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Misleading contracts
By -

LACEY, WASHINGTON -- My kids who are thirteen and sixteen, after visiting their new facility (Lacey WA) in June of 2008, convinced me to sign them up for membership. On July 13, 2008 I finally agreed and went to check it out. Their representative ** who had just joined them offered to give me a tour of the facility. I refused the tour and replied to him that my sons have already checked it out and seem to be satisfied, and after all they are the ones who will be using these services. I was only interested in their membership plans. At this point, he said he is so new and does not have enough information, so he will get his manager ** to further help me.

I opened my conversation with ** by saying that "now that the school is out, my kids would like to stay active, and that they'd like to join the L.A. fitness. What are my options?"

He came up with several scenarios and finally we agreed to get two individual memberships, one under my name and the other under my wife's. He further assured me that each of our kids would be eligible to come with us on each individual membership. So in the end we would all (four of us) would have access to the facility. I repeated the terms verbally, and he even asked me again for the kid's ages. He further explained that the thirteen year old would not be able use the swimming pool by himself. The rest of the court including basketball and racquet ball would be okay.

Starting July 13, we went to this facility, usually three of us, many times and were welcome without any issue. After eleven months and many visits, always with my kids, they started recognizing our faces. I always took my kids so they can work out and play while I often waited, and occasionally worked out myself and played with them too.

All this time they never mentioned a single thing and treated us well except last month when they dropped a bombshell and said that our membership is only limited to me and my wife. I was shocked and surprised and told them sole reason for the membership was those kids. We wanted to keep them occupied and active. They promised to fix this issue and assured that we should not have any problem.

Every other time after that, especially whenever there was a new person on the front desk, they would stop us and go through verification process. At some point it got old and I was really annoyed and threatened to cancel my membership. Right after I signed the cancellation notice, they started treating us nasty. At one point they said they they'd call police if I attempted to enter with my kids.

I remember during our visits, one time they were offering an individual membership with two guests for $49.00 a month. Whereas I was paying almost $80.00 for our membership which included my wife. However, my wife never once visited the facility.

I asked this question to the general manager who happens to be same guy **, "Why wouldn't I have gotten the cheaper membership and would have brought my kids with me as guests if I hadn't understood the membership the way I did?" He just sat and lied to me in my face cold that he does not recall any conversation or agreement to allow our kids.

So I asked him again why for last eleven months they never mentioned anything? Speechless, no response: They would to lie to you and give you and implied impression that would otherwise be untrue. Please don't make a mistake as I did of not reading the contract and completely understanding it.

Be Smart Don't Join LA Fitness
By -

ARIZONA -- First let me say if you are looking for a gym research information on Rip Off Report etc to see if this is a gym you would want to be involved in. La Fitness is a horrible gym to get involved in and I'm not talking about their equipment. I'm referring to how they hit your bank account wrongly, cost over drafts, and won't cover it. Mislead you. When you ask for the corporate number they give you this (949)255-7200 in which it will tell you to press 3 for a operation manager. Which is a manager at another gym.

I called this number trying to get my accounts straightened out. The manager at another gym let me say this before I get into what happened after not getting things resolved with this manager. I decided to call back because I knew something wasn't right and this wasn't the corporate number the representative told me they can't give us the corporate number. Now to get started with what happened before, I got started 5 of my family members and our 2 friends asked if we could wear clothes in the pool. They said "that's not a problem."

When we wore clothes in the pool they kicked us out saying "you can't wear clothes." Talk about misleading!!! Now back to the billing situation. We asked the representative if we could all be billed on the 6 of each month. He said that isn't a problem. And set it for the 6. We noticed the account was negative 45 dollars on the 3rd of the month because 2 passes had gone through on the 3rd which was a 34.99 dollar pass and a kids pass for 10 dollars. We called the representative trying to get it fixed and she said she will talk with Bank of America and get things resolved so the bank won't charge us the 35 dollar fee for each pass.

Well when the 6th came everything looked right in the morning. We put the money in it covered the 2 passes from the 3rd and a pass that came though on the 6th but the 4th pass didn't get covered. We noticed the bank had taken 70 dollars for bank charges. But the representative reversed the 4th pass but still those bank charges were still there. And when the 5th came through a few days later it didn't get covered. And the account inquired another 35 dollar charge plus the pass didn't get paid once again so that's 1 pass that got screwed.

