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Being Followed Closely
Posted by Cuscitizen on 03/07/2013
MARINA, CALIFORNIA -- I was followed everywhere I go when I shop in this store, maybe because I was carrying my other shopping bags from other stores. I don't drive and just commute in a bus so I have to carry bags when I go to stores.

It was very obvious how I am closely followed because every after announcement with codes, there was a staff that checks on me in every department of the store I go. I felt sad because I am not a bad person and I don't steal. So, I just cancelled my kolhs credit card and never returned to the store again.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-07:
Yes, the attention you received was quite possibly due to the shopping bags. I have shopped in Kohl's several times, and have never been followed.

The people to blame for this issue, IMO, are those who steal. If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide.
Posted by Jambra on 2013-03-07:
When I'm in a similar situation, I ask a cashier if I can leave my shop bags with them at their desk while I shop. That way my hands are free, no one follows me, and my bags are waiting for me when I pay.
Posted by Susan on 2013-03-07:
It appears to me that the loss prevention team was probably just doing their job. I would suggest asking to check the bags with customer service prior to shopping.
Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-03-07:
I agree with the above comments. You may not be there to steal, but carrying in bags from other stores looks suspicious. Stores can't trust thier own shoppers anymore.
Posted by No Kohl's on 2013-08-16:
"If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide." This statement is often true,but not with Kohl's .Their loss prevention personnel not only allows the general public to view their surveillance video ,they will give them a copy of the video.google ,kohl's falsely accuses grandmother. This grandmother did nothing wrong and Kohl's was aware of this before letting the video go viral.
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Anything But Negative ...
Posted by ME1212 on 10/08/2009
You know what, every time I shop here, I feel SO TERRIBLE for the employees and managers. Customers just like what I've been reading from most of you, take things and extort them against the company. You all should be shameful and regret all of this petty complaining I see EVERYTIME I'm therem sometimes more than once. I just want to say that for one, people should learn to comprehend what they're reading. If you don't understand and need to know for sure before you trouble someone else, ask for assistance. It's YOU that causes the scene at register, not the cashier who he/she is just doing what they're told. Rules and regulations people, they govern everything around us, so why when you become the number one priority do you seem so ignorant and narrow? I've been a cashier, and it seems to me, especially after earning so much respect and pride in college, that you ALL just seem to manifest these expectations usually based on societal and cultural "norms". I'm sure as hell not going to respect you one bit if you think that what you say is right and what I'm TRYING to inform you of is wrong. You all are oblivious to an invisible and only intellectually discovered pattern of social structures, all embedded in your every waking moment. I have studied Freud and his theories, as well as the posotive Emile Durkheim. They both state "right" ... "wrong", all words of meaning only to those who are entangled in regression, ignorance, immaturity, and a self delusion of expectations that, when not met, create a psyche disruption and ambivolent retorts and defenses, that of which are an enigma to those of us who have progressed further as scholars and intellectual, rationalized, comprehenseve, analytical, open-minded, and Gnostic beings.

After saying what I needed to, and explainin in FACT why you all think we may treat you wrongful when you don't get what you want. It's simply a disease of your mind which keeps you from understanding a rational explaination of the RULES of Kohl's.

Percents cannot be combined, if they were able to be, then during scratch offs they would make no profit, thus ending somewhere for you to get away with complaining. Email alert dollar offs cannot be used more than once, because if they did that, they'd have cheap people coming in and out with merchandise that has made NO PROFIT. If they adjusted prices to your every command, they would be out of MONEY. If you have merchandise that you are unsure of getting, then maybe you should take yourself out of line, and logically, think about it before chekc-out, so as to prevent bad attitudes arising from the employees you think have problems. If you are writing a check, then why can't you get yourself a damn debit card? It's not hard, unless you have bad credit and no money as well a a lack of self control. Also, when they tell you something and a manager comes only to tell you the SAME THING, then why are you still complaining? You heard her, now leave or whatever you need to do, just get over it.

