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Can I Still Expect Great Things?
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Either I'm having a bad week, or I'm just being picky. I can't decide. This is my second complaint in two days.

Kohl's has been my favorite store for a long time now. The customer service is bar none, and the return policy can't be beat. Lately, however, I've become a little disenchanted with the prices and quality of the merchandise. Not enough to stop me from shopping there, but enough to make me feel less enthusiastic.

Adding to my recent disappointment is an email that I received yesterday containing the following information:

"As of March 5 we will only be able to provide you one form of your statement, either paper or online. If you prefer to receive paper statements you can continue to do so, but your electronic version of your statement will not be available on My Kohl's Charge. All other functionality remains the same. Remember, you always have the ability to opt out of paper statements, which will allow you to retain your easy access online. This results in your ability to view the statement right away."

Why? I'm sure there are Kohl's customers who still prefer paper statements. Why should they have to forfeit the convenience of viewing the transactions online during the billing period? For a company that provides such excellent customer service, I find it ironic that they would deprive their customers of this simple convenience.

I hope Kohl's reconsiders this decision. I will not be giving up paper statements. Maybe it's old-fashioned and I'm stuck in a time warp, but I prefer receiving my bill in the mail. I will miss viewing the transactions online, but apparently that's the price I must pay for having the bill mailed to my home.
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User Replies:
Churro on 02/28/2012:
"the convenience of viewing the transactions online during the billing period"

I'm not sure it says that. The way I read it you have to choose between a paper copy of your statement or an online version. The Kohls statement, "All other functionality remains the same", leads me to believe you'll still see the unbilled transactions online as before. That's really no different than a lot of other banks. Personally, I have no desire for a paper copy but that's my choice.

Good info.
Slimjim on 02/28/2012:
Your are correct Churro. Only the statement isn't available on line as it reads and they reiterated that nothing else will change.
Venice09 on 02/28/2012:
You could be right. That could be what "all other functionality" means. But I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to see the account summary online. I guess I'll find out soon enough. One week wasn't much notice!
Venice09 on 02/28/2012:
I read it again, and here's the part that's bothering me:

"Remember, you always have the ability to opt out of paper statements, which will allow you to retain your easy access online".

So, if I don't opt out of paper statements, will I still have easy access online?

I'll let you know next week.
Churro on 02/28/2012:
You left out a sentence which makes all the difference. The word 'this' refers to the previous sentence.

"Remember, you always have the ability to opt out of paper statements, which will allow you to retain your easy access online. *This* results in your ability to view the statement right away"

They are talking only about your easy access to the online statement.

If you log into your Kohls account there is a link, 'View Statements' and another separate link 'Unbilled Activity'. The email seems quite clear they are only talking about eliminating the 'Veiw Statements' links for those who insist on get paper statements.

Obviously this is being done to entice people to give up paper statements. I got to ask if you're online why the heck do you need a paper statement anyway. Eh, to each their own.
Venice09 on 02/28/2012:
Obviously, that's the reason. I don't like feeling threatened. And that's how this made me feel. If everything else remains the same, why not make the statement available, too?

I have never been late or missed a payment on a bill. I attribute that to receiving paper statements. I don't want to rely on the internet alone for various reasons.
Alain on 02/29/2012:
I prefer paper statements. As long as this doesn't effect our receiving them, I'll have no problem with it. Good review, information and please do let me know next week, Venice. We haven't charged anything there recently so we won't be getting a statement next month.
Venice09 on 03/05/2012:
Just as I thought. I cannot sign into my account without re-registering.

What does this mean?..

Access Your Account

For your benefit, we have enhanced our security process and you may be required to answer additional questions during the Sign In process.

Register your Kohl's Charge account online and take advantage of these great features:

Free online payments
Access to statement and transaction history
Account maintenance
Go Paperless

Kohls.com shopping account customers should also register here to access their Kohl's Charge account information.

Existing Users
Access your account by entering your User Name and Password

If I re-register, does it mean I agree to go paperless?
Churro on 03/05/2012:
I just signed in. It's fairly simple. Put in your old login information, provide your last name, date of birth, last four of SSN and zip code. Then you have to choose a new password and provide answers to some challenge questions. Bada-Bing-done.

It defaulted me to paper statements. I still have the option to view transaction history online not only for unbilled transactions like before but now for previous months as well.

Kohl's online system is actually better than before. Now of course I changed my 'statement delivery method' back to electronic statements because I'm no fan of paper.

Once again Kohl's fails to disappoint.
Venice09 on 03/05/2012:
I wasn't questioning the process. Of course, it's simple. I was questioning if re-registering would default to paperless statements. It's actually not much better than before. If I remember correctly, previous months were always available for viewing. Security might be better, but that's all.
Churro on 03/05/2012:
I certainly didn't mean to imply anyone was questioning the process. I was merely relating my experience setting up my account so people will know what to expect.

As far as switching the customer to paperless by default it does quite the opposite. I was paperless before and when I re-registered it switched me to paper statements which of course I switched back to e-statements. Regardless though if you stick with paper you can still view transactions online from previous months.

I think I should get a buck or two a month in Kohl's cash for saving them the expense of mailing me a paper statement. Now that would cool.
Venice09 on 03/06/2012:
I'm not sure what you saw when you re-registered our account, Churro, but here's what I read:

"Enter your email address. Your electronic statement notification will be sent to this email address."

That means it will default to paperless statements, as I suspected. No?

If I follow through with re-registering my account, and it defaults to electronic statements, there may be no turning back. I do not want to forfeit paper statements.

Has anyone else besides Churro tried this?
Venice09 on 09/06/2014:
When did my name change to Margaret?!! This review from 2012 showed up on the feed as new. I thought the title looked familiar, so I checked it out and realized it was MY review. The author of some of my other reviews has also been changed to Margaret. Is this a temporary glitch, or am I now Margaret?
DebtorBasher on 09/07/2014:
Good question Venice AKA Margaret! I'll check with addy and find out....good to see ya around!!!
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Kohl's Falsely Accuses Grandmother
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA -- Kohl's gives surveillance video to the Public:

A local resident feels like Mark Twain's quote "A lie can run around the world six times while the truth is still trying to put on it's pants" is especially true in his family's case ever since a video of his wife and grand kids aired on an Atlanta news station and went viral worldwide spreading misinformation about them.

The video alleges the Pike County resident found a wallet, handed the money to her sons and then went on a spending spree. In reality, all the money and other items in the change purse were returned to the rightful owner. "I just want people to know the truth," she said. "When I found the change purse, there was a gift card and a receipt on top of it and the license was in a pull out pocket. The video says I was handing out money, but I handed the receipt and card to my grandson so I could look at the license. My young grandson was excited because I said we could go to Game Stop after Kohl's."

The family wants to clear up the story but are scared to give out too much information about themselves since the video has been posted to thousands of websites where viewers have posted nasty comments, even death threats from sites such as AK47.net.

A simple Google search of 'Woman finds wallet" will result in more than 4.5 million videos, photos and web stories. Most of them are about Barbara and her 8- and 15-year-old grandsons and they tell only a part of the story, stating that the three found a wallet, passed the money out amongst them and never returned any of the contents. The original news story even encouraged people to call 911 and turn them in to be arrested. Many of the webpage comments condemn the woman and even threaten her life and that of the young boys.

"I tried diligently to locate the young lady from Mississippi and if additional video had been shown, it would show me walking around inside Kohl's with the wallet in my hand looking for the owner," said Barbara. "It would also show me waiting at the location where I found the wallet to see if the young girl exited or entered the store."

The three took the missing wallet, walked out of view of the front door surveillance tape and into the store. They took the wallet to the customer service desk, but hesitated to turn it in for fear workers would take the cash inside of it. Barbara called her husband, a retired fire chief, to ask him what he thought she should do with it. "He told me to bring it home since she was out of state and he would use his contacts with the sheriff and police offices to get it back to the owner," she said. "We thought since the license said she was from out of state and under 21 that she might be a college student and we were scared with the amount of cash in it that the customer service workers would take it."

Once home, the family searched Facebook and even called in a favor to a relative to look up the owner's phone number using information from the wallet. They called repeatedly over the next few days, expecting someone to return their call. They were excited when they heard there was a news story about a missing wallet, because they were hoping to find the owner.

"My grandmother taught me that when you find something that's not yours, you get it back to the rightful owner and that's what we were trying to do. This has really affected these two young boys," said their grandfather Wally. "Noah, who is 8, asked me if he was going to jail. He asked me why his Mimi was crying after they saw the news story."
Noah was the one who took the wallet to the Pike County Sheriff's Office after getting out of school. According to investigator Maj. David [snip] the wallet has since been returned to the owner.

