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Returning Item Purchased Online
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Rating: 2/51

Purchased pair of boots that were too big. Did not want to pay the shipping to return so followed the directions on order invoice to return to store. Drove 30 miles to Lane Bryant store in St. Peters, MO Mid Rivers Mall to return and was told order was placed by PayPal so could not return them. I showed them their invoice concerning PayPal that states they are to return the item to warehouse and the item would then be credited. They refused to do so and told me to call Lane Bryant for a waiver for the shipping.

I called Lane Byant and was told by Celeste that I could only get a waiver under certain circumstances (not sure what those are). Asked to talk with manager. Was placed on hold several times and was finally told they would send me a prepaid packing slip but that is would be recorded and only happen once. Sounds like I got a reprimand. Did I do anything wrong? I followed the directions and I got reprimanded. Needless to say, I am not pleased with the company and do not look forward to doing any further business with them.

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Rating: 1/51

CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS -- I went into Lane Bryant in the University mall in Carbondale, IL today, looking for some clothing for this upcoming fall. There weren't many people there at all, just me, and a lady who was checking out as I came in. The two women working, an old lady in her 60's, and another shorter woman who looked maybe about 36, were chatting. And suddenly, as I was browsing, they began talking loudly about what I was wearing, how I needed to lose weight if I wanted to wear a dress in such a bright color, and how I looked like a slut. Yes, the younger lady called me a slut while on duty.

I went ahead and paid for the two sweaters I had already picked, as I needed them, and being a size 28 there aren't many fashionable options for someone of my size. I was in tears walking out, and all they could do was laugh. I had planned on purchasing quite a few things, but was so embarrassed I starting having a panic attack. I never in my life expected to be treated in such a way, especially in a store that caters to larger women. I wasn't wearing anything "slutty" just a turquoise dress and leggings. The top wasn't even that low cut! I am not sure I want to keep doing business with Lane Bryant after today. The shock and humiliation still stings, even a few hours later.

Approved For Credit Card In Store, Never Received
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Rating: 2/51

ESTERO, FLORIDA -- I visited a nearby Lane Bryant in Florida in early March, 2014. I was approved for a credit card at the time of check out. I had my current address on my drivers license when applying. It is now April 24th, I still have not received my credit card nor a statement in the mail.

I got a call this morning from a Lane Bryant collector in a 702 area code saying I missed my payment and needed to pay it immediately and have been charged a late fee plus a $15 fee to pay over the phone. I agreed to pay over the phone and explained I still have not received the card nor the statement which is why the payment was missed. The lady verified my Florida address on file and transferred me to customer service to request a new card. The customer service lady asked for my address, she immediately cut me off and said, "No, the address you used to open the card." I repeated my address.

She said I must have forgot where I live, they did not have a Florida address for me. I told her "No, I know where I live". She told me to tell her past addresses from Arkansas. I gave her every address I've lived at before moving to Florida. She again said I probably used my current address to open the credit card but they don't go by that, they pull your credit report and pick an address on it to send your credit card and statements to and since I "can't remember" where I live, she cannot update my information to the correct information or help me with the fee. I have to mail a copy of my drivers license and utility bill to a Lane Bryant in Columbus, OH.

It was horrible!
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Rating: 1/51

BRAINTREE, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had two manning jobs before I was employed at Lane Bryant. I quit both of those jobs because I was told by Lane Bryant that I was going to be having a full time job! In two weeks I had 2 shifts! After I was hired they told me that they didn't need me on the shifts that I was scheduled on! I had to call in every day to see if they needed me and they never did!

I'm a little aggravated with them because now I have no job! They have not called me. I am supposed to work today but don't want to go in. If they are going to treat their employees like this, this isn't a place I want to be working! I am only there because I am broke! THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYEES! I know its retail and most retail jobs don't care but they are on the top of the list... I'm sorry I ever applied there!

Lane Bryant/Fashionbug Online Ordering Just Say No, Glitchy System, Bad Customer Service Policies
By -

I never thought I'd be writing a bad review of a company I actually have had nothing but positive experiences within the past, but here I am after a very unsatisfactory experience writing one so that other customers don't make the same mistakes I made. For the record, I love the retail division of Lane Bryant and had always had very positive experiences in their stores. I can't comment on Fashion Bug's in-store service because I haven't been to one but I trust it is a similar experience as both companies are owned by Charming Shoppes, Inc (

My negative experience occurred after placing an order at last night (Tuesday, 3/16/2010) and a glitch occurred in their system resulting in the order being listed as shipping to an incorrect address. It was past business hours for their telephone customer service so I filled out a support ticket online with the correct shipping address, confident that it would be fixed. What company wants to upset their customers by deliberately shipping items to an incorrect address?

I received a response that it is company policy that once an online order is submitted, it cannot be changed or cancelled. I replied that this response was not satisfactory and I immediately phoned customer service. The first guy I got was very helpful but his computer had crashed so he asked me to phone back. The next person I got was the customer service agent who informed me that my order could not be changed, including the incorrect address and that orders could only be altered within 1 hour of ordering.