I just have lost hope for customers, I feel sorry for them everyday I visit, because you people make it so hard for them.
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Posted by Flexanimous Fellow on 2009-10-08:
You're absolutely right..a LOT of people out there think they're owed something because they can convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. Many don't have any business sense either. For example, at the service center where I work, people ask me all the time how my company stays in business when we give out a refurbished product through a warranty exchange instead of another brand new one. My response to them was that the company would be out of business much quicker if we had to give brand new products everytime something went wrong with one. Management told me not to say this anymore because apparently it's rude to make sense.

Customers can be aggravating, yes, but I also believe that the attitude of the worker can make all the difference. I don't believe people are inherently malicious and evil, but get extremely frustrated when they feel cheated or helpless, and cannot comprehend during their tantrum that being nasty to the people hired to serve them won't get them very far.

Instead of getting angry right back, I feel sorry for them...how miserable must life be for them that they have to take out their anger on an employee who they know has no ability to respond back as they'd like without losing their job?

I happen to be very pleasant with all customers I deal with, and when they get angry, more often than not they do apologize.

We're all human, what can I say.
Posted by Mario The Great on 2009-10-08:
Flex - That's a great answer.
Posted by andbran on 2009-10-08:
for some reason people think managers have magical powers.they are more like figureheads than anything else.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-08:
What gets me, sometimes, is I'll tell a customer something and they demand to see a manager... and then my manager tells them EXACTLY what I just told them. People just automatically assume that the cashier or peon doesn't know what they're doing. Some people, even though they're not managers, *do* indeed know what they're doing and do it well.
And, then, of course, when the manager pretty much repeats what I just said; their attitude changes and they become nice again after getting pissed off upset when I said no and the reason why they couldn't do that. I guess they need reassurance or something but still. *sighs* Oh well, you can't please everyone.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-08:
bkk I hate that too, but what I hate MORE is when the manager comes over and agrees with me, but then goes ahead and gives the customer whatever they were complaining about just to get them off their back, and they have that "haha manager gave me what I wanted" look on their face after the manager leaves the situation, like the won a freaking prize. Just know that as soon as you leave the store everyone is going to be talking about you, and ain't nothing going to change that.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-08:
yeah cos often then... it either sets up the cashier to look like a jerk for not saying yes in the first place, even if the cashier is following policy... and sometimes the cashier gets a little crap from the customer afterwards

or it sets up the mindset that if you try really hard (and by trying really hard i mean treat the staff like crap until they just want you to leave) then you'll get what you want. so that means you'll be more apt to use it again
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-08:
YES exactly! As soon as you do it for the customer "just this once" I can guarantee you they will bring that situation up when it benefits them again. "Oh but you did it last time, so and so manager did it", and then your kind of caught in a bind if you don't do it again. It's a vicious cycle that's better to not start.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-08:
kinda like the phrase mom use to use for the cat

Once is a habit

it can apply to customers as well as cats
when giving in to demands
Posted by Eloise on 2009-10-08:
Ytrop, you are so right. Is there anything more annoying when a manager won't back you up. You've done everything by the book and they still let the customer get away with anything.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-08:
Some managers are willing to throw the lowly cashiers under the bus in order to look like the hero of the situation. It doesn't happen often to me, but when it does it sure stings.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
That is one thing I HATE about where I work. What the heck is the point of having a policy, and demanding we follow it, if your manager doesn't follow it? When a manager overrides us WE look incompetent to the customer.
Posted by Firemark on 2009-11-23:
As an infrequent customer of Kohls I have to feel sorry for the employees and quite frankly notice they don't stick around very long. Customers in this country have come to expect their feedback is important, especially if the company wants their business in the future. Clearly Kohls is poorly managed and puts all the pressure on understaffed front line employees so it's no wonder people ask for the manager. For instance, Kohls idea of managing crowded checkout lines is to add a rope line instead of adding cashiers. Most well run retail stores have their managers on the front line, trying to address issues immediately and make adjustments to their store practices and customer oriented policies. Too bad Kohls isn't one of these companies.
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Kohl's Cash Reward Card Program Is A Scam!! Your Balance Is In Negative Points?!?!
Posted by Mominn8266 on 04/09/2014
FRIENDSWOOD, TEXAS -- You wonder why you never earned a single dollar ever since opening the kohl’s cash reward card? This is because the WHOLE program is a SCAM!

