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Do You Like Salty Nuts?

Well, if you do, then you have stumbled upon the right review my friend. There has been so much talk lately in the news and on gripe sites about various fast food chains altering their formula for success by switching the type of salt used on their french fries, that I felt obliged to weigh in on the subject.

However, my review is actually catered towards the protein packing peanuts from Planters. My wife bought a can from a bulk store, so it has been lasting us quite some time. I believe it's 3-lbs & 8-0z. I actually didn't notice until tonight. I have the can sitting next to my desktop at home, and I've been munching as I spend some down time on the net. I was reading some comments in regards to sea salt, when I glanced down and low and behold, right there on the can are the words, "Made with pure sea salt".

And to think that I've been munching away all week and hadn't noticed? Long story short, there may be a slight difference, but not enough for me to notice. These mixed nuts are delicious. They contain peanuts, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and pecans. A wide variety for all you picky eaters out there in the world. I have a 3-lb can, so anyone else that is craving some protein, help yourself to my nuts.

Easy to Make Desserts & Step by Step Videos

I decided to try some new recipes for the holidays, and was googling for jello recipes when I found Being a jello pudding and jello gelatin lover, I wanted some new recipes to try. And boy did I find them! I found a lot of easy, creative ways to use jello pudding and gelatin. And for the holidays to make a yummy dessert that is pleasing to both the eye and the tummy.

The first one I tried was the Chocolate Elegance. Mine doesn't look as pretty as theirs, but for the first time trial run it looks OK. Nuts were expensive, so I used Skittles and M&Ms. Next time, I will spring for the nuts, lol. All in all, it took me about 15 minutes to prep, and 5 hours in the fridge to set, and cost about $3 each to make. The next project is the Raspberry Angel Cake, only I am doing Cranberry instead of raspberry. We will see what happens.

Who Cut the Cheese?

NEW MEXICO -- Although macaroni & cheese is not in the same class as the other culinary delights usually posted and discussed on M3C, it has been a staple in our household for many years. Lately, it seems to me that the quality of the cheese has diminished. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel as though they have changed? Perhaps it's the type of cheese they use. Maybe they switched vendors or suppliers, but it just doesn't seem to have the thick flavory quality it used to.

Anymore, I'm forced to add an extra packet of cheese, just so the noodles aren't so bland. A favorite of ours is to melt the jalapeno Velveeta Cheese and use that instead. I use the macaroni and cheese as a base for several variations of meals like tuna casserole, hamburger helpers, etc... Sad to say, I've found that the "house" brands tend to have a richer flavor and darker yellow tint, instead of the pale and bland Kraft. What went wrong with one of my favorite childhood snacks?

Customer Service Review
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I have called Kraft once in question of what enzymes were used in their cheddar cheese. The person on the other end seemed to think I was ridiculous for asking and suggested that there was no way to tell. Frustrated, the call ended. I have since gone to Kraft's website to find that they use very specific enzymes in their different cheeses. I was curious which enzymes were used in their Velveeta (specifically asking which animal). The first response told me, "Yes, we use animal enzymes," a form response actually, that I had already read from their website.

I rephrased the question, minimizing the number of questions (as I had asked a few), and the response I received only went into MORE depth on how cheeses are made. In honesty, I probably would not have been concerned with which enzymes were used (or even known that cheese requires enzymes) if I had not already known how cheese was made. Needless to say, I am highly disappointed in the customer service quality of Kraft Foods.

Rancid Taco Shells
By -

We recently purchased 6 boxes of TACO BELL taco shells made by Kraft Foods. Every single box of shells is rancid, they smell horrible and we've had to throw all of them out. I searched the entire Kraft Foods website looking for a place to enter a complaint and none such exists. I've never encountered a website by a major company that didn't have a complaint center and offered some resolution to your complaint and discontent. Kraft offers none of that on their website. I will never buy Taco Bell products from Kraft again. The smell of the taco shells was enough to take away your appetite!

