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Kohl's Pricing Is A Scam .... Be Smarter Than Kohl's
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Rating: 2/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- The customer is always king.... Always, always and always. I was aware of Kohl's pricing "games" a long time ago. However because I have a kohl's credit card, I also receive their $10.00 off "anything" coupon in my mailbox and I also get Kohl's coupons in my email and I also receive Kohl's coupons in the newspapers. These coupons can be combined or stacked all together for "one purchase".... It is part of the fine print on the coupon and on Kohl's policy webpage. I.e. Coupon for $5.00 plus $10.00 plus 20% off are all separate offers that can be combined, for one purchase of $30.00 of merchandise.

The best way to shop at Kohl's is first "decide what you want." Let's say that you want jeans, well just make sure you buy only brand name jeans (like Lee's, Levi's, etc) and then compare those prices with JC Penny, Walmart and etc. Then deduct the brand name jeans "price" with the Kohl's coupons and see what your cash price will be... If you end up paying just $5.00 for a pair of lee's jeans priced at $40.00... Then you paid $5.00 or less (sometimes).

Don't buy things that you don't really want.. Waste of your money. Be a comparison shopper... Or else do not buy the stuff.. Just wait it out. You can keep an eye on Kohl's prices on their website and keep checking for sale "prices" and check the expiration dates on your coupon(s) and the apply all the coupons on that purchase -- either online or at the store. If you only paid a few dollars for brand name clothes, then you did ok. However if the Kohl's coupons do not help you then do not use them and do not buy what you wanted at Kohl's.

The reality is that the net cash prices at Walmart are "a lot cheaper." It's a fact. Walmart does price-matching with anyone. Kohl's, JC penny, etc. There are other pricing tactics you can use to save money also. Buying what you want and in the size you want. And then wait for a sale. Return the item at the service counter and then buy it right back at "that day's sale price." Kohl's, Walmart, JC Penny, Target, etc, etc. All allow that.

In the end... Retailers need to move inventory. Because they have made purchase commitments to buy millions$$ of dollars$$ of merchandise... And they must must must sell that stuff... Or they will lose their contracts with all the manufacturers. The customer is always king. Always, always and always.

Horrible Customers
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Rating: 2/51

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I am a former Kohl's associate at a location in Minneapolis, MN and I am here to tell you how horrible customers can be. To all you pigs out there, please do not urinate and crap in the fitting rooms and wipe yourself with merchandise. The fitting rooms are not bathrooms and it was not pleasant when I had to clean up your mess. Parents, the toy department is not a daycare center. Do not leave your kids in toys to rip everything open while you go off and shop in another department. Have control of your kids instead of letting them run wild throughout the store like its a playground.

If returns are being made without a receipt, you do not get back the amount you paid. The register gives you the lowest sale price in the last 60 days. That part is just something to think about the next time you make a scene and decide to call the customer service clerk a minimum wage puppet. Just because some people work minimum wage in retail, it does not give you the right to treat us like trash. Whether you like it or not, associates have to follow company policies.

Also, when a return is being made in which you earned or used Kohl's Cash, then that Kohl's Cash is deducted from the return amount. Just thought I'd shed some light on a few things. So glad I work for TJ Maxx now. It's a much better company to work for and the customers are not as rude and inconsiderate.

Never Apply for Kohl's Charge
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Rating: 1/51

Never get a Kohl's charge! It looks like it maybe a good deal when they offer you a 30% discount for signing up for Kohl's charge. However, the interest is very high (24.99%) and they turn you over to a collection agency immediately that can't be good for your credit score.

I am a Kohl's charge owner. I have been in a dispute with them about my charges for more than 3 months now. I got charged on Koh'ls charge and paid it off in full according to the receipt that came from a Kohl's cash register. I have been receiving bills ever since that were much more than $0. The first one was even higher than my credit limit. I tried to reason with the customer service people. No luck. They were not helpful and probably are trained to extort extra money for Kohl's because as far as I know their stores are not very busy. Finally I filed a complaint with C F P Bureau. I hope it will finally get resolved.

However, if you wouldn't like to get through a nightmare like this one, pass on Kohl's charge. There are a lot of other retailers that offer good deals and in fact are more ethical. Personally, I am not going to shop at Kohl's ever again.

Kohls.com/Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, MISSOURI -- I have had the worst experiences that I have ever had with Kohl's. Not only have I been on the phone (for Kohls.com orders) more than a handful of times for more than 30 min at a time over silly little things that could have easily been fixed but I have talked to some of the rudest "customer service" representatives that you have.

