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Support of Staff Is Weak if Not Worse
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
NEWBURY PARK, CALIFORNIA -- I "highly suggest" anyone applying for a cashiers job with Kohl's "Read" the very fine print. Training is a joke! They put you a register, hand you a 3 ring binder. And after that, your on your own. Much is left out & next thing you know, you have a problem that was not covered in the binder. Gave a unauthorized senior discount. Total discount came to $1.09. The treatment I got (in front of other customers) was completely unprofessional. Next thing I knew I was in the store managers office. He picked right where the (as they call them E3's) left off. I have never been treated or spoken to ever. I stood up, took $1.10 out of my pocket, put it on the managers desk & told him this was the money that Kohl's thought I stole. And walked out. The real kicker was, I'm hearing impaired. The E3 that was on put me on register with almost "0" sound. I asked her if there was a way to turn up the volume. Her response was, I have no clue. Will look into it & get back to me. This happened 12/26 & now being 1/4/14 I still never her back. All management are so far over there heads. Rules & polices change with each E3. Ask questions (which management hates) Make sure all is made clear to you but don't plan on it. The Store Manager is a complete embarrassment. Product can lay on the floor for days. He has made Wal-mart look like a palace. All I can say is made aware of lack of proper training & there no one to cover your ass when you make a mistake. Think twice before you say yes to taking the job.

Lastly, I have put in 3 calls to the district manager, who has never called back & if you call the hotline, be prepared to all the work that is needed on a complaint. They are just like Kohl's, "worthless" & the hot line will be of no help. Kohl's, I assure you, your complaint will get no action of any sort. And I expect no response from any level of Kohl's so called upper management. In short, if you take the job, there is no one take cares & will do nothing to cover your back. In other words, your on your own.
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Soaring Consumer on 01/07/2014:
Your situation may be considered a violation of the ADA over their failure to accommodate your hearing disability.
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Discover Card Approved/Declined
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I recently placed a Kohls.com order which went through with no problems on the internet. Just a little while later I received an e-mail stating that there was a problem with my order and it had been canceled. I called customer service who told me that my credit card had been declined. To shorten the story, I had to put Kohl's on a 3-way call with Discover. My credit card company told them that the transaction was approved but Kohl's would not honor it. We had to get a merchant code from Kohl's in order for the transaction to drop off of my credit card (it was holding up my credit line under pending transactions). This time, I called and placed the order over the phone with a representative who was very apologetic about what I had already been through. The order processed on the phone and everything cleared. A while later, I received another e-mail stating that my order had been canceled because of the same problem.

A week later, the charge was still pending on my credit card. I had to go through everything AGAIN...a 3-way phone call with Discover and Kohl's in which Discover told them once again that the transaction was approved. Kohl's would not honor it and we had to once again get a merchant code in order to drop the charge. They also stated that they have no way of knowing why it was not approving on their end. Really?? I told the Kohl's rep, Lynette, I would just be placing my order with another company and she did not seem at all perturbed by the idea...quite agreeable, in fact.

Now the first time this had happened I had sent an e-mail to Kohl's customer service letting them know what had happened. They had replied with a very apologetic e-mail and offered me the same discount/pricing that I had on my first order. The second time this happened I sent another e-mail stating how furious I was. That was three days ago and I have not heard back from them.

By the way, I placed my order with Fingerhut, saved $10, and the order went through just fine with the same credit card.

Highly dissatisfied!!
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Being Followed Closely
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARINA, CALIFORNIA -- I was followed everywhere I go when I shop in this store, maybe because I was carrying my other shopping bags from other stores. I don't drive and just commute in a bus so I have to carry bags when I go to stores.

It was very obvious how I am closely followed because every after announcement with codes, there was a staff that checks on me in every department of the store I go. I felt sad because I am not a bad person and I don't steal. So, I just cancelled my kolhs credit card and never returned to the store again.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/07/2013:
Yes, the attention you received was quite possibly due to the shopping bags. I have shopped in Kohl's several times, and have never been followed.

