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Stay Out Of Kohl's, They May Accuse You Of Stealing
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I love Kohl's for their great selections and outstanding values... However I will never step into another Kohl's as long as I live. And I will be sure to tell everyone I know, and that is a lot of people to also boycott all Kohl stores, and when they hear my story I am sure they will.

This morning I was shopping at the Kohl's in Raleigh Nc (#466) on falls of Neause Rd. After paying for my purchase I was asked to not leave by a very rude man. He proceeded to lead me to an office and accuse me of shop-lifting.... Honestly I thought this must be a practical joke... it wasn't. He went on to inform me that I was videotaped stealing 2 $10 rings... which of course is not true!!! Why would I just pay for $60 in merchandise and steal $20 of other merchandise... His response to me, "how would I know." I requested to see this supposed tape, his answer "I don't have to show you anything."

This is where the threats now began..."We can do this the easy way or I can call the cops, and have you sent to jail and ruin your whole day." I tried to discuss this with him and to find out what he was talking about, but to no avail. He was rude, bullying, threatening and completely out of line. He would not give me his name, would not call in the store manager, again would not show me his so-called "evidence tape", would not allow me or agree to escort me back to the "scene of the crime."

He proceeded to tell me I lied, stole and that I "seemed" a bit crazy. I asked my options and his answer, "agree to everything I tell you and we can get through this easier, otherwise I will ruin not only your day but your life, and I have the power to do it." Well at this point I certainly realized I was dealing with an ignorant, pompous, control freak and was terrified if I did not agree with him, so I did, though nothing I agreed to was true. He then informed me I had to sign an (unfilled) form out admitting my "guilt" and agreeing to never shop at any Kohl's again.

When I asked him why the form blanks were left empty, "I'll fill them out later, it's none of your business what I write or put into my final report." Again when I inquired about his name "You needn't worry about that... and then said **, that's all you need to know." Of course I asked him for a copy of this (unfilled in) form, "No you're not entitled to it, if Kohl's wants you to have one they'll mail it to you."

For the record I have not, have never, will never and have no need to steal anything ever!!! This was an emotionally abusive situation, at best, not to mention degrading and unethical." Upon completion of this "review" I will be contacting my local media, both tv and print, as well as my attorney, the bbb and your corporate offices.

Highly upset customer.. Will not be shopping with Kohl's again
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I placed an order for a Christmas gift on Nov. 24th online and received the confirmation email with order. 2 days later I received an email with tracking stating my order had shipped with the tracking number and should be received Dec.3. So as on Dec.3 I checked the tracking and it stated label created. I called customer service and they stated the item was out of stock and would be back in stock in 3 weeks. So what exactly was being shipped to me and why did my order status on Kohl's website state completed. So I asked for a refund and was informed it would take 7 days.

Well on the 7th day I called back and was informed the case was closed in error. However I still have no refund and no product... This has been the worst online shopping experience and I still haven't received my refund and it's Dec.12. So after speaking with 4 associates and waiting on a callback that was supposed to be received within 24 hours I have become completely upset with this company...

Kohl's Cash Reward Card Program Is A Scam!! Your Balance Is In Negative Points?!?!
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Rating: 1/51

FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS -- You wonder why you never earned a single dollar ever since opening the Kohl's cash reward card? This is because the WHOLE program is a SCAM! If you do not accumulate 100 points (spend $100) within ONE month, you will lose ALL points earned under 100 points. Then if you decide to return an item the next month (Keep in mind, you were UNDER 100 points on the month when you purchased the item), you will be NEGATED the X amount of points you earned when you purchased that item. So what will happen next month is that your account balance will be in NEGATIVE points earned which will cancel out the purchases you make the next month. And this is how the scam loop continues.

Example: If I purchase a handbag for $80 on 03/25/14, I will have earned 80 points. I will not purchase anything else this month so beginning of April, my account balance will be 0 points. Today (04/09/14), if I return my handbag (purchased on 03/25/14) my rewards card balance will be NEGATED 80 points which will make my balance -80.
They are taking away points which the customer NEVER received! This is a outright SCAM! Kohl's have lost me as a customer until they resolve this scam!

