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LazyBoy......Quality Down The Drain....Brand Name Betrayal
Posted by Busstopproductions on 03/15/2013
Broken Board
Broken Board
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- We purchased a Gibson loveseat a little over a year ago. Its used mostly on weekends. A couple of months ago we noticed that the left seat was beginning to incline backwards even in a non-recline position. We went to the store and were advised to adjust the butterfly screws. When we came back home and were about to adjust it, we noticed a slight bulge in the center board. There were some wood shavings below as well. We immediately called for service. We stopped using the loveseat and a few weeks later, the technician dismantled the board to inspect. To our horror, the board was previously broken and and had a piece of wood stapled to keep it intact. (see picture). We called the store and the assistant who we have a good relationship with checked discreetly if this was a previously owned piece. It wasn't. This was a brand new piece that came straight from the factory.

Really Lazy Boy???? is this how you cut costs - at the expense of your brand?? Is this how bad your quality control is?? We paid $1300 for this love seat. The last we would expect is a finished product with high quality... We just purchased another set of chairs before we discovered this and are now regretting it. I can understand if this was manufactured overseas or if this was a wear and tear issue. But clearly some one in your factory decided to staple two pieces of broken wood and cover it up. Your stores blatantly and shamelessly scream...Made in America.... Assembled in America with years of craftsmanship. The least you can do is honor the American tradition of high quality and if you can't do that, don't claim to do so.

We feel betrayed that we trusted your brand and were expecting lifelong quality (how foolish of us). You are no better than any other manufacturer that imports goods from overseas. A very fatal mistake to your brand, setting a very poor precedent for your far and now fewer future customers.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-15:
I agree this is shoddy craftsmanship. Did they replace this piece? That would make your complaint even stronger.
Posted by saj80 on 2013-03-15:
Lazy-Boy seems like another furniture manufacturer trying to cut costs by using inferior materials. My mother-in-law has a Lazy-Boy recliner that is at least 25 years old, and the frame is solid wood. Unfortunately, with the use of particle board for frames, Lazy-Boy appears to merely be overpriced Ashley Furniture. Maybe instead of using Brooke Shields for the spokesperson, they can use some of that marketing money for quality control. I don't blame you for being upset; good review.
Posted by Lou on 2014-01-25:
Particle board is inferior material for any furniture, especially movable recliners. Won't stand up with the continuous moving parts. Stay away from Lazy Boy
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Repair on Recliner
Posted by Hpangee on 12/28/2012
COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- Chair is 1year 4 mths old and has same problem from first repair. Will not recline again do to a bad transformer that was replaced 5 mths after purchase. Motor sounds like it is draining battery when you try to recline, problem is not run by battery but by wall outlet. First time tech had to order part to be delivered to my home, then had to call again for another tech call 4-5 days later. Called on 12-24-12 tech came on 12-28-12 to look at chair then say I don't have transformer so has to order one again. Now I have to wait 5-7 days for part to come in then call for another tech to show up in probably 3-4 days more. Why don't techs have the parts to fix chairs instead of Oh I just used the last one I had(for the second time) for same repair. Called their customer care and store but got their rehearsed line of techs don't know what part they need until they get there. But sure know I don't have part so we have order to fix it. Also person on phone at store tells me well they are really getting it out fast, most of the time it takes 4 weeks or more. Guess 9-12 days is a bargain to fix same problem. Not happy with their service or techs not having enough parts to do their job when they go on a job.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-29:
I understand your frustration, and on the surface it sounds like a great idea to have such parts on the truck.

However, what they told you does indeed sound like the "standard" line - that they don't know what part is needed until they test the chair. A lot of service techs have to return with parts - they don't seem to be equipped with much other than tools. You would think they stock something in those trucks, but I don't know what it is.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-29:
Having every part ever produced for every product possible to be serviced just isn't logistical.
Posted by hpangee on 2012-12-29:
Not asking for every part just the most critical ones,in this case same problem same story have to order part.Could it be that they have a problem with transformers that they use all of them?Both times was transformer they had to order not some minor part.Must be a problem with them if they have to use all them they have on truck.
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13 Weeks and Waiting!
Posted by JBOHNET on 12/27/2012
We ordered and paid for our sofa and we were told 8 to 10 weeks it would be here. Well we are in week 12 and no sofa. Be very careful if you buy from these guys.

John B.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-27:
With respect, why not purchase from someplace that has the product already in stock?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-27:
New furniture can take ridiculous wait times, unfortunately. These delays can be hard to predict, too. Hope you get it soon.
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Poor Customer Service!
Posted by Capt3219 on 06/26/2012
SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a leather sleeper with an upgraded mattress, the sleep air mattress. We waited the expected wait time 8-10 weeks and picked up the purchase ourselves. We have a narrow driveway and some extra large trucks have trouble getting through and the salesman did not know what kind of trucks they have for delivery. Upon picking up the couch we talked with the warehouse person who showed us the trucks that would definitely fit in our driveway and we wished we had paid the delovery fee. Anyway, we got the couch and opened up the sleeper to find the standard sleeper mattress. We called the salesman who forgot to write the order with the upgraded mattress and proceeded to tell me he would reorder the correct mattress that we paid extra for and that would take 10 weeks.

