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LA Fitness - Diamond Bar
Posted by on
DIAMOND BAR, CALIFORNIA -- Me and my wife went to the LA Fitness on June 13, 2010, located at:

(909) 595-0045
Sales Rep: Michael / Mike
Height: around 180cm
Characteristic: Tattoos on his left palm.

After a short while waiting, we were introduced by a salesman named “Michael”. He then brought us to his desk on the right (from the main door) and was asked to come in and join him, so we sat down facing him and the desk.

First he asked, “So what brings you here, you looking to get skinnier, or buff like Arnold?” We laughed a little, then I asked, “Just need to know your pricing so we know how much we are talking about.”
Then he mentioned that he needs to know what our intention is so he can set up a schedule and pricing and so on, so he went on and asked to my wife, “What’s your weight? How much are you planning to lose?” then my wife shortly answered, “Oh, I’m not sure about my weight, I haven’t looked recently.”

Then I whispered to her, “Do you want me to just ask how much so we know?” She nodded.
I asked Michael again, “We just need to know the pricing, because we are doing comparison between fitness clubs and doing some thinking”, then Michael said, “So you’ve went to other clubs and what are their pricing?” I then explained, “No, we haven’t gone to any other club, in fact, we are planning to go to the 24 Hour Fitness nearby and ask them the same question.”

Then he replied, “Why don’t you go there and check it out”.
Then we both nodded, went straight out the door, without looking back, thinking in our head,
“We’ll never go back to LA Fitness again.”

So Michael, here’s your letter of promotion, “Congrats, now everyone know what you said to LA Fitness potential customers.”

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Registration fee and dues at Parsippany location
Posted by on
PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- My wife and I joined LA fitness in parsippany recently. I was told by a couple friends that you can negotiate price with the membership staff. This is partially true. We came in for the first time about 4 months ago in October. Originally we met with one of the head sales employees Ryan. He told us that it would be $149 to register for the both of us and the monthly would be 35 with a possibility to go up. What we did not like was that cardio equipment was scarce. We did not join and I told him that I would wait for a better deal down the line. He was very persuasive but I was hoping to get a few more of my friends to join with me in the future to lower the price. After about a month the Ryan had called me to explain he had a special if my wife and I were ready to join, and it would be 29.99 a month without raquetball. Again we did not join. After about 2 more months of persistence and going back and forth into the gym we decided that we would join for the 29.99. We went to the gym to sign up and Ryan was not there so we tried to sign up with another tall man who was not polite and confusing. He told us that the lowest program was $45 a month. I was very dissatisfied with the situation. I called Ryan and he drove in on his day off to give special approval to the program. We were very pleased with how he helped us that we recommended all of our friends. He has promised us that any of our friends that join will join for a discounted program and they have. If you want the lowest price and the best service you must see Ryan. Anyone else will overcharge you.
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goduke on 02/22/2010:
In my experience, a negotiated price is only good with the person with whom you negotiated it. The answer isn't that everyone needs to speak to Ryan, the answer is that everyone needs to stick with the person with whom they've been negotiating a deal.
bear on 07/16/2013:
Lol...but from what I have read...Ryan is the person who is better than Bob Barker when it comes to "lets make a deal" and learn, maybe his tactics might stick!
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LA Fitness - Harrisburg PA
Posted by on
HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- So I have been a member of LA Fitness on and off. I never minded the gym itself and the classes are always great. However, I have always been put off by the sales environment and the pushiness of the sales staff. I found if I just pushed them off and ignored them, I would be okay.

Now I am done completely with them. A few weeks ago I got a "We want you back" e mail that offered me no initiation and a monthly fee of $29.99 a month. I thought this was a pretty good deal so I signed up with my mom (also a former member) After I signed up I got a phone call EVERY night "reminding" me of the personal training session that I had scheduled. Finally I answered one of these calls and told them I wasn't interested and to stop calling me.