Replies Ship to Issue, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

This letter is to complain about a frustrating experience with an order I placed on Kohl' I purchased 9 items from a baby registry on December 30, 2013 via your website. At checkout, I changed to ship to address to my home. While reviewing the printed order confirmation at home yesterday, I noticed the ship to address had reverted back to the registrant's, which is no longer a current address. I called Kohl's customer service and upon explaining the issue, I was advised this happens often, I was offered an apology and assurance that the situation would be corrected.

The customer service representative I spoke with explained that a request would be sent to the fulfillment center and that within an hour, I would receive email confirmation of the correction. Upon checking my emails this morning, I realized I had not received any communication from regarding my order. I decided to contact customer service again, this time via email, and received an auto reply explaining that due to a high volume of requests, responses may be delayed and I was directed to contact customer service via phone for any time sensitive issues.

I picked up the phone, yet again, and called customer service, this now being the 3rd attempt on my end to resolve this situation. After an extended wait on the phone, I was connected with ** in customer service. I explained the situation to ** and also advised of my conversation yesterday with a customer service representative. ** was not as pleasant as the customer service representative I spoke with yesterday. ** was fairly adamant that he could not pull up the order without an order number.

After explaining I was on my lunch break, did not have it available and asking several times if there was alternate information I could provide to look up the order, he reluctantly looked up the order with my email address. ** advised no changes could be made, the order couldn't be canceled and that at this point, it will be up to the people who live at the address to be honest and reject the package. ** was not courteous and seemed unwilling to help.

When I asked for a supervisor or manager, I was abruptly placed on hold and transferred to **. Unfortunately, ** did not provide any further assistance or a resolution to my issue. I ended the call extremely livid not only because of the unresolved issue, but at the lack of service from the customer service team. At this moment, there is a package at your fulfillment center which has not yet shipped. However, due to your policies, the ship to address will not be changed. My assumption is that this policy is due to an automated fulfillment system which limits the opportunity of changing an order.

However, I cannot help but assume that somewhere in your fulfillment center, there are employees that could be contacted in an attempt to correct this situation. I understand there are no guarantees, but a glimmer of hope and an sympathetic customer service employee, doing everything they can to assist, would have made all the difference. I was not treated as a customer who supports the company, but was treated as a burden. This experience has left me frustrated, angry and unwilling to shop at Kohl's, in-store or online again. I will be canceling my email subscriptions and closing my Kohl's charge account.

Although my actions may seem extreme, I have never been this livid due to the lack of customer service from a company. I myself work in customer service and would quit my job if I ever treated someone the way I was treated today. All I'm left with at the moment is the hope that whoever receives my package will be honest enough to reject it, which is the pathetic resolution your customer service representative offered. In the meantime, I have to wait to see how this situation plays out and begin shopping yet again for baby shower gifts, which I can guarantee will not be at Kohl's.

Although I am just one person and cannot impact your company drastically, I can, and will, use social media as well as the internet to share my experience. Word of mouth is often underrated.

Never Ever Shop From Kohl's
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Rating: 2/51

MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS -- I used to shop from Kohl's. I am a customer since 2006. This week 02/19/13 I went there with my 2 kids, my husband and my friend. My husband was holding my baby stroller (2 month) before I made check out. My daughter want to go to the bathroom at this time my husband gave me my baby stroller and he took my daughter. After I paid for my purchase, I left Kohl's. Few second later I heard a rude woman asked me to stop. I shocked especially when she told me "you left with no paid items" then I follow her to the office.

My problem is: my daughter (3 years old) she put 2 cheap toys cost less than $8 on the bottom of my baby stroller. I tried to explain to her, "She is my daughter who put them there not me, and the stroller wasn't with me either. I didn't see the items trust me." But she don't care about what I'm saying. She accused me and she told me "how can I trust you? Maybe you saw them." I asked her many times to go back to the camera and see the tape, and she started yelling and screamed at me, threatening. She asked me to sign some papers or she will call cops to take me to the jail.