If you do not accumulate 100 points (spend $100) within ONE month, you will lose ALL points earned under 100 points. Then if you decide to return an item the next month (Keep in mind, you were UNDER 100 points on the month when you purchased the item), you will be NEGATED the X amount of points you earned when you purchased that item. So what will happen next month is that your account balance will be in NEGATIVE points earned which will cancel out the purchases you make the next month. And this is how the scam loop continues.

If I purchase a handbag for $80 on 03/25/14, I will have earned 80 points. I will not purchase anything else this month so beginning of April, my account balance will be 0 points. Today (04/09/14), if I return my handbag (purchased on 03/25/14) my rewards card balance will be NEGATED 80 points which will make my balance -80.
They are taking away points which the customer NEVER received! This is a outright SCAM!

Kohl’s have lost me as a customer until they resolve this scam!
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Never Apply for Kohl's Charge
Posted by Id99r on 03/25/2014
Never get a Kohl's charge!

It looks like it maybe a good deal when they offer you a 30% discount for signing up for Kohl's charge. However, the interest is very high (24.99%) and they turn you over to a collection agency immediately that can't be good for your credit score.

I am a Kohl's charge owner. I have been in a dispute with them about my charges for more than 3 months now. I got charged on Koh'ls charge and paid it off in full according to the receipt that came from a Kohl's cash register. I have been receiving bills ever since that were much more than $0. The first one was even higher than my credit limit. I tried to reason with the customer service people. No luck. They were not helpful and probably are trained to extort extra money for Kohl's because as far as I know their stores are not very busy. Finally I filed a complaint with C F P Bureau. I hope it will finally get resolved.

However, if you wouldn't like to get through a nightmare like this one, pass on Kohl's charge. There are a lot of other retailers that offer good deals and in fact are more ethical. Personally, I am not going to shop at Kohl's ever again.

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Posted by Paul on 2014-03-27:
What is key in your complaint is missing. The complaint appears to indicate that your bill was paid in full, but you got into a dispute. You mention the interest rate (always high for store CCs) and being turned over for collection, but if these applied to you or not.

The guess of this reader is that you were late paying, were sent to collections, and the dispute involves arriving at an agreement that your bill is paid in full. Unfortunately there aren't enough details to know what happened or if Kohl's did anything wrong.
Posted by ksgal on 2014-03-31:
I've had a Kohls card for years and never had problems. Probably best if you pay on time then you wouldn't have these problems.
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Kohls.com/Customer Service
Posted by Marissadisabatino on 01/16/2014
ONLINE, MISSOURI -- I have had the worst experience's that I have ever had with Kohls. Not only have I been on the phone (for Kohls.com orders) more than a handful of times for more than 30 min at a time over silly little things that could have easily been fixed but I have talked to some of the rudest "customer service" representatives that you have.

It all started with cyber Monday and Kohls cash (that was stated $15 for every $50.00 spent online) but apparently it was wrong. I called and asked why we did not receive our Kohls cash with our order that was placed on cyber Monday (but didn?t get until almost 3 weeks later) and the guy (the only one that was nice)was really nice especially since I was on hold for almost 2 hours and went ahead and honored our Kohls cash but I would have to call back when I got an online order ready to redeem the Kohls cash. It all went down hill from there.

I was on the phone with someone last week (on thur 1/3) and she charged my card almost $50.00 more than it was suppose to be. I called once again the next day and argued with a guy for more than 20 min over the ordeal and he could not fix it. I even asked for a manager and he would not put me though to one. So now I get to take more time out of my day to go down to my bank and have them fight with you all to fix this. I do not want nor do I wish to receive any more "Kohls cash" from your company because it has been nothing but a hassle for me but I did want to let you know that you have lost our business and I will be writing a review about the awful experience that I have had with your company. I truly hope that you all can get it together because this was just ridiculous!

