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Rip Off!!
Posted by Rozi on 11/15/2010
PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY -- LA Fitness is a rip off!

They charge hell lot of money for the registration fee and the day one register with them they also charge for first and last month in advance. which they can't refund you if one ever decide to change gym/cancel membership. Their complimentary personal training was trying get sale out of me.

I am really unsatisfied with their prices and also their customer service behavior compared to price paid. I did a big mistake by joining this gym. I would never recommend this gym to my worst enemy.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-16:
I was trying to think of a reason I would use LA Fitness. Couldn't think of one.
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LA Fitness - Marines
Posted by Marine Mother on 11/15/2010
My two Marines were members at LA Fitness. When it came time for them to leave, they settled their account, filled out forms and mailed them in. After the guys left, I started getting dun calls. LA Fitness says that to cancel membership, you have to send the forms by certified mail. The young men are gone, I am not working, I can't pay this. This is not the American way. Shame on LA Fitness!
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Posted by dan gordon on 2010-11-15:
I cancelled as well and nowhere on their cancel form do they mention certified mail. I mailed with a proof of mailing and guess what? They never got it. The lady at my local LA Fitness was actually quite helpful in cancelling for me. I think 'not receiving' is the std method of operation here.
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Hours of operation are misleading
Posted by PghTriathlete on 06/02/2011
This is to serve as a notification. I recently was inquiring about the brand new LA Fitness that was to open in McCandless, PA. One thing that I thought was a bit unusual is that they were trying to get memberships in a local park and indicating that if you gave them your credit card information they would "hold" the offer for you. Ahhh, that seems a bit skeevy to me as I neither signed a contract and I would be giving my credit card information to a complete stranger over the phone. Now I will have to admit that setting up a tent and marketing in an area where people were working out is smart.

Secondly, I was informed that the gym would open at 5:00am. I told the sales representative that I thouht that was great as I am an age group triathlete and would need to get in a workout before work and one after work. I asked about the pool and the hours only because I had done some research and seen this on other LA Fitness sites. That is when the record scratched. The hours of the gym ARE NOT THE hours for the pool. I was then informed that the pool would not be available EVER until 6:00am because they had to have a lifeguard on duty. Well, I currently belong to a gym where I am in the pool at 5:05am and their is a lifeguard in the pool. I was not aware that lifegurads could not work until after 6:00am. Anyway, the whole reason I would look at that facility was to be able to have a pool and if the hours do not work for me then the membership is useless.

I would ask about all of the amenities and ensure that they will be available when you intend to use the gym or you have a useless membership.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-06-02:
You say that the hours are "misleading", which is only true if you assume the pool is open the same hours as the gym.

FWIW, prior to 6am seems a bit early to be swimming to me, but I can see it may cause an inconvenience to some, such as yourself.
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Nice Gym...for Sheep
Posted by Ellen2131 on 07/18/2010
Ok, I did not start the morning ready for a rant, but that changed after spending 30 minutes trying to contact someone with authority at LA Fitness.

I'll cut to the chase, LA Fitness appears to have a customer service model that limits your access to management and actively resists customer access to upper management. At LA Fitness, management does not want to hear your complaints or suggestions. This can be very frustrating when there is a clueless person at the front desk and an apathetic manager somewhere in the shadows.

The manager at my gym likes the way he runs things. You can see it in his eyes when you make a suggestion about the facilities. He just does care what you think. That is, unless you are one of his hard-core body builder buddies. Several of us at the gym have asked about possible class schedule modifications, cleaning certain equipment better, and other minor requests for consideration. All we get is a glazed over stare.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2010-07-18:
You spent 30 minutes trying to connect with someone at LA Fitness on a Sunday morning? Have you tried to speak to someone during the week?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-07-18:
I for one am **shocked** (insert sarcasm here) that you could not contact upper managment at LA Fitness on a Sunday morning. If you don't like the way they run their gym, apply to be the manager or find another gym that suits you better.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-18:
I don't disagree with the others, Ellen, that Sunday morning is probably not the best time of contacting someone. With that said, I always think suggestions like yours should be appreciated. They can help a gym like this meet their client's needs. Too many people just complain when someone doesn't read their mind.
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LA Fitness - Diamond Bar
Posted by Justiceleagueus1 on 06/13/2010
DIAMOND BAR, CALIFORNIA -- Me and my wife went to the LA Fitness on June 13, 2010, located at:

(909) 595-0045
Sales Rep: Michael / Mike
Height: around 180cm
Characteristic: Tattoos on his left palm.