It all started with cyber Monday and Kohl's cash (that was stated $15 for every $50.00 spent online) but apparently it was wrong. I called and asked why we did not receive our Kohl's cash with our order that was placed on cyber Monday (but didn't get until almost 3 weeks later) and the guy (the only one that was nice) was really nice especially since I was on hold for almost 2 hours and went ahead and honored our Kohl's cash but I would have to call back when I got an online order ready to redeem the Kohl's cash. It all went downhill from there.

I was on the phone with someone last week (on Thur 1/3) and she charged my card almost $50.00 more than it was supposed to be. I called once again the next day and argued with a guy for more than 20 min over the ordeal and he could not fix it. I even asked for a manager and he would not put me though to one. So now I get to take more time out of my day to go down to my bank and have them fight with you all to fix this.

I do not want nor do I wish to receive any more "Kohl's cash" from your company because it has been nothing but a hassle for me but I did want to let you know that you have lost our business and I will be writing a review about the awful experience that I have had with your company. I truly hope that you all can get it together because this was just ridiculous! Thank you for wasting my time once again....

Support of Staff Is Weak if Not Worse
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Rating: 1/51

NEWBURY PARK, CALIFORNIA -- I "highly suggest" anyone applying for a cashier's job with Kohl's "Read" the very fine print. Training is a joke! They put you a register, hand you a 3 ring binder. And after that, you're on your own. Much is left out & next thing you know, you have a problem that was not covered in the binder. Gave a unauthorized senior discount. Total discount came to $1.09. The treatment I got (in front of other customers) was completely unprofessional. Next thing I knew I was in the store manager's office. He picked right where the (as they call them E3's) left off.

I have never been treated or spoken to ever. I stood up, took $1.10 out of my pocket, put it on the manager's desk & told him this was the money that Kohl's thought I stole. And walked out. The real kicker was, I'm hearing impaired. The E3 that was on put me on register with almost "0" sound. I asked her if there was a way to turn up the volume. Her response was, "I have no clue." Will look into it & get back to me. This happened 12/26 & now being 1/4/14 I still never heard back. All management are so far over their heads. Rules & polices change with each E3. Ask questions (which management hates.)

Make sure all is made clear to you but don't plan on it. The Store Manager is a complete embarrassment. Product can lay on the floor for days. He has made Wal-mart look like a palace. All I can say is made aware of lack of proper training & there no one to cover your ** when you make a mistake. Think twice before you say yes to taking the job.

Lastly, I have put in 3 calls to the district manager, who has never called back & if you call the hotline, be prepared to all the work that is needed on a complaint. They are just like Kohl's, "worthless" & the hot line will be of no help. Kohl's, I assure you, your complaint will get no action of any sort. And I expect no response from any level of Kohl's so called upper management. In short, if you take the job, there is no one take cares & will do nothing to cover your back. In other words, you're on your own.

Discover Card Approved/Declined
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Rating: 1/51

I recently placed a Kohls.com order which went through with no problems on the internet. Just a little while later I received an e-mail stating that there was a problem with my order and it had been canceled. I called customer service who told me that my credit card had been declined. To shorten the story, I had to put Kohl's on a 3-way call with Discover. My credit card company told them that the transaction was approved but Kohl's would not honor it. We had to get a merchant code from Kohl's in order for the transaction to drop off of my credit card (it was holding up my credit line under pending transactions).

This time, I called and placed the order over the phone with a representative who was very apologetic about what I had already been through. The order processed on the phone and everything cleared. A while later, I received another e-mail stating that my order had been canceled because of the same problem.

A week later, the charge was still pending on my credit card. I had to go through everything AGAIN...a 3-way phone call with Discover and Kohl's in which Discover told them once again that the transaction was approved. Kohl's would not honor it and we had to once again get a merchant code in order to drop the charge. They also stated that they have no way of knowing why it was not approving on their end. Really?? I told the Kohl's rep, **, I would just be placing my order with another company and she did not seem at all perturbed by the idea...quite agreeable, in fact.

Now the first time this had happened I had sent an e-mail to Kohl's customer service letting them know what had happened. They had replied with a very apologetic e-mail and offered me the same discount/pricing that I had on my first order. The second time this happened I sent another e-mail stating how furious I was. That was three days ago and I have not heard back from them. By the way, I placed my order with Fingerhut, saved $10, and the order went through just fine with the same credit card. Highly dissatisfied!!

