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Selling Old Food
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Mall these happened from my last purchase 7.6.13. I have been buying in this neighborhood grocery for a long while now but the rotten orange juices (supposedly unexpired and new) were totally a waste of money. I thought the rest of the stuff that we got are OK but guess again unfortunately this chicken with rice branded but the cheapest brand went on sale but unlike the ones that I used to buy, it was totally smelling rotten as well. Lastly, the supposedly fresh fruit bowl worth $17.00 also had fermenting fruits with it. It's totally sad how they try to make money without considering the buyers' health. I've been feeling real sick after my LBM of just a single sip of that juice. I don't or ever have any intention of damaging the grocery giant because they've been fairly doing well before but I don't know maybe it's just the branch or the employees that are being careless. I have not managed to return the products or to complain about it but I'm all ready scared of buying there again. Sometimes there are tactics done for profit that will eventually make things worse for them in the end.

Also, the employees look like they can't stand what they're doing but really I think it's Just this branch. I'm not one who complains about things around me but for all those things happening at one time is indeed a sad thing to hear about the good name that they've established for a long time.
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Daytona 500 Savings Home Downloading Is Not. Convenient
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VA. BEACH, VIRGINIA -- Kroger Grocery Stores have changed their Daytona 500 coupon used to require that you go online and enter the coupons you wish to use prior to visiting the store. I went in to the Providence Road Store in Va Beach Va and told the manager I wanted to get the advertised discounts from my Sunday paper ad. She said I needed to return home(2 Miles), start my PC, go to the store website, select Daytona 500 ads, select each individual coupon I wanted to use on the Daytona 500 ads pages, enter my card number, Shut down my PC, return to the store(2 miles) and they would process these when I check out. I asked if there was anyway they could be entered at the store since I was there and ready to buy some of these products. Her answer " No there is not". Now that's service and an easy way to entice me to come regularly! I pass two other large chain stores to get there that are a mile closer to my home. Two weeks prior these coupons were automatically applied at the register at checkout. There ads now say "FAST TRACK TO SAVING". My "DAYTONA 500 FAST TRACK SAVINGS" was about to be the DAYTONA 508 NON -SAVINGS. Thanks Kroger for complicating my shopping experience and letting me know my how valuable my time and traveling expenses are to your CORPORATION. HAPPY YEAR IN PROFITS TO YOU.

My only hope for you is that you can cry " THE DAYTONA 500 MADE US DO IT". If your advertising execs came up with improved user non-friendly promotion you are in trouble. Good-bye Kroger There are closer stores than you.
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Construction Zone Littered with Nails
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- My wife visited the University City Blvd store late in the afternoon on Sept 4, 2012 then drove straight home. The next morning, her left rear tire of our 3 month old new car was flat. I checked it and found two nails. The dealer said because of the location of one nail in the sidewall, the tire was not repairable. I spent $250 on a new tire and returned to Kroger to file a claim. They forwarded the claim to a third party (Sedgewick CMS) who denied my claim and said there was no appeal. I have no clue what they based the denial on because they won't respond to my requests for more information. Seems to me Kroger just hides behind this "company" to get out of paying for their issues.
Resolution Update 10/01/2012:
See updated comments from 10/1/2012.
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User Replies:

melissa253 on 2012-09-28:
Kroger may have been doing construction at their store but I don't see how you can prove that your wife got the nail in the tire while at Kroger's ? You said that "she drove straight home" and even if home is half a block away, she could have gotten that nail anywhere between Kroger and your place.
trmn8r on 2012-09-28:
I assume you are implying that the nails were picked up in a construction zone in the parking lot or adjacent to the store.