2 weeks later my mom got the same "We want you back" e mail and HER rate was $19.99 a month. WHAT? SO I figured this would be an easy fix. I go in with her and her e mail and tell the guy that I would like our rate to be matched to the one in her e mail. Cause I can't justify paying $30 a month when I know that there's a $20 a month floating out there. And to boot, it was offered to my MOM who was currently signed up with me at $30 a month. The guy looked at me like I was nuts and told me that corporate sends those out and there's nothing he could do. So I told him to cancel both of us. Again, looked at me like I was nuts and told me "It's only $10 a month. You can stay around for $10 a month" I said, I guess I COULD but why would I when I know if I hadn't joined myself I would have joined 2 weeks later for $19.99. And he was rolling his eyes at me. I said "You're rolling your eyes at me!" and he said "Well I just don't' understand why you'd cancel. Where are you going to go?" I said I would go to Central Penn where my friend works and can get me a decent discount or I can get a corporate one from my job. He said "Well why did you bother coming here in the first place?" I told him the location is closest to my house. And with attitude he said, "So you're coming here out of convenience...Right" So I just snapped for him to just cancel my account and stop asking me dumb questions. He threw the cancellation paperwork at me and told me to Have fun at Central Penn. What a jerk! I can't even believe that's the kind of customer service I received when clearly I had a valid issue.

I will never step foot into that gym again.
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User Replies:
Joe Smith on 01/02/2012:
I must agree with the person who wrote the comment about the "pushiness" or persistence of the personal training staff. I joined LA F because of the friendly atmosphere and all that this location had to offer. We should not feel pressured into signing at the dotted line.....for example: "I can only offer you this great deal if you join right now." When asked if I could "sleep on it", I was told that "tomorrow it would be too late", that the person could only offer this great deal at that moment. I know we all have to make a living, but ....really?
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LA Fitness Apple Valley MN
Posted by on
APPLE VALLEY, MINNESOTA -- I rejoined LA Fitness a few months ago. After being back, I now remember why I left! The women's locker rooms are disgustingly DIRTY. There is thick layers of dust built up around the air vents. The Bathrooms and showers have lime build up on the facets, shower heads, and anything that was metal has a nice red rusty shine. Some of the shower curtains have black colored mold. I just don't get it.

Another issue I have is the MALE JANITOR that has to come into the ladies locker room. He has entered on more than one occasion while women are in the middle of changing and in the showers. I have complained as have other women at the club. The last time he had to clean the ladies lockers a woman attendant came through and told the women that were in the locker room that we had to hurry up because it was getting late and the male janitor had to clean. It was 7pm, the club hours on the weekend are until 8pm. Another issue that I have is that if they need to clean the ladies locker rooms starting at 7pm then they should just close the damn club at that time.

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Eagan on 06/24/2011:
I totally agree with you, plus they are rude at the front desk.
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Unsafe environment and zero gym etiquette
Posted by on
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- The Gym itself is an impressive faciltity and the hours are better than most gyms that I have experienced in my 13+ years of weight training. They have 2 trainers, Demetrias and James, that really know what they are doing. Most of the other trainers can be seen text messaging and relaxing WHILE training clients. There is even a European female trainer that hordes weights for herself while she is training and she will confront you if you tell her that she doesn't need to take 7 dumbbells off the weight rack for her client.

Matts are left on the stairwell which is a fire-code violation, 6-12 plates can be found on abandoned leg press machines from 7:00am-1030am every week day, dumbbells are left in all areas of the gym for days on end, 20-36 dumbbels are consistently absent from the racks...

I have begged the staff for over 10 months to require that the members and trainers to rack their weights. Alll to no avail. There is not 1 sign in the facility asking clients to return/rack weights. 2 weeks ago, I posted 4-5 signs throughout the gym asking members to rack the weights. I was confronted by an employee because of this. Instead of him being upset with the staff for it being necessary for a customer to post signs and repeatedly beg for them to follow proper gym etiquette, he decided to give me attitude.

Yesterday I asked Lauren (the membership card-scanner, girl) for his name because I am considering writing an article regarding the lack of gym etiquette. She responded with "I am going to revoke your membership".

I told her that was fine as long as she refunded my $200+ initiation fee. She said she wouldn't because I have been a very uncooperative member...

She revoked my membership because after begging them for 10+ months to put the weights/equipment away (which is an insurance regulation and a fire code violation) I posted some signs asking members to rack their weights (how dare me) is the only gym I have ever been in that doesn't care about weights, steps, mats, etc strewn all about the floor and fire exit stairs.

I have numerous photos of the conditions I speak of.

I am now pursuing a lawsuit.