In the original news coverage which aired just days after the wallet was lost, Joseph [snip] says "She's setting an example for her kids. What are they going to do the next time they see a wallet or they see somebody drop something?"

Well, the 8- and 15-year-old boys were tested on that when they found $60 cash inside Wal-Mart a few weeks after the lost wallet incident. They looked for a store security officer and when they couldn't find one, they called the Griffin Police Department and immediately turned the money over to Officer Andrew [snip].
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User Replies:
Susan on 06/20/2013:
Do you know any of the people involve in this saga personally? If not then you are just re-posting something running around the Internet and taking their word as the truth. Oh - wait a minute - I forgot - if it's on the Internet it's true!
H. H. Kitchener on 06/20/2013:
I know that if I found a wallet at a WalMart--or any store---I would not just turn it in to customer service. I simply would not trust the workers there to not steal anything of value in it. I would try to contact the owner and return it myself. As for the two kids finding $60 in cash inside a WalMart's and giving it to the police, I suspect this addition to the story is false in order to somehow show how good the kids are. Anyone finding cash just lying around in or outside of a store is going to take it and call it "finders-keepers." As it is. With no way to ID cash, how would you know whose it is?
FoDaddy19 on 06/20/2013:
This seems more of a cut and paste job of an article posted somewhere rather than an actual first hand review.
CU on 06/20/2013:
Short story is you turn it in at Customer Service, and it's done. You'd be out of the picture. If one just can't bring themselves to do that, then turn it in at the police station.

In my eyes, once they walked out of the store with the wallet, it's 'guilty as charged'.
trmn8r on 06/20/2013:
You don't take such a wallet out of the store, because you'll end up on youtube videos walking off with it.

Or, just listen to common sense, which will guide you in the same direction.

This woman got what she deserved, in my opinion.
madconsumer on 06/20/2013:
locally, there was a single mother who had cashed her "holiday" bonus, and paycheck. she walked out of the bank with nearly 2k cash. on her way to spoil her children for the winter holiday, she stopped at a local petrol station to refuel, and somehow, lost her "bonus" and paycheck. as soon as she realized the envelope was missing, she reported it to the police. a report was filed, and somehow the local telly stations caught wind. several stations interviewed her, while in tears, she said she wanted to give her children the best holiday ever. a local philanthropist was so moved by her story, he sent her a card containing the cash, saying happy holidays.

after the story broke the news, the envelope was located and turned over to the police, all but a few hundred quid was there. the generous card giver was returned his card with the cash. he was so moved by the return of her money, he 'donated' some cash to makeup what was missing.

there are still good people in the world. not everyone believes "finders keepers" is a personal value.
Old Timer on 06/21/2013:
My Mom left her purse in a local Del Taco some time ago. There was no one inside except her and my Dad. She realized it was gone about two blocks away and they returned. The store was still empty, not one customer had come in yet. Her purse was gone from the booth they were at. The employees and manager knew nothing about it.

As stated above, giving it over to the employees is often the wrong choice. Though her case was one of the employees finding the purse then lying about it five minutes later.
Private Eye on 06/30/2013:
Here is some food for thought:
Kohl's gave surveillance video to an alleged seminary student. He post a small portion of the video on You Tube,collects donations.
"What If ?" Someone wants to wrongly accuse a police officer
What? on 08/12/2013:
Some of these comments are bewildering to me. Don't trust the employees to turn in lost items? What?

I work at Kohl's, and we're strict about our lost and found circumstances. You bring it to customer service, and we keep it in a safe place, log it in a book, and wait for the customer to hopefully retrieve it. It will stay there until it is rightfully returned to its owner.

The fact people think we, as employees would KEEP someone's personal belongings, is ridiculous.

Have more faith in people.

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Never Ever Shop From Kohl's
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS -- I used to shop from Kohl's I am a customer since 2006. This week 02/19/13 I went there with my 2 kids, my husband and my friend, my husband was holding my baby stroller (2 month) before I made check out my daughter want to go to the bathroom at this time my husband gave me my baby stroller and he took my daughter, after I paid for my purchase, I left Kohl's ,few second later I heard a rude woman asked me to stop. I shocked especially when she told me you left with no paid items than I follow her to the office. My problem is : my daughter (3 years old) she put 2 cheap toys cost less than $8 on the button of my baby stroller. I tried to explain to her she is my daughter who put them their not me , and the stroller wasn't with me either, I didn't see the items trust me ,but she don't care about what I m saying ,she accused me and she told me how can I trust you maybe you saw them. I asked her many times to go back to the camera and see the tape, and she started yelling and screamed at me, threatening. She asked me to sign some papers or she will call cops to take me to the jail I was very scared because I don't understand a lot of her words and I can't defend of my self, because my English very weak , I started cry and I explain again and I asked her to go back to the tape, is no prove or evidence .but she didn't ,I told her I am still sick I had a baby recently by cesarean section 2 month a go I felt like I'm going to pass out, but I was thinking of my baby. She told me sign the papers if you want go home today, I have power to send you to the jail thinking about your kids (she said) my husband called many times but he came in the end and he tried to explain to her too he was holding the stroller not me, but she never listened, she asked my husband to take the kids and my friend too out of the office, at the end before I sign the paper I don' know what exactly on it ,I asked her to gave me a copies. She said no way, and she took a picture of me like a thief, really I suffered injustice when I left the office I felt dizzy. I couldn't walk, but she was follow me and she asked my husband to took me away from the store. Really really I felt very bad and I am still. I didn't sleep for two night, please I need your help, what I have to do in this case. I suffered injustice then I paid a fine later for something I didn't do it. (I'm sorry for any mistake I don't speak good English) maybe my heavy accent helps this lp woman treated me as a thief .I need your advices please.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 02/22/2013:
As terrible as the situation may be, as parents you are responsible for the actions of your children at all times. While there was no intent on your part to pilfer the toys, the store does not see it as such.

One of the more common places for shoplifters to hide items they want to pilfer is in a baby stroller, even to the extent of hiding the items under the baby. Loss prevention personnel are very mindful of this practice and tend to watch customers with strollers carefully.

It is doubtful you would have "gone to jail" and the threat was certainly inappropriate.
clutzycook on 02/22/2013:
I would have told them to call the police and see what happened. Leet is right in that you probably wouldn't have gone to jail. Contact Kohls corporate and report this person.
trmn8r on 02/23/2013:
The scenario that you describe unfortunately is the same as one real thieves use. The discovery of these items on the stroller led them to conclude this was intentional.

As clutzy says, a call to corporate to discuss what happened may be a good idea. If there were items on the stroller that were from the store, it is very hard to defend.
Fleura661 on 02/23/2013:
I want just say that the items weren't hiding in the the button ,anyone can saw them , than I forget something to tell; the cashier woman who called the lp instead to asked me about them ,you can know how rude people are there.everybody told me this thing happened a lot of time with the kids ,why the treated you like this? No answer
nina on 02/23/2013:
I think one of the most important details is that you got the stroller at the last minute so you didn't know what was in it.and your English is not good enough to anderstand everything and explain everything.I think they are supposed to check the tape first because if they did so they would see that you didn't put them but your baby did.I think it's really a good idea to call cohls corporate and explain what happened exactly,and since you have been a good customer they may resolve this misunderstanding without problem.
I'm a cohls customer and Idon't want them to treat me the same way,I really feel bad for you,good luck.
rimma on 02/24/2013:
I m disgusted about Kohl's behavior, it could have happened to me too, and I would'v been in jail for no fault of mine. I will never shop there any more n I'd share this story with my friends.
Hope the corporate will solve this probleme and hire more friendly staff.
shirl on 05/26/2013:
You are right, they are rude at some of the stores, not all. I bought two pair of blue jeans there and one was black and one was white, size 6 short. In the past week my daughter and I spent over $1000.00 and the black jeans I wore on Mothers day when I looked at the seam and the threads were coming out so I took to the store and since it was on clearance they only gave me $1.00 off, then I wore the white ones to church today the 26th. and they were coming apart at the seam also where they missed sewing them. I wore them to the store and showed them they said bring them back but they do not have them and neither did the other stores so I said to just give me money off since I had to get someone to sew them.They refused and said I could get a different white jeans, but they were not the same as the ones I bought and I did not want them. Two managers, and they both said NO they would not do that. I will never shop at Deltona, Kohls again................!!!
Georgia consumer on 08/16/2013:
The most alarming "fact" about Kohl's loss prevention is that they allow total strangers to get copies of their surveillance video.A man claiming to be a seminary student was given a copy of surveillance video from a Kohl's store in Georgia and used it to falsely accuse a grandmother and her grandsons of stealing. Kohl's refused to give the grandmother additional video so she could prove she did nothing wrong.
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Stay Out Of Kohls, They May Accuse You Of Stealing
Posted by on