When we called ** to get this resolved she would no longer respond to our calls so they gave us this so called corporate number which it's not and we pressed 3 to talk to an operation manager. He didn't fix the bank charges but he says he updated the 5th pass so we won't be charged.

We decided to change 2 of the passes 2 WellsFargo and put them on hold since I was going through surgery. For 24 dollars the passes would be on hold for 3 months.He says "that's fine" and it was set for the 6th for 24 dollars. The other 3 passes since Bank of America was still over drafted they decided to cancel their members pass and he agreed they are now canceled. When the 6th came 3 passes were charged to the bank of America and 39 dollars plus 24 was charged to the wells Fargo. Plus they continued to try to hit our other 2 friends accounts that had canceled their passes as well. Don't trust this gym...

Rude Pro-Results Sales Staff- Poor Customer Service
By -

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA -- Until recently I have never encountered any problems with LA Fitness or their staff. However, after receiving very poor customer service from the Pro-Results Fitness Sales Staff in Yorba Linda, CA, I would not recommend the fitness training services of this company to anyone!! Please keep in mind that Pro-Results is a separate legal entity from LA Fitness.

After several years of being a member, and at the recommendation of one of the fitness trainers, I decided one day to try the free fitness training session that is offered to every member who holds a membership with the gym. The session went well with the trainer and then I was passed on to one of the sales reps for Pro-Results (the contracting fitness training company). The prices and packages were discussed and then I decided that I would take some time to think it over to see if it was worth the money and in my budget, before I made a decision to purchase a package.

Upon my request to think it over, immediately the tone of the conversation shifted. The sales rep became condescending and said arrogantly "what is there to think about?" "Cost," I answered. I was then told that "everyone" has $$$ dollars. Desperate to make a sale that same day, he proceeded to speak to me in a tone of arrogance and moved on to say "Do you know 430 different exercises?" In which I responded, "no." "Well then" was his answer. He continued to be very arrogant when I repeated my desire to think it over and get back to them in the event that I was interested.

He then in an arrogant tone stated that the "sale" was going to end and how much time did I need to think? I started to become irritated with the manner in which he was speaking to me, (a loyal customer for over 4 years) and let him know that I did not appreciate the manner in which he was speaking to me and that he was starting to harass me and I have every right to think it over and I was going to do just that.

He then had the nerve to say to me, "Why did you bother to come in then?" At that point, I became even more angered. I did not bother to dignify his comment with a response (although I should have merely stated the obvious, that the free training session/consultation was offered free of charge to every member and those interested in seeing what a personal trainer may be able to do for them, and I was doing just that.)

I also should have asked for his manager at that point. Too offended by his rude remarks and poor sales tactics, I thanked the trainer, and let both the trainer and sales rep know that whatever interest I may have had, I no longer was interested in their services and walked out the door.

Honestly, this was probably the worst experience I have ever encountered with LA Fitness. The Pro-Results fitness sales rep was rude and out of line. It is obvious that this particular sales rep has little if any knowledge in what quality customer service should be. That or perhaps, his sales tactic was to purposely try to demean the customer into having some sort of a complex, in hopes that it would lead to a sale.

Whatever the case, I surely hope that LA Fitness realizes what type of people they are employing and the potential loss of clientele that may arise if changes are not made. Hopefully, this particular case and individual, does not reflect the attitudes and practices of all of the LA Fitness/ Pro-Results Fitness Staff.

Beware of LA Fitness
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently started working in a new area and wanted to join a gym. There is an LA Fitness very close to where I work in Sorrento Valley/Mira Mesa of San Diego, California. I went in there about three weeks ago just to look at the facilities. I was in no frame of mind to make any kind of commitment because there are a lot of health clubs in the area, and I wanted to check them all out before joining anything. Well, before they would let me even look at the place, they called this salesman over who spent a half hour trying to sell me a membership. I told him that I wanted to see the facilities first.

