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Registration fee and dues at Parsippany location
Posted by Srini23 on 02/22/2010
PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I joined LA fitness in parsippany recently. I was told by a couple friends that you can negotiate price with the membership staff. This is partially true. We came in for the first time about 4 months ago in October. Originally we met with one of the head sales employees Ryan. He told us that it would be $149 to register for the both of us and the monthly would be 35 with a possibility to go up. What we did not like was that cardio equipment was scarce. We did not join and I told him that I would wait for a better deal down the line. He was very persuasive but I was hoping to get a few more of my friends to join with me in the future to lower the price. After about a month the Ryan had called me to explain he had a special if my wife and I were ready to join, and it would be 29.99 a month without raquetball. Again we did not join. After about 2 more months of persistence and going back and forth into the gym we decided that we would join for the 29.99. We went to the gym to sign up and Ryan was not there so we tryed to sign up with another tall man who was not polite and confusing. He told us that the lowest program was $45 a month. I was very dissatisfied with the situation. I called Ryan and he drove in on his day off to give special approval to the program. We were very pleased with how he helped us that we recommended all of our friends. He has promised us that any of our friends that join will join for a discounted program and they have. If you want the lowest price and the best service you must see Ryan. Anyone else will overcharge you.
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Posted by goduke on 2010-02-22:
In my experience, a negotiated price is only good with the person with whom you negotiated it. The answer isn't that everyone needs to speak to Ryan, the answer is that everyone needs to stick with the person with whom they've been negotiating a deal.
Posted by bear on 2013-07-16:
Lol...but from what I have read...Ryan is the person who is better than Bob Barker when it comes to "lets make a deal"...watch and learn, maybe his tactics might stick!
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Harassment By A Gym Member
Posted by Atwater1 on 05/04/2009
LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a member at the LA Fitness at 1300A LITITZ PIKE, LANCASTER, PA 17601.

On March 25, 2009, I told one of the female managers about an individual that has been bothering me for a while. All I had to say was “I have a problem with a gym member” and she knew exactly who I was referring to. I told her that he constantly approaches me and talks for a long time. I try to ignore him but he will stand there and just talk for a long time. I have tried to be polite but he doesn’t get the hint that I don’t want to talk. I have to always be aware of where he is to avoid him. He is always talking to the girls there. I try to sneak around so as not to be seen by him but he always finds me, every day.

Sometimes he sees me in the parking lot as I am going into the gym with my 8 month old son and he walks me in. He will stop me as I am walking in to the gym to see my baby. He is always asking about my baby. As a parent, this freaks me out a little. He is not a friend at all. I don’t even know him except that we go to the same gym.

I go to the LA Fitness every day for an hour. I put my son I the daycare. He is there when I get there at 8am. So I tried going later in the afternoon, he’s there. My relatives go to LA Fitness as well and say he’s there when they are there. I tried going as late as 5pm, he’s there. This leads me to believe that he is at the gym every day for about 8-10 hours a day.

The female manager I spoke with was very nice about it. She told me that there have been many complaints by other women there about him bothering them. She, herself, has had many talks with him about his behavior. She had said that if they get one more complaint about this member, they will revoke his membership. My friend who also is a member was so harassed by him that the management told him to leave her alone and don’t talk to her anymore. His response was “You need to hear my side of this”. This shows that he doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong. After management spoke to him about bothering my friend, he confronted my friend in the middle of the gym. She then yelled at him so loud that a trainer came to her aid and told him to leave her alone.

March 26, 2009, the same manager I spoke with said that the problem was taken care of that morning. I wasn’t given the details of what was said, only that the issue was dealt with. I was at the gym today, March 28, 2009, and he was there. He walked by the treadmill I was on and waved and said HI! He also follows me from machine to machine sitting and staring at me just waiting for me to pause so he can talk to me.

I asked the manager what the policy is for this. She said it's a very lenient policy. Only after several warnings by local management does the corporate office send a letter to the member's home warning them about their behavior.

I do fear retaliation by him. I have requested that someone walk me to and from my car when I have my infant son with me. As of yet, nobody from the gym has contacted me regarding my request.