On a side note, I learned yesterday that one of the trainers at this facility tripped over weights that were left on the workout floor and was on crutches for more than 3 weeks.
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 09/19/2009:
its a common concern. I'm totally grossed out by members not using a sweat towel, not wiping off equiptment, and LA Fitness not providing spray bottles or asking members to cooperate better.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
You seriously took all that time to create that youtube video? And why add the sound effects for bodily functions for the employee?

No offense, I understand your frustration, but MOST gyms are pigstys.
PepperElf on 09/19/2009:
I'm wondering... if the "fire code violation" was that big of a deal... why didn't you report them then?

why wait until they refuse to refund the membership fee?
Eloise on 09/19/2009:
Someone has way to much time on his hands!
PepperElf on 09/20/2009:
I'm personally thinking all of these issues didn't really matter so much... until it was made known that there would be no refund... then it all mattered.

it reminds me of a guy I knew once. I'll call him X. X had proof that a coworker (Y) was doing something illegal by military standards (faking an injury). But X wasn't going to do anything about it. X wanted to wait until Y did something against him and *then* he'd raise the issue.

basically X didn't really care that Y was doing anything wrong. He just wanted to use it as a tool for revenge.
Diabolical on 09/20/2009:! You really didn't have a right to start posting signs everywhere. I have a hallmate who does that. In college, maybe. As a grown adult in gym... definitely not.
Anonymous on 09/20/2009:
You are lucky all you got was kicked out. Granted they sho9ld do as is proper, but you are not the gym police. If there was a problem you should have reported it.

I agree. Not a big deal til there was no refund.
Mr Savage on 08/20/2010:
I have utilized 2 clubs for a while now. I agree, the management/employees do nothing for the paying members. Members should be told to re-rack their weights and wipe of the equipment or face being kicked out.
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Misleading contracts
Posted by on
LACEY, WASHINGTON -- My kids who are thirteen and sixteen, after visiting their new facilty(Lacey WA) in June of 2008, convinced me to sign them up for membership. On July 13,2008 I finally agreed and went to check it out. Their representative Thomas who had just joined them offered to give me a tour of the facility. I refused the tour and replied to him that my sons have already checked it out and seem to be satisfied, and after all they are the ones who will be using these services. I was only interested in their membership plans. At this point, he said he is so new and does not have enough information, so he will get his manager Derek to further help me.

I opened my converastion with Derek by saying that now that the school is out, my kids would like to stay active, and that they'd like to join the L. A fitness. What are my options?

He came up with several scenerios and finally we agreed to get two individual memberships, one under my name and the other under my wife's. He further assured me that each of our kids would be eligible to come with us on each individual membership. So in the end we would all( four of us) would have access to the facility. I repeated the terms verbally, and he even asked me again for the kid's ages. He further explained that the thirteen year old would not be able use the swimming pool by himslef. The rest of the court including basketball and raquette ball would be okay.

Starting July 13, we went to this facility, usually three of us, many times and were welcome without any issue. After eleven months and many visits, always with my kids, they started recognizing our faces. I always took my kids so they can work out and play while I often waited, and ocassinally worked out myself and played with them too.

All this time they never mentioned a single thing and treated us well except last month when they dropped a bombsell and said that our membership is only limited to me and my wife. I was shocked and surprised and told them sole reason for the membership was those kids. We wanted to keep them occupied and active. They promised to fix this issue and assured that we should not have any problem. Every other time after that, especially whenever there was a new person on the front desk, they would stop us and go through verification process. At some point it got old and I was really annoyed and threatened to cancel my membership. Right after I signed the cancellation notice, they started treating us nasty. At one point they said they they'd call police if I attempted to enter with my kids.

I remember during our visits, one time they were offering an individual membership with two guests for $49.00 a month. Whereas I was paying almost $80.00 for our membership which included my wife. However, my wife never once visited the facility.

I asked this question to the general manager who happens to be same guy Derek, why wouldn't I have gotten the cheaper membership and would have brought my kids with me as guests if I hadn't undertood the membership the way I did? He just sat and lied to me in my face cold that he does not recall any conversation or agreement to allow our kids.

So I asked him again why for last eleven months they never mentioned anything? speechless, no response:

They would to lie to you and give you and implied impression that would otherwise be untrue. Please don't make a mistake as I did of not reading the contract and completely understanding it.