I was very scared because I don't understand a lot of her words and I can't defend of myself, because my English very weak. I started cry and I explain again and I asked her to go back to the tape, is no prove or evidence. But she didn't. I told her I am still sick I had a baby recently by cesarean section 2 month ago. I felt like I'm going to pass out, but I was thinking of my baby. She told me "sign the papers if you want go home today, I have power to send you to the jail thinking about your kids." (she said) My husband called many times but he came in the end and he tried to explain to her too he was holding the stroller not me.

But she never listened, she asked my husband to take the kids and my friend too out of the office, at the end before I sign the paper I don't know what exactly on it. I asked her to gave me a copies. She said "no way," and she took a picture of me like a thief, really I suffered injustice when I left the office I felt dizzy. I couldn't walk, but she was follow me and she asked my husband to took me away from the store.

Really really I felt very bad and I am still. I didn't sleep for two night, please I need your help, what I have to do in this case. I suffered injustice then I paid a fine later for something I didn't do it. (I'm sorry for any mistake I don't speak good English) maybe my heavy accent helps this lp woman treated me as a thief. I need your advices please.

Anything But Negative ...
By -

You know what, every time I shop here, I feel SO TERRIBLE for the employees and managers. Customers just like what I've been reading from most of you, take things and extort them against the company. You all should be shameful and regret all of this petty complaining I see EVERY TIME I'm there sometimes more than once. I just want to say that for one, people should learn to comprehend what they're reading. If you don't understand and need to know for sure before you trouble someone else, ask for assistance. It's YOU that causes the scene at register, not the cashier who he/she is just doing what they're told.

Rules and regulations people, they govern everything around us, so why when you become the number one priority do you seem so ignorant and narrow? I've been a cashier, and it seems to me, especially after earning so much respect and pride in college, that you ALL just seem to manifest these expectations usually based on societal and cultural "norms". I'm sure as hell not going to respect you one bit if you think that what you say is right and what I'm TRYING to inform you of is wrong. You all are oblivious to an invisible and only intellectually discovered pattern of social structures, all embedded in your every waking moment.

I have studied Freud and his theories, as well as the posotive Emile Durkheim. They both state "right" ... "wrong", all words of meaning only to those who are entangled in regression, ignorance, immaturity, and a self delusion of expectations that, when not met, create a psyche disruption and ambivolent retorts and defenses, that of which are an enigma to those of us who have progressed further as scholars and intellectual, rationalized, comprehenseve, analytical, open-minded, and Gnostic beings.

After saying what I needed to, and explaining in FACT why you all think we may treat you wrongful when you don't get what you want. It's simply a disease of your mind which keeps you from understanding a rational explanation of the RULES of Kohl's.

Percents cannot be combined, if they were able to be, then during scratch offs they would make no profit, thus ending somewhere for you to get away with complaining. Email alert dollar offs cannot be used more than once, because if they did that, they'd have cheap people coming in and out with merchandise that has made NO PROFIT. If they adjusted prices to your every command, they would be out of MONEY. If you have merchandise that you are unsure of getting, then maybe you should take yourself out of line, and logically, think about it before check-out, so as to prevent bad attitudes arising from the employees you think have problems.

If you are writing a check, then why can't you get yourself a damn debit card? It's not hard, unless you have bad credit and no money as well a a lack of self control. Also, when they tell you something and a manager comes only to tell you the SAME THING, then why are you still complaining? You heard her, now leave or whatever you need to do, just get over it. I just have lost hope for customers, I feel sorry for them everyday I visit, because you people make it so hard for them.

Return With Resistance
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Rating: 1/51

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband bought two pairs of Docker pants from Kohl's not even a month ago for a golf trip and did not wear one of the pairs, so He asked me to return them for him. I asked if he had kept the receipt. Of course he did not but I was hopeful because of Kohl's fantastic marketing campaign they have running about their fantastic return policy. I had the credit card that my husband used and all of the tags were attached to the pants. I went up and explained that I did not have the receipt and she scanned the pants and said "oh these pants are old... They are so old they don't even scan in the system any more."

