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Camera Repair
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MAUREPAS, LOUISIANA -- DO NOT SEND YOUR CAMERA IN FOR REPAIR! While in the process of taking pictures I turned my camera off and when I tried to turn it back on, nothing happened. I researched and found Precision Camera. Their reviews were about 50/50 so I choose to go straight through Kodak. After the diagnose your problem over the phone they tell you what it will cost to repair, you have to pay first and then they send you emails telling you what to do. After the took my money I went to my email and found out they send my camera to Precision Camera! I called them back and was assured there would be no problem. HAHAHAHAHA! Precision OF COURSE called to say there was EXTENSIVE damage to my camera (not hardly) and that it could not be repaired to contact KODAK. I did and they said they would send me a replacement camera since I had already paid (not sure what that has to do with it). If they did not have the same camera they would send me one comparable...hmmmm. That is the key word. I asked for my old camera back and they said they could not. I paid $700.00 for a camera 2 years ago, I received a camera listed for $134.99 (refurbished and will not turn on), plus I paid them $167.00, it cost me $26.00 to mail it to them and they have my camera.

After many phone calls and the words you will receive an email to complete a survey (WHO CARES) I gave them my camera, my money and they are laughing all the way to the bank. I am insulted, angry and disappointed. NEVER will I buy another KODAK property. My neighbor just received his out-of-warranty SONY back, nice, fixed and has a smile on his face.
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Soaring Consumer on 01/29/2009:
Typically what I do when I send a product back is to take pictures of the product to prove that there was not additional damage if they make that claim.

Since they sent you a different camera that wouldn't work you should demand a free new replacement especially considering that they overcharged you and ripped you off in the first place. If they refuse or tell you that you need to pay more money to fix the new one, sue them.
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Poor Customer Support
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Called Kodak for a small 25 cent power plug for my charger to my Kodak camera. was passed for dept to dept 7 times. the 7th was tech support and as he was telling me he would direct me to parts I explained I'd already been there and that they had said tech support could look up the part and please do no pass me off again. He said please hold while he tried and put me on hold. I listened to the hold music loop time after time for 20 minutes then was disconnected. Almost an hour of my life wasted and still I had no part number or price. After email my frustration and disapproval of the way I was treated I get a email from Kodak. Sorry for your experience, we will give you the part for free, you only have to pay 15.00 for shipping. What a joke, 15.00 shipping on an item the size of a quarter, ya right. I've bought Kodak products for over 40 years, I'll never buy another due to their poor customer support.
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BEJ on 08/25/2010:
Is the part only available from Kodak? I wonder if a 3rd party might be able to supply it such as a camera store or another seller. Do an online search for it and maybe you can find another vendor for this part.
db1105 on 08/25/2010:
Try eBay, just type in the brand and model type and power plug and you should get what you need.
WaveBucker on 08/25/2010:
I've found complete chargers new on Ebay for 7.00 and free shipping. I figured for such a small part Kodak would charge me 2-3 on the plug and 2-4 bills for shopping, boy was I wrong.
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Won't stand behind product
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I bought this camera on March 6th 2009 on may 24, 2009 I had to buy a new battery neither Kodak or Walmart will give me my money back or exchange it! they each say the other is responsible for replacing it so now I'm out te money and the camera it has not worked at all even after trying the new battery
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Ben There on 08/23/2009:
I am slightly confused - did you want them to replace the battery or the camera? I am assuming the camera, but this is written like no one would exchange or refund the battery.
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Repair Of My Digital Camera
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ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- I sent my in warranty Kodak digital camera (C653) to Kodak. Postal records show they received it on June 23 2008. Nothing happened so I called them repeatedly inquiring about the status of my camera. The last time I called they said they would get back to me in 48 hours, that was a week ago. They told me not to call them back again.