The people to blame for this issue, IMO, are those who steal. If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide.
Jambra on 03/07/2013:
When I'm in a similar situation, I ask a cashier if I can leave my shop bags with them at their desk while I shop. That way my hands are free, no one follows me, and my bags are waiting for me when I pay.
Susan on 03/07/2013:
It appears to me that the loss prevention team was probably just doing their job. I would suggest asking to check the bags with customer service prior to shopping.
Chaparrita on 03/07/2013:
I agree with the above comments. You may not be there to steal, but carrying in bags from other stores looks suspicious. Stores can't trust their own shoppers anymore.
No Kohl's on 08/16/2013:
"If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide." This statement is often true,but not with Kohl's .Their loss prevention personnel not only allows the general public to view their surveillance video ,they will give them a copy of the video.google ,Kohl's falsely accuses grandmother. This grandmother did nothing wrong and Kohl's was aware of this before letting the video go viral.
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Kohls Cash
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
VIRGINIA -- I am a former Kohls employee and just wanted to give customers some insight. When using or receiving Kohls cash, you will automatically loose the coupon or value. This change in the policy has been in effect since April. The best bet is to do an even exchange for an item of the same retail value. I know this stinks but it is a corporate policy and change. when doing a return the cash register already comes up with return value and any discounts you have used. I can not tell you how many associates have quit and walked off the job because of problems with this policy, its not worth getting cursed out or disrespected by customers. just something think about the next time you are in any store and are about to make a scene.
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User Replies:
Buddy01 on 12/03/2012:
I understand this policy, otherwise people will be getting back more for a return than they actually paid.
More coffee!!!!! on 12/03/2012:
Buddy01, they could so a store credit in the form of a gift card, Kohl's doesn't even do that anymore. It would be the same as an even exchange.
yoke on 12/03/2012:
Kohl's is doing an even exchange. They are giving the customer what they paid for the item back.Why should Kohl's give back the full amount back if the customer originally got the discounts. I don't know of any store that gives the full price back on any item when the customer originally purchased it with discounts.
More coffee!! on 12/03/2012:
Because Kohl's Cash is earned by spending a certain amount of money at the store. It is a rewards program for being a good customer. Kohl's is not losing anything by giving a store credit because no money is returned to the customer, it is still within the store. For the customer to use at a later date.
The customer is gaining nothing and the store is losing nothing
Anonymous on 12/03/2012:
This policy was probably put into effect cause people were abusing the Kohl's cash. Meaning: a customer would buy something to get the Kohl's cash, then would return what they had bought. So they would get their money back, and got free stuff with the Kohl's cash. The policy makes sense to me. The Kohl's cash is free money, basically. If you use it, you lose it when you make a return.
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False Arrest / False Imprisonment / Tampering with Evidence
Posted by on
2010 - LOSS Prevention stops a beautiful friend of mine and takes her to a back room aka security office. Where she was held against her will for over an hour. What happened in this back room was very bad and she is in my heart and prayers daily! I reviewed the surveillance tapes and found that they have been altered and made to look like she was only held there for 7 minutes prior to the police showing up.

My friend was falsely arrested and emotionally traumatized at Kohls in Sarasota aka University Parkway and to this day is still emotionally damaged by there only (Male) Loss Prevention personal working that day. One thing I would like to know is why a company of this magnitude has the capability of installing surveillance cameras all over the store(able to zoom in and able to read the time on your watch!) but they failed to turn over any video surveillance of her leaving the store or the backroom and a representative for Kohls states that there are no Surveillance Cameras in the Backroom aka Security Office or are they? (hint)

I build computers and ROMs as a hobby. I will never stop using my comador 64 ... Till I speak again on another injustice peace to all and believe/follow in your hearts.
You have the opportunity to make this a really Great world to live in. FYH's not $!

For those who have ears let them hear and for those who have eye's let them see.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/02/2011:
It apppears you are trying to turn what may have been a legitimate security concern into a sexual harassment/false imprisonment issue.

