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Kmart Cares Very Little For Their Customers
By -

TAYLOR, MICHIGAN -- So I just got home from the Kmart in Taylor and am pretty upset. I went in to pick up something to eat after work and to check and see if the new Transformers toys were in stock (I've been an avid transformers collector for quite a few years now). I picked up some food for myself and headed back to the toy section, where I found that they had all of the "legend class" Transformers toys from the new movie out on the shelves, priced and ready to be sold. I picked up one of each, because I knew that I was going to buy them sooner or later to add to my collection anyway, so why not buy them all at once.

The total of my bill WOULD have been well over 50 dollars, but as you can see, I used the word "would". The cashier rang up my food, no problem, but when she got to the first of the toys, her computer came up with a message saying "before street date". She proceeded to grab all the items off of the counter in such a hurry that she nearly threw herself over the counter, and then shoved them all under her register. The way that she grabbed them off the counter, you would have thought I was about to grab them to try to run out of the store with them. She looked at me and simply said "you can't buy these... your total is $4.50".

I asked her why I couldn't purchase them, because I didn't see what her screen flashed when she tried to ring the items up. She told me that they had been put on the shelf before the "street date" and then repeated my total again, trying to rush me through the rest of the transaction even though there wasn't anyone behind me in line.

I asked what the street date was, now completely disappointed that I was going to have to wait to buy all of the toys at a later date. The lady told me that she didn't know and when I asked if she could find out, she gave me a "you have got to be kidding me" look and said "it would probably say on the box, but that's in the back room" and then gestured to the credit card machine where my total was now showing up... as if to say "pay and get out already". While the transaction was getting more and more awkward by her rude attitude and failure to seem sorry at all about the whole situation, I decided to just pay for my food.

As I was going through the steps on the credit card reader she made a call to someone to come and pick up the toys at the counter and to take the other ones off of the shelves. I finished paying and the cashier handed my bag and then just stood there, like she was guarding the toys, again, like I was going to steal them or something. I took my food and left, but didn't feel like letting it drop there, especially since they had a "tell us how your Kmart experience was" survey on the receipt.

Now, I understand that the toys were out there before their official release date, but the fact is that they were out there, priced and ready to be sold. The thing that upset me about the whole thing was just that instead of deciding to make the exception for one customer and then have them taken off of the shelves after, they chose to not sell me the items that I had picked out, all while giving off the feeling that I was some kind of thief or something. It was like if they didn't get them away from me right there and then, that I was going to steal them or something.

Then, when I asked what the actual release date was, she didn't even make an effort to try to find out, she just kept trying to rush me out of the store, even though there was NO ONE else there (the store was practically empty).

I know that a few toys are kind of a stupid thing to be making a big deal over, but I've been a pretty hardcore collector for quite a few years now, so it just bugged me. If they would have just told me "sorry sir, we can't sell you these, they weren't supposed to be out on the shelves yet" and then actually made SOME KIND of effort to find out when the actual release date was for me, I would have no problem. I just feel that they handled the whole situation very poorly.

K-Mart Fails! Sears/K-Mart Cares Little for Customer Satisfaction/Needs
By -

QUEENSBURY, NEW YORK -- Last year, I went out of my way - literally, the local Kmart is not in a convenient location - to purchase a room fan. A fan that turned out to be broken. It cost me 20 dollars in cab fare, to go buy the fan, take it home, return it, etc. I exchange it for another - ALSO broken! I complain, and am told that I should take it up with the store manager - yeah, I'd already thrown away 50 dollars of my hard-earned cash, I should waste even more dollars, talking to someone who I'd already talked to, who only made an excuse instead of an apology? So, I boycotted Kmart AND Sears, for 6 months. I went back today, to give them a second chance.

FAILURES LIST: First, I had to go to customer service to ask a question. The lady was nice, but slower than molasses in January - I mean, it was like watching a person on a slow motion camera - and, she kept interrupting service to the customer standing there waiting - with a line behind them, to answer phones, and putter about fussing with returns, going to look for someone, etc. FAIL #1.