Thank you for wasting my time once again....
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Posted by Jennie on 2014-01-17:
You say the customer service representatives were rude, yet you are saying you argued with them. I'd be willing to bet that you were rude and got an attitude with them and expected them to bend over backwards and treat you like a princess. I'll tell you that working in customer service, if a customer is nice I'll go out of my way to do whatever I can to help them. But the second you start getting rude and treating me like crap when I'm trying to help you, forget about it.
Posted by ok4now on 2014-01-20:
My experience with Kohl's customer service has been excellent. They are polite, knowledgeable and will offer exceptional service if you treat them right. Have an attitude, be rude and disrespectful, argumentation then expect the same in return.
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Wrong Order
Posted by GreenCherrySoda on 01/10/2014
Ordered a couple gift cards for Christmas, Kohl's checkout allows people to add a message so I decided to add. Order arrived quick, BUT they were the WRONG design, contained NO messages and did NOT arrive in gift boxes. Emailed company, took forever to reply, nothing was resolved. Just excuses.

Apparently Kohl's has been known to be a joke with gift orders since I found other complaints about how even if you pay for gift wrapping they don't even gift wrap it for you and instead they just put things in a Kohl's box and that's it. My orders didn't even get put into boxes, if I had known that I would've just went to the store and buy the gift cards as is instead of waiting around.
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Support of Staff Is Weak if Not Worse
Posted by Jabogie on 01/04/2014
NEWBURY PARK, CALIFORNIA -- I "highly suggest" anyone applying for a cashiers job with Kohl's "Read" the very fine print. Training is a joke! They put you a register, hand you a 3 ring binder. And after that, your on your own. Much is left out & next thing you know, you have a problem that was not covered in the binder. Gave a unauthorized senior discount. Total discount came to $1.09. The treatment I got (in front of other customers) was completely unprofessional. Next thing I knew I was in the store managers office. He picked right where the (as they call them E3's) left off. I have never been treated or spoken to ever. I stood up, took $1.10 out of my pocket, put it on the managers desk & told him this was the money that Kohl's thought I stole. And walked out. The real kicker was, I'm hearing impaired. The E3 that was on put me on register with almost "0" sound. I asked her if there was a way to turn up the volume. Her response was, I have no clue. Will look into it & get back to me. This happened 12/26 & now being 1/4/14 I still never her back. All management are so far over there heads. Rules & polices change with each E3. Ask questions (which management hates) Make sure all is made clear to you but don't plan on it. The Store Manager is a complete embarrassment. Product can lay on the floor for days. He has made Wal-mart look like a palace. All I can say is be made aware of lack of proper training & there no one to cover your ass when you make a mistake. Think twice before you say yes to taking the job.

Lastly, I have put in 3 calls to the district manager, who has never called back & if you call the hotline, be prepared to all the work that is needed on a complaint. They are just like Kohl's, "worthless" & the hot line will be of no help. Kohl's, I assure you, your complaint will get no action of any sort. And I expect no response from any level of Kohl's so called upper management. In short, if you take the job, there is no one take cares & will do nothing to cover your back. In other words, your on your own.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-01-07:
Your situation may be considered a violation of the ADA over their failure to accommodate your hearing disability.
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Kohls.com Ship to Issue, Poor Customer Service
Posted by A.klita on 01/02/2014
To whom it may concern:
This letter is to complain about a frustrating experience with an order I placed on Kohls.com. I purchased 9 items from a baby registry on December 30, 2013 via your website. At checkout, I changed to ship to address to my home. While reviewing the printed order confirmation at home yesterday, I noticed the ship to address had reverted back to the registrant’s, which is no longer a current address. I called Kohl’s customer service and upon explaining the issue, I was advised this happens often, I was offered an apology and assurance that the situation would be corrected. The customer service representative I spoke with explained that a request would be sent to the fulfillment center and that within an hour, I would receive email confirmation of the correction.
Upon checking my emails this morning, I realized I had not received any communication from Kohls.com regarding my order. I decided to contact customer service again, this time via email, and received an auto reply explaining that due to a high volume of requests, responses may be delayed and I was directed to contact customer service via phone for any time sensitive issues. I picked up the phone, yet again, and called customer service, this now being the 3rd attempt on my end to resolve this situation. After an extended wait on the phone, I was connected with Garrett in customer service. I explained the situation to Garrett and also advised of my conversation yesterday with a customer service representative. Garrett was not as pleasant as the customer service representative I spoke with yesterday. Garrett was fairly adamant that he could not pull up the order without an order number. After explaining I was on my lunch break, did not have it available and asking several times if there was alternate information I could provide to look up the order, he reluctantly looked up the order with my email address. Garrett advised no changes could be made, the order couldn’t be canceled and that at this point, it will be up to the people who live at the address to be honest and reject the package. Garrett was not courteous and seemed unwilling to help. When I asked for a supervisor or manager, I was abruptly placed on hold and transferred to Vanessa. Unfortunately, Vanessa did not provide any further assistance or a resolution to my issue. I ended the call extremely livid not only because of the unresolved issue, but at the lack of service from the customer service team.
At this moment, there is a package at your fulfillment center which has not yet shipped. However, due to your policies, the ship to address will not be changed. My assumption is that this policy is due to an automated fulfillment system which limits the opportunity of changing an order. However, I cannot help but assume that somewhere in your fulfillment center, there are employees that could be contacted in an attempt to correct this situation. I understand there are no guarantees, but a glimmer of hope and an sympathetic customer service employee, doing everything they can to assist, would have made all the difference. I was not treated as a customer who supports the company, but was treated as a burden. This experience has left me frustrated, angry and unwilling to shop at Kohl’s, in-store or online again. I will be cancelling my email subscriptions and closing my Kohl’s charge account. Although my actions may seem extreme, I have never been this livid due to the lack of customer service from a company. I myself work in customer service and would quit my job if I ever treated someone the way I was treated today. All I’m left with at the moment is the hope that whoever receives my package will be honest enough to reject it, which is the pathetic resolution your customer service representative offered. In the meantime, I have to wait to see how this situation plays out and begin shopping yet again for baby shower gifts, which I can guarantee will not be at Kohl’s. Although I am just one person and cannot impact your company drastically, I can, and will, use social media as well as the internet to share my experience. Word of mouth is often underrated.