After a short while waiting, we were introduced by a salesman named “Michael”. He then brought us to his desk on the right (from the main door) and was asked to come in and join him, so we sat down facing him and the desk.

First he asked, “So what brings you here, you looking to get skinnier, or buff like Arnold?” We laughed a little, then I asked, “Just need to know your pricing so we know how much we are talking about.”
Then he mentioned that he needs to know what our intention is so he can set up a schedule and pricing and so on, so he went on and asked to my wife, “What’s your weight? How much are you planning to lose?” then my wife shortly answered, “Oh, I’m not sure about my weight, I haven’t looked recently.”

Then I whispered to her, “Do you want me to just ask how much so we know?” She nodded.
I asked Michael again, “We just need to know the pricing, because we are doing comparison between fitness clubs and doing some thinking”, then Michael said, “So you’ve went to other clubs and what are their pricing?” I then explained, “No, we haven’t gone to any other club, in fact, we are planning to go to the 24 Hour Fitness nearby and ask them the same question.”

Then he replied, “Why don’t you go there and check it out”.
Then we both nodded, went straight out the door, without looking back, thinking in our head,
“We’ll never go back to LA Fitness again.”

So Michael, here’s your letter of promotion, “Congrats, now everyone know what you said to LA Fitness potential customers.”

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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Moonhaven84 on 05/12/2010
POTTSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Today I went to LA Fitness to get a tour and find out prices. That was it, and I told the man at the front desk that. So he called someone up to give me a tour and while this man was doing that he was talking to fast that I had to have him repeat himself on a couple of occasions, he didn't give me time to take a look at the machines and just pointed to them. This alone pretty much made up my mind that I would not become a member there, because I don't like to feel rushed in making a decision. Then we went to sit down to talk about prices and he kept pushing me to sign up right then and there, finally I said that I have this card that has a free trial week, and that just made him mad "Well why didn't you tell me that before all of this, then I wouldn't have taken the time to show you around and let him (a persons name on the card) show you around) I explained to him, that I never spoke to the person who's name was on the card so why would it matter? Then I asked that since it seemed to be a big deal, why couldn't he just give me a free trial instead and he said "oh no I won't do that, you are his client" Thats when I realized that they are only out to get your money and don't even care whether or not you get fit. I am glad that I am not a member of that gym.
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LA Fitness Apple Valley MN
Posted by Dp60 on 01/01/2010
APPLE VALLEY, MINNESOTA -- I rejoined LA Fitness a few months ago. After being back, I now remember why I left! The women's locker rooms are disgustingly DIRTY. There is thick layers of dust built up around the air vents. The Bathrooms and showers have lime build up on the facets, shower heads, and anything that was metal has a nice red rusty shine. Some of the shower curtains have black colored mold. I just don't get it.

Another issue I have is the MALE JANITOR that has to come into the ladies locker room. He has entered on more than one occasion while women are in the middle of changing and in the showers. I have complained as have other women at the club. The last time he had to clean the ladies lockers a women attendent came through and told the women that were in the locker room that we had to hurry up because it was getting late and the male janitor had to clean. It was 7pm, the club hours on the weekend are until 8pm. Another issue that I have is that if they need to clean the ladies locker rooms starting at 7pm then they should just close the damn club at that time.

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Posted by Eagan on 2011-06-24:
I totally agree with you, plus they are rude at the front desk.
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Don't join LA Fitness
Posted by Bencare on 10/02/2009
I joined LA fitness and paid for two years since that was the best deal. Now one year later I had to cancel because I am relocating to another country. It is impossible to cancel!!! They make it extremely difficult with nobody to assist, giving out wrong phone numbers, require unnecessary documentation, etc. etc. Don't join. You will regret.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-10-02:
I find its easier joining the YMCA instead of private gyms. You can cancel your membership at anytime and its alot less expensive.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-02:
You signed a contract for two years. They aren't going to let you "escape" from your obligation to them. Even if you're moving to another country, they don't care. They want your money.
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Unsafe environment and zero gym etiquette
Posted by Cwbork44 on 09/19/2009
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- The Gym itself is an impressive faciltity and the hours are better than most gyms that I have experienced in my 13+ years of weight training. They have 2 trainers, Demetrias and James, that really know what they are doing. Most of the other trainers can be seen text messaging and relaxing WHILE training clients. There is even a European female trainer that hordes weights for herself while she is training and she will confront you if you tell her that she doesn't need to take 7 dumbbells off the weight rack for her client.