Seems to me critical facts are the reason your associate was detained for questioning and what happened in the security office during the time she was held there. What date did this happen in 2010?
Skye on 10/02/2011:
Did she file a police report? These are serious allegations and that would be a start.
Anonymous on 10/02/2011:
The sooner people figure out that they do NOT have to go into the back room for 'questioning' the better. They want to detain you for what they believe is just cause? Fine, but don't leave the customer service area. Wait in the front of the store until the police arrive.
At Your Service on 10/02/2011:
You're way off base on this one. The Atari 8-bit systems, along with their O.S., was far superior to the Commodore 64. ;-)
oldisgood on 10/03/2011:
The biggest question of all!. Was she officially charged with shoplifting? You can preach all you want, but if she really did it, you have no case
Churro on 10/03/2011:
Florida has very merchant friendly shoplifting laws on the books. (Pays to have lobbyists). Basically if a merchant or merchant employee suspects an individual of shoplifting they have the legal right to the take the individual into custody and "detain them in reasonable manner for a reasonable length of time". The same law affords merchants and merchant employees protections from criminal and/or civil liability for false arrest, false imprisonment, or unlawful detention. In fact in Florida if you resist the merchant's or merchant employee's detainment efforts you have committed a misdemeanor of the first degree.

Here's the applicable Florida Statute


Bottom line in Florida a merchant or merchant employee has the legally protected power to pull you into custody, imprison you for 'reasonable' period of time and there ain't squat you can do about it.
Nohandle on 10/03/2011:
Agreed John: The sooner people figure out that they do NOT have to go into the back room for 'questioning' the better. They want to detain you for what they believe is just cause? Fine, but don't leave the customer service area. Wait in the front of the store until the police arrive.

I've never been accused of shoplifting in my life but would find it most embarrassing to make a stand there in the front of the store and other shoppers walking by and watching. I may be wrong but many I know would feel the same way. Settle it in private and let me go away and never return to your business. I don't need that kind of grief.
trmn8r on 10/03/2011:
I agree with Nohandle, whose comment brought back a memory. When I was a foolish young person, I swiped a spark plug (yes, a spark plug) from a Sears. I was promptly nabbed and escorted to a security area.