I went to K-Mart, for one specific purpose: to buy a pair of plus size ladies Riders jeans - jeans the store has sold in their plus-size department for DECADES. However, Kmart apparently no longer values overweight customers, because there were virtually no jeans in the plus size department, and I was informed that Kmart no longer sees fit to sell Riders jeans to its overweight customers - only to people size 14 or less.

Well up yours, Kmart! Since they obviously don't value the business of their plus-size shoppers enough, to continue providing decent jeans, well I'll shift my jean buying over to TJMax, Target and Walmart, who DO sell nice plus size jeans. (That had a FEW pairs of Chic jeans, but I don't happen to like that brand.)

FAIL #3: Needed to try on some clothing. Had to wait for someone to open up the dressing room - something I DON'T have to do at Walmart, Target, TJMax, Bonton... Jeez, even Tractor Supply Company keeps their dressing room readily available for customers.

FAIL #4: Cashier was only marginally friendly - perfunctorily polite, rather than genuinely caring. Actually, she was marginally surly, and packed my bags like crap. One bag weighed so much I literally couldn't lift it - two 2 liter bottles of soda and a jar of spaghetti sauce! My clothing purchase was just shoved in the bag.

Well, I used to actually enjoy shopping at Kmart 10, 20, even 30 years ago. Today, since Sears took it over, it's just plain poo. Sears should have just let Kmart fold. It's garbage now. I not only will never shop K-mart again, I won't step foot in Sears, either. You'd never know there was a recession on! These businesses don't need to be bailed out, they just need to disappear, if they can't get their act together, and give customers what they need. It costs more for me to shop at Kmart, which was OK, back when they had the products I needed and the service was better. Now... why waste time and money, when I can go where my business is truly valued?

I Can Pay $16 to Exchange for Exact Same Pants?
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JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI -- I bought the wrong length of Lee Riders khaki pants, so I went to exchange them. I didn't have the receipt, but I wasn't too worried - I was doing a straight up exchange for the exact same item that they have carried since the dawn of time. Got there. Stood in line 35 minutes. Handed my pants to the clerk. She told me to go get my new pants and asked if it was an even exchange. Yes... I want the same pants.

Went and got the correct length, back to customer service, stood in line some more. When it was my turn, I handed her my New pants. She scanned the old, scanned the new, and told me I owed her $18.56 for a pair of pants I'm exchanging that cost about $20. Because I didn't have a receipt, they could only give me $3.70 for the pants I brought in, even though they were identical in every way to the pair I wanted to walk out with! NO WAY! I'd rather give those $20 pants to Goodwill than give them back to Kmart to sell for $20 again...

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Rating: 1/51

INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- I was employed at the Kmart in Independence, MO for about 6 months and I must say that they treat their employees and customers horrible. The store manager has an extreme attitude issue and yells at the employees and talks to them like they are dumb, as do other managers at this location. I've witnessed service desk employees treat customers like crap and without compassion on several occasions. The managers are more concerned with irrelevant things like point systems than making sure that customers are happy and that employees actually want to come to work there.

Several employees (including myself) have terminated their employment there because of such treatment and abuse. Not to mention, they pay you pennies to work there, they expect you to work extremely awkward hours and the air does not work, so it's like you're working in a sweat shop. They are the nicest people when hiring you but once you've been there a little while, their true colors start to show and it's no wonder why they are always hiring. I would advise people to not apply there unless you like being treated like crap.

Fraudulent Advertising/methods Extremely Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

Went to Kmart to look at and possibly buy bike which was on sale for $129.99. They didn't have in stock. Went home and through my Discover rewards attempted to order bike (which directs you to as I would have received an addt'l $25 off. When I went to the pick up at store drop box, it gave me 1 selection which is approx 30 miles away - approx 10 more than the one I regularly shop at. I called customer service, spoke with 3 people who informed me the bike is not available.