Why Take the Vitamins Out of Tang??
By -

I have been buying TANG for the last few years for my son, who absolutely loves the stuff. There are several reasons I didn't mind giving it to him over juice. They were: 1) it was vitamin fortified and 2) it had 1/2 the sugar of 100% juice. I go to Sam's a few weeks ago and realize the container is a LOT bigger. I think, "Hmm, there is something going on here," but I didn't have time to really look the container and ingredients over thoroughly.

I get home and start to really look into why the container was so different. They have clearly added twice the sugar and took out the vitamins. Now it only contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is great, but having more vitamins in the drink mix was better for my son who can be a picky eater. The fact that they have doubled the sugar is irritating too. No wonder the container is so much bigger! They added more sugar as filler!! Has anyone else noticed this?

Kraft Real Mayo (Not Real Anymore)
By -

Remember when Coca-Cola came out with New Coke. Looks like Kraft has just done the same with the great mayonnaise that many of us have used for our entire life. It appears they changed out the labels a while back. I remember thinking it was odd that they went from a really decent looking label to a cheap, generic looking label they are using today. When the labels switched I though the mayo did too but it had not (at least not yet).

It seems to be that they got folks used to a new label and then started phasing it in to stores thinking we might not notice. Well I got my first jar of it the other day and noticed on the first taste. I thought it was spoiled. Another taste and I thought Miracle Whip. What I finally determined was this is a light version of Miracle Whip. I personally dislike Miracle Whip, hence my reason for buying mayonnaise. They are not the same thing. Please write or call the company and get out real stuff back. There are too many things changing in the world as it is. Some things are just good the way they are and don't need changed.

False Advertising and Aspartame Poisoning
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA -- My fiance and I try to eat and drink as natural as possible. His mother gave us a container of Crystal Light Natural Lemonade packets. I saw the word "natural" in larger print and didn't think to look on the back for any serious additives. One packet makes 1 quart of lemonade. We had been drinking this lemonade for a total of about three weeks, during this time frame my fiance started feeling muscle pains in his back, abdominal and groin. We didn't think much of this until the pain started increasing as well as unusual fatigue and headache. This past Saturday, my fiance and soon to be father of my child was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance.

That morning he woke up with severe lower back pain and nausea. He then suffered a seizure and that is when I called 911. After suffering intense pain, a CAT scan revealed that he had passed two kidney stones to his bladder. My fiance has never had a seizure or kidney problems prior to consuming aspartame in this product. I would like some sort of compensation for false advertisement, and the grief and stress this has caused my family and unborn child. If I don't at least receive an apology, I will be sure to inform my whole community of the dangers lurking in Kraft Foods products.

Strange Taste/ Texture of Food Item Purchased
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Rating: 4/51

FRISCO, TEXAS -- I typically love Kraft Simply Fat Free cottage cheese. I actually drive out of my way to a specific store to purchase it. However, my latest purchase (January 30th, 2012) has made me reconsider future purchases. The cottage cheese had a strange smell/texture upon opening the package, which was not expired. The taste was very bland (NOT typical of this product!) and the consistency was very thin and runny - almost like soup.

I am extremely disappointed, as I have to make a special trip to purchase this product. I am not sure if this is an isolated incident or if there have been recent changes in this product's manufacturing process. It is a bit more expensive than my grocery store brands, so I hate to try again if there have been recent changes made.

Bubbly New Year Celebration
By -

My family and I rang in the new year with nachos, guacamole, and queso, made with Velveeta and Ro-Tel. As I was prepared to wash the queso from the crock pot, I added water and stepped away for a moment. When I came back, there were suds in the crock pot. I had not yet added any soap!! I tried it again. More suds! We even tried adding water to one of our serving bowls, and more suds again! Ick!! What is in this product that causes it to generate suds yet makes it safe enough for us to eat? We will NEVER buy Velveeta again!

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