Looking back, I am glad that they did this in private. Sears - where America shops (?).
MRM on 10/03/2011:
When I was a young buck, they had these nice pens at Walmart and I used to pocket them and never got caught.
trmn8r on 10/03/2011:
Sweet. When I was a young buck, there wasn't a Wallsmart. At least not north of the Mason Dixon line.
Lumi (omg,it's me) on 09/02/2012:
OMG~ THIS IS MY STORY!!! LONG(please read~ all real and all TRUE) MY STORY: It's long and I did not proofread but posted quickly so ignore the grammar because this is IMPORTANT for EVERYONE to know. Who wrote this? This is exactly what happened to me there on Nov 6th of 2011 and reading this just got my heart racing and I'm literally shaking: Yes this is 100% true nevermind I've tried to email Kohls about it and got no response on 4 different occasions. I'm not a person who harbors hatred but if what happened to me were to happen to anyone else I'd be enraged. First of all the male security guard there called me by my first and last name when I was out of the door with my friend and the 2 items we bought at the customer service counter but in his report he states we did not buy anything. I DID NOT steal anything at all (keep in mind we were about8-10 feet out the door and no alarms went off (they tag everything there) just him calling me by Name~first AND LAST (I never met him or knew of him and nobody ever asked how he knew my name and to this day I have no clue)...he (the fat male security guard I know now) asked me to come back in because he said he needed to ask me something so we walked back in (my friend Paul and I) and then he said he needed to speak to me privately about an important matter, then he guided me with his hand to go first and he got on my right side. When we were about 2-3 feet from the door he suddenly clenched my upper arm with his hand and whispered a disgusting proposition,some creepy details, and signal for me if I don't want to be charged with phelony shoplifting followed by a horrible threat about noblody finding my body if I EVER repeated anything. He grabbed me so tight that I had a claw like bruise on my right upper inner arm the next day and my entire arm hurt for a few days but the mental pain is what practically killed me. I blamed myself for being so stupid but I don't think anyone would expect something like what happened to me this evening. Certainly never happened before, not even close...so I did not know I had a monster in front of me I should fear when I first saw him (he was just an overweight, half bald guy with a crew cut in normal clothing. Upon entering his office he had me sit down and he grabbed my purse across the table unzipped the top and then rifled thought it very good because he found and took all my cash (about $180), my entire bottle of alprazolam medication, some personal things including an emerald diamond ring and a real gold and green jade bracelet that I had wrapped up to take to the jewler to fix at some point (the cost of the emerald and diamond ring is about %5-7000 and the gold and jade bracelet about $400-$600 , scissors, a triple silver necklace and charm ring, turq necklace..this was mostly just costume jewlery, a pair of sunglassed my friend Paul bought me a couple days before at the gas station and a crystal pave bangle bracelet (these last 2 items I had on but tucked in my purse while still in the car on the way there, I remember that because I was driving and I had paul put my purse on his lap since it was not a long way (I have pictures wearing 2 of the items but honestly I know I'll never see any of them at this point but it was my stuff that I was robbed of and felt like I could trust nobody at that point unless I knew them...I had a creepy feeling like there were more people involved but did not know what or how much of a part they had in this sherade but it was clear that I was not in control like prey, I mean he kept me from using the phone, walking out, and would not give me any water or let me use the rest room~I had no rights, I was imprisoned by this man in that room and I was not going anywhere unless he let me... he used to be a cop but did something and was forced to resign from the force so mayble he was using using mental tactics because I felt like I was mentally traumatized and broken down by this person. He made comments about my friend and my husband, etc etc, He was using all kinds of what I know now was intimidation techniques on me and only identified himself as "the puppet master". He made a nasty comment about my friend and if my husband knows he's with me which he did since he was from Wisconsin and staying with us for 2 weeks~He came out to vacation here and see us both. This is a vely long story with a bunch of details but I can tell you who read this some hard facts:

