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Information on How Kraft Really Works When Not in the Consumers Eyes
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WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- Kraft foods I have worked at the Winchester va facility going on 16 years. Now although we have changed our name a few times we have been Kraft foods for over a decade now and boy has it changed. Where there once was superior quality in our products there is now no quality. We have been cutting budgets on the floor dealing with blue collars the most. We cut everything we can to create more jobs for white collars who do nothing in this facility. We have in the last few years cut our cip steps which is cleaning in progress which cleans the machines so you do not get mold and other forms or spoilage in the product.

We now work more less 6 days a week due to having to change from a 7 day schedule because our employees are suing us for violating labor laws which I will get to in a minute, but are cleaning really don't really exist anymore only on shutting down after working 6 days in a row to do cip and boy you wouldn't believe the mold that builds up on these machines in six days, compared to when we used to clean a machine cip about every other day. This creates run time though which makes money the only thing Kraft cares about anymore.

We used to have a operator of the capri sun machine watch the machine watching for all types of spoilage issues which you wouldn't believe you can have in just a few minutes if you are not watching to catch these issues. Kraft has cut many jobs which help to achieve quality causing operators to have to deal with dumping their own slop and trash while machines run with no one watching quality which if a machine is running bad this operator could be away from the machine several times through the night.

Leaving this machine running spoilage issues right out to the public this does not get noticed on the books though because we make so much of this product so easy the numbers of complaints don't hurt because there is more volume that no one complains about. We also do not worry about other issues anymore with quality we used to address wrinkle issues and other form of bad seals that can cause spoilage by getting our technicians to fix these fast before it came to a problem. Now a operator has to run no matter what as before we had the right to shut down till fix bad seals which means maybe weak or cracked letting air through the seal can cause spoilage.

Also which now if a tech can't fix which mostly happens every day on at least several machines as we run 23, the operator has to keep running this out the door and quality is nothing as this operator may only catch a few of these defects as he may be doing someone's else job that they done away with as dumping the trash which is to be contracted through kelly or manpower which also goes into another job going away such as utilities on the back of the machines which used to also help quality by checking supplies that was being loaded into the machine now being replaced by kelly employees who are Spanish and have no clue about anything dealing with quality as most every Kraft employee can't speak Spanish which also causes many safety concerns as with our moving equipment.

We can't tell them what to do or not or let them know there is stuff going on they need to watch for. We have also been cutting down on our cost for materials as to making these products as cheap by making thinner such as pouch foil which they have this way to thin now causing light fills wrinkles all types of seal defects and damage to the pouch as it is being packaged.

I have never seen any place work with such careless efforts towards quality and all the jobs they have done away with has generated cheaper more jobs for the white collars who do nothing also giving them higher bonus and now word of 5 extra days off every 5 years as before all got treated the same. As blue collars get treated as scam anymore working like slaves and every benefit a blue collar had is getting taken away as insurance and all the rules that the company had to protect these employees by making a handbook.

Every year gets changed to benefit Kraft because Virginia has a right to work law and if a employee stands up for herself she can get fired which leaves to the lawsuit that the employees are trying to get through where Winchester violated the blue collar civil rights. By before the employees had to work seven days a week rotating shifts. A employee would work seven days starting on Saturday day shift of 2 on Saturday and Sunday after working 2nd shift work Monday through Friday off 5 days till Wednesday working Thursday through next thursady another 7 days in a row.

Every time we worked seven days in a row they made fall between two different weeks so it wouldn't look like we was working these in a row so they would not pay us time in a half for this time which was a federal law that they had to pay us when working over 40 hours in a seven day period. This also hurt us even worse as with these hours between weeks even though we worked well over 40 hours we barely even got a 30 hour pay check because on the books it looked as we hardly worked now since Kraft has got when that we know they changed this to a five day schedule as knowing we could never make the numbers as we did working seven days in a row.

We now have to work mandatory overtime every day even if you volunteer to work for a employee during this time, they will deduct time from the person who was on mandatory overtime also because they can't use her even more trying to use the employees time up so they get less days off. Also since we make less now we work 6 days most of the year even though the employee is on a five day schedule the six day is also mandatory overtime giving even less of a family life to these employees while a white collar barely even putts 40 hours in a week in.

As to Kraft advertising they care about people. They don't care at all, about blue collars and they will do anything they can to get these people to burn their time up or cause them hardships when coming to getting time off for illness or hardships in the families.

Do You Like Salty Nuts?

Well, if you do, then you have stumbled upon the right review my friend. There has been so much talk lately in the news and on gripe sites about various fast food chains altering their formula for success by switching the type of salt used on their french fries, that I felt obliged to weigh in on the subject.

However, my review is actually catered towards the protein packing peanuts from Planters. My wife bought a can from a bulk store, so it has been lasting us quite some time. I believe it's 3-lbs & 8-0z. I actually didn't notice until tonight. I have the can sitting next to my desktop at home, and I've been munching as I spend some down time on the net. I was reading some comments in regards to sea salt, when I glanced down and low and behold, right there on the can are the words, "Made with pure sea salt".

And to think that I've been munching away all week and hadn't noticed? Long story short, there may be a slight difference, but not enough for me to notice. These mixed nuts are delicious. They contain peanuts, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and pecans. A wide variety for all you picky eaters out there in the world. I have a 3-lb can, so anyone else that is craving some protein, help yourself to my nuts.

Easy to Make Desserts & Step by Step Videos

I decided to try some new recipes for the holidays, and was googling for jello recipes when I found Being a jello pudding and jello gelatin lover, I wanted some new recipes to try. And boy did I find them! I found a lot of easy, creative ways to use jello pudding and gelatin. And for the holidays to make a yummy dessert that is pleasing to both the eye and the tummy.

