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Kohler 20 Hp Courage Engine { Blowed In Half }
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Rating: 1/51
KOHLER, WISCONSIN -- Bought a 2007 cub cadet with 20 HP Kohler courage engine NEW IN 2008. Took it out of the garage this past month, and without warning, pow, it blew the block in two. Called Kohler, tech thought it was funny. Next tech told me they were aware of it but corp was trying to slip them through, but I didn't hear it from him but they could only sell me a new one. So, Kohler engine corp, YOU SUCK. DON'T BUY KOHLER.

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BigAl on 03/20/2013:
This is another reason you why you should drain your fuel tank before putting your gas powered equipment away for the winter. Your cylinder probably filled with gas when the float in the carb malfunctioned. Everybody should drain their tanks before storage and in the spring you should remove your spark plugs and turn the engine over a few times before starting.
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Kohler Refused To Replace Manufacturer Defected Product
Posted by on
This is the first time I've ever complained online, but I have to say this one has me steaming mad.

We purchased a LOT of Kohler higher end products from a higher end bath products retailer. We were completely renovating our house, so we ordered a lot of product up front.

We have been knocking off the renovation, one room at a time, and it came to install the vanity sink faucets (two of them). We had the plumber over to do the install and when we pulled them both out, they both had what I would call a chip or ding in them. Now this ding did not look as if it was done in shipment because the shiny finish was not marred or scratched.. This looked clearly like a forging issue at the manufacturer.

Unfortunately the company we bought these two faucets from turned out to be an unreliable business. We have since stopped dealing with them. So with a problem like this, we called Kohler directly. They said we had to deal with the reseller. So we contacted the reseller.. I month later and lots of excuses and still no replaced faucets.

So we called Kohler again. They said I had to deal with the reseller and that they could do nothing. They refused to stand up and help the end customer. We had purchased a lot of their product and were looking to purchase more, but that didn't matter. They basically told is that if the reseller didn't replace them, then we were stuck with the uninstalled, defective product. These were $500+ faucets by the way.

In talking with another distributor, we were told a couple of things. The main thing was that Kohler can issue a 'warranty letter' which would allow us to get our faucets replaced at any retailer/distributor. When I asked Kohler about this, they said they would not do this at all. They didn't say why not, just that they wouldn't.

So here we are, two defective faucets, new out of the box, never installed, and Kohler couldn't care less. I am so shocked that a company the size of Kohler, who wants to play in the higher end market where company image matters, is this dismissive with their product defects.

We of course will never deal with them again. If I could return everything we bought from them I would.

Let this be a warning, once its sold, Kohler couldn't care less.

Vancouver, BC
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BokiBean on 05/11/2009:
I'm like you, I would expect a lot better from Kohler. They're pretty proud of themselves pricewise, and they should stand behind their work. VH
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Kohler Courage series engine 20HP
Posted by on
I purchased a 20 HP Cub Cadet riding lawn tractor with a Kohler Courage 600 series engine with a 3 yr/ 120 hr warranty. After the tenth use and with only 11.3 hrs on the engine...It blows a rod! The warranty is 3 months out. However Kohler should stand behind a engine with 11.3 hrs on it. NEVER AGAIN!!! I am looking for more people with similar complaints or recall info.
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India on 05/19/2010:
I also have a 20hp Kohler Courage that threw a rod!!!
CHARLES.HARRIS94 on 03/26/2013:
I have one that just blew all to pieces 2 min after I started it,,its on a cub cadet lt 1045,after I put the complaint out,Kohler called me in 2 days and told me to take it to a shop to see why it happened,,glad my grandkids were in the house,,,,,
David Judy on 08/14/2014:
Bought husqavarna 20 hp kohler, in 2006 , after 251 hrs ...case cracked....
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