I did not steal anything.
I even went to trial with "faked" evidence on me (I'll explain further down).
I was found innocent by a jury after less than 5 minutes of deliberation.
Why and how did this pervert know my name.
Found out later he had been a police officer but was forced to resign (with pay like the cop child molesters or so I've read. I don't know what he did so I am not saying he's a child molestor, but I did read about one resigning with pay in Florida.)
He obviously went through and set me up but I had a good attorney who used his own evidence he planted to use against me used on him in trial. Yes I actually had to go to trial for this since he had it total a certain amout to be a phelony but this he told me when he made his propositions. Our private investigator could not even get a copy of UNALTERED video's from Kohl's (they said they don't have video in the back room/security office (said it's just their policy when my husband and investigator contacted them-if they did (which they might they would not want the public to know or at least see how I was treated by their employees(name calling,etc) (he went around protocall and kept the video's to alter for about 2 weeks but whether he did it or had someone do it (majorly alter content, basically FRAUD) the first clue where they messed up is they forgot to alter the date so instead of the date this took place Nov 6th it's another date with 2 digits which was given to the police,us, my attorney. He had made me feel so vulnerable and powerless that I was so terrifed for 2 weeks to even tell my husband everything but one morning I was watching something on ctv and I started to just ball and break down in tears and I finally just had to tell him but held a little back. It's very humiliating for a female especially when I was on the stand I did not want it to come up but if it did I was under oath and a question was directed at "did anything unusaual occur" and I was stunned and akked if I could write it down for the jury but the judge said no and I had to sit up there and talk in detail as I answered questions and cried. I was cringing because I was embaressed that I would let myself endure that but at that time I was stunned and paralized. I am not someone who's ever been through a trial or been in trouble but now I would never go behind closed doors with anyone and would advise anyone reading this to PLEASE wait outside closed doors if ever in this situation even if you DID steal something, this should not happen to anyone!!! My friend was stuck outside for close to an hour for him and this liar partner woman to make up a "bunk receipt of random items in the store so they could take pictures of things after but they botched that since the items in the pictures are different then the items on the "faKE RECEIPT" FOR EXAMPLE: when my attorney asked him this: So on the receipt of the items you claim my client stole are a pair of Sonoma sheets but in the pictures you gave us are of a package of Vera Wang sheets. Do the sonoma sheets have a brown wrapping and the Vera Wang blue correct Mr.C? He just answered: " I don't know" like everything else,evey other answer out of him was "I don't know" or "I don't recall" but he did lie on the stand when confronted with "the deal" he offered not to charge me with a phelony and have his buddy take me to jail. My civil rights were majorly violated since I know NOW it's even illegal for your car to be searched without your permission. My friend had my keys and they (him and the cop) took them from him (he was also thereatened to be arrested for sticking up for me. I yelled out to Paul to just take the car and go home (the front was left open and I was in the back of the cop car (the officer showed up took down what Sam said and arrested me I knew he may have been a friend of Sam's (security guard aka the puppet master) I was petrified to say anything that he did since Sam told me his buddy's in the parking lot on Standby I knew or was afraid to tell him anything. But before that they (Sam and the officer) were searching my car for whatever reason and the goons were slamming my mercedes trunk down and it does not shut that way it has a button you push on the top side of the trunk and itself shuts but they kept slamming it down over and over hard. Nothing was brought up about the doctored tape in this trial because I was there to prove my innocence first. The jury was sharp and saw right through him (at least the officer when asked if I stole anything was honest and just told the truth: "I have no idea", there was stuff all over that place" (his office ..sec guard) which was true. As soon as the jury said not guilty he stormed out of there in a rage(Sam, security guard, known to himself and calls himself the puppet master) and was calling someone on his phone. I wanted to thank the jury but did not get a chance since the prosecutor kept us all there until about 10pm or so into the night at the courthouse. After the case the judge spoke and said
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Attention all Kohl's Customers...!
Posted by on
Hey all you Kohl's Customers out there! My name is Wolf and I work the registers at the Kohl's in my town. After going through and reading all your complaints all I can do is raise an eyebrow and laugh. Seriously. Oh my God. Who do you think you are? Do you honestly think that Kohl's gives a CRAP if you decide not to shop there? You. This one person with your ninety dollar purchase. The store I work at makes a quarter of a million dollars a day. I doubt that they will even shed a tear at your imminent departure from our premise. Let me let you in on a few facts about Kohl's.
1) It sucks to work there. It really, really, really sucks to work there. You think we want to ask you to sign up for a Kohl's card? No. We don't. We get a one dollar incentive if you open one but that is hardly enough to motivate us. However, if we don't get some our managers will ride our asses all the way out of the store because THEY DO get bonuses. Significant ones. And no, we do NOT get incentives for e-mail. But we still get in trouble if we don't.
2) We are poorly scheduled. It is not the employees fault if there's no one there to accommodate you. Go beat out the managers because we're just as pissed. We get one person at register and there's a line halfway round the store. Meanwhile all the managers are in the office on Facebook and on their hour long lunch. They don't care. We do the best we can but you hardly make it easier.
3) We're not trained. Half of the people on register don't even know how to work it. They pull people who are not hired to work register and throw them behind them because they don't schedule or hire enough people. This affects you because you get some lick who doesn't know crap about anything and meanwhile the dressing rooms are overflowing, the department is empty and the customers just keep get pissy.
So, what did we learn? Generally we really don't care. I'll be honest. You can say whatever you want about me being a bad employee but the hard facts are, no one there really gives a crap about you. You are there, as far as we're concerned, to make our lives harder. And you do on a daily basis. You seem to try. You get so creative. So, get the hell out of Kohl's. Go shop somewhere else. We don't give a crap.
<3 Wolf
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/31/2010:
Wolf, I doubt Kohls pays you to be their spokesperson. Consumers have every right to come here and voice their opinion about not being pleased with the service they have received. Customers don't care if you are poorly staffed, poorly trained or whatever the employee's issues are. That is YOUR battle to fight. Not ours. If as you said it sucks to work there, then get out. There are five other people or more than are willing to fill that position. Honestly, with your attitude, you'd be doing Kohl's and the customers a favor by quitting.