Being Followed Closely
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Rating: 1/51

MARINA, CALIFORNIA -- I was followed everywhere I go when I shop in this store, maybe because I was carrying my other shopping bags from other stores. I don't drive and just commute in a bus so I have to carry bags when I go to stores. It was very obvious how I am closely followed because every after announcement with codes, there was a staff that checks on me in every department of the store I go. I felt sad because I am not a bad person and I don't steal. So, I just cancelled my Kohl's credit card and never returned to the store again.

Kohl's Cash
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Rating: 4/51

VIRGINIA -- I am a former Kohl's employee and just wanted to give customers some insight. When using or receiving Kohl's cash, you will automatically lose the coupon or value. This change in the policy has been in effect since April. The best bet is to do an even exchange for an item of the same retail value. I know this stinks but it is a corporate policy and change. When doing a return the cash register already comes up with return value and any discounts you have used.

I cannot tell you how many associates have quit and walked off the job because of problems with this policy, it's not worth getting cursed out or disrespected by customers. Just something think about the next time you are in any store and are about to make a scene.

Attention all Kohl's Customers!
By -

Hey all you Kohl's Customers out there! My name is ** and I work the registers at the Kohl's in my town. After going through and reading all your complaints all I can do is raise an eyebrow and laugh. Seriously. Oh my God. Who do you think you are? Do you honestly think that Kohl's gives a CRAP if you decide not to shop there? You. This one person with your ninety dollar purchase. The store I work at makes a quarter of a million dollars a day. I doubt that they will even shed a tear at your imminent departure from our premise. Let me let you in on a few facts about Kohl's.

1) It sucks to work there. It really, really, really sucks to work there. You think we want to ask you to sign up for a Kohl's card? No. We don't. We get a one dollar incentive if you open one but that is hardly enough to motivate us. However, if we don't get some our managers will ride our asses all the way out of the store because THEY DO get bonuses. Significant ones. And no, we do NOT get incentives for e-mail. But we still get in trouble if we don't.

2) We are poorly scheduled. It is not the employees fault if there's no one there to accommodate you. Go beat out the managers because we're just as pissed. We get one person at register and there's a line halfway round the store. Meanwhile all the managers are in the office on Facebook and on their hour long lunch. They don't care. We do the best we can but you hardly make it easier.

3) We're not trained. Half of the people on register don't even know how to work it. They pull people who are not hired to work register and throw them behind them because they don't schedule or hire enough people. This affects you because you get some lick who doesn't know crap about anything and meanwhile the dressing rooms are overflowing, the department is empty and the customers just keep get pissy.

So, what did we learn? Generally we really don't care. I'll be honest. You can say whatever you want about me being a bad employee but the hard facts are, no one there really gives a crap about you. You are there, as far as we're concerned, to make our lives harder. And you do on a daily basis. You seem to try. You get so creative. So, get the hell out of Kohl's. Go shop somewhere else. We don't give a crap.

Security and $5 Kohl's Coupons
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OXFORD VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- Kohl's has a promotion which has been ongoing, where you sign up your e-mail address and you get a $5 coupon via e-mail to print up and take into any Kohl's and they will take $5 off your purchase of $5 or more. I sent for one, so did my daughter. It states on the coupon one per household, but when I went into Kohl's and used the coupon the cashier asked me if I wanted to sign up my e-mail address, I informed her that I had done that already, which is how I got the coupon I just handed her. She asked if I had an alternative e-mail address, I said I did, she told me to give it to her, which I did.

A week later I got another $5 coupon. This happened on several occasions, and since I have AOL I have 7 e-mail addresses, and I have several through work so when I would tell the cashiers that I already sent for a coupon (or two, or three) they would tell me to give them another e-mail address.

Last week as I was checking out, using a coupon, the store manager approached me and told me that security said they could not accept any coupons from me in the future. That I had been using more than their limit of one. I told the manager that I knew it said on the coupon a limit of one per household, but that the cashiers continued to ask me for new e-mail addresses. It was almost like they got a bonus for signing up new people. I told her that I was content to have the first coupon, but that they said I could sign up more than one. And this was not just one cashier who asked me for an alternative address, it was several different ones.

I am not scared to even enter Kohl's, although it is (was) my favorite place to shop. I figure security has red-flagged me. I will never give a Kohl's cashier another e-mail address of mine, and I am now uncomfortable about signing up for any offers that need my e-mail address. All well and good that Kohl's has a limit of one of those coupons per household, but do not have your employees ask for additional e-mail addresses and act like it is perfectly okay to get more than one coupon.

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