The determination of liability is an interesting one. If there were no construction, you probably would have no claim for running over a nail. My guess is you don't even if you have evidence that the site is unkept.
yoke on 2012-09-28:
When parking in a construction zone you are taking your own risk. Agree with Melissa that your wife could have gotten the nails anywhere.
mblankenship on 2012-10-01:
Update on Kroger - after re-visiting the store to express my displeasure with the insurance company (Sedgwick CMS), the Store Manager reviewed my paperwork and decided to pay for the new tire at the store level. He apologized for the rude insurance lady. Kroger - I appreciate the resolution and you have kept a loyal customer!
melissa253 on 2012-10-01:
I didn't know that Store Managers had the authority to override Corporate decisions?
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Exemplary employees
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
COLLIERVILLE, TENNESSEE -- The purpose of this review is to compliment several employees at the Kroger store location on Houston Levee in Collierville, Tennessee. It should be SOP that employees are courteous and treat customers with respect but unfortunately this does not always happen. I was in Kroger yesterday and two employees I believe are an asset to Kroger. Their names are RHonda and Queen. RHonda was the checker and not only was she very friendly she went out of her way to help me with my groceries. Queen offered assistance to transport my groceries to the car. I am more than capable of toting my own purchases but the point was the service was offered. In my 20+ years of shopping at Kroger this has only happened twice which is really inexcusable. The other time was last year and the offer was made by a former Schnuck's employee. By the way Schnucks was constantly lauded for their customer service and deservingly so. The employees at the Houston Levee location, for some reason, have a better handle on customer service than the Byhalia location with the exception of Robert who has on more than one occasion gone out of his way to help me. I do think the employees at the Byhalia location need to take a page out of the customer service book from their counterparts on Houston Levee. Finally, these ladies are a credit to the Kroger Company.

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User Replies:

jktshff1 on 2012-08-16:
The employees at the Perkins location are great also. Can't say the same for the American Way Krogers
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Management Problem
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ALLEN, TEXAS -- I went to Kroger yesterday and bought some boars head bologna.
they DID NOT GIVE ME WHAT I ORDERED AT THE DELI and they over-charged

I ask for the advertised bologna and at that time I told the girl behind the counter that it was not the advertised one. SHE TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY WHEN I gave them my card at the check out counter the price would change.

Well it not only did not change when I got home they charged me. 50 cent more than the price posted at the counter. I am through with this store.

I know that there are others in my area and I just hope they are more responsible than the one I have used for years.

reference store #034
ticket #891373
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User Replies:

melissa253 on 2012-09-11:
Did you not notice this while your items were being rung up?
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Burned Rotis Chicken On Display In Deli
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HARDY, VIRGINIA -- I love Kroger rotis chicken, They advertise fresh cooked by 4 PM daily. It appears they cook too many chickens at one time and then reheat them dailey until they are black with overcooking. The employees try to tell you that it is the new seasoning. If you buy one you cannot eat it as it is so burned. This has been happening for months.

I have complained to the managers but I can never find a chicken that is not burned when I shop. It is as if their attitude is if you don't like it go somewhere else, knowing that this is the only big store at Smith Mountain Lake. I do try to take my business somewhere else lately as I find it annoying not to be able to buy a good rotis chicken on any given day I shop. Where is management these days?
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User Replies:

trmn8r on 2012-07-07:
Is only the skin burned? I haven't bought a rotisserie chicken in a few years, but I recall that the ones I was buying had a "blackened" appearance. However, the chicken didn't taste burnt.

If I felt the meat was burnt, I might try to return the uneaten portion and demand a refund. That could lead to them modifying their cooking procedure, perhaps.
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Evil Asst. Manager
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RONCERVERTE, WEST VIRGINIA -- MY wife worked for this Kroger for about a year and she has some health problems and she did a good job if I say so myself. She found a better job and gave her 2 week notice. During that 2 week notice she became sick and went to the doctor and received 2 shots. She gave Kroger the copy of the doctor's excuse the next day. Her new job called her up and asked her if she was alright. He said what do you mean the lady said we received a fax from Kroger with your doctor's excuse. The asst. Managers name is [snip] please remove this evil person from the Kroger Co.
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User Replies:

Didn't know they did that did ya? on 2012-06-23:
Did the new place ask for a copy of her employment records? If they did, that doctors excuse that your wife handed the management at Kroger is part of that record so it would be sent over.