Also, that other Kohl's post you commented on is over five years old. You should pay attention to detail... I doubt they will be back to read what you've had to say.
Anonymous on 01/31/2010:
Agreed, Pro. If you don't like your job, quit. Anyone who graduated elementary school could do your job so stop acting like you're so high and mighty, and don't take it out on us if you don't like your job. That's not our problem. I for one, LOVE Kohls and will CONTINUE to shop there. I have NEVER had any problems with employees at Kohls, but I'm sure if I ran into YOU, I would. I really hope that you were not stupid enough to actually put your real name on here, because you may be saying goodbye to your job you hate so much anyway.

Anonymous on 01/31/2010:
Well, that is how I feel sometimes. We work our shorthanded butts off and customers come at us like we are the ones who own the dang store, or are not worth the gun on the bottom of their shoe, or are so stupid that we have to remind ourselves to breathe.

A little patience and courtesy goes a long way. Got a complaint about not enough registers? Or long lines? Or no help on the floor? COMPLAIN to the manager. Don't smart off at me or cuss at me and make me your problem. I am not the one you need to gripe to.
Ytropious on 01/31/2010:
"The store I work at makes a quarter of a million dollars a day." I call BS, but who knows.

I used to work for Kohls a while ago and I can attest to the treatment the OP mentions. You are not trained by a physical human, you learn register from a guide book and an audio CD. Training is done on a computer in a small office closet, at least mine was. I was never told how due to my job properly and the managers all had that "I've been at kolhs forever I'm 100% better than you" attitude". I quit, and I think you should too. Do you realize that kohls is one of the few places that actually pays you for credit sign ups? When I worked there it was 50 cents, and now you say it's a full dollar! I get NOTHING for credit sign ups where I now work. You're lucky you get anything so you've no room to complain about that.
Anonymous on 01/31/2010:
Lady, I agree. Customers shouldn't take it out on the cashiers if there are long lines. If something goes wrong the cashier doesn't have the authority to make a change. By the same token a cashier (in this case the OP) doesn't need to take his hate out on the customers. YT, if the training is as you describe I wouldn't want to work there either.
Ytropious on 01/31/2010:
Hand to God Pro, it's how I was trained. I was hired into the "high turnover" area, the Misses department. It's not hard to see why it's so high turnover. The managers and veteran employees seemed angry I was always asking questions. I was plopped in front of a computer my first week taking online training exams in a cold storage closet, then trained on register by putting me in front of a register in the service area with a guide and an audio cd walking you though it for an hour! I could have learned register from a physical human in 10 minutes, I'm a fast learner, but I was never given that opportunity. They constantly scheduled me on days I said I was unable to work well in advance and then got angry at me for it. I wish I was joking, and I highly highly doubt that's how all Kohls operate, but that was my experience with them, and I just saw a little of that in the OPs post.
goduke on 02/01/2010:
Wolf -- your store may currently make a 1/4 million a day. If your attitude is prevalant at the store, however, I doubt that will last a particularly long time. You really need to take a long look in the mirror and determine what it is you want out of life.

