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Poor customer relations
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Purchased Kraus laminate flooring (newport doosie) from Charlestowne Floors Amherst Ny. in mid-Jan 10. Upon close inspection once home I found that 50% of the boards ( 8 cases ) had a manufacturing flaw on the sheen coat. Called Charlestowne and they had a Kraus distributor representative come to the house and inspect the product in a timely fashion. Rep. agreed with my assessment and had the store order 6 more cases for me. Two extra cases were ordered just " in case ". Two weeks later I picked up the new cases that were allegedly checked at the distribution point. Got them home and now found that 80% of the boards had the same flaw. 20% of this lot was kept and the rest returned pending ANOTHER 6 CASE ORDER. Two more weeks (approx) and another pick-up from store. New cases were from a different lot and the sheen finish was not exact. Had to finish the project and wound up intermingling all the non-flawed boards after having already cut and laid nearly half the project which then had to be taken up and spaced accordingly. Made a verbal complaint to the people at Charlestowne Floors and they were supportive and sympathetic and stated they would contact the Kraus representative and see that I would get a compensation of some sort for the time loss and aggravation. Never heard from the Kraus representative even though I spoke with Charlestowne three times about it. Will never deal with Kraus again. The above cost Kraus an approx. 700 sq. ft. order for my next project.

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