He needs to have his membership revoked and be banned from the gym. This member, according to the manager, has been giving several warnings about his behavior. He obviously does not understanding the situation. I am very disappointed at LA Fitness for not having a Zero Tolerance policy for this type of behavior. I am also disappointed that the gym is putting his feelings above the safety of the women members. This guy is a predator and needs to have his membership revoked.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
You need to let LA Fitness know that you are filing a police report and then be sure that you do it. This guy sounds like a stalker and the police need to know about it, he may have other reports already filed on him. Don't think you're overreacting, you're not! good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
He may be a predator, more likely he's a lonely jerk following another loser's advice on where to pick up women and is too stupid to understand 'no'. If the gym is not inclined to help, talk to one of the city's neighborhood services officers from the police department. Good review!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Take some mace with you next time. and report him to the police
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-04:
maybe your are one hot momma, and he likes the way your body has turned out after the workouts!
Posted by Starlord on 2009-05-04:
I will add my voice to the others. File a police report, immediately. He might be just a lonely guy who doesn't understand the concept of personal space, but then again, he could be another Ted Bundy. If you feel comfortable with it, buy a pistol and get a concealed weapons license. If this guy has been warned by management of the gym and continues to act in this manner, he might present a serious danger, and you need to have the wherewithal to defend yourself. Our Supreme Court has ruled the poice do not have an obligation to protect you, and if you call 911, you may have an hour to wait until a patrol car arrives. I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
File a police report. Pennsylvania stalking laws are loose enough that this behavior probably constitutes stalking.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
I am inclined to agree with Crabby. I don't think the police will intervene, he hasn't really broken a law. Why not ask for the manager, and explain to them that it is either him or you? If they won't remove him as the problem, will they release you from your contract?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Sorry Ken & Zzrokk, I edited my original comment after I read the Pennsylvania stalking statute --

"OFFENSE DEFINED.-- A person commits the crime of stalking when the person either:

(1) engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts toward another person, including following the person without proper authority, under circumstances which demonstrate either an intent to place such other person in reasonable fear of bodily injury or to cause substantial emotional distress to such other person; or

(2) engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly communicates to another person under circumstances which demonstrate or communicate either an intent to place such other person in reasonable fear of bodily injury or to cause substantial emotional distress to such other person."
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Eight month old son at the gym? Where is his DAD? Maybe he could watch the kid or scare this guy off. Assuming that he is around.....
As Crabs, said, he is not violating any laws
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
I still don't think this rises to that, Crabby
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
I stand by what I posted. The police have much bigger fish to fry than a "he won't stop talking to me complaint".
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-04:
Starlord, great advice.
I'm with ZZ on where is the kid's dad or her boyfriend or other family members.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
I disagree, bringing her kid with her has no bearing on her complaint at all. Many gyms now offer childcare centers so their members have more flexibility.

Maybe cuz I'm a girl, this post seems more serious to me then it does to some of you, but there is a big difference in someone just being friendly, and someone being creepy. Too many of the examples she posted raise the creep factor really high on this one. Starlords first sentence is dead on.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
I would have told the guy to bug off, or he might suffer from lead poisoning.

Seriously, Atwater1 -- have you ever actually told him to take a hike or that you are not interested?

IMHO, there is no reason to even try to be polite in this situation.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
The guy has numerous complaints at the place and seems to be there all of the time so I see him as just a middle aged, lonely little twerp trying pick up younger chicks at the gym. The sight of a can of mace or a guy acquaintence (sp?)should do the trick.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-04:
Ladies, (jbc, mm) ya'll are right on.
The only reason I mention the kid (and I think zz is with me on this) is if someone was pestering my gf, wife, family member, there would be h to pay, 'course being from the South might have something to do with that.
I'll bet Ejack will have something to add! lol!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Ahh gotcha jkt..makes sense now. No need to YELL, ZZ..I'm slow sometimes!!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-04:
Why don't you tell him to get lost yourself? Tell him that you are there to work out, not visit. You're a grown woman, its something you can do...sneaking around and hiding from him is just acting like a victim. Sometimes, just telling him to blow off is all it takes.

If he persists after you address him yourself, start documenting everything..including your complaints to the staff there and any calls to the police you might make...you may need it later.

Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-04:
Heck, according to PA gun laws, (with the exception of Philly)You may be able to open carry without a permit. Pa permits are for concealed carry.
HOWEVER, take the class, do it right, learn how to take care of yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
I don't agree with that either. I think the OP handled it the way she felt comfortable doing so, by going to the manager of the facility and voicing her concerns....Not everyone feels comfortable confronting people they don't know.