So he took me around for 5 minutes and then brought me back to his desk and proceeded to try to get me to give him a check and sign a contract. I told him that I just stopped in to see the gym and that was it! After much arguing and aggressive attempts to get me to join right then and there, he reluctantly put me in the computer for a 7 day pass. I explained to him that I didn't have time to try it out right away but that in a few weeks I would. He assured me that the pass was good for 7 days once I actually started to use it.

Well, last night - about 3 weeks later, I went to the gym to try out one of the exercise classes for the first time. They couldn't find my name in the computer, but I didn't want to miss the class so I gave them my info so that they could sort it out by the time the class was over. After the class, I went to see what happened. The General Manager, **, jumped all over me and told me that if I wanted to try out their gym it would cost me $40 for the week, and that a gym is a gym and that I should just go ahead and buy the membership.

I explained to him that I am joining for the classes only, and that I want to make sure that I like them before I commit myself to $149 plus $35 a month. (Do the math, that's almost $600 for the year!!!!) I told him that every other gym gives people a free pass to try out their facilities and asked what the problem was. ** rudely told me that the exercise classes are for members only and that the only way I could try them out was to pay him the $149 and if, within 5 days, I didn't like them, I could get my money back. Yeah, right.

Why not just let me use the free ** pass??!!?!? Then I go on the internet and learn about all the horror stories about LA Fitness never giving anybody their money back or allowing members to cancel their contracts by not processing their paperwork!!! Why should I give these people $149 to try out their gym when they are supposed to give free 3,5, or 7 day passes to do this???!?!?!?!!!

The more I got to thinking about this the more ticked off I became so I called up their corporate headquarters and talked to a membership specialist. He told me that of course I should be able to get a free pass to try out the gym. Then he put me on hold and called ** of LA Fitness Sorrento Valley, the same L.A. Fitness manager who refused to honor my free-pass in the first place. When he came back on the line, the customer service representative was extremely rude and told me that if I wasn't prepared to join the club the day I walked into LA Fitness then I should have never stopped by there in the first place!

Now I was even madder than I was before I called! I asked to speak to his supervisor and the LA Fitness representative REFUSED TO PUT HIS SUPERVISOR ON!!!!! What a way to run a customer service department. They don't even wait until they've locked you into one of their bankrupting/cred-ruining contracts to be rude and arrogant!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God I hadn't paid them anything!

People, do not join this club. Read the reviews. They are only after your money, and once they get it, they WILL NOT GIVE IT BACK, nor will they cancel your membership, so you will continue to have to pay the monthly fee month after month, even after having sent in the paperwork to have it canceled. The staff and management, from local to corporate, are extremely rude and unprofessional. They are today's dishonest used-car salesmen, selling lemons disguised as ball-and-chain memberships to health clubs.

As for the class, it was crowded, nobody looked happy, and there weren't enough weights in the room for everyone to use - and the weights that were there weren't marked and looked like they came off some submarine from WWII that had been lying at the bottom of the sea for the past 60 years! You are better off joining a smaller gym where the staff and management care about their members and know how to treat customers. In Mira Mesa/Sorrento Valley alone, there are lots and lots of gyms. I am so glad ** was such a dick to me because I started looking around and found a gym that was much better, friendlier and cheaper than LA Fitness!!!! YEAH, BABY!!!!

Worst Decision and Investment I Ever Made
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Rating: 1/51

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- The gym membership is great. In my area there are several gyms to choose from with swimming pools at a fair rate. Their pool is dirty, but it is the best considering other options. Personal Training: I was advised not to do it from friends because the personal trainers are incompetent and it is one big sales approach. I ignored these opinions, and I truly thought LA Fitness was going to help me. I WAS WRONG.

I have called different gyms inquiring about different trainers, no one called me back or wanted to speak with me. I spoke with the Personal Director in my area to help me find a good trainer for me, she only tried to sell me more, or trainers that needed more customers. Once I told her I was looking at other gyms, she was real quick to tell me she had an errand to run.

The personal trainers are all trained to work you out hard so when you are done, you are sweating and wore out, which in my opinion is not (training/ educating). At least that is what a few personal trainers told me when I asked. One of the trainers pushed me so hard I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and had to stop training for weeks.

