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Still Waiting on My Refund! Just Don't Use Them
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Horrible! Ordered pair of charcoal and orange Nikes but instead received black and hot pink cheetah print Nikes with no packaging slip and security tags on the shoes. Went to nearest Kohl's and was told the cheetah shoes were not in the kohl's system and 30 minutes later left without a refund or merchandise credit. Called kohl' x3 and sent multiple emails which I get different responses from different people who always ask for same info. Still no refund and never received correct shoes. Never will buy from or step in a kohl's store again... and I have spent lots of money there!

First/Only Bad Experience at This Location
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Rating: 2/51

WAPPINGERS FALLS, NEW YORK -- First of all, I like Kohl's. I have their credit card. I shop there for my whole family on a regular basis. I've said good things about them to family/friends. Well, after visiting this location, that has changed. This is the first time I've actually had a negative experience in a Kohl's. Here's why.

I went in there to get sneakers for my daughter, and the selection was so poor that I left with nothing. They had few offerings, and what they did have, they had such a small inventory that I couldn't find her size in various shoes. Also, while we were desperately looking for her size, the shelf fell on us, and a bunch of shoes came crashing down onto the floor. I have to mention that we were buying shoes because the last pair of Candies that I bought for my daughter, from Kohl's, only lasted a month before the soles totally separated from the upper shoe. I did buy some things for my son.

This store has two entrances and a set of registers at each entrance. I visited both sides and waited at least 15 to 20 minutes in line both times, with one person max in front of me, before I got rang up. I had to exchange some socks, which should have been a simple process. I went to customer service. They sent me to the register to do the exchange. I waited my 15/20 minutes in line, again, only for the cashier to tell me to go back to customer service. The guy at the customer service desk was indifferent and couldn't care less that he gave me the wrong information to begin with. He never extended a simple "Hello" "Thank you," "Have a nice day" or even "My bad."

I made no fuss, even though I was totally aggravated. The least of my issues was that I had $5 in Kohl's cash on my tablet, which disappeared after the cashier scanned it, but wasn't applied to my purchase. It took so long to search for what I wanted, get out of the store and do the exchange that I told my family "If I ever try to come back in this store, stop me." I'm going to extend two stars to Kohl's, overall, giving all the other locations that I've visited credit for basically living up to my expectations.

Kohl's Associates Incompetent and Negligent and Kohl's Couldn't Care Less
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Rating: 1/51

LANCASTER, NEW YORK -- I was shopping at Kohl's on Transit Road in Depew NY on Tue 11/24/15 and lost a diamond ring valued at $1800 around 4pm - 4:30pm. In the course of looking for the ring that evening, an employee at Kohl's named Georgette advised us that a ring that matched the description perfectly was turned into her by a customer around 4:30pm. She stated she turned the ring over to her manager Laura as their policy requires.

Subsequent investigation and review of video by the police and Kohl's security confirms that Georgette handed Laura a ring and Laura for some inexplicable reason decided to place the ring on top of her register printer in full view of customers cashing out.

A customer is seen to reach across and may have taken the ring, but that cannot be proven based on the camera angle and resolution. We have followed a reasonable process to correspond with Kohl's and pursue a just resolution for this matter but have not been successful. It is clear to me that Laura as a Kohl's manager entrusted with lost and found property acted in a careless and negligent manner and failed to exercise even slight care for this property. A party who comes into possession of a lost item has a duty of at least slight care for the property's safekeeping.

Kohl's denies all responsibility for this and seems to feel that they and their employees have no responsibility at all for lost items that are turned into them. Apparently it is perfectly fine for their employees to steal a lost item such as jewelry, a purse, goods, etc. or be completely negligent such that the found item is again lost and they have no liability for those actions. I intend to tell the world about this incident in every way I can and publicize their irresponsible behavior and response to a valued customer.

Replies Ship to Issue, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

This letter is to complain about a frustrating experience with an order I placed on Kohl' I purchased 9 items from a baby registry on December 30, 2013 via your website. At checkout, I changed to ship to address to my home. While reviewing the printed order confirmation at home yesterday, I noticed the ship to address had reverted back to the registrant's, which is no longer a current address. I called Kohl's customer service and upon explaining the issue, I was advised this happens often, I was offered an apology and assurance that the situation would be corrected.

The customer service representative I spoke with explained that a request would be sent to the fulfillment center and that within an hour, I would receive email confirmation of the correction. Upon checking my emails this morning, I realized I had not received any communication from regarding my order. I decided to contact customer service again, this time via email, and received an auto reply explaining that due to a high volume of requests, responses may be delayed and I was directed to contact customer service via phone for any time sensitive issues.