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User Replies:
goduke on 07/21/2009:
How very odd. I'm really surprised they don't have a family type contract. I know 24 Hour Fitness used to.
sonuzain on 07/21/2009:
They have family access plans,and that is what they had offered me. First 10 or 11 months, our account had family access noted. All of a sudden, they dropped and changed their notes. What is appalling is that they denied ever offering me the family access.
lafitness_victim on 08/18/2009:
Alas, it is already too late for me!! I joined with a friend on a month to month contract and got me into the personal training program for a month. I used it just once and (I probably have some kind of medical condition) I get dizzy whenever I exercise (even simple as treadmill). I wanted to drop out of the personal training and just use the facility at my own pace and whenever I could find time in my busy schedule.

To my surprise, I found that I have to pay 50% "buyout" of the one year training cost!! They are talking of contract I signed. I was never told that I was signing a contract, and they did not give me a copy of the so called contract too. I just received an automated email stating that the amount I paid and how much it is monthly.
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Be Smart Don't Join LA Fitness
Posted by on
ARIZONA -- First let me say if you are looking for a gym research information on Rip Off Report etc to see if this is a gym you would want to be involved in. La fitness is a horrible gym to get involved in and I'm not talking about their equipment I'm referring to how they hit your bank account wrongly, cost over drafts, and won't cover it. Mislead you. When you ask for the corporate number they give you this (949)255-7200 in which it will tell you to press 3 for a operation manager. Which is a manager at another gym. I called this number trying to get my accounts straightened out the manager at another gym let me say this before I get into what happened after not getting things resolved with this manager I decided to call back because I knew something wasn't right and this wasn't the corporate number the representative told me they can't give us the corporate number. Now to get started with what happened before, I got started 5 of my family members and our 2 friends asked if we could wear clothes in the pool they said that's not a problem.

When we wore clothes in the pool they kicked us out saying you can't wear clothes talk about misleading!!! Now back to the billing situation. We asked the representative if we could all be billed on the 6 of each month he said that isn't a problem. And set it for the 6. We noticed the account was negative 45 dollars on the 3rd of the month because 2 passes had gone through on the 3rd which was a 34.99 dollar pass and a kids pass for 10 dollars. we called the representative trying to get it fixed and she said she will talk with bank of America and get things resolved so the bank won't charge us the 35 dollar fee for each pass.

Well when the 6th came everything looked right in the morning we put the money in it covered the 2 passes from the 3rd and a pass that came though on the 6th but the 4th pass didn't get covered we noticed the bank had taken 70 dollars for bank charges but the representative reversed the 4th pass but still those bank charges were still there and when the 5th came through a few days later it didn't get covered and the account inquired another 35 dollar charge plus the pass didn't get paid once again so that's 1 pass that got screwed. When we called terry to get this resolved she would no longer respond to our calls so they gave us this so called cooperate number which its not and we pressed 3 to talk to an operation manager he didn't fix the bank charges but he says he updated the 5th pass so we won't be charged.

We decided to change 2 of the passes 2 WellsFargo and put them on hold since I was going through surgery. for 24 dollars the passes would be on hold for 3 months he says that's fine and it was set for the 6th for 24 dollars. The other 3 passes since bank of America was still over drafted they decided to cancel their members pass and he agreed they are now canceled. When the 6th came 3 passes were charged to the bank of America and 39 dollars plus 24 was charged to the wells Fargo. Plus they continued to try to hit our other 2 friends accounts that had canceled their passes as well. Don't trust this gym...
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Angry customer on 07/22/2013:
The LA fitness in Boynton beach Florida is disgusting. The a/c hardly works, the spin room no air. You cannot breathe. The weights are all over the place. You can be dr find anything. The place is dirty. And to top it off, the manager is the worst. His name is Pete. He told me all he cares about is the people coming in. Doesn't care if anyone leaves. Called my friends son fat. Just horrible
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Rude Pro-Results Sales Staff- Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA -- Until recently I have never encountered any problems with LA Fitness or their staff. However, after receiving very poor customer service from the Pro-Results Fitness Sales Staff in Yorba Linda, CA, I would not recommend the fitness training services of this company to anyone!! Please keep in mind that Pro-Results is a separate legal entity from LA Fitness.