She proceeded to try to swipe the card but she said that this card was not the right one. I said "oh well maybe he used his bank card I wasn't sure." She said there was nothing she could do without the right card. So I went to the Dockers section and found the same pants, the numbers matched and everything, I talked to the sales associate in the men's department and she asked me if I wanted her to come back since she usually works in the customer service area. I said "no I shouldn't have a problem since I found the pants and I didn't care if I got merchandise credit."

I took both pants to the counter and showed them to her and she still proceeded to tell me the pants were different. I said the pants are the same the tags on the butt were the same, the numbers were the same except for the last digits of the sku since the pants were a different size. She insisted. I said that "this is ridiculous. I just want to return the pants." So I put the pants in the bag and told my mom as I walked away that it shouldn't be this hard to return and the customer service lady proceeded to say "well that is why it's so important to keep your receipt." I walked away and said "this is such bull."

I walked to the men's department and found the lady in the men's department and we went back to the desk, this was the third time for me and the woman that helped me in the men's department, found the pants got them to scan but did not match the card I had and she gave me a merchandise credit. I don't understand why this other lady had to make me feel like I was returning something soooo old that it didn't scan and gave me no other options. I was not happy and I don't understand why a company that has a return policy such as Kohl's wouldn't train the people in charge of returns on the policy or at the least show the customer a little respect when talking to them.

I don't think it should have taken me three times to return the pants. I also went back home and told my husband the story and he told me that when he bought the pants they didn't scan and the manager had to come over and told the associate to just ring up the other Dockers that my husband bought since they were the same price. This whole situation annoyed me.

Worst Customer Service Ever!
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Rating: 4/51 - Consumer improved rating by 3 stars

The most helpful reviews and complaints are factually correct, include details from your firsthand experience, and have photos. Placed order # ** thought my new shipping address was saved end up finding out my order is being shipped to an old address. Called your customer service believe rep's name was Jean. She mentioned about 3 times during the conversation. It's my problem because I placed the order and there was nothing they could do. Rep even told me to try my luck at post office and FedEx. Never experienced such bad customer service. Very disappointed customer.

No Longer Providing Boxes
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Rating: 2/51

WESTLAND AND NORTHVILLE, MICHIGAN -- I again this year did the bulk of my Christmas shopping at Kohl's. I did this in Oct. 2014 so when no boxes were available I figured it was too early for them yet. On Nov. I went back with my receipt to pickup boxes for my purchases but was told they no longer provide boxes. They say they are being green. I say this is BS, they are saving money at their customers expense. I'll have to consider a different company for next year's shopping.

Can I Still Expect Great Things?
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Rating: 1/51

Either I'm having a bad week, or I'm just being picky. I can't decide. This is my second complaint in two days. Kohl's has been my favorite store for a long time now. The customer service is bar none, and the return policy can't be beat. Lately, however, I've become a little disenchanted with the prices and quality of the merchandise. Not enough to stop me from shopping there, but enough to make me feel less enthusiastic.

Adding to my recent disappointment is an email that I received yesterday containing the following information: "As of March 5 we will only be able to provide you one form of your statement, either paper or online. If you prefer to receive paper statements you can continue to do so, but your electronic version of your statement will not be available on My Kohl's Charge. All other functionality remains the same. Remember, you always have the ability to opt out of paper statements, which will allow you to retain your easy access online. This results in your ability to view the statement right away."

Why? I'm sure there are Kohl's customers who still prefer paper statements. Why should they have to forfeit the convenience of viewing the transactions online during the billing period? For a company that provides such excellent customer service, I find it ironic that they would deprive their customers of this simple convenience. I hope Kohl's reconsiders this decision. I will not be giving up paper statements. Maybe it's old-fashioned and I'm stuck in a time warp, but I prefer receiving my bill in the mail. I will miss viewing the transactions online, but apparently that's the price I must pay for having the bill mailed to my home.

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