This morning I was shopping at the Kohl's in Raleigh NC (#466) on Falls of Neause Rd. After PAYING FOR MY PURCHAES I WAS ASKED TO NOT LEAVE BY A VERY RUDE MAN. HE PROCEEDED TO LEAD ME TO AN OFFICE AND ACCUSE ME OF SHOP-LIFTING....HONESTLY I THOUGHT THIS MUST BE A PRACTICAL JOKE...IT WASN'T. He went on to inform me that I was videotaped stealing 2 $10 rings...which of course is NOT TRUE!!! Why would I just pay for $60 in merchandise and steal $20 of other merchandise...his respose to me, "how would I know." I requested to see this supposed tape, his answer "I don't have to show you anything." This is where the threats now began..."we can do this the easy way or I can call the cops, and have you sent to jail and ruin your whole day." I TRIED to discuss this with him and to find out what he was talking about, but to no avail. He was rude, bullying, threatening and completely out of line. He would not give me his name, would not call in the Store Manager, again would not show me his so-called "evidence tape", would not allow me or agree to escort me back to the "scene of the crime." He proceeded to tell me I lied, stole and that I "seemed" a bit crazy. I asked my options and his answer,"agree to everything I tell you and we can get through this easier, otherwise I will ruin not only your day but your life, and I have the power to do it." Well at this point I certainly realized I was dealing with an ignorant, pompous, control freak and was terrified if I did not agree with him, so I did, though nothing I agreed to was true. He then informed me I had to sign an (UNFILLED) form out admitting my "guilt" and agreeing to never shop at any Kohl's again. When I asked him why the form blanks were left empty, "I'll fill them out later, it's none of your business what I write or put into my final report." Again when I inquired about his name "you needn't worry about that...and then said Jonathan, that's all you need to know." Of course I asked him for a copy of this (unfilled in) form, "NO your're not entitled to it, if Kohl's wants you to have one they'll mail it to you."

FOR THE RECORD I HAVE NOT, HAVE NEVER, WILL NEVER AND HAVE NO NEED TO STEAL ANYTHING EVER!!! This was an emotionally abusive situation, at best, not to mention degrading and unethical."

Upon completion of this "review" I will be contacting my local media, both TV and print, as well as my attorney, the BBB and your corporate offices.

Joanne Seibert
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 09/13/2010:
If this is true, definitely call your attorney. I'm surprised that you didn't just have them call the police. If you were innocent of shoplifting, and you believe that they really have no evidence, then you have nothing to fear.
skelly39 on 09/13/2010:
I'm lost-did you sign a form stating you did steal, sign a blank form on which they will write that you admitted to stealing, or not sign the form at all?
jktshff1 on 09/13/2010:
I would have told him to call the cops and prove his position. If you did agree and sign anything, you should be discussing this with your attorney.
FlShopper on 09/13/2010:
I agree with the others...call a lawyer.
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
Something is not right about this review. Where were the rings you supposedly stole? Did you offer to let him search your purse, pockets, coat, etc? Why would you admit to something you hadn't done, let alone sign a blank form?! Why didn't you demand he call law enforcement, or do it yourself?
danny54 on 09/13/2010:
In addition to your lawyer, I'd also touch base with the stor manager to let him/her know of the incident. They need to know what kind of person they have in their employ and how that person may be having a negative impact on their business.

On another note with Kohl's, my big complaint with them is their sales floor layout. I need to use an electric scooter due to an incomplete spinal cord injury. I found that I had to give up shopping at Kohl's because I could not maneuver my cart through their sales racks.

Back to the OP, good luck with this situation. I hope it all works out for you.
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
Call an attorney? Too late for that isn't it?
The OP should have let this be handled through the police first and the courts if necessary if they were so innocent.
jktshff1 on 09/13/2010:
nope kish, the op is going to need an attorney to get this off the records.
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
How would they get it cleared?
A signed confession is hard to erase.
jktshff1 on 09/13/2010:
Don't know, but an attorney would be better at fighting the battle.
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
How will they get it cleared? It will cost the OP a lot of time and money, but there's no guarantee it will happen. Kisha's right, it's going to be hard to get it erased.
Huck_Hoshimoto on 09/13/2010:
I just called that store(919)518-0569 and talked to the Manager named Jennifer.
After relating this complaint, I asked if she cared to respond verbally OR respond online here to this accusation and she said that Kohl's does not respond to any online complaints.

FlShopper on 09/13/2010:
Yeah, it will definitely be hard to erase. But if the OP signed a false confession, I would think it's worth the effort.
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
If the only record is at Kohls, then it's probably not that big a deal. How would they even know you were shopping there (at another store) if you paid cash? I agree, though, I would never sign anything and I would have definitely called the cops myself if something like this happened to me.

I thinking calling the corporate office, at the very least, may just get that record expunged and the person in question may just lose their job.
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
If I were the accused and haven't received a citation (or a night in jail), I'd leave the matter alone.
Something happened here and the OP got off easy.
rockfishing on 09/13/2010:
I would of called security's bluff and demanded they call the police. If they wouldn't I would of called with my cell phone. If they had video proof they would of shown it. It sounds like they were just fishing without proof. I would at least file a police report if I had nothing to hide. Walmart got sued a few years ago for the same thing.
Huck_Hoshimoto on 09/13/2010:
Like police everywhere, Kohl's security will lie at the drop of a hat to get what they want. AND, in the end, it is legal for them to do that!

ie: "We have two witnesses that will attest to the fact that you.....[etc]"; when in fact, they have no witnesses at all. Just to get you to admit what they want.
bcd on 09/13/2010:
If the OP signed the confession (which was not stated here) and the police were not called, it’s apparent there was a theft.

Everyone has the right to receive a copy of any document they sign, at the time the document is signed.
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
It appears that they did sign a confession and agreement not to shop there anymore.
Had the OP heldout on signing or allowed the police to come they would have been cited and possibly arrested.
If they were so innocent why aren't they going after this person for "False Imprisonment?"
Ytropious on 09/13/2010:
Having worked at Kohls (briefly) this doesn't sound right. If the LP guy was a man, it's against Kohls rules to have him take you alone into the LP room, a female employee must also be present. This was never mentioned. It just doesn't sound right to me...
Venice09 on 09/13/2010:
I'm not completely convinced one way or the other on this. But when I read stories like this one, it makes me wonder what I would do if it ever happened to me.

First of all, the only way to let someone bully you is to keep reacting to the tactics. It's hard to bully and intimidate someone if they don't let it affect them. I know it's easier said than done, but I would try to not be defensive and to remain as calm as possible. I would also say as little as possible. I would not admit or sign anything under any conditions and would offer to be searched. If all else failed, I would have them call the police.

As some others have already said, there's something about this review that doesn't sit right with me. The OP comes off as a person who would not let someone get the better of them. And yet they did. If innocent, I would definitely contact an attorney at this point. I would want my record cleared, even if just at the store level. I would also want Kohl's to be held responsible for its actions and those of its employees.
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
Yeah this is definitely strange. If you truly DIDNt steal anything, you should have demanded he call the police or let you go. I wouldn't put up with those LP jerkoffs.
Skye on 09/13/2010:
Wow. What happened with the rings he accused you of stealing? Did he ever produce them? From what you described, it was a very scary scene, but no matter what, why confess to something you did not do? You should have let him call the police. Innocent people have nothing to hide.