I told her that I had notified them in writing via email as soon as I submitted my order and that the online customer service representative had emailed me to say it could not be changed. I tried reasoning with her and kept asking her to contact the warehouse and she kept repeating that the order was at the warehouse, but it hadn't shipped but company policy was that once an order had reached the warehouse it could not be changed or cancelled. I remarked "so the warehouse doesn't have a phone, really?" And she replied that of course the warehouse has a phone but per company policy, the do not contact the warehouse via phone.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told none were available but that she would be happy to transfer me to voicemail. I then asked to speak to the supervisor's supervisor and she told me that was not possible, but that she would transfer me to her supervisor's voicemail. I started to leave a detailed message on the supervisor voicemail but was cut off before I could leave my order number and phone number.

In the meantime I received another reply from the online customer service agent, instructing me to phone customer service who would take care of the address change immediately. I replied that I had already contacted them and that they had refused to fix the error. I then stated that I had already written a negative review on Facebook, was writing one here at this site and on my blog and that I was recommending to all my friends and associates that they not shop at Lane Bryant's online site.

In my case the address they are sending the items to is a billing/mailing address that is a physical location and only 20 to 30 minutes away from where I live so I can pick it up. However if it had been a post office box that looks like an address, they would have had UPS deliver to it anyway even though UPS of course does not deliver to P. O. Boxes.

My advice to fellow shoppers is not to use the Lane Bryant site and if you must buy from them online, to check and purchase via Amazon who has superior customer service and who has a policy that you can change order errors such as shipping address up to the moment of shipment. I also still stand by Lane Bryant in-store service. I will no longer be purchasing from them online.

Lane Bryant Does Not Value or PAY Their Employees at Even an Average Level
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Rating: 1/51

I have to say, that I love the store team I work with, but it is the upper management that neglects, yet expects the world from their underlings. I HAVE WORKED THERE ALMOST 4 YEARS WITH 7 POSITIVE REVIEWS WITHOUT EVEN A COST OF LIVING OR LOYALTY RAISE. No one in our district got a raise. When confronted, our last district manager basically said it was because the company spent billions of advertising on American Idle, and so there were no raises to be had at store level... SO WE LITERALLY PAID FOR THEIR MISTAKES even though the company was extremely profitable considering.

But that was just the excuse 2 years ago. Last year it was because we didn't make our plan, and the same for this year in a RECESSION. We bust our butts all year long, eating up all of their retail propaganda, barely scraping by and are not even thrown a metaphorical bone let alone a measly quarter raise. But the employee discount is great! Except that with the use of coupons on store promotions and clearance, many times customers can buy merchandise on average 10 to 20 percent cheaper than our highest discount (By using Real Woman Dollars or online coupons for example).

Today I checked a special sale at LB online, and it said "Employees not eligible" for the sale. What corporate needs to remember is that we too are CUSTOMERS, and we work HARD for very little... pay or respect. Our district was just taken over by another manager, and she agrees that everyone is underpaid by the former manager, but she says she can do nothing about it. Corporate lectures us in our daily emails and frequent conference calls and store meetings about ACCOUNTABILITY with credit, sales, etc and PUSH, and push and push. WHERE IS CORPORATE ACCOUNTABILITY TO THEIR LOYAL EMPLOYEES!?

Actions speak much higher than words... and there are no actions on their part. No matter what kind of euphemism upper management uses to dismiss their store level employee issues, or how much management claims that NEXT YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT for raises, I know there is no respect for us. None, whatsoever.

We are easily replaceable as shown by the lack of raises, benefits, hours etc through the years. DO NOT WORK, and if you can help it, DO NOT SHOP at Lane Bryant. A company that values profits so highly, people in the for of their employees so little, and a company that really has some questionable product for the outrageous prices should not be supported by anyone.

Do Not Work Or Shop @ Lane Bryant In New York!
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I too worked for Charming Shoppes Inc., and I just lost my job as well. I was with the company for a good amount of years and had devoted about 55 to 70 hours/week running their store to have bosses who were nasty and inconsiderate every single day. The district and regional managers I worked for, never cared about your health, family needs or well being. There are so many managers and assistant managers that really hate their jobs and the district/regional managers but they are really afraid to jump from one hell to another.

Imagine being threatened every day by your district manager and regional manager that if you do not make your plan sales, credit goal, bra fit goal, intimate apparel goal they will find other people to replace you. This is how the leaders in the New York area motivate their managers; (with threats); No one took into consideration the blizzard that day. I can honestly say that they actually did me a favor by letting me go, for the first time in years I am actually resting without getting phones calls from my district manager to cut my vacation short and go back to my store because it is not to her standards.