My guess is that her body language and lack of responding to his attempts to talk to her are more than enough of a clue that she's not interested. Someone with any sense at all would back off. This guy is a creep and needs to be reported.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
PA conceal law

"(a) Offense defined.--Any person who carries a firearm in any vehicle or any person who carries a firearm concealed on or about his person, except in his place of abode or fixed place of business, without a valid and lawfully issued license under this chapter commits a felony of the third degree."
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-04:
What is the point in arming up? This woman hasn't even talked to him about leaving her alone yet. She's probably nice to him when she talks to him and he has no clue that he's even bothering her.. Sometimes you have to be frank and tell men to "LEAVE ME ALONE!", and too many women have a problem doing that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Boki does make a lot of sense as usual. I don't think it's reasonable that your first course of action to stop unwanted conversation is pepper spray or a loaded 44. Perhaps more reasonable would be simply to inform the person you don't desire to speak to them and ask them to leave you alone. Then if they don't comply perhaps the police, pepper spray or a magnum 44.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-04:
crabby:In Pennsylvania a License To Carry Firearms is only required to conceal a firearm, or to carry a firearm in a motor vehicle. The law is silent on the act of openly carrying a firearm while not in a vehicle making it de-facto legal. It must be noted however that due to 18 Pa.C.S. § 6108 (Carrying firearms on public streets or public property in Philadelphia) a License To Carry Firearms is required to carry a firearm in any manner on the streets or public property of a "City of the first class" (Philadelphia.)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-04:
Boki, as usual good points. I recommend everyone go get their permit (if necessary under law) to protect themselves.
By the way a .44 is not a good carry choice.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
jkt -- I don't know much about handguns other than it appears they are the answer to all of life's problems.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-04:
I believe in personal gun ownership, believe me, I HAVE to, we have a stalker that has spent 6 months in jail for harrassing me and my husband, and while he has tapered off, he has never entirely stopped...he's completely nuts.

The OP never mentioned stalker, this is just my personal opinion. I certainly hope its not the case here.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-04:
all the poor man wants is a date with a fine woman. he doesn't even mind she has a child.

give him a break .....
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-04:
crabby, they are not and are a last resort for defense against injury to life or limb. I understand it's not for everyone.
Boki, the op's harasser is pushing the limit on stalking. When someone actually fears retaliation "I do fear retaliation by him", that opens a whole other can of worms.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
mad.... best answer!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:

Jkt, curious, what you think is a good carry? I'm partial to 1911's but its because I have a history with them - serious stopping power.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Boki, if what you say is true, then I'm inclined to think you'd have even more compassion for this person then what you're displaying. Obviously, a simple LEAVE ME ALONE doesn't work on everyone. Apparently you feel the need to carry a gun b/c of a stalker that "has not entirely stopped."

As she already stated, she did tell the manager about the problem, so she already took step 1, now she needs to take step 2. We can all form our own opinions about this all we want to, but since Starlord is an ex deputy, and probably has way more knowledge of the subject, my gut tells me he's right on this one.

Most importantly, I hope this guy is just a lonely dude looking for a friend and not a nutcase...thanks to the OP for getting the word out and please take precautions to care of yourself!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-04:
It's a personal "comfort" thing.
1911 is bulky. I switch between a .40 Glock 27 with extended mag, a 9mm Kel Tek and a .45 Baby Eagle (similar in size and weight to the 1911). Depends upon if I'm goin to church, shopping, a walk etc and also the weather. My state (TN) is open carry permit. Do I, no, 'cept around the yard, I don't want people to know I'm armed, plus you have the "screamin meanies" !!!he's got a gun!!!.
It ain't necessarily firepower, but shot placement.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Boki, who was getting stalked, you or hubby? I've never heard of a couple being stalked by an individual before. Sounds weird.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-04:
I don't think he's a stalker, to begin with. Stalkers fixate, they don't chum around talkin' smack to all the women at the gym. So, I think the first step is to directly confront him and tell him she's not interested.

I WISH I had had the chance to tell my stalker to bug off, but we didn't know him from Adam, and still wouldn't know who it was to this day if it weren't for one policeman here in town that took the initiative to actually do some investigating.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Wow! How did you know he existed?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Although I think the PA law is subjective enough to perhaps deem this as stalking I don't think I agree this is stalking.

LA Fitness is publicly assessable private property. As such they have the right to deem who and who cannot have access to the property. The OP reported the incidents to LA fitness and they chose not to do anything about it. Their property their right.

The OP states other patrons are annoyed or feel harassed by this members constant chattering.