Call an attorney.
MRM on 09/13/2010:
This incident is a hoax. Don't believe everything that you read on the internet.
Anonymous on 09/13/2010:
Trust no one!
Fufu487 on 09/13/2010:
agreed. doesn't sound right at all.
Obsfucation on 09/14/2010:
I am with MRM, I don't believe a word of this. Why would an innocent person sign a confession? Go ahead and call the police. The whole story is just absurd, and sure isn't going to keep me out of Kohls.
FlShopper on 09/14/2010:
I can be really cynical so I try to give the benefit of the doubt when possible. This story does sound a bit absurd, but I wonder why anyone would take the time to make something up and post it on a site like this one. Boredom? Axe to grind?
I'm with Obsfucation...whether I believe this story or not, it won't keep me out of Kohl's.
Anonymous on 09/14/2010:
I'm thinking that someone that is scared may sign a confession just to get out of there, but, it won't keep me out of Kohl's either. I do hope they come back and let us know what they did do after the fact.
Starlord on 09/14/2010:
I do not feel this is a hoax. Sadly, some Asset Protection people can go on a power trip and act like this supposed agent, and I have persoanlly known a few. IMHO, the OP should contact the police, the Ditrict Attorney, the local TV station advocate reporters, and really raise a stink. A so-called 'signed confession' is not worth the paper it is written on, if it is obtained by coercion, which is evident in this case. This jerk gives all LPAs a black eye and does not need to be working for a company like Kohl's.
Anonymous on 09/14/2010:
why would you be scared if you did nothing wrong? Its simple. Id tell the idiot, to either call the police, or I'm leaving. Done. If he laid a hand on me, Id sue the hell out of khols and make sure that guy never worked in the security field ever again. 2 can play the macho game.
jo2416 on 09/14/2010:
Everyone who responded thank you, for those who believe it is a hoax, well that is your prerogative....BOREDOM??? Not w/ 5 kids, 2 dogs, and a very large house to take care of...not to mention my spouse, or volunteer work...but again everyone is entitled to their opinions...even when WRONG.

Now to answer some of the doubtful comments. Why didn't I call the police? First of all this ogre was very threatening and would not "allow" me to reach into my purse to retrieve my cell phone. Secondly, the POLICE??? No one truly believes they arte there for us in these situations...do they? If so I have a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn to sell you... Cops can be trusted abt as much as your common criminal, not all....but quite a lot of them....I worked legal for 10 years so YES I do know this for a fact. As we have all heard there is a fine line between love & hate, well there is an even finer line between cop & criminal.

Next, why did I just sign the (BLANK) documents? Well I suffer from panic disorder AND claustraphobia, and my reasoning in a situation such as this is to get out ASAP, this being related to our fight or flight sense, which we all possess. Though mine is exaggerated through unknown fears. Don;t believe this either...LOOK IT UP and educate yourself...couldn't hurt.

For the person who called the store and spoke to the Store Manager, Jennifer(????), well that is quite interesting, for I (OF COURSE) ALSO called the store and was told the Store Manager was not available for the day...and by the way I WAS TOLD HIS name was JIM....hmmmmm???? More lies or employee confusion...either way NOT A GOOD attribute for their employees in any case.

Oh and for the record there was a female employee present in the office, she said not a single word and looked more than a bit embarrassed and somewhat confused....ALSO NO I DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING!!! I have no reason or NEED to, especially after paying for my purchases not a minute previously ($60+)....Let's see pay $60+ and then steal a $10 ring....NO, makes NO SENSE ON ANY LEVEL....

In addition I did NOT post this for advice, I am more than capable and competent in handling this, and any and all other situations that arise in life, and have been doing just fine...however I thought it may be useful to someone else this may have happened to or could happen to...who knows next it could be anyone of you...Good Luck at Kohl's...or anywhere life may lead you too... Thank you for the feedback...positive or not.
MRM on 09/14/2010:
Thank you, Thank you, Jo, for keeping us up to date! I'm the one that said that this incident was a hoax and I was hoping that you'll comeback to dispel any speculations.
Anonymous on 09/14/2010:
jo, I am not for an instant accusing you of stealing anything but I just don't know why you wouldn't have called the police. If you didn't steal anything, then the LP guy had no proof of you stealing. You worked in the legal field for 10 years and signed a blank confession? I really don't know what to tell you other than calling a lawyer. I guess people are just different than me.
Anonymous on 09/14/2010:
Thank you, jo. We wish you no ill will. If no advice is wanted, you can check the box when you post (and probably still can) in which no comments can be posted. Otherwise, hope you get some resolution to this horrific experience.
jktshff1 on 09/14/2010:
Thanks for coming back. Keep us posted.
FlShopper on 09/14/2010:
Did the guy search your packages to look for the stolen rings? The fact that you paid for other items isn't really relevant; working in retail I know that a lot of shoplifters pay for some items and hide others. I'm not saying this is what you did, just saying that the fact you purchased $60 worth of merchandise really has no bearing on this issue.
What was the bottom line after all was said and done? Did they tell you that you are no longer welcome in their store? Did they take a picture of you? (I know my store does that with people who are banned).
Have you contacted the media and an attorney yet?
jo2416 on 09/14/2010:
First MRM...did my reply "clear me" in your eyes now? Just kidding with you, but it is hard to read negative comments from people you never met, but understandable...I guess. And Prince as stated in my last reply I didn't call the police for a number of reasons..interested to know why? then go back and read my previous post...do not want to go over again, but thank you for clearly stating you're not accusing me, knowing you or not..it sounds nice to hear in a world of cynics...Also my "normal" personality is to fight up against pompous ignorants like this RAC, but too much stress lately...process of divorce, kid issues, spouses' kids issues, etc...some of the fight has been taken out of me...due to excessive headaches and migraines from the stress...but not for long I'm sure...Sing-Sing thank you for the well wishes, and it is not that I do not want advice, advice is always welcomed and appreciated...what I do NOT WANT or NEED is the "bashing" from some "know it all" arrogant fools, who stand only in judgment...They don't "listen" or "see", nor do they offer advice or support, they are only capable of throwing stones...and I'm sure they all live in some form of a glass house...so they better be careful when it is their time to face some injustice for they will stand alone...Open mindedness goes a long way, as does compassion, empathy and human kindness....but some here hane not yet learned these basic human traits...and it is for them I feel truly sorry for...a lot to say, but who is really listening??? NOT I!!! JKT I will certainly keep up the posting as this situation reveals itself...if it ever really does...Is it life changing to not be "allowed" to shop at Kohl's??? Hardly, I'm a native New Yorker...so I actually prefer Macy*s, after all "it's like no other store in the world"...but a bit more expensive...but luckily I am in a position to afford it...most of the time.

In closing...for now, thank you to all the well wishers and open minded individuals who posted positive feedback and comments...and to the rest, as they say in NY....whatevA!
One more thing...I've read on this site in regards to Kohl's, as well as other businesses that 1 person boycotting a store means nothing to that store... well REMEMBER "every journey starts with a sigle step, well in that same vain..."change can be brought abt by 1 person, if that person takes the time to talk..and have people listen".... Good Day to one and All...
Venice09 on 09/14/2010:
Jo, thanks for the further explanations. I'm sorry for your current problems and medical condition. I wonder if the exaggeration caused by your unknown fears caused you to think this situation was worse than it actually was. Panic disorder and claustrophobia might have influenced your perception of what was going on. I hope you got the name of the employee who just stood by and watched you being treated the way you described, in case you need a witness.
jktshff1 on 09/14/2010:
"Good Day to one and All"...looks like jo hit the road.
Anonymous on 09/14/2010:
Starlord, she did thank the well wishers who posted positive feedback and comments (see her last paragraph). I think she covered everyone very well.
MRM on 09/14/2010:
Sing, its the break of dawn in your neck of the woods!
Anonymous on 09/14/2010:
No, it's 9:20 am! We're having a powerful storm right now. Lots of thunder, lightening and heavy rain. I can't see 20 feet off our balconey. I love this weather. Of course, you can't go out or you'll get drenched.
MRM on 09/14/2010:
Man I wish we could have that weather in my town, as well as, DebtorBasher's town!
Anonymous on 09/14/2010:
Just give it some time and I'm sure you will!
jo2416 on 09/15/2010:
Starlord...how exactly did I spit in your eye? Because I don't trust the cops? As I said not all, but a good majority of them...FYI: I was engaged to a NYC Officer, so believe me when I say I have my reasons...enough said.

Venice...Yes most certainly my medical conditions causes lack of perception in these sort of situations...again the sense of Fight or Flight is exaggerated in association w/ these disorders...and in this instance the Flight won out...Sometimes it can be the fight back that comes forward depending on circumstances, but being locked in a room w/ a (very large) bully can be intimidating, so my feeling was to get out ASAP b4 things got out of hand...Looking back I do not feel I handled this problem as I should have but what's done is done...for now. Once, and IF I receive further notifications from their HQ, which I am supposed to...then the fight will be back and then they'll see the "real" me, when not on "lock down" by some gorilla...they have yet to realize just who they decided to screw with...and they'll be shocked, to say the least.