Oh and don't sleep on the mattress or unwrap it or we can't take it back. What?!? Really? We have company coming. We go and buy an air mattress for relatives that were coming frustrated we can't use our new sleeper. About 8 weeks later our new mattress is here and the warehouse is refusing to deliver unless we pay $75 for delivery. We would normally pay but the principle is the lack of customer service! We have waited 18 weeks now and they should go out of their way to compensate us for their mistake and deliver the mattress-free! Will not ever buy furniture from them again and will be sure to spread my story!

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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-28:
Sounds like a miserable mess. Thanks for sharing your experience so other consumers can avoid this type of treatment.
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So far not good sofa's
Posted by Jennybrownbear on 06/07/2012
SUGARLAND, TEXAS -- We bought two three seater sofa's from lazy boy, we were not happy with them as they were not filled properly or sewn properly, there was a tear on the underside of the sofa arm, material not tucked in properly on arm of sofa, we sat in them for several days and they looked old and tired after a week, we asked for a technican to come and look at them, he took photo's and went back and said there was nothing wrong with them, but they would repair the tear, l said no as l would not accept a repair on new sofa's........................l called the store, they said call customer service, they said called the store, so continued to call customer service and the manager being told they could do nothing for me, so l found comfert customer care, they also tried to tell me to call the store and the manager would deal with it, he refused and could do nothing, so called comfort customer care, they would get the production specialist to look over the photos and they passed the production specifications and could do no more for me, so, l went through the warranty with them and it was to suit them and not the customer.......

............................................................................................................................................l called Better Business Bureau and got them involved and continued to call both customer services until someone would do something for me. The problem is that the Lazy boy Gallery is a franchise and is operated by a company called Lebco Industries in Dallas (that was there customer care (joke) that l was calling and the comfort customer care was Lazy Boy customer care, but neither customer care were willing to help or do anything until l got BBB involved.

The good news is in the end they did come and uplift my two sofa's and l got a full refund, but this took from the 23rd February 2012 when we purchased them till delivery on 14th April till 30th May, we purchased them on 23rd February 2012, the motto is never give up, l called them everyday till l could get some kind of satisfaction after paying over $2,000 for very badly made sofa's
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-06-07:
Yes! Excellent. This is an example of a case in which the BBB can help. That isn't always the true, but you never know unless you try.

I can see the store trying to saddle you with this garbage, and then you becoming stuck in no-man's land. Great work!
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No Fabric from Mills
Posted by Meadec on 06/01/2012
PORTSMOUTH, OHIO -- I placed my order for a sectional on March 13, 2012 and I was told it would take 6-8 weeks for it to be completed and shipped. Its been almost three months and I still don't have my sectional. First its because they were out of the fabric at the mills and then one piece was finished and shipped to the furniture store where I purchased the sectional but I'm still waiting for the last two pieces. When I contacted La-z-boy they informed me that it could be another month because yet again they are out of fabric. Correct me if I'm wrong but since the fabric isn't coming off the same bolt my sectional could be two different colors. How can you have just enough fabric to do one part of the sectional but then run out and not have enough to finish? I will never purchase from La-Z-Boy again. This has been frustrating and unacceptable behavior from a major furniture store.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-06-02:
If nothing else, this would indicate that La-z-boy has a big problem with their planning and suppliers. I think that the colour in fabric these days is fairly consistent so when you get your furniture there may be no noticeable difference in the shade. Hopefully.
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Sectional sofa
Posted by Anonymous101 on 05/27/2012
PEORIA - ARROWHEAD, ARIZONA -- Purchased a sofa sectional at the Arrowhead store in Peoria, AZ. Two pieces of the sectional did not fit together so that there was a huge V-shaped gap between the two parts of the sectional. La-Z-Boy did absolutely nothing but come to my home and tell me there was nothing they could do that it was "okay" to have a gap between the sections. Called an upholsterer who told me the seat cushions were made wrong and that's why the couch didn't fit together. Called the manager, called the local TV station, called the newspaper; the manager of the store would not even try to fix the problem. Corporate office says stores are owned individually and they have no say. I guess they don't stand behind their name either. Will never buy anything from La-Z-Boy again.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-27:
Tough story. Thanks for posting so others can see how horrendously poor the customer service (and quality) can be.