After several years of being a member, and at the recommendation of one of the fitness trainers, I decided one day to try the free fitness training session that is offered to every member who holds a membership with the gym. The session went well with the trainer and then I was passed on to one of the sales reps for Pro-Results (the contracting fitness training company). The prices and packages were discussed and then I decided that I would take some time to think it over to see if it was worth the money and in my budget, before I made a decision to purchase a package.

Upon my request to think it over, immediately the tone of the conversation shifted. The sales rep became condescending and said arrogantly "what is there to think about?" Cost, I answered. I was then told that "everyone" has $$$ dollars. Desperate to make a sale that same day, he proceeded to speak to me in a tone of arrogance and moved on to say " Do you know 430 different exercises? In which I responded, no. "Well then" was his answer. He continued to be very arrogant when I repeated my desire to think it over and get back to them in the event that I was interested. He then in an arrogant tone stated that the "sale" was going to end and how much time did I need to think? I started to become irritated with the manner in which he was speaking to me, (a loyal customer for over 4 years) and let him know that I did not appreciate the manner in which he was speaking to me and that he was starting to harass me and I have every right to think it over and I was going to do just that.

He then had the nerve to say to me, "Why did you bother to come in then?". At that point, I became even more angered. I did not bother to dignify his comment with a response (although I should have merely stated the obvious, that the free training session/consultation was offered free of charge to every member and those interested in seeing what a personal trainer may be able to do for them, and I was doing just that)I also should have asked for his manager at that point. Too offended by his rude remarks and poor sales tactics, I thanked the trainer, and let both the trainer and sales rep know that whatever interest I may have had, I no longer was interested in their services and walked out the door.

Honestly, this was probably the worst experience I have ever encountered with LA Fitness. The Pro-Results fitness sales rep was rude and out of line. It is obvious that this particular sales rep has little if any knowledge in what quality customer service should be. That or perhaps, his sales tactic was to purposely try to demean the customer into having some sort of a complex, in hopes that it would lead to a sale. Whatever the case, I surely hope that LA Fitness realizes what type of people they are employing and the potential loss of clientele that may arise if changes are not made. Hopefully, this particular case and individual, does not reflect the attitudes and practices of all of the LA Fitness/ Pro-Results Fitness Staff.
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rhondam718732 on 04/16/2007:
I too have encountered this very same situation. Health clubs need to seriously train their "sales" people on how to sell. Belittling and pressuring is ignorant and on most people is an annoyance not a deal closer.
DANE3mta3 on 05/19/2007:
the problem from his stand point is when a person says "I'll think it over" 99% of the time means they will never get in touch with that person again and he feels he wasted his time on you. He practically did that "session" for free and he make shis money on you buying sessions. He deals with people who say "I'll think it over " all the time. Meanwhile they drive nice cars to the gym and eat decent dinners, chain smoke, and then claim they do not have enoug money for personal training. I understand where he came from and also know where you're coming from since you do not know what he goes through to "sell" and gets paid very little for all his knowledge. Don't worry that trainer will quit and get another job though. He'll receive benefits and get things called raises.
flantastic on 07/11/2007:
I have a complaint with the club in Cypress, TX. One of their trainers stole sessions from me by logging them in when I was never there. My complaint totals over $2,000.00 I am contacting the media today on this matter and was searching the internet for other company complaints. Feel free to contact me if you want to proceed with me.
Mrs. Hungry on 01/10/2008:
I have only had bad experiences with sales reps and trainers at this and other health club. I think a big part of it is the sales people have little or no training on how to talk to and motivate people but they have a ton of self rightous arrogance. By the looks of most of them this self absorbed in your face attitude is fueled from the steroids they take and the attitude of their bosses to not take phone calls from customers who call to complain. Buy a home gym and never step foot in another gym. If you can't afford a home gym buy a jump rope and use your body's weight as resistance training. You can pick up almost any magazine and get as much if not more information from the section on exercise in it that you will get from some over inflated ego at the gym. I think the whole industry needs to learn their customers are why they have a job to go to every morning. Maybe they should work on their attitudes and not the size of their muscles, going to the gym would be a lot more pleasurable if the staff of the gyms would work on their asseness not their ass size.
pinky-nw on 07/01/2008:
The Club LA Fitness, I have no problems with. Who they seem to choose as there training partners leaves much to be desire.

