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Outstanding Customer Service
Posted by Edeninc1 on 02/22/2013
CARSON, CALIFORNIA -- I not normally a Kmart shopper. I visited your Carson store because of a sale add for yoga mats. as I was searching for these mats I must of had a lost look on my face. That's when two of the nicest clerks asked me if they could help me. They're names were Monica and Phyllis. at the time they were stocking the shelves. They stopped what they were doing and escorted me to the fitness section but you were out of mats. So I began to thank them anyway. But to my pleasant surprise they started checking inventory on some hand held device and eventually found the mats that I was looking for.

I personally have never had such kind courteous service. As I stated before I was not a Kmart shopper but after today I am now.

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Posted by onlooker on 2013-02-22:
This is very nice to read
Posted by Try it again you might like it! on 2013-02-23:
I like Kmart too!
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Not Worth the Trouble
Posted by Ladymirenna on 01/04/2013
GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA -- A number of times I have had the annoying misfortune of bringing items found in Cut-Price Discount bins/display cases, shelves, to the cash register only to be told that the items had not belonged in those bins/display case/shelf. If I want the item I would have to pay the normal price it is sold at. This is so, even if the item is ticketed with the discounted price!

As I am a sucker for a good bargain, this has happened a number of times at the same Kmart. (Sometimes I "luck out", and actually get a good bargain, LOL.) Whenever I speak to a manager about this vexation, the reason given for this is that the sales-clerks in the department in which I find the items do not always check out merchandise to see if it is in the right shelf, bin, display case, etc., or, if the items are priced appropriately. I can't think of anything more basic than these tasks for a sales-clerk to be doing.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-04:
Sounds like indeed a lack of attention to detail. Not surprising in today's world.
Posted by Alain on 2013-01-04:
You can let Kmart know they have a problem at this store via http://www.kmart.com click on 'customer service' and then on 'Contact Us'.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-05:
It's also possible for customers to move the merchandise in an effort to fraudulently receive discounted pricing on the product.
Posted by TIRA~MASUU on 2013-01-05:
I feel your pain as I have had this happen to me more times than I can remember. Also the prices that are marked aren't even rung up correctly most of the time and if you don't catch it at the register when they ring it up you will find yourself at customer service trying to get your money back. The cashiers aren't able to correct the error and there are no managers to come override it. They are also known for not having any prices on quite a bit of their merchandise so you get a suprise when you get to the register. I have contacted K-mart customer service online and have never received a response. Luckily I've recently moved and now have more of a choice to shop then only a K-mart in town.
Posted by cree colbear on 2013-08-06:
I don't get $5.00 off everytime I shop or layway
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Helped With Christmas
Posted by Klsbills2 on 12/27/2012
I forgot a bag of presents in the cart with Mplater, head phones, stylists for DS, Barbie Doll and Monster high doll. When I called the store they said it had not been returned to the desk but to come in with my receipt. They replaced everything at no charge to me! WOW I was so happy and grateful to them. Everyone was nice and helpful great cs to all. Thank you!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-12-27:
This is great to hear! Thanks for sharing something positive about them!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-27:
Wow. That is quite a story. Good karma all around.
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Not Able to Find Advertised Specials on Line or in Stores
Posted by Baby.abbygator on 12/16/2012
TENNESSEE -- I just received my Sunday paper and the Kmart ad. They have a washer and a dryer each for $296.99. When I looked it up online, it did not show the products. I called the customer service department and they did not show it anywhere. I called the Corinth, MS Kmart and they said I had to order it online. I called Jackson TN and they did not have it. I asked if they could find the stores that has the product. Guess what? They could not even look it up on the computer. I really needed the washer and dryer, so thanks Kmart for the wonderful let down. Up date your system and stop advertising something the customer and not possibly get.