When your wife signed the employment application in the fine print she consented to the records being shared. So the new place faxed over a request and Kroger faxed back the records, all records till the end of her employment with Kroger.
FoDaddy19 on 2012-06-23:
Nothing "evil" going on here. Kroger just shared their records of your wife's employment history (which they made and own) with her new employer. This isn't unusual in the least.
danny54 on 2012-06-23:
I'm not sure what the employment laws are in W. Va., but here in Indiana, the only thing an employer can give on a reference is to confirm dates of employment, salary and position. They cannot give any other performance information, and sending information like this to a new employer would definitely be against the law.
copper_works_ on 2012-06-24:
danny54, which law is it against? This is what I found.

Indiana Reference Laws
An employer in Indiana is immune from liability (that is, the employer may not be sued) for providing information about a current or former employee, unless the employer knew that the information was false.

Employees in Indiana also have the right to see what an employer is saying about them. An employee has the right to receive copies of all written information provided to a prospective employer by a current or former employer. The prospective employer has an obligation to provide this written information as long as the employee requests it within 30 days of applying for a job.

frak on 2012-06-24:
This complaint doesn't say anything about employment records, only the doctor's note being faxed. Sending just that note sure sounds spiteful to me.
danny54 on 2012-06-24:
Copper-I can't remember the specific law. I just know that when I was in management (and it's been a couple of years) we were told only to provide dates of employment, position and rate of pay unless the employee authorized the release of such information.

Things may have changed in the past couple years.
copper_works_ on 2012-06-25:
Here is for their state.

West Virginia Reference Laws
Employers in West Virginia have some statutory protection against defamation lawsuits based on references. Employers may not be sued for defamation (in legal terms, they are “immune” from liability) if they provide job-related information that might reasonably be considered adverse about an employee, in good faith, to a prospective employer. The employer may provide information for the purpose of evaluating the employee’s suitability for employment about the employee’s:

•conduct, and
•job performance.

Starlord on 2012-06-25:
When I worked at a homeless shelter in California, it was the policy of the shelter if someone called about a former employee, all they would get was that yes, the person had worked there, PERIOD. Employees had essentially the same protection of privacy as did the clients. As lead security supervisor, I was called on a couple of termination hearings, where the terminated employee felt he/she was terminated wrongfully. We never lost one of the cases.
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Do Not Work for Kroger Store 405
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BARTLETT, TENNESSEE -- I have never been to a place and felt so uncomfortable. It seems like the managers are out to get this caucasian hard working girl. She's always picking up shifts and coming in early or staying late. I have never been racists but seeing this happen to this girl is just so sad. She tells me stories all the time about the head manager Mr Kenneth [snip]. Always making comments to her while she's not on the clock. Picking on her for talking to an employee when really he should be getting onto the employee who is on the clock. I have never felt so sorry for someone. There is never enough baggers but yet a lady will go and complain when her detergent busted all over the floor when the belt was full of groceries seeing there was no bagger to help, just let it fall over but yet go complain about it. It seems like the harder you work in the retail business the less they notice how great of a worker you really are.
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User Replies:

Alain on 2012-05-21:
Since you aren't the person that is experiencing the alleged treatment, there isn't much you can do. You could contact Kroger corporate (126 Stonehenge Dr., Crossville, TN 38558) [931-0333, but be aware that doing so will possibly endanger the job security of yourself or the person involved.
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Terrible employees
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Today I was told that if 2 paper bags were not enough I could "go screw myself" by a Kroger bagger. When I confronted him he said that he said "have a nice day". This individual put all my groceries including fresh strawberries in one overfilled paper bag. When I asked him if he thought that bag could be moved without tearing, he angrily literally threw 3 items in another bag. This was at the Maple road store. Last year at the Carpenter Rd store ALL the can machines were broke. I asked the manager to hand count them and he refused. When I emailed Kroger, they never replied-and I actually emailed them twice! I have had it with the rudeness at both these stores (there have been other instances where the employees act like you are taking up their time). I will have my perscriptions moved and shop for groceries elsewhere.
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User Replies:

Bill on 2012-05-15:
Protest with your feet. If enough people do it the store or corporate will get the message.
Anonymous on 2012-05-15:
Did the employee actually say the words "go screw yourself?"
KevinTX on 2012-05-15:
Sounds to me like an obnoxious teenage bagger who needs to learn how to control his frustration/emotions. A brief word to his/her mgr would have settled this.
Churro on 2012-05-15:
I'm assuming the OP is the only person here with firsthand knowledge of this particular incident and is the only person who can speak convincingly as to what the rude twerp said. Disputing the OP's claim without any grounds whatsoever to do so is just ignorant.
Anonymous on 2012-05-15:
Churro: How do you know he was a 'rude twerp"?
jktshff1 on 2012-05-15:
By the description given by the op.
raven2010 on 2012-05-15:
The OP says "Today I was told that if 2 paper bags were not enough I could "go screw myself"

No one here is assuming anything---they ere reading what the OP said happened.