They have not sent me anything. I think they have lost my camera and I want it replaced. I feel I have been treated rudely and am really disappointed in Kodak.
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Anonymous on 08/02/2008:
When I sent in my Sony point-and-shoot for warranty work a couple of years ago, I had to send it to an outside vendor for service that SONY had outsourced to. It's likely that your camera has been outsourced as well, is in a pile with others and they are either trying to track it down or just plain "get to it." Keep on 'em - I hope you have the serial number of the device down as proof of purchase?
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Failure to repair under warranty
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OHIO -- I bought a Kodak C743 digital camera for my daughter in January of this year. After 3 months of use the lens stopped working and made a clicking sound. I called Kodak and they walked me through some basic troubleshooting. I was told I had to send it in for repair. I went on line and got a Return Authorization (RA#) number. I paid to ship the camera to there contracted facility, United Camera & Binocular Repair Corp. After a couple of weeks I called for an update and was told that in their opinion the camera was damaged and was not covered under warranty. They said that they found 3 small dents around the telescoping lens. They also said the motor was broken. Cost to repair was $90. That’s more than half what I paid for it. I called Kodak to escalate and got an overseas call center. They told me that there was no way to escalate repair discrepancies within Kodak. I had to call the repair company. The repair company said that their decision is final. I truly believe that the secondary damage (3 dents) has nothing to do with the broken motor, but I have no one to escalate to at Kodak! Any Suggestions?

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/24/2007:
You can't hold them liable for a camera that you damaged. Pony up the 90 bucks or look on eBay for one used.
MDSnyder on 05/24/2007:
If I believed that I was responsible for the damage I would pony up the 90 bucks. If someone scratches the hood of their car and the engine stops working a short time later, Should that person except that the scratch caused the engine to stop? The biggest frustration is that the manufacture has removed itself from any support and customer relations. There customer support is overseas and their contract repair center say they have no authority.
jose10 on 06/07/2008:
hThis is about the digital cameras made by the Kodak sold in Indian market specially Kodak EASYSHARE m853 (deadly cameras) the battery chagrining system is inbuilt charger provided by while charging the

camera gives deadly shock
This power leakage is more than enough to spoil you fun filled holidays .
The products marketed by well Known retailers are selling at pair combination and promotional offers please see there are two write-ups in this forum

request the people not to buy this products
if by mistake if you bought one there is No guarantee this will work or you will get the service
in our contry our law is not consumer prtotective and comen man canot fight with the big comapnies so all ways beter to safe paly

Purchase Price (INR): 9299/
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Failure to honor warranty
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I received a Kodak c633 digital camera for Christmas. It stopped working after 3 uses The manufacturer claimed there was water damage to void the warranty. It had never left the house. There was no damage. I sent it to the repair shop. They sent an invoice for $90.00 for repairs stating corrosion. I had the camera returned unrepaired. I am out $125.00 Kodak stopped returning my emails.

Is there any additional avenue that I can explore to force Kodak to honor their valid warranty?
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MRM on 06/05/2007:
There must have been water that entered your camera as the repair shop fixed your camera that was corroded. It could be the moisture in the air or a splash of water from the sink that could have corroded your camera. But either way, your warranty is void because water has damaged your camera.
Pomona Guy on 06/05/2007:
What do you take pictures of?
Anonymous on 06/05/2007:
Call Kodak and tell them that you did not cause any liquid damage to the camera. I sent my camera to a shop for warranty work (the zoom lens was stuck). They sent me an invoice almost equal to the cost of the camera due to 'water damage'. I called Kodak and registered a complaint of fraud on the shop. They told me that there were complaints about that particular shop claiming water damage. I got my camera back and sent it to another authorized shop where it was fully repaired at no charge.
adzidek on 06/05/2007:
I've heard of shops fraudulently claiming water damage so that they can charge the customer full-pop rates, whereas if Kodak pays, they have "preferred" rates, and the shop gets screwed.
Sarah May on 06/05/2007:
Oh wow, PassingBy, that sounds like a nail being hit on the head. Thanks for that, I never would have guessed.
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