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Posted by Tezrien on 2012-12-17:
I just checked my local Kmart ad, and ads that are on their website for Jackson and Corinth and there is no washer and dryer at all listed in the ads. Are you sure it was Kmart and not another store?
Posted by onlooker on 2012-12-17:
When did the sale start? It might not have been up on line at the time you called. Try again, and if it does not work on the phone bring the ad to the store and talk with them.
To advertise a deal, and have the stores know nothing is really a big mistake. There could be an explanation and you may get your washer and dryer.
Posted by Bpalm on 2012-12-17:
It was in the Little Rock, AR Sunday paper ad, but does not exist at our K-Mart store or online.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-17:
With respect, be careful about purchasing cheaply produced washers and dryers such as these. This is where many complaints start, with the assumption that a new set as these shouldn't have problems anytime soon. Buying wisely now can save a lot of frustration in the future.
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Poor Customer Service at Kmart
Posted by Magmevi2 on 12/16/2012
I stood in Kmart for an hour waiting for management assistance. The customer service in our local Kmart is[snip]poor. I was unable to receive assistance at the layaway department because the individual was on lunch. Therefore, I was expected to wait until that individual came back to proceed with my transaction. I then attempted to contact management to complain to no avail.
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Posted by Tamapabay1010 on 12/13/2012
BRANDON, FLORIDA -- On went on line to order a coat when I saw the size it stated medium size 8 or 10. I'm a 10, it would not allow you to enter size 10. I called Brandon store to get information. The sales person indicated to me that they did not have all coats which I understood. I indicated to her that the site does not allow you to put in sizes as far a medium 8 or 10 so I said they most likely send the wrong size. Her response was well than send it back. I as her if she was kidding. She didn't even have a phone to give. She said she had nothing to do with the site. With that I hung up.. She was not helpful at all.. She could care less. If you are going to represent a firm you should be able to assist people in the right manner.
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Posted by sp on 2012-12-13:
Local stores have no control over the website. There should be a number on the site to call for help.
Posted by Tezrien on 2012-12-13:
Web sites are often not affiliated with the brick and mortar stores. I am sure the person you talked to locally had know way of knowing what the website sells (merchandise for web sites can be kept in multiple warehouses in many locations) and honestly had no way of helping you. However if you had taken the time to looks on Kmart's site under the "Contact Us" link there are multiple ways to talk to someone that probably could have. Here is the link to that area of their site. Good luck to you.

Posted by Susan on 2012-12-13:
Traditionally a size medium is a range between 8-10 and items can only be ordered as small, medium or large, not the numeric size.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-12-13:
So you ordered from online, but you called a physical store to complain? The stores and the websites are more often than not separate entities and one usually doesn't have anything to do with the other (with the exception of the return/refund/exchange of online orders). That's why you may find an object on a store site that is cheaper than your local brick and mortar and they refuse to price match. I agree that the salesperson could have been more professional in this situation, explaining where you should direct your complaint; but you should probably try calling the corporate office to get this issue addressed.
Posted by gobabyglo on 2012-12-13:
In coat sizing each size fits two dress sizes. medium fits size 8 to 10 not size 8 or 10.You do not get to choose either 8 or 10. Large size is 12/14, extra large is 16/18.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-13:
It sounds like the issue has already been discussed that the sizing represents sizing 8 through 10, not 8 or 10.

Knowing that the coat may not fit, it would have been better to find a coat locally, trying it on and purchasing it there. Clothing such as this is always a difficult thing to buy mail order.
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False advertising and non functioning Web site
Posted by Mhunter72 on 11/30/2012
HOLMES, PENNSYLVANIA -- After 4 days on line, 6 phone calls to on line staff and a visit to Kmart store to purchase a Trim a Home 3 PCM Chenille Christmas Nativity set for lawn I am beyond annoyed.
Visit to store after trying to buy on your web site there were 6 sets on shelf but at $139.50 and on line was $97.99 and store would not honor lesser price. Back on line today Kmart and listed at $88.19. Web site would not let me order stating, not available, wouldn't give other local stores another 2 calls.
I gave in and ordered shipped from Sears with help of Ahmed for $88.19+tax (?) and just hope it will come Dec. 5-7.
A terrible web site, sales practices, and virtually hours trying to buy from your stores with no true customer service dept. to speak with I am very dissatisfied and will never use Sears or Kmart on line or stores for that matter.
Terrible customer service and no satisfaction. Attorney General next stop.
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Shoes Came Apart at Sole
Posted by Billyrndlmn on 11/25/2012
I bought a new pair shoes and the sole separated from them. I took them back to the store to get them replaced, but didn't have the receipt. They didn't even want to do anything. They said they didn't carry them. I got almost two months of wear out of them and I didn't wear them everyday. That will be my last pair of Route 66 shoes.

