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Why Change A Good Thing
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DENVER, COLORADO -- I have searched high and low for my favorite product of Kraft foods, their bisco sugar wafer cookies. Less than 6 months ago I wrote them a letter asking why it was difficult to find their product and where it could be found in my area. I also wrote, complimenting them on their years of a fine product.

Recently I purchased a box only to find it left a waxy after taste and thinking the box was bad, bought another in another location and found the product definitely has been modified. The cream filling as a pasty texture and then leaves this long lasting waxy aftertaste throughout your mouth... Yuck. Never have I thrown out a box but did both times... What have they done? Why mess with a good product? Shame... Good things just don't seem to last and after so many years of perfection :-(

Why Fix What Isn't Broke!!??
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- Recently we had a church Banquet where we served a salad that called for Real Mayonnaise. Kraft has been the brand we have used for decades. Much to our surprise (and worse) many of the folks who attended asked about the salad and what was different about it. We had always made it the same way using the exact same ingredients and proportions so we had no idea why it had a distinctly different taste. It has been an old church (family) favorite for years that everyone loves but this time not so much!!

After tasting and checking all the ingredients for expiration dates we discovered that the Mayo tasted very odd. So, naturally we called the Kraft Foods 800 hotline and explained our situation and our concern about their product and the possibility of having just served several hundred people a bad batch. They assured us that everything was alright and VERY SHEEPISHLY admitted having added more SUGAR & more MUSTARD to America's Favorite OLD recipe!! We were so stunned all we could say was; "That's like changing the rules to baseball or like putting oranges into apple pie or selling Chevrolet to the Russians."

Kraft, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? This could possibly be the most moronic executive decision made in corporate America this decade! You have successfully driven 400 parishioners from our church alone to switch to Hellman's Brand in one church dinner. Hellman's now stands alone as America's favorite Mayonnaise! Pay attention corporate America, some things should NEVER be changed! If it isn't broke, don't fix it!

Goodbye to an Old Friend
By -

31763, GEORGIA -- I have always used Kraft Mayo in my family. There was no comparison to Kraft. Since they changed the packaging, it just hasn't been the same. The first problem is that the lid pops open randomly. The mayo tastes best when the container (I just can't call it a jar) is first opened. A couple days in the fridge and it's a liquid mess. I've tried changing the temp in the fridge and moving the container around in the fridge but nothing helps. The taste also changes as the mayo turns to liquid. I hate to say it but I guess I'm going to have to try another brand that can stand up to the test of time. Goodbye old friend.

Quality of Clothing

COLORADO -- My sister just bought her twin girls (who are 3 yrs old) a lot of summer clothes at Wal-Mart for their birthday two weeks ago. Most of the clothes were Garanimals brand and began to fall apart at the seams within one washing. Normal wear and tear on toddler clothing is to be expected but this is ridiculous.

Sis doesn't like confrontation but I made her bring the clothes back to show them. Of course she was told that they have no way of knowing whether or not the clothes had been 'roughly played in' or washed numerous times (even though she had her receipt to show proof of purchase date). I understand that but common sense should show that these were substandard. I've heard lots of parents say that it is better to spend a little more for quality than to purchase clothing at Wal-Mart - I now understand why.

Information on How Kraft Really Works When Not in the Consumers Eyes
By -

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- Kraft foods I have worked at the Winchester va facility going on 16 years. Now although we have changed our name a few times we have been Kraft foods for over a decade now and boy has it changed. Where there once was superior quality in our products there is now no quality. We have been cutting budgets on the floor dealing with blue collars the most. We cut everything we can to create more jobs for white collars who do nothing in this facility. We have in the last few years cut our cip steps which is cleaning in progress which cleans the machines so you do not get mold and other forms or spoilage in the product.

We now work more less 6 days a week due to having to change from a 7 day schedule because our employees are suing us for violating labor laws which I will get to in a minute, but are cleaning really don't really exist anymore only on shutting down after working 6 days in a row to do cip and boy you wouldn't believe the mold that builds up on these machines in six days, compared to when we used to clean a machine cip about every other day. This creates run time though which makes money the only thing Kraft cares about anymore.

We used to have a operator of the capri sun machine watch the machine watching for all types of spoilage issues which you wouldn't believe you can have in just a few minutes if you are not watching to catch these issues. Kraft has cut many jobs which help to achieve quality causing operators to have to deal with dumping their own slop and trash while machines run with no one watching quality which if a machine is running bad this operator could be away from the machine several times through the night.

