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12 Pounds Chicken 2 Pounds of Packing
Posted by Bobsignguy on 05/17/2013
I just bought 12 pounds of split chicken breasts on sale for 99 cents a pound. I noticed the packing felt heavy, so I weighed it on a very accurate scale and Wow 1.9 pounds. I'm 71 on fixed income and until I find out how to cook the packing I can't afford it.

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Posted by azRider on 2013-05-17:
The weight of the chicken is separate from the packing material. They don't add the chicken to the packing then weight it. they weight the chicken then pack it. so your paying for 12 pounds not 13.9 of chicken.
Posted by PetulantVol on 2013-05-18:
You are probably weighing the pad that is inserted below the chicken to soak up blood and other juices that naturally leak from the butchered flesh of the bird along with the other packaging that weighs only a few ounces.
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Beware of Gift Certificates
Posted by KWMEnterprises on 03/30/2013
FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- On 03 March 2013, my wife and I stopped at the Kroger store located at 6002 St. Joe Rd. Fort Wayne, IN. We were visiting the store to buy a gift card for a family member's 50th birthday. We wanted to purchase "a night out" for him and his wife. We went to the gift card stand within the store and found one that we liked for dinner at Applebee’s and a movie pass at AMC theaters - totaling $50.00 ($25.00 for dinner, $25.00 for movies in one card).

After we returned home, we thought it would be nice to write on the gift card where the "AMC" theaters were located in Fort Wayne so they didn't have to look for themselves. Upon searching "AMC" theaters via "Google", we found there were NONE in our area. The closest is located about 80 miles south of Fort Wayne. We thought; why would anyone sell a gift card that no one can use?? We thought no big deal; we will just return it and explain to the management that they are selling gift cards that cannot be used in the area.

To our absolute surprise, we were told "Sorry, no refunds on gift cards." We said, but you're selling gift cards that are not valid in this area! And this one has not been opened... we just want to exchange it. They again said "Sorry" and refused to return it. We were forced to purchase another gift card for $50.00 for a night out at another restaurant and a local theater. $100.00 later, we have a gift card that we cannot use unless we drive 80 miles to the nearest theater.

*Beware of Kroger stores gift cards. They will sell you cards to restaurants and movie theaters that are NOT in your area... You will essentially waste money on these cards, as you cannot use them, nor will Kroger take them back. It's a scam in the highest order. We will be reporting this to the BBB as well.
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Posted by TomB on 2013-03-30:
I buy gift cards to buy stuff on the internet so they do not have my credit card number or my regular debit card. Nobody can 'steal' more than my gift card is for. That being said, it is quite clear on all the cards I've bought over the years that there is absolutely 'no returns'. However you might try to card issuer, explain the situation and maybe they can help.
Posted by Jody on 2013-03-30:
That does stink, maybe you could try selling the gift card on ebay?
Posted by BigAl on 2013-03-31:
Why would anybody buy a gift card that limits where it can be used at? If cash seems crass to you there are prepaid visas that can be used instead.
Posted by biomajor on 2013-03-31:
I buy gift cards that are not in my area because I am sending them to relatives in other areas.
Posted by Patti Doyle on 2013-08-16:
I shop at St.Joe also watch out latly there has been many items that I have picked up outdated. Now it takes me longer to shop just because of the dates.
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Posted by Luisa.pagliarulo on 03/21/2013
Kroger has been remodelling and expanding. That is great but what I'm annoyed of, they have more space alloted to their grocery carts than the shoppers car. I thought since they have expanded their store they will have more parking spaces. I circled several time to find a parking space but can't find anything. I ended up buying items at another store.

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Posted by JAKFK on 2013-03-21:
Businesses usually don't just make rash and impractical decisions when it comes to things like this. They have a room full of efficiency planners that study piles of data. I'm sure there was a reason. Good observation though, and maybe it truly is something they overlooked! It may be worth mentioning to the management or corporate office. Good review!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-03-21:
Haven't been there yet but planning on it
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Daytona 500 Savings Home Downloading Is Not. Convenient
Posted by Dougdowdy2 on 02/23/2013
VA. BEACH, VIRGINIA -- Kroger Grocery Stores have changed their Daytona 500 coupon use to require that you go online and enter the coupons you wish to use prior to visiting the store. I went in to the Providence Road Store in Va Beach Va and told the manager I wanted to get the advertised discounts from my Sunday paper ad. She said I needed to return home(2 Miles), start my PC, go to the store website, select Daytona 500 ads, select each individual coupon I wanted to use on the Daytona 500 ads pages, enter my card number, Shut down my PC, return to the store(2 miles) and they would process these when I check out. I asked if there was anyway they could be entered at the store since I was there and ready to buy some of these products. Her answer " No there is not". Now that's service and an easy way to entice me to come regularly! I pass two other large chain stores to get there that are a mile closer to my home. Two weeks prior these coupons were automatically applied at the register at checkout. There ads now say "FAST TRACK TO SAVING". My "DAYTONA 500 FAST TRACK SAVINGS" was about to be the DAYTONA 508 NON -SAVINGS. Thanks Kroger for complicating my shopping experience and letting me know my how valuable my time and traveling expenses are to your CORPORATION. HAPPY YEAR IN PROFITS TO YOU.