Lakisha..."got off easy"....and are you sure of this??? NO, of course not you were not there...your comment implies I am guilty of something, which I AM NOT!!! Being FALSELY accused, being held against my will and bullied by some power tripping neanderthal is not EASY!!! It is scary, frustrating and a horrible experience...and to repond to your "why am I not going after them for false imprisonment"....who said I wasn't? Of course I will be doing that, but 1st you get all the information you possibly can from your accuser (known as DISCOVERY) in the legal community, you research other infringements made by the source, KOHL's and this employee, known as case study and then you file suit. Going in half blind does not work...being prepeared, poignant and having all supporting documentation is called being educated of facts, and only then can you win the fight...otherwise you're wasting your time, energy and resources.

FLshopper...no they did not take any pictures, that I know of anyway...and yes I am no longer "allowed" to shop at any Kohl's...no loss there, and as if I would anyway now...NOT SO MUCH!!! And yes I see your point on the relevance of paying for my items...but NOT BEING, a shoplifter/criminal I did not think of it that way, but yes that does seem to make sense as you stated.

Hit the road??? Oh no not at all...I'll keep responding to the negative, as well as the positive...but I cannot sit in front of my computer all day and wait as they come in...I have a life, and an extremely busy one at that....but I'm not going anywhere and will keep all updated...if the interest remains...

Again, thanks for the positive and even the not so positive...We all have our opinions and thoughts...but ONLY I KNOW the truth of the situation...and that is that I AM INNOCENT!!!!
Anonymous on 09/15/2010:
Please keep us informed of what happens next.
Starlord on 09/15/2010:
I still assert that only about 10% are bad, which is exactly the same ratio of bad to good in any other occupation. I served proudly, as did almost every other officer I have ever met. Your statement that most cops are bad and there is a thin line between a cop and a criminal is insulting and shows you allow your personal experience with one person to color your perception of others. I admit there are a few bad apples, but you are just way out of line with your snarky comments. 'Nuff said.
jo2416 on 09/15/2010:
Starlord...Since this forum is not truly about the good and bad apples of any Police Dept, or any other occupation for that matter...I will agree to disagree on most parts...Saying most are bad was surely an error on my part...not most but some, and considering the responsibility of this profession, the service to the public...even 1 bad apple is too many...UNFAIR???? Maybe, but if (let's say) there are good and bad in the IT industry, though it may not be right it's not life changing...a Police Officer, Doctors, Dentists, Judges, Lawyers, Politicians....and others really CAN and HAVE made errors that have ruined lives, and have even been fatal. Again I am sure you will not agree, and that is your prerogative, thank you to the many soldiers who have fought for your right of freeom of speech, thought and opinion....as they did mine, so though you may feel my comments are "snarky" it is my right to say them whether you, or anyone else agrees or not. I truly believe in the right to say as you say, and though I may not agree with it I will stand up and fight for your right to say it, think it....even to defend it...And on that note best we agree to disagree and move on. But thank you for the intellectual sparring....even difference of opinions are always interesting, actually more so...if we were all alike in our thoughts, actions, views...etc. what a dull and boring life we'd all lead. Sincerely hope you have a wonderful day! Jo
FlShopper on 09/15/2010:
Have you contacted an attorney, the media and BBB yet? What is the status with all of that?
bcd on 09/15/2010:
Did we ever find out if the OP signed the confession?
love them bassets on 05/24/2011:
I would try to remember everything you did that day and why you would sign a false report. You had the right to tell him to call the police immediately and not go into any back office with him. IF YOU WERE INNOCENT you would have stood your ground and said "CALL THE POLICE RIGHT NOW AND LET THEM CHECK ME, BUT YOU ARE NOT BECAUSE I AM INNOCENT. Just because you paid for some items dosn't mean you wouldn't have taken something that you really liked, but didn't have the funds. Your story is fishy and any sane person would have stood their ground until the store manager showed up and the police -- why would an innocent person walk into a back office to discuss the possibility of you stealing. Did he drag you into the office screaming and kicking? Kohl's would have fired the guard immediately if he held you against your will without calling the police. Your story doesn't add up and I think you got caught and now you want to save face by making up some terrific story. Did he photograph you? Did you give him your information? An innocent person would have called his bluff. Kohl's is a great store who carries good quality products. Prices are going up because of shoplifting. If you are innocent, and you went into this back office withoout any proof on his part, then you need to sit down and read your rights as an American citizen. Your story doesn't add up.
Sassy2 on 08/02/2011:
love them bassets...I agree mostly with you this story does not make a lot of sense to me.Also signing the blank form is just something an innocent person would not have done,instead the victim would have insisted on calling the police and getting this straightened out.The police would not have taken her to jail if there were no evidence against her.
nena on 02/09/2012:
To the person who wrote this post please email me something very similar happened to me last week
Lumi on 09/02/2012:
Check the comment in FALSE Arrest where if starts like: My beautiful friend...

I just found this site and that person wrote exactly what happened to me and I left a comment (very long telling a lot of my story and what happened. Your story is very similar and I was propositioned, robbed, and sent to jail and they altered the video wherre it's obvious to a child and made a false receipt of items and took pictures later after I was gone of random stuff which did not match the receipt...duh...I never stole anything and even went through a trial where I actually had to hire a lawyer to prove my innocence it was so horrific and this sounds a lot like abuse of power which I talk a lot about towards the end of my comment to some friend of mine that wrote it a month after it happened. I know I have 2 years to take action and of course I will and I have BREAKTHROUGH story for someone to get out there since its a big company like kohls and I was sexually and monitarily harassed and propositioned but kohls say they don't have a tape of the inside of the security office because if they did it would show how long I was actually detained (in real time from 45 min to over an hour) but on their altered tape it's altered to 7 minutes which is not even close. I have a real sever case but it sounds like you do too. I tried to email kohls (my husband did and they never responded but if I go to an attorney then everyone will find out every detail and they would be majorly boycotted because of how many laws were broken by the conspiracy of their employees in Sarasota, fl. Kohl's false arrest, store on university and this took place Nov 6th 2010 but whoever the security guy who referred to himself as "the puppet master" or that I can think of him as! I had to go to jail on no evidence(he and the cop were buddies), then fake receipt that did not match any photo's they took, I mean they shot themselves in the foot so badly with everything they did. He even left a bruise on my inner right upper arm! I found out later he (the bully sec guard) was a cop reject so who knows what he did not to be able to be a cop but he caused all this and made other employees do things, I never met him (he admitted this on the stand and in his deposition but he called me by my first and last name and to this day I have no idea why it was even brought up in my case which I of course was NOT guilty in 5 min of jury deliberation and it was obvious to everyone he set this up along with other imployees I have on the tape helping his false arrest threat, sex thing go on but I have no clue on how much or what they even know but this woman made the receipt and I did not see him use the phone to call the police but he told me his buddy was on standby in the parking lot and I was supposed to make this clear my throat sound if I agreed to have him let me go for a sexual favor (embarrassed to say details but had to in court it sucked I remember asking if I could write it down but the judge said no so I had to say it on the stand it was awful or the other was $6000 which is an odd amount but maybe he owed that someowhere at the time who knows. I have a video that can literally make that store crumble but I need to decide what action to take by Nov because after that time (stature of limitations) runs out. Hearing your story really hits a nerve and I am not a vengeful person I just want this abuse of power chew em up thing to stop and if you are put in a position like that to be watched at all times otherwise sorry to say but the STORE is responsible for having that liability work for them unsupervised and if they were video'd to just take some kind of action but they don't hoping you and I will just do nothing, don't do nothing because if you and I do nothing people are going to abuse others and that's how people get jaded and then they become bad too. It's better to stop things like this right away and even though we did not chose this may be something chose us because we will do something. Abuse of power, fraud, and lying to the police and on the stand should be taken more seriously but more importandt is to have everyone under someone and closely where bonds can't develop so they feel they can abuse their power and treat people like crap because they rule the store/company unwatchet so they can be as bad as they want to whoever they want since for them there aren't consequences so if you and I don't do something then there are NO consequenses for real. I live in Sarasota Florida, and the store is on University but that security guard is not there anymore he resigned a few months after this but that's all. Kohl's won't respond to emails but now I know without a doubt I will confront them with this and if they won't listen to me then they willl have to listen to an attorney but then their price to pay will be higher. I've been mentally traumatized with anxiety and stomach problems which I now pay $500 a month for my doctor and med's. Maybe they should pay for that, my attorney, and a year of terror until trial and then having to go through a trial with a jury to defend myself and clear my innocence. Kohl's you really suck, watch your people and view your tapes before they get on the news for the world to view or you tube and then the news so that nobody will shop there and you can kiss your up and coming Christmas season goodbye. Write back if you are going to take action and call the manager where this happened and tell them and give them your phone number and see if they contact you then. If it's a lawyer don't worry no lawyer can go up against an altered tape that I have, my attorney AND the same one the PROSECUTOR had in my case. I'll check in a few days and my last email's been hacked but I'll start another at gmail and I'll give you that one in a few days. I am so mad this happened to you. How dare some of these people doubt in their comments well it happened to me too and I have a witness. I was held against my will tooooooooooooooooo the sec half bald guy stood in front of the door, did not allow me to use the phone, bathroom or get me some water, my friend had to wait for an hour before I got out of that office where he set me up. Even though he probable was forced to resign why not right away and he should have been fired but because kohls doesn't read their mail or respond (they do nothing) how dare some of you doubt. What if this happened to your daughter, son, sister, mother, wife???? Hello??????? Now you're guilty in this country and have to prove yourself innocent and for you who doubt that anyone would make up this story of having no power I hope this happens to your or someone close to you so you can see how you like it and see if you will still doubt then. People abuse power all the time and I am sure you will hear a story about it close onough to you very soon if you have not already so how dare you say it did not happen. Were you there?
shccamp68XXX on 11/22/2012:
Shocking .. please help! Can stores video fitting rooms? Someone should make a website
DebtorBasher on 11/22/2012:
ShcCamp...I believe they can, as long as there is a sign posted that the fitting room is monitored with cameras. I walked into a fitting room and inside the room was a sign posted that it was being monitored...I walked out. I DON'T believe they and monitor/tape inside a fitting room without notice to the customers.
Shopper on 03/03/2013:
I was intimidated by khols pot marked face security guard in Las Vegas today he cut me my path off then wait outside the dressing room then watched me check out very uncomfortable will not ever go back to khols store
Lynda on 03/04/2013:
I completely believe it as a similar thing happened to me when the cashier only charged me for one of the two items I was purchasing and I just thought it was another Kohl's discount I got. They LP hag insisites she saw me in the dressing room putting stuff inside my little girly item bag in my purse. I told her I WAS digging on that bag but I was looking for a tampon and deciding if I needed to just go home. I was also topless when I was looking for one so I feel like MY privacy was violated :(
Anonymous on 06/04/2013:
If the store employee said she saw you in the dressing room putting things in your purse, you could win millions for that comment. They are not in any way allowed to look inside a dressing room. That is a felony charge.