(I am assuming this is a very noticeable vee)
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Posted by Consumer Crusader on 05/09/2012
WHITE PLAINS, MICHIGAN -- I had emergency surgery July of 2011. The surgery left me with difficulty standing from a regular chair. I invested in two lift chairs. One chair for my home and one for my office at my business. I paid extra to have the heat and massage feature added to the chair at home. So far the chair at work feels fine, but the chair with the heat and the massage is extremely painful to sit in. There is a huge hard motor in the center of the seat. It feels like seating on a cinder block. The padding in the chair is cheap and does not provide adequate cushioning. I went through hell with customer service reps. to send someone out to address the problem. The technician came out and said he could feel the motor as well. A new seat had to be ordered. It took about 8 weeks for the new seat to be delivered. They put the new seat on. About a month later, the seat started to feel the same way. I called customer service again. They were very nasty. They told me they were not going to do anything else and that it was a comfort issue, not a defect. If I sit in this chair, it is causing another health issue with my tailbone. Whenever I try to sit in this chair, the nerves at the bottom of my spine go numb, until I get out of this chair. Customer service says that is not a defect, it is a comfort issue. That statement was so ignorant, even for them. Why would anyone buy a chair and not expect it to be comfortable, especially a recliner? I paid 2800.00 for the two recliners, now I can not use one of them because of this. The chair was only 3 months old when I first started having problems. Do yourself a favor and stay away from these people. The Quality, and price is horrible and so is their attitudes and lack of service.

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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-11:
You might find this link, http://michigan.gov/ag/0,4534,7-164-17331---,00.html , helpful in reporting this problem.
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La-Z-Boy Recliners; "DURABLE" - NOT!!
Posted by Djmccue320 on 05/07/2012
KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- From LA-Z-Boy website
The comfort and durability of La-Z-Boy recliners have made them the perfect choice for generations. Get product details for our stylish and durable reclining chairs, power recliners, lift chairs and more. Available in leather and vibrant fabrics with eco-friendly cushion options.

I say - NOT!!!! At least not anymore!

We purchased two La-Z-Boy recliners in March of 1999. They performed incredibly well; we are still using them today and we had one repair, both chairs, of the ratchet assembly that holds the footrest up. This repair was performed after the chairs were over 10 years old. This is what I have come to expect from recliners that are relatively expensive.


The quality & durability of two La-Z-Boy recliners that I purchased in Oct 2010 are pathetic in comparison.
- Both chairs have had to have the seating area replaced (Seat chaise is what they call it)
- One was replaced in June 2011, under warranty – that chair also had to have the ratchet & pawl assembly replaced already(part that failed after 10 years on previous chairs)
- The other chair that required the seating area to be replaced failed in the Nov-Dec 2011 time period (“out of warranty” by a couple months)
- It took La-Z-Boy until April 14, 2012 to replace this faulty part and they charged me a trip charge of $70.00 since it “was out of warranty”
- When I complained to the La-Z-Boy Corporate Office, Eric in Customer Relations in Monroe MI, he said that I bought it from an independent store – even though the store carries a La-Z-Boy name (they are Furniture Galleries of Atlanta); so I would need to contact them
- When I called La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries of Atlanta to express my discontent, after speaking with David in Service and his boss the(Operations Manager), I was told:
o I already received a $ 40.00 discount on delivery; I still paid $70.00 for delivery – actually the discount was negotiated at the time of sale in order for them to Win the sale.
o The two chairs cost me over $1,500.00
o Also, they ‘kindly’ waived the labor charge for this out of warranty repair and only charged me $70.00 for the trip charge
o I still paid $70.00 out of pocket for the repair
o Because of these concessions, he said there was nothing they could do for me

We have only two adults living here, both retired and we have no pets.

Additionally, I’m sorry to say I recommended that my wife’s sister buy two recliners at the same time, that are equally pathetic; she also paid over $1,500 and has the same kind of quality problems
These chairs did not hold up and I feel they DO NOT meet the criteria for merchantability and thus do not meet Implied Warranty as defined by Federal law and they do not meet the standards espoused on La-Z-Boy’s own web site.

They failed prematurely!!

From LA-Z-Boy website
The comfort and durability of La-Z-Boy recliners have made them the perfect choice for generations. Get product details for our stylish and durable reclining chairs, power recliners, lift chairs and more. Available in leather and vibrant fabrics with eco-friendly cushion options.

Warranties are promises by a manufacturer, made to the consumer purchasing the manufacturer's product, that the product will serve the purpose for which it was designed. The Uniform Commercial Code is a law, adopted in some form in all states, that regulates sales transactions and specifically the three most common types of consumer warranties: express, merchantability, and fitness.