Then spoke to "online supervisor" who was condescending in his attitude - in as much as saying "tough luck lady". I sent letters to the 2 top executives of Sears Holdings. No response. Then filed complaint with BBB. Received response from "escalated Service Mngr" who also misconstrued my complaint and unwilling to work with me. At first saying the bike was not listed on the site (which it was) then stating it is and I was the one who did not want to go to the store to pick up. The price offered was $199.99, not the original sale price I originally went for.

Then last week the same bike was advertised for $159.99. No wonder Sears/Kmart isn't doing well financially. They are unwilling to provide decent customer service. So instead of offering me the bike for $30 less than the original advertised price, they are letting a sale just slip away.

Outstanding Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

CARSON, CALIFORNIA -- I not normally a Kmart shopper. I visited your Carson store because of a sale ad for yoga mats. As I was searching for these mats, I must have had a lost look on my face. That's when two of the nicest clerks asked me if they could help me. Their names were ** and **. At the time they were stocking the shelves. They stopped what they were doing and escorted me to the fitness section but you were out of mats. So I began to thank them anyway. But to my pleasant surprise they started checking inventory on some hand held device and eventually found the mats that I was looking for.

I personally have never had such kind courteous service. As I stated before I was not a Kmart shopper but after today, I am now.

Not Worth the Trouble
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Rating: 2/51

GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA -- A number of times I have had the annoying misfortune of bringing items found in Cut-Price Discount bins/display cases, shelves, to the cash register, only to be told that the items had not belonged in those bins/display case/shelf. If I want the item I would have to pay the normal price it is sold at. This is so, even if the item is ticketed with the discounted price!

As I am a sucker for a good bargain, this has happened a number of times at the same Kmart. (Sometimes I "luck out", and actually get a good bargain, LOL.) Whenever I speak to a manager about this vexation, the reason given for this is that the sales clerks in the department in which I find the items do not always check out merchandise to see if it is in the right shelf, bin, display case, etc., or if the items are priced appropriately. I can't think of anything more basic than these tasks for a sales clerk to be doing.

Not Able to Find Advertised Specials on Line or in Stores
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- I just received my Sunday paper and the Kmart ad. They have a washer and a dryer each for $296.99. When I looked it up online, it did not show the products. I called the customer service department and they did not show it anywhere. I called the Corinth, MS Kmart and they said I had to order it online. I called Jackson TN and they did not have it. I asked if they could find the stores that has the product. Guess what? They could not even look it up on the computer. I really needed the washer and dryer, so thanks Kmart for the wonderful let down. Update your system and stop advertising something the customer and not possibly get.

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Rating: 1/51

BRANDON, FLORIDA -- On went online to order a coat, when I saw the size it stated medium size 8 or 10. I'm a 10, it would not allow you to enter size 10. I called Brandon store to get information. The sales person indicated to me that they did not have all coats which I understood. I indicated to her that the site does not allow you to put in sizes as far a medium 8 or 10, so I said they most likely send the wrong size. Her response was "well then send it back." I ask her if she was kidding. She didn't even have a phone to give. She said she had nothing to do with the site. With that I hung up...

She was not helpful at all... she couldn't care less. If you are going to represent a firm you should be able to assist people in the right manner.

False Advertising and Non Functioning Website
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Rating: 1/51

HOLMES, PENNSYLVANIA -- After 4 days online, 6 phone calls to online staff and a visit to Kmart store to purchase a Trim a Home 3 PCM Chenille Christmas Nativity set for lawn, I am beyond annoyed. Visit to store after trying to buy on your website, there were 6 sets on shelf but at $139.50 and online was $97.99 and store would not honor lesser price. Back on line today, Kmart and listed at $88.19. Website would not let me order stating, not available, wouldn't give other local stores another 2 calls.

I gave in and ordered shipped from Sears with help of ** for $88.19+tax (?) and just hope it will come Dec. 5-7.
A terrible website, sales practices, and virtually hours trying to buy from your stores with no true customer service dept. to speak with. I am very dissatisfied and will never use Sears or Kmart online or stores for that matter. Terrible customer service and no satisfaction. Attorney General next stop.

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