Leaving this machine running spoilage issues right out to the public this does not get noticed on the books though because we make so much of this product so easy the numbers of complaints don't hurt because there is more volume that no one complains about. We also do not worry about other issues anymore with quality we used to address wrinkle issues and other form of bad seals that can cause spoilage by getting our technicians to fix these fast before it came to a problem. Now a operator has to run no matter what as before we had the right to shut down till fix bad seals which means maybe weak or cracked letting air through the seal can cause spoilage.

Also which now if a tech can't fix which mostly happens every day on at least several machines as we run 23, the operator has to keep running this out the door and quality is nothing as this operator may only catch a few of these defects as he may be doing someone's else job that they done away with as dumping the trash which is to be contracted through kelly or manpower which also goes into another job going away such as utilities on the back of the machines which used to also help quality by checking supplies that was being loaded into the machine now being replaced by kelly employees who are Spanish and have no clue about anything dealing with quality as most every Kraft employee can't speak Spanish which also causes many safety concerns as with our moving equipment.

We can't tell them what to do or not or let them know there is stuff going on they need to watch for. We have also been cutting down on our cost for materials as to making these products as cheap by making thinner such as pouch foil which they have this way to thin now causing light fills wrinkles all types of seal defects and damage to the pouch as it is being packaged.

I have never seen any place work with such careless efforts towards quality and all the jobs they have done away with has generated cheaper more jobs for the white collars who do nothing also giving them higher bonus and now word of 5 extra days off every 5 years as before all got treated the same. As blue collars get treated as scam anymore working like slaves and every benefit a blue collar had is getting taken away as insurance and all the rules that the company had to protect these employees by making a handbook.

Every year gets changed to benefit Kraft because Virginia has a right to work law and if a employee stands up for herself she can get fired which leaves to the lawsuit that the employees are trying to get through where Winchester violated the blue collar civil rights. By before the employees had to work seven days a week rotating shifts. A employee would work seven days starting on Saturday day shift of 2 on Saturday and Sunday after working 2nd shift work Monday through Friday off 5 days till Wednesday working Thursday through next thursady another 7 days in a row.

Every time we worked seven days in a row they made fall between two different weeks so it wouldn't look like we was working these in a row so they would not pay us time in a half for this time which was a federal law that they had to pay us when working over 40 hours in a seven day period. This also hurt us even worse as with these hours between weeks even though we worked well over 40 hours we barely even got a 30 hour pay check because on the books it looked as we hardly worked now since Kraft has got when that we know they changed this to a five day schedule as knowing we could never make the numbers as we did working seven days in a row.

We now have to work mandatory overtime every day even if you volunteer to work for a employee during this time, they will deduct time from the person who was on mandatory overtime also because they can't use her even more trying to use the employees time up so they get less days off. Also since we make less now we work 6 days most of the year even though the employee is on a five day schedule the six day is also mandatory overtime giving even less of a family life to these employees while a white collar barely even putts 40 hours in a week in.

As to Kraft advertising they care about people. They don't care at all, about blue collars and they will do anything they can to get these people to burn their time up or cause them hardships when coming to getting time off for illness or hardships in the families.

Chemical Box Taste of Kraft Mac & Cheese
By -

Not sure what Kraft did to the original Macaroni & Cheese dinner, but with the new box design came a horrible new taste! It smells odd when the "cheese" mix is added, and tastes like a combination of cardboard and chemicals. Kraft can write "original Flavor" all over the box if it makes them happy, but it doesn't make it so! Whatever was done to cheapen up the product just lost you a 40 year loyal customer, along with everyone else I'm telling about how awful the taste is now.

By -

NORTHFIELD, ILLINOIS -- I think that the commercial that you have on TV. right now is disgusting. When parents scare their children with a story like they tell them, that is not good. It is almost like saying child abuse is alright. Please try to correct this or take it off of TV.

New Kraft Mayonnaise
By -

LINDEN, ALABAMA -- I am a long time customer of Kraft Mayonnaise until I recently purchased a jar with new packaging. Upon first taste, I knew this was not the Kraft Mayo that I had been using for year. Called the Kraft phone number on jar, gave them the bar code and they confirmed my fears that the recipe had been changed. I then threw the Kraft jar of Mayo away and purchased Hellman's. I sure hate to see Kraft do this to one of the best mayo recipes ever!

Solid Lump
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Rating: 1/51

NORTHFIELD, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a box of Crystal Light to go natural lemonade. 5 of the 10 packets were a solid lump and the inside bottom of the box has the hardened product also. The backs of the damaged packets seem to not have been sealed properly by the machine.

Bad Cottage Cheese
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Rating: 1/51

AUBURN, NEW YORK -- Very bad and watery. Took it back to store for refund. Only way to deal with products like this. Get your money back.

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