I absolutely double dog dare you to print our your comments and show them to your store manager and/or your district manager. We both know you won't.
Anonymous on 02/01/2010:
So, Wolf, what did we learn about your little rant...? People don't care that you work long hours and get paid crappy. They're too wrapped up in their own lives of being poorly paid or working long hours and never seeming to have any money other than to pay bills with to care about you either.
If you have such a suck job, why don't you look for another one?
If you hate your job and that hatred reflects on how you do your job; the customer sees that too.
Now, granted, I wouldn't want to work for Kohl's, describing it as you do, but still... if you hate the job, why do you continue to work there. There are plenty of other retail jobs out there that *do* train their employees a heck of a lot better than they seem to.
merope on 02/01/2010:
Yes, the job is your problem, friend, not ours--we have our own issues, as you know. Oh, and if we all went away so would your job. Go think about that for a bit.
Anonymous on 02/01/2010:
I was at Kohls on Saturday to look for shoes for the wedding and the employee that helped me was wonderful. I am glad that there are still employees out there who do like their job and are willing to help customers. Obviously the man that helped me was not the OP of this rant.
jktshff1 on 02/01/2010:
This would help explain the attitude of csr's at any number of places.
redmx3racer on 02/01/2010:
I can probably safely say no Kohls "makes" AKA profits, a quarter million per day. They may have gross sales in this amount-but even that could be a stretch.
Disaster Worker on 02/01/2010:
If you're unhappy about working at Kohl's, why don't you become a paramedic like me? You think you work long hours? We work either 16 or 24 hour shifts, get absolutely NO breaks (including lunch/dinner), get spit on, assaulted, puked on, screamed out, lift 400+ lb morbidly obese patients every day and treated like just "an ambulance driver" although we can save your life. Think YOU have it rough? Come to my world, kiddo, and I'll show you what a hard job. The only difference between you and me is that I DO care about my "customers". I care about how they feel, what their needs are and how to make their life a little more pleasant in the short time we have them.

Frankly, you have no right to complain. I guarantee you make more than we do.
Anonymous on 02/01/2010:
Disaster, you have my appreciation for what you do. My husband is a volunteer firefighter and gets crap all the time. Once even a paid firefighter said something rude about the volunteers...I let him know quickly that my husband does for FREE what they have to PAY him to do. He was a jerk and not the majority.

People simply expect but do not take time to think.
Disaster Worker on 02/02/2010:
LadyScot, thank your husband for what he does! A couple of weeks ago around 3 a.m., a crew from a small town around Dallas brought in a very ill pt. Turns out the medic was volunteer as well. I told her she was my hero! Being a medic is the hardest (both physically and mentally) job I've ever loved!
Backlash2 on 05/14/2010:
Maybe Kohl's employees should unite and fight for higher wages and better working conditions
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Security and $5 Kohls Coupons
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OXFORD VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- Kohls has a promotion which has been ongoing, where you sign up your e-mail address and you get a $5 coupon via e-mail to print up and take into any Kohl's and they will take $5 off your purchase of $5 or more. I sent for one, so did my daughter. It states on the coupon one per household, but when I went into Kohls and used the coupon the cashier asked me if I wanted to sign up my e-mail address, I informed her that I had done that already, which is how I got the coupon I just handed her. She asked if I had an alternative e-mail address, I said I did, she told me to give it to her, which I did. A week later I got another $5 coupon. This happened on several occasions, and since I have AOL I have 7 e-mail addresses, and I have several through work so when I would tell the cashiers that I already sent for a coupon (or two, or three) they would tell me to give them another e-mail address.
Last week as I was checking out, using a coupon, the store manager approached me and told me that security said they could not accept any coupons from me in the future. That I had been using more than their limit of one. I told the manager that I knew it said on the coupon a limit of one per household, but that the cashiers continued to ask me for new e-mail addresses. It was almost like they got a bonus for signing up new people. I told her that I was content to have the first coupon, but that they said I could sign up more than one. And this was not just one cashier who asked me for n alternative address, it was several different ones. I am not scared to even enter Kohl's, although it is (was) my favorite place to shop. I figure security has red-flagged me. I will never give a Kohl's cashier another e-mail address of mine, and I am now uncomfortable about signing up for any offers that need my e-mail address. All well and good that Kohl's has a limit of one of those coupons per household, but do not have your employees ask for additional e-mail addresses and act like it is perfectly okay to get more than one coupon.
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yoke on 08/12/2009:
You may be correct about cashiers getting a bonus or points for every e-mail address they sign up. If the cashier is signing up the customer then the store should have to accept the coupon.
Diabolical on 09/13/2009:
They may not be getting a bonus - rather, it may be required of them like it is at my store and several others in our mall. It's usually a prompt that pops up when you try to ring someone up that you can't finish the transaction without putting SOMETHING in there.