My only hope for you is that you can cry " THE DAYTONA 500 MADE US DO IT". If your advertising execs came up with improved user non-friendly promotion you are in trouble. Good-bye Kroger There are closer stores than you.

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Great Service
Posted by Jdfordman0 on 11/30/2012
I had a great experience at Kroger on Lewis and Clark parkway. The produce manager was very helpful and everyone seemed very customer first. The whole department looked great, alot better than it has in the past.
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New Managers Are Rude
Posted by Coreypatrick443 on 10/24/2012
New managers never help or work even when store gets behind.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-10-25:
Some examples would be helpful here. Some managers are more hands on than others, and some like to delegate responsibility to others more.

On a side note, I'm a huge Bill Elliott fan, and made it a point to have lunch at the Dawsonville Pool Room, on a trip to Talladega. Dawsonville is a great town.
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Construction Zone Littered with Nails
Posted by Mblankenship on 09/28/2012
BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- My wife visited the University City Blvd store late in the afternoon on Sept 4, 2012 then drove straight home. The next morning, her left rear tire of our 3 month old new car was flat. I checked it and found two nails. The dealer said because of the location of one nail in the sidewall, the tire was not repairable. I spent $250 on a new tire and returned to Kroger to file a claim. They forwarded the claim to a third party (Sedgewick CMS) who denied my claim and said there was no appeal. I have no clue what they based the denial on because they won't respond to my requests for more information. Seems to me Kroger just hides behind this "company" to get out of paying for their issues.
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Posted by melissa253 on 2012-09-28:
Kroger may have been doing construction at their store but I don't see how you can prove that your wife got the nail in the tire while at Kroger's ? You said that "she drove straight home" and even if home is half a block away, she could have gotten that nail anywhere between Kroger and your place.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-28:
I assume you are implying that the nails were picked up in a construction zone in the parking lot or adjacent to the store.

The determination of liability is an interesting one. If there were no constuction, you probably would have no claim for running over a nail. My guess is you don't even if you have evidence that the site is unkept.
Posted by yoke on 2012-09-28:
When parking in a construction zone you are taking your own risk. Agree with Melissa that your wife could have gotten the nails anywhere.
Posted by mblankenship on 2012-10-01:
Update on Kroger - after re-visiting the store to express my displeasure with the insurance company (Sedgwick CMS), the Store Manager reviewed my paperwork and decided to pay for the new tire at the store level. He apologized for the rude insurance lady. Kroger - I appreciate the resolution and you have kept a loyal customer!
Posted by melissa253 on 2012-10-01:
I didn't know that Store Managers had the authority to override Corporate decisions?
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Exemplary employees
Posted by Irish750 on 08/16/2012
COLLIERVILLE, TENNESSEE -- The purpose of this review is to compliment several employees at the Kroger store location on Houston Levee in Collierville, Tennessee. It should be SOP that employees are courteous and treat customers with respect but unfortunately this does not always happen. I was in Kroger yesterday and two employees I believe are an asset to Kroger. Their names are RHonda and Queen. RHonda was the checker and not only was she very friendly she went out of her way to help me with my groceries. Queen offered assistance to transport my groceries to the car. I am more than capable of toting my own purchases but the point was the service was offered. In my 20+ years of shopping at Kroger this has only happened twice which is really inexcusable. The other time was last year and the offer was made by a former Schnuck's employee. By the way Schnucks was constantly lauded for their customer service and deservingly so. The employees at the Houston Levee location, for some reason, have a better handle on customer service than the Byhalia location with the exception of Robert who has on more than one occasion gone out of his way to help me. I do think the employees at the Byhalia location need to take a page out of the customer service book from their counterparts on Houston Levee. Finally, these ladies are a credit to the Kroger Company.


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Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-08-16:
The employees at the Perkins location are great also. Can't say the same for the American Way Krogers
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Management Problem
Posted by Waynesartor on 08/10/2012
ALLEN, TEXAS -- I went to Kroger yesterday and bought some boars head bologna.
they DID NOT GIVE ME WHAT I ORDERED AT THE DELI and they over-charged

I ask for the advertised bologna and at that time I told the girl behind the counter that it was not the advertised one. SHE TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY WHEN I gave them my card at the check out counter the price would change.

Well it not only did not change when I got home they charged me. 50 cent more than the price posted at the counter. I am through with this store.

I know that there are others in my area and I just hope they are more responsible than the one I have used for years.

reference store #034
ticket #891373
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Posted by melissa253 on 2012-09-11:
Did you not notice this while your items were being rung up?
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Kroger Is Full of Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Jazmin.wilkes on 07/15/2012
MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I went into Kroger to use their Coinstar machine. As I was wrapping up my transaction the power went out. OK, no problem.....it is how they handled it that was a little disturbing.