I picked up the phone, yet again, and called customer service, this now being the 3rd attempt on my end to resolve this situation. After an extended wait on the phone, I was connected with ** in customer service. I explained the situation to ** and also advised of my conversation yesterday with a customer service representative. ** was not as pleasant as the customer service representative I spoke with yesterday. ** was fairly adamant that he could not pull up the order without an order number.

After explaining I was on my lunch break, did not have it available and asking several times if there was alternate information I could provide to look up the order, he reluctantly looked up the order with my email address. ** advised no changes could be made, the order couldn't be canceled and that at this point, it will be up to the people who live at the address to be honest and reject the package. ** was not courteous and seemed unwilling to help.

When I asked for a supervisor or manager, I was abruptly placed on hold and transferred to **. Unfortunately, ** did not provide any further assistance or a resolution to my issue. I ended the call extremely livid not only because of the unresolved issue, but at the lack of service from the customer service team. At this moment, there is a package at your fulfillment center which has not yet shipped. However, due to your policies, the ship to address will not be changed. My assumption is that this policy is due to an automated fulfillment system which limits the opportunity of changing an order.

However, I cannot help but assume that somewhere in your fulfillment center, there are employees that could be contacted in an attempt to correct this situation. I understand there are no guarantees, but a glimmer of hope and an sympathetic customer service employee, doing everything they can to assist, would have made all the difference. I was not treated as a customer who supports the company, but was treated as a burden. This experience has left me frustrated, angry and unwilling to shop at Kohl's, in-store or online again. I will be canceling my email subscriptions and closing my Kohl's charge account.

Although my actions may seem extreme, I have never been this livid due to the lack of customer service from a company. I myself work in customer service and would quit my job if I ever treated someone the way I was treated today. All I'm left with at the moment is the hope that whoever receives my package will be honest enough to reject it, which is the pathetic resolution your customer service representative offered. In the meantime, I have to wait to see how this situation plays out and begin shopping yet again for baby shower gifts, which I can guarantee will not be at Kohl's.

Although I am just one person and cannot impact your company drastically, I can, and will, use social media as well as the internet to share my experience. Word of mouth is often underrated.

Sub Standard Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MARYLAND -- Recently, I went into my local Kohl's store and found that Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans were available in a grey and a black scroll pattern. I could not find them in the 10 Long that I needed so I decided to order them online. I placed an order for one of each and waited for them to arrive. In the meantime, I remembered that when I buy these in the store I have to try on multiple pairs to find a pair that fit me in a 10 Long because of the inconsistencies in the fit and quality. So I decided to order 5 pairs of each color so that I would have many to choose a pair that fit me the best. I placed the order with Kohl'

When the first order with 2 pairs of the jeans arrived I had terrible problems with the delivery company that Kohl' uses on the East coast. They delivered the package to my mailbox and lied and said it was at my back door. My mailbox is 350' away from my house and not in my line of sight. I called customer service and got this information from the CS rep with whom I spoke. She stayed on the phone with my daughter while I drove up to see if the package was in my newspaper slot beneath my mailbox. It was there and I safely recovered it. This was just an omen of the problems to come.

I contacted customer service about the 2nd order for the 10 pairs of pants because I could not get any shipping or delivery information about the order. The CS representative told me that the order was never picked up by the delivery company. I tried in vain to get the representative to find a way to get the order to me but she kept insisting that Kohl's would issue me a refund (the order was already charged to my card) and that if I wanted the pants I would have to place another order for another 10 pairs because this order would not be delivered to me. I thought this was the craziest thing I had ever heard.

Since, I really wanted to get the other pants, I agreed to place a 2nd order for the 10 pairs of pants. Several days went by with no credit on the credit card and no email message about any of the orders. On Friday of last week I received an email that I had received a refund on my Kohl's card. I looked and it was not for the total charged for the 10 pairs of pants but for more like 2 pairs! I could not figure this out.

The situation got even crazier when on Sunday, LaserShip delivered the 1st order of 10 pairs of jeans that supposedly was never picked up and could not and would not be delivered to me! Now I would not have placed the 2nd order for the 10 pairs of jeans if I had know that they would deliver this 1st order.

The delivery person made a big deal out of telling my husband that the package was on our front door step (he was outside at the time). I guess she got in trouble for the delivery to the mailbox and lying about where she put it in a report. Yesterday, I took the 10 pairs back to my Kohl's store for a refund. When the CS representative put the transaction through 2 pairs of the pants could not be returned because they showed up as already having been returned! I explained what happened with the partial refund on the order and the representative said that must have been for the two un-returnable pants.

Now I am awaiting the delivery of the 2nd order of 10 pairs of jeans. They are coming by UPS because one time when I explained about the problems with LaserShip's delivery of the first package and so called refusal to pick up the 2nd order a CS representative said that she could change the shipping to Priority Air but that she did not know what would happen to the order once it got off the plane. She also gave me a $50.00 credit to cover the cost of Priority Air. I will be returning the 10 pairs so it really does not matter how they get here just when.