That bagger needs to be fired as far as I am concerned. But the union he belongs to will prevent Kroger from doing the right thing.
BigLou on 2012-05-15:
Stew is absolutely correct. The OP quote the clerk verbadim. Unless I was there to witness the event, I or anyone else can refute it.

Also insightful review.
Anna Molly on 2012-05-15:
By all means, move your business elsewhere.

Nohandle on 2012-05-15:
What is a *can machine* because I honestly don't know and don't recall ever hearing that expression. Is it for recycling because around here funds are paid by weight not can count.
madconsumer on 2012-05-15:
"What is a *can machine* ...."

a machine that dispenses or handles canned product.
Anna Molly on 2012-05-15:
I second Nohandle's question. We don't have recycling machines around here, and the only other thing I can think of when reading "can machine" is vending, which makes no sense here.
Nohandle on 2012-05-15:
If that be the case Mad why would the OP need the manager to count the cans because the machine was broken? While grocery shopping in my area the canned goods are run through the scanner at checkout. No one stands there and counts them because each can is scanned separately and priced according to the bar code. No so called *can machine* is required.
madconsumer on 2012-05-15:
"Nohandle (05/15/2012)
What is a *can machine* because I honestly don't know and don't recall ever hearing that expression."

I answered.
Churro on 2012-05-15:
Nohandle, in Michigan there is a deposit charged for most beverage containers including aluminum cans. These deposits are charged by the container and not weight. The 'can machine' is a machine that counts these containers and determines the deposit refund.

I fully expect a helpful vote woman.
trmn8r on 2012-05-15:
Kroger has recycling centers in some areas that count bottles and cans, including Michigan. Seinfeld fans know that it was Michigan that they were going to take bottles/cans to so they could collect the per container refund.

If "2 bags" means double-bagged, that should be sufficient to carry anything out of a store. However, "screw yourself" shouldn't be in the vocabulary of any store personnel. Come on now!
clutzycook on 2012-05-15:
Thanks Churro! I actually thought it was a typo and the OP meant to say coin machine.
Nohandle on 2012-05-16:
Thanks for answering my question Churro. You have received your Helpful vote.
wjk898 on 2012-10-25:
Speaking of those machines...I was chatting up some (cute) immigrant guy who said to me while loading cans in the refund machine at a store in Michigan..."I bring deese kens New Jersey.." (He had three baskets overflowing with cans) Next thing ya know, there he is out by his van having a chat with the cops. It was on the news that night. you can see me in the background in the footage.
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No return policy after 30 days
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FAIRBORN, OHIO -- I purchased a PUR water pitcher approximately 3 months ago. The top has a flashing light that alerts you to the need to change the water filter. This light stopped working. I tried to return to Kroger where purchased. They thought I must be stupid since it was purchased almost 3 months ago. I assumed because you change the filter when needed you didn't have to replaced the pitcher. I was incorrect. I suppose you can just change both. My complaint is this: if the pitcher isn't warranted against defects, please state this on the box. I'd like to know, in advance, that I can get ripped off.
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User Replies:

andbran on 2012-05-13:
the best thing to do is to contact Brita. Kroger only sells the item they do not make it.
FoDaddy19 on 2012-05-13:
Per Pur's website the water pitcher itself is warranted for 90 days. It states this in your owner's manual. You can call "1-800-PUR-LINE" for customer support.

Also your issue is with PUR, not Kroger.
Tezrien on 2012-05-14:
Not to be mean but do you understand how this is supposed to work? If the light is flashing that means it is time to change the filter. Usually those filters will last 2-3 months. Maybe it was defective from the beginning, but then again this could be a case of operator error.
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