Origianlly Pro Results was Body of Change. In the 1 yr I had a contract for I went through 6 trainors...they had all left and I kept being reassinged. I often then had to wait 2-3 weeks to reestblish a consistent pattern. I still am osed about 72 visist and my contract expired in April.
Also, I was never reminded that my contract was expiring and did I want to roll it over to a month to month. The wording they use is deceitful and misleading. Any other contract I have ever had tneded to notify me if I wanted to continue month to month.
fancytalk on 05/10/2009:
I had a similar situation happen to me this past weekend as I canceled a Pro Results contract I was pressured into buying.

I only weigh 140 lbs but was convinced that to "get the body I want" that I would need training; therefore, "knowledge" I didn't previously possess. I wanted to wait and think about and was put through all the typical sales strategies the trainers use including "calling" their VP - whoever the hell that is (I really think they just pretend to be on the phone). I told them that my only interest was having a healthy lifestyle - improving eating habits and staying fit, rather than having a celebrity body. I'm not overly consumed by my looks but as a former athlete I craved consistency, so I joined the gym. However, upon returning the following day to cancel my account (I hadn't started a single session yet) because the $87/month they would be charging me was not worth it in this economy, the trainer proceeded to tell me that we're ALL in a recession but gas, food and fitness are recession-proof. Yes, health is recession proof. A gym membership and personal training is NOT.

I wanted to remain professional and polite for sake of sanity, so I chose not to launch a full discussion with this trainer - noting that he was educated at a local college and is trying to join the NFL from behind the desk of an LA Fitness gym. He told me that everyone needs training, HE needed training to get where he wants to be. I told him that I purchased a gym membership and that was enough for me. He said EVERYONE has a membership and that's not enough - I told him that not EVERYONE possesses a membership; people in the club do, yes, but not EVERYONE. He then continued to tell me that it was my choice and if I wanted to continue spending money on fast food, to be his guest.

I politely said I would watch out for the return on my account and thanked him for his time.

I am appalled by the level of salesmanship and professionalism possessed by this sales staff. I can only attribute their lack of such customer service to their minor league educations and the fact that these sessions are their bread and butter. Had he been smarter, he would have noted by enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle and sold me with THAT pitch rather than the standard "beach body" pitch.

I'm impressed by the level of pouting he was able to do upon realizing that he was losing a sale. I'd sooner buy a car than a gym membership if this is the type of people we must consistently encounter for the "sake of our health".

If I die tomorrow from eating fast food, he won't miss me anyway so the trainers should really not be concerned with MY choices and MY health if I decide not to buy a personal trainer.
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La Fitness Join At Your Own Risk!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WHEATEN, MARYLAND -- As a member under the Holiday franchise, then the Bally's and now the LA Fitness franchise, I must say it was disheartening to discover that the contract now offered by LA Fitness has an EXCULPATORY CLAUSE to protect them from liability... BE AWARE that if you get injured for any reason, any cause, any failure on LA Fitness' behalf they will NOT be liable! You exercise at LA FITNESS totally AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

I suffered a slip & fall in the women's locker room/shower area because the facility did not use no skid mats on the floor. The water soaked mats on the floor skidded right out from under me and I suffered a concussion, contusions, and other muscular injuries... court ruled that the EXCULPATORY CLAUSE was enforceable! That's right I got nothing for my pain & suffering, loss wages, and medical. BE AWARE!!!
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Apparently the facility has had multiple break-ins both in and out and still refuses to put video surveillance in the parking area. Four break-ins occurred including mine in the daylight in the front parking lot in one day and the receptionist told me they had posted signs. I went out to look and could not see the signs until I looked up high on the pole. The sign says," Lock your car, take your keys and hide your belongings." I did this and worker said I should have hidden my belongings at home! Never once did she apologize or voice concern for my loss. She made me feel like I was the cause of the break in. When I asked her about video surveillance, she informed me that the policy is not to have it. Why? Would this not discourage criminals doing this? My instructor saw me and was the only one from facility to voice her concern. The police were very helpful and followed up with a call, but nothing from LA fitness people! I find this appalling! Their customer service and consideration for members is poor!
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