As for the OP. I think its a bunch a BS. No one in their right mind would go behind closed doors with one store employee especially male to female ratio. Second, who is stupid enough to sign a blank legal document? I would have called 911 immediately and tell them you were being harassed. It seems a little fishy to me. The lawyer can't do anything now except subpoena the video. Its Kohls against her. When things like this happen you immediately call the cops o there is record of the events.
Jessica on 10/05/2013:
I hate Kohl's they are a bunch of liars and I think that are the ones who steal from poor people. I was shopping in one of Maryland's store and at the time I did pay my merchadise one of the woman came to me and asked me to followed her to the back room . She said I was caugh in camera sealing I was in shock and signed and agree when she was blaming me . I left and when I got home I realized OMG what I just did ...I worked overnight shift and was tired I wanted to go back and tallk about what happened but I was told that if I get close to Kohls I will be arrested. I am waiting for the fines and see what they are going to say. I already hired a lawyer. Kolhs is going to be sorry for what they did to me.
Ant on 01/08/2014:
Your story sounds funny to me I seen people spend 700 dollars and steal 80 dollars worth of stuff and if you did not steal anything you should have never went back to the office with him I would make a big scene if somebody accused me of something I didn't do and as far as a manager he should have never took you back to the office without a witness and why did you sign anything admitting your guilt
former victim (employee) of Kohl's on 06/02/2014:

I was an employee and was treated like a thief the entire time I was there. I was permitted to be harassed by management and when I exposed the harassment in a legal document, the store manager and his female partner in crime manager accused me of "stealing time" from the company by watching a two-hour movie on company time after I gave two-weeks notice. Too bad for both of them that I have proof they lied, especially since it is now a court case.

Oh, and check out the very large numbers of glowing reviews by Kohl's employees under Indeed. Take special note of the Very Recent Dates. Looks like someone had a "write a positive review contest and best review wins a gift card" and SURRRRPRISE, SURRRRRRRPRISE....KOHL'S SPIN MACHINE IS SPINNING more lies. YES WE CAN....LIE AND GET OUR EMPLOYEES TO DO THE SAME. Sickos.
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Sub Standard Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARYLAND -- Recently, I went into my local Kohl's store and found that Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans were available in a grey and a black scroll pattern. I could not find them in the 10 Long that I needed so I decided to order them on line. I placed an order for one of each and waited for them to arrive. In the meantime, I remembered that when I buy these in the store I have to try on multiple pairs to find a pair that fit me in a 10 Long because of the inconsistencies in the fit and quality. So I decided to order 5 pairs of each color so that I would have many to choose a pair that fit me the best. I placed the order with Kohl's.com. When the first order with 2 pairs of the jeans arrived I had terrible problems with the delivery company that Kohl's.com uses on the East coast. They delivered the package to my mailbox and lied and said it was at my back door. My mailbox is 350' away from my house and not in my line of sight. I called customer service and got this information from the CSrep with whom I spoke. She stayed on the phone with my daughter while I drove up to see if the package was in my newspaper slot beneath my mailbox. It was there and I safely recovered it. This was just an omen of the problems to come.

I contacted customer service about the 2nd order for the 10 pairs of pants because I could not get any shipping or delivery information about the order. The CS representative told me that the order was never picked up by the delivery company. I tried in vain to get the representative to find a way to get the order to me but she kept insisting that Kohl's would issue me a refund (the order was already charged to my card) and that if I wanted the pants I would have to place another order for another 10 pairs because this order would not be delivered to me. I thought this was the craziest thing I had ever heard. Since, I really wanted to get the other pants, I agreed to place a 2nd order for the 10 pairs of pants. Several days went by with no credit on the credit card and no email message about any of the orders. On Friday of last week I received an email that I had received a refund on my Kohl's card. I looked and it was not for the total charged for the 10 pairs of pants but for more like 2 pairs! I could not figure this out. The situation got even crazier when on Sunday, LaserShip delivered the 1st order of 10 pairs of jeans that supposedly was never picked up and could not and would not be delivered to me! Now I would not have placed the 2nd order for the 10 pairs of jeans if I had know that they would deliver this 1st order.

The delivery person made a big deal out of telling my husband that the package was on our front door step (he was outside at the time). I guess she got in trouble for the delivery to the mailbox and lying about where she put it in a report. Yesterday, I took the 10 pairs back to my Kohl's store for a refund. When the CS representative put the transaction through 2 pairs of the pants could not be returned because they showed up as already having been returned! I explained what happened with the partial refund on the order and the representative said that must have been for the two un-returnable pants. Now I am awaiting the delivery of the 2nd order of 10 pairs of jeans. They are coming by UPS because one time when I explained about the problems with LaserShip's delivery of the first package and so called refusal to pick up the 2nd order a CS representative said that she could change the shipping to Priority Air but that she did not know what would happen to the order once it got off the plane. She also gave me a $50.00 credit to cover the cost of Priority Air. I will be returning the 10 pairs so it really does not matter how they get here just when. This entire experience has given me pause to ever use Kohl's.com again. The general incompetence of the customer service people both in China and in the USA would be funny if it was not costing me lots of time and money.