Matts are left on the stairwell which is a fire-code violation, 6-12 plates can be found on abandoned leg press machines from 7:00am-1030am every week day, dumbbells are left in all areas of the gym for days on end, 20-36 dumbbels are consistently absent from the racks...

I have begged the staff for over 10 months to require that the members and trainers to rack their weights. Alll to no avail. There is not 1 sign in the facility asking clients to return/rack weights. 2 weeks ago, I posted 4-5 signs throughout the gym asking members to rack the weights. I was confronted by an employee because of this. Instead of him being upset with the staff for it being necessary for a customer to post signs and repeatedly beg for them to follow proper gym etiquette, he decided to give me attitude.

Yesterday I asked Lauren (the membership card-scanner, girl) for his name because I am considering writing an article regarding the lack of gym etiquette. She responded with "I am going to revoke your membership".

I told her that was fine as long as she refunded my $200+ initiation fee. She said she wouldn't because I have been a very uncooperative member...

She revoked my membership because after begging them for 10+ months to put the weights/equipment away (which is an insurance regulation and a fire code violation) I posted some signs asking members to rack their weights (how dare me)...it is the only gym I have ever been in that doesn't care about weights, steps, mats, etc strewn all about the floor and fire exit stairs.

I have numerous photos of the conditions I speak of.

I am now pursuing a lawsuit.

On a side note, I learned yesterday that one of the trainers at this facility tripped over weights that were left on the workout floor and was on crutches for more than 3 weeks.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-09-19:
its a common concern. I'm totally grossed out by members not using a sweat towel, not wiping off equiptment, and LA Fitness not providing spray bottles or asking members to cooperate better.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-19:
You seriously took all that time to create that youtube video? And why add the sound effects for bodily functions for the employee?

No offense, I understand your frustration, but MOST gyms are pigstys.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-19:
i'm wondering... if the "fire code violation" was that big of a deal... why didn't you report them then?

why wait until they refuse to refund the membership fee?
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-19:
Someone has way to much time on his hands!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-20:
I'm personally thinking all of these issues didn't really matter so much... until it was made known that there would be no refund... then it all mattered.

it reminds me of a guy i knew once. I'll call him X. X had proof that a coworker (Y) was doing something illegal by military standards (faking an injury). But X wasn't going to do anything about it. X wanted to wait until Y did something against him and *then* he'd raise the issue.

basically X didn't really care that Y was doing anything wrong. He just wanted to use it as a tool for revenge.
Posted by Diabolical on 2009-09-20:
Just...wow! You really didn't have a right to start posting signs everywhere. I have a hallmate who does that. In college, maybe. As a grown adult in gym... definitely not.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-20:
You are lucky all you got was kicked out. Granted they sho9ld do as is proper, but you are not the gym police. If there was a problem you should have reported it.

I agree. Not a big deal til there was no refund.
Posted by Mr Savage on 2010-08-20:
I have utilized 2 clubs for a while now. I agree, the management/employees do nothing for the paying members. Members should be told to re-rack their weights and wipe of the equipment or face being kicked out.
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How to make flan. who cares?
Posted by Shellroxsox on 07/30/2009
METROPOLITAN DRIVE, CALIFORNIA -- I have had a membership for more than 4 years and I have never had a problem until going to this fitness club in Orange. I asked the manager of this club in the city of orange on information regarding cancellation because that question never crossed my mind. The manager said after the five minutes (of eating his PBJ sandwich)," Honestly, I have no clue about that, you need to go the front desk." He then pointed to them. Then I go to the front desk and the lady that scans people in says to me ," what do you need?" I told her that I needed information on cancellation. She then gave me the look of death for interrupting her as she continued on with the fellow coworkers about how she made the flan that they were all stuffing their faces with at the front. She straight up ignored me for 2 minutes and then finally told me to go online and find out myself because she didn't know. I was infuriated.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2009-07-30:
that is your issue? get a grip. There is an online cancellation form. Couldn't be easier.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-30:
Two whole minutes?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-30:
The rudeness of their employees is inexcusable. Did you get names? I would take it further up..
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