The OP states contact is only made at this LA Fitness and also eludes to the fact the man seems to always be there. That would suggest that all contact is the result of the OP arriving at a place where the chatterer is already at. That in my book doesn't constitute stalking since the chatterer isn't taking active steps to pursue the OP outside of the LA fitness center.

Nothing in the OPs write up even hints of any direct threats. She fears retaliation but it's not detailed why she fears retaliation.

The OP never states that she has directly told the chatterer that the communication is undesired. In fact she states she has ignored it and that the hint wasn't received.

So the complaint to law enforcement would be a LA Fitness member won't quit talking to me when I'm working out. He follows me from one machine to another talking to me. If we happen to meet up in the LA fitness parking lot he talks to me and comments about my baby. All contact happens at the LA fitness center. I've informed the staff at LA fitness center and while they acknowledge he's annoying they did not bar him from the premises. He's never made a threat towards me but I feel frightened all the same and am afraid of retaliation if I confront him.

Interesting. I can see both sides of this issue. I still don't think the guy is a predator or a stalker but if the OP was my daughter I'd probably be concerned. What the heck is wrong with this country when we have to fear people who talk too much?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-04:
Its actually both of us getting stalked...the guy is a mental patient with full blown aids (bisexual) who is well known around these parts.

He does things like leave love letters with used condoms at the cars, call incessantly til we had to get an unlisted number, mess with the utilities and stand in front of the house staring, in the middle of the night. My big dog is going to eat his lunch someday...

He used to stalk a judge and his wife before us, so the police and legal profession around here know him well...but we had never heard of him til he started with us. Lucky us.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
For never having seen him, you sure know a lot about him.
That's good.
Basher gets similar love letters. you might mention this incident to her.

Might be the same guy. Probably is.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-04:
Yeah well, things change when you go to court with someone...I know more about him than I ever wanted to.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
You went to court with him? Did they black out his eyes so you wouldn't know him from Adam, as you stated?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-04:
He spent 6 months in jail for stalking us. I thought I typed that earlier. We had to go to court for that to happen....
Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-05-04:
Well, what I would do (and most women can't seem to do this) is the very next time that this person bothers the OP she should turn to look the man right in the eyes and say, "I DO NOT want you to talk to me anymore. I DO NOT want for you to follow me around. I DO NOT want for you to sit next to me. If you contenue to harrass me, I will file a formal complaint with the police. Good day."

This person has been told that what he is doing is unacceptable and he is still doing it. He knows what he is doing (ie harrassing people and stalking them).

If this person continues to bother the OP. She should stop what she is doing, walk over to the main desk, pick up the phone and call the police (even if they can't really do anything, just having them come out may stop the man from harrassing the OP).

If the man harrasses the OP again after that, she will need to file for a restaning order (that will force the man to find another gym or at lest not be there at the same time as the OP). If he bothers her after that, call the police and have him arrested.

No woman should ever have to put up with this kind of teatment.

Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-04:
Nicely said, Mrs. V!
Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-05-04:
Thank you ^_^

I teach 'Steet Martial Arts 101' and I always find the same problem.

Women don't want to 'hurt' someones feelings. They don't want to confront someone that is bothering/harrassing/hurting them.

It's so ingrained that it's 'normal' for a woman to put up with crap that a guy wouldn't dream of.

I tell people to read 'The Gift of Fear' by Gavin De Becker. It's a real eye opener.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-04:
Excellent advice, Mrs V! Most of the women I know have had to learn how to say "not no, but HELL no!" and for some it takes years....
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Mrs. V definitely has the best answer on this one. Very good comments!
Posted by Starlord on 2009-05-04:
jkt, I admire your taste. I carry a Springfield Armory XD-45, and much prefer it because it is like a DA revolver to use. If needed, draw and squeeze the trigger. It has two safeties that work autmatically, and you dont have to manipulate them. Mrs. V, I admire your work and my wife and I used to have a store selling personal security items such as pepper sprays, stun guns and alarms. We told people not everyone can or should try to carry a firearm. I was a deputy sheriff, and have had much additional training, and feel comfortable with being a legally armed citizen. The gun is not the answer to all ills, but is a last resort when all else is on the line. Just remember, when seconds count, 911, the police are minutes away. If you're lucky.
Posted by Buddy01 on 2009-05-05:
Mrs. V gives excellent advice, including reading that book. It is very eye-opening.
Posted by superduper on 2011-06-19:
consider what you wear to the gym, for women if you do not want attention, do not go in wearing anything revealing, legs, upper body etc. Don't slip up once or he will catch what you look like and keep that image in his mind, guy just prolly looking for a date, you need to be straight up with him though and tell him to stop talking to you.
Posted by oldmember on 2013-03-09:
I know exactly the little bald guy you are referring to. He used to stalk me. I also complained and they did nothing. Go to another gym. He's always there...Brett, right?!?
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Worst Experience Ever
Posted by Keithlca on 02/16/2004
ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- To Everyone Thinking About Joining LA Fitness (Alhambra, California Branch)

