I assumed it was just shipping damage since it was so heavy! Upon opening the box I realized some of the pieces were missing. The car seat base, anchor kit and manual were not included. Also not included were one of the stroller wheels and the bar and cup tray which are needed to put the car seat into the stroller.

After arguing with Kmart I decided to contact the manufacturer and purchase the missing pieces. I spent over $50 at the manufacturer and $35 at Wal-mart for a base for the car seat. Once putting all of the pieces together the stroller still does NOT work. The front wheels fell off and the car seat never latches into the stroller. I refuse to put my daughter into this Disney death trap.

2 Kmart agents over the telephone have now offered to give me a refund however I have not received it. Upon emailing and calling Kmart back I am being told that I need to pay $60 and find a box to ship this unit back to them. It's all a big headache for a new mom. Bottom line is Kmart's products are terrible and their service is worse. I would recommend shopping elsewhere unless you want to be one stressed out mommy like me. Things aren't cheap when you are having a baby and it's not fair when you are given broken/faulty/defective merchandise in exchange for a lot of money and Kmart refuses to care.

By -

ROCHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Okay so I worked at a Kmart in Rochester, PA for 6 months now. At first I liked the job and everything but after a while I noticed the management team seemed cocky and rude. I only called off twice because I could not make it to work. They gave me 2 points for the call offs. Then I was late one time and they added a half point to that. They would tell me I had a overage or shortage on my drawer a few times, but they never showed me the proof. Another thing is the restrooms they are disgusting. Nobody goes in to clean them ever. There has been a stall with an out of order sign for over a month now.

Every time the cash registers would freeze up and shut off for no reasons, management would blame it on us cashiers. When if they would keep up with maintenance they wouldn't have that problem now. The store is also very dirty and filthy looking. I would go to work and come home feeling nasty and filthy and itchy.

Then the k cafe, they rarely ever have everything that's on the menu in stock, not only that but they let the food that they cook sit on a hot plate for hours. And when someone finally buys the food, they don't even heat it up. I've gotten the pizzas there before and they taste gross after being left out for hours, it was also cold so the hotplate don't keep it heated for long.

Last but certainly not least, the store manager JIM is horrible. I just recently decided to quit smoking, so I went into work this morning with a nicotine patch on. This was my 1st patch. After 10 minutes of being there I started to feel faint and dizzy. I barely made it to the bathroom because I knew if I didn't make it to the bathroom I was going to pass out. I knew I developed a bad reaction to the patch after feeling like I was going to pass out.

I told one of the other managers TIM that I needed to go home because I wasn't stable enough to work. He told me he would talk to JIM. So JIM talks to me and tells me either work or I'm getting fired. He was more concerned with the divisional manager coming in today than one of his employee's health. I seriously sat in his office and I felt this really bad cramping pain in between my thighs. All he was concerned about was himself and the store. I really hope someone steps in and gets rid of JIM and the other management team or shut the damn store, it's the best for us. They obviously need a management team who doesn't have their heads up their asses.

False shoplifting accusations and attack from security
By -

FORT OGLETHORPE, GEORGIA -- May of 2009 my daughter and 2 friends were in Kmart in Fort Oglethorpe, GA. They were just looking around, but the older friend of my daughter had some money. She was going to purchase some items. They had laid some scarves and wallets over the top of her purse, stupid I know, but apparently that is what her grandmother does and she did same. They were also carrying some larger items. My daughter said "hey why are we carrying all this, let's get a basket from up front."

Well she thought the baskets were out in the front, (and they used to be) she stepped out to get one, and was bumped into by a large man. She said "Excuse me", he grabbed her and pushed her into the store. I saw this because I was sitting in the van waiting on them! I was like what the crap. I could see this man and another pushing them 2 16 yr olds and a 17 yr old - all 3 weighing no more than 120, one under 100lbs!! They basically man handled them. The 17 yr old was arrested... Later we received a letter demanding money from some attorney's in ATL.

My daughter had to go through counseling and was found to NOT be a person who had stealing on her she was on probation for 3 months. KMART should NOT man handle young ladies, in this day and age when men attack young girls!! The crap they accused them of trying to get was under $100. NOT worth possibly breaking one of their arms or even worse.

I used to spend quite a bit of money in there every year, but NEVER again will I buy one thing from them, will never darken the doors of that nasty place. The guy who was the security guy thought it was so funny when I mentioned them shoving them! Makes me want to vomit every time I think of it..KMART SUCKS!! I hope they all go bankrupt!!

Service Plan for Bike is Unsatisfactory
By -

On September 20, 2009, I'd purchased a bike “Pacific Evolution” SN500 9EW0822 for my son to use at school. At the time of purchase, I've also purchased the Smart Plan. My son, has registered his bike online via During January 2010, the metal piece securing the steering handle to the bike developed a crack, rendering the bike unsafe to ride. He had that particular part of the bike replaced at the campus bike shop for $31.31 on January 25, 2010. He expected to ship the damaged part and received a reimbursement for the $31.31.

Per my discussion with the call center (1-800-99-KMart), no $31.31 reimbursement is forthcoming because only a $99.99 gift card would be given for the bike. However since the bike is repaired and working, he will not be receiving the $99.99 bike replacement card either. It does not make sense for Kmart to say it will spend $99.99 when the lesser amount of $31.31 would have been adequate and then turn around and essentially saying “by the way, since you took the time and trouble to fix the bike you no longer have a claim against the Smart Plan”. I find this response from the call center and service wholly unsatisfactory and I would recommend to others not to purchase Kmart Smart Plans.

I am hoping for a different resolution by taking this time to write this email. The next day I'd only received a generic email response "Thank you for contacting Kmart Smart Plan. Please contact our Customer Care department 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at 800-995-6278 to better assist you. We apologize for any inconvenience." Since I have already called Customer Care department in the first place, I am not expecting a different resolution. Instead, I am posting my recommendation for others not to purchase the KMart Smart Plans.

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