The company has been going down hill ever since Charming Shoppes took it over; when Lane Bryant was operated by the €œLimited€, employees felt a sense of value. Recently in January 2009, the company sent out severence letters to every manager and full time employees as a heads up that anyone of you that sign this form have been warned that you could be next in losing your job. I tell everyone now, do not even waste your money shopping at any Lane Bryant, Catherines or Fashion bug because there are better places like Walmart, Khols, JC penny, Macys, Torrid, and many other places to choose from.

Better yet, do not even think about working for this company. Charming shoppes Inc. is modern day SLAVERY and I can say this because I experienced the turmoil of working for them and believing their lies and false expansion promises for many years.

Termination of My Sister
By -

VIRGINA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- My Sister had worked for Fashion Bug and Lane Bryant for many years she put everything into whatever store she went into recently before she left Fashion Bug to go work for Lane Bryant my sister took over the Kemsville Va location I happen to go into that location before my sister was sent there and was shocked to see the condition the store was in it was filthy you could not walk between the racks of clothes the employee that are supposed to represent the company well lets just say shocking...

My sister went into that store, worked 70+ hrs and turned it around it looked great. The customer service was well what you would expect it to be, I could not believe the difference and that is how it is with whatever store she went to. My sister gave everything for this company sometimes I believe even her sanity. Most people would not put that much effort into a job that they do not own. Trust me I know I own two mid size stores of my own. After everything she has done for this company they stuck it to her, she went to work for Lane Bryant.

They put her into a store that was closing even though she knew the store was getting shut down and she was going to be going to a different location she gave it her all. And after the store close they had her take her vacation and Comp time. Well today she calls to get her schedule and she is told she is on it, she calls her manager and is told that they do not have a place for her. Oh my god what a great company right...

I hope the great being of the charmings shops read this so they know this is their loss. Most company would give anything for an employee like my sister. So shame on you charming shops and remember what goes around comes around. Good luck on the recent closings of over 150 of your stores...

Poor Customer Service, So Many Different Answers
By -

I originally ordered some bras online and had them shipped to one of there store's. When went to pick up none fit, so very nice sales attendant helped me pick some more out (I don't find them easily). Once got home realized that only one truly fit - I bought several, had left three tagged still for return. So couple weeks ago brought back to store, they had 1 in stock in my size and then ordered 2 more in my choice of colors to be shipped to me. They said all of their things shipped by mail as I have Po box and home address, was so happy for all their help!!

Well it turned into a nightmare. It seemed to be taking too long so called the customer service, they informed me all their items shipped UPS and that it would be sent back to them and I would be issued a credit on my card. I informed her I did not want a credit. I bought the bras on the deal buy 2 get two free, so she said they would go ahead and reorder them for me. I was irritated that store never told me UPS but happy was being fixed. Kept checking the status and seeing nothing changing. So many e-mails back and forth ended up having to contact a charming store representative, said my order had been put on hold because of address.

Once talked to him, said they were verifying this was not a fraud - so now I am accused of possibly frauding them. Then said first I would get my order, 6 days later another new order. When let him know had waited long enough he said it would be here by Friday. I said had lost all faith in Lane Bryant. At that point was so frustrated could hardly speak, told him had to let him go he could do whatever.

FRAUD - how insulting. I buy quite a bit from Lane Brant, my first place to shop at outlet here on coast, used to be anyway. Lo and behold that night when I checked mail box was there, I sent email to let them know received it and hadn't frauded them with no reply back. Poor customer service for sure. Have lost me as a customer.

Problems with online order - refund not received, given run-around
By -

I placed several-hundred-dollar order with this company several months ago. When it arrived, three items were missing (one single thing and 2 of another item). I contacted them and was told that one item had shipped separately and the two others were back-ordered. Nothing arrived, so I contacted them again and was then told that they are all out of stock, and that they'll issue a refund. All good. I wait - no refund. I contact them again, and am told that the items are in stock now, and would I prefer a refund, or to receive the items. I told them I'd rather get the items, and confirm my mailing address with them.

Then I get a response that the items are unavailable but to "rest assured", my card was never charged for those items. Uhhhmmm, yeah it was. So then, suddenly I receive a credit on my card for one of the items. I think the other two are right behind but no...nothing about those. So, I contacted them again today... here's the response I received:I show a credit for two items for a 1.99 each and was credit 3.73 on May 14 2007.

Okay, well, uh, let's spot the problems with this! 1.99 plus 1.99 doesn't even come to 3.73 and the credit for 3.73 was clearly indicated to belong to the single article of clothing on my online account with them. Not to mention the fact that the sentence really doesn't even make sense! OMG! Obviously this isn't about the money at this point - this company is making me crazy! I guess I can dispute the bill with my credit card company, but maybe, just maybe, Lane Bryant will take care of it.

Nowhere in any of the e-mails, by the way, did any of their customer service people issue an apology of any sort. I won't be shopping with them again - which is a shame, because there's more of me than I'd like that needs to be clothed. But there are better retailers of clothes for the voluptuous, so they'll be getting my business from now on!

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