One of the associates walks to the outside the entrance of the store, lights a cigarette and talks on a cordless phone to whom ever. They start to close the store sliding doors and tells everyone to walk up to the front of store. As I am standing at the Coinstar machine 3 Kroger employees stand at entrance near carts and start small talk on how it took 2 hours last time for power to come back on. I ask them is there anyone that can get me my cash owed so I can get to work and the little boy employee said "there is nothing I can do until the power comes back on". I waited 10 min. Nobody came to fix anything. They let me sit there until I said something to another associate. I explained to her the situation and she said she would get my information, as I am telling the woman the little boy employee I spoke with first was laughing. As the woman went to the customer service desk I gave her my name phone number and email address.

I have not heard from anyone from Kroger yet. It has been over 24 hours. I am outraged. Not only will I not ever step foot in a Kroger again. I spend more money at their competitor for better service and appreciation for my hard earned money. I have lived in Atlanta for over 6 years and worked in customer service for 16 years, I couldn't imagine a consumer walking out of my place of business and feeling the way I felt after I walked out of that inconsiderate establishment. They should feel shame because the have lost customers for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HOPE THEY READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU OWE ME MONEY!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-07-15:
this is very unacceptable. kroger is their agent and should be acting as such.

contact coinstar with your issue and see if they will get it straightened out.

Posted by clutzycook on 2012-07-15:
Have you contacted the store yourself?
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-07-15:
There probably isn't much that can be done over the weekend. A lot of corporate places are closed over the weekends.
Posted by raven2010 on 2012-07-15:
I would think the Coinstar machine would show it too in coins but did not give cash or one of those credit or give cards it offers.

I wonder if a Kroger employee called Coinstar and is waiting for a resolution but simply failed to update the Op. regardless, the lack of service is unacceptable.
Posted by Anna Molly on 2012-07-15:
What was going to be done without power? Kroger has no idea how much change the OP placed in the machine before the power went out. The only thing I can think of that they could have done (this is assuming your transaction was still in the queue and would continue as soon as the power comes back on), is promise to have YOUR voucher waiting for you. I'd assume that's why they took down your contact information.

I hope your hear from them today.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-07-15:
The OP said the power went out as he/she was wrapping up the transaction. If the OP got as far as getting the receipt from the machine with the total amount of coins...it would just be a matter of the courtesy counter to cash it, after they verify that it has not already been paid out. But, they wouldn't even be able to open their cash drawer to cash that receipt without any power. Hopefully, the power didn't go out BEFORE the OP got the printed receipt from the Coin machine...that would take some time for them to balance it out with the store first.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-15:
They may need to wait for a Coinstar rep to come and count your change. It could be held in a container inside until the transaction is complete - unless the computer has non-volatile memory and can recover from a power failure.

On a tangent, CoinStar is a rippoff - the fee is like 10%. One more reason I like to use my CC for everything - no change accumulating.
Posted by ksgal on 2012-07-16:
Did not know you can use a cordless phone when there is no electricity
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-07-16:
In that situation, I would take a piece of paper and write down on it: date, your name, address, telephone number, store name and address, and an explanation: On July 4, 2012, I was using the Coinstar at Kroger located at xxx, when the electricity went out. At the time the electricity went off, the digital readout at the front of the machine showed that xxxx dollars in coins had been received. The management told me I would have to wait until the electricity came back on, for me to finalize the count. This I could not do. I am requesting that when the electricity comes back on, that the management finalize the count and set aside the money to pay me. If they cannot do this, I would ask that they turn the machine off until Coinstar does a hand count of the coins in the machine. Sign date.

At the bottom write: I, ______________, am the manager/assistant manager of that Kroger and that I have received a copy of this letter on July 4, 2012 from Mr. Coins. He was at the Coinstar machine when the electricity went off. _______signature.

Make a handwritten duplicate. Give one signed by you to management, have them sign the one you keep. Call them back later that day. If the management refuses to sign, write on both copies: Assistant manager JOE refused to sign this document on July 4, 2012 at the time of this incident.

Posted by ticia232 on 2012-07-16:
electricity: where I work there are generators to power different things when the power goes out. The first one being the phones, so that you can call the electric company and if it is something just with your store whatever company you need to come in and fix things.

You are right that COINSTAR is runs the machines and is the only help they can get. I once had a Coinstar machine reboot while I putting change in, I called the number on the machine and got a check for what I put in.
Posted by Starlord on 2012-07-19:
Telephones work on a separate system than the regular electricity, which is why you have telephone service when the power is out. Cell phones work on batteries, and are not bound by the usrrounding power outage, unless the power outage also get the cell phone tower. Kroger is not that agent of Coinstar. They rent space in their building to Coinstar in return for a percentage of the intake from the machine.
Posted by Kroger employee on 2012-08-07:
When the power goes out back up generators come on. 1/2the lights come on, doors work, phones work, cash registers work, hand scanners work. Some of the conveyor belts work. Not sure about coin star or lottery machines. If you had your coin star voucher then they should of given you your cash on the spot.
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