I have a very cool manager who created an e-mail to put in there for customers who don't wish to share, so we don't have to press, but not all places are like this.
awalk86 on 12/08/2009:
I work for Kohl's and we do not get any bonuses for signing customer's up for e-mails. However, the cashiers do have to ask because the company itself sets e-mail goals for each store everyday. I am sorry that you experienced that. Our store manager tells us all the time "if they have more than one e-mail address then they can sign up for more than one coupon" they just can't be redeemed at the same time. Hmmmm now I'm curious as the what the real rules are behind those coupons.
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Highly upset customer.. Will not be shopping with Kohls again
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COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I placed an order for a Christmas gift on Nov. 24th online and received the confirmation email with order 2 days later I received an email with tracking stating my order had shipped with the tracking number and should be received dec.3 so as on dec.3 I checked the tracking and it stated label created. I called customer service and they stated the item was out of stock and would be back in stock in 3 weeks. So what exactly was being shipped to me and why did my order status on kohl website state completed. So I asked for a refund and was informed it would take 7 days well on the 7th day I called back and was informed the case was closed in error. However I still have no refund and no product.. This has been the worse online shopping experience and I still haven't received my refund and its dec.12. So after speaking with 4 associates and waiting on a callback that was supposed to be received within 24 hours I have become completely upset with this company..
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Horrible Customers
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MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I am a former Kohl's associate at a location in Minneapolis, MN and I am here to tell you how horrible customers can be. To all you pigs out there, please do not urinate and crap in the fitting rooms and wipe yourself with merchandise. The fitting rooms are not bathrooms and it was not pleasant when I had to clean up your mess. Parents, the toy department is not a daycare center. Do not leave your kids in toys to rip everything open while you go off and shop in another department. Have control of your kids instead of letting them run wild throughout the store like its a playground. If returns are being made without a receipt, you do not get back the amount you paid. The register gives you the lowest sale price in the last 60 days. That part is just something to think about the next time you make a scene and decide to call the customer service clerk a minimum wage puppet. Just because some people work minimum wage in retail, it does not give you the right to treat us like trash. Whether you like it or not, associates have to follow company policies.

Also, when a return is being made in which you earned or used Kohl's Cash, then that Kohl's Cash is deducted from the return amount. Just thought I'd shed some light on a few things. So glad I work for TJ Maxx now. Its a much better company to work for and the customers are not as rude and inconsiderate.
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Kohl's Cash Reward Card Program Is A Scam!! Your Balance Is In Negative Points?!?!
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FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS -- You wonder why you never earned a single dollar ever since opening the kohl’s cash reward card? This is because the WHOLE program is a SCAM!

If you do not accumulate 100 points (spend $100) within ONE month, you will lose ALL points earned under 100 points. Then if you decide to return an item the next month (Keep in mind, you were UNDER 100 points on the month when you purchased the item), you will be NEGATED the X amount of points you earned when you purchased that item. So what will happen next month is that your account balance will be in NEGATIVE points earned which will cancel out the purchases you make the next month. And this is how the scam loop continues.

If I purchase a handbag for $80 on 03/25/14, I will have earned 80 points. I will not purchase anything else this month so beginning of April, my account balance will be 0 points. Today (04/09/14), if I return my handbag (purchased on 03/25/14) my rewards card balance will be NEGATED 80 points which will make my balance -80.
They are taking away points which the customer NEVER received! This is a outright SCAM!

Kohl’s have lost me as a customer until they resolve this scam!
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Lizzie1703 on 11/29/2014:
Why wouldn`t you use a $5 coupon when you are given a month to use it??

And why would they let you keep the points for something you are returning??

You get 1 point for every dollar spent. Now if you return something you get your money back so you are not actually spending that money, are you??

It sounds completely logic to me!
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