Just came back from this location after Jason Ayala, Weekend General Manager, refuses to let my guest in for a workout. I was told in numerous occasions that I can bring a guest AT ANYTIME by Victoria (Another worker at this location). Therefore, I was dumbfounded when Mr. Ayala insists on telling me that I did not read the fine print. Not only was he not apologetic, but he insists to make his point. Can someone remind him that he is working in a service oriented business? It is obvious that his title has gone to his head.

I found Mr. Ayala to be rude, confrontational and downright nasty. Who ever promoted Mr. Ayala shows very poor judgment. In fact, having someone so inexperienced for this position shows the lack of foresight which truly reflects the company.

No one should accept this type of treatment. I am glad that my membership will end soon. You can bet I will take my business elsewhere.

My final word of advice, stay away from LA Fitness. The employees at YMCA or the Spectrum Club are a lot more professional...They actually treat you with respect!
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Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-02-16:
Actually - I think that everyone should try to move out of L.A. all together. Did you see "Volcano", "Escape from L.A.", "Independence Day", or "Terminator 2"? Get out while you still can.
Posted by brittany1485 on 2004-02-17:
What did you expect? You were responsible for reading the fine print before you signed the contract.

I don't see why you expected him to apologize for following company policy.
Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-26:
Well brittany, if the verbal assurance said one thing, and if the contract said another, that seems like an outright lie. Can you call it different?
Posted by HARDCORE on 2004-07-23:
I have heard nothing but bad things about LA fitness, especially their training staff that is contracted in. Horrible.
Posted by Palmetto on 2005-11-05:
It sounds familiar. Any Company should be careful how they train their "managers" they represent the Company, it is for their own benefit to have a happy costumer! The same thing is happening with LA Fitness here in Florida!!
Posted by misterd on 2006-08-13:
Ditto for North Brunswick, New Jersey as well. But their problem is not rudeness, it is their inability to take ownership of a situation and resolve it to the cusotmers satisfaction. Shame on them.
Posted by grbrandt on 2007-04-14:
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Pushy Sales and DIRTY, DIRTY!
Posted by AngelK on 09/16/2009
FLORIDA -- Gym is 100% dirty and disorganized! Bathrooms are 100% so filthy. The stalls are gross! I was told by the female Assistant Manager at the Wellington, FL location that the corporate office let go their cleaning staff and now only has a sporadic cleaning crew! Gross, Gross, Gross! The 5lb, 10lb and 15lb size dumbelss are never around! With all the members they have you would think they would have a few sets of each weight! The Training Manager is supposed to give you a complimentary training session when you join, BUT its 100% sales pitch, no training involved. PATHETIC! I wish I never joined. In addition, most occasional members at the Wellington, FL location have no cooth when it comes to basic gym etiquette. They don't re-rack weights, and when they do, they rack them onto a machine while someone is using it: DANGEROUS and Stupid ( i.e. the leg press)!!! The staff does nothing to encourage the occasional members to proper gym use. LA Fitess Wellington takes your money, pockets it and does not put anything into it. Filthy gym, lazy members, lack of dumbells. Dont Waste Your Money! I'm goin to Golds!
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Body of Change - Very Deceptive Business Practices
Posted by Dkalani on 10/26/2007
BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- I signed up for the free training assessment that every club offers through their Body of Change program in August 2007. I talked to the trainer, Michelle, and she told me it was a six month training, twice a week. I didn't sign up but she called me a couple days later to see what I thought. We talked and her manager (Jeremy?) was talking to her in the background. She said it would be $360, and I said that was too expensive. She then talked to her manager in the background and he said he would throw in 17 free sessions that I could use in the next six months. Hence, that would be 6 months x 8 times per month plus 17 more sessions, and it would be $160 to sign up and $200 more in two weeks, for a total of $360. So I agreed and the training started the next week. I asked at the first session if there was something to sign and she said no, it was taken care of, so I never saw a contract, never signed a contract, and the $360 was charged, which is what we agreed to.