This entire experience has given me pause to ever use Kohl' again. The general incompetence of the customer service people both in China and in the USA would be funny if it was not costing me lots of time and money.

The delivery company that Kohl's uses for the east coast deliveries is far worse than the post office could ever imagine being and there is no excuse for the lies they tell. The sad thing is that after all this I think I will be returning the two pair of jeans that I wanted- the fabric stinks. It smells metallic or worse even after two washes. It must be something that they put them through to get the finish. It even left some sort of deposit on the zippers. All in all, I will not be a Kohl' customer again. Just too much trouble for the little saved.

Unwritten, Secret Return Policy Cheats Customers
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Rating: 2/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Complaint: Kohl's return policy is false, or deceptive, or misleading, has an unpublished element of giving in-store credits for only 1% or less of the retail pricing making their statement of “anytime, any reason” meaningless and thus false. Kohl's receipts boast, "Hassle-free returns, anytime, any reason..." "No receipt, no problem..." "We can look up your purchase and give you a full refund, or even exchange."

I bought a Sketchers pair box-priced @ $75, on sale for $69 but within 6 months of wear, the sole came unglued from the shoe. I did not have my receipt, however, the Kohl's receipts boast, "Hassle-free returns, anytime, any reason..." "No receipt, no problem..." "We can look up your purchase and give you a full refund, or even exchange."

I returned my defective shoe, was denied an even exchange with the statement, "this shoe is in back-stock and no longer offered..." Thus, no even price exchange, only an in-store credit. In fact, I was offered less than 1% of the box-priced $75 - I was offered $6 in-store credit with the statement: "you are given the lowest sale price of the shoes when you return without a receipt and an even exchange is not possible." I asked Kohl's "when did you sell this shoe @ $6 and where?"

Kohl's did not extend the courtesy of a reply. Kohl's previously said "our system" fixes the pricing for an in-store credit [$6]; mind boggling, as if some rogue computer or artificial intelligence in the "system" took over any common sense practiced by Kohl's - the policy is set by the person who programmed the "system" - which, cheats the customer of a refund and is contrary to a fair and open disclosure announced in the return policy - "hassle-free"? Only if you're willing to get less than one percent 1% of what you paid. Kohl's has had an opportunity to reply to me but has declined any reply or answers. Kohl's unwritten "system" policy & practice cheats the customer.

Product Delivered Useless, Missing Key Parts, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered a space heater. I received a box missing screws to assemble the heater, the user manual and the remote. They kept me on the phone for an hour and did not resolve the issue. They said they had to get with the manufacturer to see about the missing parts. The heater I purchased is out of stock. It seems it will never be back in stock. I was told to take the giant paper weight to the store and wait for them to investigate. I asked them to send me the next heater up from the one I ordered at the same price, ship it overnight and let's call it a day. Again, I was told that I would have to wait until they conducted their investigation.

What I requested is regularly done by companies who care to make their customer whole. I know this because I have worked for companies where the satisfaction of the customer comes first. I did not purchase the product from the manufacturer. I purchased it from KOHL's. Kohl's should get my issue resolved in a way that does not cause me any more money and wastes as little of my time as possible. Kohl's has a problem with their vendor and THEY should wait for a resolution from them.

They will not give me a manager's name and will not give me their full names. Both are shady actions of companies who deny the customer the ability to name those they spoke to fully. "Debbie?" "Debbie who?" " We have quite a few Debbies..." See how that goes?

My original post on Facebook has been hidden by Kohl's to "secure the nature of my order number." MY ORDER NUMBER WASN'T ON THE POST. I wonder how many posts they hide with flim flammy excuses such as that one. THANK YOU YELP FOR NOT ALLOWING BUSINESSES TO DO THIS. I have since re-posted on their page and will continue to do so until this is resolved..

I asked for a call back from a manager 3/3 I did not receive a call. I called Kohl's on 3/4 and while the young lady was very pleasant, she could not provide me with a managers name either. She could not help me in any way. Got the survey in an email today. One is the loneliest number. As of 3/5 no call. Maybe they're busy reading "Customer Service For Dummies." Hopefully if anyone else has a problem they'll have a clue as to how to handle it. BUYER BEWARE!

Kohl's Pricing Is A Scam .... Be Smarter Than Kohl's
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Rating: 2/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- The customer is always king.... Always, always and always. I was aware of Kohl's pricing "games" a long time ago. However because I have a kohl's credit card, I also receive their $10.00 off "anything" coupon in my mailbox and I also get Kohl's coupons in my email and I also receive Kohl's coupons in the newspapers. These coupons can be combined or stacked all together for "one purchase".... It is part of the fine print on the coupon and on Kohl's policy webpage. I.e. Coupon for $5.00 plus $10.00 plus 20% off are all separate offers that can be combined, for one purchase of $30.00 of merchandise.