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Terrible Online Service
Posted by Jhfbnkk on 12/08/2013
ONLINE -- As many know Kohls had their Black Friday sale the entire week of Thanksgiving. I decided to get some shopping out of the way and purchase luggage online from Kohls Tuesday the 26th. Hours later I get an email saying they cannot process the order I spend a great deal of time creating. Then, I try again Thursday and everything is fine until Sunday when they say 1 of the 2 luggage items I purchased is sold out. WHY DID YOU LET ME PURCHASE IF YOUR SOLD OUT?!?!? Furious I wrote Kohls online. If I would have know my order wouldn't be fulfilled I would have purchased elsewhere. Kohls customer service online basically told me oh well. Then, this week I get another email saying the other luggage is sold out. What's the point of shopping at Kohls If 2 weeks later I'm going to find out none of my items that I already paid for are in stock ?!? Worst customer service ever. Stay away from Kohls!!
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Discover Card Approved/Declined
Posted by Ncmom5356 on 08/14/2013
I recently placed a Kohls.com order which went through with no problems on the internet. Just a little while later I received an e-mail stating that there was a problem with my order and it had been canceled. I called customer service who told me that my credit card had been declined. To shorten the story, I had to put Kohl's on a 3-way call with Discover. My credit card company told them that the transaction was approved but Kohl's would not honor it. We had to get a merchant code from Kohl's in order for the transaction to drop off of my credit card (it was holding up my credit line under pending transactions). This time, I called and placed the order over the phone with a representative who was very apologetic about what I had already been through. The order processed on the phone and everything cleared. A while later, I received another e-mail stating that my order had been canceled because of the same problem.

A week later, the charge was still pending on my credit card. I had to go through everything AGAIN...a 3-way phone call with Discover and Kohl's in which Discover told them once again that the transaction was approved. Kohl's would not honor it and we had to once again get a merchant code in order to drop the charge. They also stated that they have no way of knowing why it was not approving on their end. Really?? I told the Kohl's rep, Lynette, I would just be placing my order with another company and she did not seem at all perturbed by the idea...quite agreeable, in fact.

Now the first time this had happened I had sent an e-mail to Kohl's customer service letting them know what had happened. They had replied with a very apologetic e-mail and offered me the same discount/pricing that I had on my first order. The second time this happened I sent another e-mail stating how furious I was. That was three days ago and I have not heard back from them.

By the way, I placed my order with Fingerhut, saved $10, and the order went through just fine with the same credit card.

Highly dissatisfied!!
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