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LasikPLUS Double the price in CT Was $2000 now $3800
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WEATHERSFIELD, CONNECTICUT -- I was interested in having eye surgery and I found a place I thought would be good with a reputable doctor with decent prices
However what I had found was a very frustrating misleading excuse for a high unnecessary price when they told me of a lesser price. Three people I know went for lasik eye surgery recently who is my aunt, cousin and a coworker all using LasikPLUS in Wethersfield Connecticut. Each had spent a total of $2000 dollars or less for both eyes and within the last 2 years. Shockingly I was quoted almost $4000 and my prescription is not bad 3.50!!! Why is it double in a year!!! The economic downturn and also now because of a fancy expensive laser they need to pay for which I don't need is most likely the cause (a lesser technology would suffice). They have streamlined their prices at a cost of $1900 dollars per eye for everyone regardless of prescription. It used to be less than $1000 per eye. I had called and asked before the appointment about how much it would be and they said generally 2-3 thousand dollars so I made the "free" appointment got the "free" coffee ate the free breakfast bar and SURPRISE this procedure is going to cost you 4 grand buddy!! Well not on my dime. On the upside the facility is nice and the staff was pleasant other than that for a facility that specializes only in lasik they should be a lot cheaper. Shame on you LasikPLUS doubling your price in a year's time

Lasik Surgery
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I have a different issue with my Lasik surgery performed by LasikPlus in Jacksonville, Florida. I went in to correct my nearsightedness and left farsighted. They over-correct my eyes and now I cannot see anything close by. I have to use glasses that make my eyes look like I am some kind of cartoon character.... besides, I do not see very well far away, everything is somewhat fuzzy. I keep on getting the run around from the surgeon... He tells me to wait 3 months and after 3 months he wants me to wait 2 more months before he will "try" to correct their mistake.....

Frankly, I do not feel safe to entrust my eyes to them one more time.....

Has anyone have had corrections done to the initial surgery? Did it work?

LasikPlus Hurt ME! Dallas Lasik. I am still in pain
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After a group of friends told me about their success with Lasik at other clinics. I went to LasikPlus in Dallas because they were cheap. I do not know exactly what they did to me but I am in a lot of pain months later. I think maybe they did the wrong procedure on me. I keep telling them my vision is bad and they keep saying I see 20/20 which for sure I do not. They are rude when I want to talk to management and it is like trying to work with the government to get anything done. they will just not talk to me. I know they did something wrong and so do they.

It's incredible amounts of pain, it still is hurting after almost 2 months
Serious burning as if I'd put straight chlorine in my eyes

I was in a hotel room and my eyes were swollen shut. my fear was that this will be permanent

I know Lasik works and I know m any people who have had it. I just choose Lasikplus based on price and I guess you get what you pay for.

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