Merchantability and fitness warranties are both implied warranties, which are promises that arise by operation of law. A warranty of merchantability concerns the basic understanding that the product is fit to be purchased and used in the ordinary way—for instance, a lamp will provide light, a radio will pick up broadcast stations, and a refrigerator will keep food cold. A warranty of fitness concerns the consumer's purpose in purchasing a product, and allows the consumer to rely on the seller to offer goods only if they are suitable for that particular purpose. For example, there may be a breach of the Implied Warranty of fitness if a salesperson knowingly sells a consumer software that is not designed for operation on the consumer's computer. For a breach-of-implied-warranty claim to be successful, the consumer must establish that an implied Warranty existed and was breached, that the breach harmed the consumer, that the consumer dealt with the party responsible for the implied warranty, and that the consumer notified the seller within a reasonable time. Implied warranties may be disclaimed by the seller if they are denied expressly and specifically at the time of the sale.
The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (15 U. S.C. A. § 2301 et seq.) is a federal law that requires sellers to explain, in easy-to-understand language, the terms of warranties that apply to written sales contracts for items costing $5 or more. Under this act, when a product fails to meet the standards promised by the warranty, the seller must repair it, replace it, or refund the purchase price.

Breach of warranty
A warranty is violated when the promise is broken; when goods are not as should be expected, at the time the sale occurs, whether or not the defect is apparent. The seller should honor the warranty by making a timely refund or a replacement. The date of delivery starts the time under the statute of limitations for starting a court complaint for breach of warranty if the seller refuses to honor the warranty. This period is often overlooked where there is an "extended warranty" in which a seller or manufacturer contracts to provide the additional service of replacing or repairing goods that fail within the extended period. However, if the goods were defective at the time of sale, and the relevant statute of limitations has not expired, then existence or duration of any "extended warranty" is secondary: there was a breach of a primary warranty for which the seller may be liable.
It could be an unfair and deceptive business practice (a statutory type of fraud) to attempt to avoid liability for breach of a primary warranty by claiming expiration of the irrelevant extended warranty. A statute of limitations on a contract claim may be shorter (or longer) than that of a tort claim, and some breach of warranty cases are filed late and are characterized as a fraud or other related tort.

Similarly, if the product fails prematurely, it may have been defective when it was sold and could then be returned for a refund or replacement. If the seller dishonors the warranty, then a contract claim can be started in court.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-05-07:
They already gave you a break on the delivery fee, then they gave you another break on the out-of-warranty repair. To me that's pretty good customer service. Frankly, I think it's unrealistic to expect them to keep cutting you breaks for future repairs. They've already provided more for you than you were technically entitled to, I'd chalk that up as a win.

As for the quality of the product. I have a Lazy-boy recliner myself, it's about 12 years old, I haven't had any real issue with it. But I have heard that the newer ones aren't as good as the older models.
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Very Disappointed in My Living Room Furniture
Posted by Sbcandler on 04/19/2012
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Paid $3000, had furniture for 2 weeks when the material started to get deep wrinkles in it. Stuffing in seats is crumpled and bumpy. Opened up a ticket with service center. Rep came out and took pics. Didin't get a call for over 6 weeks so I called them back. Was told my problem was a charactistic of the material. I'm embarrasssed to tell people this is new furniture. It looks like it's 15 year old furniture. Lazyboy is WAY overpriced and the furniture is not good. I will never buy anything from Lazyboy again and will tell as many people as I can about my experience to keep as many people as I can from buying from Lazyboy. I am very unhappy. DO NOT BUY FURNITURE FROM LAZYBOY.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-22:
There have been an increasing number of complaints about Lazy Boy furniture's quality and customer service both here and on other sites. It looks like paying a premium price doesn't get a quality product anymore.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-04-22:
Unfortunately too many of these *old names* have lost their credibility because of the unhappy customers now. I recall when Lazy-Boy was the only place anyone wanted to purchase a recliner from. A premium price was paid but the customer knew the chair would last. I guess it's wanting to compete with others but they were the top of the line and individuals expected to pay a higher price.

Ethan Allen is the same way now. Pay a premium price and the quality is usually no better than the rest. It's a shame because people would save to purchase what would last. Nothing much lasts anymore and that might explain why some flock to consignment stores, estate sales and the like. Not for antique furniture, just something that was well made and they don't hesitate to pay to have it reupholstered often at a final higher price than something brand new.
Posted by Alain on 2012-04-22:
That's a good point about estate sales and consignment stores, Nohandle! An older (but not necessarily antique) piece of well made furniture, even if it needs some work done on it, may very well come out to be the same total cost as something new and it will last a lot longer. You just gave me an idea about some of my Mother-in-laws furniture that she won't be using anymore. Time to take a look and see if we could purchase some of it from her. Thanks!
Posted by jennybrownbear on 2012-06-14:
I was one of Lazy boy customers but, l kept at them and never gave up, when they delivered two very badly made sofa's like yours, crumpled and bumpy and not even finished properly, l did in the end get a refund, l would never buy anything from them again
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