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Posted by ok4now on 2012-11-25:
K-mart sells cheap shoes at a cheap price. Don't expect quality at this price level. Spend a little more and your shoes will last more than two months.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-25:
Without a receipt most stores won't do anything for you. The date of purchase is very important, as is proving you bought them there.
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Thanksgiving Day Sale
Posted by Cesar4collins on 11/22/2012
PLYMOUTH, INDIANA -- I went to the Thanksgiving sale at 5:00 AM and when I got there all the TVs were all gone. Nobody in line got one, the sales start at 6AM. These freaking stores are just a bunch of liars, to get people to shop there. It's bs who the hell got those TVs at 4:00 in the morning? They are just a bunch of liars. How did they pay for the tickets if they open at 6AM? Screw you K-mart no wonder you are losing customers!!!!
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Posted by leet60 on 2012-11-22:
This is why I refuse to do Thanksgiving day sales or Black Friday Sales. The circular clearly indicates "at least 5 per store" on the page with Televisions. This is either a result of poor logistical planning or associates "holding" merchandise for friends or family.
Posted by NickL11354 on 2012-11-22:
You can probably find a TV to buy online from another retailer. I don't get why in 2012 people stand outside for hours other to get their 15 minutes of fame from the media (the only headline from from now until end of thanksgiving is about black friday and 'interviewing' people standing o line about what "great deals" they think they are getting)
Posted by Tezrien on 2012-11-22:
Welcome to the world of Pre- and Black Friday. Too bad there isn't a law that makes these places close on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Posted by MRM on 2012-11-22:
T-Minus 9 hours till Thanksgivings doorbusters! Lets get ready to RuUuUmBLe!!!
Posted by BCeltic on 2012-11-22:
I missed the opening of the "early" sale on Thanksgiving because I had to literally drive through a snow storm. You can check the weather for Havre Montana and you will see I am being truthful. My commute took over a hour which is why I missed the opening of the door. When I went in I checked on ALL of the electronic sales and there wasn't 1 item left for ANY item, headphones, sound bars for TV's, music... nothing! I spoke with the manager and told him I wanted to purchase an item that was listed as being on sale tomorrow and I was willing to pay the full price. Because I had driven through the snow storm, he knew it was snowing terribly outside I was willing to still purchase the item but, THEY REFUSED TO SELL ME THE ITEM. I tried to buy an item NOT YET on sale and they refused. KMART, I know you don't care because you have been losing customers regularly to WALMART. You have lost a loyal customer who refused to go to the bigger store, but now I refuse to go to the store that does not care about their customers. I drove through a snow storm, I came to your early sale, I tried to buy an item at REGULAR price and you turned me away. Shame on you and shame on your manager who decided that the customer doesn'e matter. Well you don't matter anymore.
Posted by MRM on 2012-11-22:
Leet60, there are good stuff for everyone! Come on and join the mayhem on Friday!
Posted by MRM on 2012-11-22:
T-Minus 7 hours (EST) till Thanksgivings doorbusters! Lets get ready to RuUuUmBLe!!!
Posted by MRM on 2012-11-22:
T-Minus 5 hours (EST) till Thanksgivings doorbusters! Lets get ready to RuUuUmBLe!!!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-11-22:
Mr. Mike! I thought you were going to stop by and pick me up and take me on vacation with you!!! Geesh...no one EVER takes me anywhere!!!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-11-22:
That's not right...they just do that to get people into their stores...it's false advertising (Unless the ads state that it's not available at all locations)...as long as people line up to get in hours and days ahead, the more and more stores are going to do this. It's easy for me to say, but if people just shopped when they can, instead of these Black Friday sales...that's now become Black week sales...then the stores wouldn't make money and they would stop going overboard...it only gets worse each year....but, as long as people show up, this is what's going to happen. I say BOYCOTT BLACK FRIDAY SALES! *Running from Mr. Mike with my hand covering my butt!*
Posted by MRM on 2012-11-22:
The vacation isnt until Xmas.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-11-23:
Oh...I thought you put off your Black Friday because you were going to be on vacation...so, it's ok for me to keep my luggage packed then, huh???
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Return of Battery Core Not Accepted - Kmart Policy Sucks!!
Posted by George558 on 09/28/2012
WEST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY -- Purchased a battery at a decent price from KMART. got a chance to return the battery after 8 days and really thought that the manager would allow me to get my credit since I was ONLY 1 day late. NOPE!! The Store Manager essentially told me that my business and my opinion didn't matter and that his policy and profit margin are more important.