The best way to shop at Kohl's is first "decide what you want." Let's say that you want jeans, well just make sure you buy only brand name jeans (like Lee's, Levi's, etc) and then compare those prices with JC Penny, Walmart and etc. Then deduct the brand name jeans "price" with the Kohl's coupons and see what your cash price will be... If you end up paying just $5.00 for a pair of lee's jeans priced at $40.00... Then you paid $5.00 or less (sometimes).

Don't buy things that you don't really want.. Waste of your money. Be a comparison shopper... Or else do not buy the stuff.. Just wait it out. You can keep an eye on Kohl's prices on their website and keep checking for sale "prices" and check the expiration dates on your coupon(s) and the apply all the coupons on that purchase -- either online or at the store. If you only paid a few dollars for brand name clothes, then you did ok. However if the Kohl's coupons do not help you then do not use them and do not buy what you wanted at Kohl's.

The reality is that the net cash prices at Walmart are "a lot cheaper." It's a fact. Walmart does price-matching with anyone. Kohl's, JC penny, etc. There are other pricing tactics you can use to save money also. Buying what you want and in the size you want. And then wait for a sale. Return the item at the service counter and then buy it right back at "that day's sale price." Kohl's, Walmart, JC Penny, Target, etc, etc. All allow that.

In the end... Retailers need to move inventory. Because they have made purchase commitments to buy millions$$ of dollars$$ of merchandise... And they must must must sell that stuff... Or they will lose their contracts with all the manufacturers. The customer is always king. Always, always and always.

Advertisement Service
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, MISSOURI -- I have had the worst experiences that I have ever had with Kohl's. Not only have I been on the phone (for orders) more than a handful of times for more than 30 min at a time over silly little things that could have easily been fixed but I have talked to some of the rudest "customer service" representatives that you have.

It all started with cyber Monday and Kohl's cash (that was stated $15 for every $50.00 spent online) but apparently it was wrong. I called and asked why we did not receive our Kohl's cash with our order that was placed on cyber Monday (but didn't get until almost 3 weeks later) and the guy (the only one that was nice) was really nice especially since I was on hold for almost 2 hours and went ahead and honored our Kohl's cash but I would have to call back when I got an online order ready to redeem the Kohl's cash. It all went downhill from there.

I was on the phone with someone last week (on Thur 1/3) and she charged my card almost $50.00 more than it was supposed to be. I called once again the next day and argued with a guy for more than 20 min over the ordeal and he could not fix it. I even asked for a manager and he would not put me though to one. So now I get to take more time out of my day to go down to my bank and have them fight with you all to fix this.

I do not want nor do I wish to receive any more "Kohl's cash" from your company because it has been nothing but a hassle for me but I did want to let you know that you have lost our business and I will be writing a review about the awful experience that I have had with your company. I truly hope that you all can get it together because this was just ridiculous! Thank you for wasting my time once again....

Support of Staff Is Weak if Not Worse
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Rating: 1/51

NEWBURY PARK, CALIFORNIA -- I "highly suggest" anyone applying for a cashier's job with Kohl's "Read" the very fine print. Training is a joke! They put you a register, hand you a 3 ring binder. And after that, you're on your own. Much is left out & next thing you know, you have a problem that was not covered in the binder. Gave a unauthorized senior discount. Total discount came to $1.09. The treatment I got (in front of other customers) was completely unprofessional. Next thing I knew I was in the store manager's office. He picked right where the (as they call them E3's) left off.

I have never been treated or spoken to ever. I stood up, took $1.10 out of my pocket, put it on the manager's desk & told him this was the money that Kohl's thought I stole. And walked out. The real kicker was, I'm hearing impaired. The E3 that was on put me on register with almost "0" sound. I asked her if there was a way to turn up the volume. Her response was, "I have no clue." Will look into it & get back to me. This happened 12/26 & now being 1/4/14 I still never heard back. All management are so far over their heads. Rules & polices change with each E3. Ask questions (which management hates.)

Make sure all is made clear to you but don't plan on it. The Store Manager is a complete embarrassment. Product can lay on the floor for days. He has made Wal-mart look like a palace. All I can say is made aware of lack of proper training & there no one to cover your ** when you make a mistake. Think twice before you say yes to taking the job.

Lastly, I have put in 3 calls to the district manager, who has never called back & if you call the hotline, be prepared to all the work that is needed on a complaint. They are just like Kohl's, "worthless" & the hot line will be of no help. Kohl's, I assure you, your complaint will get no action of any sort. And I expect no response from any level of Kohl's so called upper management. In short, if you take the job, there is no one take cares & will do nothing to cover your back. In other words, you're on your own.

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