I hate myself for wasting money on a low quality product with no customer service, or no one who wants to help. I blame myself for not doing enough research which is why I am writing this review. To give this review a happier ending, there are a few Personal Trainers who are great, but it is really tough to find them and most likely they will leave your gym, move outside of LA fitness, or get promoted within months.

LA Fitness Join at Your Own Risk!!!
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Rating: 1/51

WHEATEN, MARYLAND -- As a member under the holiday franchise, then the Bally's and now the LA Fitness franchise, I must say it was disheartening to discover that the contract now offered by LA Fitness has an exculpatory clause to protect them from liability... Be aware that if you get injured for any reason, any cause, any failure on LA Fitness' behalf they will not be liable! You exercise at LA Fitness totally at your own risk!!!

I suffered a slip & fall in the women's locker room/shower area because the facility did not use no skid mats on the floor. The water soaked mats on the floor skidded right out from under me and I suffered a concussion, contusions, and other muscular injuries. Court ruled that the exculpatory clause was enforceable! That's right. I got nothing for my pain & suffering, lost wages, and medical. Be aware!!!

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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Apparently the facility has had multiple break-ins both in and out and still refuses to put video surveillance in the parking area. Four break-ins occurred including mine in the daylight in the front parking lot in one day and the receptionist told me they had posted signs. I went out to look and could not see the signs until I looked up high on the pole. The sign says, "Lock your car, take your keys and hide your belongings." I did this and worker said I should have hidden my belongings at home! Never once did she apologize or voice concern for my loss. She made me feel like I was the cause of the break in.

When I asked her about video surveillance, she informed me that the policy is not to have it. Why? Would this not discourage criminals doing this? My instructor saw me and was the only one from facility to voice her concern. The police were very helpful and followed up with a call, but nothing from LA Fitness people! I find this appalling! Their customer service and consideration for members is poor!

Staff Has No Communication and Over Charges
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Rating: 1/51

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- For the two months, I was a member of LA Fitness [and] they overcharged me each time. As a young adult, I don't have the funds to be overcharged every single month. The second time I was promised a $20 waive off then was told by another employee they wouldn't be doing that and denied ever offering it. They made this promise in order to get my new credit card numbers so they could charge me $40.

When I demanded to quit and get my money back the manager Lisa was incredibly rude and refused to allow me to quit over the phone or to return my money. I think that if your staff cannot communicate and stick to their word then contract or not the customer should be reimbursed. I will never join this gym nor recommend it to anyone I know. I will be writing a letter to the higher authorities about this situation so they can rethink who they make a manager at this gym.

Worst Gym I Joined
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Rating: 1/51

WYOMISSING, PENNSYLVANIA -- I go to this gym and at first I like the gym but then they started getting cheap. They shut off the air conditioner which is bad because it smells like ** in there. The customer service line is so unprofessional that when I called to complaint they hung up 3 times. They make Wal-Mart employers look great. The trainers there are the only good thing about this gym but too bad they don't work for another company.

They shut off the wireless access most of the time so you can't listen to music if you depend on wireless access. Machines are constantly broken and don't get repaired for a while. My biggest mistake was joining this gym so if you're thinking about a gym make sure it isn't this one. I don't plan on joining any other gym because of this and I won't be coming back to this place. They are still taking out money out my bank account even after I closed the account. La Fitness CEO needs to retrain all their employees and get better attitudes if you're going to be dealing with paying members.

Poor Management
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Rating: 1/51

FOLSOM, PENNSYLVANIA -- When a young man was "camped out" on a machine, playing with his phone, I asked to work in and reminded him that others were waiting and that common courtesy dictates that one leave the machine between reps. He became indignant and refused to get up saying "You're not getting the machine, I will stay on here as long as I want". When I spoke with the manager, he told me that he can't do anything about it, says everyone does it, and that he too "sits" on the equipment as long as he wants to.

Guess I was expecting too much. This same manager has done nothing about all the break ins in the locker rooms. When LA Fitness took over this location, they caused a great deal of confusion by not sharing correct information regarding the status of memberships, giving members different answers to the same questions, doing away with Silver Sneakers and making no attempt to retain those using the program, and giving conflicting stories regarding the future of the facility. I will no longer be using this, or any other LA Fitness facility and in fact will give up the membership that I have had since 1978.

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