I will NEVER shop at this company again.

Weird thing is they really don't care about feedback either since no one EVER responded to any of my online complaints. Guess they feel that they can just screw with people and their money.

Does anyone out there really think that the value of an old battery reduces to nothing after 8 days but is worth $15 until 7 days?

Crazy thing is that they allow you return or exchange their NEW battery for 72 months with no questions. You can bet that I will be doing that in month 70 for as long as I possibly can.
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Posted by melissa253 on 2012-09-28:
I don't understand this complaint.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-28:
I'm not sure about your plan. You can't return a battery in month 70 of the 72 month warranty unless it is dead or defective.

As for the denied return, I don't think anyone anywhere believes the core is *worthless* after 7 days. The policy may be related to how the core value *fluctuates* with scrap prices. I agree it is pretty tight - if it isn't, it should definitely be stated on the receipt.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-09-28:
I've never heard of anyone trying to return a car battery before. But the OP was outside of the return window regardless, he didn't get screwed.

"Crazy thing is that they allow you return or exchange their NEW battery for 72 months with no questions. "

I'm not sure that you understand how that works. 1st off the battery has to be deemed bad by them, 2ndly, the warranty might be pro-rated after x amount of time, in that you they may simply just refund you a percentage of the purchase price based on how long the battery did last.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-09-28:
The problem is that the core charge that most retailers charge, including K-mart, is grossly inflated. What truely only has a few dollars of equity is represented to be of a much higher value. That is why they specify a short time to allow for the return for core charge. Every customer who does not return the core during the specified time greatly increases the stores profit. So in essence they love it when they can refuse to repay the core charge.
Posted by Slimjim on 2012-09-28:
The OP is returning a dead core battery, which is pretty standard when you buy a new one. Yeah, they could have been a bit looser with the return window in this case, I agree, but you rarely do see big stores like K-Mart deviate from policy often. As mentioned, I also believe there is a understanding of the return policy on the new one. If you did bring it back after 70 months, I'm pretty sure based on everywhere else I've seen, the battery does have to be dead/bad and you will be prorated, giving you back about 1/35th of the purchase price.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-09-28:
I believe the OP is referring to the "core" refund which is applied to the purchase of the battery when the old battery is returned. It is used to promote proper recycling of items such as batteries. The fact that there was a one week period to return the "core" for the refund and the OP was one day late is his issue with the store.
Posted by Tezrien on 2012-09-28:
You knew the policy of Kmart to get your core charge returned to you was 7 days. Yet you assumed that they would make a special case just for you and extend it by a day. All I have to say is that you know what happens when one assumes eh ?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-09-29:
Late is late
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