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LA Fitness Apple Valley MN
By -

APPLE VALLEY, MINNESOTA -- I rejoined LA fitness a few months ago. After being back, I now remember why I left! The women's locker rooms are disgustingly dirty. There is thick layers of dust built up around the air vents. The bathrooms and showers have lime build up on the facets, shower heads, and anything that was metal has a nice red rusty shine. Some of the shower curtains have black colored mold. I just don't get it.

Another issue I have is the male janitor that has to come into the ladies locker room. He has entered on more than one occasion while women are in the middle of changing and in the showers. I have complained as have other women at the club. The last time he had to clean the ladies lockers a woman attendant came through and told the women that were in the locker room that we had to hurry up because it was getting late and the male janitor had to clean. It was 7 pm, the club hours on the weekend are until 8 pm. Another issue that I have is that if they need to clean the ladies locker rooms starting at 7 pm then they should just close the damn club at that time.

Lifetime fitness you will be getting me back. I'm done with the mental mindset of LA Fitness Apple Valley! I'll pay the extra money for peace of mind knowing that I won't be treated rudely and that I can feel safe and comfortable in the ladies locker room without having a male janitor walk in on you and also when I bring up a concern to the management, it will be heard in a respectable manner by the staff at the front desk. And also I know I won't be breathing in dust and moldy air in the locker room, etc.

Unsafe environment and zero gym etiquette
By -

NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- The Gym itself is an impressive facility and the hours are better than most gyms that I have experienced in my 13+ years of weight training. They have 2 trainers, ** and **, that really know what they are doing. Most of the other trainers can be seen text messaging and relaxing WHILE training clients. There is even a European female trainer that hordes weights for herself while she is training and she will confront you if you tell her that she doesn't need to take 7 dumbbells off the weight rack for her client.

Mats are left on the stairwell which is a fire-code violation, 6-12 plates can be found on abandoned leg press machines from 7:00am-1030am every week day, dumbbells are left in all areas of the gym for days on end, 20-36 dumbbells are consistently absent from the racks...

I have begged the staff for over 10 months to require that the members and trainers to rack their weights. All to no avail. There is not 1 sign in the facility asking clients to return/rack weights. 2 weeks ago, I posted 4-5 signs throughout the gym asking members to rack the weights. I was confronted by an employee because of this. Instead of him being upset with the staff for it being necessary for a customer to post signs and repeatedly beg for them to follow proper gym etiquette, he decided to give me attitude.

Yesterday I asked ** (the membership card-scanner, girl) for his name because I am considering writing an article regarding the lack of gym etiquette. She responded with "I am going to revoke your membership". I told her that was fine as long as she refunded my $200+ initiation fee. She said she wouldn't because I have been a very uncooperative member...

She revoked my membership because after begging them for 10+ months to put the weights/equipment away (which is an insurance regulation and a fire code violation) I posted some signs asking members to rack their weights. (How dare me.)... It is the only gym I have ever been in that doesn't care about weights, steps, mats, etc strewn all about the floor and fire exit stairs.

I have numerous photos of the conditions I speak of. I am now pursuing a lawsuit. On a side note, I learned yesterday that one of the trainers at this facility tripped over weights that were left on the workout floor and was on crutches for more than 3 weeks.

Get Me Out of My Contract
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- LA Fitness uses, at best, questionable sales techniques and a tell them what they want to hear sales pitch. I signed up for a training contract after being given a "sample" training session. The problem is the "sample" session I was given was 10x better than any of the sessions I received after signing the contract. They had a master trainer work me out to the point I almost blacked out (which I liked) but then right after sells me a contract telling me I can have him train me. I can have group sessions. I will get an individualized training program which includes a regiment for the week in addition to my booked training session. The trainers will work around my schedule.

I can cancel if I am unsatisfied after a few weeks, but come to find out none of that happens to be available after I sign the contract. I get a sub par trainer. I get shifted around to multiple sub par trainers. I had trainers tell me it's my fault when a session starts late when I was there early. I have trainers try to pawn me off on other trainers because I try to hold them to doing what the master trainer said I was going to get. I complained to both the location and the corporate office multiple times and I get the same run around stall tactics like: "try another trainer", "I'll call the location and make sure your session won't start late, etc."

All so they can keep you past the point where you can cancel (which cancellation time is not disclosed at the time of signing), but even if it was you are mentally and physically exhausted, which is the worst time for you to sign a contract, but the best time for them to sell you one!

If You Were Born a Fish, Don't Swim in These Milky Waters
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I joined LA Fitness Marq E II location in Houston because of its proximity to my office, and because it had an apparently gorgeous pool, which went unused by this gym's clientele. A week after joining, the "pump broke," and after a series of attempts to fix the problem, the pool continues to be a swamp where only ignorant swimmers flop around. This is a bromide pool, not a chlorine pool. According to one of the many managers that one could find during one year at the location, the special pump's part is very expensive and the corporation can't justify repairing it given the number of members who use it.