The delivery company that Kohl's uses for the east coast deliveries is far worse than the post office could ever imagine being and there is no excuse for the lies they tell. The sad thing is that after all this I think I will be returning the two pair of jeans that I wanted- the fabric stinks. It smells metallic or worse even after two washes. It must be something that they put them through to get the finish. It even left some sort of deposit on the zippers. All in all, I will not be a Kohl's.com customer again. Just too much trouble for the little saved.
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Kohls.com Ship to Issue, Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
To whom it may concern:
This letter is to complain about a frustrating experience with an order I placed on Kohls.com. I purchased 9 items from a baby registry on December 30, 2013 via your website. At checkout, I changed to ship to address to my home. While reviewing the printed order confirmation at home yesterday, I noticed the ship to address had reverted back to the registrant’s, which is no longer a current address. I called Kohl’s customer service and upon explaining the issue, I was advised this happens often, I was offered an apology and assurance that the situation would be corrected. The customer service representative I spoke with explained that a request would be sent to the fulfillment center and that within an hour, I would receive email confirmation of the correction.
Upon checking my emails this morning, I realized I had not received any communication from Kohls.com regarding my order. I decided to contact customer service again, this time via email, and received an auto reply explaining that due to a high volume of requests, responses may be delayed and I was directed to contact customer service via phone for any time sensitive issues. I picked up the phone, yet again, and called customer service, this now being the 3rd attempt on my end to resolve this situation. After an extended wait on the phone, I was connected with Garrett in customer service. I explained the situation to Garrett and also advised of my conversation yesterday with a customer service representative. Garrett was not as pleasant as the customer service representative I spoke with yesterday. Garrett was fairly adamant that he could not pull up the order without an order number. After explaining I was on my lunch break, did not have it available and asking several times if there was alternate information I could provide to look up the order, he reluctantly looked up the order with my email address. Garrett advised no changes could be made, the order couldn’t be canceled and that at this point, it will be up to the people who live at the address to be honest and reject the package. Garrett was not courteous and seemed unwilling to help. When I asked for a supervisor or manager, I was abruptly placed on hold and transferred to Vanessa. Unfortunately, Vanessa did not provide any further assistance or a resolution to my issue. I ended the call extremely livid not only because of the unresolved issue, but at the lack of service from the customer service team.
At this moment, there is a package at your fulfillment center which has not yet shipped. However, due to your policies, the ship to address will not be changed. My assumption is that this policy is due to an automated fulfillment system which limits the opportunity of changing an order. However, I cannot help but assume that somewhere in your fulfillment center, there are employees that could be contacted in an attempt to correct this situation. I understand there are no guarantees, but a glimmer of hope and an sympathetic customer service employee, doing everything they can to assist, would have made all the difference. I was not treated as a customer who supports the company, but was treated as a burden. This experience has left me frustrated, angry and unwilling to shop at Kohl’s, in-store or online again. I will be cancelling my email subscriptions and closing my Kohl’s charge account. Although my actions may seem extreme, I have never been this livid due to the lack of customer service from a company. I myself work in customer service and would quit my job if I ever treated someone the way I was treated today. All I’m left with at the moment is the hope that whoever receives my package will be honest enough to reject it, which is the pathetic resolution your customer service representative offered. In the meantime, I have to wait to see how this situation plays out and begin shopping yet again for baby shower gifts, which I can guarantee will not be at Kohl’s. Although I am just one person and cannot impact your company drastically, I can, and will, use social media as well as the internet to share my experience. Word of mouth is often underrated.
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Return With Resistance
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LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband bought two pairs if Docker pants from Kohls not even a month ago for a golf trip and did not wear one of the pairs, so He asked me to return them for him. I asked if he had kept the receipt. Of course he did not but I was hopeful because of Kohl's fantastic marketing campaign they have running about their fantastic return policy. I had the credit card that my husband used and all of the tags were attached to the pants. I went up and explained that I did not have the receipt and she scanned the pants and said oh these pants are old...they are so old they don't even scan in the system any more.

She proceeded to try to swipe the card but she said that this card was not the right one. I said oh well maybe he used his bank card I wasn't sure. She said there was nothing she could do without the right card. So I went to the Dockers section and found the same pants, the numbers matched and everything, I talked to the sales associate in the men's department and she asked me if I wanted her to come back since she usually works in the customer service area. I said no I shouldn't have a problem since I found the pants and I didn't care if I got merchandise credit.

I took both pants to the counter and showed them to her and she still proceeded to tell me the pants were different. I said the pants are the same the tags on the butt were the same, the numbers were the same except for the last digits of the sku since the pants were a different size. She insisted. I said that this is ridiculous I just want to return the pants. So I put the pants in the bag and told my mom as I walked away that it shouldn't be this hard to return and the customer service lady proceeded to say well that is why it's so important to keep your receipt. I walked away and said this is such bull.

I walked to the men's department and found the lady in the men's department and we went back to the desk, this was the third time for me and the woman that helped me in the men's department, found the pants got them to scan but did not match the card I had and she gave me a merchandise credit. I don't understand why this other lady had to make me feel like I was returning something soooo old that it didn't scan and gave me no other options. I was not happy and I don't understand why a company that has a return policy such as Kohls wouldn't train the people in charge of returns on the policy or at the least show the customer a little respect when talking to them.

I don't think it should have taken me three times to return the pants. I also went back home and told my husband the story and he told me that when he bought the pants they didn't scan and the manager had to come over and told the associate to just ring up the other Dockers that my husband bought since they were the same price. This whole situation annoyed me.
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DebtorBasher on 03/29/2012:
Same here! I tried to return a pair of pants at Kohls once (Without a receipt, still had all their tags attached) and they refused ... why? The woman there also said, they were to old AND told me they were DRY ROT!!!
I said, 'You meant to tell me you sell clothes that are dry rot, I JUST bought these a week ago!'...she said, 'Well, these ones are and we don't even sell those anymore'.
trmn8r on 03/29/2012:
That last part where they didn't scan the right item in the first place when they were purchased sounds like the root cause of the situation - the computer couldn't find that your husband has bought the item with the bar code she was scanning.

Even if you had the receipt, I believe there would have been an issue. Kohl's has a pretty good return policy, but if the barcode can't be found that is going to be a problem. I'm glad you finally received your credit.
ok4now on 03/29/2012:
I have never had an issue with Kohl's on a return. Recently my wife came home with this really ugly floral box picture purchased at Marshall's Home Goods. It came packaged in cardboard that had the bar code on it. The packaging was thrown away before I talked her in to returning it. So now we go back to the store with the receipt and no bar code. Initially it looked like a problem but the sales clerk was able to find the item doing a different scan and promptly did a refund. This is good customer service.
ok on 03/30/2012:
I love kohls and never have had an issue returning anything. They even took my year old Keurig coffee maker back sans receipt after it clunked out. That's a return policy!
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Anything But Negative ...
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You know what, every time I shop here, I feel SO TERRIBLE for the employees and managers. Customers just like what I've been reading from most of you, take things and extort them against the company. You all should be shameful and regret all of this petty complaining I see EVERY TIME I'm therem sometimes more than once. I just want to say that for one, people should learn to comprehend what they're reading. If you don't understand and need to know for sure before you trouble someone else, ask for assistance. It's YOU that causes the scene at register, not the cashier who he/she is just doing what they're told. Rules and regulations people, they govern everything around us, so why when you become the number one priority do you seem so ignorant and narrow? I've been a cashier, and it seems to me, especially after earning so much respect and pride in college, that you ALL just seem to manifest these expectations usually based on societal and cultural "norms". I'm sure as hell not going to respect you one bit if you think that what you say is right and what I'm TRYING to inform you of is wrong. You all are oblivious to an invisible and only intellectually discovered pattern of social structures, all embedded in your every waking moment. I have studied Freud and his theories, as well as the posotive Emile Durkheim. They both state "right" ... "wrong", all words of meaning only to those who are entangled in regression, ignorance, immaturity, and a self delusion of expectations that, when not met, create a psyche disruption and ambivolent retorts and defenses, that of which are an enigma to those of us who have progressed further as scholars and intellectual, rationalized, comprehenseve, analytical, open-minded, and Gnostic beings.

After saying what I needed to, and explainin in FACT why you all think we may treat you wrongful when you don't get what you want. It's simply a disease of your mind which keeps you from understanding a rational explanation of the RULES of Kohl's.

Percents cannot be combined, if they were able to be, then during scratch offs they would make no profit, thus ending somewhere for you to get away with complaining. Email alert dollar offs cannot be used more than once, because if they did that, they'd have cheap people coming in and out with merchandise that has made NO PROFIT. If they adjusted prices to your every command, they would be out of MONEY. If you have merchandise that you are unsure of getting, then maybe you should take yourself out of line, and logically, think about it before chekc-out, so as to prevent bad attitudes arising from the employees you think have problems. If you are writing a check, then why can't you get yourself a damn debit card? It's not hard, unless you have bad credit and no money as well a a lack of self control. Also, when they tell you something and a manager comes only to tell you the SAME THING, then why are you still complaining? You heard her, now leave or whatever you need to do, just get over it.

I just have lost hope for customers, I feel sorry for them everyday I visit, because you people make it so hard for them.
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Flexanimous Fellow on 10/08/2009:
You're absolutely right..a LOT of people out there think they're owed something because they can convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. Many don't have any business sense either. For example, at the service center where I work, people ask me all the time how my company stays in business when we give out a refurbished product through a warranty exchange instead of another brand new one. My response to them was that the company would be out of business much quicker if we had to give brand new products every time something went wrong with one. Management told me not to say this anymore because apparently it's rude to make sense.