However, then I got a $211 charge in September, and another $211 charge in October. I tried to call a phone number from the website which told me nothing, I went to the club which referred me to the trainer, and the trainer told me she would email them and they would contact me because that's the only way she knew how to reach them. She had no phone number for them. When they finally called, they informed me that it was $200/mo in addition to what we agreed on, and didn't I know that? NO, I didn't. I had them fax me the "contract" I never saw, and that's what it said, plus you had 3 days to cancel, although there's NO signature from me because it was never discussed and I never signed anything. I would NOT EVER agree to $200/mo and they knew that in our initial discussions. I told them I want to cancel immediately and they told me to send a registered letter stating this, which I did. When I called the next week to check on it,(888-889-0984) they said I would have to pay half the remaining charges for the months not being used, namely another $300 according to the contract, and I would still have 6 months to use my 17 free sessions. WHAT CONTRACT??? I didn't sign anything. I had a grand total of 12 trainings and it's cost me $760 so far, and they want me to pay $300 more?

NO!! This is a bait and switch FRAUD!
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-10-27:
You essentially "signed a contract" when you gave them the deposit. The people you originally talked to, seemed to want to help. I would see if they could.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-10-28:
You didn't sign any contract with them, so call your credit card company and dispute the charges, then call the fitness company and tell them to take the charges and place them forcibly up their ass.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-10-29:
Dispute the charges with your CC company. How can they come after you when there is no signature from you on the contract?
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La Fitness Join At Your Own Risk!!!!
Posted by Edorris on 02/18/2014
WHEATEN, MARYLAND -- As a member under the Holiday franchise, then the Bally's and now the LA Fitness franchise, I must say it was disheartening to discover that the contract now offered by LA Fitness has an EXCULPATORY CLAUSE to protect them from liability... BE AWARE that if you get injured for any reason, any cause, any failure on LA Fitness' behalf they will NOT be liable! You exercise at LA FITNESS totally AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

I suffered a slip & fall in the women's locker room/shower area because the facility did not use no skid mats on the floor. The water soaked mats on the floor skidded right out from under me and I suffered a concussion, contusions, and other muscular injuries... court ruled that the EXCULPATORY CLAUSE was enforceable! That's right I got nothing for my pain & suffering, loss wages, and medical. BE AWARE!!!
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Posted by Ryersroost on 01/08/2014
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Apparently the facility has had multiple break-ins both in and out and still refuses to put video surveillance in the parking area. Four break-ins occurred including mine in the daylight in the front parking lot in one day and the receptionist told me they had posted signs. I went out to look and could not see the signs until I looked up high on the pole. The sign says," Lock your car, take your keys and hide your belongings." I did this and worker said I should have hidden my belongings at home! Never once did she apologize or voice concern for my loss. She made me feel like I was the cause of the break in. When I asked her about video surveillance, she informed me that the policy is not to have it. Why? Would this not discourage criminals doing this? My instructor saw me and was the only one from facility to voice her concern. The police were very helpful and followed up with a call, but nothing from LA fitness people! I find this appalling! Their customer service and consideration for members is poor!
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Staff Has No Communication and Over Charges
Posted by Andiemp09 on 11/05/2013
ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- For the two months I was a member of LA Fitness [and] they overcharged me each time. As a young adult I don't have the funds to be overcharged every single month. The second time I was promised a $20 waive off then was told by another employee they wouldn't be doing that and denied ever offering it. They made this promise in order to get my new credit card numbers so they could charge me $40. When I demanded to quit and get my money back the manager Lisa was incredibly rude and refused to allow me to quit over the phone or to return my money. I think that if your staff cannot communicate and stick to their word then contract or not the customer should be reimbursed. I will never join this gym nor recommend it to anyone I know. I will be writing a letter to the higher authorities about this situation so they can rethink who they make a manager at this gym.
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I Want My Money Back Because False Advisement
Posted by Justpeacejc on 10/16/2013
I was never told about no refunds.
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Worst experience one customer can expect from any company.
Posted by Soura1v on 07/30/2013
2021 WINSTON PARK DRIVE,OAKVILLE, CANADA -- Service was worst, never responded back to our e-mails, never took any action as promised and as discussed.

Always lied and misbehaved.

Caused frustration and increased anxiety. Took money from our account without our knowledge and when informed, absolute no action was taken.

E-mail id of the manager (as given by the receptionist) was returned as saying:

Your message can't be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted."
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