This situation is not made public, though. Swimmers are continuously lied to, arguing that a maintenance company takes care of the pool on a weekly basis yata yata. There has been a succession of operation managers, since they are paid only minimum wage salaries, and understandably, they soon look for better pastures. Therefore, clients at this location do not have an advocate that represents their interests vis a vis the corporation owner. All managers eventually leave before the pool gets fixed, and they don't care to make noise with the big wigs.

I quit yesterday, and so did my husband. Nobody asked us why, and what they could do to make us happy. We rejoined Bally's, which is more affordable than ever. However, having belong at that club as well in the past, I agree with the person who described Bally's as a filthy-shower locker room. I did try their pool again, and the water was the way it should be at LA Fitness Marq E location, Houston. I guess one gets what one pays for. It's a shame we can't get basic good service, though, what we signed initially for.

So Unprofessional and Unethical
By -

I have been experiencing the worst customer service at LA Fitness and am unable to get in contact with the right people to help me. Previously, when I join the young lady that sign me and my friend on my account gave us the wrong tags. Instead of documenting the tags correctly they let it go on for months. When I request for someone to be taken off my account they kept charging me for that person so I tried to cancel my services. I have spoken to the Operational manager several times and each time he gave me a phony name. I call the customer service line for them to tell me that they do not have Manny **, and the real name of the man was Lawrence.

On the 22nd I got a call from the sales representative willing to waive all the past balances if I rejoined. I told her I would be the only one rejoining. She debited my account and told me I shouldn't have any problems. Well, today I go in and was treated very poorly by a young black man. He gave me a phony name, wouldn't give me his supervisor's name or number (Lawerence). He refuse to let me speak to someone else and threaten to charge my account for the past due balance that was supposed to be waived. I asked to get the corporate contact and he said is corporate and that everyone reports back to him.

I really love coming to the gym because the other trainers are very sweet and even the cleaning crew speaks and helps me out. But I am so disgusted at the treatment that I received today that I don't want to come back. The treatment that I received today was not only unprofessional, but also very unethical and I refuse to invest my time or money where I cannot get treated right. Several times I have address this young man, that he has my account documented wrong and for him to be so selfish, and indignant to correct the situation and provide go face to face customer service is shameful on your company.

Do Not Choose This Gym!
By -

I had so many bad experiences there, but continued to go, because it was convenient and too expensive to join another gym. It was the ABSOLUTE worst service I have ever received. They take your picture when you join, so when you sign in, they know it's you, and I actually had someone at the front desk laugh in my face at my picture, before I lost my weight. I had 2 personal trainers talk about me when I was right next to them, because they thought I couldn't hear them with my headphones in. Trainers are annoying and will interrupt your workout to convince you to sign up for personal training. It is very harassing. That is just to name a few instances. I could go on.

My last straw was when I cancelled my membership. The girl I spoke with said I was supposed to cancel within 10 day, but because I did mine in 7-8 it should still be okay, and to come back and talk with a manager if they tried to charge me. They charged me for that last month for Sept.10th-Oct.10th. When I'm moving out of state September 18th, not near an LA Fitness, and where I can have an on base gym membership for free. Not only are they charging me for a month a service I CANNOT USE, they already charged me for my last month at signing. So essentially, they are charging me TWICE for a service I cannot use!

I spoke with a manager and we were speaking as civilized adults, until he had a "corporate" representative help him. She was the rudest person I have ever dealt with! As I was trying to explain my side, she would cut me off and speak above me. How she received a corporate position is beyond me, but her service really reflects the overall service I encountered at LA Fitness. I stood my ground and demanded a refund, for money that was owed to me and all she could say, while I was speaking, was "You are not due a refund."

There were other times I was speaking and they both would stare at their computers and ignore me as if I was not there. I had the manager pick up phone calls with me in mid sentence. I was so upset about the amount of disrespect I received, my blood was boiling and I stormed out. This company has no belief in customer service and they will be overly nice to you, until you sign that contract, and then you are just another number. DO NOT GO TO THIS GYM IF YOU VALUE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Parents Beware
By -

LANSING, ILLINOIS -- Like most people, I was hesitant to sign up for a membership with the health club because I have children and wasn't sure about the daycare. Like most moms I was worried about leaving my 1 year old in the clubs kiddie club while I went to work out, but against my better judgment I did. Three weeks ago I went to the gym. Took my son to the kiddie club at LA fitness in Lansing, IL, went to pick him up after my workout and he had a red mark by his mouth. I took him to the doctor, and the doctor said it looked like someone had bit him. The daycare lady never said anything to me about it so I decided to take a break from the daycare.

I'm trying to get in shape so I can be healthier for my children so I decided to give the daycare another try realizing that sometimes children bite. Because of the incident, I decided that I would only work out for a shorter time frame so that my child wouldn't be in their care for long. When I arrived to pick my son up he had a big red bruise on his nose. The daycare worker stating first that he had tripped. Then she stated, "Unless he had the bruise on him when he came." Then she stated that my 1 year old was mean to the other kids that are like 4 and 5 year olds most of the time.

Like how can my one year be mean to other children but he has the bruise on his face that she claims he got from either tripping or supposedly before he came. I cautiously warn any parent that is planning to use LA Fitness in Lansing, IL to find someone else to watch your children while you workout because you are putting your children at risk for abuse and neglect.

