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4506 Dorchester Rd
North Charleston, SC 29405-6847
706-634-6767 (ph)
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Rating: 1/51

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Called for the offers to change to Knology - the lady was so rude, short, did not want to take any time to give me details on what they offer in our area. I would never give them 2 seconds of time.

Great Service
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Rating: 5/51

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Case # **. ** on the phone at Knology and the service man ** were very professional and knowledgeable! Got my problems fixed very quick! Thanks!

Knology just plain sucks!
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Rating: 1/51

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- My old dial-up connection was about as fast as this garbage, and my dog is smarter than most of their techs I have dealt with. What an embarrassment! They aren't shy about ripping folks off, though!

Poor service
By -

I contacted Knology because they just came to my area of grovetown and had a great deal for a bundle for 79.99 for the first yr with no contract. I set up my time for the technician to come between 2-4. The technician did not show up till 6 pm. When he arrived, he smelled like marijuana and was dressed very unprofessional. I was supposed to get the Hd box with DVR, wireless Internet. Thus was supposed to be addons that I had with the bundle. Well not only does he say he doesn't have the wireless router but says he was not told about the DVR and that I had to pay an extra 10.

I was told that I was to pay $139 to the technician but he had no receipt and did not complete the order. When I told him that I would not write him a check till he had brought all the things that were promised, he said he had to uninstall everything. I was astonished at the service I was getting. I told him to take all his stuff and that I was going to go with Comcast. They are more expensive but I have ne'er had a problem with the techs.

Comcast came the next day and they will bill me for the charges. If I don't want the service within the 30 days I have it, I can cancel it and get my money back, including the installation fee. Also, they have no contract so I can cancel any time. I would rather pay more money for good customer services and no hassles which means no headache. I should have listened to my friends and the other reviewers.

Inconcievably bad
By -

I have been around the country due to the military. I have never had a worse ISP than I do in Columbus GA. They are making money hand over fist and will not upgrade the infrastructure enabling them to support the communities that they (LOL) support.

On a recent call to their service department, I was told in regard to my 6 MB internet service that is actually running @ 2.5 consistently, that I should upgrade to their more expensive package in order to receive the 6 MB that I wanted. I was told that there is a throttle on my internet usage in order to provide internet usage to all of their customers. In my opinion, they should spend less money on customer coddlers and more on infrastructure and actual service.

If you have a choice, which like many I do not, AVOID KNOLOGY!!! It would be more productive if you burned hundred dollar bills for warmth in the summer here in Georgia than to pay for the (LOL) service that Knology doesn't provide.

RIP-OFF on so many levels.
By -

CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I live in an apartment complex that requires Knology. They are such a rip-off. I almost hate living here because I have to have such a STUPID cable service.

I pay 105 dollars a months for this horrible company. They are over priced and if you're late on a bill they charge you out of your ears. I was late on 1 next bill was ****** $285.05.*******

Their so called "On Demand" is almost looks like an old Nintendo game when scrolling around looking for a movie.

Their "Bundle" package is nothing but a scam to make them more money and stimulate the economy for spending more money and things people need. The following reasons are:

  1. There "Bundle Package" includes cable, internet, home phone. It's not even Wireless internet (I have to trasport my Internet modem to every room in the house to access the internet). It's so annoying,

  2. Cellular phones are the only things people use now. Everyone knows that. Why pay for that when we hardly use it??

  3. 4.

  4. 6.
  5. .......Please keep adding the reasons why this Company is a total rip off. I am canceling my Service NOW. DO NOT waste your MONEY AND TIME with this HORRIBLE COMPANY.
The Oxymoron That Is Knology Customer Service
By -

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I am in an area of Huntsville, AL where Knology has a "monopoly", and we aren't allowed to have Comcast (slightly laughable given the service and customer support I've received, I'd assume it's two high school kids running this setup from their mom's basement). They are robotic and inept on the phone and Technical Support reps are just hateful. I'm no idiot (and it doesn't hurt that my fiance is an IT/Tech specialist) so for them to ask me, "Have you turned the box off?" is kind of insulting. No, douche bag, my DVR stopped recording so I just picked up the phone right away without trying anything that would require common sense. Needless to say my "HD" cable box has been replaced four times and their cable menu display looks like a DOS program from the 80's. Oh I miss you Time Warner!

The people that answer the phone for my area sound like they were picked up from the Methadone clinic, or are still wearing their high school cap and gown. "I am now going to access your account ma'am." "It may take 1-2 minutes for me to pull up your account information". Picture these being said by the robot from Short Circuit and you've got your Huntsville, Alabama Knology professional!

I called to inquire about a simple fee that was going to begin on 8-15-08 and the representative said, "M'am that fee doesn't affect you." Not trusting Smarty Pants, I said, "Fine. Out of curiosity, what is the fee for? I just want to be prepared if I do see an extra $5.00 on my next bill." He then said, "Well you'll have to read me this note on your bill for me to tell you." Thanks Captain Obvious, but I can figure it out on my own. You are telling me that fee won't apply to me, but you don't know what I'm talking about? This is the kind of sad human interaction I've been experiencing with Knology since I moved to Alabama.

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SAINT PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- On Oct 16, 2004 I returned a cable box, remote, and cable modem to the Knology office in Pinellas Park, Florida and cancelled my account with Knology. I received a receipt the returned equipment.
On Nov 29 2004, I received a bill from Knology for the amount of $412.10. As I had prepaid for cable/internet services for the entire month of Oct 2004, the statement listed a credit of $42.71 for the unused partial month of service. It also included a charge of $425 for unreturned equipment and a total of $29.75 for state and county sales taxes.
I submitted an online complaint to Knology explaining that I had returned the equipment. On Nov 30, I received an email reply from Knology Customer Service apologizing for their mistake and stating that the equipment charge would be removed from my account. I replied to this email and requested that my refund of $42.71 be sent to me. On Dec 7, 2004, Knology Customer Service replied and stated that a check for the $42.71 was being mailed that day. I received the check and considered the matter closed.
On Mar 4, 2005, I received a debt collection letter from CMI stating that I owed Knology the amount of $412.10.
I do not now and have not ever owed any money to Knology. I have spent nearly 5 months trying to cancel my cable/internet service. It took nearly two months before they finally refunded my $42.71 and they acted like they were doing me a favor by sending it then. Of course, they expect customers to pay their bills byon the due date. In addition to causing all this aggravation, they turned my account information over to a collection agency, potentially damaageming my credit, to try to collect money that they were not owed. There is absolutely no communication between departments at this company and an extremely high level of incompetence. If you have any choice of cable/internet providers, avoid these id1ots.

Call in procedure
By -

MADISON, ALABAMA -- The call in procedure. You go through hell and then they want you to repeat it when someone finally comes onto the phone. There's no number to punch for complaints.

Amazing Customer Service!
By -

Until very recently, I worked for another phone company that was able to provide long distance service to your local telephone customers. Occasionally, I would get customers whose issues needed to be resolved at the local level. Whenever I had to contact Knology for assistance, your reps were always laid back, friendly, and willing to help--and really knowledgeable (it's always nice to speak to a rep who knows what random/casual billing is!)

Anyway, I just want to say I think you guys are great, and, if I didn't live in Canada, I'd definitely be a customer!

(I hope you give your reps fat bonuses!)

Because I can't, I won't be using your service, but I'll definitely recommend you to people I know who can!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And keep up the good work!

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