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Faulty Driver Software (Kodak ESP 5) and Others
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ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I purchased a Kodak ESP 5 Printer about 1 year ago and only used it for a month or so. The printer got packed up and put away after that because I was unable to update the software through Kodak's website. Recently I got the printer out and tried again to install the updated drivers from the website. Same results. (The Web Installer that you are required to download did not work. It could not download and install the drivers and I received an error that the driver download had failed.)

I contacted Kodak support on two different occasions in the past 2 weeks. After receiving an updated driver disk from Kodak, that was ordered by the first tech I spoke with, I tried again. Same problem! I called Kodak support again. After doing some quick research while talking to the tech, I found out (through no help from the Kodak support tech) that the install file (EKAiO2.inf) on the version 7.3 software disk did not have support listed for the ESP 5, ESP 7 or the ESP 9 printer drivers install, even though the second tech I spoke with reassured me that the ESP 5 AiO along with all of the AiO series printers was supported. Not so!

The drivers might be compatible, but you just can't install them for the ESP 5 printer because the ESP 5 is not listed in the install (inf) file. Unbelievable! BTW, the tech I spoke with got quite upset when I told him that the ESP 5 AiO printer was not supported in the install file. Anyone that knows how drivers are installed also knows that the installers "inf" file specifies what specific hardware is supported. Obviously the tech was not aware of that. I have a feeling that the same is true for some of the previous updated driver versions.

So if anyone happens to own one of the ESP printers that I mentioned above and you try to install the updated drivers from Kodak's website or from an updated software/driver disk and you get an error, now you know why. Won't buy another Kodak printer or recommend them to anyone.

Rare Customer Service
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ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Last December I purchased a Kodak Easy Picture Viewer. This is a small device which allows you to store and display digital pictures. It was not a terribly expensive purchase. I found myself unable to load any pictures on it last week, and it continually turned itself off.

I didn't expect much help, but I called the Kodak 800 number, where a very pleasant woman reviewed some possible fixes, then concluded that the unit was bad. This was last Thursday. On Thursday evening I received an email with an RMA, and instructions for sending the unit back.

On Friday, I packaged it, and sent by U.S. Mail to Kodak. On Monday I received an email from Kodak saying that they had received my package. (nice surprise!) On Tuesday I received an email saying that they were sending a new unit, THAT DAY! Included in the email was the tracking number. I just checked, and sure enough, the package is on the truck for delivery. Dell could take some lessons from Kodak.

Kodak Co
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ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- We could send out by email 7 photos at one time. But as of July we can NO longer can send out photos. This Sucks... Kodak Stop us. I will not buy anything from Kodak again.

Goodbye to Kodachrome?

The photographers out there might be interested to know that Kodak may have stopped making the Kodachrome slide film. In production since the 1930s Kodachrome was very popular for its color and longevity. The current stock of the film expire next year and there's been no word if the machinery will once again be fired up for more. Apparently Kodak has only been making one run a year of about 20,000 rolls but none have been made since 2006. Also there's only one place in the world where it can be processed and it's located in Kansas.

Kodak Smart Frame Service Is No Longer Available!

Beware of buying a Kodak Smart Frame! The website service that allows you to download images to your picture frame is no longer accepting new customers! I do not know if they offer an alternative service, but just a word of caution. Check it out before you buy!

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