To my surprise because I recently joined this gym in January that there is only 1 daycare worker watching all of the children. So if 20 children show up from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. there is only 1 person watching your children. This is a dangerous situation for any parent or child to be put in and unfortunately I had to learn the hard way.

Tomorrow I am cancelling my Kid Club membership and considering cancelling my gym membership. I have been a member of another club before called Xpress Sports Club which I loved because they have TVs on every piece of fitness equipment with cameras where you can watch your children on your TV monitor while you work out so you never have to worry about your children. Unfortunately I live in the south suburbs and these health clubs are only downtown Chicago and north.

Sales Staff Does Not Keep Their Word and the Place Is Filthy
By -

AVONDALE, ARIZONA -- This place is a joke!! The showers are moldy and always backed up. The Head maintenance girl is always in the sauna texting. The sauna always have trash in it and the equipment is always dirty and not working properly. I'm usually there at 5am and the place is dirty. I signed up last summer with my sister and we signed up for personal training. Mitch the trainer helped us and lied through his teeth. We were told we would get 4 sessions a month for $80. Reasonable I thought, and he would throw in 5 more free sessions.

We never saw our free sessions and when trying to schedule our app come to find out we only got 2 a month. But if I access my account online it shows I should have 5 training sessions available under a different account. But they Gym will not honor them. When I pulled my contract I saw that my copy was not legible but you can see that we should have gotten 4. So I asked to see their copy and it showed 2 (so they change their contracts).

At the beginning of signing up for training I asked Mitch if we could cancel anytime without penalty. He said "yes we just need to give a 30 day notice." So when I called to cancel I was told I have to buy out my contract. They only have 1 trainer in the early morning and he is always booked. So when I called I was told I need to start coming in at 10am to get better results. REALLY. I was told by my trainer that his boss Mitch told him if it's not on paper they do not have to keep their word. This place is full of liars. They are not trainers they are salesmen.

Bad Counter and Management Service
By -

QUEEN CREEK, ARIZONA -- The manager in the Queen Creek, AZ branch does not care for its members and prospective customers. He did not show respect for us when there was a dispute about a free guest pass. Personnel was not fully trained about their policies and directed us to print out the guest passes. Just for us to find out when we arrived at the gym that the passes are just for residents of the area. The truth is that we own another home in that area but did not want to go into that discussion, just to see how the establishment treats its customers.

We were considering to join this Queen Creek facility as our gym in AZ but the arrogant manager treated us like help - scoffing and glaring at us. That we should have talked to sales (and how is one supposed to know that, you dumbbell?) instead of the poor untrained person who picked up the phone to answer our query. It is evident that he was a classic case of the Peter Principle of Employee Incompetence because he treated the poor young counter lady, who asked for his help in this situation, just as badly as he did us.

It is pitiful when an employee that lacks leadership skills is promoted to a management position just to wield a bat his big hands could not even properly grasp. He will end up hurting other people with this figurative bat and knock himself out with it in the process.

Remember, being a manager does not mean that one just sits on the seat of honor and pretend to know how to use the computer, moving the mouse, looking up at the monitor, and glancing at customer traffic once in a while. It is ensuring your people (customers and providers), place, procedures, and product (in this case, your service) are on track to reach your goals. It is service to the company, employees, and your customers.

The franchisees should look into this breakdown in customer service and personnel training if they care about their investment. If not, this mediocre facility with outdated equipment, small multi-purpose courts, too may racquetball courts and a small pool will lose its members to establishments with better equipment and customer service that treat people with respect.

By -

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I signed up for a trainer. I was told the first initial cost is 483 and some cents. I explained to him I would not be able to pay until the 22nd of July. He told me that should be fine. I called up on the 20th of July and spoke with a guy above him and asked him if I can go ahead a pay for my sessions. He then proceeded to tell me he had to charge me another 100.00 because it was over the 3 days of me signing the contract.

I then explained to him that I was told that I was only going to be charged the 50.00 plus the amount of my training which came to the 483 and some cents. Well bulldogged me into taking less training sessions, I went from 12 down to 7 a month. The first trainer I met with wanted to see where I was at and I thought that was going to the trainer I was going to keep.

Well they changed trainers on me for my second session and he wanted to see where I was at. How many times do they need to see where you are at before they actually start training you on the equipment. Well my next session was supposed to be on that following Friday, the trainer called 1 hr prior to my session and cancelled on me and told me that I will have to ask for another trainer that can work around my schedule. On my contract it says I have to give 24 hr notice if I am not able to make it to a session or I will be charged (what about them?).

I am paying for the services, they need to work around my schedule!!! When I first went in there I didn't hide anything. I let them know my schedule and everything. I do not recommend LA Fitness to anyone. As long as they get your money they act like they don't have to render services.

All they are is money hungry fools that are not looking to help you out at all. If I didn't need help I wouldn't have paid for a trainer. Well I cancelled within the 3 days of my signed contract and the contract and the people at the clubs said I will receive my money back within 3-5 business days. WE WILL SEE!!!!

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