Customers can be aggravating, yes, but I also believe that the attitude of the worker can make all the difference. I don't believe people are inherently malicious and evil, but get extremely frustrated when they feel cheated or helpless, and cannot comprehend during their tantrum that being nasty to the people hired to serve them won't get them very far.

Instead of getting angry right back, I feel sorry for them...how miserable must life be for them that they have to take out their anger on an employee who they know has no ability to respond back as they'd like without losing their job?

I happen to be very pleasant with all customers I deal with, and when they get angry, more often than not they do apologize.

We're all human, what can I say.
Mario The Great on 10/08/2009:
Flex - That's a great answer.
andbran on 10/08/2009:
for some reason people think managers have magical powers.they are more like figureheads than anything else.
Anonymous on 10/08/2009:
What gets me, sometimes, is I'll tell a customer something and they demand to see a manager... and then my manager tells them EXACTLY what I just told them. People just automatically assume that the cashier or peon doesn't know what they're doing. Some people, even though they're not managers, *do* indeed know what they're doing and do it well.
And, then, of course, when the manager pretty much repeats what I just said; their attitude changes and they become nice again after getting pissed off upset when I said no and the reason why they couldn't do that. I guess they need reassurance or something but still. *sighs* Oh well, you can't please everyone.
Ytropious on 10/08/2009:
bkk I hate that too, but what I hate MORE is when the manager comes over and agrees with me, but then goes ahead and gives the customer whatever they were complaining about just to get them off their back, and they have that "haha manager gave me what I wanted" look on their face after the manager leaves the situation, like the won a freaking prize. Just know that as soon as you leave the store everyone is going to be talking about you, and ain't nothing going to change that.
PepperElf on 10/08/2009:
yeah cos often then... it either sets up the cashier to look like a jerk for not saying yes in the first place, even if the cashier is following policy... and sometimes the cashier gets a little crap from the customer afterwards

or it sets up the mindset that if you try really hard (and by trying really hard I mean treat the staff like crap until they just want you to leave) then you'll get what you want. so that means you'll be more apt to use it again
Ytropious on 10/08/2009:
YES exactly! As soon as you do it for the customer "just this once" I can guarantee you they will bring that situation up when it benefits them again. "Oh but you did it last time, so and so manager did it", and then your kind of caught in a bind if you don't do it again. It's a vicious cycle that's better to not start.
PepperElf on 10/08/2009:
kind of like the phrase mom used to use for the cat

Once is a habit

it can apply to customers as well as cats
when giving in to demands
Eloise on 10/08/2009:
Ytrop, you are so right. Is there anything more annoying when a manager won't back you up. You've done everything by the book and they still let the customer get away with anything.
Ytropious on 10/08/2009:
Some managers are willing to throw the lowly cashiers under the bus in order to look like the hero of the situation. It doesn't happen often to me, but when it does it sure stings.
Anonymous on 10/09/2009:
That is one thing I HATE about where I work. What the heck is the point of having a policy, and demanding we follow it, if your manager doesn't follow it? When a manager overrides us WE look incompetent to the customer.
Firemark on 11/23/2009:
As an infrequent customer of Kohls I have to feel sorry for the employees and quite frankly notice they don't stick around very long. Customers in this country have come to expect their feedback is important, especially if the company wants their business in the future. Clearly Kohls is poorly managed and puts all the pressure on understaffed front line employees so it's no wonder people ask for the manager. For instance, Kohls idea of managing crowded checkout lines is to add a rope line instead of adding cashiers. Most well run retail stores have their managers on the front line, trying to address issues immediately and make adjustments to their store practices and customer oriented policies. Too bad Kohls isn't one of these companies.
Lizzie17 on 11/29/2014:
People I seriously don`t understand what you expect from us.
What part of We follow orders, you don't understand??

But I actually get it, you will never know what it is like until you have work for customer service.

Screaming at the one that can actually help you won`t get you anywhere, because if you give me attitude you will get attitude. However if you actually ask me for something instead of demanding it like I or the company ought you something I will be willing to help you!!

It`s that so hard to understand??
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Kohls Pricing Is A Scam .... Be Smarter Than Kohls
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Rating: 2/51
I was aware of Kohls pricing "games" a long time ago. However because I have a Kohls Credit Card, I also receive their $10.00 Off "anything" coupon in my mailbox and I also get Kohls coupons in my EMAIL and I also receive Kohls coupons in the Newspapers. THESE COUPONS CAN BE COMBINED OR STACKED ALL TOGETHER FOR "ONE PURCHASE" .... IT IS PART OF THE FINE PRINT ON THE COUPON AND ON KOHLS POLICY WEBPAGE. i.e. Coupon for $5.00 plus $10.00 plus 20% off are all separate Offers that can be combined, for one purchase of $30.00 of Merchandise.

The BEST way to shop at KOHLS is first "decide what you want" ... Let's say that you want JEANS, well just make sure you buy only BRAND NAME JEANS (like Lees, Levi's, etc) and then compare those prices with JC Penny, Walmart and etc. Then deduct the Brand Name Jeans "price" wtih the KOHLS coupons and see what your CASH price will be..... If you end up paying just $5.00 for a pair of Lees Jeans priced at $40.00 .... THEN YOU PAID $5.00 or LESS (sometimes).



You can keep an eye on Kohls prices on their website and keep checking for SALE "Prices" and check the EXPIRATION DATES on your coupon(S) and the apply all the COUPONS on that purchase -- either ONLINE or at the STORE ..... If you only paid a few dollars for BRAND NAME CLOTHES ... THEN YOU DID OK ..... HOWEVER IF THE KOHLS COUPONS DO NOT HELP YOU ..THEN DO NOT USE THEM and DO NOT BUY WHAT YOU WANTED AT KOHLS ....





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Kohls.com/Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
ONLINE, MISSOURI -- I have had the worst experience's that I have ever had with Kohls. Not only have I been on the phone (for Kohls.com orders) more than a handful of times for more than 30 min at a time over silly little things that could have easily been fixed but I have talked to some of the rudest "customer service" representatives that you have.

It all started with cyber Monday and Kohls cash (that was stated $15 for every $50.00 spent online) but apparently it was wrong. I called and asked why we did not receive our Kohls cash with our order that was placed on cyber Monday (but didn?t get until almost 3 weeks later) and the guy (the only one that was nice)was really nice especially since I was on hold for almost 2 hours and went ahead and honored our Kohls cash but I would have to call back when I got an online order ready to redeem the Kohls cash. It all went down hill from there.

I was on the phone with someone last week (on thur 1/3) and she charged my card almost $50.00 more than it was supposed to be. I called once again the next day and argued with a guy for more than 20 min over the ordeal and he could not fix it. I even asked for a manager and he would not put me though to one. So now I get to take more time out of my day to go down to my bank and have them fight with you all to fix this. I do not want nor do I wish to receive any more "Kohls cash" from your company because it has been nothing but a hassle for me but I did want to let you know that you have lost our business and I will be writing a review about the awful experience that I have had with your company. I truly hope that you all can get it together because this was just ridiculous!

Thank you for wasting my time once again....
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User Replies:
Jennie on 01/17/2014:
You say the customer service representatives were rude, yet you are saying you argued with them. I'd be willing to bet that you were rude and got an attitude with them and expected them to bend over backwards and treat you like a princess. I'll tell you that working in customer service, if a customer is nice I'll go out of my way to do whatever I can to help them. But the second you start getting rude and treating me like crap when I'm trying to help you, forget about it.
ok4now on 01/20/2014:
My experience with Kohl's customer service has been excellent. They are polite, knowledgeable and will offer exceptional service if you treat them right. Have an attitude, be rude and disrespectful, argumentation then expect the same in return.
Betty on 10/20/2014:
I was trying to get a certain dress at the store. I saw it online. I wanted to look at the dress in person. When I got there they didn't have it. They said they should have it come back tomorrow. That was a lie they didn't. They told me if I open up a Kohl's card they could order it for me themselves. That was a lie also. They acted like they were but said they was out of that size. I was really mad at this time, demanded their online phone number and went outside to my car and immediately got another idiot online that knew nothing and said the online wasn't working right and they had the size but could not order it. Got home called to more people to talk to online and I kept getting no answers why I could not order it. Last person was a moron and he said call back in 5 days the computer she be working properly yeah right. That was another lie. I will call and cancel my card from them tomorrow and I haven't even used it. Don't need it anymore will not be coming back to this stupid store or online. There are so many complaints about Koyhl's per store and online. Wished I had known about this before I went there!!
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