The first one I tried was the Chocolate Elegance. Mine doesn't look as pretty as theirs, but for the first time trial run it looks OK. Nuts were expensive, so I used Skittles and M&Ms. Next time, I will spring for the nuts, lol. All in all, it took me about 15 minutes to prep, and 5 hours in the fridge to set, and cost about $3 each to make. The next project is the Raspberry Angel Cake, only I am doing Cranberry instead of raspberry. We will see what happens.

Postum, No Longer Available
By -

I have been drinking a quality product provided by Kraft Foods Company. It is called Postum, but it has become unavailable recently. No explanation has been available to any of the retailers who carried this product. I would like to know why it has been discontinued, and if it is ever going to be available again. I also enjoy herb teas as a morning beverage, but Postum is a more substantial beverage with a coffee like flavor.

I am very disappointed to not be able to continue purchasing it anywhere. I can't find an address to Kraft to write directly to them. I am hoping that this note might find someone who will know how to contact them and get a reason for the cancellation of an excellent product.

Postum vs. the Money Grubbers
By -

Postum lost after one hundred and thirteen years, Kraft in its infant (infinite) wisdom has discontinued Postum. It was not filling their pockets full enough or fast enough. They would rather sell junk sugar filled foods with a high profit margin rather than keep with the founders, of both Post and Kraft, ideals for heather foods for the masses.

I think we need to show Kraft aka Post we won't stand for it and boycott all of their food entities. Check the web and find any and all Kraft owned business and boycott them, also boycott their food products. I know this will be asking a lot for some, as Kraft does make some superior products. But if we want healthy products on the store shelves then sacrifices must be made. There is still Pero is still made because it is made in a health conscious country (Switzerland) not a money hungry one. Shame on Kraft.

Who Cut the Cheese?

NEW MEXICO -- Although macaroni & cheese is not in the same class as the other culinary delights usually posted and discussed on M3C, it has been a staple in our household for many years. Lately, it seems to me that the quality of the cheese has diminished. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel as though they have changed? Perhaps it's the type of cheese they use. Maybe they switched vendors or suppliers, but it just doesn't seem to have the thick flavory quality it used to.

Anymore, I'm forced to add an extra packet of cheese, just so the noodles aren't so bland. A favorite of ours is to melt the jalapeno Velveeta Cheese and use that instead. I use the macaroni and cheese as a base for several variations of meals like tuna casserole, hamburger helpers, etc... Sad to say, I've found that the "house" brands tend to have a richer flavor and darker yellow tint, instead of the pale and bland Kraft. What went wrong with one of my favorite childhood snacks?

Customer Service Review
By -

I have called Kraft once in question of what enzymes were used in their cheddar cheese. The person on the other end seemed to think I was ridiculous for asking and suggested that there was no way to tell. Frustrated, the call ended. I have since gone to Kraft's website to find that they use very specific enzymes in their different cheeses. I was curious which enzymes were used in their Velveeta (specifically asking which animal). The first response told me, "Yes, we use animal enzymes," a form response actually, that I had already read from their website.

I rephrased the question, minimizing the number of questions (as I had asked a few), and the response I received only went into MORE depth on how cheeses are made. In honesty, I probably would not have been concerned with which enzymes were used (or even known that cheese requires enzymes) if I had not already known how cheese was made. Needless to say, I am highly disappointed in the customer service quality of Kraft Foods.

Rancid Taco Shells
By -

We recently purchased 6 boxes of TACO BELL taco shells made by Kraft Foods. Every single box of shells is rancid, they smell horrible and we've had to throw all of them out. I searched the entire Kraft Foods website looking for a place to enter a complaint and none such exists. I've never encountered a website by a major company that didn't have a complaint center and offered some resolution to your complaint and discontent. Kraft offers none of that on their website. I will never buy Taco Bell products from Kraft again. The smell of the taco shells was enough to take away your appetite!

Why Take the Vitamins Out of Tang??
By -

I have been buying TANG for the last few years for my son, who absolutely loves the stuff. There are several reasons I didn't mind giving it to him over juice. They were: 1) it was vitamin fortified and 2) it had 1/2 the sugar of 100% juice. I go to Sam's a few weeks ago and realize the container is a LOT bigger. I think, "Hmm, there is something going on here," but I didn't have time to really look the container and ingredients over thoroughly.

I get home and start to really look into why the container was so different. They have clearly added twice the sugar and took out the vitamins. Now it only contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is great, but having more vitamins in the drink mix was better for my son who can be a picky eater. The fact that they have doubled the sugar is irritating too. No wonder the container is so much bigger! They added more sugar as filler!! Has anyone else noticed this?

Kraft Real Mayo (Not Real Anymore)
By -

Remember when Coca-Cola came out with New Coke. Looks like Kraft has just done the same with the great mayonnaise that many of us have used for our entire life. It appears they changed out the labels a while back. I remember thinking it was odd that they went from a really decent looking label to a cheap, generic looking label they are using today. When the labels switched I though the mayo did too but it had not (at least not yet).

It seems to be that they got folks used to a new label and then started phasing it in to stores thinking we might not notice. Well I got my first jar of it the other day and noticed on the first taste. I thought it was spoiled. Another taste and I thought Miracle Whip. What I finally determined was this is a light version of Miracle Whip. I personally dislike Miracle Whip, hence my reason for buying mayonnaise. They are not the same thing. Please write or call the company and get out real stuff back. There are too many things changing in the world as it is. Some things are just good the way they are and don't need changed.

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