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Nasty, Dirty, Very Smelly Worst Ever
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HUTCHINS, TEXAS -- This hotel made me want to throw up. It smelled so bad. Dirty, so sad because it is not very old. Do not stay here. Hutchins, Texas.

Bugs in Rooms
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TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA -- This is the La Quinta Inn in Tuscaloosa, Al. There were bugs in our room, sheets were not changed, pool closed earlier than posted, no clean towels, (had to go to the lobby ourselves to get them), breakfast not stocked. Nasty place.

My L A S T stay at Le Quinta
By -

We arrived late. My client speaks and travels to almost 175 cities a year staying at a lot of properties. I travel frequently as well. The Property build itself as a wifi ready and operable with phones working as well. I am Sr. Management - with a booking and events services agency in Chattanooga, TN.

The WI-FI was down. The land line phone in the room did not work. We were later moved to another hotel room. The WI-FI still did not work. The room was under construction and not finished and the management were non-existent. The bread was molded and the coffee cold at 8 am. I called the 800 number. Opened a file of complaint about the room let the bread coffee thing slide - they never followed up. It ranks as one of the worst stays ever. I will sign an affidavit and I have another witness as to the pathetic conditions. Had it not been so late we would have gone to another hotel.

Our complaint number that was never responded to was **. It is in my name ** You may find me via Google/MSN search engines. NEVER STAY AT A LE QUAGMIRED INTA CRAPOLA. This is for any La Quinta as it was a corporate Property. I followed the companies own policies regarding their failings. I was told I would be contacted by a management person. This never did come to fruition: I called the main number again several days after the time line the company set. (That someone would respond to my horrid treatment) No one ever called.

I was treated rudely and as if my business did not mater by a low class woman who Identified herself only as **. A Ms. ** is listed as a VP for Guest relations. I did attempt to reach her and never was able to speak to a "PERSON." I left a message. She will know it is me. ** was the last final straw I attempted to work within the system and they do not give a rats ass. (I may have insulted rats by making the association. Forgive me rodents everywhere.) I wish I had had a camera and a recorder.

By -

LITTLE ROCK (BRYANT), ARKANSAS -- My family and I were traveling from Louisiana to North Arkansas for a weeks vacation and had car trouble as we were getting on to I-30 at Prescott. My son, daughter and their families were following so we had that problem taken care of but we were all very tired so we decided to stay the night in Little Rock and get an early start in the morning. We were pulling 3 trailers (1 racing enclosed trailer, 1 utility trailer with ice chests, 4-wheeler, generator, 14ft. star craft aluminum boat and misc. tools and 1 utility trailer with a 4-wheeler). We looked for a nice upstanding motel because of things that were going to be left in the parking lot.

We chose the La Quinta Inn in Bryant, Ark. which is located on I-30 and the 430 by-pass. When we checked in, (we got 3 rooms) we ask the desk clerk for a place that would be safe for our vehicles and trailers. "NO PROBLEM" he tells us and told us where to park. He gave us rooms and when my husband and I walked into our room, it was dirty with dirty towels in the bathroom floor, the tub was dirty and there was paper lying in the floor. By the way the beds were made. We called back to the office and told the clerk and he assigned us another room. So back to the office for more keys. Finally we got to bed.

The next morning when my husband goes around where we were parked both utility trailers and everything that was on them was gone. Made the report to the office and called the police and made a report with the officer. The Corporate (Risk Management) office got the report and 3 hours later I got a fax telling me they are not responsible for any of our loss. OH! and they DID have a security guard on duty from 12:00 p.m. till 3:00 a.m. He did not not see anything, so he says.

So please if you are traveling DO NOT stay at a La Quinta Inn. They are not responsible for anything. That's what they told me. What was taken was ours and for someone to just drive in to a well lit place and no one sees a thing just floors me. Where was the security guard while this was taking place? Probably in the office with the desk clerk. PLEASE DO NOT STAY AT THE LA QUINTA INN. It could happen to you!!!!!!!

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